Posted by: Bekah | May 1, 2009

The worst fans that ever lived..

Dear Rob,

I have to warn you. This letter will be difficult to read. It’s about some really awful fans- some imposters. These two girls have been pretending to be your #1 fans, but in actuality are the worst fans that have ever lived. Here’s what we found out:

  • They haven’t seen The Haunted Airman, and they don’t think they ever will. They heard about the naked rub down with you, but were a little creeped out by the rumors of the disturbing ending.  Their excuse was something like they’d rather just keep their minds on pure thoughts of you.. Ha- as if THAT’S possible…
  • How to Be has been On Demand for an entire 24+ hours, and they haven’t cared enough to watch it yet.
  • In fact, the only movies they’ve seen you in are Harry Potter & Twilight.
  • They don’t have all your interviews cataloged on their computers (actually, I don’t think they even have ONE saved between the both of them)
  • I personally counted- they have less than 100 photos of you TOTAL on their hard drives, and most of them are the “bad” pictures of you- ya know, like the ones we used for “Hose ’em down
  • They’re not even sure if they’ve heard all of your music. They didn’t pre-order the How to Be soundtrack, and they haven’t even bought it yet!
  • They’ve sworn to never set-stalk you and are trying to convince people that if they saw you in real life, they probably wouldn’t even approach you! Yeah RIGHT!
  • I asked them to name some “Rob Facts” and this was their response:

“Uh, isn’t his birthday soon?” (and they could only name ONE of your sisters)

The worst part is that they ACT like the best fans. They’re clearly not- you see our proof above.  Tell them, Robbie… fire them as fans- tell them you only want fans who have seen every possible video clip of you on planet earth: whether movie, TV appearance, interview or home video stolen from your creeper uncle from your “Ninja-Themed” 8th birthday party. Tell them your real fans should know all your lyrics by heart (or at least know the melody well enough to mumble along) and have an entire external hard drive or two FULL of photos, videos, interviews, movies and hacked text message conversations between you and Kristen. THAT is the sign of a true fan!

Wait. Does this mean you wont be stalking me in Vancouver? Dammit.. I have plans for your arrival... it involved whipped cream.. and wasnt a food fight...

Wait. Does this mean you won't be stalking me in Vancouver? Dammit.. I had plans for your arrival... it involved whipped cream.. and it wasn't a food fight with Kellan if you know what I'm sayin'

Oh, and a quick thought before we go….

Okay… bye,
UC & Moon

PS: I know- It’s shocking. With all our wit, humor and privied knowledge, you probably thought we were the best fans out there. While we may not have seen every movie you’ve been in and can’t name the street you grew up on, we do write a pretty fun blog and we think that’s more than enough. Plus you’re so damn pretty, and we don’t need to see a house maid rubbing you down to be convinced of that…. xoxo

Leave us some comment love, and then discuss how Moon & I should be fired as fans of Rob in Rob’s Flat in forum!


  1. I could probably watch Haunted Airman, but i’m not going as far as to buy a regional free dvd to do it though.

    Little Ashes…that’s a whole nother ballgame. LOL.

    You girls are super!!! Rob will understand.

  2. I was feeling all guilty, thinking you were describing me! Then again, I know his dog’s name, so I think I’ve shown sufficient devotion.

    I did see Haunted Airman – glad I did before I heard about the ending. It really was quite good and had a creepy mood. What struck me most was how much he smoked in the film – it was constant!

    Don’t worry, Moon and UC – I think Rob is confident in the level of your acute fondness for him.

  3. Dear Rob, i think UC and Moon need to ‘make it up to you’ and ASAP. I’m guessing that you will be sufficiently appeased with that commitment to right a wrong. I haven’t seen ‘Haunted Airman’ either. Can i try and make it up to you too?

  4. You’re my kind of gals!

  5. ….I’ve only seen half of the Harry Potter movie he’s even in and that’s it……..and I have NO pics saved on my computer. WTF, you say? The only Twilight thing I have saved is a funny spoof and the Breaking Dawn Edward breaks it down thing. Hilarious, BTW.

