Posted by: Bekah | May 22, 2009

Going once, going twice..Rob Pattinson is SOLD to the man with the fattest wallet (and probably the homliest daughter…)

Dear Rob,

Word in the riviera is that you were auctioned off yesterday at a charity event in Cannes. I first heard the news while I was busy working on a memorial day email campaign for a hot tub sale we’re having this weekend. My search for “Memorial Day quotes” to be turned into cheesy hot tub sales phrases kept getting interrupted by delicious pictures of you in a tux and rumors of some sort of auction (Although I should have abandoned my search and focused on you. My submission of “Even one-legged veterans love our hot tubs” was turned down by the bosses). Needless to say, I had a few thoughts throughout the day about this rumor:

3pm: I get word you were on the Red Carpet
(that sounds so official. What I mean is I read it on twitter from
RobPattzNews like the rest of your fans did

now slide, slide

It's electric. Now boogie-woogie-woogie

Are you secretly part of a French boy band and were you giving your first dance/singing performance on the red carpet? That’s the only explanation I can come up with for why you’re posed like this. Your agent, Steph, seems pretty legit- I know she’s giving you red carpet etiquette advice. Take it. This pic made EastFriend from The Quad ask if we thought a fly flew into your mouth with it hangin’ open like that. Nice tux though. Really. Nice.

4pm: I hear you were auctioned off for 40,000 Euros

Note, this is not Robert Pattinson. Nor the person who won the auction. This is me. Yes, I'm an old, British man.

(Note, this is not Robert Pattinson. Nor the person who won the auction. This is me. Yes, I'm an old, British man.)

I cringed when I heard this news. In my head I role-played the many conversations Nick & Stephanie must’ve had with you to convince you to agree to this awkward auction experience (and while it was in my head, I jotted down my role-play ideas to use on the blog in the upcoming weeks. But it got a lil’ weird when Nick starting hitting on Stephanie and you were there, and Stephanie was flirting back. Then Oregano came into the room and starting yelling at you for something you may or may not have done with Kristen (But probably did). Yeah, it was weird. Remind me never to role-play alone again) I bet Nick & Stephanie made you feel really guilty about all the dying children in Africa in order for you to agree to the auction, right? Either that or they agreed to let you do your own hair, just this once. Cuz I forgot to mention it above, but it looks like maybe you forgot to use the Frizz-ease. Either that or you’re majorly overdue for a trim. It was at this hour that I was also overcome with extreme jealousy. I wanted to kick the ass of the woman who won this auction. She would not get my man. I was in the kind of mood that only ice cream could fix.

10:05 pm: Marc Malkin spills the deets

Rob rocks the mic

For the auction, Rob decides to sing (to the tune of meatloaf's song) "I would do anything for this auction... but I won't do that" (what's that Rob? Kiss a 14 year old underage girl?)

At this point in the night my bad mood has gotten worse. I had just spent 20 minutes of my life driving around with the husb stopping at 3 closed ice cream places & ending up with a gas station convenince store milkshake (I hate the ‘burbs, but holla Wawa), but I should never fear. Marc Malkin saved my night with the best gossip ever. Turns out it was never planned- you were put on the spot with all that auction business, so I did all that in-my-head role-playing for nothing (ugh, what a waste of a Nick Frankel fantasy). Plus the bidders were parents of girls who would get to kiss you on the cheek. That’s NOTHING! I can take tweeny-boppers any day. Finally, Mark ended his post with this bit of hilarity (seriously, he should join us at LTR): P.S.: The winning bidders were not the parents of Kristen Stewart or Nikki Reed. Brilliant!

10:10pm: I watch the auction videoVodpod videos no longer available.

