Posted by: Bekah | May 25, 2009

Memorial Day

Wait. Explain Memorial Day to me one more time? I like to watch your lips move...

Wait. Explain Memorial Day to me one more time? I like to watch your lips move...

Dear Rob,

Happy Memorial Day! Oh wait, I forgot- you wouldn’t know what that is. Memorial Day is a holiday celebrated in the US (Yep, just like Groundhog Day– Americans love to make up holidays and keep them to ourselves) Basically, according to Wikipedia, my go-to source for all info on US history, Memorial Day is a day to remember the servicemen and women who died for our country. I guess it’s supposed to be a somber day- Wikipedia says people spend days in cemeteries and at memorials. Most people I know stuff themselves full of hot dogs and then throw up on the volleyball court.

So since I don’t expect much of an audience for today’s letter since 1/2 the readers are in the US and will be chowing down on hamburgers & passing out from heat exhaustion & from the 12 Miller Lite’s they consumed, I am going to quickly share what I will be remembering on this Memorial Day:

You (duh) and your deliciousness.

Now, please do some World War II movie where there are amazing pictures of you chain smoking, wearing aviators and rockin’ a hot air force uniform. This is my Memorial Day wish (yep, we get wishes on this holiday)


Celebrating the deliciousness of Rob after the jump


You clean up well. Really well

You wear a jacket my friend's dad owns

You wear a jacket my friend's dad owns

Damn those Ray-bans

Damn those Ray-bans

GQ- yes please

GQ- yes please

You're like a boy

You're like a boy

But you're a man

But you're a man

Gotta run! I have 5 hot dogs I gotta shove down my throat today! (Oh wow.. that’s what she said….)

PS: Just realized I honestly don’t know for sure that Memorial Day is only a US holiday. Do you Canadians celebrate it? How about the Europeans or Aisians or Australians or Kenyans? Antartica? Sorry if I offended anyone with my lack of knowledge of US holidays. Actually… that’s the first time I apologized for offending anyone on this blog, and I offend someone on a daily basis. So I take it back. I am not sorry. In fact, if you’re offended, well.. don’t be. Cuz that’s gayspice. I said it. Gayspice. Don’t ruin my Memorial Day with your gayspicey-ness.*

PPS: Wikipedia saves the day- it IS a US holiday. Therefore, I will have to find someone on twitter to offend. Can’t lose that snarky biatchiness I’m so well known for! XO

*All credit to anything funny I ever say goes to either Lauren from Lauren’s Bite, Moon, EastFriend, WestFriend or from late night inspiration from the Lord.


  1. The WWII movie wish? Remember that one for Christmas, your birthday, Thanksgiving, and any other time we can be making wishes. I’ll be wishing it with you, because it’s a great one. If it doesn’t come true? Lamespice.

    • I’ll be wishing it too …Can you imagine Rob in a war uniform ? Iwould DIE

      • Same! It would make my life haha! 😀

        • It would make my WHOLE existence 😉

    • OH MUH GUH! My memorial day wish was for rob to be in a movie tooo! Except this one included a pizza guy uniform and bad 70’s porn music, here’s hoping!

    • come see why twilight is bad for you at my blog

  2. The last Monday in May is Spring Bank Holiday in the UK so we all have the day off too, and a 3 day weekend.

    Well, not if you are a nurse. Or a doctor. Or run a shop. ALL the malls are open.

    Or an actor? Are they shooting today in Italy?

    YAY!!! for the people getting a day off and thanks for working to the people who cannot take the day off.


  3. “Gayspicey-ness.”

    You win. That’ just good stuff right there.

    Happy Memorial Day, everyone. I hope Rob breaks his beef and veggie habit and downs some pasta and red wine in Italy today. Now that’s a day to remember. Amen.

  4. Memorial Day? Nope, never heard of it before so I’m sure we’re not celebrating it here in Germany…
    Today sucks anyway, so please UC, give us more of your snarky biatchiness, cause this really makes me feel better and that’s why I always come here to get it (that’s what she said) 🙂

  5. well we just had labour day here in canada last weekend.. But our memorial day is remembrance day.. Annnd we don’t get it off work or anything, and even if we did its in november, not really a great time of year.. anyways.. Happy Memorial Day to you!

