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Speculation about Robert Pattinson

Lovin' the hoodie. Did you hit up a new thrift store while in LA? This looks to be $2 quality...

Lovin' the hoodie. Did you hit up a new thrift store while in LA? This looks to be $2 quality...

Dear Rob,

You know what today is right? It’s Speculation Thursday. You know how we like to start series ’round here and do them 5 times and then forget about them? This is one of those special times. And special times call for special hugs… it’s the least you can do for wishing you the best 23rd birthday EVER yesterday…

Today we’re going to speculate about a bunch of rumors our wonderful readers have sent us. Some of these rumors are actually first-hand experiences, so I’m not sure how much spectulation is needed, but we’re gonna do it anyway. Now you might feel the need to say, “But UC, that topic you wrote about would be better suited over at LTT” but you just need to shush your mouth. I make the rules. I am the boss, and I say even if it isn’t directly linked to you but has to do with Twilight, then it’s good enough for LTR.  Because, let’s face it, Twilight is all about Robert Pattinson, anyway. You think I sit on my ass for hours a day writing just because I like a story about vampires? Um, hell no. I like you. And not for your acting abilities either. (Wow– word vomit. I must still be high from the pot filled, ding dong center of your birthday cake.)

Anyway…. let the speculation begin…

UnintendedChoice who is suddenly craving nachos & funions

  • You’re a sleepy-head: Our dear friend, hisoneandonly, has a friend who called her Sunday morning to let her know “That guy, Robert Pattinson” was on his flight and sitting across from him. After she stopped screaming, she asked if he got a picture or captured your drool in an airtight container. He replied no because: #1, he’s a dude. #2, they were sitting in first class and #3 you slept the entire time. Aww… I know what those Robstens are saying, but I think you were sleepy Robbie because you were up all night penning a new song for my birthday next month, right? That’s my speculation!
  • Sam Bradley may try to hit on you next time you see him: So we have a Nashville spy who was at Sam Bradley & Bobby’s Long’s show last month.  She happened to see a really odd situation go down. I’ll let her tell it:

Sam has this guy friend who was at the show. I’m not sure what his role is, but his name is Mark. So while we were waiting to meet Sam outside for the “meet and greet,” this bleached-blonde girl with her boobs hanging out and her friends go up to Sam & Mark. They were telling Sam they would get him free drinks if he made out with his friends, so Sam gave a few pecks to his male friend. Yes he did! I had my camera pointing at them, while hiding behind my sister so they wouldn’t see me, and he did it like three times and I had my mouth open watching and forgot to click. It happened so fast. I was so confused as to why he kept  kissing him really quickly and then would look at the nashwhores, so I guess they weren’t satisfied. That’s why they kissed three times.

Well then the friend Mark (who was British) enjoyed another make out session with one of the girls so she could get free drinks. Also, Mark dressed like a Jonas brother, but that is besides the point.  After Mark makes out with the bleach blonde girl, she turns to her friends and says “you guys owe me drinks,” and Mark looks like he completed his mission in coming to America.

Sam kissed a guy for free booze! I get it. One time a guy promised me a jagermeister hat if I flashed a video camera. I was offended. But then he said it was for educational purposes and would never leave his home but he might show it to his “doctor” friends. That was different. So I did it. I can never pass up free beer hats. I’m gonna speculate that Sam is not gay, but might just be a bit broke and in need of the free booze.

  • Access Hollywood reads us on a daily basis: One of our original gals, Carter, kindly informed us of a pretty huge thing for LTT/LTR that we missed out on a few months back. Remember when we showed the first deleted scene from Twilight on 3/5/09 (I know you have all your fav blog post dates memorized)? Well, as always, all the gals and 2 unicorns kicked it with hilarious comments, such as: Labtwerd at 5:53pm “That man is like melted butter on my bagel.” and Soccermom at 8:56pm “Rob could be kissing a pig and I’d be turned on!” and Vanessaj at 10:26pm “I keep replaying it over and over….his eyes, his mouth, his expressions…….*sigh* *thud*… Might be time for that cold shower.”
    The very next day, Access Hollywood showed THIS special clip:

Yep, Access Hollywood stole our comments (Thanks for the credit, by the way..) I speculate that Access Hollywood execs are checking LTT & LTR each and every morning when they first log on to their computers and are planning how to surprise The Quad with tickets to the New Moon premiere PLUS a special Quad date with you, Robert Thomas Pattinson the Great.

