Posted by: Bekah | April 26, 2009

Where in the world: The ‘come home to me’ edition

Dear grown-up fans of adventures with plastic dolls,

If you’ve been an LTR/LTT reader for awhile, by now you should know Edward does many things other than steal the hearts of 17 year old girls he meets at Forks High School. Ever since January 11th the Edward action figure has been busy- doing things like: going to the beach, driving in Hollywood, playing with bunnies, going to Seattle and Chicago…we could go on and on

We think we have discovered just “how” Edward does it all. At first we attributed his ability to be everywhere at once to his amazing vampire-ish-ness, but now we think we’ve discovered the secret: There’s more than one Edward Action Figure out there. We’re pretty bummed because we thought we were the only ones who had him. He told us we were unique and special.  Yeah, we’re pretty pissed, so currently we’re “on a break.”

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: The Edward Action figure gets around. Enjoy his latest travels.


Yanin told us how you were strong and gave support when she found out her cousin was pregnant. You even held the test while they waited!


You and SM found a nice 80’s hair band to hang out with

2far2care took you to a Nascar race in Texas (You wanted to be just like Ricky Bobby for a day- please never do that again)

You laughed as you watched those poor humans struggle.  The first car you saw was Dale Earnhardt, Jr’s. Looks like one of his crew recognized you.


You even got to see first place winner, Jeff Gordon.  See how he tries to imitate you.  (Everyone wants to be like Edward)


See more of Edward breaking our hearts and cheating on us with others, after the jump.

briarrose1Briar Rose showed us what you helped with at her house. She says:

I must say that I was a bit embarrassed when you caught me drooling over the Rob Porn over at LTR.

briarrose2But being the perfect specimen of Micro Edward that you are, you picked up on the concept of Porn for Women right away.  I must say that you are a tiger in the laundry department how very “Growing up Cullen” of you  **swoon**briarrose3

Unfortuneately, you were too embarassed to be photographed as evidence for this next letter:

Dear Lovely People at NECA,

While I appreciate that you have been able to deliver a Micro -Edward to the enthusiastic masses  (and by “masses”, I really mean 30-year old stay at home moms like myself, who have seen a surge in sexual appetite since Rob/Edward has come into the picture; as well as the blissful return of fangirl silly sqeals that haven’t crossed my lips since I saw NKOTB at the Spectrum in 1990.  But, I digress…) Anyway, micro Eddie and I had so many plans for this week, all of them shattered this morning at breakfast when my 6 year old daughter removed him from the chandelier (Why was he swinging from said chandelier you ask? Perhaps a story for another letter.), and his graceful plastic hand broke away from his body.  The horror!   Now his gorgeous limbs will be tainted with Super Glue, and he will be the laughing stock of the party I’m taking him to on Sat. night.  Thanks alot, quality control dude from NECA!

Love, Me

Allison and an unnamed accomplice took Edward to Forks



See everywhere else that little slutty plastic doll as been…



  1. haha always keep ’em laughing uc! Slutty doll?! Lmao ha ha ha. They dont even make the edward doll here in south africa 😦 , now i cant get a piece of him! Looks like im the first one 2 post a comment, anywho enjoy your day ladies (and slutty edward dolly) hugs and kisses kim oxox

  2. I loved the Nascar thing. That is too funny! I took mine to Memphis, and he visited Sun Studios and Graceland with me. He even wrote his name on the wall outside Graceland.

    My three posts with pictures are here:

    After that, I think I might have to get my mom one. She would take him from me to get pictures all the time!

    BTW, the pregnancy test one was beyond cute. I’m going to be laughing about that all day!

  3. If I ever see EAF (Edward Acton Figure) anywhere near Jeff Gordon again, I’ll kick his plastic, miniature boo-tay.

    It’s fine if EAF wants to pose near Dale Earndardt, Jr., of course.

    • i have a bunch of pics of Pocket Eddie at Texas Motor Speedway…check out the FB group (“where in the world is pocket eddie”) to see more:

      I have another picture i’m waiting to get my hands on of my friends and i with Pocket Eddie & Jeff. It was taken by a track photographer so I’m in the process of tracking it down. It’s good to have friends in high places:)

  4. I love all the pictures.. They make me laugh just looking at all the places and things little Edward is doing. Keep it up i needed to smile today. thanks

  5. OH God!!! It’s too funny.
    First, Yanin’s Edward. But I am a little bit grossed out by it even though it’s covered and all.