    >gasp< I might just suck harder.

  6. Ok So I have seen all his films…but I can only recall one sister’s name…I don’t know the street he grew up on….but I have every nuance of his face memorized as I am sure do the both of you!

    You two are the best! Rob will understand, actually, he’ll probably be happy that fans like us exist. So we don’t want to stalk him (ok…maybe A LITTLE) I still have my “When I meet Rob” plan perfectly worked out….

    I love your site so much…I feel like an honorary ‘Quad’ member ; )

    • awww cute! “honorary “Quad” member” HUGS and love you back!

  7. I fell into every item on that list. I know – I know. I’m terrible. I am willing to devote myself to Rob to memorize everything about his… “personality”… that there is to know. Email me Rob so we can meet up so I can take off your clothes, I mean… learn more about you.

    • hahaha! he will email you..i just know it

      • He better email me. Me and my husband have an agreement we’re allowed one person to swoon over and fantasize to be with. I’ve added that I would be allowed to so do him if I had the chance. I chose Edward/Rob (there’s nothing wrong with rollplay) and he chose Taylor Swift. Riiight.

  8. Morning Ladies!

    I hope there is such a video out there-

    “home video stolen from your creeper uncle from your “Ninja-Themed” 8th birthday party.”

    I can see it now. Little Rob all dressed up in his Ninja costume. He’s sporting a mullet and doing his kick-ass Ninja moves on everything around the house.
    Little Rob- HIGH YA!!!! Take that! (kicking Mum’s ficus plant in process knocking over Mum’s favorite vase).
    Mum-Robert Thomas-Pattinson, WHAT. ARE. U. DOING IN THERE????
    LR-Nothing…. I think the dog just knocked over your vase.
    Mum-Are you sure it was the dog?? You’re not in there going your “Ninja” moves again.
    LR-No!!! I swear it was the dog. I was just sitting here waiting for my friends to get here for my party.
    Mum-You better watch it or I’m call all your friends and cancel your party.
    LR-(in super whining voice) MUM!!!! NO!!! I told everyone I’m getting a Ninja Star for my birthday. I’m just sitting here doing nothing. I promise.
    Mum-Why don’t you go outside and wait on your friends. Maybe you can karate chop things in the yard and spare my other vases and plants.
    LR- Alright. I’ll wait outside. (mumbling under breath) Stupid Mum, always ruining my fun.

    • hahahahahaha. LR and Mum = Hilarity

    • i hereby hire you as ‘official person to find rob’s 8 yr old ninja bday party video’ your budget is endless…

      • Thanks!! I’m on it. 😉

  9. Um, *raises hand* me, too.

    I love me some Rob but I’m just not up there with my knowledge of him and seeing/hearing everything he’s ever done.

    I still ❤ him though!

    Bravo to you girls for actually admitting all that to your hardcore Rob fans. *claps*


    *bounces over to Forum*

    P.S. Look at yesterday’s chat thread for a creeptastic video I posted about the adventures of Unico. Yes. Unico the Unicorn. 😛

  10. And what about his playlist? His dreadful, obscure playlist? Have you listened to each and every unbearable song?

    Or spent 80 plus dinero to purchase Dennis Potter’s out of print “Ticket to Ride”, only to find you have no idea what the hell it’s about?

    I’m most positive Rob’s favorite meal could be shit-in-a-can and his #1 fan would declare it theirs too.

    • Oh yes… we did all THOSE things.. just none of the ‘normal” things:)

    • I looked on Amazon for Ticket to Ride and it’s well over $100 and I can’t bring myself to spend it. I want to read it (and I have no clue what it’s about either). I need to just break down and get me a dang library card and get them to library-share that mofo.

      • Myria,

        No worries. I’m pretty sure most who’ve read it were thinking “WTF”. Robert has managed to make “obscure” in “vogue”. Mary Kate Olsen is pissed.


    • oh thats probably one of the first things i did when i figured out i liked rob! hahaha im a music nerd though so i wanted to figure out what she guy was all about

  11. No shame my Lovelies, no shame at all.

    You could possibly be describing myself (with even less comprehensive knowledge sadly.)

