Posted by: Bekah | May 30, 2009

Rob Pattinson gets a stalker

Dear Rob,

One of 2 possibilities is true:

1) This girl is the British version of Moon & I except with balls cause we’d never go THAT far to make fun of crazy fans. She gets it and the crazies should take note- this is what you look like!


2) She’s serious and actually crazy herself….and someone really needs to pop her serious pimple. I’d even do it, cuz it’s so sicknast (holla Lauren’s Bite) to look at. The thought of popping it is less sicknast than actually seeing it!

Be grateful I’m not like her,

See her first vid to Rob here

Are you getting pumped to join us for our LIVE Blogging of the MTV Movie Awards courtesy of NewMoonMovie.Org? Did you miss our announcement yesterday? Check it out here! Then come back and join us on the blog(s) (either one!) a lil’ before 9pm Sunday night (Eastern AND Pacific time in the US) to check out the hilarious thoughts we have throughout the night, along with thoughts from some other dear bloggy friends! Who’s psyched to see the New Moon Trailer!?


  1. Disturbingly, that woman is Australian…

    The tomato really makes it, along with the lippy application to get the party started.

    Where do you guys find this shiz?!

    • I can’t stop laughing/hiding my face in shame for the similkarities between us. Come see why twilight is bad for you at my blog

  2. Oh I can’t see the video as usual my crazy computer ..Uhhh I hate it ..
    Can you guys tell me when will the live blogging be in GMT timing I’m clueless .?? And I was wondering ..if .. I mean we don’t need any special software to install to view the live blogging right .. We just have to open the blog .. and we can see it ? Just in case there are any special requirements .. so that I don’t miss anything .. I’m soo excited …That’s embarassing πŸ™‚

    • yea! we’re excited too! the love blogging will start 9 eastern standard time through the end and then pick up again at 9 pacific standard time so we’ll have most time zones in the US covered.

      ive gotten a sneak peak at the special live blogging stuff and it will pretty much just be a link you click on and it will open in a new window and everything will be housed there. but we’ll have it up tomorrow hopefully a little bfore it goes on so people can make sure everythings working!

      see ya there!

    • Looks like GMT timing is 4 hours AHEAD of US eastern time… so 1:00 am on Monday June 1st!

  3. Hello!
    My lovely computer doesn’t show embedded videos ..sad enough ..
    But I was wondering when will the live blogging start GMT timing ? Can anyone help I’m clueless ..
    And We don’t have to install any special software to view the blogging event right?! Can someone please tell me ? I don’t want to miss anything
    Sooo Excited .. That’s kind of embarassing ..LOL

    • Leila,

      You can look it up at this website:-

      Hope that helps.

      • Oh thanks !

    • you won’t need anything special to see the live blogging… hmmmm in GMT? I don’t have time to look it up RIGHT now.. but i THINk that will be 1:00 (Yes am) on 6/1 or 2AM… i think GMT is 4-5 hours ahead of eastern time……

      i will find out for sure and post later/tomorrow!

      • Oh ..Thanks UC ..I figured it out πŸ™‚
        It will be 4:00 am in my country ..LOL
        Gotta set the alarm !

  4. Oh my Rob! UC, I don’t know whether to LMFAO at that video or vomit! That was serious sicknast fo’sho! No wonder Rob is scared to death some weirdo is gonna stab him ’cause I could seriously see that chick going all Fatal Attraction on him! S-C-A-R-Y!

    Dear Rob,

    Stay away from her. Stay far, far away!
    Scared for your safety and peace of mind…and health if she touched your fine ass. Get behind me (that’s what she said) and I’ll protect you.


    • I think it’s a sales pitch for the voice… which beneath the scary makeup and wig, is actually quite incredible!

      At least, that’s what I’m telling myself.

      Anyways, night girls.

  5. She IS joking, surely!! Isn’t she?

    • she really must be…

    • She HAS to be. Check out her first vid too – she’s got a roaming zit like the king’s roaming mole in Robin Hood Men in Tights. Plus I just can’t believe there are actually freaky psychos like that walking around. So I’m going to go with she’s making fun of crazy fans and say that she’s hilarious!

    • she totally is, it’s a piss take.

  6. Ahahahahaha!!!! Awesome.

  7. I know I can’t watch THAT another time! I’m speechless. It has to be a spoof, of course, but it is really freakin’ me out! Creeptastical.

    Seriously disturbing. LOL

  8. Wow, just wow.

    I chose to believe she is a semi-clever prankster.