    Then comes SM’s. I was scared that he’s gonna lick him. Man, that would have been death of me.

    2far2care’s Edward was excited, I guess. You know he’s into cars and stuff. I understand.

    Brair Rose’s E was too good to be true. He doesn’t mind about Rob Porn and he’s man of the house*tiger in the laundry department*hahahaha.

    And Alison’s, where do I start. I am sending my unconditional love for my Edward. But it’s a relief vampire’s limbs can reconnect. Alison, please be kind enough to let us know why E was hanging in chandelier. Take care of E with all of your strength and being. By the way I am gald he’s okay. Please give my love and kisses.

  6. we heart you, robward!!! 🙂

  7. “(and by “masses”, I really mean 30-year old stay at home moms like myself, who have seen a surge in sexual appetite since Rob/Edward has come into the picture; as well as the blissful return of fangirl silly sqeals that haven’t crossed my lips since I saw NKOTB at the Spectrum in 1990. But, I digress…)”

    I don’t remember sending a letter in…Did I write this one in my sleep? Or is my BFF4-eva Misty lurking at LTR?

    • whoever it is- she’s hilarrriouss!
      (and no.. her email wasn’t from a girl named “misty” but i hope she’s lurking!)

    • Yes – whoever wrote “and by “masses”, I really mean 30-year old stay at home moms like myself, who have seen a surge in sexual appetite since Rob/Edward has come into the picture” could be ghost writing for me!

      so completely hilarious! My husband is soooo tolerant of all this Twilight/Edward/ Rob obsession b/c I direct my extra energies at him!

  8. @UC
    I am longing for my very own PE! I don’t have one yet! *hangs head in shame* Oh How I loved these adventures you shared with us! LMAO!! The Nascar ones were cracking me up! I posted this at the forum last night in Robsten, but since I don’t know how many of you girls dare to venture into the Robsten room, I am posting this YouTube video here today featuring PE…It was in a different language, but it completely didn’t matter…I about wet my pants from laughing so hard…so enjoy…oh and the subject and title are… Where’s Oregano?


    • Spunk – I am so glad you posted that here – yes I may not have seen it otherwise, though I have set foot in the Robsten room over the road v. briefly!

      That video is a work of art and an inspiration to film makers on how to make a movie on a tight budget! Plenty of wit, an inspired cast, superb costume detail, I could go on …. Loved the track used whatever it is. What a fab idea. Well done to the girl who made it, whoever she is (“Roxie” apparently). I had a great laugh (little things please me).

      Now all I need to make my day is for some of these FF authors to update (I know it is not going to happen on a Sunday). I need more I Love LA and I wouldn’t mind a bit of “arranging” a la Arrangement either. Naughty eh?! Oh and Domward can update ANY time. He’s a sneaky one, and am very suprised to find him quite so attractive. Rob, you have competition – but don’t worry I can show you Domward’s little ways if you like ..

      • Hi EG!

        What???!! *Rob’s high pitch voice*

        You’ve been in the Robsten room??!!! I am so shocked! LOL! Don’t worry, I don’t expect to see you posting there or anything.

        Yes that video was so funny, I just had to share it with you guys. I loved the beanie hats! Tay Tay action figure was cracking me up!

        Yes, I want The Arrangement to update…what is going on with that one not updating? I have not read I Love LA. But Domward *swwon* I always say he is right up there with Rob…

        Dear Rob,

        If you feel like being a little bossy, you can always drop by my place and we can act out some scenes from The Submissive. I’ll even call you Domward if you like…or would you prefer Master?


        • You know me – I like to live dangerously sometimes! I had to have a quick peek at what you were all up to in there …. but I rushed out very quickly as it was all too much. It’s not actually the KStew stuff which is the problem for me, and it’s not the Rob and any other girl either – I would love love love for him to have a special someone, and I hope he does – whomsoever it might be). It’s just the endless speculation and analysing and stuff and the not knowing (which I don’t believe I have a right to know anyway). It’s irritating (to me obviously not to you – not criticising you all here at all). I can’t watch those Airport type programmes either (do you have them in the States – you know the ones where they show people arguing with the airline personnel about getting onto their flight which they’ve missed etc.). I’ll wave next time I visit!!!

