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Rob Pattinson and Charlie Bewley tour Italy and drive me crazy

Yo, Charlie isn't it awesome touring this frosted glass shower door factory in Italy?!

Yo, Charlie isn't it awesome touring this frosted glass shower door factory in Italy?!

Dear Rob-

You know that awkward moment when your boyfriend introduces you to his friends and one of them happens to be SMOKING hot and you act like a bumbling idiot and seriously consider for like 3.2 seconds dumping the boyfriend and gettin’ busy with the friend?

Yea? Well this is that exact moment.

I just saw the pics of this Charlie Bewley dude and you touring Italy while there for New Moon filming and daaaaaamn Gina that kid is all kinds of hot sauce. I know this might be a little awkward to have me, your true love,  writing YOU, Robert Pattinson, about how hot your costar is but sorry that’s just the way it’s gonna be. You get to prance around with Kristen Stewart and Nikki Reed and I get to drool over your costars on a very public blog. That’s just the way our relationship is and I’m glad we’re both ok with that!

Charlie shows Taylor Lautner his tickets to the gun show

Charlie shows Taylor Lautner his tickets to the gun show

So being the good psychopath blogger that I am I immediately hit up the interwebz to find out who this pal Charlie of yours is and there’s ZILCH! The top search result is the Twilight Moms website and that’s just not right… so instead I opted for his brand spanking new IMDB page that has ONE credit and that is New Moon. So dear you can tell I’m at an impasse and I need more information before I can beginning writing so it would be really helpful if you could let me know the following…

-Does he spend his spare time microwaving produce or meals with crispy, crunchy, tender, flakey crusts?

-What’s Charlie’s mom’s name? Is she anything like Clare?

-How does he like his eggs in the morning? Scrambed? Poached? Over easy… ifyouknowwhatimsayin’?

-Does he like girls with the names that start with M and end with oon?

-What’s his hotel room number and will you pass along my number for those cold lonely nights in Italy?

Ok, ok… I’m all talk Rob you know I’ll love ya forever and for always… I’m really just trying to make you jealous and I can tell it worked. I’ll be coming over to Italy tomorrow to make it up to you. Be ready! And by ready I mean dressed up in a gladiator costume with nothing underneath.

Ciao Bebe!

Pictures from Newmoonmovie and more hottness at The Insider

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Then why don’t you chat about it all over at the forum! Done and done!


  1. ‘Be ready! And by ready I mean dressed up in a gladiator costume with nothing underneath.’

    (Now that’s what I’m talkin bout!)

    When in Rome, and all that.

    • @Proselyte: “that’s what she said!”

      • @ monica Yes! How did I miss that (that’s what she said!) Bwahahahahaha!

        • @Pro: LOL!!!

          • “that’s what she said!”
            I mean it cracks me up everytime I read it
            But can someone be kind enough to tell me where this phrase came from .. you know it’s history

    • LOL =O)

      the post was great as always but that line was simply priceless… I got the mental image of Rob in a Gladiator costume and incredibly enough… it wasn’t nice!!!

      LOL =O)

      • sword and hat AMEN!

        • Amen

        • Amen ! Amen !!

      • GLADIATOR ROB!!!! yeah baby! oooh or maybe rob in a pirate costume, all arrgh and stuff? Hmm. I’m seeing a jack sparrow-like ensemble. I lovez it as usaul ladies! Come see 5 reasons why twilight is bad for you at my blog,

      • GLADIATOR ROB!!!! yeah baby! oooh or maybe rob in a pirate costume, all arrgh and stuff? Hmm. I’m seeing a jack sparrow-like ensemble. I lovez it as usaul ladies! Come see 5 reasons why twilight is bad for you at my blog

