Posted by: themoonisdown | April 29, 2009

Robert Pattinson loves Grandmas

picture it... Sicily 1912...

picture it... Sicily 1912...

Dear Rob-

When pictures like this come out it reminds me why you’re a real winner. And no, I’m not talking about your butt. I’m talking about the fact that you’re talking to a grandma going up the escalator at that retched LAX airport. See, Rob I LOVE old people, I do! I love grandmas and grandpas. They have so much wisdom to offer and obviously you get that.

I bet you had the best conversation about how your Dadcase reminded her of her husbands briefcase right before he retired from Intel in ’87. He has the exact same one! You really can haul a lot in that thing!

Or maybe this bitch just stole your bag from the curb cause she knew she could sell off your toiletries one by one on ebay and pay for her retirement. Imagine the money she could get with “Bid Now: Robert Pattinson’s Unused Mens Speed Stick deodorant – JUST LIKE NEW!” or maybe “Own the ONE pair of pants Robert Pattinson’s been wearing for the last 5 years!” Smart lady. Whatever the reason for this convo, you rule.

And this is why I want to introduce you to Grandma and Grandpa Moon! Don’t mind them wanting to feed you fried catfish (EW!) or take you on endless antiquing trips and just nod and say “I love it!” when my grandma tries to give you stuff out of her closet. You really DO want that sweater, trust me! You need one to replace the sweater that lady stole from your bag at the airport.

Flying the SUPER friendly skies-

Wanna talk about YOUR grandparents? Are you a grandma and wanna swoon over Rob? Well leave your comments here and head on over to the forum for all the usual daily chit chat that used to happen here.



  1. Dear Rob,

    When you go for a cougar, you really go all the way!


    • LOL well you know rob, he doesn’t like doing anything half-assed.

      • ooohh ass… :p

    • hahaha!! grandma cougar!

    • hahahahahahahahaha

  2. I love old people, too! Rob you are a womanizer … Old ladies… Great! Now I’m jealous of old people.
    @ moon
    First I haven’t seen the old woman- I’ve looked at the butt all the time! LoL

    • I can’t peel my eyes off his ass either. Grr!!


    • yeah that butt is fine but seems to have shrunked lately

  3. Dear Rob:

    I knew that old lady had bad intentions!!!
    Not only she wanted to get into your pants but she was making her move to stole your personal belonging. Bitch!!!

    Now the question is… what’s her eBay username?

    Love as always,


  4. Dear Grandma Pattinson,
    I’m so glad you decided to pay a wittle visit to Wobbie while he’s filming in Vancouver! However, I’m sorry to inform you that Peter is actually done filming (because I know that’s why you REALLY wanted to visit Rob; to get closer to Peter.) Dont worry, I’ll keep your fangirlyness a secret; that’s normal.

    • she’s into Peter? How did you know that?

      • how can she NOT be into Peter????

        He is hot!! Just a millimeter less hot than Rob actually.

        ❤ Peter

  5. You know, that deodorant stick would fetch a higher price on eBay if it had a strand of armpit hair stuck to it.

    • ew
      and you’re right!

    • sass, that mental image!! ewwww!!LOL

  6. I love that Grandma has a nicer leather carry on than he does.
    Can his assistant/agent/friend/mother/SOMEONE get him a better murse? I’m not saying Gucci, I realize that’s pushing it…but Staples has some decent leather murses to buy!

    And Andrea it’s: SpunksNana. As soon as she’s done cataloging her stuff she’ll set reserves and you can bid!

    • Target would even have some nice options.


    • Thanks for the info!
      I will go bankrupt afterwards but I don’t care!!

  7. Moon, you never failed making me laugh.
    PinkFluff : SpunksNana.. LOL

  8. All the old gals are sweet on him—and why not? He’s the hottest guy on the planet!!! Plus they can tell a quality man when they see one. A lifetime of experience.

    Let’s hope she has good intentions. All he needs is one more stalker coming on all innocent and walking away with his bag of goodies!

    • She probably totes grabbed his ass at the baggage claim. Then said she just had a tremor and was sorry.

      • lucky

      • That damn muscle spasm, lol… (that’s a great excuse teehee )

  9. haha. you guys are funny! love it!
    but just wondering…is he “talking” to the “kid” she’s with? when i saw that pic, first thing i thought about (besides his backside) was the first scene in New Moon…Old Bella & Edward…heehee

    • hahaahah… old bella & edward. brilliant!