    Truth is we aren’t fifteen anymore (WHAT!) And don’t have the unlimited time to devote to be being a purest. So, if we want to cyber stalk, fantasize about what we would like to do with (to) our Rob, read smutty fanfic (in the dark while everyone else has gone to bed), watch a movie you are in (skip all the parts without you in it), dream of visiting Forks (under the ruse of hiking for the scenery), and the like…then it is because we are sacrificing something else in RL to do it. That’s devotion!

    And Rob…my lanky cream the end of the day, I like to think you would be more impressed
    with who I am (what I can do with my tongue), than my being able to prattle off the details of your existence that even YOU cant remember!

    Of course, this will not stand in the way of me wanting to read about (see photos of) the maybe factual, juicy details of your private life because I secretly wish I was your clandestine love slave and therefore vicariously live out my fantasies with you through the poorly written gossip sites that speculate who your love interest is….I mean,
    what latest book you may be reading.

    BTW, UC and Moon, you girls make me laugh, HARD. Never change.

    • we will never change

    • Um…ditto?

      Seriously, you couldn’t have said it better.

      Now write us another poem, pretty pleeeeez????

  12. Dear Rob,
    I know that the above list might put us on the b-list as far as your “fans” are concerned, but fret not- it’s a good thing.

    you won’t have to worry about remembering any of our birthdays because we won’t remember yours.

    when you’re serenading us and hit a horribly wrong note, we’ll be able to at least pretend we didn’t hear it since none of us will be singing along. (but really, feel free to practice and warm up your vocals before said serenade because wrong notes hurt our ears.)

    and most importantly, when “Bad Touch” comes on and we’re faced with the suggestion to do it like they do on the discovery channel, it won’t be weird because none of us currently own any pants or shirts with your face glued on (stealing those pattypants may or may not be on a to-do list though)!

    see sunshine, it’s a good thing! just like cheeseburgahs and hot pockets.

  13. I mean really… who has the time to do all of those things anyway?? coughppllikemewithnolifecough

    It’s okay that you haven’t seen every video/interview/movie/article… that’s what you have people like me for – always happy to oblige. ❤

    • exactly.. i meant to write that at the end. Jbell & Eastfriend are our ‘go to’ gals!

    • research partners! thats what we can call you guys!

  14. Hello all my lovelies! I have missed you all! I am back at work today and don’t even want to mention how much crap I have to catch up on so I will be in and out.

    But I had to say, as exhausted as I was last night when I got home. I ordered How To Be at midnight and stayed up and watched the entire thing! I loved it! Rob was amazing. You don’t even realize it’s the same person who played Edward and that’s what I love about him, so versatile. I felt so sorry for Art, I just wanted to hug him the whole time.

    How have you all been?

    • Hey, stranger!! I watched it Wednesday night! I couldn’t stop laughing (especially the basketball part…I. DIED.). He was really great in it!

      • I loved the hug he tried to give his mom.
        It was so sad and hilarious at the same time, LOL!
        And when he got into that little kids bed
        in his old room, LMAO!

        • oh, I know…I felt so bad for him!!

    • isnt he so great in HTB?! such a cutie!

      glad you’re back!

      • Thanks! It’s good to be back!

  15. This is absolutely SHOCKING!!!…I’m speechless LOL

  16. I’m with you girls!!! The “best” fans ever.
    Otherwise, who else more can show those creepy photos love him so much?
    The simple true is: Rob is the guy, the SEXY one.
    A Brazilian fan of Rob
    A Brazilian fan of UC & Moon.

    • YAY!!!! we have Brazilian fans!!!!!!

    • we’re big in greece AND brazil!!!

  17. You are my kindof fan! With reading all these blogs I was seriously feeling I wasn’t a good enough fan. Everything you mentioned is me to a T. I do want to see Little Ashes, but How to Be doesn’t really interest me. Love your blog, it makes me laugh every morning!

