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Robert Pattinson LOVES Boybands and Dick!

I dooooo cherish YOUUUU for the rest of my life you don't have to think twice!

I dooooo cherish YOUUUU for the rest of my life you don't have to think twice!

Dear Rob-

I was perusing the pictures that came out from your birthday in Vancouver since we already celebrated last weekend with a ‘special party’ for two… I saw these and had a few questions…

Why was Nick Lashey’s meth-y faced twin at your birthday party? Did the rest of 98 degrees come out from the kitchen and serenade you with “I Do (Cherish You)” while Vanessa Minillo jumped out of a cake and tried to steal the spotlight? It’s crazy the people who came out to celebrate your birthday- boybander has-beens AND family!

He likes it when you call him Big Poppa!

He likes it when you call him Big Poppa!

My favorite was your dad, Richard, but if we’re going to get Dick (yes, this is what I call you Dad!) sightings we need some Clare, cause what’s a party without my future mother-in-law?? Not a party at all I would say… but what a fun boys night I’m sure you had smoking cigars and snifting brandy, and whatever else guys do. You must tell your Dad it was so thoughtful of him to loan you one of his blazers so you could ‘dress up’ for the evening since you only have two shirts and an old leather jacket, but seriously with the blasted hoodie again? At least don’t cover up your glorious hair next time! Let the Edward pompadour run wild and free like God intended.

So dear heart, I’m glad you had a fantabulous grown-up birthday where no one got sloshed except Dick. Next year I will plan a wild and whacky time for you, so make sure your Dad will loan out the jacket again.


PS never watch “Becoming Jane” while trying to be funny. You inevitably just end up crying crocodile tears onto your keyboard and your post will be decidedly less funny and use words like “inevitably and decidedly.” FYI.

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  1. Clare was there…you can see her in the cab pics with Kstew sandwiched between her and Dick…in the backseat.

    ❤ Becoming Jane

    • I wondered if that was her.

    • i didnt know if that was her because you couldnt really see her face… hmmm.

      • The papz blurred her face – probably out of respect for her privacy.

  2. @ Moon

    Becoming Jane…oh my. Love it! Cried like a baby in the theater loo in the end. Sap.

    I had my suspicions when you referred to Rob as, ‘dear heart.’ 🙂

    That first pic….Grrrrr!

    ‘At least don’t cover up your glorious hair next time! Let the Edward pompadour run wild and free like God intended.’

    Truer words were never spoken.

    • he’s always smashing it down! not cool!

  3. Love me some Jane Austen..

    Love how he wears the hoody everywhere!!! It stands out like a bullseye 🙂

    • exactly!! it’;s like dont look at me but really look at me!!

  4. Would we love to see Rob in an Austen adaptation?

    We would.

    Will we begin fasting and praying for this to happen?

    We will.

    • Mmmmmm, Mr. Darcy? No, wait Willoughby!!!! Yes! Bad boy!

      • Darcy all the way!!!!!!!!!!!

        • Definitely, definitely Darcy! Oh my. I would die!!!

      • Definitely Willoughby.

    • Amen.

    • OMG i would DIE. simply DIE! him with the top hat?! oh crap.

  5. Meth-y faced twin. LMFAO OMG. Spot on!

    Daddy P is all classy looking in his white t and blazer. I like it!

  6. Moon!
    You seriously took every thought I had about Wednesday night and put it into your letter; especially the Nick Lachey look-alike guy who also looks like he’s got a grill (of the gold teeth variety, not of the barbeque variety). I bet Drew Lachey came out and did his Dancing With The Stars routines too.

    • i seriously did like a double take when i saw that pic. nick lashey for realz. and i HOPE he did his dancing with the stars dance!

  7. I hate to disagree, but that HAS to be his blazer cuz it’s just slightly less stained than his jeans!

    BUT since we hadn’t seen this piece of clothing before, I think that this IS one of his blazers, but he left it back home in London, so now, as a b-day surprise (and in a desperated way of daddy trying to make the kid use diferent clothes), his dad brought it back with him.

    Does anyone else feels the same way?

