Posted by: themoonisdown | April 27, 2009

Robert Pattinson: Japanese Superstar

Dear Rob-

Anytime I’m having a particularly crappy day (Mondays) or anytime after I read some of our hater comments or when Jackson forgets to tell me he’ll be late for dinner, I watch this video because I know without a doubt that I will laugh every time I see you at :45 yelling “SUKIRI!” and doing some crazy arms out, action hero pose.

I mean seriously you had to be laughing your face off when you did this! It makes me wonder what other things we could do in Japan together for fun…

01. Let’s be contestants on one of those whacky Japanese gameshows where you have to be a human tetris and do other crazy  inhuman stunts!

02. You be Daniel Son and I’ll be Ali and we’ll reenact that scene in Karate kid where we slow dance in your shower costume at the Reseda High School Dance

03. You play the out-of-town businessman and I’ll be the Geisha who shows you the sites of Toyko!

Let me know what you decide…

HAPPY Monday!

In honor of Monday Funnies I bring you Rob in Japan doing Sukiri!



  1. Rob,
    I’d be a Geisha Girl for you too!

    This video is one of the funniest. How did they get him to do that? He looked so uncomfortable.

    • Apparently he is making the actual kanji or letter for “sukiri” that’s what the crazy pose is, and it’s probably just like getting slimed on Nick, or having to Dance on Ellen…they make EVERYONE do it!

      • Hi Mrs P.!
        yup! exactly. He is posing the “su ス” of “sukkiri” which is the name and it also means refreshing. :) yes, Rob is refreshing. teehee

        • Su (ス ) can also stands for Suteki which means HAAAAAWT!!!!

  2. Adorkable….

    • OMG your avatar is hilarious

      • HA HA…I HAVE TO AGREE…did you make that yourself? HILARIOUS!!

  3. Holy shiz! My avatar showed up! TWO MONTHS LATER…

    • I gotta ask you. How I do change my avatar.

      • sing up for a account (You can do that without starting a blog) OR gravatar account “you can google it” 🙂

        • Gotta ask. How do you do that? Do you have to download it in order to just sign up? I wants to change my avatar, too.

        • I did sign up after you told me. So, testing my new avatar. Hope it works.

          • no it didn’t work.

          • testing again.

          • still not working

          • If in Firefox, try Tools->Clear Private Data.

          • yay!!! It worked.

    • Try deleting your cookies. My Gravatar didn’t work until I cleared out the cache. No problems since then.

  4. LMAO!!!! It always makes me laught, too!! It’s just ridiculously adorkable.

    Thanks, Moon….SUKIRI for you too!!! LOL

  5. didn’t watch the video yet, but I loved option #2 for your Japanese themed date with Rob!

    Dear Rob,
    Personally, I offer to “wax on wax off” any part of you that needs buffing or repeated stroking.


  6. Love that video!!!

    How is it that he can be sexy even in some ridiculous pose??

  7. I love this! He’s so unbelievably cute here. You know he has to be feeling like a total shit, but it just makes him all the more lovable.

  8. WTF??? Still love you baby.

    “Rob, me love you long time!”

    @miffygoodness – Hahahahah….wax on wax off NICE!

  9. Awww…what a cutie. And how horribly embarrassing. He just looks embarrassed. lol

  10. Hey Moon
    sorry for Jackson being late, but you know how it is, in order for us to produce a slew of kids with that special constipated look we are currently spending a fair bit of time practicing if you know what i mean.

    BTW may be prepared to do a bit of a swappy deal with you over Jackson and Rob if you want to talk!

    • yea lets figure out a time share option with those two. we’ll ship them back n forth every other week.


  11. He’s so funny. I try to keep a straight face during the video but that ‘SUKIRI’ cracks me up over and over again.

  12. I’ll be your personal Geisha Girl Rob!!

    I love u long time!

  13. Dear Rob,

    You and I would kill at “human tetris.” AND we don’t even have to go on TV. Promise!

