Posted by: themoonisdown | May 15, 2009

Robert Pattinson LOVES Boybands and Dick!

I dooooo cherish YOUUUU for the rest of my life you don't have to think twice!

I dooooo cherish YOUUUU for the rest of my life you don't have to think twice!

Dear Rob-

I was perusing the pictures that came out from your birthday in Vancouver since we already celebrated last weekend with a ‘special party’ for two… I saw these and had a few questions…

Why was Nick Lashey’s meth-y faced twin at your birthday party? Did the rest of 98 degrees come out from the kitchen and serenade you with “I Do (Cherish You)” while Vanessa Minillo jumped out of a cake and tried to steal the spotlight? It’s crazy the people who came out to celebrate your birthday- boybander has-beens AND family!

He likes it when you call him Big Poppa!

He likes it when you call him Big Poppa!

My favorite was your dad, Richard, but if we’re going to get Dick (yes, this is what I call you Dad!) sightings we need some Clare, cause what’s a party without my future mother-in-law?? Not a party at all I would say… but what a fun boys night I’m sure you had smoking cigars and snifting brandy, and whatever else guys do. You must tell your Dad it was so thoughtful of him to loan you one of his blazers so you could ‘dress up’ for the evening since you only have two shirts and an old leather jacket, but seriously with the blasted hoodie again? At least don’t cover up your glorious hair next time! Let the Edward pompadour run wild and free like God intended.

So dear heart, I’m glad you had a fantabulous grown-up birthday where no one got sloshed except Dick. Next year I will plan a wild and whacky time for you, so make sure your Dad will loan out the jacket again.


PS never watch “Becoming Jane” while trying to be funny. You inevitably just end up crying crocodile tears onto your keyboard and your post will be decidedly less funny and use words like “inevitably and decidedly.” FYI.

Check out the TGIF forum!!


  1. You know I was hoping for a little more down and dirty from Rob on his birthday (I am having an internal struggle with myself here about the paps and needing to know what went on) but i did think it would be a bit more out there than it seemed. I know he is filming but still…

    • Well, his parents were in town and as great as I think that is (I only brought it up 3 times) it can put a damper on the drunk Rob night out.

      • I don’t know Dick and Claire look like they know how to party!

        • They do look like they’d be fun to hang with.

      • My parents have seen me drunk before. Although, I did tell Mom’s BF that he couldn’t marry my Mom until I moved out and suggested he get a cat.

        Well played on not drinking yourself into embarrassment Rob.

        • well at least you didn’t buy him the cat…yet

          • Don’t think I haven’t considered it. My non-Rob-loving-BFF works at the animal shelter, I have several picked out for him.

          • I have 2 kittens!! You can have one!! For free!!

          • Thanks Tara, now how am I going to get it here from Cali?

          • LOL that may be a problem…

          • I think I saw a report a couple of weeks ago about a special airline set up just for pets (was in the US of course, that goes without saying)

          • I took my cats with me from TX to NC, what I learned; cats don’t like car rides.

          • My sister told me about that airline. I think it’s a good idea, like I said, cats don’t like cars. I don’t know if planes are better. And I would never put Shiloh with the luggage, this airline is supposed to be more comfortable for them.

          • hmm I bet it is expensive?

          • The article said, not as expensive as you might think, but yeah probably.

          • One of my cats HATED car rides. When we would travel to SoDak with her we had to plan to drive around the block first so we could deal with the immediate results! Then she salivated in a panic for a few hours. Not a happy camper. The other cat just laid there and took it in stride.

  2. I missed all the talk about FN, but I just want to say, I miss her too!

  3. Lizzie, can you please, please, please send me the link to the fanfic story you were talking about earlier. I have been so obsessed (not that I have an obsessive personality) lately with fanfic. I’ve been up ’till 2am reading and I just can’t stop. Please help feed my addiction!!!!

    • EMT, I’ll let Lizzie link you but I’m in total agreement. It’s ruining my life! lol I’ve read 15 now and deciding on my next.


      Characters are human. AU. Edward is an exotic male dancer. Bella is a college student studying psychology and needs a subject to do her thesis on. Bella pays Edward to belong to her for 2 weeks so she can study him.

      Has some really hardcore stuff, so not for the faint-hearted, but the story sucks you in.

      • No kidding hard core. Sometimes I sat here and wept.

        • I can’t wait to finish it and can even be happy when i do now i know a sequel will be in the works, when you love a chatracter you just want to keep reading about them.

          • That’s true. I’m going to be so sad to see WA end. I really want there to be a sequel but she will probably be so burned out.