    Dick is so thoughtful….we’re going to be great friends when Rob make our relationship public… LoL

    • i like what you’re saying…. i bet this was from his 11th grade homecoming dance get-up… he got home after the dance, threw it under his bed and while Dick was clearing out his bedroom to make room for the home gym, he found it & decided to bring it to Vancouver..

      • You’re right! I think you just guessed the exact thing that happened LOL

        (I know you didn’t guess and Dick told you, but let’s keep this on the DL ok?)

        • oh gosh … i love it. daddy p in robert’s old bedroom, desperately looking for something – ANYTHING! – that’s even *slightly* classy so he can bring with him for his young son to wear on the big 2-3. brilliant brilliant brilliant. i love it.

          (wish i could have witnessed that exchange – daddy p telling robert to put it on for his nice night out and robert going all *eye roll* on him and putting it on begrudgingly…)


      • so you’re saying this blazer went with the blue cable knit sweater from the homecoming dance?? totes.

        ps HOME GYM!!! yes!

  8. Good morning! I love your tabloidy headline lol It definitely grabbed my attention 🙂

    • SEO!!!!!!!!!!!!!! hahaha everyone loves a national enquirer ready headline!

  9. I ❤ Dick.
    Kristen got sandwiched next to Dick in the cab?

  10. “He likes it when you call him Big Poppa!”

    ROTFLMAO! I wonder if he waved his hands in the air?

    “Why was Nick Lashey’s meth-y faced twin at your birthday party? Did the rest of 98 degrees come out from the kitchen and serenade you with “I Do (Cherish You)” while Vanessa Minillo jumped out of a cake and tried to steal the spotlight?”

    You should totally do a boyband post for “what if Rob Pattinson wasn’t famous?” But then if he wasn’t famous he wouldn’t be in a boyband so maybe not, LOL! Or maybe Rob, Marcus, Bobby, Sam and Tom could form a group….Kings of Sync.

    • Robby, Bobby, Sammy, Tommy and Marky Marcus.

      • marky marcus!!! LMAO!!!!

        • LMAO!

      • speaking of that –

        if sam bradley was supposedly there that night … where are the pics of sam?


    • “I wonder if he waved his hands in the air?”

      OF COURSE!!

      ahahah WIN jena!

    • Agreed this is my fav caption ever…

      “He likes it when you call him Big Poppa!”

  11. How sweet to put Kstew with the parents! Has anybody else noticed Rob doesn’t pose much or go out with Dfanning? My guess is that her little jailbait ass begged him to take her virginity and he’s scared to death of her. Should make his performance in New Moon all the more realistic, no?

  12. Is that Carson Daly working as the Maitre’ D?

    Boy the stars really did come out didn’t they?

    • HAHAHA he was scooping it for the now defunct TRL!

  13. Is it just me or is Dick wearing the same getup he wore to the Ellen show? Perhaps HE wears the same thing every freaking day too – it’s genetic!

    • Nope, Dick was wearing a short sleeved blue button down tee.
      It’s absolutely pathetic that I know that! LOL!


  14. I love Becoming Jane! <3333333 Great ref.

    I’m over the hoodie. Damn I miss his hair and scruff.

    I need to see DIRTY ROB AGAIN!

    • It’s about to be a hot, hot summer. He’s gotta toss the hoodie at some point. Then we’ll have nothing but arm porn every picture. My favorite – arms.

      • AMEN SISTA


        • I want to take scissors to that hoodie.

          • I’m in mourning for the hoodie comments.
            I love the hoodie! LOL!
            J/K U know I love ya all!

    • I miss Dirty Rob!!!

    • AMEN, just a girl. A-freakin-MEN.

      loves me some dirty rob.

  15. Robert Pattinson LOVES Boybands and Dick

    And this is how rumors get started 😉

  16. Luvs:

    “Let the Edward pompadour run wild and free like God intended.”


    “PS never watch “Becoming Jane” while trying to be funny. You inevitably just end up crying crocodile tears onto your keyboard and your post will be decidedly less funny and use words like “inevitably and decidedly.” FYI.”