  2. Blimey!
    First comment!!!
    Updates from Italy: they are still storming Montepulciano and last night they were caught in some unidentified restaurant where they allegedly ate pizza (as if they don’t cook anything else in Tuscany….sorry – please allow me the food jibe, I am probably the only Italian around this blog and this probably grants me automatic eternal bragging rights…XD)
    Rob drinks beer as usual…
    And one detail worth noting: besides the Twilight Moms, who also sport a video of Alice’s yellow Porsche, the pics that have flooded the net are from US gossip sites…
    Which, in my opinion, means that the US paps are after Rob and the crew, and not the local journalists…
    BUT!!! Look forward to 30 May, because Italian Twilighters are going to take Montepulciano by storm: Rob, if you are afraid of BIG HOT HYSTERICAL Italian fangirls, I can whisk you off and hide you in my house. Pick up service offered, in a yellow Opel….(not a Porsche, but canary yellow all the same!

    Love to all the regulars
    Cheers from Milan
    As hot as ever

    • Well, second comment actually!!! XD XD

    • wait a second italians dont eat pizza for EVERY meal?! SAD all my hopes and dreams are dashed now! 😉

      dude you better send your offer over to Rob NOW so he can arrange his schedule to get the hell out before they descend!

      keep bringing the updates!

      • @Moon re Pizza: well, we actually don’t!!! I mean…I admit it’s my favourite comfort food and I could eat it day and day out…BUT…plenty of other things to eat besides it!
        and in Tuscany, I mean…you can lit’rally choose among a very long list of yummy things (besides Rob)!!!

        Dear Rob,
        I will do whatever it takes to make you safe again. I will join you in Montepulciano and then we will go away. Alone. You are my life now.

        Please fill the tank of the yellow Porsche. We need to go away in style.


  3. “daaaaaamn Gina that kid is all kinds of hot sauce”

    Agree. Wholeheartedly. *Faints*

  4. LettersToCharlie *giggles*

    Looking forward to that, and also for more info on the luscious Charlie ❤

    Loving ItalyRob pics ❤

  5. Anyone elses comments being lost?

    • Ignore that please. My comments now show up *DOH*

  6. LMFAO At the captions. Frosted glass shower door factory. Fantastic!
    You, Moon, ROCK. Hardcore.

    • serously!! who DOES that? those pictures look so dumb.

  7. Dear Moon,
    You can take Charlie and I’ll take Rob in that Gladiator’s outfit .

  8. I’m sorry to inform you Moon, but @Janetrigs already got Charlie in the Wedding Fiesta like, MONTHS ago. lmfao I asked her last night to trade me TomStu (who I traded HHH for with French_Nugget) and she said she would share with me. I politely declined because TomStu keeps me closer to Rob so… yeah.

    Dear @Janetrigs,
    I ❤ your face and your balls for taking a chance on the unknown Charlie Bewley! That shit worked out VERRRRY nicely for you! Good call on trading in Gaysian Eric for him. Yummy!


    • @JBell: hello sweets! No wonder the FBR girls are always one step ahead. I am going to build a joint altar for UC, Moon and yourself!!! *bows*

      • Good afternoon (for you) Monica! Awwww, a joint altar for me and the head bitches in charge?! Really!? I feel so honored! 😀

    • You the bomb, FL. Us purity ring sisters, must stick together. You know how to look afte a girl. However, please take back your effing rain.

    • “TomStu keeps me closer to Rob …”
      Love how you’ve got it all worked out babe!

  9. -Does he like girls with the names that start with M and end with oon?


    I also love the captions under the photo.

  10. ‘And by ready I mean dressed up in a gladiator costume with nothing underneath.’

    um this sort of literature brilliancy makes me miss you bad and sad we’ve barely talked in like a week. wanna role play later on?



      and yes we shall talk once i’m back in the land of oz. and thanks for saying it was literature brilliancy! HAHA we win.

  11. Why can’t I find out how old Charlie Bewley is? I need to know his age so I can make inappropriate comments about him!

    • exactly!! there is NOTHING out there about this dude. i hope this post shows up in his google alerts. actually he probably doesnt have any!

  12. Anyone having problems getting into the forum or LTT? I’m at work and know there are no computer problems here but I keep getting security boxes pop up when trying those two links and I can’t get in. Problem on my end or…..?