    Love, me

    • “And we don’t even have to go on TV” lmao!! Beautiful mental picture

    • AHAHA! awesome not even on tv

  14. Pure awesomeness!!! My favorite is #3…I can definitely see me being a geisha!!! 😉

  15. bwahahahaha. oh man i feel kinda bad laughing at that, im kind embarrassed for him. poor guy.

  16. Is Moon a Jackson fan?

    I did not know this!?

    • moon loves her some jackson, this is true

    • oh yes dear jackson is teachers pet. when rob’s not in town.

      • Oh Moon. Someday I will have to tell you the story about my interaction with Mr. Rathbone…..

  17. Hahaha! Costume shower!! Classic.

  18. YES!

    The Japanese are CWAZY!!

    Ok, I haven’t watched the vid yet cuz I’m at work and they block fun things here (not you guys though! Yet :-/….) so I’ll checks it out 2nite.

    I’m sure it’s great!

    Happy Monday, everyone!

    Or not so much.

    I have a venti coffee next to me that is about to be finished and that makes me sad.

    Stupid (amazing) WA ruined my sleep catch-up this weekend…


    • i had 3 3am nights in a row a few weeks ago reading WA and I’m STILL catching up!

  19. Lmao! I’ve thought of rob as a lot of things, but SUPERHERO was never one of them. Well, he’s the super lover in all my dreams, but that’s a different story all together… 😉

  20. Man, and I thought the British had an odd sense of humor.

    • Hey! Watch it.

      It’s all NORMAL!!!

      x EG

  21. Here’s a rundown of how my crappy Mondays always go:

    7: Wake up. Eat banana. Think of robnana and LTR. Think of Rob.

    8: Drink coffee and a bottle of water. Intense need to pee on the way to drop my daughter off at school. Wonder if Rob has catheter for all he drinks. Think of Rob.

    9: Log on to LTR. Think of Rob, think of Rob, think of Rob, Roooooobbbbbbbbbbb (this plays out like the “months” chapters in New Moon – time ticks on like the blood pulsing under a bruise or whatever).

    12: Pick up daughter at school. Another mother says she went to the gym and “feels dirty”. Think of Rob.

    1: Feed daughter microwaved carrot sticks with lunch. Think of Rob.

    2: Take daughter to zoo. See spider monkeys. Think of Rob – cringe at the line from the movie.

    10: Have sex with husband. Think of Rob.

    And so on and so forth..

    • @WTM

      LMFAO!!!!!!! OH MY GOD! You are the shiz, woman!!!!!!!!!!!

      • You are the one person that will read my breakdown today. Sniff, sniff – I miss the good ol’ days.

        • I love you, WTM and miss you!

          Are you going to be in the forum today?

          Where do you like to go there?

          Have you been to Robsten thread yet?

          Are you reading any fan fics?

          I miss it here with you and the others too, hopefully it will work itself out smoothly soon!

          I’m about to give up on Twitter! I can not figure that out…Have you gotten any better at it?

          • @SpunkMe – I have somehow managed to figure Twitter out I think. I unprotected my updates and somehow that helped.

            I’ve definitely been in Robsten. Left you a link on Saturday (the Oregano thing which you found youtube vid on). Other than that, I’m lost. Too many new faces and they post too fast for me to keep up in the flat. So I just come here (and I annoy JAG too) most often. Gotta have an outlet for all my Robitivity.

          • @WTM

            Oh yeah that’s right!! You were the one that left that blog link! Thanks! That was so funny!

          • YEah, Twitter still confuses me a bit. 😛

            The Forum is great ladies! Srsly, give it more of a chance. I think things are pretty well organized over there. I could never follow the convos here b/c of how crazy and long they get. I think the Chitty Chat thread can be followed a bit better. I love the “first unread post” option. It takes you to where you left off! WoOt! 🙂

            This is UC- editing your response b/c i can’t reply. THANK YOU FOR SAYING THAT. We will give you 10 minutes alone time with Rob just for that!

            @MARTA – moon jumping in too – THANK YOU! gracias, danke shon! ETC ETC!