    • Isn’t Labour Day in September? I was in Canada two years ago in September and I was lucky to be there on Labour Day so I had an extra day off (I was on business).

  6. Would we abandon you just for trips to graves and burnt hot dogs? Never!

  7. Memorial Day in my family was called 30th of May, no matter what day it fell on. Weird, right? And, it was always spent going to family cemeteries in KY and decorating the headstones. It was like a freaking family reunion at the cemetery.
    Anywho…I’d decorate Rob’s, HEADSTONE, any day! 🙂 And you want to see Robbie in his uniform, chain smoking …. you’ve got to see The Haunted Airman. Boy, does he look good in that! No-worky legs and all.

  8. On this Memorial Day I salute you, UC and your Memorial Day wish. That would be something ALL of us would melt over 🙂 The hot air force uniform alone would have some strange ability to rip the clothes from our bodies – PHEW!

  9. Snark (according to the urban dictionary)

    1. Biting, cruel humor or wit, commonly used to verbally attack someone or something.

    2.Combination of “snide” and “remark”. Sarcastic comment(s).

    3. Use of sarcasm or malice in speech.

    4. A defining characteristic of a LTR member. Deemed necessary upon encountering individuals who sorely lack a sense of humor, any intelligence whatsoever, the ability to AVOID all ‘Fangirlness’ as demonstrated by pattinson pants and the like, and lacking in the obvious need to make heart-breaking-sweet-animalistic-passionate-nasty love to Robert Pattinson (often and in various locale). These unfortunate souls will herein be referred to as Gayspice. Bless their hearts.

    • Thanks. I thought I was being snarky [Note- In LTR/LTT Domain] I was becoming a bad person or something after reading the definition 1,2, and 3. But bless you, I am LTR member so that was my definite character.

    • i believe #4 will make an appearance sometime in a future LTR post or PR piece. BRILLIANT

      • Coolspice! xo

  10. Holy cow, Rob in WWII movie would be AH-MAZING!!
    And looooooove that Ray Bans pic…

  11. so my husband is a chain smoking, aviator wearing, member of the air force… and kinda sorta looks like rob… so I win. =)

    Enjoy your beer and hot dogs ladies! xoxo

    • lucky!

    • le swooooooooon

  12. Good morning all!
    That would be a no for us canucks.
    We just celebrated Victoria Day last weekend.
    Thank you for the yummy pics while I sit at the airport.

  13. In Holland we do have that kind of day: 04 may we honour alle the people who had fight during the war. And 05 may we celebrate that Holland was freed from the nazi’s thanks to the english and americans.

  14. Nope, no memorial day holiday here in Australia, just crappy work….
    very Gayspicey (my new word, thanks !!)

  15. “that’s the first time I apologized for offending anyone on this blog, and I offend someone on a daily basis. So I take it back. I am not sorry. In fact, if you’re offended, well.. don’t be. Cuz that’s gayspice. I said it. Gayspice. Don’t ruin my Memorial Day with your gayspicey-ness.*”

    ROTFLMAO. *Gayspice*

    UC, you write the most funniest thing I ever seen in my life.

    • well, that one was stolen from Lauren @ Lauren’s bite. although I did come up with “gayspicey-ness” i believe..

  16. hey guys! Im ill and the doctor told me i have a lack of vitamin r-o-b…ever heard of that? It does make sense, but i am ill, dont have to go to school for 3days…yay hugs(no kisses, dont want u getting sick too) kim 🙂

  17. i think canada celebrates groundhogs day. well.. in small towns at least. i can think of two. i live in neither of them.

    i like rob the man child. i’d hit it.

  18. Rob wears a uniform in the haunted airman… and he’s a pilot and is chainsmokin… and he looks totally and absolutely gorgeous!!! (and young, really young)

    BTW I love that “You’re like a boy” picture… captures his whole humble and lovely essence…

    • I was going to commet on : “You’re like a boy” ..Yeah that’s how Rob is .. so true

  19. I guess happy memorial day… it’s the start of summer pretty much right? The first long weekend of the summer?

    We had ours last week (in Canada) It was Queen Elizabeth Day, which celebrates her birthday and Canadian Sovereign’s official birthday…


    We all learn something new each day!