Oh, we’re not done! After the jump see what our Vancouver spy dug up for us!

  • Paps sit in trees: Our Vancouver spy was at a super secret location where she and her friend where the only non crew members! They had specific instructions of what they could and could not discuss (even to each other) and since New Moon is still called an “Untitled Sports Movie,” they discussed the Quarterback, of course! (Which gives me inspiration for another episode of the series I started the other day “What if Robert Pattinson wasn’t famous.” What if you were a football quarterback?) During the first few hours they were there, a security guard (or at least, a guy with a walkie-talkie) came out of the trees to one side of them and told the person ‘babysitting’ them that he had caught a pap up a tree. I’m gonna speculate that’s because you and Kristen were up there K-I-S-S-I-N-G.
  • twilightstalkerstretchpants

    Click me if you dare

    Set-Stalkers have the worst fashion: I’m not surprised by this tidbit of information, but our Vancouver Spy also took this delightful picture of a set-stalker in stirrup pants, baggy nylons & heels. 100 bucks that this girl also has the Pattinson Tattoo

  • Twilight- Unfriendly to Turkeys: Our Vancouver spy discovered that a turkey farm that was next to Bella’s house had a mass kill before they were going to shoot the scene where Sam finds Bella in the woods. They had to stop production for the whole day. Our spy isn’t sure whether it was because the gobbling of the turkeys would have been too loud or the traffic of the turkey trucks would have been too distracting, but she said you could smell the farm down the road from the set. And there was an entire day’s delay on production because thousands of turkeys were being killed! I’m gonna spectulate that you may have enjoyed a turkey burger that night in your hotel room.
  • Hee, hee, Kristen is pretending to like a fan!

    Hee, hee, Kristen is pretending to like a fan!

    Kristen, gulp, actually likes fans?: One of the van drivers for the cast told our Vancouver spy about one night when Kristen & Rob were filming in North Van.  It was late at night and there were crowds waiting, as usual. It was very cold out.  At the end of filming, sometime early in the morning, Rob & Kristen were leaving and saw two girls who literally had been there ALL night. They were curled up in their sleeping bags to keep warm, and they had fallen asleep. They asked the van driver to pull over and they woke the girls up! I’m gonna spectulate that if there was a chance that Rob was to fall in love with them, despite the fact that they were crazy set stalkers who braved the cold and late hours to meet the cast, he was probably turned off by their morning breath.

  • UC is going to the 100Monkey’s evening show in Southampton, PA on May 23rd: This is a true fact, Rob, and I’d love to get a whole little group of Philly-area LTT/LTRers to go with me.  I have some details, but not much because the show promoters seem to be the WORST EVER. So e-mail me at if you’re interested in meeting up! We’ll work out details.  I spectulate that Jackson will try to get me to wear the banana suit and I’ll say “hell no, but I’ll steal your cell phone and grab Rob’s number!” Update: I’ve firmed up some details, so check it out in the forum. Email me if you want to be on our reservation!



  1. I love speculation Thursday!!!

    Have a great time at the 100 monkeys concert and you soooo should wear the banana suit!!! Is Moon crazy jealous that you get to see Jackson?

    • The guy in the banana suit is Marty, their manager 🙂

      • oh thank you. i will speak to him by name:)

      • The bananager.

    • she better not be jealous. she’s seen him, plus she lives in LA and has a chance to see EVERYONE. she also stood NEXT to Kellan at a 100monkey’s concert once and STILL hasn’t’ blogged about it. UGH!