          • @EG

            LOL! Yes, we have those airline shows here! So, I know what you mean. It’s just not everyone’s cup of tea and I respect that. Yes, do give us a shout out when you are in that area again!

            I visit the fan fic area a lot too and I try to stay in Rob’s Flat some, but he has so many girls there and they are fast (posters), it’s hard to keep up pace there when you are tired. LOL! I keep trying! I mean who wouldn’t want to stay in Rob’s flat all day??!! LOL!

    • SMe Haha…that was funny. I love that Jackson was a Troll doll! Thanks for sharing. I would have missed it otherwise…lol

      EG you’re much braver than me. I haven’t even peeked into the Robsten room 🙂 I’m here manifesting an update w/ you. Maybe if enough of us are doing it, it will actually happen.

      • Hi FN

        Yes, I was cracking up at every scene where Oregano was lurking in the background! LMFAO!!!!!!

        • Yep. I love that he was actually “Oregano” the spice.

    • that video was so funny. hahah.. i can’t stop laughing. I love the Oregano in the back ground as he was walking in the park. The dolls were a nice touch. yes I am still laughing.

    • oh hilarious!!!! and you’re RIGHT.. i would have NEVER have seen that in Robsten:)

    • Loved the video! Thanks for posting. Clearly, the beanies were the best part (though Jackson as a troll was also fabulous).

  9. Hello LRT’ers,lurking celebs, lurkers ( hi spunkerdoodles!)

    • Hi Sherin

      Sorry I missed you last night. You logged on just as I was going to bed. Do you have that link for the Growing Up Cullen? I didn’t bookmark it last time and I’d like to read more of it. That was so funny!

  10. I’m lovin laundry Edward and the growing up Cullen reference!!! that shiz always cracks me when I re read them!!

    • Laundry Edward is welcome at my house anytime. I might actually be interested in doing laundry if HE were there to hold my hand with the folding etc.

      • Honestly,I really don’t think I would have any laundry done if Edward is anywhere near me, I have some uhhh stuff I wanna do to him, just sayin’

        • I think I had visions of us, er, wrapped in sheets on the hall floor …

          • i was thinking of edward+me=on top of the dryer.LMAO

  11. He gets around, that Pocket Edward. Nice Letter. That’s all. Am done.

  12. Gosh, Little Edward has been everywhere, and is loved by everyone! My mom want’s to take mine in to work with her (she drives a schoolbus and want’s his help on her pre-trip inspection) and my little 5 year old sister is forever begging to play with him.

    …I also wish to know why Edward was hanging from the chandelier… it must be an interesting story…

  13. Lil E with the hair band dudes is my favorite. Like oil and water. He truly has no fear.

  14. There is no doubt in my mind the PE is a total whore!

  15. Since I’m a teacher and right now is ‘testing season’ lil E hasn’t seen much action with me other than my bedroom LOL! But just know that come summer time…o he will be coming along and you guys will get to see our adventures as well!! 🙂

  16. goodmorning everyone!!
    Love the PE adventures update. I saw the first pic without reading and immediately thought he got someone pregnant!!
    I haven’t really been to the forum yet. I’m visiting my Internet-less sister in Brooklyn so I’m limited to using my iPhone. Unfortunately, my iPhone and the forum don’t play very well:(
    I saw HTB last and it was great!! Rob was awesome!
    I have to share my experience of meeting with Oliver, Johnny and Mike. I also have some pics and video. I will try and get to an Internet cafe and post it to the forum. Is there a section for fan encounters?? If not there should be.

    • i’ll get geeky cousin on an i[hone forum fix.. if there is one… we’ll see 😉

      Yes! put your experience of meeting them in “encounters” (when you’re back with internet, of course!) *it’s under Chillax

  17. Oh Pocket Edward. I thought we had something special but alas, I know that since I sleep and you don’t you have to find someway to fill your time. I am glad that you are making all these other women happy too!

