Posted by: Bekah | May 16, 2009

Saturday AM Delight in the Nerds

Dear lovers of dorks & Rob,

If you love dorks and nerds and geeks and dweebs* AND love Rob, this video is for you.

There’s no denying that Rob’s a bit of a dork. And that’s why we love him so much. ‘Cause nothing is better than a smokin’ hot dork who’d rather read, write poetry or play music than hit the town on a Friday night.

My dork love started with Seth Cohen (aka Adam Brody) from The OC. He used to take up all 5 spots on my “freebie list.” But then I found myself a new, British dork and Adam has been pushed back to the last spot on the list and Rob takes up the rest (occasionally there’s a appearance of Caleb Followhill from Kings of Leon too, but that’s for those Friday nights when I want to hit the town and party it up)

You know what the worst part about my dork-love is? Kristen Stewart has made out with both of my geek-crushes. FML! If she touches Caleb Followhill……

Dork lova’ for life,

PS: 100Monkey’s show at Kenny’s for tonight and next Saturday (both shows) has been cancelled. Check out their Myspace for venue change details.  I’m still planning on going to the evening 5/23 show, if I can get tickets! I’ll be in touch XO



  1. I LOVE nerdy ROBB !! He’s soo adorkable !

  2. Oh UC, I hear you…Adam Brody…But yeah, Rob totally took his place! All 5 spots on my list 😉

    • I’d love Rob to hit the 5 spots on my list {suggestive leer/swoon at the thought}
      Promise to post if it ever happens {ie tomorrow after I dream tonight…..}
      Love to all ❤

      • hee, hee love it!

  3. I loved Adam Brody in the movie Grind. Hehe, I’m chalking the fact that I’ve seen that movie up to my massive skateboarding phase in high school…Anyways, he was absolutely sexy in that movie but a complete dork.
    It cracks me up how one angle of the camera can capture rob looking like a complete dork but a camera taking the picture at a different angle at the same time he looks hunky, maybe it’s just me who thinks that.
    Well I think he looks pretty hunky all the time but whatever. LOL

    • hahahaha Grind…most excellent flick
      “meat meat meat meat meat meat meat” hahaha

  4. K, I don’t know who those other guys are…please don’t judge. I really am livin off the grid here. Perhaps I am just a nerd myself? Well, a nerd with really great shoes. 🙂 I prefer the term quirky. Fits. Sign. Oh to be cool.

    But is it normal that I wanna grab a fist-full-a-hair, a fist-full-a plaid and take charge in a very type A kinda way? Nerds do this to me. Grrrrowl!

    Maybe I’m off base here, but I think Rob would do well with a bossy chick? Just sayin. He sorta puts the vibe off. Anyone?

    FANTASTIC video UC, makes me think bad thoughts.

    • YESSSSS!
      Rob + philosophy/literature major in nice shoes(=me) = WIN

  5. Love me some geek !!

  6. can I just say that I love Adam Brody, and was très jaloux as she made out with him in “ITLOW” and you are right about kstew making out with the geeky chic guys…I think the rest of the manmeat on my list is safe…LL cool J isn’t in the Joan Jett movie is he 😉 (…he better not be lickin those lips for anyone but me doin it, and doin it and doin it well….)

  7. Well as an long standing “Nerdfighter” (google it)

    I can say yes I love dorks, yes I love nerds, yes I love geeks, and yes I love dweebs.

    and as the nerdfighter saying goes… DFTBA!

    Don’t Forget To Be Awesome and we all no Rob never has..!!!!!