  13. ‘gun show’ ?! lmfao!

    …these boys are packing so much heat, I’m sweating 3,000 miles away

    Moon, you are greatness!

    • seriously hottness!

  14. No problem here.

  15. Dear Moon,

    Srsly. Back the eff off my man. I chose him in the wedding fiesta way before there were any pics out there except his head shot. He would love me more for caring for him before he blew up into a super star anyway. I even once had him on my Twitter (that’s what I said, ON MY TWITTER).

    Me and my Chewley will be happy forever together. STAY AWAY!!


    PS SQUEEEEE he is the shizz, right? And that article awhile back at the cast party talking about him doing shots with BFF ASHLEY. He is truly a man after my own heart. Question – Can you drink like a man??? I am thinking, NO.

    • LOL! He’s on your Twitter.

    • What does “having” someone on your Twitter mean?

      Of course I know what Twitter is …. I want to know more though – did he twitter with you?

      I’m curious today!
      x EG

      • It just sounds dirty. But when Chewley was first cast, I followed him on Twitter, now he canceled his account. But saying “It is on my Twitter” just sounds dirty and we all giggle with glee when we write it.
        We are really juvenile and silly, can you tell?

        • Thanks Jane!

          I was getting a bit ‘cited that you were really pally on twitter with him.

          And of course my mind ran to the dirty connotations before I slapped it back into a more proprietory course!

    • dear janet-

      i wasnt even invited to such party so in my world everyone is fair game. watch your back biotch.


      ps OMG!!!!!!!!! i would love for ashley to make jackson jealous with charlie. DO IT DO IT DO IT!! and he is le swoonable.


    • Wow great set of answers. Watch out Rob – this guy’s got a brain too.


      “ Have you read New Moon? If so, what do you think about it?

      Charlie Bewley: Yes. But being totally distractible, I’m a useless reader. However this one I just sailed thru, especially from page 453 onwards…

      What’s great about New Moon is the author’s style delicately protracts the plot to reveal all the stakes for each character involved. This gives impact at major turns of events and also allows actors a much easier job of playing the characters truthfully and to the readers expectations.

      Full credit to Stephenie for her intrinsic knowledge of human emotional interplay. Fairly genius on her part.”

      AND our guest blogger for next week’s twilosophy will be… CHARLIE BEWLEY!!! is he for serious?! wow.

      • It’s a bit of a turn on isn’t it?

        But even so … he’s not for me. I’m a one guy woman.

        Well one guy plus the husband. OF COURSE.

        Sure he won’t mind because (a) he doesn’t know and (b) he’s never here!

        • That would be the husband not minding of course.

  17. “Charlie shows Taylor Lautner his tickets to the gun show”

    I peed my pants just a bit when I read that. So freakin funny.

  18. Looking at that first “shower door pic”….looks like they are both in the shower….mmmm….shower….oh wait, where am I??

    Anyhoo– Rob’s outfit. LOVE it on him….he could wear a shit-suit and I would find him sexy but anyone else?? I would be like, WTF are you wearing? A short sleeve button down and suspenders?? uh, no. But he makes it work.

    And Charlie is def. hot. And I need his sunglasses. Like now.

  19. Can men be butterfaces? No offense to Moon (or Janetrigs) but I think Chewley is a butterface. Wasn’t really digging him until I saw the gun show picture. Then I held my fingers over his face and started the fantasizing.

    Gotta go get a wet wipe to clean the fingerprints off of my monitor.

    • BLASPHAMY – never talking to you again.

      Okay, over it. FAKE LESBIAN KISSES

      • Oh, I thrive on controversy. Bring it beyotch! Ha! Smooches 🙂

        Just think, less competition now. And I have a slight following of people agreeing that Chewley is a “buttimface” (could that work as the male version of butterface?). So now there are a few less to worry about. Tweet away.

    • you’re out!!!!!!

      butterface?! no way. go lookat those other insder pics… i only chose that weird bottom one because of the gun show.

