Posted by: themoonisdown | April 25, 2009

Robert Pattinson’s personal head scratcher – apply within

Dear Lady’s hand at 1:28-1:29 –

How did you get this job and where do I sign up?

I’ve never been jealous of a body part more than I am at this moment. You get to scratch his head and run your fingers through that luscious hair… ok, going a little overboard but it looks like he washed it that day of filming so I’m a bit jealous. If you ever need a sub for a sick day just let me know.

Happy Saturday,

PS fanmade video maker, I just love this video, lots of clips from ALL his movies not just Twilight and extra bonus for Ring of Nibelungs clips!! Cause everyone loves a dirty mullet Rob! SCORE!

PPS who knows this song?


  1. What a GREAT vid, LOVE it!!!

    And yes — lucky lucky (daughter of Diana Rigg, cannot remeber her name) for being able to run your fingers throught that hair!!


  2. Rachael Stirling!!

    She also got to kiss him, along with KS (obv), Holliday Grainger (BMH), Talulah Riley (TSH)….um, who else?

    • Javier! And some running hands through hair too if I remember rightly.

      Some guys have all the luck!

      • Love that video! Lots of great Rob footage. *le swoon*

        Got a chance to see the screening of How to Be here in Chicago last week. (Loved it!) In that film, both of the friends (Ronny & Nikki) had scenes where they got to touch Rob’s hair. I was quite jealous. πŸ™‚

        • seriously…aww man, I can’t wait to see it.

        • Aw – I’m in Chicago too – did I miss it?

      • How the heck did I forget Javier!!!!

        THOSE were some great kisses πŸ™‚

        • They were weren’t they? It looks wonderfully shot – the 2 boys did a good job by the looks of it. Frankly the more I think about Catherine Hardwicke’s work with Twilight, the more I become dissatisfied with it though when I first saw it I really enjoyed it.

          However, I am really looking forward to seeing LA (and HTB when I manage that) and I am so glad Rob got to do these before Twilight so we can see some other sides to him. I can’t even imagine how frustrating it would have been if, having seen him in Twilight, we had to wait until whatever he may shoot this summer – with any luck – comes out. Pretty lucky for us all really that everything he has done has been quite different -only Art and Daniel slightly similar in that they are “geeky”, but still quite different characters.

          Am thinking of going to one of the Norwich showings of LA as it is easier for me to drive for an hour and a half than traipse into London on the train and get tubes/taxi’s and I know Norwich well. You going to go in central London?

          • I am definitely going to central London, I cannot wait to see it again πŸ™‚

            I don’t know Norwich at all, is it easy to get to?

          • You’ve seen it already? Lucky lucky you.

            Norwich is easy for me as I’m close to the M11 anyway, then it’s a bit further up the A11. I don’t go into London much nowadays, can’t be bothered with trains and public transport – would rather drive myself somewhere.

          • EG (if you are interested in a trip to London) — after noon on a weekday (and anytime on a weekend) you can park about a 10 min walk from Hammersmith tube station FOR FREE, and just get the tube into central London, straight to Piccadilly Circus on the Piccadilly line.

            And the best bit? You will be parking in Barnes, SW13!!!! πŸ™‚

          • @summergirl. *looking at your reply*……Hey girl, you know your way around. lol. *still couldn’t stop laughing* We are crazy fangirls, aren’t we? Care to join me for a visit to someone’s family in Barnes. I know you want to. Just kidding.
            Aww man, wouldn’t we all want to, especially to pay a visit our Special Someone.

          • @above. I meant say *pay a vist to our Spacial Someone* Sometimes I blank out. Sorry.

          • @above. WHAT IS HAPPENING? *Special Someone* I am going crazy. I couldn’t even concentrate in my keyboard.

          • maygirl:)

            Meeting you for drinks at the pubs of SW13 seems extremely reasonable to me!!!

            When are you coming over? πŸ™‚

          • @summergirl I’m sorry girl, I can’t. We are world’s apart, I mean literally, Im in India and I think Im right when I say, you are in UK.
            But we will meet in future and visit our Main Man.

  3. The song is Salem Al Fakir – It’s Only You.

  4. @Moon What do I get for knowing who sings the song?

    Salem Al Fakir…It’s Only You


    Ok, yes, so I want to be the hand lady, and also the one that holds his cig in the vampire teeth pic…

  5. Here is are the links to the video (without Rob 😦 ) and the lyrics.

    It’s perfect isn’t it. Listening to it and watching Rob makes me feel all squishy inside.

    And yeah. That hand. Although I’d prefer to run my hands through his hand when it’s longer but hey, if given the chance I wouldn’t be picky. At all.

  6. if you’ve got dibs on the hair, can you sign me up for the following duties: “neck massager” at :34 and “hand toucher” at 1:17 (i’m a multi-tasker!)? thx!