    • ummmmm yea that would be KNOW not no……but ummm you know my bad 😉

  8. Oh and here I thought this video would cure me! Nope! He’s still so friggin’ adorable and just proves how multi faceted he is. Can do smoldering hot looks one minute, then have you cracking up the next, only to make you pant while he whips out…a tune on the piano! ha! Life definitely wouldn’t be boring….sigh…:)

  9. oh man that was hysterical! i was trying to pick a fave shot as they scrolled along but then totally got overwhelmed after the boo-boo pouty face at 1:21 and then the series of “i’m suckin’ in my cheeks” shots afterwards – ah hell: i love them all! oh dorkward… {{{sigh}}}

  10. Hi all! Won’t be around today, have my son’s 16th bday party and have to clean and then entertain…think they’ll all wanna watch Twilight with me? I’m sure they’d sit through the 6 hours of commentary!

  11. Anyone else having problems logging in to the forum?

  12. I love my nerdy Rob. He’s just a little more cute and adorable than he already is.

  13. What a great video!!

    I’ve always been a fan of the nerds and dorks, they always seemed more interesting, and tend to be SMART. (and as a bit of dork, myself, I figured they were the only ones I stood a chance with)

    Happy Saturday, all.

  14. Oooh you all gotta watch this moron…

    Robert Pattinson? In MY Dune Movie?

    and OMG he is threatning to kill Robert Pattinson. Scoot to time code 1:20

  15. Betty’s Henry, my previous fav geek

  16. OMG there are pap video’s from when Rob left the producers home?

    • I want to effing cry having watched that. Seriously – the guy can’t even walk in a straight line. I’m ashamed to be a fan right now – I mean, without fans the paps wouldn’t go to these extremes to get these pictures. Makes me want to back off so he can have a life again. I’m gonna go crawl into bed with the dog now for a few days (then apologize to the dog for a few more).

    • I’ll make a promise in public: if I ever find myself in the same place where Rob is (I know the statistics are against me, duh-uh), I’ll try my best to keep the things low: my jaw will hit the floor. Less than half of a second after, I’ll jizz in my pants franticly – but I hope to be unnoticed about this, LOL, and finally I’ll take the opposite direction. Maybe fluttering.
      Unless he notices me and come to talk to me. (yeah, right…) LOL

      I can’t agree with this kind of craziness.
      I only agree with the craziness that drive people to want to do a ‘dumpster dive’ with him. BUT b/c I bet he wants to do it with THIS kind of crazy.

  17. rob is the cutest dork in The Bad Mother’s handbook… !! hehe..

    and Caleb Followill is just like the song.. SEX ON FIRE! I ❤ KOL

    rob def falls into the category.. !

  18. That first song was perfect! LOL

  19. That rainbow cardigan…! Tres geek.

    You could almost play the Rob drinking game with that video. Every time he wears plaid, you do a shot…food for thought, food for thought.

    That Pap video is disturbing and I feel bad just for watching it… see how his posture changes from when he gets out of the car? His shoulders hunch over? The when he’s in the airport away from the paps, he straightens up again? Too much. So invasive.

  20. That poor guy……all those cameras shoved in his face, asking if he’s sleeping with Kristen. I just want to hug him. To my breasts. And make it aaaaaaaaaall better for him. I felt bad watching it too then got over it quickly when he went thru the metal detectors. I wondered if the guy would use the wand on him, then got distracted thinking what I could do with *his* wand!!!!

  21. another hot geek from uk


    hope this works

  23. Too cool! It’s always good to see a handsome man acting like a dork! Because, face it, if they aren’t at least a little bit nerdy, they aren’t any fun. Rob looks like he just may be a major nerd and I mean that as a compliment! He wouldn’t be any fun otherwise.

  24. I agree about the video. Terrible treatment of a human being. I am sorry I watched it.

  25. LOTN roll call

    • LOL Hi EP!

      • Hey EyeC, how are you this evening?

        • I’m good. What did you do today?

          • I went to my Dad’s to pick out a picture of sis and I and imput on the family picture. They bribed me with red velvet cake.

          • That red velvet cake again!

          • They know how to trick me.

          • It’ll do it every time.

            How were the pics?