  18. Love this post! I often wonder if there will be a surge of girls being named Renesmee in the near future! Imagine that converstations to follow! Remember when reading Twilight back in 2008 and we all thought Renesmee was the strangest name ever and now SM’s name creation is ranked #1 on the baby list in 2010? LOL

    Okay that pregnancy test pictures spawned the above thoughts

    • I didn’t know that about the name “Renesmee” being #1. That’s hilarious.

  19. Hey all! SPUNK!!!!!!!

    Ok, here’s the evidence that I am now a step-mommy to be…

    • Snm!!!!!!



    • are you a Cam girl, SnM? I didn’t realize! We may have something special for you soon 🙂

  20. can pe come over and do my laundry?

    • yes

      • He is excellent, esp during the spin cycle. . . ;0)

  21. Good morning and Happy Sunday everyone!

    hee hee gotta love those pictures.
    My fav has got to be the Nascar and rockers.

    • Judy!!!!!

      Hey girlie!!!!!!!!!!

      Had fun drunk posting with you!

      • Hi SpunkMe!
        yes, twas lots of fun 😀
        must do it again!

  22. Wait. There’s more than one? Next you’re going to be telling me there is more than one fruit cake!

  23. Just saw these over at Robsessed- Enjoy!!

    • Thanks Gen. That first one is lovely. Love Rob laughing any time!

      • Hi EyeC! Anytime! How are you today?

  24. rob with errmm……long hair? some people have lots of time on their hands and serious photoshop skillz 🙂

  25. Hi All,
    Have laughed till I both cried and wet myself, love this post.
    It’s 11.42 pm here and am only just checking in thanks to my lost weekend in fanfic land {well and truely lost that V-card} thanks to SnMLamb. Just wish Hubby was not working in Poland right now at least he’ll be very happy when he’s home next weekend…….
    Got to go want to finish ALE before the start of a new weekend oxox

  26. I’m just putting this out there because no one is over on the fanfic site right now and there is no category for this story anyway but I’m sitting here bawling my eyes out over this story. Edward just told off his mother in defence of Bella and it’s killing me. Just sayin’.

  27. You ladies KNOW I loves me some mini-Edward!! Thanks for the Sunday laughs, as usual! : )

  28. Hello all – home from soccer weekend and I can’t find anyone to play with!
    UC and Moon – great post as always. I think the one of PE holding the pregnancy test is my favorite. He almost looks like an an anxious father to be. Do you suppose that is what he looked like when he realized Bella was pregnant?

    Did ET have a New Moon segment on Saturday? I can’t find it on you tube. If anyone knows – can you link please?

    Good to be home!

    • I am thinking he looked quite a bit worse when he found out Bella was pregnant…lol!

      • Hi Sass! So good to see someone here! Just located ET video on a Rob site and was watching that. Anything exciting happen this weekend while I was away?

        • Hello dear! Not too much exciting, I don’t think, I was kinda busy myself with RL stuff. I don’t even know how many new ET videos there are? *bad fan*

  29. […] Where in the world: The ‘come home to me’ edition Dear grown-up fans of adventures with plastic dolls, If you’ve been an LTR/LTT reader for awhile, by now you […] […]

  30. THERE’S MORE THAN ONE???!!!!

    No way, I won’t believe it until I see it personally!

    Or until I get my own PE…lol

    Also, If any of you have links to download ET from friday and saturday, please send them!!!1 Thanks!

    • @Dany – You can find all the ET interview segments at this site:

      Great to see you btw!

      • Can I download them from Great!

        I miss you all! I only get to talk to the girls in twitter during the day and at nights I’ve been busy too…Hate RL and miss my LTR!

        • HI Soccermom – long time no see!! How are you?

          • Hey Gen! *waving frantically* I’m great! Home from another long weekend of soccer. Just trying to catch up on news here. How have you been?

          • Good thanks! Trying to get a hang of the forum. Feels like I haven’t seen you in ages. Weekend is a good time to catch up.

      • Hi Smom and Dany! It’s good to see some of you on here. Thanks for the ET link. I missed it too.

  31. Because I felt silly tonight:

    Lil E litrally digging into a slice of DQ ice cream cake:

    I think he enjoyed it!

    • Hilarious Sass! Looks like it was a night to celebrate!

    • Ohh that cake looks delicious!!!! I almost didn’t see PE and just stared at the cake!