    • OMG! That was the actress that’s going to play Old Bella (OB). Mystery solved!

      • glad we got SOMETHING done today…my brain is fried…or mush…fried mush? from doing a little Robscar search for Annie…

  10. Moon…why did you say “ew” to the fried catfish? Fried fish is fabulous, especially cornmeal dusted catfish, cooked up in a cast iron skillet. YUM!

    Rob agrees with me. I think we all remember what he said in the DVD commentary about Harry Clearwater’s fish fry. Yep.

    I think this lady is precious…she’s dressed in her traveling suit and is most likely British. Guarantee you Rob heard her talk and was all, “Ahhhhhh…she’s my kinsman!” And then struck up a conversation with her, bemoaning the lack of a decent pub in L.A.

    • ew. never eat a fish that looks like a cat

      haha… ‘traveling suit’ and i bet your right. do you think they got crunk together in 1st class?

      • Maybe he was listening to the Godfather of Soul on his pod, in Seat A2…she was in A1…and when he started tapping his toes, she might have asked, “Are you listening to something good, then?” And he replies, “James Brown? Are you familiar?” Then Traveling Suit Lady goes, “Bitch, please…who DOESN’T know James? He was from Georgia. You know, where Leigh Anne is from?”

        That’s totally how it went down.
        Then they got some First Class Crunk on.

        • LMAO

  11. There is a theory circulating that Rob can impregnate women simply by looking at them.

    Guess she’s off the hook?

    • Oh god – I better stay the hell away from him then! No more freaking kids for me.

      Gotta go cancel my plane tickets for Italy via Vancouver now.

    • Just like Chuck Norris! Except hotter.

  12. how do i get to this forum u speak of?

  13. Oh, and then there is the issue of Rob’s bum…

    ‘Ode to a Bottom’

    Oh Rob my love with
    backside flat,

    I’d love spank
    and get on that.

    • Wish I was a poet

      • You are a poet – you just don’t knowit. Hardy har har har.

    • Fabulous poem. Here’s my haiku

      Rob Pattinson’s ass
      Is sweet in any locale
      In my bed is best

      • Love this! Here’s my haiku attempt:

        This springtime evening
        My thoughts turn to sparklepeen
        Commando, my fave

    • Damn that was good!! I’d love to spank and get on that.
      So true.

    • Flat Rob? Is that sexy? I guess he is the only one who can pull it off.

    • Flat Rob? Is that sexy? I guess he is the only one who can pull it off. With finesse.

    • OMG……….. bahahahahahahaaaaaaaaahahahahhahaaaaaaaaaa that was awesome!!!! 😀

  14. Great post just want to correct a small oversight as Rob has 5 pairs of pants {english version of underwear}.
    I know this because:-
    1. there was an interview where he said he had just brought 4 pairs and Ellen gave him a pair on her show,
    2. I just did his laundry and he’s waiting for them to dry hmmm we’ll just have to find something to do while we wait……..

    • Ruby are you and Rob finished yet – I think I can hear the tumbler beeping!

      I think it was Tyra who gave him a thong on her show … a ladies thong. I hope he isn’t wearing it. Better to go commando than that Rob (and we know you like to go commando too … wink wink nudge nudge *cough* OSCARS).

      • Wait! What? Rob was commando at the Oscars!? How do you know? Are there pics? *hyperventilating I need a paper bag… and a towel!

        • Well of course I don’t KNOW Annie. But back in Oscars time there was a particularly revealing photo of him going into one of the parties in his lubberly smart tux and it sure looked that way (not that I was REALLY looking of course. I can’t even zoom in on my PC. Am far too prim and proper to do that sort of thing).

          • WHERE IS THAT PHOTO?????????

            SHARE!!!!! SHARE!!!!!!


    • well.. yeah, i guess he does have 5 pair. but 4 are at my house and so he’s just been rockin’ the one for a few weeks now…

  15. I loved this picture when i saw it… so cool of him to help grandmas… xDD.

    Also the face of the guard is funny as hell… like..” OMG. It’s Robert Pattinson what do i do?”