          • Stepmom picked out 4 of the family she liked and I picked my favorite. Then of just me and sis, I have a favorite, 2 that are ok, 2 that I’m not fond of and 2 that are an absolute, not just no, hell no. She sent them home with me so sis and I could decide, and Mom could pick her favorite, cause Dad and Stepmom, want Mom to have one too.

          • That sounds good. So all the hassle was worth it.

          • Worth it is a strong sentiment. I really hate having my picture taken, but I’m already glad we have a family picture. I’m not excited about just sis and I, but what can you do?

          • LOL You gotta please ’em. You’ll be glad later.

          • At least I got cake out of the deal.

          • Of course.

          • Did you find the plants you were looking for?

          • Yes. We got them all. They opened at 6 and by 8 they were crowded. A new shipment came in overnight so we found the ones we wanted. Now if we just had the garden ready. I can see it will take longer than expected. I look forward to the day when it’s done. We got the tiller working so that was good news.

            The little kids next door always clamour around the fence when I start working on the garden. Kids will spill the beans on anything!

  26. That’s good, but mighty early in the morning for plant shopping. It’ll probably look really good when its done. All gardens are pretty, my grandparents have a veggie garden and I think it’s pretty.

    Little kids get interested in the weirdest things.

    • I had to keep asking the youngest to repeat because I couldn’t understand her. She is real sweet. Most kids just need to be acknowledged. I was listening to KOL and had to keep turning it down.

      • Part of my fear of really little kids is not being able to understand them. KOL, not kid friendly. lol

        • lol

  27. Hello!! Is there anybody in here?

    • Hi Dany. Yeah, we’re here. How are you doing today?

    • Hey Dany!

      • Hey girls!! Good, but had a terribly busy day. Now it’s all good.

        However, I just saw the video from the paps someone posted earlier and I swear I want to cry. It’s so wrong and so disrespectful.

        I know I’m not a crazy fan, but I still feel sad for liking him cuz in one way or another we contribute to that kind of attitudes toward him. It’s sick, really…

        Too boring? I’m sorry, I just needed to say it! lol

        • I know, can you imagine just trying to get through security at the airport and being accosted like that. TSA is obnoxious enough.

        • No, you’re right. I feel so bad too. When I brought it up to hubby I got a lecture about leaving him alone. Nice. I was already feeling guilty. How do I quit thinking about him?

          • If any of us knew the answer to that we wouldn’t be here.

          • Especially when you don’t want to. But the friends here are really important too.

          • Exactly!!

            And I do not want to stop thinking about him!! I just want people to give him the respect he deserves, and of course they’ll take pictures and stuff, after all he is an actor and it comes with the job, but do they need to stalk him like that? It’s even dangerous!

            They keep yelling at him, stopping him from walking, and saying stuff like “are you sleeping with her?” and that’s just rude.

            Well, at least we know we’re not like that and if the thought is what counts, I really wish they’d stop treating him like that. That’s gotta be worth something, right?

            Unless he’s in my bed and I will not be respectful there, and I will scream there. I’m sorry. LOL

          • The paps have never been ones to worry about being rude. They’re in it for the money and respect be damned. It would be a horrible way to live just getting from one place to the next.

            I guess I’m in agreement that what I do in my head is private. lol

          • I just don’t know how you can look at someone so clearly bothered by you doing your “job” and continue to do it.

          • They must build up a wall around their feelings. It’s so uncomfortable to watch. Excruciating even.

          • I couldn’t watch the whole thing and I turned the sound off immediately.

          • That’s the best we can do after the fact.

  28. Really slow night.

    • Yes it is. Saturdays usually are. It’s OK is you want to go do something else.

      • I’m pretty content for now, but if you have something else on, I don’t mind.

        • No, I don’t. We’ve certainly become used to 4-5 of us at a time since we first started talking, haven’t we?

          • Yeah, usually at least 3. Not that you and I haven’t had our share of one on one convos.

          • I really miss talking to you girls, but you’re always here so late and I have to get up so early!

