Posted by: themoonisdown | May 7, 2009

These are a few of my favorite things… Rob Pattinson style Vol. 1

Dear Rob-

Just like Julie Andrews sang to the scared Von Trapp children during a thunder storm… These are a few of my favorite things… about you…

That Smile – I mean come on you’re making us all weak in the knees with that business… use it wisely!

The Laugh
– it’s so infectious I can’t help but want to laugh right along with you. Keep laughing cause this whole thing is absurd. And seriously dude there are people out there making Pattinson Pants if you don’t laugh at that you’ll cry!

Underpants – Everytime you say the word ‘underpants’ an angel gets it’s wings. True story. At least in my world they do because it’s one of the funniest things you say… next to hAHmburgAH. Seriously if someone would just loop you saying underpants and hamburger repeatedly it would be the best birthday gift EVER (ahem!) and I would die in a fit of giggles. It would be my new instant fail button! HIT IT!*

You with a beard – I think we’ve waxed poetic enough about this beard but sweet baby Jesus in the manger this is one of my favorite pictures of you.

SUUUUUKKKKIIIIRRRR– the fact that you are a sort of star now but can still laugh at yourself enough to go along with weird Japanese game/chat show hosts is refreshing and says a lot about you. I feel like you’d be a good time on the dance floor or in a game of charades. Sounds like: two words: 4 syllables: PATTINSON PANTS!

Someday I’ll be a video nerd and will put all these favorite things to music… can you imagine his maniacal laugh mixed with Maria singing “door bells and sleigh bells and schnitzel with noodles!?” Amazing. Someday! In our time, people!

To be continued…

When the dog bites, when the bee stings, when I’m feeling saaaad I simply remember my favorite things and then I don’t feeeeeel SOOO BAAADD!

PS my other favorite thing?? Oh you know just the FORUM! 😉

*Speaking of We ❤ Instant Fail and Instant Fail ❤ us! Big hellos to Cory and his pal Sara!!! If you missed Monday’s post at LTT please do HIT IT now! :D*


  1. Is it bad that I keep refreshing my page waiting for today’s letter because they make me happy, and make me laugh, and grin, and smile……and feel good:)

    Thanks girls, you’re the best 🙂

    • nope THATS NORMAL! and im glad you wait around to see what we try to come up with each day! that makes it worth it!

  2. LOL. I LOVE the Sound of Music reference.

    Those are some of my favorite things as well.

    There are also many others…but…well…I think I’ll keep those to myself coughcrotchcough.

    • OOh, and Moon, how could you leave out the jaw….???? GOOD LORD, the JAW!!! I love the jaw. Wanna run my tongue along the jaw.

      • Or the Hands! Cannot forget the Hand Porn. Although, if we don’t limit ourselves the song will go on forever.

    • VOLUME ONE ladies! we’d be here all day if i did EVERYTHING!

  3. OMG, his laugh!!!

    I love that unaffected giggle 🙂

    That interview is SOOOOOOOOO worth watching again. And again.

  4. summergirl is right…that laugh! I was cracking up along with him.

    Robcrotch is another of my fav things. Oh and what I’d like to do, sorry, back to work.

    Thanks Moon!

  5. @Moon Twinners!!!
    That pic of scruffy Rob is one of my fav pics ever.
    Every time I see it I just wanna take him camping. It would be just me and Rob in the mountains roughing it. We are gonna have a blast. I have no idea how to do any camping things and I’m sure Rob doesn’t either. Oh…. imagine all the shenanigans that will ensue. Can’t u just see Rob trying to pitch our tent while smoking a Ciggy and holding a Heiney in one hand. The f-bomb will be a dropping. Rob tries to start the fire with copies of all the ragmags his been on the cover of. He only brought a Bic lighter and it’s pretty windy. Again the f-bomb will be a dropping.
    Now it’s time for dinner. The only thing he brings are Hot Pockets. Dude, we can’t cook Hot Pockets over the fire. He’s says eff it and grabs the bottle of Wild Turkey and downs the whole bottle. Now Rob is all drunk and grumpy from his attempts set up camp. I take him to our sorta set up tent and have my way with him. Camping with Rob = Epic Win!!!

    • LOL!! camping with Grizzly Rob, that would be quite an adventure!! now that scene will be stuck in my head, and make me smile all day!!

    • “Rob trying to pitch our tent while smoking a Ciggy and holding a Heiney in one hand”

      I ❤ you for that mental picture *bowing before you*. Genius.