      • Love the post I’d take 2 as I’ve always liked the idea of ‘saucy in public’!!
        WTM My day runs just like yours in as much as everything makes me ‘think of Rob’ especially no.10.
        Thanks for putting it into words

    • hahaha…

    • @WTM LMFAO!!! Seems you and I have very similar schedules 🙂

    • @WastingtheMorning- That is the f*ckin’ funniest thing I’ve read in awhile……ROTFLMAO

    • I read your breakdown!! FREAKIN” HILARIOUS!!

  22. Dear Rob,

    Let’s be contestants on one of those whacky Japanese gameshows!!! I want to lmao with you while we are dressed up in a big diaper and baby outfits riding tricycles as fast as we can on a conveyor belt so we don’t fall back off the conveyor into a vat of jello! LOL! But after we are done laughing at ourselves for that crazy sh*t, you play the out-of-town businessman and I’ll be the Geisha who shows you my sushi. Mmmm, tasty! LOL!


    • Rob in a diaper? Hmmm. I swear that man could be dropping the kids off at the pool and we’d all swoon.

      • Yes, I think he could be putting gas in his car and sticking that gas nozzle in the hole and I’d Jizz my pants watching him do that!

        • I’d drag him into the backseat

        • Oh Spunk you do have a way with words!

  23. @Moon and UC

    Thanks for posting that one! I love when he does that superhero pose!!!! He cracks me up!

  24. @moon Sorry your Monday is crappy! Rob is here this morning but I’ll send him your way later.

    • yes thank you annie! a little attention from rob should do the trick!

  25. LMFAO!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • LMFAO!!!!!!

      Spunk! Good morning!

      Good morning all, trying to catch up, and start work! BBL

      • Hey snm *waving*

        Do you stay in fan fic area??

        I feel like I am chasing you around in the forum, but can’t catch you! LOL!

  26. Annie!!!!!

    Is DH done with vacation now???

    I missed you!

    • Spunk!!! He is so GONE! Wooooo!

      • Nick Jr is baby sitting while I Rob and I play “catch-up” 😉

  27. @SpunkMe
    Did you see the news today? Not R/L news, of course, Robsten news! Ted C has something up indicating they are together, but Lainey blows him out of the water with new pics from this weekend of Kstew and Oregano looking VERY happy. I’m a Robsten fan, but have mostly been convinced by Ted – now I don’t know what to think! LOL! I should be thinking of cleaning my house – but no – I’m checking out the photos on Lainey instead!

    • @Cm

      Hi I am so glad to see you here! I thought you left! Yay! You are here! I have not looked up Ted C yet today…He is usually the polar opposite of Lainey’s news. I think Lainey is on Summit’s payroll and this is another set up! LOL! I dunno, I’ll have to look at everything and get back to you on Robsten about my thoughts on this one…I’ll consult with Calli about it too. Calli is usually very insightful about how Kristen thinks and what is going on with this love triangle. It’s just funny that after the last pix of them in Robcouver being labeled as so unhappy and chaperoned by NRank, etc. that this is like so overly dramatic this time…looks like Summit gave Oregano a raise to act happier this time! LOL!

      • Well, I did leave, LOL! But I’m checking in periodically. Just trying to find a balance, that’s all 🙂

  28. Good morning ladies! Awww poor Rob! He looks like he’s thinking “Do I have to really do this”. Rob is such a sweetheart:)

    • seriously.. major props for agreeing to that (aka being bound by contract!)

  29. OMG that video made me giggle the first time I saw it. I needed a laugh- I have exams today.

    Kellan gushes about Rob in an austrailian interview here:

    I finally started my PE and Pocket spike comic strip…

    • good luck w/ your exams! glad you could giggle:)

      • Thanks! Hopefully I won’t need it…

  30. OMG new ALE chapter!!!!!!!!!!

    • WOOT!

    • Yay !!!

    • Which one is ALE? I probably shouldn’t ask… I let you guys suck me into the FF world I’m following waaay too many!!! My favs are The Red Line, Wide Awake, Out of Choices, and a few others. I just found one called Midnight Desire that is a satire of Midnight Sun where Edward is consumed with lust instead of hunger for Bella heh. It’s soo funny reading it, I’ll never be able to read Twilight the same!