Clearly Mark Malkin doesn’t do his research. This looks set-up to me, so phew! Role-playing fantasy about Nick Frankel justified! Can I have a fangirl moment here!? OMG! THIS is why we have a blog called “Letters to Rob.” Cuz you’re that guy! The guy that is so clearly mortified and embarrassed that this is happening, so clearly shocked that the bidding starts anywhere higher than $5.00 yet takes it all in stride- does it anyway, does it humbly and makes a hell of a lot of money for the sick children! Although… you seem to also be the guy who gets cut off while saying “And if it goes well, maybe it’ll turn into something a bit more….” More what? More scandalous kissing an underage girl already is-? More exciting than a kiss on the cheek for said underage girl?

So congrats Rob, on handling this WAY 2nd-hand embarrassing experience with pride & grace and raising a lot of money for a great cause. Now all that’s left is meeting a screaming teenager, holding her while she cries & then kissing her wet cheek and pretending you’re loving every minute of it. Or, you could just forget all that and pretend I won the auction… I can donate the dollar I saved from buying ice cream at a gas station instead of a real shoppe tonight. Plus I just found $.10 in the couch….

Watch out, I will might turn my head when you go for the cheek,

Wanna know the results from our first “See You at the Poll?”  287 of you voted that In Italy, Rob was most looking forward to: Laughing at Kristen and responding “She’ll pass” for her, every time a waiter asks “Would you like Oregano?”
But my favorite “other” response was: Comparing his junk with Kristen Stewart

100 Monkey’s Saturday: Do you have tickets to the 100Monkey’s show tomorrow night at The Khyber in Phily? E-mail me so we can meet up! ( If you don’t have tickets, it’s sold out. Boo 😦


  1. So many amazing things about this post.
    1. The electric slide picture comment. hahahahahahaha
    2. This:”Now all that’s left is meeting a screaming teenager, holding her while she cries & then kissing her wet cheek and pretending you’re loving every minute of it. ”
    3. Of course, the vid!! I loved his reaction to how high the bids were for. He was so cute and so embarrassed. Poor Rob. But yay for us, for having this gem of a vid.

  2. It’s early, but I’m around.

    • Hi EP. I’m around too.

      • Hey, How are you today?

        • Good. We had another graduation barbeque. That’s all now. lol

          • Wow, you are barbequing fools.

          • LOL Seems like it lately. I got my hair cut finally. It feels so much better!

          • Good for you, it sucks to need one and not do it. So aggravating.

          • Yeah. Did you get some sleep last night?

          • Yeah, my grandparents are emotionally draining. I had to go on to bed.

          • It’s good to rest up then. lol

          • Yeah, there is only so much you can listen to in one day before determining that you need to sleep for a very long time.

          • I’m just sitting here laughing. What else is happening in your world? I feel like I blew my wad already! Too much fanfic for me….

          • Not too much, seems like this was supposed to be my weeks off but I’ve been doing more (boring) things than I usually do. And I’ve been up earlier to boot.

  3. Anything new on Rob besides that he’s in Italy and may or may not have twittled a blonde?

    • I don’t know of anything else. About the blonde—she was very pretty and for some odd reason, I’m fine with it if he did! The guy has needs!

      • I don’t really care either. I’m not sure if I believe it, Life and Style were as early as 3 days ago swearing a R/K sexy time in Italy. But whatever.

        • It is L&S after all, but there was that photo. Whatever. I’m sure the paps will be all over Italy. I just hope they get beautiful scenery for NM.

          • I wouldn’t have used that picture if I were trying to convince someone, because it looks like he has his arm around someone else and it’s cut out. There is a much more convincing picture of him looking at her with his arm around just her.

            They have such an opportunity to get some amazing shots for NM, I hope they take advantage.

          • I haven’t gone looking for any more photos. I used to check several sites every day but I’ve stopped all of that. I’m not as up to date as I used to be.

            It would be fantastic to have some time in Italy. It’s one of 3 places I’ve always wanted to go. I wonder if he will be able to see a few sites this trip.

          • *sights*

          • It was on Robsessed, that’s the only other one I check and with no consistancy.

            I’d love to go to Italy too. I considered it when I was thinking of going abroad along with Buenos Aires, but language barriers, kept me in London. I hope he gets to see some things too.