    • twinners! i need to get this one blown up for my fireplace too. at the end of all this pic blowing up my house will be wallpapered in rob and curtains upolstered in pattinson pants.

      CAMPING!!! loves.

      • @beer-me- Glad I can bring a smile to your face. I’m going be laughing about Camping Rob all day today.

        @la vie est belle I ❤ your face too. 🙂

        @Moon- LOL!! I can see your beautifully decorated home now. HHH face covering ever square inch of your house. Too Funny.

    • I want to woo The Beard, take it home with me and make a baby with it. What?

      I love the idea of Camping Rob. I could teach him some camping skillz.

    • Hilarious Carrie! “I just wanna take him camping.” That sentence alone cracked me up! Yes I can see Rob ‘pitching a tent’!!! LMAO…

  6. I love that video of Rob on the Japanese show. It kills me with laughter every time!

  7. Gah, when’s New Moon filming over? The beard needs to come back like yesterday. I’ve never seen that picture. Where have I been?!

    Infinitely HOT.

    • Yes, when is filming over? Are they off to Italy on the 25th May? Does this means no Twilight people at MTV Movie Awards?

      Anyone know?

      • Oh crap, I never thought about the Italy
        filming preventing them from going!
        They have to come to the MTV Movie Awards, they just have to!!!

  8. Ask and you shall receive, Moon. You KNOW thy one of the beautiful LTR girls is going to make you a video now. 🙂

    UnderpAHnts, CheeseburgAHs & Love

    • Can’t wait to see this!

  9. There are many songs in The Sound of Music that now instantly come to mind…

    Climb Ev’ry Mountain. (ahem.)

    Something Good. (yep.)

    Lonely Goatherd.
    (Because that song is full of “Lay.” Is all I’m sayin’.)

    • “Wait! Did you say Goat?”

      Still laughing at this Twilight Theatre — thanks Calli ❤

    • if you sing edelweiss to me i will cry. no joke.

    • OMG Leigh Anne! YES! inspired.

  10. Wow

    Scruffy Rob

    I’m feeling a little faint

    Just when I think it can’t get any better…


  11. ‘Underpants’…I haven’t heard that since forever…I think its my new favorite word LOL 🙂 Thanks girls!!!

  12. I had forgotten about the “underpants” interview. I use to get teased for calling them underpants when I was a little girl..


    Oh wait I am!!

  13. I loooove his skin, his “English Rose”, pale, sometimes pinkish skin.
    I could just bite him.

  14. I LOOOVVEE today’s post! WEEEEE!

    “Everytime you say the word ‘underpants’ an angel gets it’s wings. True story.”

    “I feel like you’d be a good time on the dance floor or in a game of charades. Sounds like: two words: 4 syllables: PATTINSON PANTS!”

    LMAO! Love it!

    • i think i hear angels fluttering around!!!! 😉

  15. Speaking of the forum, make sure you all check out the video section under “All Rob, All the Time” under “Proceed with Caution: Hot Shiz Ahead” under “Hot Vids of our Man” as I’ll be posting videos….some rare, some new, some old, some borrowed and some blue—wait….yeah, um, I’ll be posting some vids! 😉 I’m trying to do something daily but sometimes RL prevents. So if it’s not daily it’ll be a few times a week at the least and if anyone has any requests or suggestions throw me a line!

    • YEAAAA videos!!!!!!!!!!! jena rules the video section with all her tasty delights!

      • I have a treat for tonight, will post this evening.

  16. hot vids of our man are always welcome!!!

  17. what about his long fingers? that’s one of my fave things about him. i’ve seen him stroke the piano keys… i can only imagine him stroking me with them digits.

  18. I used to get teased for saying ‘underpants’, too!! (British parents in America) I may have to reincorporate it into my lingo, so one more thing in my life can randomly make me think of Rob.


    Love. The. Beard.

    that is all.

    • “Underpants” is way better than “drawers” LOL!

      • I like “knickers” best. Has Rob ever said “knickers” in an interview?

    • i hate HATE HATE the word panties with the firey depths of hell so i’ve always said underpants or underwear.

  19. “The laugh – it’s so infectious I can’t help but want to laugh right along with you. Keep laughing cause this whole thing is absurd.”