            What time is it in there? Same as here? Here it’s 2.25 am

          • True. We’ve gotten to know each other quite a bit better. That’s nice. I did think there might be more lurkers joining in by now. Maybe we’re intimidating.

          • We understand Dany, RL is such a pain. It’s 1:27 am Central.

          • The newer people flock more to the forum.

          • Dany, it’s 12:26 in Denver, Colorado. We miss talking to you too. Lately we’ve been stopping about 1:00 AM or 1:30.

          • That for me would be like 3.00 or 3.30 for me!

            Besides, I have internet on my phone, so I can tweet from there, but the forum is more complicated. It takes a while to start and I have to roll over all the comments again….

            But I do miss you a lot!

          • I was checking out the forum today. I occasionally leave a comment in fanfic, rarely in Rob’s Flat because they all know each other. I have to be careful and not read too far ahead in the fanfic posts because I’ll pick up a sentence and that can influence the story I’m reading.

          • That’s really late for you if you want to function the next day. It’s good to hear from you in opassing from time to time though.

          • I guess the last place I posted was encounters. I’m going to be a forum virgin forever.

          • I was thinking the same thing! Virgin Forever~~~

          • That sounds totally frustrating.

          • It kind of does.

  29. I have to go to bed now, but please keep in mind that I miss you and that I love your crazy faces 🙂

    Hugs, hugs, and more hugs!!

    (not for you Rob, you get the *special* ones)

    Talk to you tomorrow!

    • Night Dany, we miss you too. Hugs.

    • Night Dany. Sweet dreams.

  30. Sorry my sister just wandered in drunk and demanding beer. I had to deal with it.

    • Funny. Life comes first. lol

      • She walks in to my room, tries to sing along with my song and then says she’s here for beer, because they stop selling it at midnight. She took off with all the alcohol we had in the house, which wasn’t much.

        • It’s Saturday night. You didn’t need it anyway. Not when you’ve got tea handy.

          • I didn’t really care, I was more concerned about her driving, but she had a friend with her and he was driving. It was just weird, typically I’m not visited by drunk people in the night, just one of the perks of never living on a college campus.

          • Yeah, but is the friend going to be drinking? It’s always a worry.

            I haven’t had many drunks around. You make choices.

          • Friend had one and then they ran out. They were going back to her place, so its not like they’ll be out. I’m so lame, I followed them to the car saying things like, “That vodka is open, put it in the back” and “Don’t open anything before you get home”. I worry.

          • That’s good. You need to worry about your sister.

          • Someone has to, she doesn’t. She’s one of those people that thinks they’re bullet proof.

          • Let’s hope she is.

          • She’s waaayyy luckier than I am, if I put myself in the same situations I would have been killed.

          • I was always the cautious type. lol

          • That’s probably why it’s just you and me tonight. lol

          • Ha Ha! Do ya think? Everybody’s out getting their drunk on.

          • It’s possible. I haven’t heard from my BFF today, I would imagine she’s in bed.

          • She may have had to work today. She’s been tired lately.

          • Probably, it’s weird not talking to her. We’ve become quite close. And I’m surprised that Byrdie hasn’t popped back in.

          • Yes. At least I know she will sometime now that she’s made contact. I wonder how she liked Little Ashes.

          • She probably loved it, it seems like such a Byrdie thing to watch.

          • Definitely right up her alley. Mine too.

  31. Wow. You can manifest without even trying, now!

    Hi ladies. Sorry, I went to see Adventureland in this really sketch part of the city. It was pretty dodgy.

    What video of Rob were you guys talking about?

    • That’s just scary. Hey BFF. The video is a little further up the page.

      • Oh shiz, I haven’t even read today’s post! I was so anxious to get here. I’ll go read it now.

        • I think it’s the 2nd video the first is just some dude bitching about the potential of Rob being in “Dune”.

          • These are the kind of characters I worry about.