      • Um, I did. Sorry – he doesn’t do it for me. Nice bod however. Maybe I’ll like him better when I see him in action. Maybe he’s like Rob – when you see the personality, the beauty grows.

  20. Aww look how cute Rob is showing her new friend all the sites. And sites being “potential stalkerville”. He’s warning the poor kid of where the psychos usually hang.

    And he looks adorable in his plaid shirt…until you see hotness in those tight jeans. Ahh my mind is so confused!

    • he’s like yea watch out behind the dumpster over there… ive seen some real freaks behind that thing!

  21. I secretly hope that Rob accidentaly leaves that button down shirt of his under his hotel room bed in Italy. Looks like an Aloha shirt minus the flowers. He’s much prettier in Gap’s favorite tee in muted colors.

  22. Um…yeah…what WTM (above) said.

    But I love you, Moon. And this was a hilarious post. I’m just sticking with Rob…and his one super-talented friend that I enjoy. Ahem.

  23. Yeah, no. Don’t see it. I’m true to Rob and only Rob. Kellan’s hot, Jackson’s sexy-cute, some of the other guys are tolerably attractive…but for me there is only Rob.

  24. must be an American language thing. What is meant by tickets to the gun show?

    This kid Charley is not hot, but then we said that about Rob last year and look what happened there…

    • “What is meant by tickets to the gun show?”

      I believe they’re referring to his muscles. When guys flex their muscles, I suppose, they’re putting on a “gun show” – perhaps… That’s my understanding of it anyway. Dang idioms… I’m an ESLer too, but I’ve been here (in the States) for many, many years. I love how Americans talk.

    • “not hot ……. but then we said that about Rob last year and look what happened there”

      No no no, we most certainly did not [say that Rob was not hot].

      “We” were smitted at first sight with Rob. Totally and utterly.

      Unfortunately it has not worn off one bit. It’s quite tiring sometimes really. Even my husband agrees. And he doesn’t even know who RP is!

    • it means BIG MUSCLES!! it’s a joking term for it

  25. “that kid is all kinds of hot sauce”

    @Moon – I love that expression!! I’m stealing it.


  26. Maybe I am late to this, but did anyone else notice that the sleeves of Rob’s shirt have been cut off in the middle? Was he like “Whew, sure is hot here in Italy. I have tons o’ money and could have someone get me a short sleeve shirt, but I also have scissors and this plaid shirt I love from grade school. Hmm, scissors meet shirt!”

    Rob is all kinds of hotness, but that shirt is inexcusable.

  27. Moon,
    Your questions are all vital to make the proper assessment of this Charlie guy. Love the “tickets to the gun show” comment. lol But the gladiator image puts it all in perspective…. Ooo ya!
    Great way to start the day.

  28. You are too funny Moon! Charlie might like his eggs unfertilized in the mornnin, youknowwhatImean.

    • wheres the fun in THAT?!!! 😉

      • You want him to be your baby daddy? Wait-you must do this!!! LOL-stalk Charlie….have him impregnate you and then go on Maury and the show can be titled ‘I don’t know which Twilight man fertilized my eggs with his non venon killing sperm’, b/c you know Maury would be all over that like white on rice for ratings. LOL

  29. How old is this Charlie???!!! So we can start making inappropiate comments about him, like someone said there above. And
    P.S. when hot pics of michael sheen surfaces,please remember I already claimed him in the wedding fiesta!!!! and. Please proceed with the inappropiate comments anyway bwahaha !!!

  30. moon, I seriously worried about you for a moment there. But you were just makin’ Rob all kinds of hot jealous. Thank God! That was close! I thought we’d have to stage an intervention. LOL! You may continue your regularly scheduled Robsessing.

    Dear Rob,

    If I ever come to you saying that Charley Bewley does it for me…or any other dude for that matter, feel free to grin really big at me and say shudupinyaface!