    • He was probably like “FUCK, I do NOT get paid enough for this shit! I don’t even have a GUN! I’m a rent-a-cop for cripes sake! Crazy fangirls screaming like they’re in 28 Days Later.” as the mobs descended.

  16. “Bid Now: Robert Pattinson’s Unused Mens Speed Stick deodorant – JUST LIKE NEW!” or maybe “Own the ONE pair of pants Robert Pattinson’s been wearing for the last 5 years!”

    I’m lit’rally rolling on the floor! You are SO FUNNY!

    @Sass – Totally gross about the armpit hair, but right on, no doubt.

  17. I would like to think my grandma would ask him to help with her bags to the car and then stuff him in the trunk and bring him straight to me. Now that would make Grandma Rock!

  18. OMG this is by far the cutest pic I have seen of him yet!!! 🙂

  19. SPUNKS Nana = WIN!

    Great letter! Glad you deciphered that photo correctly. there was some debate over at the forum.

    Speaking of Forum, everyone should stop by Rob’s Flat from yesterday and see how purty it’s been decorated. Also, please incorporate your own interior design ideas in today’s forum chit-chat. Rob loves new stuff!

    UC & Moon –>> increasing my Rob-karma, one message at a time. 🙂

  20. @EG Maybe that’s why I thought he looked so uber-hot that night. I must have subconsciously known.
    Come to Texas, EG, and let loose! LOL Guess I’ll have to go through the torture *cough* of searching all the Oscar night pics for evidence…

    • Let me help you out…here’s one pic…wait, that’s just his hand…

      Found the one from here…

    • Here’s a bigger pic…

      • Why is so hot in here?????

      • omg. i am blushing looking at this. that’s so funny! long, loose and full of juice – isn’t that the old saying? hey! did i just write that?

        if you look at all the pics from this flight it looks like this ‘spunks nana’ is carrying rob’s bag. maybe we should feel sorry for her having to lug his shit all over the place… ha ha who am i kidding? that’d be a stellar job at any age.

    • Believe it or not I used to live in Texas Annie! McKinney – north of Dallas. I miss the weather and my huge house!!! And closets!

  21. I know, usually I show up and I’m super dirty first thing in the morning, but I swear, all I can think of is…


  22. Hello there Mr. Pattinson!
    Thank you so much JGroIsMyEdward!!

    • Oops, meant to reply above. I am all twitterpatted from looking at Robscar pics. I can’t think straight.

    • The pleasure was all mine…and anyone else’s…heehee

  23. Ladies and responders you have excelled yourselves this time. Very, very funny. The armpit hair – gross, totally gross. The gramma in the polyester suit is obviously American not British – she’s too slim to be British. But have you thought he is actually politely asking if he can get past her on the escalator. In London we walk up on the left and stand on the right, so he’s used to that. Anyway, just proves he’s pro-cougar regardless how old, and he’s mega-polite. A a fellow Brit I am very proud of him for that and for his acting success.

    • haha… i love that you just called your ‘people’ fat!

      • It’s official too UC.

        In the press yesterday in the UK. I think we were nearly the fattest european country. The french were the thinnest I think.

        I only know that I once leant an english cookbook to an american neighbour when I lived in the US and she was staggered at the amount of butter and oil in the recipies.

        • I mean “lent”. GRRR. Need spellcheck or slower hands. Or a brain.

          • My gay best friend (we met while we were at university in England) loves to cook out of Delia Smith cookbooks. Every recipe starts with “Take a stick of butter…” Once, he made turkey, wrapped in bacon, stuffed with sausage. Yikes!

          • He he he. It WAS a Delia cookbook I lent her. Nigella is even worse.

            But tasty.

          • Yeh, Nigella would have shoved 3 snickers bars up the bird and basted it in maple syrup and a can of coke too

          • I love Nigella – she’s smokin’ hot!! (And she can cook – be still my heart!)

            Dear Rob – My lust for Nigella does not affect my acute fondness for you in any way. I still want to ride you hard and put you away wet.

            Love and blowjobs,


  24. You’ve officially rolled all that I love about the internet – Rob and Ebay – into one delicious letter. I’m in heaven.

    Man what I wouldn’t give to have Rob’s used deodorant to sell on ebay. I’d have to keep it for a week just to snort it’s yummy used smell (and maybe give it a lick or two).