  32. Hi EyeC – Yeah, I finally cracked and registered at forum, but still not comfortable there. Van’t ever seem to find anyone. I like being able to see everyone here at one time.

    • That’s how I’ve been feeling Smom. Kinda sad about it. I never seem to meet up with anybody. I’m noticing that nobody writes those spontaneous letters to Rob anymore. A bit down.

  33. Hey EyeC!! How are you?

    • Hi Dany! It’s nice to see you here. How’s your studying going?

      • Slow but good! It’s just so boring! I study from 9 am to 7 pm and when I look back to what I’ve advanced in the day, it’s just too little! Apparently that happens to everybody, though, so I guess it’s normal.

        • You have to do it though. No way around it. At least you are able to take the year off. Here’s my cheer for you: GO DANY GO! YOU CAN DO IT, WE KNOW YOU CAN! GO GIRL GO!—-Does that help?

  34. You find everyone here easily though…I understand. I feel like forum is easier for drive by posting or specific topic posting.

    Hi All.

    • Maybe that’s it Spunk. This is a greeting everybody spot and feeling like a whole community, not all divided into parts.

      • Hi EyeC

        Yes, I do like all the pictures there..I just got a whole new batch of gif and pics today for all of us to love…so I’ll be posting those.

  35. YAY! There’s a bunch of us back here at poor, lonely, pushed aside ‘comments’. It’s gonna be OK ‘comments’ – I still love you!

    • I love them too!!!!

    • I e-mailed you.

  36. So sorry to post and run, but after a weekend away kids, dogs, laundry and Mr. Soccermom all demanding my attention! It was great to see all of you! I’ll try to get back later. If not – sweet dreams everyone!

    • Good night, Smom!!! hugs!

  37. Anyone still around??

    • Just getting here.

      • Whoo hoo! lol I was feeling lonely. How’s it goin?

        • It’s goin’ I checked the forum no one around. How’re you?

          • I’m ok. Trying to get some stuff done for work. I haven’t been over to the forum since this morning.

          • I’m trying to find an ice breaker for my class tomorrow of course I’m going last and everyone has taken the easier ones I can find.

          • Tell me more. What kind of ice breaker are you looking for?

          • That sucks. Maybe you can take one someone else has and tweak it and make it cooler.

          • I’m thinking of doing the toilet paper one, you know where you take as many sheets as you want without knowing whats going on and then for each sheet you tell something about yourself. That could just lead to some inappropriate remarks.

          • But it would be funny!

          • That sounds like fun. I’ve never done that one before.

          • We did it at college orientation. It’s memorable.

    • Hi guys,

      I’m here.

      • Hey EyeC! How are you today?

        • OK. Not too much happening.

      • Hey EyeC! How’s your day been?

        Did you guys watch that new ET video above? WTF was that whole “Dress like a vampire” thing about? Lame-O!!

        • I tried and tried but it woouldn’t play for me. Disappointed. What’s that dress like a vampire statement?

        • It sucks that you couldn’t see it 😦

          There was this segment at the end that tells you how to get the style of the vampires which basically consisted of looking at a few of the characters (Bella for example) and saying wear a plaid shirt over a thermal w/ jeans and you’ll look like Bella. Uh, duh! I can see what she’s wearing. If I wanted to dress like that, I would. I don’t need your “fashion” tips.

          • Hilarious!!!

  38. EyeC I saw your post above. Which FF had you in tears?

    • That same one, Stitches and Scars. As it turned out Edward saved Bella in the alley the other night after he decided to come back. Today that scene was worked out too but it was heartbreaking and maddening with his mother. I’m down to the last few chapters and I think it’s really a good one.

      • Oh no! I don’t need another good FF to add to my list. I STILL haven’t gotten around to picking LYLS back up from where I left off!

    • Hi Girls!! So good to see you!!

      • Hi Gen! How u doin’?

        • Hey E! Good thanks (knee hurts but that’s neither here nor there) HOW U DOIN’?

          • I’m ok, sorry to hear about your knee. I have an ankle issue so I feel your pain.

      • Hi Gen! It’s good to see you too!!!

      • Good to see you too Gen!

  39. Yay the night girls are here!!!

    • Yes Dany. Yes we are…

    • Hi Dany

    • Hey!! How are ya?