    • P.S.
      Started thinkin’ you might mis-read my ltr as snark when not. I admit I need a 12 step program when it comes to Rob. He does ruin it for me re: all other guys. *sigh*

      Not sayin’ shudupinyaface to you and your funny post today moon.
      I ❤ you! I know you and Rob bang on the d/l and meet behind dumpsters and all. 🙂

      That was for me cause I love when he says it–adorkable Rob–Charlie just gave me a reason to write to him about it. Thanks!

  31. OK, I finally got the forum and LTT to load here at work. What is with me and computer problems lately?

    And managed to dump pear juice all over my pants and my shirt. Damn “Reynolds” container lid didn’t stay on. So now I’m a sticky mess, that’s what she said, until 5pm when I can go home and change. Ah, the joys of a Monday. Well it’s Tuesday, but really it’s Monday.

  32. Shirt porn on set!

    • I meant “chest” porn. For Pete’s sake I’m a moron today!

  33. Lookie Loo at what’s in HQ (yeah, I meant for that to rhyme)

  34. Awesome post Moon! Too many great comments to quote!! Today’s post is a total win as well as some nice eye candy. Keep the hot guys coming girls. Before you know it you will be living it up in a mansion in LA selling pattinperv & friends magazines (previously known as playgirl). You can even do special dumpster diving editions. *thud* If we get yearly subscriptions do we get a deal? XOXO

  35. Chirp. Chirp…..

    • Hey Tara. How are you this evening?

      • Im good EP! How are you!?

        • I’m good, thanks for asking.

  36. Hey almost merge and EP!

    • whatsupladies?

      • Hey Lizzie, not much about you?

      • they have finally given me a new computer, bets are now being taken to see how long it takes before this one karks it. other than that pretty normal day really, all terribly exciting (not) isn’t it?

        • Seems like you kill a computer every few days or so. Do you see that coming because you’re from the future or is always a surprise?

          • impressive isn’t it? This time it was actually IT’s fault they rebuilt the one I had (for the second time) which then totally casued it to roll over and die, so they gave in and gave me a new one instead. won’t matter, this one is now on a limited lifespan, it’s time is up once it met me.

          • It really is impressive, keep us posted on when you kill this one.

    • LOL hi Lizzie! Whats goin on?

  37. Looks like it’s time for LOTN! How’s everyone?

    • indeed it is E, we emerged out of the night (well dulll grey afternoon in my case) yet again. LOTN seems to have some sort of has a cultish association doesn’t it? lol.

      • Yes. You started it! New computer? What do you do to them? lol

        • it’s a talent E!

          • Guess you were born with it!

    • Hey EyeC. Good and yourself?

      • Hi EP. Did you get done what you had planned for today?

        • HI EyeC!!

          • Hi Tara! What did you do today?

          • Well I went and got one of those waterproof armbands for my Ipod and didnt even get to use it 😦 Now i have to wait till tomorrow. Then I went shopping with a friend and her son! It was actually pretty fun! Her son is really well behaved. I mean he acts up a little but its not like huge tantrums. lol

            How about you? How was your day?

          • Good idea on the armband.

            Some kids can be bratty when shopping so I’m glad that wasn’t the case!

            It’s been gray again but tomorrow starts the sunshine. Yay! I fit in a few things. Made the library run–a big circle to get all those books that were due back.

          • Yay for the sun! But I hate when it is too hot? Where do you live again?

          • Colorado. Sometimes it can vary really fast but I think it won’t be too hot. Nice until late next Sunday.

        • Yep, turned out to be less than I thought. So that’s good.

          • Oh, yes that’s good.

  38. OK girls it has almost been a whole month since WA has been updated!! Im going INSANE!!

    • I check more than once a day. Very frustrated.

      • I know me too!

      • I have started checking daily as well, she has to be close, I mean c’mon please AG put us out of our collective misery.

  39. I’ve goota say it. Wasn’t Rob cute in those pictures that Jena posted–the chest porn she called them. lol–??? His smile was so genuine and sweet with the little lines around his mouth. He does look more relaxed. And then his shirt buttoned all cattywampus!

    • AH havent seen them yet! going to now!!