      • Well, can I be jealous?? Super duper jealous??
        I think there is little chance they will come visit me in Germany.

        • I think you should totally show up to the concert
          wearing a banana suit!

      • tis true! stood next to jackson at the bar while he took a shot and then stood next to kellan (unbeknownst to me for like 10-15 min) at a 100 monkeys show.

        im obviously their biggest fans i havent blogged about it. but i mention it in posts!

        oh I have blogged about the jackson part! HA!

        ps but yea im jealous a little bit. i just love me some jack

  2. I love Speculation Thursday…
    remind me to come back and reread all of these. Because today all my speculation is about Lost. You know me and Lost.

    Don’t judge. Love me through it.

  3. Woah 100 Monkeys concert! Cool beans! Never know, the whole New Moon gang could show up?! Have a great time! Extreme love for Speculation Thursdays. It’s what Thursdays were made for 😀

  4. Wow great post! I like the speculations. So ladies I have been trying to wean myself off Rob and it’s not working. I have been Rob free for 4 days, no wait, 2 days, uummm, 1 day, nope, 12 hours. Oh! who am I trying to kid 2 hours. Everyone clap for me that’s a record. No wait it’s really 30 minutes. Hey does sleeping count, damn forgot the dreams.
    Anyway looking at my breakfast and had a Rob thought, I know genius isn’t it. Please don’t tell my therapist!

    The Similarities between Rob and a bowl of Fruit Loops
    Yes Ladies, I am philosophical!hehehehee
    1. Each one is coated with sweet goodness and very colorful.
    2. The sound of their names gives you that happy grin as you imagine what you will do when you see them.
    3. The thought of them naked in milk makes you lick your lips.
    4. You can never have just one sitting with them. They always leave you wanting more.
    5. They both make your mouth water if you haven’t seen them in a while.
    6. You always get a sudden craving for them out of the blue, never knowing why.
    7. The anticipation of seeing them first thing in the morning gives you sweet dreams.
    8. They are not only appetizing but good for you, in moderation.
    And I know these are a stretch but humor me.
    9. They both start out hard and tenderize as you let them sit in milk.
    10. They both leave a good taste in your mouth.
    Have a good day ladies! I challenge you to compare Rob to your favorite breakfast cereal.

    • Number 3 seriously cracked me up. lol!

    • #3 sounds about right. xo

    • OMG thats too funny, I actually cried!!

      • LMAO! Priceless! Love #3 and #9, LOL!

    • This is fantabulous!!

      I don’t have the strength to stay away from Rob anymore. I don’t even try. I’m weak. Plus, I just love y’all way too much. Added bonus!

    • Makeitreal, you are genius!!! That is seriously one well thought out list! He is impossible to resist….

  5. ew. did kristen put her finger into his mouth in the meadow scene? eeeew. “there´s something between your teeth!”

  6. OMFG!
    How did I miss that!?

    Are you going to the 100 Monkeys show?!?!?! I’m going the show on the 23rd!

    • yes! that one! email me!

      • I am going to be at the 100 Monkeys concert on the 23rd!!!! I am crazy excited!!!!! hello J.Action!

        I am going to try not to 2nd hand embarrasses anyone!

  7. Okay…just read the rest of the post!

    I am going with my bff Steph and we are driving 12 hours to get there!
    It’s my 2nd monkeys show and I cannot freaking wait!

    • oh.. i think you DID already email me:) i’ll write you back in a bit!

      • i hope rob enjoyed his birthday yesterday! So i told you guys i had to write an essay(the one about rob), and i got an A!!! I think its ’cause my teacher is a big twilight/rob fan….. Hugs and kisses, kim oxox

    • I am driving 12 hours as well!!!!!

  8. “Shush your mouth. I am the boss. I make the rules.”

    Soooooooooooooomeone has being reading The Dominant and went all Domward on us! You went out and bought a flogger, too, didn’t you?

