Posted by: Bekah | May 25, 2009

Memorial Day

Wait. Explain Memorial Day to me one more time? I like to watch your lips move...

Wait. Explain Memorial Day to me one more time? I like to watch your lips move...

Dear Rob,

Happy Memorial Day! Oh wait, I forgot- you wouldn’t know what that is. Memorial Day is a holiday celebrated in the US (Yep, just like Groundhog Day– Americans love to make up holidays and keep them to ourselves) Basically, according to Wikipedia, my go-to source for all info on US history, Memorial Day is a day to remember the servicemen and women who died for our country. I guess it’s supposed to be a somber day- Wikipedia says people spend days in cemeteries and at memorials. Most people I know stuff themselves full of hot dogs and then throw up on the volleyball court.

So since I don’t expect much of an audience for today’s letter since 1/2 the readers are in the US and will be chowing down on hamburgers & passing out from heat exhaustion & from the 12 Miller Lite’s they consumed, I am going to quickly share what I will be remembering on this Memorial Day:

You (duh) and your deliciousness.

Now, please do some World War II movie where there are amazing pictures of you chain smoking, wearing aviators and rockin’ a hot air force uniform. This is my Memorial Day wish (yep, we get wishes on this holiday)


Celebrating the deliciousness of Rob after the jump


You clean up well. Really well

You wear a jacket my friend's dad owns

You wear a jacket my friend's dad owns

Damn those Ray-bans

Damn those Ray-bans

GQ- yes please

GQ- yes please

You're like a boy

You're like a boy

But you're a man

But you're a man

Gotta run! I have 5 hot dogs I gotta shove down my throat today! (Oh wow.. that’s what she said….)

PS: Just realized I honestly don’t know for sure that Memorial Day is only a US holiday. Do you Canadians celebrate it? How about the Europeans or Aisians or Australians or Kenyans? Antartica? Sorry if I offended anyone with my lack of knowledge of US holidays. Actually… that’s the first time I apologized for offending anyone on this blog, and I offend someone on a daily basis. So I take it back. I am not sorry. In fact, if you’re offended, well.. don’t be. Cuz that’s gayspice. I said it. Gayspice. Don’t ruin my Memorial Day with your gayspicey-ness.*

PPS: Wikipedia saves the day- it IS a US holiday. Therefore, I will have to find someone on twitter to offend. Can’t lose that snarky biatchiness I’m so well known for! XO

*All credit to anything funny I ever say goes to either Lauren from Lauren’s Bite, Moon, EastFriend, WestFriend or from late night inspiration from the Lord.


  1. Cooooeee! Hello lovelies, didn’t think i would be on today, but by magic and my laptop, voila, here I am!

    • Hey Lizzie!

      • Ello, get used to dropping your “h” in prep for London.

        • If I can manage not to say ya’ll I’ll be doing good.

    • Hey Lizzie!

      • back at you J-m

    • Hi L!

      • I like your idea I am now going to go with E instead of EyeC, less for me to mess up!

        • I noticed she called you L and Jenny J, but I’m still EP. I get two initials, and I love them.

          • to distinguish you from EyeC of course!

        • lol

        • No no, Lizzie calls me J-m. I get two initials too! 😉

          • They really aren’t as cool as my initials.

          • Puh-lease!

            When you say mine together, it sounds like a pleasurable moan. Jmmmm…

            Yours is like, EP PHONE HOME!

            Fine, you win.

          • c’mon J-m dodn’t give in so easy, you get a hyphen as well as 2 initials, that must be the win

          • Thanks Lizzie, you’re totally right! I get 3 characters. I’m special.

          • I do win. The “P” has a powerful presence.

  2. True BFF, I don’t get called Missy or Miss very often. I’ll work on it and get back to you.

    I have a blackberry curve. Twins, almost.

    I love you too.

    • I’m going to start calling you missy.

      I’ve said it before, I’ll say it again. We are so creepy. Is yours red?

      • I dunno about that, missy.

        No, it’s blue. But I was debating between getting the red and blue one for a month! But then got blue because it had wifi. Though I originally wanted the red. That’s why it was hard for me to decide. But red only had GPS, and you have to pay money for that. So boo.


  3. to catch up:
    – it was truly a magic day weatherwise here today
    @EP & EyeC laughed when i saw the forum tea convo
    I am bringing you all into the future with me as we all got the jump on today’s post explaining memorial day last night!
    @EP I saw a report on the Nascar race in my head you are now automatically connected with anything Nascar.