          • I do read quite a few of the comments whenever I take a link to Robsessed. Used to enjoy that UK site, too.

            Ya, when it comes to your teaching it’s a good idea to know the language! lol Oddly enough, the south of France–Cezanne country–is another of those 3 places for me. I can see it’s not going to happen but I still read those travelogues about people who have gone to the places I’d like to see. Armchair traveler.

          • I knew I should have learned another language. I want to see the whole world, I’m going to need to make more than I will.

          • The desire is most important at this stage of your life. Opportunities will come if the desire is there.

            I’ve got a French/English dictionary sitting here beside me right now. Trying to get the pronunciation of a few words from fanfic. I have at least 3 programs with tapes and books plus the flash cards to teach myself some French. And there are more at the libraries. I just have a bit of Spanish from school. Somehow I think I can learn on my own–a little delusional maybe.

          • People have done it. I live in South Texas, I should know spanish and I don’t. Except for a few choice words and I know when people either call me hot or ugly in Spanish. They don’t think I will cause I’m white as they come, but I’ve had friends translate enough to know.

          • LOL Gotta keep up. At least know the important stuff!

          • You wouldn’t believe what people say when they think you can’t understand. I’ve had a few comments that would make the ladies around here blush.

          • That’s why you need to learn Spanish!

  4. Hi, I’m here too.

    I wish our hot tub was working.

    • Hot tubs are nice.

      • The motor broke in the winter, and we just replaced it. But since we had to drain it in the winter, some of the water didn’t drain correctly and now something else is effed up. So we’re either getting it fixed, or getting a new one put in next week.

        I could use a could hot soak right now.

        • There’s always the bathtub.

          • True. But that takes so much effort to fill up. Though that does sound really nice. Kinda hard to stay online then. A little dangerous. But only a little.

          • A little. Don’t get electrocuted.

    • Good Evening Jenny. Yes, a nice soak sounds heavenly.

      • Agreed! How are you EyeC?

        • I’m good. Like I said above, not much going on here.

          • My brother has a hottub and they live at the top of a hill with a view of the Rockies from their backyard. I haven’t done that for a couple years. I forgot how fun it was when they first moved here.

          • Wow, a view of the Rockies would be nice from a hot tub! I love the Rockies.

          • We used to rent different places in the mountains for a long weekend and they had to have the hot tub. That was always nice too.

          • That would be a nice little vacation.

          • It was. Now we’re self-employed, no more extras.

  5. Random Thoughts:

    My tea is too hot

    I hope Jenny doesn’t get electrocuted in the bathtub, because with the merge and all I’d probably die too. Or she would just take so much of my heart I’d die of sadness.

    I got my nails done today, they are light blue and match my dog’s.

    • You’re crazy funny tonight!

      Let it cool. It will anyway, faster than you know!

      Jenny won’t get electrocuted. She’s living for both of you now.

      Blue. You and Shiloh are tres chic!

      • Thank you.

        It’s better now.

        I hope she takes that into account.

        The girl that grooms Shiloh just found out she’s having a boy so she’s all into blue, I was just being a smart ass and decided to copy her. Then another lady copied me.

        • You’re infectious.

          • The good kind I hope, not the kind that burns and oozes something nasty.

          • For God’s sake no!!!

          • lol, just checking.

    • What kind of tea?

      That is so sweet.

      Picture moment!

      • Earl Gray.

        I know right.

        You’re always trying to finagle (sp?) a picture.

        • Well you owe me one of the haircut. Beotch.

          • I promise, very soon. I’ll do it Sunday morning so you can see my hot Hawaiian shirt too.

          • Ooo, Rob aka Daniel flashback.

          • This goes without saying, but he is much sexier in his shirt than I am in mine.

          • And I always have those sort of flashbacks before I go to church and then I have to pray for forgiveness.

          • I will settle and say equal sexiness. Cuz that’s how much I love you.

          • And God is like “No forgiveness needed, child. Even I have dirty thoughts about Rob.”

          • That’s a lot of love.

