Posted by: themoonisdown | May 21, 2009

1 Picture, 2 Takes: a blogger divided, Robert Pattinson and the Jugs edition

hmmm helllloooo down there

hmmm helllloooo down there

Take 1

Dear Rob-

So I guess this confirms my question to the quad the other day… “is he a boobs or butt man?” Good choice my lovely… good choice! You had us fooled for a while there because we all know Kristen ain’t packing much heat in the front and NReed’s definitely stacked in the back but seeing you oogle this butterface’s goodies made my day.

Keep having fun in Cannes* cause next week it’s back to the no-jugs gals,

hmmm helllloooo down there

hmmm helllloooo down there

Take 2

Dear Girl in this picture-

I sure hope you believe in a higher power because this is proof that Jesus himself loves you. You are now currently rivaling THIS girl in my own totally unofficial race for BEST fan photo with Robby Roo ever! You should frame this and someday when your grandkids ask you can tell them the story of when Robert Pattinson liked you for your boobs brain.

Jealous of your Cannes (not really I have my own: “they’re real and they’re spectacular!”)

*FYI Cannes is pronounced CAN like trash can or can of soda

Wanna role play with Rob?? DO IT!
Don’t forget to hit up the forum today!

Picture Source: Robsessed and a bunch of other places!


  1. i love this photo,when he was in was like he burped or something LOL.but the fingers…the fingers..sigh.he has beautiful fingers…

  2. *best post ever*…

  3. *Please* tell me that you’ve all seen the Lainey photos from Cannes… the tux photos… OMG.

    I feel different, like I’ve seen the light, and I’ve been in denial for months.

    The man gives good Ray Ban, the man gives good Tux…the man looks uncomfortable in ridiculous situations and doesn’t pretend to be cool…

    If Kristen is seriously with Oragami over Rob, man… what is the girl thinking?!

  4. Rob, honey, no skanks please….

  5. Funny, funny. I HEART Moon and UC!

  6. MARCO?

    • POLO How are things?

      • Hey EyeC! All good although the heavens have literally just opened and it is chucking it down, but i don’t care it is friday afternoon, the weekend is in sight.

        How are things with you?

        • You’re going through a rainy spell it sounds like.

          Good here. Not much new.

        • Yep, which is good we need it, but you know after a day or two not so much fun anymore.

          Lola posted a new chapter of ALE today

          • oh and guess what, more photos of Rob looking HOT, he seriously never takes a bad photo, as someone that never takes a good one, so not fair!

          • I just finished the ALE chapter.

            Of course he looked hot! That D & G tux! Did you watch the auction video??? OMG I was yelling at him! He was so like himself, all embarrassed and then he said something about “or more”! I died.

          • Oh, I didn’t know there was video from the auction, and $40K, not a bad result for a peck on the cheek, although for $40K, I would want a bit mroe than a peck.

            Just made myself LOL, now Summit are literally prostituting him!

          • At least it’s for a good cause! That was 2 kisses. $40,000 euros. Not a bad deal for a few minutes. It sounded like he was willing to put more into it if it had been for an old-enough girl! I got a chuckle out of him. He wanted to start the bid at $5. LOL

          • $5, yeah right, LMAO

          • I so badly want to watch that video, where did you see it EyeC?

          • What a kick! Love love love his self deprecating humor!!!

          • Why didn’t I know this was even an option, I could have bid by phone!

          • LOL Like JBell said, I wonder if they’d let you near him until the check cleared?

  7. Didn’t see the auction video, yet.

    But the tux photos… let’s talk about the tux photos… I mean… what was I thinking? How could I *not* get this/him?

    • Rob in a Tux, that’s all that needs to be said and I’m done.

    • No kidding! Smashing! THUD! I. AM. DIED>

  8. Chirp. Chrip!

    • Het hey T! We’re here. Rob in a tux?

      • I keep spacing out anytime I see Ron and Tux together, seriously

        • see mabye that should have been Rob, not sure i care what Ron looks like in a tux.

          • Didn’t want to say anything. lol

      • Love the tux!!!

    • Quack, quack!

    • LOL Quack.

      Hi Girlies!! DUDE where is this auction video!!! I need to see it!

      • I found it!!! SQUEE

      • Under All Rob, All the Time. Rob News. Cannes. End of pg. 2.