    • no! not at all! I’m just a very bossy person:)

  9. Going to jet out this moment and buy the set stalker stirrups and stilettos! Really wish I could see the rest, because OBVIOUSLY this is how you hook The Rob.

    I’m thinking black mesh see thru shirt with red bra, giant gold hoop earrings, extra ‘Twilght’ perfume, fake nails, spray tan, an ‘Edward’ cuff, extra blush, ‘Alice’ choker ‘etc….something subtle, that’s says, I didn’t put much effort into this because I’m not really here for YOU, just casually found myself here (didn’t really even want to come) and if I’m this naturally pretty NOW, imagine how FAB I am when I TRY!

    You know, like that.

    Perhaps..I don’t know…what happened to just running out the door in my three day old jeans that have no shape left, no bra, tee shirt I slept in, and telling Rob where to put his tongue? No?
    Too Much? Normal. Right.

    • I was laughing at the Stirrup Chick and then I saw her calves. She could totally kick my ass!! Like Chuck Norris style.

      And your outfit is perfect and EXACTLY what he would want. You should be a stylist.

      • As “the Vancouver spy”, I can tell you that my money would be on YOU, despite never having met you – she was only about 5 feet tall .. and her calves would be tired because she was part of the crowd that stood for HOURS to catch a 4 second glimpse of “Jessica” walking towards Bella during the going-to-the-movie scene. (This was not the same Bella’s house visit).

    • love it! rob wants to see you in that

    • @ sassysmart – Yes, perhaps best not to toy with this woman. She’d break me like a snarky toothpick. A stylist! Aw! *snort* xo That is srsly what I’m wearing.

      @ bikechick – dude! don’t encourage me, I’m like one enable away from actually doing this sh*t. Still, if you’ve got money on me, I’m happy to promote your gambling habit and oblige?

      @ UC – He DOES doesn’t he! xo Doesn’t know know what he’s missing. Poor uniformed boy.

  10. P.S. I’m in Toronto, would love to attend the show in PA, but alas, don’t think I’ll be able to drive down. Shame really. I don’t drink. However, the thought of throwing back a few with some RL Robettes is so delightful. 😦 Have a blast!

  11. “she asked if he got a picture or captured your drool in an airtight container.”


    “They asked the van driver to pull over and they woke the girls up!”

    Awwwww! 🙂

    Stirrup pants. NOOOO! What is up with some of these fans?

    “UC is going to the 100Monkey’s evening show in Southampton, PA on May 23rd”

    No way!!! That is AWESOME! You will TOTALLY only be 1 degree from Rob!

  12. Yes UC steal his cell phone!!! Get the number and then sell it for as much as possible!!! 🙂

  13. P.S. This is my 1st time ever seeing that CRAZY pic of the Pattinson tattoo…OMG that’s just straight up bananas/insane/stalker!!! And not to mention UBER creepy!!!

  14. WIN!!! WIN!!! WIN!!!


    “Now you might feel the need to say, “But UC, that topic you wrote about would be better suited over at LTT” but you just need to shush your mouth.”

    Yes Ma’am!! 😀

    I ❤ Speculation Thursday.

  15. I Love Speculation Thursdays!

    Just saw this-

  16. Just saw this from Robsessed-

  17. dangit UC!! Im going to the 100 Monkeys show in Philly on the 17th… this Sunday…

    Anyone else going to that show?

    • did you get tickets? i saw it was sold out.. i’d rather go to the philly shows…

      • If it’s the Kung Fu Neck Tie show, they are totally sold out.

  18. SHUTUP! UC and MOON you girls are going BIGTIME! haha access Hollywood.

    Hmmm bet they had to “filter” through some of the comments hahaha

    • Oh yes, they did. They took out all the “THUD”s and the “I.AM.DIED.”s to make coherent comments for the TV clip…

      • Well personally those are some of the best bits if you ask me haha

  19. The CIA has nothing on you, UC. Both you and Moon are the snarkiest bitches I know [I mean that in a good way]. Here’s a tip, at the 100 Monkees show dress like a dude and hangout in the men’s loo. As much beer as those boys consume eventually they’ll have to drain the pipes and your trusty cell phone camera will catch the real Magella sans tuck, if you know what I’m sayin’. You won’t catch THAT on ET.