    I am also slightly more aware that at the rate my ‘admiration’ for Rob is gaining momentum, this could be me in about a year. Nah!

    • I hate to admit it, but this looks like something I would have done with my friends back in the day. I suppose the humor is a bit askew and dry (that would be me.)

      Love it…the song…OMG! This reminds me of the girl at the Twilight premiere who did the ‘interview’ with Rob and was spoofing the crazies.

      Ya, in truth…I just want to shag him. Period.

  9. *cough*AUSTRALIAN*cough*

    P.s. Wow.

  10. I’m a supporter of the first possibility: “SHE IS ACTING!!” And damned brave, too…

    watch the first video and you’ll see …
    especially when you look at the comments below. There is only one comment deleted, and I’m pretty sure that’s one where someone takes her for real, cause all the other comments say she’s hilarious.

    also, she knows a lot about it, but still pronounces cullen wrong and mispells twilight? That is on purpose, even all those hardcore asinine youtube fangirls could accomplish that.

    oh, AND in her profile, it says she’s an actress.

  11. Wrong accent UC, she is Australian, so I feel the need to put it on the record that is NOT me. I did LMAO though.

  12. O.M.G I actually felt nausea at the beggining… then my brain just processed it was a joke, and started LMAO.
    I believe it was some kind of mental protection click…. I just can’t believe there can be a psyco like this walking around, possibly buying coffee next to me or something.

  13. I would like us to establish an agreement RIGHT NOW that people (not me) who uses FACEinHOLE to create fake images with themselves as Bella like that girl did (and I would of course never do that), say, to daydream about themselves being really close to Rob (not me) or maybe replacing KStew (also not me) are NORMAL.


  14. Because this is my Christmas card idea for 2009.

  15. Wow. That was interesting to say the least. It was def to make fun that is for sure! Poor Rob would likely sit in the corner and rock and cry if he saw this though……

  16. ok its official..

    she’s completely nutters aka fawkin crazy.

    does she have herpes of the face or something??

    if she is acting, that’s better than kstew’s 14 seconds of manliness…

  17. UC, she is really making fun of stalker girls, right? Else I am scared for my Rob. Thank God, they have Popeye like bodyguard for him.
    Thank you, God.

  18. I… I have NO… this is beyond… words in so many levels. This is about humor and joking, right? Only checking.
    It always amazes me what a human mind is capable of…

    PS – I’m still lost: MTV Brasil will start the Movie Awards LIVE at 10:00pm but the time zone converter tells me that 9pm PT is 1am in Brazil. How this is possible?
    Is PT “Pacific time”?? Sorry for my stupidity…

    • I mean: “How is this possible?” ARGH!

    • YES… so we’re starting at 9PM ET… so you must be 1 hour ahead of us..

      so you’re 10pm is MY 9pm!

      They air it again (not live, obviously) on the west coast at 9pm PT…

  19. Confession – Couldn’t watch the whole video. I am scared and sicknast at the same time. lol. Sorry guys, couldn’t do it. Even though I am sure I am going to have nightmares. May be I will try to watch it again.

    • Now, I did it. I watch it the whole way through. Im still sure I will have nightmares, bye guys.

  20. I’m hopeless. Can you UC put a time table when the MTV awards are going to be in europe, asia, central america and other countrys? I’m googling my ass off and I’m confused when I have to put my alarmclock. Is it 01.00 am, 04.00 am or 6.00am european time when the show begins? (I live in Holland and the mtv here will not send it live) I will be watching live stream

    • So our live blog will be at 9pm ET which is 1:00 AM GMT. If you google GMT times you can figure out how many hours ahead/behind you are from there!

      I don’t know how to figure out when MTV is airing in your country though 😦

  21. Okay, are you serious? PLEASE TELL ME YOU’RE NOT.
    I mean, yeah I have a blog that I go a little crazy on, but it’s only for entertainment reasons. And yes, I’m a Rob fanatic like everyone else on this site, but that girl is skanktastic.
    Her face made me seriously throw up in my mouth.
    If I were to stalk Rob (which I would NEVER DO. Okay, I lied, I so would) I wouldn’t tell people about it! I don’t want to have a cellmate named Bertha who likes to spoon and make me the butch in the relationship. GET SOME HELP, SISTER!

  22. WOW. If she was making fun of people, then that was Awesome! But if she wasn’t….. well……. I’m just scared.

  23. Ummm lol ok she is an Aussie and a very funny or scary one at that !

  24. Dear Rob,

    Take a good look at this girl (the whole face not just the huge goiter on her cheek). Because when you find the dead rabbit, boiling in a pot of water, you will know who to go after first.