      • Here’s my fanfic profile or whatever. It has all the stories I’ve read and really liked and ones recommended to me that I plan on getting to after exams:

  31. Good morning ladies!!!! “sukiri !” oh wow, that ranks up there with apotampkin

  32. Hi spunk!!!! did u see the link I put on yesterdays post? About the growing up Cullen linky.

  33. “Like a knight in shining armor
    From a long time ago…” FLASHBACK! Peter Cetera + Ralph Macchio=teen swoon!

    Oh, and sorry for keeping Jackson out too late! He was pedaling his banana-seat bicycle as fast as he could to get there in time for dinner.

    • haha banana-seat bike. LOVE IT!

    • NO wonder he was outta breath and the damn bike was broken!!

      BANANA SEAT BIKE comment WIN!!!!!!!

      go see it at the forum!

      oh and peter cetera = love

  34. Hey everyone! I CAN”T stay, but just wanted to say HI to everyone since I can never find anyone over at forum.

    Damn Lainey – ruining my fantasies (again). But, God Bless Ted – keeping them alive! LOL!

    @chinamother – happy to see you here. Hope all is OK!

    @SpunkMe – I just sent you mail!

    • Hi SM *waves* say hi to ifonly for me!!!

  35. @WTM – Forgot to mention I LOVED your breakdown of your day. Is there a moment that goes by we aren’t thinking of Rob? I doubt it!

    • YAH! Two people!

      • Three!

  36. @spunk…you can PM me, but normally I’m in daily chat or FF…I do driveby’s in here, but I’ve been trying to be a good girl lately and work!

  37. AKWARD! Poor Rob. Just proves he can be a good sport in any situation. I.LOVE.HIM.

  38. This just in at Robsessed-

    • MMMM jawline porn

    • Lucky lucky author of that book he holds in his dadcase – the author will go on NY Times BestSellers list by tomorrow morning.

  39. To WastingTheMorning: I love what you wrote, “catheter for all that he drinks”,”spider monkeys”, “robnana”, and “feels dirty”, that’s priceless! ROTFLMAO!!!And SpunkMe, putting gas in his car, now THAT would send me over the edge also!!!
    Love the comments, ladies!!!

    • So the dropping the kids off at the pool image didn’t do it for ya?

  40. Good afternoon y’all
    Awww… I didn’t see this video yet! So fun! This just pleased me in my deathbed *dramaqueen*
    Oh, the things you have to do by contract, Rob. I like you like that: adorkable Rob… *sigh*

    I’m still sick and all I wish is just die. Death should be better than this.
    I already know I’m a beeyotch when I get sick, thank you LOL

    • Melhoras para você Giseli!


    Dear Rob

    you don’t even get to go on an escalator any more without having to sign your name and charm an OAP (old age pensioner) on the step above you. You’re just too sweet.

    Can’t you be just a little bit less likeable? It’s getting really tiring having this robsession. Go on I dare you. Do something to irritate me. Ask my husband for suggestions – I am sure he has a few ideas he can throw into the mix.

    x EG

    • Hee hee. Hubby’s are good for that stuff.

      • LMAO, I think he could get some ideas from mine too!

    • ASSCANDY…that’s all I see. Squeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

      • I thought of you instantly when I saw that money shot.

    • That one needs to to go in JAG’s Missing Ass Candy post. Or is it just those pants.

      • I think his ass is still awol. LOL
        Def doing another b-side post. Gonna get some AssCandy shots from HTB and HA.

        • Apparently Sam didn’t give him the message about the mint choc chip ice cream.

          • There both in Robcouver now so I’m sure they’ll be trolling the internet together soon.

          • Explanation please!!!???

        • Dear Rob,

          I make a mean cheeseburger. Get that flat ass over here right now.

          Seriously, it’s looking critical,

    • Rob (we’re past the “dear” formalities),

      Here are some suggestions (which may or may not be via my husband) on things to that are guaranteed to irritate:

      1. Wake your woman up at 6am by nudging her in the privates with your boner (okay, that might not be irritating coming from YOU)
      2. Leave little bits of foil from hershey kiss wrappers all over the couch
      3. Spit in the toilet before peeing
      4. Leave crusty socks in the dirty laundry (hello? Wouldn’t a disposable tissue have worked just as well?)
      5. Ask your woman to pop a zit on your back
      6. Find 2 ticks on your balls and hand the tweezers and alcohol over to your woman for removal (true story, happened this weekend)

      Just some ideas to get you started.