            And I’m pretty sure God is a dude. And Rob would be like His child. I’m getting to analytical about this.

          • I know, but that’s what I’m saying. Rob is so good looking, even his creator or “father” or whatever you wanna call it thinks he’s hot. True story. I am pretty sure about this.

          • If you’re sure.

          • If not, best. fluke. ever.

          • Big time blessing, I’m pretty sure. At the same time wickedly unfair, cause there is just one. But at least he’s an actor so we get to look at him.

          • Especially Rob in a tux!

          • Or Rob out of a tux!

          • It’s a good thing I don’t have to go to confession, that would be humilating.

          • He would understand but he wouldn’t–or maybe he would–eww.

          • That is exactly what has gotten priests in trouble before.

  6. Random thoughts:

    I’m in the bathtub right now. Naked.

    Dear Rob,

    Dump that blond and come join me in the tub. I’ll massage your shoulders and feed you chocolate-dipped strawberries. And then other stuff I can’t say here, for fear of my special tricks getting out.

    Love, me

    I want a new perfume. Lavender. What do you think?

    I should have brought a drink in here.

    I like bubbles.

    • Dear Rob,

      She’s offering you a pretty good deal.

      Love, Me on behalf of Her otherwise it would just be creepy.

      I like Lavender, it’s supposed to be especially attractive to men btw. So is cinnamon. Combine them and people think you weigh 12lbs less than you do.

      That would have been a good plan.

      I’m a bubble bath-aholic. I own several bottles, the good stuff.

    • Such a nice invitation for Rob. He really should take advantage!

      Whatever appeals.

      Yeah, and now you don’t want to get out and go get one and freeze your tush off.

      Bubbles are uplifting.

      • Thanks EyeC, I thought it was a generous offer too.

        Do you wear any?


        Agreed. And fun to hide in.

        • You make the Santa beard with bubbles too don’t you BFF?

          • I think the real question here is: who doesn’t?

          • I refuse to confirm or deny.

          • Uhh yeah, yeah. Me too.

          • You’re doing it right now aren’t you?

          • Doo doo doo…. hmm, wha?

          • Uh-huh

        • Usually I wear Liz Claiborne’s original Realities. They discontinued it and replaced it with a new scent called Realities. Is that smart? I can still get the original online. I also like Zents with essential oils. There are a few different fragrances.

          I had a friend who was crazy about lavender and one year I gave her a theme basket. I made a cut gourd bowl and painted it lavender and wrote every word for purple–violet–lavender I could think of around the rim and filled it with all lavender products. That was fun.

          • Wow EyeC, that sounds like a nice gift! Jealous.

            I don’t think I know either of those. But I don’t smell perfume that often. Go figure.

          • That is sneaky of them.

            You’re so creative. I have to make my Grandmother a cross, she saw this wooden one with sparkles all over it and I said I could do it for half the price and she hired me. We’ll see how this goes.

          • I hate those strong perfumes that women buy because they tell us to buy them. They burn your nose. Very picky about what I like and don’t like. My nose can smell ANYTHING!

          • EP–you can easily make that cross for half.

          • I don’t like the perfume that bar-stars wear. Seriously, every girl wears the same thing, and I have no idea what it’s called. So now I just refer to it as whore perfume. Bet blond girl with Rob was wearing it. Bets starting at 10K euros.

          • I know it was ridiculous, I told her I was going to start making and selling them. It’s just sparkles and hot glue.

          • Eck, ho perfume is gross. And they use like the whole friggin bottle.

          • A lot of crafts can be made for a pittance. I’m still reeling from $975 for a simple casting of a shark’s tooth, even if it was 18K. I’m definitely in the wrong place!

          • I’m trying to figure out bar–stars Jenny.

          • That thing was $975?!

            Bar-stars = sluts who go to the bar all the time.

          • OK. I was thinking that but the hyphen threw me off. Cheap perfume=gross.

            Yes it was $975.

          • Gold prices are through the roof, plus it’s probably a designer. I know, I picked the wrong profession. Maybe my crosses will be the next big thing.