    But then I’d sell that bitch. I bet it would fetch upwards of $1000. I could steal an armpithair from the hubby – no one would ever know the difference.

    SpunksNana: contact me ASAP about the toiletries you stole. I will only charge you 15% of the profit you’ll make by listing his shit. Looking forward to working with you!

    In a related topic, I have a friend who’s a pilot for a private jet company. He often flies celebrities and a few years back during “Bennifer” he flew the two of them to SC. When he was cleaning the plane afterwards, JLo had clogged the toilet with her bloody tampon. He had to reach in the toilet with his gloved hand to pull the tampon out. I was sooo pissed that he didn’t save that tampon for me and my ebay sales!!

    (it’s called sarcasm people)

    • rob AND ebay… love it!

    • Oops – I swore. Sorry. So freaking hung over and I have no filter today.

  25. Rob: “Hey there, pretty lady…how ’bout me and you go back to my place and shaboingo bango?? That’s normal.”

    And why did I just give Rob a sleezy car salesman voice???

    I got nuthin’,

    • I’d buy a car from him 🙂

  26. That has to be the most precious picture I have ever seen. I want to “hug” him.

    I think you know what I mean.

  27. Moony, you and your grandparents gave me a good laugh this morning! Fried catfish (EW!)

    LeighAnne has it right – Spunks nana is wearing her traveling suit, just like my grandma used to wear. Only she actually made her clothes – grandma rocked the sewing machine!

  28. Rob is a diverse man.
    You can take him home to grandma. He will be witty and charming as only he can be until she dozes off happy that her granddaughter has found such a wonderful man.
    Later after the formality of tea served in Royal Doulton china you can bang the shat outta him on grandmas formal dining table while the persian cat watches on…… not that I’ve thought about it or anything.

    • LMAO!!! “you can bang the shat outta him on grandmas formal dining table while the persian cat watches on…” thats too freakin funny!!!! hope the cat doesnt pounce and bite rob’s while youre doin’ it!

      • Ok I will edit it to be a toothless declawed persian cat. Why do cats like to watch anyway?

        • Worse than cats are dogs – they try to get a lick in every so often while they watch. I can actually say I’ve had a threesome now thanks to the dog.

          • OMFG thats funny, we have a shitzoo (yup thats spelt wrong) and he barks his head off.

          • wow.a threesome with the dog…LMAO!!! * note to self:kick dog outta the room before gettin’ it on*

        • i have no idea.maybe you better let the cat out of the room first before you tear each others clothes off?sometimes cats meow like crazy when they see humans goin’ at it,to encourage them or to express distaste..again i have no clue.

          • Perhaps Rob could help me do a government study on this topic. It would be good for him to take an active roll in some extra curricular activity. Bradangelia does the orphans right? Rob could help delve into the cats mind. Just an idea.

  29. There’s an old person in that pic??? All I can see is his gorgeous ass.

    I love old people too. Unless they are grouchy. Man, a grouchy old person is just not fun.

    • No old person should be grouchy in Robs golden presence, if anything they should fear they are dead and an angel is here to take them to heaven. I’m surprised the sight of him did not cause her heart to stop. He should have a warning sticker or sum’thung


        “He should have a warning sticker or sum’thung”

        You said it girl.

  30. should we be on ebay now just in case rob’s stuff does go on auction? i want the first dibs on that deodorant stick,just sayin’

    • Back off beyotch – I’m a powerseller!

      • but do you have auction stealer? LOL

      • LMAO!!!!!

  31. that security guards’ expression is priceless!LMAO!! ” uuhh…its roberttt pattinsonnn!!!! squeeee!!!” all this is going on inside,of course.just wont do for a sec man at LAX to go all fanboy while on duty

    • Yea. That’s right. He can even make a guy go all fan girl on him if wants to.

  32. Well ladies have a great afternoon, gotta feed 300 children hot lunch at school, would rather hand out with you guys though!)
    As you where…..

  33. Makes me think I have a shot at him. I mean, seriously if he goes for older women, maybe he will love this woman who is not vain, down to earth and average? I mean…really…maybe?

    I come complete with a start your own family package too. 🙂

    • “I come complete with a start your own family package too.”

      Love it! Does that include the minivan, or is that an extra accessory?