    And phrases like “dear heart,” too. Haha. That’s the one w/Anne Hathaway, right? I didn’t love it. She bothered me trying to be English. I did love her loverly co-star tho. 😀

    • yea becoming jane features anne hathaway and JAMES MCAVOY! i contemplated just writing the letter to him. i LOVE him. and his hair.

      watch it now! you will cry.

  17. LOVE Jane Austen <333333…so my eyes totally bulged when I read the title ‘Robert Pattinson loves boybands and DICK’!!! LOL…That’s how shit gets started 🙂 ‘Why was Nick Lashey’s meth-y faced twin at your birthday party?’…that totes looked like Nick Lachey…OMG I was cracking up so hard my students looked at me all kinds of crazy!!!

    • your students totaly think you’re a whacky but they should be used to it by now!

  18. Thankfully it is Friday. I am trying to figure out who Rob looks more like-mommy or daddy. Anywhoo…don’t really care all to much, just happy they created that wonderful man.

  19. His expression in that first pic in mucho hawt. I don’t mind the hoody, but it’s really starting to have the opposite effect. Instead of hiding him, whenever anyone sees anybody in a black hoody they think it’s him!

    Loves me some Austen. And, whew, picturing Rob as an Austen character is nearly poofing my panties. Fantasizing about him as Darcy has my heart in palpitations. Oh my.

    • tell me about it… him with the accent an a cane and top hat with all the sexual tension. AHH!!!

      • Oooh, maybe he should be “Edward” Ferrars. Yummo. He’s brooding in a nice sort of way.

  20. “Let the Edward pompadour run wild and free like God intended.”
    Yeah Rob ..Please ..We NEED to see your hair ..
    Where is your beanie ? Has Summit confiscated it ?
    Is that why You’re always wearing a Hoodie noW?

  21. For some of us old 98 Degrees fans, Nick Lachey and Rob Pattinson in the same room would make us spontaneously combust. Unfortunately, I don’t feel that way about his methy faced twin.

    • I believe Rob and Jordan Knight in the same room with me would be my decided end…ahh the late 80’s’s.

      • It was so good it needed 2 s’s…I don’t even know how to type the plural of s’s…is it esses? or S’? or S squared?

        I give up.

        • Jordan Knight was my fave NKOTB and we
          share the same Birthday!

          • I was a total Jordan Knight fan, too. So funny that Rob brings to mind the NKOTB obsession. My mom told me when we went to see Twilight that she hadn’t seen me that excited since I went to the NKOTB concert in 6th grade!

  22. haha!
    Oh and “Methy-faced twin” was wearing a black tank! Showing off muscles and tattoos… scary body guard dude! Wrong kind of style for that restaurant…

  23. I am sorry. I hated this “grown up” Bday. I wanted more drunk Rob. Because you know, DRUNK ROB = SEXY ROB.

    But, the blazer/hoodie combo def has some level of discombobulation that makes me feel like he could have been buzzed when choosing his bday outfit.

    • sadly no drunk air guitar pics…

  24. Could this be the blazer? Maybe it’s been scrunched up in the bottom of his gold duffel bag since then, just waiting for a special occasion.

    • That is one dodgy photo of the girl in the black dress kneeling in front of Rob! Not even behind a dumpster!

      • Yes, it sure is. Especially since she seems to be showing him just about everything (although he’s looking the other way).

        • Poor boy! I think he found the blonde puking into the bushes a safer direction for those gorgeous eyes. Or was he looking for a dumpster? That’s not Da Fanning is it? Grin.

  25. Rob definitely likes the layered look doesn’t he?? lol!! He’s so cute.


    • he’s ready for any kind of weather pattern!

  26. “Let the Edward pompadour run wild and free like God intended” LMAO! I actually love the hoodie although I do like scrufy sex hair Rob to be out and about too. I fin it hilariously funny that he still can’t escape the razzi and fans even with the hoodie.

    Do you think he will start wearing his Robali mustache just to throw people off his scent? Hmm, scent of Rob – ciggies and beer -maybe some Axe *thud*

    I freaking watched Becoming Jane last night Moon! Twinners!!!!! Love me some Jane Austen.