          • Besides, God was the “designer” of that tooth. She was just the craftsman who made a mold and poured some wax in it. You can amke a million of them once the mold is finished. My own little rant. lol

          • I think the next big thing will be a new perfume called “Fresh Laundry”. I would buy it.

          • Gold prices have been through the roof for years. I’d need to know the weight, but the mark up on that is def CA priced.

          • I think Demeter makes a laundry fragrance BFF.

          • Fresh Linen is already out there.

          • Really?! I need some of that. Is it for women? I don’t even care.

          • My mind is blown.



          • I want that.

  7. It is? I didn’t know that. I’ve just always liked it. And the color. 12 lbs, huh? Obvi I need some of that.

    Story of my life.

    What type of bubble bath stuff? This stuff is White Musk.

    • Yep, and spicy florals make you seem thinner.

      Again, I know right.

      I like Philosophy in all it’s various scents, they even have Red Velvet Cake.

      • Is Philosophy a line of products? Or like, a store chain? I am digging the Red Velvet Cake scent, even though I’ve never tried it and therefore don’t know what it smells like. But cake can’t smell bad.

        • Line of products. It’s not the best smelling cake, but I like the bubble bath.

  8. Let’s start a new line. The other one is getting too long. I forget what I want to say by the time I get back to the top to reply.

    • Good plan.

      • And it goes quiet…

        • I am here. Just trying to think of something interesting…

          • I don’t have anything.

    • I’ve always wondered why hotels insist on picking the tackiest floral patterns for their bedding.

      • Cheapest.

      • It’s true. They do. I guess they think they are appealing to the masses.

      • Do you get creeped out by those reports about germs in hotel rooms and all the spunk on the bedspreads?

        • I try not to think about it. But I usually mention it at least once a stay.

          • LOL Debbie Downer.

          • I like to keep it real.

          • All in the interest of public service–or pubic service.

          • Or I just like messing with people.

          • That will do it.

          • I like to keep it real too, EP. Even though I’m a bit of a germ freak, for some reason hotels don’t creep me out.

            In London I stayed in a super dodgy hotel. The free continental breakfast was so poverty, and there was a blood stain on the blanket. You had to learn how to flush the toilet – 2 long hold-downs, and 1 short hold-down… and if that didn’t work, you had to come back later. The shower leaked so bad we had to put all our towels on the bathroom floor. The bathroom door creaked so bad, we took several videos of us opening and shutting it (easily amused).

          • Oh, the good times we’re gonna have.

            Blood stain on the carpet, that’s a new one on me. And I’ve stayed in some crappy places, my Dad used to work near the border a lot.

          • blanket not carpet, I was thinking of another incedent where I stayed where the whole carpet was a giant stain, when you moved the furniture the carpet was a different color. We stayed there for like 4 hours to sleep and got the hell out of there.

          • Our hotel is gonna be pimp, EP. Seriously. We will be like celebs for a few days.

          • Good times.

        • LOL Well if I didn’t before, now I will. I’m going to turn into Howie Mandel.

          • That’s extreme.

  9. Now my brussel sprouts are too hot, I fail at the microwave tonight. Rob would not be proud.

    • You are one of the few other people I’ve found who likes brussel sprouts!

      • They have bacon and parmesan cheese, so it’s not like I’m eating them straight. But I was suprised I liked them. I’m a veggie eater though, except carrots, I don’t like carrots.

        • I do like all kinds of vegetables. Green peppers not my favorite but I’ve learned to co-exist. Everybody’s entitled to one.

          • I love green peppers.

          • I knew you would. I really like red peppers.

          • I like all peppers. Red are my favorite, I think.

            I like food.

          • The orange and yellow are my favorite.

          • I like those ones too, EP. I like them all.

            I am seriously SO hungry now.

          • I’ll be making something with peppers tomorrow,

          • I like your little tagline Jenny. I like food. lol

          • Thanks EyeC. It couldn’t be more true!