      • Minivan sold separtely


        • “separately”

  34. I love flat Rob!!! Man are not supposed to have big butts!

    I think he lost his big butts just to please me…. lol

    • men*


  35. yes, why WAS this old lady carrying his bag? i can only hope its cause she stole it. i sure hope hes more chivalrous than to let an old lady carry his bag for him, assistant or no.

  36. Just saw this-

  37. Morning homegirls…and unicorns 🙂

    Got a question, was this the only escalator pic or were there more that I missed?

  38. Taylor news-

    • Dang it – I was hoping the girl would be LavaGirl. My daughter would’ve been so excited. She plays her made up game of SharkBoy and LavaGirl aaaaaall the time.

    • This chick looks like she’s looking for the camera and the photo op, just so she can show her friends “yeah, we were totally just talking and walking together, he’s sooo into me.”

  39. How to Be pic-

    • One more –

      • he’s so pretty.

  40. If you ever want to know how a man will treat you, check out how he treats his female relatives when no one is looking. Ths also translates to old ladies that he doesnt’ know. lol.


    Seriously. you need to find a major fault in this dude, and soon, my heart just might explode.

    • Okay, but that theory doesn’t hold true here. Cuz the old woman is holding HIS bag! There’s your major fault – he doesn’t give up his seat on the bus to the old lady with the cane.

    • Oh, and he’s balding. 🙂

      • he sooo isnt balbing. that spot was just a flatted spot from sleeping or leaning on something.

        • of course i meant balding not balbing

        • You do know I was joking/referring to a LTR post the other day right? Everyone? I hope that person ringing the doorbell isn’t the hitman y’all sent to kill me.

    • @ Kristin “Seriously. you need to find a major fault in this dude, and soon, my heart just might explode.

      That is so true. Grubby clothing is not high on my list of preferences … but then you so wouldn’t be looking at the “stick me in the washing machine please” jeans woud you? You’d just be thinking about how to get them off and bugger the whole washing thing.

      Come on Rob. Give us something to hate. We need depth in our characterisation of you. You are in danger of turning into Edward. And we so know you aren’t.

  41. new chapter of the dominant posted!!!
    go go go go go!!!

    • Gone!

    • yay!! domward is up!( or is peen is up,whatevs)

  42. Dear Rob,

    Thanks for keeping hope alive for all of us “old broads” out here. If there was any doubt in our minds at all that you would snub us because of our “advanced age”…you’ve definitely cleared that nonsense right up…Ladies…Throw on your camel colored blazers, and leather loafers and LET’S GO GET OUR BOY!!ROBCATS Away!!

    Loves ME,
    Mrs. P.

    • Gone! 🙂

    • Hooray for old broads!

      I was so happy when he was asked in the Z100 interview if he would ever consider dating an older woman, and he said (pretty enthusiastically), “DEFINITELY!”

      Was that the voice of experience, Rob? 😉

  43. Cougars Unite!

    • Ahem Robcats!

  44. Really need to move out of country and corn fields and visit more airports. I never see anyone cool!

    LOL at the grandma’s cougars comments!

  45. Nice Golden Girls reference in the cap! I’m diggin’ it!!

    • LOL gotta love Sophia 🙂

  46. Wonder how much I could get for his dirty socks (from How To Be) on ebay —

    considering ordinary plain Jane’s dirty socks sell well —|65%3A13|39%3A1|240%3A1318|301%3A0|293%3A1|294%3A50

    • His feet are REALLY big in that video clip.

      Just sayin’

      • LOL! I just got the bio “The Robert Pattinson Album” by Paul Stenning today and it said that (I think from his modeling days…though not sure if his feet had grown since then…) “he wears a size 10.5 shoe (UK size, in the US this is an 11)…” Hmmm…

  47. Wow – that was weird. My links are all messed up.

  48. haha! love the quote on the pic…”picture it, Sicily”. Totally golden girls and I love it! You gals know the way to a girls heart….Rob-hot-ness pics and random 80s tv quotes of rad shows. 🙂

  49. My fiance needs votes to feed Everleigh…

  50. Dear Rob,

    I love how you are so kind to the elderly. You are kind to everyone you meet. How can one person be so perfect in all ways? Are you real? I love you regardless.


    P.S. Your Dadcase is still hot to me. ❤

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