    That’s exactly what happens to me, he laughs and all of the sudden I’m laughing too for no good reason but to just see him laughing. And then, the unexplainable happens: I get a goofy smile for the next half an hour lol

    And yes, when I’m feeling sad I simply remember my favorite things (of Rob) and then I don’t feel so bad! LOL

  20. The beard is perfect. Something about this pic reminds me of Ewan McGregor. Rob is ten zillion times hotter, but still…

    And Moon didn’t mention all of his awesome attributes so that she could leave the door open for another post including even MORE of her favorite things about him, I’m guessing. We’re getting just a wee taste so that we keep coming back for more. As if we could ever have our fill of Robbie. Never gonna happen.

    • ding ding ding!! pat tell em what we have for our winner steph?!

      why it’s a NEW WASHER DRYER!!!!!!!!!!!!

  21. I swear I jizz my pants every time I see a picture of The Beard.

    The Beard haunts my dreams and makes me squirm during the night.

    I worship The Beard.

    • LMAO

    • I ❤ your face for that!!!

    • Can’t say it any better than what @Too_Far_Gone said…so…DITTO.

      “I worship The Beard.”
      Me likey. I think I will get that made into a shirt and wear it everyday.

  22. OHHHH Moon…I am speechless at your ability to worship God and Rob in the same sentence. I love you.

    “I think we’ve waxed poetic enough about this beard but sweet baby Jesus in the manger this is one of my favorite pictures of you.”

    • just combining a few of my favorite things 😀

      it must be a gift!

  23. Oooh ooh what about when he says Mousse in that one interview. “He must wear MOUSSE”. Loop that in too. K?

    And I love when he laughs and clasps his precious little hands together like he’s a little boy. *sigh* Oh no WAIT!! WAIT!! NOT that I like little boys that way or anything. Geez scratch this paragraph. K?

    • paging chris hanson… chris hanson to the comments please.

      • LMAO!!

        • @tiffany

          LOL, when they do a “To Catch a Female Predator” and you are being walked in handcuffs to the car (after being tackled outside of the house), DO NOT give LTR a “shout-out.”

  24. Hmmm… what?!? Sorry, passed out for a moment there. Where am I? All I saw was Rob smiling and then heard his laugh and then I died!!

    And I am going to totally give mad props to JAG now cause she has the AWESOME Rob sexy talk library where you can get .mp3s of such things as “Cheeseburgahs” and “Underphants”. Go, go now!!

    • This is awesome! Thanks Amber!

    • i just don’t know what to say about those voice snippets… very strange.
      ‘sweet baby jesus in a manger’ way too funny.

  25. Am I the only one who fixates on the moles on the side of his neck?

    The first time I saw Twilight, I was front row, so everything was a little distorted, so I fixated on wierd things apparently… But the ‘bite mark’ moles and the one just under his hairline make me smile every time I see them.

    • Oh yeah, I wanna lick those too.

    • You’re not the only one Whiplash. There are a few of us who adore those “freckles”! Two on the left side, one on the right. Soft little kisses all the way from one side to the other……. Mmmmmmmm.

  26. Love it. The infectious laugh is the best.

    How about when he says bouffant? Love it when he says that :o)

    • BTW, that first picture has me weak in the knees. That smile is dangerous.

  27. OME! Rob.with.a.beard… *sigh*
    What can I say? Just bring me the vol.2! Please and thanks!

  28. He can be my Grizzly Adams any day.


  29. good robning people!!!

    rope in when he says apotampkin,will yah?he is too adorable for words,a mixture of boy/man and that SUKIRRRRIIIIIII thing always have me in stitches.what a champ !!!!

  30. Oh. Mah. Gahd. The beard. I LOVE the beard.

    And the laugh! The laugh kills me!

  31. Moon,

    Crazy. I like it but crazy. My fav Rob as everyone knows is drunk Rob. Drunk Rob = Sex Rob. Ask Vedders/Carrie. Its on her siggy.

    Peace out.


    • Drunk Rob does equal some Sexy Rob.
      Here are 2 of my fav Drunk Rob pics-

      • whoa whoa whoa! is that his agent with him in that second picture? quick someone tell her that a middle aged woman does not look good in tights and doc martins… actually go head and tell her no woman looks good in tights and doc martins… This looks like her a mix between her college “party” outfit from 1994 and her easter sunday cardigan that she wore to church circa the same year. What the hell was she thinking when she left the house… Rob you are just as much responsible for this: Friends don’t let Friends leave the house looking like this…

      • gawwhhh I just looked at it again and noticed the green and white stripped shirt… oh dear God
        they both must be blasted out of their minds
        her for dressing like that
        him for being seen with her

      • THE BEST!

  32. THE Laugh of HHH reins supreme!
    Laugh laugh laugh
    Jizz Jizz Jizz!
    It’s infectious and makes me giddy to listen to it.