    • i love the hoodie too – just don’t want to see it *up* all the time, covering up the pretty.

      also, he’s not exactly *hiding* in it … it’s like his signature look lately. if i were in vancouver right now with all the other stalkers (KIDDING, KIDDING … but not really…), the minute i saw a tall, thin boy with his hoodie up, i’d be POUNCING on him.

      i mean approaching him thoughtfully and respectfully.


    • AXE!! you just made me throw up. i hope rob isn’t a 14 yr old jr high boy after gym class.

      • Oh, thank god someone spoke out on the AXE! My gag reflex goes off every time I smell that stuff. I think the manufacturers are now skipping a step and just putting hormonal teenage BO as one of the many layers of that fragrance.

  27. I hate when I spell my name wrong and then my comments are stuck in moderation.
    Me not so Smart!!

    • And apparently I did it again. I give up. LOL!!!

      • C-A-R-R-I-E

        Let me know if I can be of any more assistance 😉

        Cheeky, Brummie

        • Thanks Brummie!!!


  28. wait do you comment with diff name than your forum name??!

    ps this sounds kinky and i like it! 😉

  29. I so love the hoodie under the blazer. It’s way too cute. I wonder how many cigarettes they had to bribe him with to take it off for the Oscars.

    I’m not all about these shoes with the floppy tongue, though. I kinda miss the combat boots.

  30. I have to agree with Janetrigs. I came home looking forward to seeing some Drunk Rob Pics from the bday party and all I got was this??? No good! Maybe he will really ‘celebrate’ when Clare and Dick go back home.

    @moon “Let the Edward pompadour run wild and free like God intended” New campaign ad: Free Edward’s Hair!

  31. I just have to is he not dying of heat stroke in all those layers? a white tshirt, a flannel button down, a hoodie and a blazer over the hoodie? Not only would that be quite warm..but I wouldn’t be able to move my arms. And on top of that, he looks so damn skinny still…If I had that many layers on I would look like a damn idiot trying to bend my arms. I guess all the layers are repeatedly washed so I am guessing they are very thin but still….

    Dear Rob,
    If you are that cold, get a parka….hey better yet, just get naked and crawl into bed. I’ll keep you warm, trust, you’ll be throwing the covers off.
    me xoxo

    • You really think he washes the layers? I think he just throws em on the hotel room floor. Maybe that’s where the black blazer has been – under the hotel bed with all the bed bugs, used condoms, and half empty pizza boxes.

      Oh to live THAT life again — where grocery shopping for the week meant getting a 12 pack of beer and a can of spaghetti-Os.

    • I ❤ your whole post! LOL!

  32. *snort* yeah baby!

  33. Come on, the blazer was around here a long time ago. Remember his “date” with Camilla Belle?
    It is definetely the same one, cause it is kinda short for him (look at the sleeves). Still not sure whether I like it or not, lol.

    Am almost ashamed I know that. Almost.

  34. @UC and Moon:

    Lurvely ladies! I have been lurking the past few weeks, always checking in to see what you two amazing chickadees have to say about our boy, but RL has kept me away from posting. I’m not dead nor have I forgotten how much I love this place called LTR and all things RP. Thanks for keeping the posts so damn funny “comme toujours”!

    I’m off to Little Ashes this PM. I know this is going to send me into another RP binge (I had been slowly weening myself from my Robaholicism). I’m way to stoked to see some man on man sex action. Just sayin….

  35. @EyeC, ErPattz, Gen, Frenchie, Dany, Tara, EP’s BFF (sorry – can’t recall your name exactly, but I know you are now hanging with the west coasters) – I MISS YOU!!!! I snuck on and read a little of last nights comments and I can’t tell you how very sweet it is to be missed as well. As I said above, I’m not dead yet…..just totally wrapped up in RL and trying to get sleep to combat the stress. After tonight’s date with a dancing tuckster named Dali, I’m thinking I will find myself needing to recall the Robsession and hang with the wee hour bunch! Three big European smooches to each and every one of you!