  18. Dear Moon and UC–


    • duh… how could i forget to put that at the end.. i’m also the worst blogger ever apparently

  19. This is one of your best ever! My bro was watching IFC last night and I was like “do we always have this channel? I could’ve been watching How to Be.” We can all suck together:)

  20. Now I think I am in trouble…

  21. Is it bad that I want to see Little Ashes for only two reasons?

    1. Two words: The Tuck.
    2. I really want to see him kiss a guy. Not because it’ll be hot but just to see his face while he’s smoochin’ a dude. I thought they were interesting during Twilight. I want to compare. Honest.

    • i soo wanna see The Tuck. Almost as badly as i DON’T wanna see it..

    • i think thats pretty much the only reason im going! 😉

      • Same here. It’s not the same seeing it in a picture. I want to see it blown up on a screen and moving.

    • the rob-on-man k-i-s-s-i-n-g

  22. Ladies!!

    I am so happy you wrote this letter today cause as much as I like to look at Rob, and by look at I mean lick my cardboard cutout, I am just not even as much of a fan as you.

    However, I love reading this blog EVERY DAY! I curl up with a glass of wine (who cares if it’s 10 AM) to laugh with ‘my girls’ about the absuridity that is P.O.D. (Pattinson Obsession Disorder).

    Thanks for keeping me laughing and drunk! That’s Normal. ❤

  23. Moon & UC – As soon as I started reading, I knew it was you. And you aren’t the worst fans ever… not until you are making Pattinson Pants and buying $125 hand painted Twilight converse on Etsy. Then, we may have to have a talk!

    PS – The ending to HA is quite disturbing, which is why I won’t be watching that movie quite as often as Twilight.

    • Not so sure I want to see HA now after I’ve heard all this stuff about the end! I don’t want my view of Rob to be tainted.

    • Twilight converse on Etsy? Oooooh – I gotta go. Have to move some money over from my swiss bank account to my paypal account now.

  24. Add to me to that list of crappy fans. It never even crossed my mind to find his playlist and listen to it. I haven’t saved or bookmarked a single thing found on the internet (with the exception of this blog and LTT). Everything I could ever want to know or see or hear about Rob is right here! And if wants me to know more, he can drop by and tell me (show me) himself. (Yes, please?!)

    • yay! you’re better LTR/LTT fans than you are a rob fan!

  25. you ladies are awesome. I mean, it is because you guys don’t act like 15 yo fangirlys that we come here….everyday!

    but in all honesty…I may have bought both Haunted Airman and How to Be for my region free player….<>….but in my defense I don’t have on demand to watch HTB so I figured buying it was easier and Haunted Airman was like $3 more. but that is where I draw the line. for reals.

    • i thought you came here everyday b/c you wanted to be fake lesbians with you 😦

      • lol…well, that too. i mean, duh. 🙂

  26. Agree with Leigh Anne — you are normal.

    I haven’t even seen Harry Potter. hehe.

    • hahaha us blog editors RULE!!! we’re the biggest non rob fans ever!

  27. wow I am the complete opposite of that list…now I feel like the creepy stalker girl!

    p.s. I’ve seen the Haunted Airman…twice :/ the ending was disturbing but it was worth it to see Rob in the bathtub 🙂

    • we really just wrote this letter today so that we could watch the haunted airman this weekend 🙂 in a bubble bath….

  28. Well, I am on the crappy fan list, too. I do not have ANY saved pics of Rob on my computer.

    One time I asked at my local video store if they had the HA movie. They did not. And I do plan to see LA when it comes to town in 2 weeks, yay! AND I think I convinced my gay BFF to go with me! So that is about as crazyfan as I’m getting.

    I WILL continue to come to this website every day, (and LTT), which in my book wins for ‘Best Fans Ever’. And by best, I mean Most Hilarious!

  29. Thank God. Now I feel less guilty of not knowing every single detail about him. I mean, Rob won’t like a crazy stalkerish kind of girl to be his wife, would he?
    About Haunted Airman, Well the ending stirred me up in the wrong way. I mean I was scared of him for few days. Then I realise this guy is very intense and likes to be play very dark characters. He does those things he won’t even imagine doing in real life.

