Posted by: Bekah | May 29, 2009

LiveBlogging the MTV Movie awards

Dear Rob,

While we can’t actually physically be at the MTV Movie awards on Sunday (We’d be there, but we made a vow never to be in the same venue as Miley Cyrus), we’re going to be there in spirit. 

Yep, that’s right, we were invited by the ever so marvelous to join him and a few of our fav bloggers to LIVE BLOG the event! 

We’re physched. So physched we’re saying “physched” like it’s 1984 or something.

So join us, NewMoonMovie,  Lauren’s Bite and TwiCrackAddict at 9PM ET and then again at 9PM PT (where you’ll be entertained by theMoonisDown & Lauren from Lauren’s Bite.. cuz us East Coasters will be snoozin’)

You’ll be able to find the live blog event at any of our blogs, and we’ll have more details as they unfold throughout the weekend… So make sure to check out Forum, Twitter and of course The Blogs.

We know you’ll be at the event, Rob, but you have a handy-dandy iphone, so JOIN the fun! Oh, and DO NOT kiss Kristen when you accept your award for best kiss. 

UC & Moon

PS: Don’t forget that the Friday night Crunk thread will be starting around 8pm ET in Rob’s Flat!


  1. SCORE! I am some excited..I did it…I did a fangirl squeal! Don’t be hatin…remember we don’t judge!

    The 14 second clip teaser..OME! Can’t wait to follow along! TwiCrack and Laurens Bite are 2 of the best out there…TwiCrack introduced me to LTR/LTT.

    Can’t WAIT!

  2. How can I tune in ? I’m Soo excited .. so what’s gonna happen exactly ?

    • we have this REALLY COOL thing where we’l literally be bloging LIVE.. whenever we have something to say.. you can see it…. it’s so fun. we’ve been playing with it all day.. you can comment back & stuff too!

  3. How thrilling {don’t I sound British}, sooo excited as I wasn’t sure how I was going to be ‘involved’ with this as living here I don’t get it all live now thanks to our favourite blog I’m there!!!!

  4. PUMPED yall!!! we’re gonna be bringing you all coverage like no other!! the best in the biz is what this crew of bloggers is!!

    WHOOHOOO is it sunday yet??!!

  5. 9pm ET is 2am for me😦

    Might stay up though🙂

    Epic win!!!!

  6. 1 am here – and only two hour show, until 3 am??

    still – can’t wait!

  7. I still do more lurking than posting, but I had to pop my head in and say:

    That.Is.Awesome!!! I can’t think of a better group I want to get to hear from during the awards! This news and the miniscule movie clip have made my day sa-weet like honey.

  8. You have no idea how much I wanna tune in, but I have to study for an exam!😦

    This really brings tears to my eyes! I COULD NOT study but then I WOULD definitely fail. I hope you’ll still have it up for all of us who missed it!

    Maybe I’ll tape it and then read your ‘live’ blog while watching the awards!?!? That way I can pretend I WAS watching it when it was all going down!!!

  9. All the best bloggers, combining for such a momentous moment in New Moon history?!

    Oh dear god in heaven…gold…

  10. After shirtless Rob,I must be honest…I don’t know if I’ll be able to emotionally handle the trailer,presented by cleaned up Rob.
    I seriously might have an emotional breakdown.Seriously.I’ll freak out…

    P.S:Oh crap,I just realized that I’ve been able to hide mi obsession from my family,and unless I pull an Oscar winning performance,they’ll realize how crazy I am.Oh,no..

  11. Squee cant wait!!

  12. Tara, thanks for the FF links last night.

    The Breaking Dawn stuff was… well… *interesting*.

  13. For the follow Australians out there…
    The blogging starts at 11.00am on Monday 1 June.

  14. NOOOO they have to kiss when they win best kiss – I look forward to that the most – even more than the sneak peek!!
    I think it will be the big deal breaker on whether or not theres something more going on between them…

  15. OMR, is it true that it’s traditional to kiss again on stage when you win the award for Best Kiss???
    I really don’t wanna see him kissing KStew on stage…Imagin how disrespectful for Oregano😀
    The show is on air 3 am for me but I think I’ll stay up to watch AND see you live blogging *yay*

  16. Great that you are going to cover it! I’ll be here!

    Mtv in the Netherlands does’nt really get the importance off seeing Robert live at the movie awards, so they are going to air it on the 4th of june….. i really should make a call about that!!!

  17. Gahhhh….I really don’t know if I can watch and chat at 3AM!! So sad.

  18. […] NewMoonMovie.Org, Lauren’s Bite and Twicrack Addict! Did you miss our announcement yesterday? Check it out here! Then come back and join us on the blog(s) (either one!) a lil’ before 9pm Sunday night […]

  19. […] of the MTV Movie Awards courtesy of NewMoonMovie.Org? Did you miss our announcement yesterday? Check it out here! Then come back and join us on the blog(s) (either one!) a lil’ before 9pm Sunday night […]

  20. Gah! Now I kinda wish I hadn’t invited a friend over to watch the awards with me. I have been somewhat accomplished at hiding my own crazy, but if I’ve got your live blogging up she just migh put two and two together. Eep!

    I might just chance it anyway…

  21. […] about? Want to be apart of the magic aka yours truly live blogging the MTV Movie Awards?? Well Check it out here! Then come back and join us on the blog(s) (either one!) at 9PM EST AND PST TONIGHT* and settle in […]

  22. OK start now…I’m tired of waiting….OK just kidding. Patience is a virtue

  23. I’ll be back later, ladies!! Eek!!!

  24. Yay! Can’t wait!

  25. […] NewMoonMovie.Org, Lauren’s Bite and Twicrack Addict! Did you miss our announcement yesterday? Check it out here! Then come back and join us on the blog(s) (either one!) a lil’ before 9pm Sunday night […]

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