    • Oh Byrdie, It’s so good to hear your voice again. FN has kept in touch about your being all involved in RL again and that’s cool, but it’s really good to hear from you! Hope you’re getting an eyeful at TA tonight—we’ve talked about how beautiful this film will be. Be sure to check in with us real soon, OK? Miss you.

  36. ❤ “rob pattinson loves boybands and dick”!!! LMFAO! That is going to pull in quite a few unicorns and a Dali fan or two fo’sure.

    BTW, I’m so out of range on the boyband era. I thought N’Sync was a girl band like En Vogue. You can be second hand embarassed for me – totally called for.

    • im seconhand embarrassed. but i would be more embarrassed to be in that band so dont worry! hahaa

      • Glad to hear it is not just me!

  37. where the heckspice was this party??! it looks like a dump. Rob looks like his pops. cute….i love that he kept his hoodie on under the jacket, totally HIM. and all black always turns me on. yay-ah

  38. Lmao at Jane Austen language. He gave his beanie to Michael I think. He knows he’s making himself conspicuous with the hoodie thing – he said so recently, but I think it’s like a comfort blanket & gives him the illusion that he’s less visible with it on. Poor guy, this is not the price of fame – it’s way beyond what any star should have 2 put up with & we need 2 rack it down for his sake. Anyway UC & Moon, ur putting a smile on my face again 2day.

    • Kinda like when kids shut their eyes and think you can’t see them. Awwww – cute!

      • I think he closed his eyes because the camera flashes were bothering him… 😦

    • Agree about the hoodie Emma C. It reminds me of Bella in Wide Awake—the need to hide away even though it does no good really.

  39. Rob sort of reminds me of my friends two year old… Ellie went through a phase where she refused to take off her silky blue duckie pj’s… she would allow you to put clothes on top of the pj’s but the pj’s always had to be touching her skin… those pj’s smelt so bad after a couple days…. we called her smelly ellie….
    I feel as though as long as rob is following in ellie’s foot steps… he always has to have those black pants and black hoodie on at all times… obviously now he is putting blazers on top of the outfit… but pretty soon we are going to have to call him slobby robbie….

    • LOL Slobby Robbie.

  40. Loved Becoming Jane—bawled my eyes out. And James McAvoy!!! Yes, that could take the edge off. lol

    Would love to see Rob in an Austin novel. Oh, yeah….

  41. Chirp. Chirp…

    • What’s up Tara?

      • Yay! Hi EP!

        Nothing much! Just bored!

        • Yay is a good way to be greeted Tara, thanks.

          • LOL you are welcome! I didnt think anyone was going to be here yet!

    • Hi Tara and EP. Good day?

      • Hey EyeC, my day wasn’t bad. How are you?

      • Hey EyeC! Pretty good day! You?

      • Yes. I finished The Red Line–YAY! That was a rollercoaster ride. Then we went to a couple garden centers and that’s always uplifting to smell and see all the flowers and the earthy smells. Didn’t find all the tomato plants we were looking for so we have to go out again tomorrow.

        • Yes I love to see all the different colored flowers! They are so refreshing!

          • It was really crowded with everybody out buying for their yards.

            Oh, and Byrdie’s back! Yay!!!

          • Ya i saw that!! Im so happy!!

          • Yay! for Byrdie being back.

        • My friend’s parents love to garden, when they go looking for plants they say they’re going honky tonkin’. I always thought that was funny, thought I’d share.

          • That’s funny!

  42. Any interesting news today?

    • not that I know of.

  43. Holla for a dolla, ladies!

    That was such a sweet message from Byrdie! I love that I’m “EP’s BFF”. Hahaha

    I love the smell of tomato plants, EyeC!

    • Hi BFF, I thought it was so funny that Byrdie called you that. I’m sure she considered it a great compliment.

      • Hey, I think it’s awesome that I even got included! I’ve only talked to her once, and for like 3 seconds! That’s how good I am. I make an impression after 3 seconds.

        • lol, true enough.

    • HI Jenny!

      • Hey Tara, what’s up tonight?

        • My computer is being SO lame right now! Seriously the only website that will function right now is this one. Must be a sign!

          What about you?

          • Definitely a sign.

            Not much, I’m boring tonight. I’m craving something, but I don’t know what.