  40. EP you wouldn’t happen to know a good website where I can find grammar worksheets would you? I need some for pronounsmain ideas and I can just do a google search, but I figured before I subject myself to the torture of sifting through the results I’d at least ask.

    • I should know this, but I don’t. I always google, I should start writing it down or saving or something.

      • Thanks anyway. I’ve been trying to bookmark the good ones that I find, but sometimes they don’t have what I’m looking for. I did find this really good site that has a bunch of links to Speech Therapy sites and they’re all categorized and stuff. It’s awesome.

        • The good websites are great and the bad ones really suck.

          • So true! I hate the ones that have a million pop-ups! Or the ones that aren’t free. Why am I going to pay for your activities when I can look for 5 more minutes and find the same thing for free? lol

          • I know! Please, isn’t teaching all about taking other people’s ideas?

          • That’s what I thought! lol

            I found a good one:
            In case you want to bookmark it.

          • Thanks! I bookmarked it, I don’t like worksheets by themselves, but I usually can turn them into a game or a hands on activity, but you have to have something to grade.

          • Yeah, I have a few games, but the therapist I’m subbing for doesn’t have very many grammar-related ones. One of the kids I work w/ was like “I don’t like to play games.” He comes by himself so I needed to find something to do w/ him. He works well w/ this kind of stuff though. I’m so glad we don’t have to do grades in speech. Just track their progress via percentages.

  41. What’s that I hear, yes I think it is a call for the night ladies or was that Ladies of the Night. Either way I’m here, hi lovely ladies.

    • Ladies of the Night! LMAO! I never thought of that one before!

    • Hey Lizzie!! (NOT Sherin. lol)

      We are freakin’ great manifestors!! Now we’re only missing Byrdie!

      • Jenny too.

        • And Tara.

          • Oh yeah…whoopsy! lol

      • I see you have been manifesting!

        OH ROB!! (wink wink)

    • Hi Lizzie

  42. Girls- I’m going to look around for some pics. Are we up for it?

    • Yup!

    • Did you really have to ask?

    • ALWAYS!

  43. Oh yeah – need a hit of Rob.

    • Hey lizzie! haven’t talked to you in a while!!!

      How are you? how’s your monday afternoon? (right?)

      • Spot on – monday been well a monday, the good news is our techno geeks want to rebuild my computer tonight so I will have to log off by 5pm only 1.57hrs away, not that I am counting or anything!

  44. I finally got around to posting an intro on the forum last night, the lovely Mr Resident Geek posted me a nice reply, I don’t think he could quite believe anybody could be stupid enough to actually get their own name wrong, but he is going to look at making me Lizzie – yeah, I was worried I wouldl confuse myself otherwise, past history suggests this is likely.

    • That’s nice of him. LOL Maybe you have multiple personality disorder?

    • How did you manage to get your name wrong?

    • I know it is impressive isn’t it? I was sort of distracted when i was registering and in my typical typo way became Lizzy by accident. And yes EyeC beginning to think all these voices in my head are perhaps not normal, no it’s Ok, Lizzy just old me it is completely normal to hear voices.

      • I totally understand it! My best friend once misspelled her last name in a school test. Her last name is “Amaya” and she wrote “Amalla”…why? I don’t know. She doesn’t know.

        Maybe you’d know LOL

      • I read your intro, but I don’t remember you saying that you misspelled your name. Did I miss it? I wondered how he knew your name was misspelled. Maybe I’m just a bad reader. Perhaps I should find some Reading Comprehension exercises while I’m looking for those others….

      • So what you’re saying is while trying to register you suddenly completely overcome with thought of Rob and assorted sexy activities that you effed up your own name. I feel like my version is more plausible.

        • Thankyou, thankyou, thankyou. Finally a rational explanation.

          • Normal, happens ALL the time.

  45. HI girlies!!

    • TARA!!!! HEY!!!!!!! The ladies of the night are slowly coming back!

    • YAY Tara! Did we manifest you?

      • I see above that we did. I’m so needing a Rob hit!

    • Hey Tara!!

      (I told you gals we were good, 2 to go….)

      • JENNY!!! Where are you???

        Byrdie probably not back yet–maybe on a plane?? or too exhausted from her trip. Whe knows? BYRDIE!!! Where are you?