    Rob, I know just enough to be your fan not your personal stalker. Even though I will never admit this to you, personally that I am your fan. At least we have lots of things talk about other than your fame, fans and random fan enounters. And Rob, I want a life with you not a interview.

    Love you girls. Thank you for writing this letter. But I admit I have some pics of him and the cast in my hard drive and I have seen his movies. Don’t worry I will admit these things to him. You have taught me how to and how not to approach him.

    • of course we’ve taught you! good girl!

      now go wash your Pattinson Pants & I’ll wash mine and we’ll hit the town tonight wearing them!

      • Oh Yea…

  30. @above – I meant to say “I wiil not admit these things to him…..approach him.”

  31. K ladies…RL is calling today so I won’t be on…much.

    I will say that I have only done some of these crazy fan things…

    I know his bday because it’s 2 days after my son’s
    I just watched HTB 2 times in the last 24 hours, because dammit I paid for it.
    I FINALLY got my HTB soundtrack 2 days ago in the mail
    I have not seen any other movies besides HTB, Twilight, and HP
    I only have 35 pics of him on my hard drive
    I don’t know his sister’s names, but I did see the pics of him sneaking out of the hotel with one who didn’t wanna be filmed

    So, I feel confident that I am not on the crazy train yet, but the fact that I am looking to buy a ticket makes me scared.

  32. I am not a crazy fan, my kids beg to differ. I just admire the DNA at work on him daily….yeah that is the excuse I am using.

    I also do not know every deet of his, I just stare and that is good enough for my brain.

  33. Hi girls!
    “the worst fans that ever lived”
    I’m so glad that you put this in words. Can you include my name on this, please?
    First of all b/c my motto is ‘no FANgirl, just fucking’. At least not that type of fans w/ t-shirts and books and cameras (ugh!! panties…) everywhere. I could be crazy like those fans, if I wanted to, (but I DON’T) but – let’s face it – what’s the point? I live far faaaar away from any possibility to scare him w/ those things. LOL
    I like to call myself ‘Platonic fan’. And I’m doing it fine so far.

    I think WE are the kind of fans that you asked for.
    I think you should come here and say something nice to us just b/c of this. If you can stay so close to those ones – scared to death, I can see this, but you do it anyway – you could come here todigitally say ‘hello’ to us.
    We don’t bite; only by request. *wink*
    Sam knows that already…

    • Nice.

    • b/c my motto is ‘no FANgirl, just fucking’.

      um brill!

  34. hahah! this was great! u guys secretly described me.. but at the same time, i highyl doubt any of this crazy stalkin would be displayed in his presence. lol

    ive seen most of his movies, the haunted airman.. which reminded me of a creepy 1940s The Shining. i havent seen How to Be nor Little Ashes. i have (guilty as can be) looked up The Bad Mother’s Handbook and watched that w/ great enthusiasm. LOL he played such a great nerd.

    i dont know one of his sisters names, and i think i only have about 40 or so pics of him.
    what i DO know, is that i always get my kick out of readin ur posts about him, and invisioning him readin them as well.. LOL makes it all the best!

  35. @UC & Moon- I loved this post! Thx again for making me laugh! You gals are the best!!!

    • It’s a miracle. His hair looks washed. Rob with non-greasy hair is hott. With two Ts.

    • i wanna pop his blackheads

      i am not a crazy fan

      • “i wanna pop his blackheads”


  36. Uh, hi…I need to be fired too because I had to google Daniel Gale (from your tags). Srsly. FAIL

    • Who? LOL

      • Gen, I miss you! (=saudades)

        • @Giseli Bom Dia! Beijos!!!

      • It’s his character in The Bad Mother’s Handbook….so glad I’m not the only one who didn’t know who it was!


        • Hahahahaha!

    • i win cuz when i first wrote that i wrote ‘david gale”

      (google that.. WAY different)!

      • nice one, UC!!! lmao!!! when i first googled daniel it was like sotheby’s real estate or something and i was like…”um, are you wanting to buy a house for Rob…wha??”