          • Ah I hate that! Its like you really want it but you dont know what it is! LOL

    • Hiya Jenny. They are very specific.

      • Yeah, they are. I love the smell of a green house too. Especially when it has tomato plants.

        • We’re going to have to cut down our group of aspen trees in out front yard and it will feel so empty.

          • No, really?! That’s so sad.

            I remember my parents tried to cut down a tree in our front yard while they were paving our old driveway, when we lived in town, and I refused to let them. I bawled and bawled, and they left it.

            I get attached to random things.

          • That is really random.

          • Well, you know me and trees…. These have all died. It seems that aspens have a limited span when they are out of their natural environment. I heard that anyway.

          • LOL EP, I’m very random.

            That’s sad, EyeC. I don’t know much about trees.

          • We just have mesquite trees which are really hideous, oh wait, we have an oak tree. I guess the oak is pretty.

          • The mighty oak. I love their little acorns.

  44. Kings of Leon are performing Use Somebody on TV!!! Yay! They are making it big time.

  45. Afternoon ladies

    • Hey Lizzie, how are you today?

    • Hey Lizzie! How are you feeling after the massage yesterday? All loose?

      • A little battered, but my muscles were really sore so needed to be knotted out, I do feel looser though! How is the sleep thing working or not working for you?

        • Sorry this took so long to reply to…

          But the sleep thing still isn’t working for me! Eventually I’ll just become so tired I’ll pass out. I feel like Bella in WA.

    • Hiya Lizzie.

    • Hi Lizzie!!

  46. Sorry EP but I just ahev tp dp this .

    OMG OMG OMG OMG EyeC, you didn’t tell me i needed to drop everything and fall in love with F****dup Stripper Edward, I started last night and am now about half way. loving The Red Line.

    I have decided quite clearly I have a thing for F****dup Edwards, first WA and now this.

    • sorry when I get excited the typos get even worse if that is possible. LMAO

    • Lizzie, I don’t care if you talk about fanfic.

    • Yay!!! I’m so glad you’re loving this Edward. I love him so much and I want him to become a real live boy! Doesn’t this storyline have a little of everything in it? Psychology, sex, education about the life of a stripper and a sub, sex, a love story that grows, sex, a thriller, sex, trauma, sex, major parent trouble, sex…well, just everything!

      • Does that fanfic have sex in it?

        • Uh, yeah…

          • Think of beautiful Edward stripper sex.

          • trust me i have been!

          • lol me too.

      • adoring it, except for the little dream diversion was so happy to see that it was just a dream, I am trying not to spoil it for anyone else!

        • That dream could have ruined the whole effect she was going for but she made it fit into the story. By the way, she’s going to write a sequel because she can’t leave the characters behind.

          • Ecellent, even though I don’t know how it ends yet, was so tempted to read the last chapter before I went out this morning so that I could go out but resisted, May be a late night tonight!

          • DON’T READ THE END! Just go along for the ride.

  47. Random Thoughts:

    I just got off the phone with my other BFF, I didn’t think she’d ever shut up. I should probably feel guilty about saying that.

    My Jack Daniel’s Lemonade bottle has a 21+ notice on the lid, I would think that by virtue of the fact that it’s Jack Daniels you would know it has alcohol in it, regardless of it being lemonade.

    The NASCAR race this weekend it in Concord, NC. I used to live 2 miles from that track and I miss it. Sad panda.

    • Jack Daniels lemonade, seriously?

      • Don’t judge. I’m also watching NASCAR and I believe you read my mention of missing North Carolina.

        • not judging just never heard of it. So if you were originally a NC girl do you have the southern accent going on or the Texas twang going on?

          • I’m a Texas girl, that moved to NC and back to Texas, but I’d prefer to be in NC. My accent is Texas, though I don’t have much of one.

    • what does it taste like and is it still clear?

      • It tastes like lemonade/ ice beer with a little Jack in it. It’s lemonade colored.

        • weird, we of course have alcopops, but i don’t recall seeing a JD lemonade before

          • I had it at the last race I went to, I had a hard time finding it at the store.