          • I understand the idea behind the bitching, I mean if this was like your favorite thing ever and it had the potential to be ruined by screaming, drooling, snotty teens, it might be upsetting. Posting the bitching on youtube is lame though and puts you on the same level of the teens in which I described.

          • It’s the passion that could get out of hand. It’s not Rob’s fault.

          • He said he didn’t think Rob was a very good actor. And that’s just being a dumbass.

          • That video was sooooo embarrassing. Oh my God.

            1) If Rob doesn’t answer the “are you dating KStew” question, he ain’t gonna answer “are you sleeping with KStew”. Tards.

            2) That woman holding up her jacket to try and shield Rob embarrassed me. Like, lady, you are useless. And you were barely covering Rob’s crotch.

          • I couldn’t do the sound, but duh.

            Yeah, she was useless, unless someone was getting a picture of his crotch, which is always appreciated by some of the ladies around here.

          • Honestly, what an awkward life. I would always be thinking “OMG, seriously? I am walking to the airport, I am not exciting.”

            I couldn’t imagine having someone walk in front of me taking pictures all the time. I’d be like “Wtf? I feel sorry for you that you have nothing better to do than take pictures of my boring, ugly ass.”

          • J, I wouldn’t be surprised that that’s EXACTLY what he’s thinking!

    • Hey Jenny. I’ve heard Adventureland was good.

      • Yeah, it was good. Embarrassing, and funny, but good. Except I’m going to slap KStew in the face if she blinks and grabs at her hair anymore.

        • Maybe she won’t in the Joan Jett movie. It doesn’t seem like a JJ move.

          • Joan Jett had more of a bad ass vibe and not the awkward thing that KStew likes to do.

          • Right. Hope she can pull it off.

          • I haven’t seen a lot of her movies, so I don’t know how good of an actress she is. So I make no judgement.

          • I’ve seen all but Adv.L. and Yellow Handkerchief (?). I went into Twilight impressed by her from what I had seen and then continued to watch everything I could. I liked Speak, Into the Wild, ITLOW. I am just wondering if she can really carry bad ass JJ. I want her to. I don’t have ill will towards her acting career.

          • I like KStew is decent. Nothing special.

            I like Jenna Malone more. I think she would’ve made a good Bella.

          • I mean, *I* would’ve made the ultimate Bella, but since I was busy with school… I’d nominate Jenna Malone.

          • You even have brown eyes. I think the contacts they use for KStew are weird, I know they have more natural looking ones.

          • I know. Brown eyes, brown hair. Clearly I was made for that role. Nobody else has the assets that I do.

          • I’ve watched Jenna M. since she was a little thing. She’s fiesty.

          • KStew doesn’t.

          • Haha Jenna M. SOCLOSEYETSOFARAWAY!

          • Oh my! lol

  32. Awwe, BFF. You’re so sweet!

    I did have to work today for a bit, EyeC. And I am exhausted! But still up. And I just made a mini-pizza.

    • This is going to be kind of random but doesn’t Jellybeanrainbow’s monster look like if your monster and mine had a baby.

      • LOL IT DOES.

        You are so observant!

        • Only about really wierd stuff.

          • She’s like our love-child. We’ll name her Pattz-meiss.

          • Nice.

  33. Random Thoughts

    I keep getting distracted by a race I’ve already watched. I nicknamed the winner Tony Stewart, TStew.

    I think about the monster gravatars too much.

    I think it’s raining again.

    • TStew, cute. They should hook up, so she can leave Rob alone.

      I like the monsters. And our weird baby monster love-child doodad.

      It’s raining here.

      • That would be awesome.

        I now have the song “Love Child” in my head.

        It’s sprinkling, it was full on raining earlier we need it so bad.

        • Although, on the first point. The fact that she has a confirmed boyfriend and they were photographed frolicking a few weeks ago hasn’t stopped the Rob speculations. I doubt TStew would be any better.