    But today…. is a work day here. So… I guess that’s what I should be doing… working. 🙂

  20. WOW UC 5 hotdogs!!! That’s like a special talent that I’m sure Rob can really appreciate!! 😉 Please O ‘Great Shover of Hotdogs’ teach me your skills!! :D…Happy Memorial Day…since my lameass is at work…grrr!!!

  21. Did you just apologize for offending someone before you offended them? I think you have been hitting the Miller Lites already and got sentimental about LTR readers, that’s so sweet. I’ll expect the usual snark I know and heart to be back tomorrow….

    and this, Proselyte:
    “4. A defining characteristic of a LTR member. Deemed necessary upon encountering individuals who sorely lack a sense of humor, any intelligence whatsoever, the ability to AVOID all ‘Fangirlness’ as demonstrated by pattinson pants and the like, and lacking in the obvious need to make heart-breaking-sweet-animalistic-passionate-nasty love to Robert Pattinson (often and in various locale). These unfortunate souls will herein be referred to as Gayspice. Bless their hearts.”


    • brillspice.

      you’re right. it’s 11:41am and i’m already hammered:)

    • *kisses*

  22. Yeah, in Britain instead of giving holidays proper names we have a bank holiday on a monday every-so-often. Only thing is; i don’t see the point as i don’t get the day off and everything is still open except the bank! gay.

    I wouldn’t mind a hotdog though. a…hrm!

    Edinburgh is sunny AND warm BTW- surely a sign of the apocalypse.

    • time to ditch work and head outside then!!!!!!

  23. Yes, you hit the nail on the head (that’s what she said?!)…one of my favorite things about Rob is that he is like a boy, but is a man. Love the photos from the Apple Store. He is all Hobo-Rob in his beanie and curled up in his chair…but he looks absolutely beautiful!

    Thanks for memorializing the deliciousness!

  24. In the UK, it’s Spring Bank Holiday today. Memorial Day in the UK is actually called Remembrance Day and it’s the same as our Veteran’s Day in November. Phwew, I am such a nerd. Whatever day it is, I’m sure Rob will look hot.

  25. Hope you’re all having a great long weekend!

  26. ok, for once im a little offended with something. and that would be the word gayspice. on the other hand ild like to remind everyone how hot rob looked as toby jugg. booo on the word gayspice. because that makes the word gay synonymous with bad the way you are using it. and i dont think gay=bad.

  27. I always find time for Rob, even when I should be vomiting up hot dogs.

    Thanks for reminding me how much I truly have to be thankful for.

    Shouldn’t Rob have his own holiday?? Where we could spend the day eating cheeseburgahs, drinking Heineken and thinking of all the things we’d like to do to/ with him?? Hmmm..who’s in charge of these things?

  28. Wow you scared me there for a second with that apoloby BS!

    Thank you for retracting it within the “5 second you get to undo anything you just said rule…”

    Happy Memorial Day..

    • ummmmm yea that would be yea its memorial day haha

      No Drunk Blogging Ladies 😉

  29. Hi gals!
    A huge HOT hug from Italy, for one week the blessed centre of the RobVerse!

    @UC/Moon: always crack me up – I just caught up with maybe 10 days of posts and I am building an altar in my house to your sheer genius.

    @everyone: hi to all the regulars / newbies… Junsikat/Brummielover/Genevieve/JAG: missed you girls, how’s life?

    Report from Italy: it is a freking HOT week to be filming here… And I’m not talking about HHH being around (blimey, why the HECK do I work in Milan? I am in the wrong place by some 400 km…), I’m talking about the fact that we’re over 90°F and have been for more than a week.
    And Tuscany will be hotter than Milan…I really empathise with Rob and all the other who’ll have to wear vampire makeup in this heat…

    But then….they are in the land of Chianti, Brunello and whatnot…so I hope they have a go at the fantastic food and wine and Rob falls in love with Chiantishire and buys a casale next to the one owned by Sting so that I can go and visit him week in and week out.