        • It sounds good.

          • I love it and I can buy it at the grocery store until midnight, when I forget that the liquor store closes at 9.

      • It is actually really good!

    • What was she talking about?

      I don’t like Jack Daniel’s, but I’ve only ever done straight shots. It didn’t taste good.

      Awwe, my sad panda. Think about the 40 year old man, and you’ll be happy to be safe in Texas.

      • 40 yo man?

        • When I lived in NC, a 40 something man hit shamelessly on me outside of a mall. I went in the mall to get away from him and he was waiting when I came out. I lied and told him I was engaged.

          • I sort of did that once, I was on a train going to one of my (male) BFF wedding in Italy, language was a bit of a barrier but finally I got the message across to Mr Unwanted that I was on my way to a wedding, he ended up thinking it was mine, so when BFF met me at the other end BFF just went with it as Mr Unwanted insisted on getting all my luggage off just to make sure if it was true i think. Italians can be persistent!

          • Wow. I think creepy mall dude got the message when I took off running.

      • Her job, her boyfriend, not Rob. It wasn’t interesting. (Kidding I love her)

        Oh BFF, you can’t drink it straight. It’s not my favorite by any means, but I love this lemonade stuff.

        In Texas 13 year old boys hit on me. But, that dude was persisitant and gross.

        • All BFFs who don’t love Rob are boring. Fact.

          I should try the lemonade stuff. I wonder if they sell it in Canada? We can buy some for the hotel when you come.

          True, I guess you can’t escape being hit on inappropriately no matter where you go. Guess that means I’ll have to pick up the slack when you come to Van city. Would your BFF hitting on you be inappropriate enough?

          • She’s my really anti-Rob BFF, she doesn’t even know I’ve met him.

            I don’t know if you can get it in Canada. I guess we’ll find out.

            That might be the most inappropriate, nope you’re legal. Okay, 13 yr old wins most inappropriate, 40 something dude wins creepiest and you win most wtf.

          • She doesn’t even know you met Rob?! And you call her a BFF?

            I’ll look around. They probably sell different stuff in BC, anyway.

            Yes! I love winning!

          • I couldn’t bring myself to tell her, but she’s been my BFF for 24 years.


            Congrats then.

  48. Hey J-m you kwwo you are going to have to get the sleep sorted right, after all Rob may not have read WA and know that is what is happening to you when he meets you

    • True. And lack of sleep doesn’t leave someone looking the most attractive.

      But I guess I could work on my cookie baking skills. If only Rob loved cookies…

      Maybe I could learn how to make hot pockets.

      • well you could just chop carrots for him to microwave…

        • That doesn’t sound very good at all.

      • Darn that Rob and his not liking sweets!

        I made the quesadillas tonight and brushed them with olive oil and they were flaky like a Hot Pocket!

        • That sounds so good.

          • Yeah. And I made the guacomole–gotta have the avocado!

          • Ok. So I’m having avocado tomorrow.

        • I really want to come to dinner at your house, you are always tempting us with things you haev made, Mr EyEC is a lucky man.

          • I like to cook usually but some days I get weary of it. He helps quite a bit. And does the shopping. So that’s fine with me.

  49. Good news, FN said she is Ok following her op. She is off exercise for a week, but her internet is playing up so still can’t join us!

    • Ah man! I miss FN!!

      • she said she misses us too.

        Hey T did you see we both did the massage thing yesterday, I laughed when I saw that.

    • Aw, being off exercise but internet being wonky is like a cruel joke.

      • Agree. Not just for her but for us too.

        • That’s true, I miss FN.

        • yep

  50. @ Lizzie: Ya I saw that! Too funny! How was yours? Mine left me feeling a little sore!

    • still feeling it today but I needed it, I never say ow (stupid but afraid to hurt their feelings) so instead i normally end up in agony, each time I work myself up to say somehting they inevitablly move on from the spot that hurts so don’t end up saying anything and they stay at the ow pressure! I do love a massage though.

      • ya this lady was the only one that ever made me feel sore. I love getting them too! But I dont like to pay for them so I make my boyfriend buy me gift certificates! lol

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