    • I’m connected with NASCAR in a lot of people’s heads, it’s kind of my thing.

    • Yay tea!

      That’s exactly what we talked about. It IS the whole future thing.

  4. Did you see that Kristen took her bfriend to Italy, lol.

    • I may have read that somewhere…

    • No I did not. That’s interesting. Hmmmm.

  5. Omg, I seriously just wept like a little babyface when I read the part of Bella/Emmett saving Edward from Raven. And she’s shouting at him in the car, and taking care of him at home. TEARS.

    • Yes Jenny. That was scary and beautiful. How I hated that Raven chapter. It was so painful.

      • It was the worst.

      • it def was. can i say how much i love emmett in this story, particularly this side of em. Saw FN became addicted as the rest of us

        • we will get you yet EP with ff

          • I’m sure you will.

          • on the plus side we will only tell you the really good stuff to read

          • Don’t want to waste my time with crappy fanfic.

        • Yes, Emmett was the best in this story. FN will have it read before we know it. I’m all ready for the sequel to begin.

        • Yeah, Emmett has been great, so far.

          I’m so happy that the chapters are so long, and that there are so many of them! It seems crazy, though. I’m only on chapter 17, and it feels like the story could end soon.

          • There’s a lot in there. Plenty of room for character development.

  6. J-m. Buffy is on again, Joyce has a brain tumour, Riley is a vampire blood whore, and Glory is about to be on the prowl.

    • Man I hated that whole season. Joyce dying took up so much time, seriously. And Riley became such a huge pain in the ass.

      Plus, I loathe Dawn.

      • yep Dawn was the pits from the moment she appeared out of nowhere, what was with that anyway?

      • totally right I’d also forgotten how annoying Joyce and her death was, she is currently annoying the crap out of me.

      • I don’t know. I really hated that whole concept. And I especially hated how Buffy gives up everything for her in the end. She should’ve just let Dawn die. She was just a ball of energy, a key to a demon dimension, stuffed into the a fake body!

        • I think we would all have been happy to let dawn just die. LOL.

  7. Did you giys see the vid on JAG’s site today, really lovely it is Rob at Cannes set to coldplay’s yellow (i think, well certainly coldplay may ahev the wrong song though)

    • I’ll check that out later.

    • So out of the loop, I’ll check that out soon.

    • JAG updates for next day quite early, so i actually saw this last night, i normally do a quick squizz around the blocks before i go to bed, amazing what i find sometimes! Thanks JAG, love you and early posts!

  8. I think I have to sleep, ladies.

    Sweet dreams!

    • Stripper eddie dreams for you J-m

      • Mmm, thanks! Back atcha Lizzie

    • Good Night Jenny. Sleep well.

      • You too, EyeC.

  9. I’m off to bed too. I actually have to function tomorrow. Blah. Sweet Dreams everyone.

    • Good Night EP. Have a good sleep.

      • Night EP, a bit late you’ve prob gone by now!

  10. You still there E?

    • Yes, I’m here. I have been trying to find this quote from A Lesson in Fate.

      • I thought it was a finished one and was quite surprised when i realised it wasn’t.

        • I’m glad it’s not. So happy it’s going the way it is!

          • The words that broke my heart in the whole thing was when Edward asked Bella, “Didn’t you think I was worth waiting for?” I couldn’t stop the tears….

          • that was a shocker wasn’t it, given i did like J/B that just broke my heart for E when she wrote that.

          • i really like the way she is redeeming both E/B together

          • The thing about Edward was always hi need for control—or seeming need in the name of protection.

          • And Bella’s always not feeling good enough to be with Edward. That is a really nice outcome in these two stories.

          • Agree, I think she did that well, if they didn’t grow and see each other through each others eyes would have been anticlimactic to just bang them back together, it just would not have rung true.

          • True. This gives it a lot more depth. Jasper will be OK with Heidi once it all comes together. Singers after all.

          • agree adn Felix and whatshername, so Felix will go vege as well, all wrapped up in a nice little bow. Will be curious to see if she takes it into B and Adrians change, or perhaps make it a new story ala ALE?

        • I must admit as much as I quite liked B/J for a change, it is ncie to see B/E back together. Unless she is throwing red herrings you can totally see the happy endings coming up for everybody and i mean everybody!

          • It was certainly a new twist to add Heidi and Felix!