    Seriously hope she is joking,


  25. she’s joking! and the pimple isn’t real. great job, she’s hilarious…

  26. That is freakin’ hilarious!

  27. oh my god. like i dontthink i have any other words tahn that. for the three minutes. i sat with my mouth open hoping this would be fake. i think she’s legit crazy hahah and jsut weird. please hope she never sees rob in person, cause id fear for him.

  28. That was freakin’ hilarious!! I REALLY hope it was a joke.

    “I spent some time on the computer this week…We look good together” LMAO!!!

    • Oh yeah….does this video remind anyone else of Eminem’s song “Stan”???

  29. So creepy – even if it IS only poking fun at the straightjacket sisters! Srsly! I was feeling bad before I saw the vid due to some rumor that Rob couldn’t leave the hotel in Italy due to the nutastics there and then THIS shows up.

  30. Oh, God this is so disturbing, so wrong.

    Dear Rob, I hope you’ll never see this video.

    Dear Sam, if you saw it, please never, ever tell Rob about it! Thnx

  31. Oh wow that was totally hilarious! She is definitely taking the piss without a doubt, Aussies and Kiwis (I’m a kiwi) tend to have pretty dry humour, no way is she for real…..LOL πŸ™‚

  32. I’m not even sure that’s a real Aussie accent. My favorite part was when the lightening bolts came out of her uterus. So weird and funny if I were rob I would totally email her… Uhhh From Sam Bradleys email accoun Not his own just in case.

  33. For those girls not in the continental USA, who are trying to figure out when to look up the blog for Sunday…

    I give you TIME CONVERTER… just enter in the time where you live, and the time when the blog starts, and hey presto…

  34. Definitely a real Aussie accent

    • Ill take your word for it… because your name is Bex… and anyone who has spent time in Oz knows that half of the female population in Australia and New Zealand are “Bex” are you an Aussie?

  35. Yeah, Bex.

    When she says ‘me’…

  36. On to nicer things… have you all seen this?

  37. I’m a Kiwi not an Aussie but I lived there for a year and a half πŸ™‚

    • figured you were one or the other. I lived In Newcastle,NSW for two years 2003 and 2004, but Im from Washington State… I love New Zealand and Australia Im currently looking into art schools down there for my post grad work…

  38. Any LOTN around??

    • Just getting here. How are you tonight?

      • Hey!

        I’m good. How was your day?

        • It was good.

  39. Hi FN and EP.

    • Hey EyeC, how are you today?

      • Good, actually. I love the fanfic I’m reading. I worked more in the garden. Ran some errands. Worked around the house. And fit in some sleep time!

        • Wow, accomplished and everything.

          • Yeah, good day. Oh, I picked up the Hugo Cabret book today. It looks cool. And I had avocado on my sandwich! lol

          • It’s a quick read, because it’s half pictures and for children. The sketch of Paris is the opening pages is beautiful, I want to scan it and frame it. I had avocado on my chicken for dinner tonight.

          • OK, just looked at the city of lights drawing. Very nice.

          • The author of the book, illustrates a lot of books. I know he won The Coldecott award for that one (illustration book of the year), but I think he’s won illustration honors for several of his books.

          • What is this book you guys are talking about?

          • illustrated*

            @FN The Invention of Hugo Cabaret.

          • Yes, it’s got that Caldecott seal right on the front. All that pencil work is amazing.

          • Oh yeah! I remember you guys talking about a children’s book the other night. I love Tomie DePaola. Have you read any of his books?

          • I loved that book, seriously the best I’ve read in a while.

          • The name sounds really familar FN, but I’m not remembering right off if I have.

          • I love his illustrations. He wrote The Legend of the Bluebonnet, The Legend of the Indian Paintbrush, and a several others that I can’t think of the names of.

          • I wrote the name down on my sticky note–will check it out.

          • I’m pretty sure I’ve read The Legend of the Bluebonnet, gotta love Texas Publc School Week.

        • I feel so lazy! I did nothing all day. Actually, I applied at Target online. Hopefully, they’ll give me a job for 2 months. πŸ™‚

          • Just don’t tell them it’s only two months and you should be fine, then don’t expect to ever be able to use it as a reference.

          • That would be good. Two months is tough. Yeah, you can’t tell them.

          • I applied for Seasonal help. I think that’s the nice way of saying “I don’t plan on being here long.” I know they’re going to need help though especially for Tax Free Weekend and stuff, which I have experience doing. We’ll see I guess…I should’ve lied.