    • hahaha… no, I think that they probably all go in the loo and do The Tuck between sets!

  20. UC and Moon,

    As I am the one who informed you of the AccessHollywoodGate, I think it’s only fair that I get to go with you to the premiere.


    • and get first crack at Rob in the limo.

    • you’re right Carter. I will inform the execs at AH.

      Execs at AH- make that FIVE tickets…

  21. I bet that day on the flight he took about half a Valium… 😛 You know… to get over the terror flight and i bet it worked like a DO NOT DISTuRB sign also! LOL

  22. How long is that flight from LA to Vancouver?

  23. The AccessHollywood people annoy me. Nuff said.

    As for Stirrup girl, she has to be about 33-38 because there is no younger woman in her right mind that would have sported that out of the house thinkin it worked. I also wonder if she forgot how stirrup pants come down when you sit, and always get those “knee” bulges, oh, and when you get back up you always had to hike them back up around your waist…OH>>>I mean, man, she’s crazy for wearing that shit, I’ve never worn a pair.

    Death to the 90’s…or at least it’s fashion.

    • As a 37 year old women I would like to state that it is nothing to do with age but rather a remarkably bad sense of fashion. It happens, its wrong, she’s just another candidate for great shows like “what no the wear” and “fashion jury”

    • sorry, stirrup girl was under 20 for sure.

  24. I am loving that hoodie pic by the way!
    Look at his lips…..RAWR!

  25. I’m sorry, I died right after the hoodie. Will read today’s post once my heart is restarted!

  26. You little rant/word vomit was amazing. You sounded just like me when I go off on my kids about not picking up their dirty socks. LOL!

    Really the stirrup pants WITH hose? wow.

    and you better make the 6 tickets to the premier because, well, Me and Carter, we are I have to go with her. Plus, I think it would be a nice gift for the mods 🙂 You know, thanks for all your help, now you get to ride Rob for a while….so shit, what are we up to now…11 tickets? haha….I’m not kidding.

    ❤ heehee 🙂

  27. I really wish I could go see 100 monkeys. I love jackson. But they never come anywhere near here. And I can’t believe AccessHollywood didn’t give credit, those were the exact same comments. oh well i be they’re reading this right now.

  28. I loved the post and your word vomit. I am a little confused about the tag, “Kenny’s in Southampton”, but then I realized that that must be SouthHampton, PA and not in NY. Mystery solved.

  29. @labtwerd – I love “five dollar footlong”…lmao!!!

    @UC – you’re amazing and if I ever go visit my cousin who lives in PA we have to meet up


  30. wow,i love accesshollywoodgate!i remember our speculations the next next day after that aired! yoohoo soccermom and labwerd,youare famous now around these parts!!!

    oh,AH execs,make that 12 tickets,i’ll fly all the way from the mideast if i have to!

    • (arms raised)

      Woot woot!

  31. Wow, UC and Moon. Your little site has just become insane with life. So many little robants running around the hill these days:)

  32. I now love Thursdays! Thank you UC!

    And, here’s some Robbie love:

  33. I have no idea what the story was about[Sam’s Kisses] because I was picturing Sam pecked Mark. I couldn’t honestly. I couldn’t read it with a logical mind. But think our lurking celeb is very kinky, is it im all hot for him.

    I dont have any drink at house but we can order take out and we can go out later for a drink and make our very own Kiss/Make-Out Session Games…..And who knows one thing leading to the another*wink wink*. I told you Sam, my love is pure unless you want more. Why you ask? Well you have to first move.