    Oh and moon
    “sweet baby Jesus in the manger”
    That’s a great new exclamation! LOL!

    And there is nothing better than a fit of giggles over him saying SUUUUKKKKIIIIRRRRR! ROTFLMFAO!!!!!!!! He is such a good sport to have done that!

    Dear Rob,

    Someday when we are old and gray and watching our grandkids run around in the yard. You’ll look over at me and raise your eyebrows and say “SUUUUKKKKIIIIIRRRRR” and I will still LMFAO!!! Then I’ll take you in the bedroom and do your old ass! Cause I’m sure you will still be a fine ass old man!

    Love The Current Come And Get Me While I’m Still Young And Hot Version,

    • Love The Current Come And Get Me While I’m Still Young And Hot Version,

      spunkers i just about expired from laughter after reading that!!! LOL

      • HI Sherin!!!

        • *waves madly* hi carrie!! big fake lezbo kisses for yah this morning!!

      • “Then I’ll take you in the bedroom and do your old ass! Cause I’m sure you will still be a fine ass old man!”

        LOL! I love it!


    • *Wave* Hi to SpunkMe!!!!

  33. i LOVE his laugh! soo cute!

  34. K, I dunno how old this is, or if y’all have seen this, but I laughed so effin hard, I just had to share.

    *wiping tears from my eyes still laughing* good times.


    • I mean TOTAL spoiler alert. If you havn’t read BD, don’t read this! I can’t have that on my conscience!

      • LMAO that was really funny! “but I can’t complain because I’m not a virgin anymore” lolç

        And it’s true! we all wanted a little description on the sex scene and Stephenie left us with nothing!

    • i read this a while back but it never fails to make me fav line is””So I thank Jacob and call him “Son” just to see the fucking look on his face which was priceless…”

      LMAO!!! whoever did that did a great job!!! LOL

    • LMFAO. Thanks for sharing.

      • OH hell, that is funny as shit! I mean that right there could have saved me the 14 hours of reading BD…

        I like when he says “All this preparation stuff goes on for a long ass time, I mean even I’M GETTING BORED and I’m expecting to die soon…”


    Bringing laughter back one picture and one video at a time!

    Poor Pattinson Pants—will we ever get enough???

    Underpants & hAHmburgAH anyone? Delish!

    • Would you like “Apotampkin” with that?

      • LMAO Jena! Gotta have Apotampkin!!!

  36. This qualifies for a “sweet baby Jesus in the manger” quote:

    • Oh for the love of all that is holy…everyone join in a round’ and sing with me

      “Great is the Lord and worthy of glory…great is the Lord and worthy of praise”

      We must praise Him for creating this.

      • We rejoice and are glad in it!

      • hahah thats an old school song was it on tbn?

        • I replied to your “young boy” comment above…Too funny.

          As for the song, I was raised very legalistic Baptist, so I’ve got a whole mess of hymns and praise songs mingled up in the Robporn in my head.

    • omg I can’t even say what I want to say to this! LOL

  37. OMG I love you girls – this post totally brightened up my day at the end of a heinous week 🙂 And I’m going to be the 100th person to say – the laugh is the best, cracks me up every single time!

  38. ‘Sweet baby Jesus in the manger’ LOVE THIS!!!!
    hahahaha! love you girls, sooooo much!

    Oh scruffy Rob, drunk Rob…how you taunt me.
    And I’ve always been kinda prude ya know? And proud about that. Now ya got me writing nasty poetry, and reading smut fan fics!!!!! WHAT!!!! Worse than ALL of this though, is I swear I am just to dang hot, mature and sophisticated to be wasting perfectly good panties (ehem, sorry Moon…knickers) over this boy! But DANG if I dont just wake up and hot and bothered all over him again each new day. WTH?

    I take comfort in my other Robhos. Thanks girls!
    Love the post as always.

  39. P.S. ‘The Laugh’ melts my insides into squiggly goo.
    How long have I pined for a laugh montage! Yeah! So grateful. Simply scrummy!

  40. Lol great post!!! Love the smile and the laughs and love love love that random interview where he says underpants. I just want to meet him to talk to him. Try to figure out what goes through his head. Because he can be sooo out- there.
    PS Great singing at the end. I enjoyed it.

  41. His royal hotness can pitch a tent any time he wants. Yummy.

  42. I’m here.

  43. Hi EP. Me too.

    • Hey EyeC, I was starting to feel lonely.