          • That was probably a good way to do it, but if it comes up in the inteview, don’t mention 2 months. I hate tax free weekend, I realize it’s a good deal but it’s too scary to leave the house.

          • No, that sounds good. Then you may even be able to have an ‘in’ in SA if it worked with your schedule.

          • I really don’t think the deals are that good. I hate working Retail during Tax Free Weekend. Circuit City wasn’t as bad as Shoe Carnival though. Black Friday (the day after Thanksgiving) is AWFUL!! I’m glad to be done w/ that!

            I like the way you think EyeC! That would be great!

          • The deals are certainly not good enough to go out into that crazy. Sales tax isn’t such a big deal. Although, I noticed it was lower in NC than in TX and I kept wondering why things were cheaper.

          • NM is the same way. I think my aunt said they pay tax on food and we don’t, so their taxes are lower.

          • Yeah, in NC you pay state income tax, where we don’t so I guess it all works out.

    • Hola EyeC!

  40. @Tiffany if you’re coming to NZ the best art school is Elim, it’s part of the University of Auckland πŸ™‚

    • thanks for the info. I keep getting mixed reviews about schools in NSW and I really don’t want to live anywhere else in Australia ( I could handle WA though I love Perth). I would love to study in NZ just because immagration laws are not as much as a hassle in NZ as they are in Aus. it took me over a year to become a temp resident in Oz. Is Elim a Christian college?

  41. Howdy chickadees, everyopne feeling good?

    • Hey Lizzie!! Feeling pretty good. How are you??

    • Hey Lizzie. Wanted to do the Lixxie thing again, if you would change your name or start that porn career we discussed I wouldn’t have to backspace so much.

      • go for it, I may as well start getting used to it.

    • Hi Lizzie. Oooo retail therapy–what did you get?

  42. All good, been out doing a little retail therapy with some friends ready to kick back sunday afternoon style!

    • Sounds like a good time. Hooray for Sunday!! I can’t wait for the Movie Awards!!

      • I had forgotten about the movie awards, since we talked about them less than 24hrs ago.

        • LOL

        • Well i guess it is up to me to predict some winners since i am from the future and everything. Let me consult my crystal ball and I’ll get abck to you.

          • Let us know who’s winning Best Kiss. If it’s TW, I want to know if they’ll re-enact the kiss so I can come up w/ and intervention plan.

          • Or if no intervention at least an intermission.

          • Right! I need to know when to close my eyes. I don’t want them to burn off!

  43. I bought some stuff for my neices and nephew (nothing unusal there) one fo them was a little mambo skirt for my 8 yr old niece, i was just having a laugh at the label, for washing instructions it has:

    For jnr age groups still living at home; after taking skirt off drop it on the bedroom floor. Note the normal turnaround time for a garment to disappear from the floor of an average Australian home and then miraculously reappear again washed and folded at the foot of the bed is 2-3 days.

    • LMAO! That’s funny.

      OMG! What did you gals think of that video in today’s post??

      • It actually really tickled my fancy, I was most amused.

        • Mee too!! (I know I misspelled it, but what they hay!)

      • Very weird. Creepy. And snarky for sure.

      • I hope she’s kidding, I got the feeling she was.

    • That’s too funny!

    • That’s great! LOL That company sounds like they have a real sense of humor and is definitely in touch with reality!

      • yeah mambo is a really irreverent company that do cool clothes, mainly surfy type stuff for kids and adults. My niece will love the skirt but given she is now also reading up a storm will leave the label on as I think she will get an equal kick out of that.

        • That reminds me that I still need to get my niece a birthday present. Her b-day is next week.

  44. I liked the part w/ the tomato. (btw, I just had to google how to spell tomato. I kept wanting to add an “e” at the end)

    I’m such a nerd!

    • that would be the french in you again!

      • haha

  45. Predictions (oops that should be confirmations):

    Rob will def wil for best breakthrough male, done deal.

    Dark Knight will win best movie

    I actually think Kristen may get up by default for best female, as I don’t think they kids who vote will have seen many of the other nominated performances

    Uhm how do High School Musical 3 people get nominated for best female breakthrough performance, Ok it is always essentially the same movie, but breakthrough is supposed to be beginning is it not?

    Heath gets best villian, why was Cam not nominated?

    I think best kiss is Twilight (sorry everyone)

    Dark Knight will get best fight

    Slumdog poop wins best WTF moment

    Jai Ho best song

    • Cam was in the preliminary voting, but they cut it back to 5 later and he didn’t make it.