          • It would be awesome, but you were right. She’ll be linked with Rob until they’re done the movies. Or he gets a girlfriend.

            The soundtrack of our lives.

            It wasn’t raining super hard here, but more than just sprinkling. I love how it smells when it rains.

          • I don’t think a girlfriend would help anything, unless they were very PDA. I just don’t see Rob as being very publicly affectionate.


            I like the way it smells too, very clean.

          • No, not PDA with this kind of attention. But spending a lot of time with a girl would still cause the speculation to die down a bit, between him and KStew. I think. Maybe. WHO AM I KIDDING, I DON’T KNOW.

            I’m funny.

            Yes. Very clean and damp. Damp smells good. Not damp dog, though. Just damp nature.

          • Eventually, people will get sick of it and let it go.

            Yes, you are.

            Damp dog is not good, damp nature is awesome.

  34. Random Thoughts:

    You guys are really quiet tonight.

    I love grape juice.

    I love Bo Burnham.

    I’m full of love.

    I’m too lazy to get ready for bed, so I should probably just stay up all night.

    • Well, then you say something.

      I like cranberry, which I’m drinking, better.

      I don’t know who that is.

      Yes you are.

      Good plan.

      • I did say something! I talk too much. If this was the forum, I’d have a high post count.

        I like cranberry too, but I love grape.

        He’s a musician/comedian from youtube, who’s making it big.

        I know, right?

        Thank you.

        • When you and I get together, we talk too much.

          I like grape too.



          You’re welcome.

          • Yes. We do.



            Double right.

            *awkward silence*

  35. And I’m just laughing at both of you. Yeah, who is Bo Burnham? It’s not raining here. Love Child.

    • “Love child, never meant to be… Love child (Words I don’t know)”

      • That’s going to go through my head a few hundred times now.

        • I didn’t want to suffer alone. Be glad you didn’t actually have to hear me sing it, I do not sing well.

          • Clearly we have to get drunk and do karaoke while we’re in Van city.

          • That won’t be pretty.

          • For me either. But it will be fun.

          • We can duet.

          • I feel sorry for those people already. What song will we sing?

          • People are going to get up and leave. Anything by Journey seems to be the obvious karaoke choice.

    • Bo Burnham is this 18 year old musician/comedian who writes hilarious songs, and puts them to music. Some people find it offensive, but I don’t. I’m hard to offend. Especially because he’s clearly saying this in jest.

      Also, he’s a total dork.

      • I must have seen something by him. A little out of it these days. I don’t offend easily either. Ilearned long ago that tolerance is a good thing.

        • Here’s one:

          He has a lot.

          • Oh shit! I think he was on Jimmy Falon the other night. I’m almost speechless. LOL What must it be like to live in his head?

          • Yeah, he was! I just watched the clip. He’s so great. I’ve been creeping on him since he started. Haha

          • Still laughing….

          • Go watch his other ones!


        • EP, you can use this video to teach your kids about math.

          • Yep, completely appropriate.

          • Totally. And very educational.

          • This one is more cute than inappropriate. I think. I haven’t watched it in a while, but it used to be one of my favorites.

          • OMG how did that happen?

          • Absolutely. And the parents will really appreciate the questions they’ll have to answer.

          • But it makes learning fun!

          • I don’t know if I’m allowed to make it that fun.

          • Sad day, EP, sad day.

          • I know, people really cramp my educational style.

          • He’s perfectly suited to YouTube.

          • I love how youtube makes people think others care about their opinions and rants.

  36. I’ll stop posting links, but I really like 3.14 Apple Pi too. I love them all, though! And all his new raps, too. Haha And the one called Welcome to Youtube. So, basically, all of them.

    • Nice summary at the end there.

    • I am so concise.

  37. I’m out for the night girls. Sleep well and have happy dreams.

    • You too EyeC, nighty-nite.

    • Night EyeC! Sweet dreams.