    The Twilight Italian Moms have spotted them around and have pics to show:

    The post is in italian but the gist of it is:
    – not giving away the exact location of the pics for privacy’s sake (Rob’s, not theirs: Italian Twimoms are cool!!!)
    – they met Charlie first (the actor who plays Felix) and he was very friendly.
    – not as easy to make conversation with Rob due to his extreme shyness – this man gets more adorkable by the day
    – then KStew and Ashley were so gracious as to snap a pic with them as well – the fans wouldnt ask at first but in the end their gazes met and they didnt want to make the girls feel excluded (ie as in “we got our pic with rob and dont want to hear about you….”)
    – A bunch of people in the comments asked whether KStew and Rob looked like an item – THIS ONE GOES OUT TO a) SpunkMe for the Rumour Control Service and b) JBell for the FBR.
    The general answer was that their attitude was just friendly and did not hint at anything “more” in particular…

    Hope I can keep you more posted later…

    Hugs to everyone

      OMG I’ve been missing you something terrible and wondering where you’ve been! I thought maybe you had decided to camp out in Montepulciano for the week and couldn’t get good reception out of there. :] I miss you!

      The hot weather should be a welcome presence for them right now seeing as how they’ve been in Vancouver for 3 months with everything from snow to sun to rain and back to cold again.

      Keep up posted. I will have to be trolling the comments more often now!

      Lots of love!!

    • i wanna see a picture of this altar. thanks.

      and italianmoms i would have taken a pic with the girls first! HELLO!! and then did the boys behind an ancient italian ruin. DUH.

      • @Moon: Altar Pic wil be posted as construction works are completed. We need major authorisation for such monumental grandeur here!

        Re Pics: exactly – or “divide and conquer” style: two girls take pic of KStew and Ashley, the other two go down on the guys behind the ruins…Your guess as to whom goes where…LOL

    • * waves furiously* mooniicaaaaaa!!! * said in chandlers voice in friends* how are you lady!!! long time no see!!!!

      • @Sherin: hello sweets!!! how are you?!?! Im fine – only having very very hectic days…what with the new job…and my mom’s been hospitalised for a few days (nothing serious, but imagine the hassle…my dad cannot even go to an ATM to grab some cash for himself….hardly believable but TRUE!!!)

    • HEY MONICA!! Glad to see you around on one of my few days around. Hopefully I’ll be back soon. LOVE your reports!

  30. @JBELL!!!! Too too good to see you here!!! I meant to be more active on the forum but I am too absorbed by real life..
    I know, this is a lame excuse… :((

    Actually, I began drooling seriously when the eagle landed in Nice…and was thinking the following:

    a) Milan is a four hour drive to the Cote d’Azur
    b) I speak French perfectly. I bet Nick and Steph cannot even say “Bonsoir” to save their lives
    c) I bet Rob needs someone to straighten his tux after I’ve had my wicked way with him (and with my innate sense of style, I could do that as well)

    Then, when he was headed to Rome, I checked all possible flights from Nice to Italy and concluded I’d better camp in Rome Airport, international arrivals so that I might get a glimpse of him.

    Now I am cursing my new job and my old boss (because I moved with him to the new law firm) which have hindered my Tuscany Total Rob Invasion Plan and I am forced to gather news on the net. This is a major shame.

    But making my LTR girls happy makes me happy. So here I am, feeding the RobGossip.

    The hot weather is very hot for this time of year, and it is moist and sticky. No wonder Kstew cant find a dress to save her life (not that she usually does, in any kind of weather. the girl needs a personal shopper, anyone up for the task?)

    re the Poll: if Rob is up for GELATO, the best ice cream parlour IN THE WORLD is in SAN GIMIGNANO, which is actually quite close to Montepulciano…Enjoy the gelato Rob, and if it melts, remember, there are plenty of volunteers here who would sacrifice and lick it off you (wherever it went).

    I wanted to share with the LTR girls a little pet project of mine. With my local hardcore partners in RobCrime, we have started breaking down RobPics Vanity Fair Style and have a codename for those pics where he has funny, stupid, hilarious or just downright absurd facial expressions. We have dubbed these “Faccia da Pirla” pics. In Italian it roughly means “Moronic Faces” (Rob, no insult intended – it is an endearment).
    I am building a web gallery (with captions) of these pics….If I can come up with brilliant translations of my captions, I will send the link of the gallery to UC and Moon so that, if they like it, can share it with us…
    The pics are old…but breaking them down vanity fair style NEVER GETS OLD!!!


    • keep us updated on all the italy goings on!!!!!! you sound like our ltr reporter in the scene!

      • @Moon: Of course I will! I am only ashamed it is second hand news!!! I would have loved to be there but it seems like they have put Montepulciano under lock and key!