  37. What? You mean you don’t have a subscription to Teen Beat and Bop magazine to keep up with all the *must know* details that even Rob doesn’t know (becausetheylikelyaren’ttrue)? Yeah, me either…

    Fan is for “fanatics,” which we are not. We just all have acute fondness. There is a MAJOR difference. 😉

    • “… Teen Beat and Bop magazine to keep up with all the *must know* details that even Rob doesn’t know…”

      I remember way back when (in 1997) when I used to beg my mom for those magazines to keep track of my Hanson obsession. I liked the posters. Anyway, every month they would talk about what kind of shampoo the brothers used and what soap they liked.

      I wonder if Rob even knows what kind of shampoo he uses?

    • oh i have a subscription to Bop.. did i not mention that?

      • I work at Walgreens. I see all the magazine covers. We just got the Twilight board game and the Sweethearts candy. Ohhhh…

  38. He would probably say, “Hotel.” lol

  39. I don’t own any pants, thank God.
    I do have a Pocket Edward, but thats because I like to play dollhouse with my daughter(OK thats a plain lie)
    I did watch BMH and Haunted AIrman just because I wanted to see if his acting ability was deverse. PLus he is hot and I like to look at him.

  40. I thought you were talking about me…Glad you weren’t. 🙂

  41. haha I love how everyone is trying to assert that they are “the worst fan” just in case rob decides to check this out or to make themselves feel a little less crazy for online stalking him. I cannot be counted as the worst fan. I suffered through that one movie where he is a nerd ( don’t remember the name) and haunted airman which I actually sort of liked in a creepy way. However I’ve never seen htb or hp. Im totally crazy and totally aware of it. So maybe that makes me less crazy because I know I am crazy. I’m sure pattinson pants girl is trying to convince her self she’s not a loon.

    • oh .. pattinson pants girl IS a loon!!

      • what is loon?

        • a crazy person like a lunatic

      • I think she’s the worst kind of loon. The one that’s certifiable yet thinks it’s totally normal to bedazzle pants and Keds!!!!
        ….she probably even had little dangly apple earrings.

      • Did you notice her shoes?!

      • a loon with bad taste

  42. This is why LTR is my home away from home. I LOVE that you guys don’t take your robsession seriously. I love that you can rip him apart and drool all in the same post. Definitely can’t do that on **other** sites.

    I don’t want to know what kind of shampoo he uses. I just want him to keep doing his job — stand there, let the freaky fangirls scream, let the paps take pictures for me to overanalyze and drool over, and make movies that make me want to have sex with my hubs

    (maybe that’s why I didn’t make it past the spongebath scene in Haunted Airmen or why I had to turn the volume down on that scifi movie and fast foward to the Rob parts but gave up 20 minutes into it)

    • ” I love that you can rip him apart and drool all in the same post. ”

      and we love that we’ve found other people who don’t take themselves seriously and “get it” as well…. HEART YOU ALL!

    • I changed my mind – I DO want to know what shampoo he uses. Cuz his hair is so soft and shiny looking. And I could use some of that!

  43. I was unaware he had a playlist? Where do these people FIND this shit? Did someone swipe the poor boy’s Ipod and write it all down fast?

    I’m sorry, I think he’s such a hottie and I really DO think his acting potential is so, so, SO much more than Twilight and his self deprecating sense of humor is possibly the thing that makes me love him most…but Jesus H. Tap Dancin’ Christ…some of the ‘fans’ SCARE ME. No wonder he’s paranoid. Um, I’d be, too. If it were anyone ELSE it’d be illegal. I’m frankly tired of the ‘he’s a celeb’ BS. He’s still a person. And it made me feel icky to see his baby pictures, cute or not, because someone sold him out. And it makes me feel badly for him that he actually said he eats a lot of room service. HELLO, that’s SAD. He can’t go out because he’s afraid of these girls(MOMS) who ‘run into him’ 455 times while they’re in Vancouver “shopping on a girls weekend when they are really from Middle Tennessee”.

    The copious amount of bullshit these crazed fangirls spew to cover up their stalker obsession irritates me.