  38. You still out there BFF?

    • Yes. I am! Sorry. Just put my dishes away, washed my face, and now brushing my teeth. You tired?

      • Eh, I could go either way.

        • I’m not that tired yet, so it doesn’t matter to me.

          • Then I guess we’ll hang out.

          • I’m loving Bobby’s song “Up All Night”. Mmm.

          • Your Bobby crush flaring up again?

          • I just haven’t heard that song before.

            Him and Marcus singing together is so cute, too.

            And yes. I am super crushing on theBobby.

  39. And for the first time ever, we’re quiet. I can’t imagine what it’s going to be like in Van City when we aren’t on typing delay. We’ll probably be obnoxious to those around us.

    • You don’t have msn, right? That would make things easier.

      • Also, I’ll be faster now. I was running back and forth between the bathroom while I was getting ready.

        I moved my face cloth, and spider ran out from underneath. Eff.

        • SCARY!

          • Exactly. It was a creepy spider too. I mean, they’re all creepy, but this one was tan/white-ish. Those ones freak me out.

      • I don’t.

        • I can’t believe that. You don’t know other people who use msn? I guess I could get AIM. But you’re the only person I’ll know on there. Haha

          I will do it, unless you want to get msn.

          • Everybody I know uses AIM, but MSN is downloading now.

          • Really? Everybody I know uses msn. Weird. I used to use AIM, and I used to have a few people on there, but that was years ago. I can’t even remember who else used it, now.

          • I’ll be back in a second this thing wants a restart.

          • KK.

  40. Geez you’re taking a long time.

    And I meant the song Sad Woman Blues. I’m not smrt tonight.

    • 12 hours later I’m back and the download FAILED! I’m too retarded to know how to fix it.

      • BFF. LOL I will download AIM.

        • I hate technology! And I’m listening to the song now.

          • He has such a soothing voice.

            And BFF, I’m just glad you’re alive. Honestly. I thought you may have drowned in the toilet. That happens a lot, you know.

          • He’s voice is nice.

            I kept thinking, she’s going to think I fell down and died or something.

            I’m laughing so hard right now.

          • Me too.

            You were gone forever.

          • My computer took forever to shut down, longer to start back up and then said something about being unable to complete the download. I may have screamed a little.

          • I probably listened to that song like 3 times while you were gone. Ahahaha

          • lol, sorry. It was a little ridiculous.

          • So I downloaded, installed, and created a name for aim. And now this POS won’t let me sign in.

          • LMAO!

          • I am auto-configuring. By the time we figure this out, we’ll be going to bed. Srsly.

          • I feel like this is just so “us”

          • Yes, it is. It couldn’t just be easy, like it is for normal people. Somehow we fail at downloading simple programs.

          • I can’t believe it happened to BOTH of us.

          • Technology is ganging up on us.

  41. What’s your “screen name” supposed to look like? Just the name, or the name with

    • Just the name

    • Okay, so the AIM express worked. What’s your screen name? Or how the fug do I add you?

      • Erinb2583 just type it into the send to box.

        • Why the hell does the express work, and the regular one is fucked? So annoying.

          I am waiting for it to send.

          • I don’t even pretend to understand it.

          • SEND YOU POS. WTF.

  42. I am 100 % with you! I love dorks, always have. I was a huge Adam Brody fan, spent many a nights re watching all season of The OC just to get my seth Cohen fix.(all my friends made fun of me for that obsession) and like you, Mr. Brody has taken a back seat to Rob. He is now my fav dork, that was certainly the reason i grew to love him so.
    and Totally agree with you on the Kstew front. When i saw in the land of women i was like damn lucky girl. Then with twilight i was like home girl got to mac w/ two of my fav dorks! wtf? Deff a FML moment .

  43. LOL-Weird Als greatest song! Dorks, nerds and geeks make the best lovers-haven’t you ever seen Revenge of the Nerds?

    Hey UC-I got my tockets to the evening show on the 23rd!!!! Score!

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