    • He never could get the hang of buttoning his shirt. His shirt was like that at the Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix premiere too. I think it’s an adorable quality. And weird that I remember that, the stuff that sticks in my mind.

      • I remember that too! So so adorable.

        • Good, feel less like a weird-o.

          • He just makes me happy.

          • Yeah, he makes me happy too.

          • When I was at the store picking out green beans I had this big grin on my face just thinking about those pics. lol

          • I just looked right before you mentioned it. But anything to make grocery shopping more interesting.

          • Had to buy more brussels sprouts!

          • Wouldn’t want to be without!

          • Tried the bacon/parmesan on cauliflower–was OK but needed a little sauce or something to make it stick. lol

          • A little butter in the pan helps.

          • I’ll try it with the br s.

        • damn you for being so cute Rob, damn you!

  40. SCORE! we just crashed someone elses presentation and one delicious piece of lemon meringue pie I’m back. Wait for the sugar rush, give me about 10 mins.

    • LOL You’ll be typing like wildfire!

      • be interesting to see if you can even figure out what i will beb trying to type

  41. 5 more days till the MTV movie awards!! SQUEE! So excited!!

    • that’s right Rob, her and Tay Tay are all confirmed as guests aren’t they, I actually think i saw they are going to play them here too.

      • Yes and they are going to show the first clip of New Moon!

        Thats awesome the are going to play it there!!

        • So it begins…

    • Me too!!! I have to admit that I didn’t vote KStew for best actress or whatever….sue me.

      Good night! For Real!!

      • LOL I hate to break it to everyone…. but I didnt vote for her… OR their kiss…

        • lol Tara, you’re a woman after my own heart.

          • I know, I know!!

        • guilty

  42. Okay, so….I have to post and run…

    Hey T! I missed you this weekend.

    Lizzie Hooray for the new computer!

    EP You’re not a weirdo 🙂

    EyeC I’m SOOO addicted to The Red Line. Bella just met Raven if you know what I’m saying…bathtime is over…so sweet!! I don’t want to give too much away for people that haven’t read it. BTW I was going through last night’s comments and I had to stop reading immediately b/c there was a surprise spoiler that I wasn’t expecting. I didn’t read it enough to make sense of it or anything so I was okay 🙂 It was a close one though!!

    Night Ladies!! JEEZUS!! I have to be up in like 2 hrs and 15 mins….wish me luck. I overslept this morning :/

    • AWW! FN I missed you too!! 🙂

    • Thanks FN. Good luck with the getting up! Sweet dreams.

    • Sorry about the spoiler. I forgot. I try to veil things. Sleep fast!

  43. Holla LOTN.

    • Hi Jenny!

    • Hi Jenny! Wow, that makes most of us here–at least for a couple minutes.

      • How much longer in FN’s workout thing? I ask you because I’m pretty positive you’ll know.

        • 3 weeks.

          • Getting close.

          • I am so impressed with FN’s level of committment, 6 wks of 4am, seriously I don’t even think prisoners are treated that inhumanely.

          • yes that is definatly dedication right there!! So proud of her!

          • Yeah. Self-imposed imprisonment. lol

          • FN can be the LTR fitness instructor. Then again maybe not,too much commitment scares me, i prefer my fitness people to be more maleable in the form of why don’t we skip this and go for cake instead?

          • I’m all for the cake idea.

          • YUM cake!! Thats sounds so good right now!

          • We do like cake here.

          • yep specifically cake, vegies and tea, but basically food in general seems to work for us!

  44. Better late than never – sorry about spoiler thing FN, that would probably have been me with the overkeen keyboard again, will try to watch it in the future.

    Howdy J-m, how ya doing chickadee?

    • L, I think it was the mention of Raven and rescue.

      • oops, us bad.

    • Yeah, oops. She shouldn’t read these fanfic convos.

      I have something else to say about The Red Line.
      1) Way too many “I love yous”.
      2) Way too much crying.

      • who’s crying though yours or hers?

        • I meant that Edward and Bella cry WAY too much. They’re always crying and saying “I love you”. It lost it’s impact.