          • Did we inspire you on the pepper dish EP? That Chicken alla Roma I make has 2-3 kinds of peppers, 2 kinds of sausage and chicken, tomatoes, onions, and, yes, mushrooms. A little wine. Good way I use up peppers.

          • Yeah, I was thinking about stuffed peppers.

          • Funny EP. When I first wrote green peppers I got this flash of you and a stuffed green pepper! Guess my psychic skills are working tonight.

          • That’s a little creepy.

          • Not really creepy. It was just a flash.

            I took a psychic development class years ago and they showed us these pictures. One was taken in the Rockies on an overcast day and I got the word ‘elephant’. Turns out somebody had taken an elephant over that pass many years ago! Who knew? That was spooky. It just comes like a flash in the brain.

          • I bet that was an interesting class.

          • It was kind of fun. I never did continue on in that way though. Other things.

          • I used to think I was a little psychic. Probably am, but don’t use it. My Dad’s really into that kind of stuff, sometimes I freak him out without trying.

          • See? It’s a natural ability. I don’t really concentrate on anything. It just surprises me sometimes.

          • I can never get it to work when I’m trying, so I just go with it.

      • I loathe mushrooms. Olives. And radishes.

        • I forgot about mushrooms, those are nasty, but I’ll eat them if they are hidden in something. Radishes, aren’t great, but usually aren’t an issue. Olives are my favorite.

          • Radishes sliced thin in a salad with snap peas and Chinese cabbage with a soy dressing. Win.

          • That sounds awesome.

          • Yeah. It’s good.

            Another one I make is an expansion of a Caprese with fresh mozzerelli slices alternating with fresh tomatoes. I add diced red onion, some basil leaves chopped, a few curls of jack cheese, sunflower seeds and top it with olive oil and balsamic vinegar.

          • If I ever become insanely rich, would you be my personal chef?

          • Sure. That would be a fun time.

          • The second one sounds so good it made my mouth water. I’m still not fond of radishes. Sometimes my mom eats pure radish sandwiches. Gag.

          • It is practically a whole meal–certainly a lunch with a slice of fresh artisan bread.

          • EyeC, I’m impressed by your cooking skills.

        • New vegetables!

        • I will eat anything. But I prefer not to eat those. I’m not picky, though. With anything food related. If someone wants mushroom pizza, I’ll eat it. Because it doesn’t bother me. I just won’t order it myself.

          • I usually have to mention that mushrooms are a fungus, that usually talks someone out of it. If not, I pick off what I can see and don’t worry about the rest.

    • I love brussel sprouts! I am so hungry right now.

      • When am I not hungry, though?

      • Oh, that’s why I like them.

      • WOW! Three for brussel sprouts. Great. Just great.

        Yeah, maybe Rob would be proud of your microwaving skillz.

        • We had them at our family dinner the other night and everyone ate them. I was shocked.

          I can usually microwave, as I’ve mentioned I know some cool tricks, but I suck tonight.

          • That is a surprise.

            Yes, you are the great experimenter.

          • I played in the microwave a lot as a kid, plus I have some weird friends.

  10. Hi ErPattz and EyeC…*waves*

    • Hey! How are you?

    • Good. What’s up with you guys?

      • Not too much, we’re talking about vegetables right now.

    • Hi maygirl! How are you ?

  11. Catch me up!

    • We ran out of topics for a while so we started talking vegetables. You know, we all have to eat!

      • i ate junk food. tell me anout them.

        • i meant to say ate junk for breakfast. my cereal stock is depressing.

        • Everybody’s got their favorites and you’re entitled to just a few you can hate.

        • I just eat them because you have to. I like salad, beans..

          • Those are the kinds of things we’ve been talking about. Likes and dislikes. Brussels sprouts?

          • Im in India. Brussels sprouts is not available in my area. Just local vegetation.

          • They usually aren’t a favorite here even if they are available. We just found that we all liked them. lol

  12. Hey UC –
    Fabulous, fabulous post. You are so hilarious – really my fave way to start my day!
    Thanks for making my laugh out loud again!