          • I figured since she had started Geminis & Gypsies that’s where she will focus. Plus I think she does want to develop WA into a novel.

          • That is probably right. WA will be great as a novel with all the changes. That has happened with Black and White, my first fanfic.

          • have you been able to buy it yet? let me know, we seem to pretty much like the same ones so would like to support these guys as the breakout. I lucked out WA was my first ever ff.

          • I think there’s about 4 months left on prep before it will be out.

      • Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!!! I’m already hooked on The Office and am currently reading Bitter Sweet Symphony. I’m definitely learning how to talk dirty properly!!!!

        • LOL

        • hope you like it!

    • Link taken from the Forum where the clever ladies find all the good stuff and I just tend to follow along with their recommendations, they are always on the money too.

  4. Yusuf–formerly known as Cat Stevens is on Jimmy Falon singing Fathers and Sons from one of Sam’s top 5 albums. Great old song.

    • I like a bit of Cat Stevens every now and again

      • Me too. So many classic songs. He has a new album out and he’s making the rounds.

    • I love Jimmy Fallon!!

      • He really took to the hosting thing. A natural.

        • Lol ya and he is so akward but its really funny!!

          • That makes him adorkable.

          • and we all know how much we like adorkable around here

          • LOVE adorkables!! Rob Should be on his show! Two adorkables together!! Oh man!

          • Best.idea.ever.

          • At least he was mentioned there once. Hopefully when he does PR for NM he will get to do the show.

          • I hope so!

          • I remember that Tina Fey talked about him being a sexy devil. I love Tina Fey and if I remember correctly Rob does too.

          • Yup EP.

  5. Speaking of adorkable, not sure if you guys are going to know abot this but it is Eurovision song contest weekend. The crappiest, tackiest, stupidest song contest ever, it is utterly robulous. It has a huge following here despite the fact as you may have guessed it is only for european nations to compete. I think it is the Abba connection as Abba were on eurovision and Abba were bigger here than anywhere else in the world, they even made their crappy movie here.

    • Intresting!

      • probably not, but i just thought i would throw it out there anyway! lol.

    • I just saw that somewhere.

  6. BFF? Where did you go?

    • with any luck she is sleeping somewhere

      • I hope not on her keyboard.

  7. Alright ladies I am going to call it a night and try to go to sleep!!

    Good night!!

    • Night Tara, sweet dreams.

    • Night T – hope the muscle soreness fades!

    • OK T. Sleep well and say hi to Rob for me tonight.

    • Night Tara!

  8. @EMC if you are still around just saw your request have linked above.

    • sorry, make that @EMT

  9. Sorry BFF, I’m here.

    I am really sleepy, my eyes are so heavy. I’m just reading fanfic and browsing the conversation here.

    • which one?

      • I Love LA. I don’t like the Rob fanfic (it creeps me out, kind of), but I’m already on 31/36, so I might as well finish it.

        I’m going to start The Red Line when I finish this one. You guys seem to love it, so it must be great! Though I’m still attached to WA.

        • Oh yeah WA is still dabomb. I love LA will be my next one

    • I miss you when you aren’t around. You should go to bed if you’re sleepy.

      • Awe, BFF, I miss you too.

        I just didn’t have anything productive to say. Sorry, nothing I ever say is productive. I meant I didn’t have anything good to say.

        • eurivision isn’t exaclty champagne conversatuon by me either!

        • We’re getting kind of clingy, but in a normal way. Not in a fake lesbian kind of way.

          • sure, sure, just keeping yourself that.

          • Thanks for your endless support Lizzie, it is much appreciated.

          • I like you figured out what I was saying despite kind of missing the key word “telling”

            ❤ youse all!

          • What can I say, I’m fluent in Lizzie.

          • I didn’t even notice you missed a word, Lizzie! I must be fluent now too.

  10. I’m incredibly sleepy, i think I’m going to head off to dreamland. Talk to ya’ll (that works in both TX and NC) tomorrow. Sweet dreams.

    • Good Night EP. Have a good sleep and a good dream.

    • Night all, I am out too, got to get ready as I am heading out for dinner. May not be on tomorrow night, so will catch you all soon. luv yas!

      • Bye Lizzie. See you whenever then.

      • Bye Lizzie!

    • Night BFF, sweet dreams!

  11. I should probably head out too, EyeC. I washed my sheets today, and they smell like clean laundry. It’s lulling me to sleep.

    • That sounds nice. Sleep well Jenny.

      • You too.

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