    • im seriously annoyed with myself for my grammer mistakes. read it anyway, im sure you can fill in the gaps[missed out words]

  34. I just read over at spunk ransom that Taylor is beating Rob in the “MTV Best Breakthrough Performance Male” category by 4%. So go over there and vote over and over for Rob!

  35. oh, dear god. I grew up in Southampton, and Kenny’s is worse than the flaming gates of hell. But, I’m thinking there will be hoards of us there anyway, just to see Jack-sper.

    • oh gosh girl… i KNEW it would be.. reminds me of what “reeds’ Is like in Blue Bell…

    • there will be hoardes of twilighters…ones wearing Twilight shirts even and yelling JAAAAAAASPER! At least that’s how it was at the show I went to in Feb….

      That man is beautiful though. Not in a sextacular way like Rob…but he is amazing in his own way….

      • I solemnly vow to not wear anything Twilight related…
        How was the show you went to? Im going to be seeing them twice so I hope they are good!

        • AMAZING!

          Jackson is gah. Delicious….as are the other members of the band. And they are honestly, the nicest guys. Ben G. has this smile that literally eats up his head and makes the sun shine….

          I’m hoping they do an improv set again….they ask the audience for song ideas, and we scream ideas out….and they just make up a song, on the spot….

  36. omg..that access hollywood comment video is tooooo funny..i cant believe we missed that!!

  37. Is it sad that I have heard everyone of those speculations already. Oh gosh, I better get a RL soon. No wait, this one is sooo much more fun!

    I remember watching that AH when it originally appeared and thinking, “Geez, were they reading our comments.” Cause really, only we are clever enough to think of things like that. Tweenies ain’t got nothing on our wit!

  38. Funny when Access Hollywood and Ted C. are coming to you for news about Rob instead of the other way around. And we already know Sam and Rob come here to read. Hmmm….who’s got the power here? Ummm, yeah, I think it’s UC and moon, that’s who! Keep crackin’ that boss whip, UC and you might have all of Hollywood knockin’ on your blog door for Rob news. *wink*

    • *WAVING* hi spunkers!!!! wow,i heard you and Ted c are BFF’s soo impressed! *bows down* you are the best!

      • Hi Sherin! LOL! I think UC and moon have me beat in the overall claim to fame. I miss you! Where you hangin’ these days in forum? You should PM me and keep in touch! Hope you are doing well! Feels like forever since I posted with you!

  39. Great Letter Today!!!

    I must have been too enchanted by Simba’s presence to even know about what went down with Sam and the making out.
    @Jbell or Chinamother did u guys know about it??

    • *waves * simba’s one true love!!!! how are you! *smooches*

  40. I’m happy to see his dad came (left, brown jacket) for his birthday! Bet his mom was there to.

    • Ahhh!! That’s so sweet. Richard looks so cute. 🙂

    • Oh Rob, those shoes are so – um – wrong. Did you pick those up at WalMart when you got your $2 hoodie? I think my husband had a pair of those in the early 90s that he wore with HIS black blazer to random dressy functions. But he didn’t wear the hoodie underneath. You certainly have your own sense of style Mr Pattinson. And we love every bit of it.

    • awww thats my ehem *clears throat*…future dad-in-law??? aww he is so cute

    • That is sooo cool! I’m really glad he had family in town for his birthday. Does my heart good.

  41. Maybe I’m overthinking this, but I have been wondering just how Robsten woke up the sleeping bag fans. Did they just roll down the windows and shout “hey you!”? Did they get out of the car and slam the door a little too loudly on purpose? Did they prod them in the back with the toe of their Nikes? Gently shake them awake?

    As much as I would love to see Rob looking over at me when I opened my eyes I’m glad it wasn’t me. With my luck I’d be all snoring, mouth open, drool glistening on my chin. Not the image I want to leave him with.