      • well that’s crappy some of the other nominated didn’t need to be there, they should have made way for Cam, he was a good baddie, and of course hot.

        • guess it doesn’t matter as Heath will win without a doubt anyway, would have been ncie to see Cam recognised (by 12/13 y olds) though

          • Exactly, Heath will get it no matter what.

    • That’s pretty much how I think it’ll go down too. I completely agree about Kristen winning b/c the kids haven’t seen The Reader πŸ™‚ I also agree about HM3 and the breakthrough performance thing. You can’t keep breaking through, ya know?? lol

      • some really interesting choices for best female, really surprised me as they are not exaclty normal mtv demographic, esp when you look at the other cats and noms.

        • There really aren’t that many categories now that I think about it. I guess it’s b/c they have all the spoofs and music performances to take up time.

  46. Have no fear, J-m/Jenny-girl/Jenny/BFF is now here!

    • woo hoo

    • Yay Jenny!

    • YAY!!

    • Awesome, I’m glad that’s the response I got!

      • Did you get caught up on your sleep?

      • I don’t know if I’ll ever get caught up, at this point.

        Maybe I’m getting sick or something. But lately I feel utterly exhausted all the time. Like, to the point where I can almost not even keep my eyes open. It’s weird.

        But I did nap, yes. It felt nice.

        • You’re not anemic, are you?

          • I have no idea. I’ve never had my blood tested. And I have the worst luck. So probably.

          • Actually, I’m pretty sure I have hypothyroidism. I just haven’t been checked. I have the sheet to get my blood tested, I just haven’t gone yet.

          • OK. Get ‘er done. LOL–me giving medical advice!

          • Oh yeah! How’s the hand?

            We’re both resistant.

  47. hello everybody on the late shift!

    • hey Sherin, working the late shift today?

    • Hey Sherin.

    • Hi Sherin! Haven’t seen you around these parts in a while. How’s it going?

    • SHERIN!! How are ya??

    • Hey Sherin.

  48. Dear Rob

    you will of course look hot at the awards (you always do and yes it kind of goes without saying) so yet again you will be bound to attract a lot of unwanted female attention from skanks. We know how nice you are to everyone, but in this case trust me it is fine to diss them, please, please, please stay away from the skanks.

    In fact it may be a good idea for you to take a preventative dose of antibiotics as you will unavoidably be in their general vacinity.

    safety first,
    love me

    • Poor Rob. Will he ever be skank free? No, I think not. At least he seems to be coping with it. All of his past behavior looks to be kept in check. Really quite amazing when you think of it.

  49. Random Thoughts:

    Are they doing any kind of red carpet show for the movie awards, my tv doesn’t indicate a pre-show.

    I kind of don’t want to go to church tomorrow, I haven’t had the best couple of weeks in children’s church.

    I only have two thoughts tonight.

    • I have no idea. I think they usually do, though.

      I’m sorry, BFF. I’ll send good vibes tomorrow morning.

      I have more than two thoughts.

    • I think I read that there was a preshow. On here somewhere.

      Yeah, not so good lately.


    • I was wondering that myself. I’m sure they will.

      It’s because it’s summertime.

      There is no minimum requirement for the number of random thoughts.

    • There is probably an extended advertising feature that always seems to happen, anyone want to buy a snuggle?

      Treat em mean and keep em keen, this also works with kids, give it a whirl.

      I giess I only need two responses then. cool.

  50. Random thoughts:

    Why do I always have to pee when I get on here?

    I ate half of a huge chocolate muffin, with chocolate icing on it. I was bad tonight.

    I have to dance tomorrow, at that finale. Does anybody have any suggestions for how I should dress “Bollywood”? I can’t find anything good on google (because I’m lazy). Help me!

    I hope Rob punches KStew in the face on stage, if they win best kiss. Now THAT would be unforgettable. And awesome.

    • Your bladder has a routine?

      That sounds awesome.

      I can’t help, I have no suggestions and I’m too lazy to find them.

      Clearly, this is why we’re BFF.

    • Not sure.

      I love not eating clean!! It tastes so good!!!

      I have no clue how to dress Bolllywood. I think bright colors are necessary. Like Orange, pink and purple?? Maybe yellow?? Sorry :/

      LMAO!!! That would be hilarious!! He doesn’t even have to punch her, I’d take a bitch slap!

    • Highly doubtful but worth a try, cause we make you laugh so hard?

      I;m always bad, if I stopped at half I would be excstatic.

      Jeanie harem pants or a colourful throw rug?

      Works for me!

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