        Another fishy coincidence to be pondered and investigated: the site for Twilighters Italia (official Italian fansite for Twilighters) has been down for the whole day, the error message reads “Account Suspended”. Doesnt’ this sound fishy to you, right now that the cast and crew are right here in the BelPaese? This puzzles me to no end…

      • @Monica

        Wow Rob and Giro d’Italia. You are one lucky lady!

        brummie 🙂

        • 😀 Yep! Though I am disappointed on one account: it is the 100th Giro d’Italia this year and for the Centenary Edition it will not end up in Milan as usual but in Rome!!! Buuahahahah!!!

  31. uc – 5 hotdogs??!! i love you!!!!!!!!!

  32. I have 5 hot dogs I gotta shove down my throat today! (Oh wow.. that’s what she said….)

    somehow,that meant something different for me…. LMAO!!! * mind in the gutter due to the hot pics above*

  33. Have you seen Rob in the “Haunted Airman”? He’s in uniform in that. Although he’s paralyzed from the waste down. He still has a mouth so I’d still take him. LOL

  34. I ❤ you for including a BBJ photo!

    "Most people I know stuff themselves full of hot dogs and then throw up on the volleyball court."
    LMAO! So true!

  35. Monica, thanks so much for bringing us the news from Italy even if it is through the net. This is the week we’ve all waited for to hear from you and I love any and all information you can send us!

  36. Mmmm. Rob in WW11 movie. I’m thinking they should re make Pearl Harbour and have Rob in Josh Hartnett’s role. Oh yeah… with the exact same aviators Josh Hartnett wears. And that white tank top with the dog tags… *drool*

  37. he’s got a ww11 movie..
    The Haunted Airman.. where he does chain smoke, and looks effin HOT in a uniform!! its a disturbing movie tho, almost like The Shining, in a hospital setting..
    its… interesting, but he’s there to drool over.. i mean, to make it better.. 😛

    ps.. im canadian, we dont have memorial day up here 😛 tho ive got a lot of friends stuffin themselves w/ hotdogs 😛

  38. […] Memorial Day Dear Rob, Happy Memorial Day! Oh wait, I forgot- you wouldn’t know what that is. Memorial Day is a holiday […] […]

  39. Dear EyeC,

    I spent my ENTIRE day reading The Red Line!! I am addicted. I’m sad that I have to go to bed now. How badly do I REALLY need sleep??? I might need to go back and read WA for pointers on how to stay awake. 🙂

    ❤ FN

    • LOL FN! I know, it is addictive! I was thinking about you and knew it would take up your whole day. I’ve been losing sleep myself–not good. You’re getting close to the end of school so that will give you relief. WA was not healthy! Talk to you later.


  40. what are “Aisians” ? do they love rob pattinson?

  41. Any LOTN around?

    • Hi EP. Just checking in. What did you do today?

      • A lot of nothing and watched the NASCAR race and missed Concord. What about you?

        • Worked around the house. It rained and was gray most of the day.

          • Bright and sunny here, unfortunately not in Concord, rain shortened race. Still miss it though.

            Kind sucks to rain on Memorial Day, most would like to be outside.

          • Yeah. It’s still not a dependable time weather-wise.

          • I’m not looking forward to dependable, that pretty much means hot and humid here. And lucky me, I get to be near the water everyday. Stupid island university.

          • I forgot about that. I guess you’re not looking forward to the middle of summer.

          • No, July and August in South Texas are brutal. September in London will be fantastic.

          • Is it going to be gray there? Rainy? I really haven’t looked into the weather there except wht the English girls here talk about. Out of touch.

          • October is their rainiest month, that is the extent of my knowledge.

          • In comparison to So Texas, it will be a nice trade off.

          • Exactly.

  42. I just got the best Memorial Day present EVER!! I just scored a 4 day pass to Comicon in San Diego! My amazing friend just called and husband has some connections through work, etc, etc. That just means that I will be sitting with all the crazy fan girls, having myself a heart attack when I see HHH in the flesh!! Kill me now! I just had to share with people that can appreciate the magnitude of this. My husband just doesn’t understand. July can’t come fast enough!

    • Oh WOW ScoobyJammies! That is fabulous! I can definitely appreciate that—HHH in person. He was so freakin great last year at Comicon! You’re gonna have a wonderful time.

