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Rob Pattinson and Charlie Bewley tour Italy and drive me crazy

Yo, Charlie isn't it awesome touring this frosted glass shower door factory in Italy?!

Yo, Charlie isn't it awesome touring this frosted glass shower door factory in Italy?!

Dear Rob-

You know that awkward moment when your boyfriend introduces you to his friends and one of them happens to be SMOKING hot and you act like a bumbling idiot and seriously consider for like 3.2 seconds dumping the boyfriend and gettin’ busy with the friend?

Yea? Well this is that exact moment.

I just saw the pics of this Charlie Bewley dude and you touring Italy while there for New Moon filming and daaaaaamn Gina that kid is all kinds of hot sauce. I know this might be a little awkward to have me, your true love,  writing YOU, Robert Pattinson, about how hot your costar is but sorry that’s just the way it’s gonna be. You get to prance around with Kristen Stewart and Nikki Reed and I get to drool over your costars on a very public blog. That’s just the way our relationship is and I’m glad we’re both ok with that!

Charlie shows Taylor Lautner his tickets to the gun show

Charlie shows Taylor Lautner his tickets to the gun show

So being the good psychopath blogger that I am I immediately hit up the interwebz to find out who this pal Charlie of yours is and there’s ZILCH! The top search result is the Twilight Moms website and that’s just not right… so instead I opted for his brand spanking new IMDB page that has ONE credit and that is New Moon. So dear you can tell I’m at an impasse and I need more information before I can beginning writing so it would be really helpful if you could let me know the following…

-Does he spend his spare time microwaving produce or meals with crispy, crunchy, tender, flakey crusts?

-What’s Charlie’s mom’s name? Is she anything like Clare?

-How does he like his eggs in the morning? Scrambed? Poached? Over easy… ifyouknowwhatimsayin’?

-Does he like girls with the names that start with M and end with oon?

-What’s his hotel room number and will you pass along my number for those cold lonely nights in Italy?

Ok, ok… I’m all talk Rob you know I’ll love ya forever and for always… I’m really just trying to make you jealous and I can tell it worked. I’ll be coming over to Italy tomorrow to make it up to you. Be ready! And by ready I mean dressed up in a gladiator costume with nothing underneath.

Ciao Bebe!

Pictures from Newmoonmovie and more hottness at The Insider

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Then why don’t you chat about it all over at the forum! Done and done!


  1. Me too. So sleepy. Night ladies.

    • night sleepy J-m, you need a really good nights sleep, hope you get it.

    • Good Night Jenny. Sweet Robdreams to you.

  2. I have to say E, that I am impressed with all your abilities to back up night after night, I am also a night owl but don’t know how I would go being up till 3/4am most days.

    • It used to be 2-3 anyway. About midnight I’m on my second wind and always felt that was my time to read. Weird, I know. Now I’m just getting to bed that much later and sleeping the next morning away—thus, my problem. I will probably be quitting earlier too as I get on a better schedule.

      • that sounds like a plan.

  3. Rats, I forgt to ask J-m, she mentioned some books she recommended a week or so ago and i forgot to write them down, did yiou by any chance E?

    • Yes. I make little sticky notes of things like that and keep them in a basket here. Is that the set of 4? I’ll type them in a sec.

      • yes I think it was. ta

      • Maria V. Snyder

        Poison Study
        Magic ”
        Fire ”
        Storm Glass

        • thanks, will see if I can track them down.

          • good news the library has the first two and they are available, guess I know what i will be doing tomorrow night!

          • They do sound good. I’ve got such a stack, I’ll need to wait a while before I request them.

  4. I loved the reference in today’s post to the tickets to the gun show, I love that I had never heard that before.

    • Very clever. I hadn’t heard the expression before either. I laughed a lot with today’s post. Rob and that ratty shirt! I just saw it in one of those videos–a drunk Rob night. He does like his comfortable clothes. A boy after my own heart.

      • i find it really interesting he likes his scruffy don’t care look, but when he decides to clean up he really, really rocks it he doesn’t go for anything in between.

        • Yes–polar opposites. Nice for him to know he can always impress if he wants to. Great for us to know!

          • hum, I wonder if he is that way with everything?

          • What everything?

          • people perhaps? LOLO.

          • That’s interesting to think about. The old and the new. Tried and true and all those new contacts/people coming into his life.

          • LOLO, making new words again.

          • Yeah, that’s a cute one!

  5. I realized after I went to JAG’s site that I had seen those 2 videos. She had a third one with another song. Then I had to watch the CloserToRob one again too!

    • the rob timevoid strikes again!

      • I can get lost there! Rob the robber. I found that one that I love on YouTube again yesterday of the sad Rob with his comments among the James Blunt song One of the Brightest Stars. She says they keep taking it down.

        • ohh, can you send me a link, don’t think i have seen that one?

          • Yes, I have to type it out because I still don’t know the fast way.

  6. It got put in the wrong notebook–


  7. Doesn’t work. They must have found it. I googled Robert Pattinson video sad and it was top of the list.

    • thanks for that!

  8. Ok E, time for me to call it from my end, I need to wrap something up before hitting the pool.

    Sleep well, goodnight.

    • OK L. Have a good swim and a good night later. See you.

  9. Dear Rob,
    Your week in Italy is zipping by! From the pictures I’ve seen it looks like you are relaxed and enjoying yourself. Europe does seem to suit you—it is home, so to speak, after all. I’m just glad to see you happy. One of my questions from an earlier letter was going to be about whether you would do some sightseeing while you’re there and just what was on your list. I’m glad you are able to at least get out during your time there. With the Volturi actors already having gathered in Vancouver you must just be doing the outside shots on location. I’m looking forward to seeing all that beauty in New Moon. I hope you continue to get a little relaxation time in while you’re there and soak up some sun before heading back to LA and on to NYC for Remember Me. I’m anxiously awaiting word on who your co-star will be in that movie.

    Me xoxoxo

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  13. My friend and I got to meet Charlie Bewley! We had to try really hard not to say stupid stuff like, “Charlie bit my finger”…and “Oww Charlie that really hurt!”He was really nice, but I didnt think he was cute at the time. I think I was too distracted by the thought that he knew Rob to consider that he was cute. But a few weeks later I saw a youtube video of him being a robot and I was like, “Oh Yea! Charlie is cute!”

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