      • Oh christ! I don’t want to be irritated THAT much.

        Maybe my husband is not so irritating after all when he does irritate! WTM – I hope all those irritations didn’t happen over the last few days. I hope they occurred over a period of months … I only have to live with my husband at the weekends (he’s with Scarlet Johansson during the week) and if I had to live with him all the time and put up with those I’d … well I wouldn’t be here anymore I dont’ think!!!

        • Rob – you could definitely “irritate” me with No. 1 though. At any o’clock. I’m not fussy. Would you like me to go to bed now so that you can try it?

        • Nah, he hasn’t eaten hershey’s kisses in a while..

          • Thank god for that! Give him a second chance then!!!!

      • OMG!!! WTM!!! My stomach is seriously hurting from laughing so hard!!!!!!!!!

        • What I find truly strange…is that I wouldn’t mind removing ticks from his ummmm….fellas.

          And No.1 sounds more like a fantasy than an irritation hehe.

          • Here’s another one for my crappy Monday rundown:

            3pm : Take the roundabout road on the way back from the shopping center. Think of Rob (roundabout-> National Lampoons European Vacation-> Big Ben-> London-> Rob). Look kids Big Ben Parliament!

  42. today’s daily chat topic at the forum:

    ENJOY!! have a great monday!

    • We have a forum now?! Where was I?! Wow. I missed alot…

      • hahaha announcement last week! maybe during your computer-less-ness? go give it a whirl… it’s supposed to be a place for all the daily chit chat that used to happen here (besides comments about the post, etc) and topical stuff as well!!

        • Prolly. Finally met the neighbors and talked them into letting me steal their wireless while we’re poverty struck hehe. I’m whoring my roomie if he doesn’t get paid this week…

  43. Hello everyone. I have been away for a day and I feel like i’ve missed so much!! lol.

    • Hi BeUrLover2.

      same here! hope u had a good weekend. I’m just catching up on everything now :p

  44. you girls are really funny. i kinda been living under a rock and just came to rob by chance, now i find myself doing major research on him. its weird.

    • been there.. done that.. started a blog 🙂

    • Rob works in mysterious ways. Welcome!

    • and the rest is history!!!!!!!! welcome shelly!

  45. Airport-

    • His Edward hair looks beautiful, doesn’t it?

  46. Hey everyone! *drive by post*

    New chapter of The Dom is up!

    • Hello Sass

      Yay! thanks for the link 😀

  47. Totes love superdork Sukiri Rob! LMAO! He is so uncomfortable doing this shizz.

    Why do I love the uncomfy stuff he does? Must make him all the more endearing, I think.

    On another note: Tried to find the vid of HTB where RobArt says “shaddupinyourface” so I could play it for the hubster.

    It’s been removed *sad face* but I did my own little replay of it. He laughed his ass off on the “shaddup.” LOL! Good hubby – I’ll keep you now.

    • Mmmmm…nice nip-atar. If I may call it that….

      • Thx!

        You should see when my doppelganger, Carrie and I post together. We have a massive amount of RobNipple and RobCrotch. Its a sight to see!

        • sounds like a winning combination to me.

  48. Dangit. My post somehow became a reply up there. Oh well. No one is listening anyway.

    • WTM – You are being very hard on yourself today. Of course we are listening.

      • But I didn’t really understand the roundabout story?

        • If I have to explain it, it’s not so funny. So just strike it from the record 🙂

      • I was referring to the fact that everyone is on the forum and not here 🙂

  49. oh Moon, hope your Monday is getting to be better.
    Ill morse code Rob to deliver you a nice caramel macchiato with an extra shot to get you thru the rest of the day.

  50. Thank you for the warm welcome!! you guys are seriously great to have site to let loose..ugh i thought i was having a case of deployment blues..

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