  42. Can I just get a little sappy on you ladies today (read: PMSing) and say that I’m so proud (and a little frightened) to be a small part of something so witty and fabulous that it gets quoted and referenced by the likes of Access Hollywood and Eonline. I remember when Carter told me on Twitter that those AH comments were from LTR – I was in disbelief. I knew we were funny but funny enough to be quoted on national TV (and I use the term “we” loosely as I was a lurker at the time that AH came out)?!

    Wow – so proud (and scared – I have talked about some pretty freaky things on here, after all).

    • hehehe…haven’t we all said some pretty scary/raunchy/inappropriate things??

      • amen to that.i bet the AH and Eonline lurkers got a kick out of reading our post thats why all three of the comments came from can bet your left leg and 25-year-house mortgage those comments did not come from twilightmoms.

        • Here, here!

          Twimoms, we are not….

    • @WTM: totally with you on that. And the fact that Access Hollywood quotes us says lenghts as to our WITS, our DEDICATION…and well, the fact that they are in the business but can’t say a thing in their own words..

      we have loads of words…and a lot more…all for HHH…

    • moon & i get sappy all the time.. b/c we just wanted to have a little fun with ourselves, being across the country from each other, and a few other twi-loving friends. and somehow major media outlets laugh at/with us. there are more, too. we know they’re here.. helloooo we seeee youuuuu! 🙂

    • @WTM
      Talked about some pretty freaky things on here?
      Why whatever could you mean? cougheatabananaforbreakfastwhilethinkingofRobspeeneverymorningcough
      Really I have no idea what you are talking about, WTM.
      I never say anything freaky here on LTR. I mean, telling Rob to drop by my house regarding computers is so boring. And who cares if it’s so I can give him some instructions about his harddrive working my Inbox. That’s Normal. Freaky? Pffftt.

  43. TGIThursday!

    Hoodie pic = Hell, yes!

    I didn’t see this AH video until now (I’m person who lives is slomo… hehee)


  44. Tag -> animal cruelty. Ha ha ha! Those poor turkeys.

    • yeah,the tags are freaking hilarious!! moon,UC,who comes up with these things??

      • we hire someone to do our tags for us.

        jk. if i tagged my comments that would be tagged as “big fat lie”

  45. a little video I took for JustGotWicked and UC….and anyone else who loves on Jackboner…

    Little snack/preview for the 23rd…..

    • whoa…didn’t mean to imbed the video….

  46. UC in THE Banana Suit? lol 🙂

    Pics or it didn’t happen…..

    Jealous cannot join you, am on wrong coast…..


  47. Ello!!! I’m the tweleve year old who suggested that rob’s b-day pres be 6 hours, a pair of TTTTTIIIIIGGGGGHHHHHTTT leather pants.

    Rob lookes sooo cute in the little zip-up hoodie.

    But I have a Q:

    My best friend said she met Rob in NY, on march 14th. My question was is that possible? I heard he was not in the United States.

  48. #2 was HELLA FUNNY! Sam loves his booze! lol

    #7 was sweet but I’m like 99.9% sure that it was Rob that asked the van driver to stop so they could wake the girls up (mostly because Rob is such a sweetie) and because lets face it Kristen doesn’t “like” the crazy fangirls she tolerates them

  49. Anyone want to play?

    • obviously too early for my late night lovelies and lurkers. So I will leave you with a little love instead:

      @J-m, I had a 30 min back, shoulders and neck massage at lunch felt fantastic, give it a try may help with the sleep.
      @EyeC, how are the hands?
      @EP, the Robstens are up to 46 pages of comments in the forum
      @Tara, say hi to the BF for me
      @Gen (if she pops in) can you leave me a raybans pic *for later*
      @FN miss you muscles.

      Apologies to anyone else i missed. ❤

      • Hello Lizzie….

      • I’m jealous, Lizzie. I’ve never had a professional massage. But I’m really ticklish (the deep muscle ticklish, not the light feathery ticklish), so I don’t know how much I could actually relax during a real massage. I may start thrashing about uncontrollably, and not because of Rob.

  50. Just thought I’d drop this off- hee hee

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