      • same, I am dying (maybe teeny weeny exageration but you know), I saw a still but not a video, why did i not know about the video, I am so not going to get over not knowing a VIDEO existed until i see it.

        • I’ll be back in a sec, I think you knwo where I am going.

  9. He is just too damn cute!!

    • Isn’t he? Cute cute cute!

      • totally worth E20K

        • Yeah. Totally.

          • Sharon was a bad auctioneer, if she let Rob do somehting more than blush and stumble she would have made a lot more, not to mention she could have sold more than 2 kisses, geez, if’d have known i would have been in it for sure.

            Is it wrong i keep thinking stripper edward from the red line?

          • LMAO–stripper Edward! Yup!

            She could have raised more money than that! Doesn’t she know he’s the HOTTEST GUY ON THE PLANET!!!???

        • Hell yes!! What I would pay for that if i had it!! LOL

          I think its hysterical when the guy is talking about his little girls at the begining wanting to marry Rob and he looks so embarrassed! Poor thing!

          • It’s exactly what he’s had to deal with all year. Kind of sweet though.

          • Yes very sweet!

  10. The freaking tux… the skinny tie, the fit, the hair…the tux…

    It’s all about the tux…

    The man gives good tux…

    He seems more relaxed in this tux than other tuxes, so maybe he’s more comfortable with his weird celebrity life these days…

    • I think so Natalie. I can really see a confidence in him this go round.

      “The man gives good tux”. LOL Fo Sho!

      And yes, the fit is perfect!

      • He also gives good Ray Ban… wonder how many pairs he has, or are they all the same?

        • Don’t know but I’ll bet he has caused their sales to go through the roof!

        • rob + tux + ray-bans = DEAD ON THE FLOOR.

          • plus beanie…

          • OK you can have the beanie, i like his hair to roam free

          • LOL sometimes I have my moments! Usually I like it with out the beanie.. but because he hasnt worn it in awhile I want to see it!!

      • plus the Cannes effect, he really looks like he belongs threre, as we said yesterday, europe just suits him better somehow.

  11. Not that I think he’ll ever be totally au faix with it.

    He seems bemused, more than anything. I suppose that is part of the/his appeal.

    Like his life is some other parallel dimension, happening to someone else… that it *is* someone else on that dock in Cannes, not really him, but it is him, and he’s… whatever. Watching it all from somewhere else, thinking, fuck… is this really me? I’m not worth this attention…

    • I really hope he doesn’t lose that attitude entirely. It makes him who he is.

      He has got to be thinking “They got it all wrong.” Or else “Somebody up there likes me.”

    • but that is exactly why he is worthy of the attention.

    • I agree Natalie! He seems like he thinks they are talking about someone else!

  12. UGHHH!!!

    I think this is from New Moon??

    • Just as well EP isn’t here, don’t look EP, don’t look!

  13. Holla ladies. Rob is in a tux again? Video, auction? Whaaa?

    • Hi J. Ohhh yeah…. Very hot. See location above.

      • Oh in the forum? K cool, I’ll go look!

    • J-m, J-m, J-m, hello!

      2 people paid E20K each for a peck on the cheek from the gorgoeus tuxedoed Rob. And damn it i am nto one of them, not sure i would have stopped at a peck though, so yet again probably a good thing its not me anyway.

      • Holy fuck, are you kidding me?! That’s like… $30,000! Or, at least, it would’ve been last summer. I dunno what the exchange rate is now.

        THAT IS BESIDE THE POINT. That is clearly insane. Who won?

        • Total for both was $55,000US.

        • No idea, but yep that’s like a gizzillion AUDs.

        • That is just insane.

          Dear Rob,

          Sorry, but I would never pay money to kiss you. Thems the breaks.

          Love, me

          • read the red line, stripper edward may have something to say about that!

    • Hi Jenny!!

      • Hey Tara, how are you?

        • good! Tired. Just swam for an hour! It kicked my ass. LOL How are you?

          • Good, tired! I went on the bike for 30 minutes, and my legs were already killing me. It felt bad. LOL

          • T, we seem to be on a similar schedule, massages last fri, this fri I did a km swim at lunch, first time I have just swum for a while too. spooky.

          • FN is to blame for all this physical exercise!