          • f like the way she is writing Felix, another Em in the making?

            I also think it is quite funny all of a sudden FF writers have decided to haev Jasper be related to another character, J/B ALE and now J and whatshername in this one.

          • Yeah, funny how people’s thoughts kind of take a similar path.

          • I’m sure it has been done plenty of times in other ff, i just happened on those two at the same time which amused me.

            Do you know when the red line sequel is going to kick off, i may have to wait a while anyway, you know how impatient I am for updates, i don’t do well with drip feeding.

          • I was also surprised that he really hadn’t even touched himself in all those years! lol Didn’t seem realistic. But glad he got that over with! All those years of angst….

          • @The Red Line–she said give her a little time. It is hard to wait on updates. I’ve added a few more now and see several I’d like to read. I know some will be ending and others take so long. That last chapter must be hard for a lot of writers because it’s the longest wait.

          • Ahh, yeah, puritan edward really made me LMAO, i may reading ff about vampires (so supending reality is pretty standard here), but i really struggled trying to accept that one!

          • LOL Poor Edward!!!

          • i sincerely hope that was designed for comedic value, becuase i sure took it that way, i really was laughing out loud at that.

  11. huh, on the news theya re speculating about Prince Edward and Kate Middleton getting engaged, EP may get to see a royal wedding.

    • I thought it was William. Who is he dating? Wouldn’t it be something for her to be there for that?

      • ROTFLMAO, Edward on the brain perhaps? yep it is william of course, although to be fair they speculate about this every couple of months, the brits do pomp and cerempny so well, it really is somehting to see.

        • I thought I may just be out of it! I would like to see them marry.

          • never ever doubt yourself if i am supplying the info!

      • I’ve elevated Edward to Prince, I am sure if I looked (assuming I know how, which i don’t) I could find a ff with Prince Eddie in the starring role.

        • I’m sure. Probably google it.

  12. How’s the jewellery coming along?

    • Not. I’ve been blocked for a while now. It’s causing big problems. I’ve been dis-invited to the cabin this September. Probably not a bad idea since we’re on each other’s nerves. Still I miss will miss it. He may come around by then.

      • Not good E, not good. Any idea what is causing the block, nerves maybe?

        • My schedule is all screwy. I don’t think we’ve ever come this close before. I didn’t plan my life very well and now it’s all coming undone. I’m not so happy either so it’s not just one way.

          • Really sorry to hear that E, you have had a rough year or two from what you have told us, have faith the wheel will turn again, it is just really hard to hang in there until it does.

          • Yeah. I’ve been opening up to new things for the past year and a half. I needed some new life and I don’t regret that. It’s just hard to fit in anywhere. It’s too scary to leave the old behind right now.

          • true, the safe and familiar is awfully hard to move on from especially when trying to move into the new.

          • Yup. Things will work out eventually.

  13. They just played a really sad story on Las Vegas, showing all the new homeless and house reposessions mostly as a result of the highest umnemployment rate in the US, was an eye opener that’s for sure.

    • It is sad. We will see more of that before it’s over.

  14. So nothing has been said for a while, but do you think the LTR convention is actually going to happen, i saw a mysterious reference to Nov somewhre so figured if it was going to happen it will happen around NM opening which would make sense.

    • They are probably Twittering about it. I think it will still happen because I heard talk of saving money for November. It’s going to be so crowded this time around.

      • Def, but that would be half the fun, i think it is the others that would need to watch out the crazy LTRbers all together would so crap all over fangirls and twimums!

        • they would so no not what hit them.

          • LMAO! No kidding! That would be a sight to behold!

          • I so would like to see it, just thinking about it cracks me up.

          • There will be no Twi T-shirts or Pattinson Pants there!

          • I think that’s a guarantee Moon & UC wouldn’t let anyone through the door with twi tatts, shirts or pants. I guess it will be BYO Little Edward though

          • LOL For sure. Can’t you see it? An army of Lil’ Edwards all lined up?

  15. E, it has been lovely chatting with you, and as much as I would like to stay the mudane realities of RL are calling me. Look forward to catching you tomorrow, i am sending lots of Roblove your way.


    • Goodbye Lizzie. See you tomorrow.

  16. […] be stuffing ourselves with hot dogs and throwing up on volleyball courts. (Yes, just like Memorial Day and July 4th- we’re not very creative). For LTT and Moon & I, this means we let other […]

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