Posted by: Bekah | May 31, 2009

MTV live blogging- It’s time!

Be there or Be Square

Be there or Be Square

UPDATE 10:52EST/7:52PST: West coast live blog will be starting approx 830PST HERE:

UPDATE 10:33EST: Trailer here:

join us for the live blog right now… west coast live blog coming soon!!

UPDATE: 10:25EST: TRAILER UP ON MTV!! get ready to freak the flip out!!

UPDATE 9:14EST! stream it live here:

if not try this one:

We’re rolling! Click the link below to check out what we’re saying! We’ll figure out some live feed for all of you outside of the US as soon as we know of one (if the one below doesn’t’ work!)

Dear LTR readers,

You don’t want to miss this. Live Blogging stream brought to you by NewMoonMovie featuring US, Lauren from Lauren’s Bite & TwiCrackAddict.

Click Here for a Live Blogging extravaganza!
this is a sceret msg to rob, declaring my love

Rumor has it this handy dandy widget below will live-stream the awards: PERFECT for all you who live in another land. (Thanks RoaR!)

So here’s what you do. Click on the Live Blog Link, which opens the live blog in another window. Make that window smaller and WATCH the awards via live stream below and READ our hilarious play-by-play in your second screen.

Oh, this kicks off at 9pm ET in the US. That’s 1am on 6/1 GMT. We’re doing it all over again at 9pm PT in the US. That’s 4am 6/1 GMT. I heart math.

Technology is wonderful! Now, if only they could figure out how to teleport Rob into my living room to watch the awards with me!

Dear Rob,
Please don’t be awkward when you accept any of your awards tonight. Pretty Please.



  1. i’m thinking i should take a little nap….

    But than again will i wake up in time….

    I feel 16 again…… awfull!!

  2. Hey hey hey!!!
    Testing 1, 2… testing 1, 2, 3.

    2.5ish hours until showtime!!

  3. I love awkward Rob! It’s what makes him so Robsome! I’m half hoping he trips up the stairs or is so mortified to be in the same room as Paris Hilton that he stays all hunched up like when he gives an interview. I live to hear him blurt out something dorky and inappropriate. Fingers crossed!

    Awkward Rob is only second best to Drunk Rob.

  4. Dear Rob,

    I second UC’s motion on the non-awkward thing. Work it out babe. Cause it’s all kinds of excruciating to watch.

    This however, will in no way impede my desire to shag later. I’m a sure thing. Justsayin.

  5. It’s Time! Well almost anyways….Ok so here is what I want to happen.

    Rob and Kristen win for best kiss. Spice stays home.. Skank Paris stays home..ummm

    Right they go up on stage and instead of The Notebook run and jump kiss…
    Rob s-l-o-w-l-y walks over to Kristen..
    He tilts her head up…whispers “stay very still, “moves in” whispers don’t move..and then kisses her top AND bottom lips. “thud”

    A girl can dream, sigh :p

    • umm yea let me clarify that after reading the above..

      He always seems to just catch her top lip so you know I would like to see both the upper and bottom lip…ok yea thats reads better. lol

  6. i think audrina’s dress is really fugly.

  7. I like Audrina’s dress!
    Don’t like Audrina, but loveee her dress 🙂

  8. i am just not a fan of the one shoulder thing.

    and spratt’s dress is fug too.

    omg, i think i’m just hatin

  9. LTR – MTV Drinking Game
    (beverage of your choice)

    1. Every time that Rob is asked about his relationship with Kristen on the red carpet = 1 shot.

    2. Every time that Rob looks akward on red carpet when asked about his relationship with Kristen = 1 shot

    3. Every time that Kristen pulls down her short-short tight dress for modesty = 1 shot.

    4. Every time that Origami looks at Rob with hate and/or jealously and/or suspicion = 2 shots.

    Every time he just looks at Rob is surely worth 1 shot.

    If Origami bails on the awards, like he did at the Rome premiere, the game is over.