    • Tara! This manifesting thing is scary.

    • Lol yes the manifesting is very strong tonight!!

      Whats new!? I missed you all last night!

      • We got started late last night. FN and me, Lizzie and Sherin popped in while at work in Kuwait.

        • oh ya i couldnt get on last night and cant really stay on for too long tonight because the BF is staying over… he doesnt like me robsessing to much!! Shhhh dont tell Rob!

          • Can’t imagine why not!

          • Your BF isn’t into Robsessing? Well, I guess it might be reason for concern if he was…’s probably better this way.

        • LMAO i know right! He says… “Tara thats not normal!…” and I say… it IS NORMAL!!

    • Hey T


    • oh god…Beat me up Robert…beat me up, I don’t care…

    • Thanks. I needed that!!! Where has our Robbie been? I’m missing him greatly.

    • Nice Gen – I haven’t seen those before

    • Thanks for that Gen.

      Random question: I always notice his necklace in that 2nd pic, but I can’t tell what the charm is. It looks like a penis. I KNOW that’s not right, but I can’t figure it out. Help please.

      • It’s a raised fist. I’m sure it means something but I don’t know what. Black Power???

        • Or you’re right and FN and I have dirty minds.

          • OMG! The fist thing totally made my dirty thought worse….ay yai yai….

          • Like I said, Rob should wear one all the time—you dirty girls!

        • I’ve seen them at the jewelry shows. I should google the meaning.

      • I looked at it again and I think it’s meant to be phallic and not anything in particular.

      • LOL FN- a penis!! Hahahaha! yeah, it does , doesn’t it. Oh dear!!!
        Anyways, I have no idea what it really is. Gotta ask the FBR! LOL
        (could also be an aubergine/eggplant) Hahahaha!

        • It protects the wearer from the Evil Eye—esp. from public scrutiny (or something like that). Rob should wear one all the time!!!

          • If that is the case- yes he really should!

        • Where is JBell when we need her??

          • EyeC have you joined the FBR? That totally makes sense!

          • I nominated EyeC to the FBR last night, she closed a case for us then too. We will have to get some offical badges made up for you all.

          • LOL It’s just a small thing that I do. No major breakthroughs. Haven’t see JBell since Thursday.


  48. I like smirky eyes.

    • I know his eyes in those pictures…. I. AM. DIED.




      • Never seen that one.

      • There’s just something about drooling with a bunch of other women that give me a feeling of well-being!

        • *wipes chin* Excuse me, I DO NOT drool.

          • I don’t either but the right side of my mouth may currently be afflicted by some sort of Robpaulsy. no other explanation for the saliva running down my chin. LOL

          • LOL

          • It’s NORMAL!!! Right?

          • Yes, NORMAL!

            Lizzie “Robpaulsy” LMAO!!

  49. I hate to leave the fun!!! But i will talk to you all tomorrow night!! dont get to crazy with out me!

    @Gen: all of those pictures… I. AM. DIED. LOL

    • Nite Tara

    • Nite. Have fun!

    • Good night T! We’ll miss you!

    • Say hi to the BF for us, that should make him feel better!

      • LOL will do!!

        Night everybody!

        • Good night!

    • Glad you liked them! G’Night Tara!


    • Oh…his hand in that last picture does some weird things to me lol

      Makes me want to scratch my nails in his shirt before ripping it open…ok, I’ll stop.

    • His fingers just naturally do fabulous things!

    • Completely random thought, but he does seem to prefer long skinny ties doesn’t he? I think he is totally picking up tips for Domward.

      • Pretty sure it’s just whatever someone gives him or he finds in the trash.

        • “finds in the trash” I’m laughing cause it is probably so true. LMAO

          • I love the guy, but he needs someone to take care of him. I would be happy to volunteer.

        • Are you implying that he is not fashion forward??? And to think of all the guys out there trying to imitate his thrift store stylings…

          • That is exactly what I’m implying.

      • They look really cool on him. Started back at the In Style photo shoot.

        • oh yeah he works them, but then again what doesn’t he work?

        • Everything looks cool in him. Including me!

          I’d look effing great on him, I know it!! LOL

          • Hahaha! Dany – line forms to the right!!! LOL

        • Agreed. But IMO everything looks good on him- even the HP sweater!!!

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