      • I had to give up the computer for 30 minutes. Now I’m ready to go. I thought if we started a little earlier we could have more time with Jenny and maybe Tara can join us.

        FN says Hi and misses us.

        • Yeah, I tried to get here a bit early. Didn’t seem to work

          @FN Hi, I miss you too!

          • What have you been up to today?

          • I went shopping for Mother’s day and Birthday gifts and then I had dinner with my family for sis’s b-day.

          • What have you been up to?

          • That’s right. Sis’s bd.

            I read the new ALE chapter and kept checking for the ones still not updating. Wrote some emails to work out deets for my summer trip. Got HTB from sweet JBell and started it. I get to bed early morning so the rest of the day was sleeping. Gotta change my ways.

  44. Hey ladies. Sorry I’m here late. I was trying to get here early too.

    • Hey BFF! How was your day?

    • Hi Jenny. How did work go today?

    • Hey BFF, hey EyeC!

      The day was boring, mostly. I listened to Van Morrison and dozed pretty much all morning. Then in the afternoon I finished reading my book (so I was semi-depressed for a while… as I always am when I finish a book). And I drank a lot of coffee all day.

      How was the day for you two?

      • Always sad to finish a book, especially if it’s a good one. I suppose the bad ones don’t make it to the end. Good on VM.

        • The only book I never enjoyed (though I did read the entire thing) was called “A Night to Remember”, and was a specific and detailed book on the Titantic.

          • But you can still remember the title…

          • Well, of course. If I didn’t remember the title, I wouldn’t remember to avoid reading it again!

            Plus, my memory is insane. There’s not much I don’t forgot. And now that I’ve said that, I’m going to forget something.

          • Me too Jenny. The crap we store in these brains!

          • Totally agreed.

      • Your job sounds so interesting. My day was decent. 😉

        • It does sound pretty boring, but getting paid to listen to music and read all day is actually pretty nice.

          But tomorrow I get a brutal, boring, long job to do. Sigh.

          • That could be nice, I do that a lot at my job too. Grandpa, not a Marcus Foster fan, told me to turn it off!

            Boring work, blah, I hope I’m not in on those emotions.

          • What do you do for your Grandpa? He didn’t like Marcus? Pfft, say what?!

            And I hope you aren’t in on those emotions either, EP. I’ll be listening to music, so I’ll try and project happy emotions.

          • Mostly office work, sometimes I run errands. Not too interesting, I don’t come in everday. Nope didn’t like Marcus, seemed interested when he walked in and asked what I was listening to, but then lost interest when it became distracting from his contract he was reading. (He’s in oil and gas)

            I’ll try to have extra happiness tomorrow, so maybe it’ll balance out.

  45. Happy day, it is friday afternoon, and some of the crew is already here!

    • Oh and I now also know what I am doing to 2012 workwise, woo-hoo!

      • Glad you got that figured out! So organized and even a bit psychic.

    • Hi Lizzie. We thought we would start a little earlier.

    • Hey Lizzie, your future talk is, as always, weird.

      • Well that works, probably just like the rest of me. lol

    • Hey Lizzie! Can you tell me where I’ll be work-wise in 2012 too?

      • I’ve just got a feeling of good vibes, can’t quite crystalise it yet, will keep working in it for you.

        • Phew. I was hoping for good things! Let me know when it solidifies!

      • She’s not from that far in the future.

        • How do you know?

          • I guess not much. I’m sure you’ll have the best job you can imagine in 2012 BFF.

          • Thanks BFF! I hope so.

  46. I LOVE todays post! Moon you hit the nail right on the head with this one! I love the Sound of Music refference! That is my all time fave movie! (besides anything that Robs in lol :p) I even went on the sound of music tour while in Austria!

    Hey everybody! How goes it?

    • Hey T, I’ve done that tour too, you sort of can’t go to Salzburg and not play on the steps can you?

      • no and i really wanted to jump in the foutain too! LOL

    • Hey Tara! How was your day? Did you hear about that job?

      • Hi EP! the job was lame! it was on of those door to door things that they hode from you until the end of the interview!

        • I’m glad you got away Tara, I used to do admin/ HR work for a company like that. It was depressing, I did the business to business for like a day, and then I did their office work. About the 20th person that came to my desk crying I couldn’t take it anymore.

          • seriously! I hate that crap!

          • It’s not my prouder days, those people are completely convinced they aren’t doing anything wrong. I bet in this economy they are tricking more people than ever and no one is selling anything.