    5. Every time Rob touches his hair = 1 shot.

    • @Natalie

      That would be ALOT of alcohol! Stay home Spice, Stay HOME! lol

      GO PENS!!!!!!!!!!

      • It would be… particularly if you factor in number 4.

  10. Alright guys, we’re basically staying over here –

  11. has the live blogging started yet? Am i missing something or is my time zone wrong??? it’s 1:33 am here….

  12. ARe there any Bitches Here?

  13. Alright I didn’t know there was a new page posted. I was totally talking to myself.

  14. i’m here. and i feel so old preferring this rather old method of communication

  15. OKAY! I’m here!!

  16. I totally missed the fact that there was a new page up!

  17. Dude from X-17 just said Robert Patterson.
    DUmbass!!!! Also says he wants to meet Effron.

  18. I am officially closing the MTV red carpet thing and will probably close the chatroom. I can’t do it

    • My head is spinning trying to keep up. I’m just going to go Robscars style and do it all here and Twitter.

  19. Hey Bea-acthes. Whitney is on the red carpet now!

  20. WTF IS THAT!?

  21. Me too! Robscars style. ONLY here and Twitter!!


    Just closed the chatroom

  22. Ahh, the excitement of a live awards show…seems just like yesterday we were attending the Robscars…

  23. I’m here! Woot!

  24. You guys are making me laugh.

  25. I’m so excited to do this Robscars style!!

  26. I dunno how you can notice who anyone is on that live all I see is the Rock Band stage!

  27. I hate the hills. True story.

  28. I can’t find my TV remote! Is there coverage on MTV yet? Or are y’all watching/listening elsewhere?

  29. Dear Mom.
    I am about to add you to the FKL list. You know I don’t know how to make my bed. Leave me alone I got comment and Tweet.

    Love Your Darling Daughter,

  30. I need Robert NOW!! I am tired of waiting, srsly

  31. haha, hubs said he’s taking the XBox and getting the eff out of the room before the squealing starts. Smart man!

  32. This is like being 15 again.

    I wonder how I would have coped if this had been 1988 and it was Patrick Swayze and Dirty Dancing was the film?

  33. Fucking paris hilton. whyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy

  34. I don’t know if I can keep up with all of this. LOL.

    I also don’t know if my heart can stand live Rob. Lol

  35. grrrr PARIS YOU SKANK..sitting next to Rob now got Kristen moved grrr

  36. Kings of Leon is performing! Squeeeeee!

  37. Rob and KOL in one night…”swoooooon”

  38. @Pange I heard that the other day! Soo excited!

  39. Dear X17,
    I would summit a question for you to ask the “stars”. However, you don’t seem to be interviewing anyone good so far. Just a bunch a lame ass peeps.


  40. Malkin just tweeted that RP isnt going to be on the red carpet tonight. I so hope he’s misinformed!

  41. I will be died. No lie.

    *happy dance*

  42. He will be there…he will. HE MUST lol

  43. Agree he will def be on the red carpet. Keep positive thoughts. 🙂

  44. Please, please, please tell me you are kidding have I understood this right Paris Hilton will be sitting next to Rob? Quick put a call out for antibiotics NOW!

    Please be kidding.

    • nope they had kristen next to him and jacob behind them both…then someone took a pic of paris placard next to robs chair….so we shall see

      • Oh thank God, I really was having heart palpitations there for a minute. Thanks for clearing that up for me.

        • It would be a disaster or Titanic proportions…

  45. I love that Lauren’s Bite language has spread.

    “I will be died!”

    Ha ha ha.

    I used lamespice the other day…first time…chuckled to myself…

  46. They said Rob wouldn’t walk at the Oscars, but boy did he! Keeping my fingers crossed

    • keep the faith!

  47. Elizabeth Reaser is looking lovely…

  48. Paris please die.

  49. Vamp Daddy is looking hot…

  50. Paris you are soooooo used and abused..please just go away!

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