    • Lucky you! Bring earplugs and get there early, I remember reading about what a mess it was last year, want to be sure to get good seats.

  43. EyeC, did you see they were talking about tea in the forum today. I laughed so hard.

    • I saw only a mention in later posts–read from pg. 8-12. Read about the milk added. LOL You were first!

      • Total trendsetter.

        • Yes you are!

          • And now I’m drinking tea, with milk in it.

          • I decided that I would try that tonight later. lol

          • I like it, I forget to do it most of the time, but it’s good that way.

          • Are you still drinking Earl Grey?

          • Yeah, I go through phases, but usually stick to black teas.

  44. I’m surprised nobody else has come on yet. Too many hot dogs!

    • Must be, although the only other two regulars (besides FN, who I believe is sleeping) aren’t in the US.

      • Oh Yeah. lol Guess that wouldn’t be it!

        • It’s hard to keep everyone straight.

          • I keep them straight. I just wasn’t thinking. A little distracted.

          • Good distracted or bad distracted? I keep the LOTN straight, most of the time, others not so much.

          • Good–for me. Watching Charlie Rose, Chris Matthews.

          • If its good for you then I’m happy for you.

          • Now Reynolds Price. Always liked his books.

          • Now I’m distracted, by Myspace of all things.

          • What drew you in?

          • A girl I went to high school with, she’s having her second child and got married recently. Never fails to surprise me.

          • It’s interesting to see how people’s lives have turned out. I’ll be seeing people when I go back in July and I haven’t kept up with anybody. That will be a real trip.

          • It is interesting. Everybody’s lives are so different. That will be trip, I’d be excited just for that aspect of it. I love people’s stories.

          • Yes. That is what I’m looking forward to the most. Just sitting around talking

          • That will be so nice. 🙂

  45. Sorry EyeC, I’m here. I was just showering and getting my lunch together. Still running around!

    Now I want tea, too… darn you guys.

    • Hi Jenny. We know you do your thing. That’s good.

    • Tea is good BFF. I had forgotten how much I like it with milk.

  46. So, like, any new stuff going on with Rob?

    • I’d like to know too. I just saw that he was relaxed and happy and sitting at a table talking. I bet it is so happy for him (?). That makes me happy too.

      • I don’t know anything, except they are Italy.

  47. UC, I luv you, luv this site, luv ‘gayspicey-ness’, and luv the delicious Rob pics (yes alot of luv for LTR) – but I almost fell over when you wrote your Memorial Day wish!

    Hauted Airman has our boy looking his absolute finest – in uniform – clean shaven with the face of an angel – and lying naked IN THE BATH. Truly as sensational as any image your imagination could conjure up….
    BUT *cringes*…
    it is truly one of the most depressing movies you will ever see.

    Good news is my mate Amy (yes, we’re Aussie – no, we don’t celebrate memorial day) came up with the perfect solution, she watched the entire movie by skipping forward to the hottest parts and pausing to enjoy.

    Wish granted!

    Have a hot dog or 5 for me.

  48. Random Thoughts:

    I hate being called Miss or Missy.

    My phone which I hate anyway is not working.

    How can it possibly be so hot outside when there is no sun?

    • Miss reminds me of waitressing. Missy–always derogatory. Once when my nephew was about 8 I yelled at him, changing the missy to mistery. Once it was out of my mouth we looked at each other and burst out laughing.

      Phones. A necessary evil. lol

      Because you live in So Texas!

      • Miss is such a teacher thing. Missy, a friend of mine always calls me that, sometimes I want to smack her. lol about your nephew.


        I hate So. Texas.

    • I don’t mind being called either.

      What kind of phone do you have?

      I’m freezing over here, all snuggled under my blankets.

      • Get called it several times a day, then we’ll talk.

        A Blackberry Pearl that unlocks it’s self and calls people. Then they tell me I was singing to them.

        I hate you. (but I don’t really)

  49. @UC

    We should have a holiday in honor of you!

    Gay-spiceyness, LMAO!

  50. Did you have any luck with adding that class you wanted or is it a no go?

    • Figured out with my study abroad elective I won’t need it.

      • So that’s good.

        • It is good. Now, I only have the four to take over the summer. And then the ones when I get back, but I don’t like to think about that yet.

          • That’s quite a ways yet. You have all that excitement in the middle!

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