    And Robbie –
    You are so sweet and adorable, it makes my teeth hurt, like too cold ice cream.

    • All true.

  13. LOL I love how I wasn’t included in that greeting. It made me laugh.

    • The invisible Jenny.

      • That would be the day! My clumsiness gives me away.

        • LOL

  14. So, I used to be a dancer. For 8 years.

    The studio I used to dance at is being sold to one of my old teachers and one of my old dance partners. As a going away present to the current owners, they’re trying to get all the old alumni to come back and be in the finale. So now, after 5 years of not dancing, I’ll be in another finale.

    • You’re gonna be the best one there.

      • Sometimes you might have too much confidence in me. But I’ll make you proud!

        • I know you will.

    • Get those muscles working!

      • They’re already sore from cardio! My leg muscles hate me.

        • You’ll be alright. Already on your way. When is this finale?

          • I actually have no idea. The practices are this Monday-Wednesday, around 2 hours each day.

          • Crap, now I’m really going to have to work out. I do not want to be your fat friend.

    • I hope it’s not super embarrassing. Though I used to be really good friends with my old teacher. She was only 4 years older than me, and one day I showed up REALLY hungover. I was supposed to be practicing my solo for competitions, but I kept falling down. She thought it was hilarious. Though honestly, I was hungover for like 2 days.

      • LMAO

  15. I’m sorry EyeC, but I don’t see Edward as an exotic dancer. This story is funny already. Just picturing it… so wrong.

    • but it gives good visual!

    • Funny weird you mean? I know the first part was hard. He was so separated from his feelings. He was essentially emotionally abused. Bella really has her stuff together in this story and I liked that part. She was able to slowly draw him out and get him reconnected. The setting is pretty sordid but I really grew to love him. He’s been through a trauma. Everybody has their preferences. I just read one that paired Jasper and Bella and it felt so wrong. I didn’t realize that I’m always so pro-Edward. The sequel will rebalance it I think.

    • Yes, funny weird. I can’t picture Edward being an exotic dancer. I just started reading, literally on the first chapter. But I already like the story. I’m pro-Edward all the way.

      • The real Edward would not be an exotic dancer, no. That’s where you have to let your mind wander.

  16. Wow, I thought you woud all be tucked up in bed by now, just a quickie (hear that Rob I’ll settle for a quickie if i have to) while waiting for RL friends to arrive.

    • Hey Lizzie.

    • Hi Lizzie! Yeah, we’re later today than we have been for a while. Goin’ out for a good time?

  17. told u it would be quick, friends here so I;m off night.

    • Bye Lizzie, have fun.

      • Im out girls. Come to forum if you like.

        • Bye maygirl.

        • Bye Maygirl

  18. Time for bed. So sleepy. Night ladies, sweet dreams!

    • Yeah, it’s late. Good Night J. Sleep tight.

    • Night BFF, I’m right behind you. Sweet Dreams.

      Night EyeC, sweet dreams too you too.

  19. OK EP. You out too?

    • Good Night EP. Sleep well. Sweet Robdreams tonight.

    • Yeah, Mom’s already up for the day. Talk to you tomorrow or later whatever.

  20. Yeah, Mom’s already up for the day. Talk to you tomorrow or later whatever.
    Oops…forgot to say great post! Looking forward to your next one.

  21. Wawa has awesome milkshakes. Plus, the machine is fun to use. Will you be sharing your Jacksper adventures with the rest of us? I hope so!

  22. […] Tuck? Is something coming out of the other end? I’m confused. Is this a moment like during the auction when you said “If it goes well then maybe….” about a 14 year old winning a chance […]

  23. […] to watering my lawn while thinking of how damn fine you looked in May on the red carpet for that auction you did in Cannes; seriously, you should definitely start wearing that tux more often. So anyway, I was dreaming […]

  24. […] treated us to major word vomit #1 and turned a kiss on the cheek with a rich man’s daughter into someting […]

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