          • agree.

          • Yeah, I suppose you’re right. Especially if you were to highlight those two things.

    • Also, I’m okay Lizzie, thanks. Extremely exhausted tonight. Heading to bed in 20 minutes or so, I hope. How are you?

      • all good thanks J-m, sounds like you have been a busy little bee today.

  45. Random thoughts time

    I fell asleep on the couch last night, i hate it when you then wake up and put yourself to bed, interrupted sleep is crappy.

    Scruffy Rob works for me just as well as any other kind of Rob.

    Sad panda face, winter officially begins next week.

    I wonder what’s for dinner tonight?

    • That does suck.

      I love Rob in all his forms.

      It’s Summer here, sad panda to that.

      I had waffles and bacon.

      • I had marshmallow and dry crackers for dinner last night I can’t do that again tonight.

        • That’s really gross.

          • yep it was

    • I hate interrupted sleep too, Lizzie. Unless it’s on a weekend and I know I can sleep in.

      I love Rob in all forms, too (took the words out of my mouth, EP).

      It’s almost summer here!

      I had bbq ribs, rice, and beans.

      • I’d expect nothing less than you two using each others words EP and J-m, in fact I was a little disappointed you guys didn’t have the same dinner.

        • I don’t eat ribs, I don’t eat anything off the bone.

  46. alright Im off for the night! Have to get up early tomorrow!!

    Night to you ALL!! <3!

    • Night Tara, sweet dreams.

    • Night Tara!

    • Nite T. Sweet dreams.

    • T – a word of warning I am off to the pool tonight so hope you feel like swimming tomorrow! Night

  47. Random Thoughts:

    I want to go swimming.

    I’ve lost track of the days of the week, I think today is technically Wednesday. (after midnight)

    I think something stung me, I should have been nicer to that little girl at church.

    • Stung you! Could be payback. No fun.

      This week is screwed up.

      I was a swimmer once. lol

      • I like how you answered me in reverse.

        • Had to start with the one that had the most impact!

    • I’m so tired I can’t even think of swimming.

      Yes, it’s Wednesday. I can’t believe May is almost over.


      • Oh BFF, sending good thoughts of good sleep and sweet dreams your way.

        I’m glad I’m not way off. I’ve been a little off this week. I’m glad May is almost over.

        I know.

    • Can you go for me cause I actually don’t really want to go swimming but really, really need to.

      Just so long as it is not monday, i wouldn’t cope.

      Payback is a bitch isn’t it?

      • twinners E, except you were a bit nicer about it than me!

      • I don’t know if it works like that.

        Monday would be bad.

        This is why you don’t roll your eyes at children. But, I’d heard about this little sting for like an hour.

        • unfortunately you are probably right, damn it.

          it would suck actually, i hate mondays.

          only an hour, you were probably ok with the little girl then, an hour isn that long, unlessof course you work in an office in which case it is an eternity.

  48. Shakes head sadly, not quite believing, work colleague just sprinkled hole punch confetti under his desk to ensure cleaners clean under there, apparently vaccuuming has not been up to his personal satisfaction of late.

    BTW this from someone that still has tinsel around work monitor, makes him happy apparently, annoys the crap out of me.

    • LMAO! You work with some weird people, L!

      • that’s an understatement E, on the bright side makes everyone and everything else seem really quite normal.

        • So we’re all normal?

          • absolutely NORMAL!

  49. I’m trying the tea with milk but had to add some Southern Comfort cause it was too bland! Chose the wrong tea.

    • NICE!

    • nearly killed me when i was living in england, mainly tea came pre-milked, ick, went off tea for quite some time after that. all for adding a little flavour!

  50. It’s a little early, but I haven’t showered and I’m due to work for my Dad tomorrow. Talk to you all later, night and sweet dreams.

    • night, have fun at work tomorrow.

    • Good Night EP. Have a good day tomorrow and sweet dreams tonight. Smiling Rob~~~

      • One of my favorite Robs. Really going now.

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