          • Awesome Lizzie! Me too! I havent swam in 3 years! But it is the only kind of exercise that I enjoy! I used to play water polo in high school, so i feel more comfortable in the water!

            Very Spooky! We can be like EP and Jenny in no time!! LOL

          • Oh no! Not another merge!

          • EP and I are trend-setters, what can I say.

          • no offence T, but i am not sure I am ready for the pseudo fake lesso merging relationship thingy they have going on, however if you get Rob it is SO, SO ON BABY!

          • Oh for SURE Lizzie!

  14. The video of the auction:

    Robert please…..never ever change. So cute….

    • Cute cute cute, indeed!

  15. I am SO 2nd-hand embarrassed right now I can barely type this message.

    If I was Rob, I would have literally died on stage. That is beyond awkward.

    I love that he’s whoring himself out, though. “And if it goes well, maybe we’ll do something more.” Yes. He will sex your daughter for 20K.

    • LMAO “sex your daughter” Damn I think we all know I would do that for FREEE!!!

    • at least we know his price now though, useful information to have

      • Price… I could get him with some In N Out & Hot Pockets I bet!! LMAO! Oh Rob. I just love him!

        • too true T, too true

        • Thank God I was not there….. I would have sell the mortgage of our house or rob a bank to pay that kind of money hahahahahaha LOL. But it was for daughters only not MILF like us…..

      • True story, Lizzie.

    • Can you believe he said that Jenny? I was a little speechless. Rob, be careful what you say! lol

      • No, I couldn’t believe that. I was embarrassed he said that. I can understand why, though. He probably felt really bad for having someone pay 20K just for a kiss on the cheek. I mean, seriously. That type of insanity has no words!

        • I know what you mean. He really was embarrassed. Like usual, he just said the first thing that popped into his head!

        • I think your right EyeC. I dont think he meant it to sound like that! He was probably amazed that people would even pay that much for just a peck on the cheek… I would have made him make out with my cheek for days!! LMAO!!

          • Yeah. I don’t think he would have said it if he had thought about it at all. Put on the spot.

          • Yes thats it!

          • I would’ve said something much more stupid than he did, if I was in that same situation. That is just surreal.

            I bet I would be hard pressed to find someone to even pay $5 for a kiss on the cheek from me. If somebody even suggested starting at 10K, I’d go into cardiac arrest.

          • Yeah, the shock of the starting bid probably gave him brain freeze!

      • well he did say that the more attention he was getting the less action he was getting, combined with his visit to the strip club, you have to think he has been having some interesting thoughts lately.

        anyone else want to learn to pole dance?

    • don’t forget it would be for charity

      • ignore posted in the wrong spot

    • Why only for daughters and not MILFS like us?
      LOL LOl LOL

  16. Okay, I also have to comment about today’s post.

    1) Hilarious. Kudos Moon and UC!
    2) Love this picture of Rob. Classic.
    3) He’s probably only looking at her breasts cuz his retinas nearly burned out from looking at her face. True story. Her breasts are ugly, too. Lesser of two evils, I guess. Someone’s gotta make the tough decisions.

    • LOL Agreed Jenny!!

      she doesnt even look like she has big ones?? Too bad we couldnt see the whole picture.

      • Did you check out the link to her site? Skank methinks.

        • didn’t want to give her any more hits, saw everyone else said she had bazookas and left it at that, methinks you are corrcto on the skankism EyeC.

        • Aw no I didnt see it… Probably is a skank… Probably fake!!

          • On the other hand–Rob–that’s NORMAL!

          • yep Rob feel free to check out anyone you want, NORMAL!

    • We told Rob yesterday that we are happy he is a boob man, but we would ratehr he went for natural rather than airbags.

      • oh and yep, agree great post by UC and Moon, we ❤ you.

    • I have to agree with what Byrdie posted earlier that this girl is only using the pic to further herself. She called him the vampire boy? Have some decency please! He is HHH and anyone who doesn’t know what his value is shouldn’t be allowed to stand so close!

      • standing ovation EyeC!

      • Seriously?! Vampire Boy?? Thats nonsence! She is to be FKL’d! How dare she!!

    • If I was her I would never post that picture. Cuz seriously. Damn.