    Phew. THERE. I said it. OUT LOUD.

    • oh i knew he had a playlist.. that itunes one? that was news back in dec. i don’t remember ANYTHING from it!

      • I’m sure you bought every album (or shall I say record)? Cuz every song on that list was absolutely fabulous. And I made his playlist into my playlist on my iPod and I listen to it every minute of the day while I sew new patches on my Pattinson pants and bedazzle my Keds.

        Rob may have immense power over my sex drive but he definitely hasn’t influenced my musical tastes. Thank god. Save maybe KOL. But everyone loves them cuz they’re awesome.

        • Hmm, can you bedazzle me some new Keds? Mine are all sorts of worn out. I’d ALSO love a TomStu/B.Long/Sam Bradley bedazzled shirt!!! Or screw it! I’m going big…a BLOUSE! I’ll totes PayPal you the money!

      • @ UC. A fellow fan of his send me his playlist a while ago. some songs are really good though.



    • Hi Dany! 🙂
      Happy May day!

      • Hey giseli! long time no see!! still with the flu? How are you feeling?

        • Thanks for asking. I’m feeling great, Dany and you?
          That flu has gone already and, thank God, I’m still alive. LOL

          Long time indeed. What’s up on Chile, South American gal? 🙂

          Did you hear about New Moon Premiere on Brazil? W/ three from the official cast? (Crossing fingers for Rob, Meraz and whatevs… LOL).

    • I don’t know what I’d do without you!! Yay!!!


      • Awww myria101, without who? Me?!? Really?
        I feel special (so far LOL) 🙂
        You’re so sweet! 🙂

        • Well, Dany for letting me know about The Dom new chappy, but yes you too!!! x’s and o’s to you!!! 🙂


          • I knew it. LOL

  45. sadly i too must not be a number one fan..ive done none of the things mentioned..rob, dont judge me. i still wanna do you. luv, mel.

    • @Melissa- hey long time no see!!

    • Melissa, I think wanting to do Rob makes you a number one fan. If you have sexual thoughts/fantasies/dreams about Rob/Edward, then yes… you are up there on the fan meter.

      And I admit I want to so do him and I’m totally okay with the consequences in saying so.

  46. Hahha! I know all that shizz! Not the playlist but all the rest. And I dream of knowing the street he grew up on.

    I guess there is room out there for all the different types of fans 🙂

    Just not the crazy ones who make Rob uncomfortable…..

  47. I like reading about Rob & what he’s doing but I would NEVER go to the lengths some people do,eg the pants, a Twilight tattoo or set stalking.

    Don’t people who do these things know they’re embarrassing themselves? Are they even able to feel embarrassment?

    I try to keep my acute fondness to a non-embarrassing level. And I agree, even if I had the chance I probably would not go anywhere near Rob. Except in my fantasies, where I am all over him, all of the time, and he is on a leash, like the one he is wearing in that baby pic.

  48. UC & Moon-you two should be ashamed. Rob is very disappointed in you both and thinks you need to be taught a lesson about being a true fan. He’s coming over right now to give out spankings. And he won’t be wearing any “pattision pants”, ifyouknowwhatimsayin.

  49. @Giseli: WHAT??!!! Brazil premiere?? really? WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I’m so happy for you!! You’ll have a great time!!!! And with 3 cast members?? omg…

    great news!!!

    • Yes, Dany I think I’ll have my chance to rock Rob’s world 😉
      IF Rob comes. IF this premiere really comes to Rio or São Paulo – I’m positive we’ll have it, actually in both cities.
      *crossing fingers*
      I can go to both: I live in Rio and Sampa, as São Paulo is known, is close to me: 40′ by air.

  50. How cute is this????!!!

    • OMG!!!
      Too cute for words… LOL

    • omg!!! where did you find the non-stamped one or whatever its called???

      • untagged…………that’s the word i was searching for!!

    • @gen i just wanna pinch his cheeks in that pic!!!

    • From Robsessed- Thanks Gozde!!!

      • Cutest photo ever! It’s almost as if he’s squeeeing! LOL!

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