          • ya I know they almost had me too!

          • Sorry, but, what the heck are you guys talking about? I’ve been trying to figure it out, but I don’t get it.

          • There are these companies and they advertise for applicants and sound all interesting and creative. What you end up doing is selling things, we sold baseball tickets (GO BRAVES, but seriously, I’m an Astros fan) and spa packages and local Charlotte stuff, but they do it for whatever city they are in. They totally trick people into thinking they are going to be doing this great advertising job and even when they tell you about the sales, it’s only for a short amount of time and then you go on to bigger and better things. But you don’t, you might make manager, but then you go on to start more companies like this and they are aweful. Some people are good at it and totally love it, I did the office work and called people for interviews, I had to watch my mouth and not sound like you’d be walking all day selling crap nobody wants and it’s never going anywhere. Eventually, it nearly ripped my soul from my body and I couldn’t do it anymore.

          • Yikes. That sounds… horrible. I would never get into a job like that. But also, I’m lazy. So it would never work anyway. I think I’m doomed, work-wise… pretty much forever.

        • I went to a job interview the other day and at the very end they told me it was for a door to door job selling insurance…

          • Door to door anything is awful. If people wanted it, they could get it.

          • YEP! I was so desprate i almost tried it! lol

    • Hey Tara. Glad you made it.

    • You are so lucky! I love The Sound of Music. haha That tour would be awesome.

      • I meant to say HI TARA, too! I just got so excited/jealous I forgot.

      • Hi Jenny! yes it was AWESOME! I would totally do it again!

        HI to you too EyeC!!

  47. You guys are all going to see Bobby, Sam KOL et al, and where have i been conned into going tonight, to see some truly lame 80s Australian acts that are clearly desperate for money and have reformed, 4 different acts all for the sum of AUD25, pretty much sums it up doesn’t it? Are you guys jealous or what?

    • No. No, I’m not. Sounds sad.

      • me either! sad day!

    • Sad Panda.

  48. I should shower. I’m too lazy to shower in the mornings. I’ll be quick! (I think)

    • Ok Jenny, see you in a bit.

    • lol doesnt it just feel like a chore sometimes!?

    • Hey, I’m back. Though I still have to go make lunch.

      And yeah, it does feel like a chore sometimes, Tara. But once you get into the warm water, it’s all worth it.

      • ya and you just picture Rob… I mean did i say that out loud?

  49. HEY GIRLS!!



    • Thanks Dany. I’ll be right up to date now. YAY!

    • YAY! Happy night.

    • Wait, WTF. I can’t find it… ?

      • I know. I finally did by going to the forum and clicking on it in fanfic then refreshing and it came up.

      • Nevermind. I’m just an idiot.

  50. I just posted my meet the virgins thing and my encounter at the forum, I’m so lazy.

    • Good. We needed that!

      • EyeC, you’ve probably heard my Robstory more than anyone!

        • I love that story!!

          and last night I had the best dream last night!! it started out that my BF and i were going to this open mike/concert thing that Rob as supposedly supposed to be at… but then at the last minute they said he wasnt going to be there… so i was PISSED. lol. We went anyway and sat in the back at a table… and guess who was sitting at the table…. ROB only his name wasnt Rob (wierd)! lol just thought i would share that.

          • Names are so unimportant, thanks for sharing.

          • LOL T!! I love that. Sounds like that SF Hot Topics tour where they told everybody he wouldn’t be signing then he did. I keep having these fantasies of him sitting at a table with his beanie on, alone at a table at this gig (B/M’s) and we end up sitting together talking. That won’t happen now with 5 of us together. I wonder how I’ll talk with him in a group?

          • Are you trying to get rid of us?

          • I know that would be awesome!! LOL and in the dream it was so funny because i sat down and looked at him and tried to play it cool and said “your Rob right?” and he was like “uh NO” lol

            She would never do that EP… right EyeC? right…

          • No, no EP. Not at all. It was just before when I was going alone and I needed to add incentive. It would be cool to sit with him alone though, wouldn’t it? Now he’s always surrounded.

            T, we would know he’s faking it because he’s sick of the fangirls, but we’re not like that. We’re normal. And have nothing but love for Rob!

        • But I never tire of it!

          • Me neither.

    • And now I will go read that, while I brush my teeth. Because I’m multi-talented like that.

      • Wow and this is pre-merge, imagine the talent after!

        • I’m telling you, we’ll be an unstoppable force. It’s almost unfair to the rest of the world, but what can you do?

          • It’s just the way it is.

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