      *I* almost wish I could see her boobs, so I wouldn’t have to keep looking at her face. I feel ya, Rob.

  17. Dear Rob

    I am so happy you went to Cannes. Just think of all the good in the world that has come from you being there, all the photographic and video porn for us to lust over (and a very special thanks for the tux and ray-ban combo, my personal fav), the return of the happy Rob, and now the emergence of charitable Rob, so much good from one person.

    me xxoo

    • This is the first charity thing we’ve seen from him, isn’t it? He’s getting on board.

  18. Well said Lizzie!

  19. Alright I ahve to get up early in the morning so Im going to call it a night!!

    See you all tomorrow!! ❤

    • Night T!

    • Night T, and I am bailing early tonight too, the champage corks are popping which is my cue that the weekend is offically here, woo-hoo!

      *Kisses* on both cheeks to you all in honour of Cannes.

      • Bye Lizzie. Have a great weekend!

    • Good Night Tara. Take it easy. Swimming is always so relaxing for sleep.

  20. I’m gonna head out too, ladies.

    Sweet dreams!

    • Good Night Jenny. Happy dreams.

  21. Eye C,

    I definitely hope that doesn’t become ‘Hollywood’.
    That Summit don’t bring him out for show and tell to lavish their pockets.

    The next year is *vital*, vital I tell you!

    It’ll change everything.

    Can you imagine his Tux Potential in 3-5 years when he’s PEAKING?!?

    I mean…seriously…he’s still a boy, on verge of manhood. When he becomes man, everything changes. I mean everything.

    It’s too much for my new-Rob mind to bear.


    • Natalie,

      You are absolutely right! There have been many days and weeks and months now that I have hoped he would never actually become ‘Hollywood’! I’m sure Summit would be happy as can be to own him totally. So far he has had to perform for them due to contractual obligations but they can only hold on for so long. He does have a mind of his own as we’ve seen in many areas over the past year and I have confidence that he will make the leap with ease as soon as he has his start.

      Yes. This coming year will prove what he can do. You see how many things he has lined up, breaking away from their restrictions and involving other studios, other directors, other projects. He will be busier than I can even imagine! But I’m convinced he feels the need to strike while the iron’s hot. I just hope he doesn’t burn himself out.

      Once audiences see him in all his glory working on such a wide variety of projects and he proves himself, there will be so many offers for his talents that the sky truly is the limit.

      OMG! Tuxes for every occasion! He will grow more and more gorgeous every year. It will be so enjoyable to watch him mature through the next 10 years!

      Age 23 always seems to be a big year for guys. I’m not sure why that is but it’s something I’ve observed. I think he will really discover who he is. I’ve seen quite a bit of change in him already since last November—more confidence, resignation in some cases, appreciation for his new status. And he seems to be making good choices, deliberate choices. I like that he is also incorporating his musical talent into the mix, too, because that’s his creative expression. He does take his work seriously and is responsible in his work ethic. Actually he’s a joy to watch as he grows into that man who will eventually become one of our greats!

      It is overwhelming to believe he has come so far in such a short time and is taking it all in stride. Fills my heart to overflowing!

  22. I would gladly trade tit for tat!!! LOL

  23. Caption:

    How did they get that much saline in those breast implants without causing them to explode?

  24. @ moon, tracyvanhorne and others: Marina Orlova isn’t a porn star, she’s an etymologist.

    And she probably knows that Cannes [kan] isn’t pronounced CAN like trash can or can of soda. 😉

  25. My Two Takes on this Pic.

    1. She totally tricked him: “Oh my! is that a limited edition van morrison 45 in her cleave?”


    2. The Poor Guy needs to get laid…bad!

    If the media were watching me the way it’s all over Pattinson 24-7, I would be too afraid to masterbate in a dark hotel room…let alone actually have sex with someone knowing that the mext day everyone in the world would know!

    Our Rob just may have entered into a life of unintentional celebacy! He obviously needs boobs in his life!

    Perhaps we should start mailing him pictures (jk)

  26. […] we saw Rob interact with a special fan in Cannes, we KNEW wherever you were, you were proud (You taught him […]

  27. […] Fergie & Beyonce combined? And what does Rob see in your small bosom (we know he’s a big jugs man)? Does Heineken come pouring from your nipples with just the softest squeeze? I know, right? Two […]

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