  7. Moon,
    You found that perfect sweet spot out of this whole video and highlighted it: how in the world am I going to have an opportunity to run MY fingers through that fabulous head of hair? If you ever get an answer to your question that information would be worth a pretty penny!

    Opening bid???

    • My firstborn?? Ummm, better not , since my firstborns dad is gonna be rob! Haha!

  8. Love you girls wish I was that quick and witty.
    O.K. SnMLamb I’m giving in and am going to start fanfic, bear in mind I am repressed older woman. Where to start? which on will break me in gently so to speak {I think I’ll have to work up to Sub/Dom}. Have read the ff link on forum but there’s quite a few and I don’t want to start with a naff one that’ll put me off.
    Thanks in advance

  9. Here’s the teen vogue outtakes!

  10. @Ruby…I recommend you START with LYLS/ALE – Let your Light Shine and then the sequel A Life Extraordinary.

    This is a great one, because it has the same settings, character pairings, and general idea, it is set at the beginning of the honeymoon, but it’s not the honeymoon you read in BD…if you want more rec’s head over to the forum in the FF section, or PM me on the forum!

    You also MUST read Wide Awake…

    • Thanks a lot I’m going there now as I have ‘me time’ this weekend and intend to use it wisely.
      I love your posts you always crack me up you’re so witty.

    • I read ALE til 3 am yesterday,, whew,,, it sizzles!!! And that scene in biology class?! ALE is a must read! Just start w LYLS though! Happy reading!

    • Im trying to study and it’s not helping you are posting some fantastic FF. Can’t promise I won’t read them but I would try(just like I’m trying to study). But thank you and love you.

  11. 2:59-3:00 – my favorite…..:)

  12. Love the video! I also have an overwhelming need to run my fingers through his hair!

    P.S. It was here that I was introduced to FanFic. I’m addicted to that stuff now!

  13. UC and MOON can you pleazzzze have your nerd IT cousin guy for this site install the iPhone WordPress Plug-in for you site?

    It takes way to long to load your site on the worlds most popular mobile device!


    • why sure! i will send it to him and see if that can be done:)

      • just realized you meant for THIS site & not the forum. we may have to wait for a week or two: geek speak for a second. currently we’re hosted by wordpress (hence the letterstorob.WORDPRESS.COM) and will soon NOT be.. we may not be able to install that plug-in until we’re no longer hosted by WP, but i’ll find out!

  14. good morning LTR’ers,Rob,jordan { πŸ™‚ } and sam Bradley !!!! who was that lady who got to run her fingers thru that sex hair?? ???

    • Who’s Jordan? A new celeb is visiting our happy home?

    • haha.. jordan & sam should feel so special!

      • Someone please let me in on the joke! Who’s Jordan?

        • Jordan is our LTT Unicorn.. he commented on LTR yesterday too and is in our forum!

          • Aw. It is all clear now. Welcome to LTR Jordan! Thanks UC!

        • My new fiancΓ© WTM! I dumped aro ( michael sheen) for him! Who needs a vampire when you can have a unicorn?

  15. Aw, that’s such a sweet video.

  16. Goodmorning:) any hangovers this morning??
    Great video! I really like that song as well. Nice way to start my morning.

  17. Yeah, but where do I apply for a lifetime cum permanent position for Everything-Needs-To-Be-Loved if it’s Rob and Rob’s?

    This man’s auora is asking to be loved and adored till the end of time. Don’t freak out. It’s an observation not a delusion. Tell me don’t you feel good and something else when you see him. I don’t know what it is but it’s all good.

  18. Is the Ring of Nibelungs movie the one that was just recently on the Sci Fi channel? Or is that a different one? Sad to say I DVR’d whatever that sci fi movie was then fast fowarded to all the Rob parts, watched ’em, deleted the movie, then had to wash my eyeballs out cuz he looked like he was 14 in the movie.

  19. Random non-Rob letter of the day (it’s Saturday so it’s allowed):

    Dear Carlisle’s RL wife Jennie,

    You can have your hair back. When I asked my hairdresser to cut my hair exactly like yours, I didn’t realize I was going to go blind in one eye from the side-swept bangs. Guess I’m gonna have to break out my scrunchies and banana clips for the next 4 weeks until my bangs grow out.

    Oh why can’t I do ANYTHING without it somehow being Twilight related??!!

    Thanks for the 90210 fashion inspiration in the 90’s and now,

    • Likin’ this letter WTM!!!! jennie garth must be half blinded by that hair.

    • Dear WTM

      NEVER EVER CUT YOUR BANGS. (Fringe if you are British and are wondering what on earth bangs are).

      You always always regret it.

      *EG pushes hair comfortably behind ears as it is all the same length and smirks that it is long enough to do this*

      I know, I have been there.

      *Am willing your hair to grow quickly so that you will be out of your blind spot soon …*

      • @EG – where were you when I needed you? When the hairdresser was texturizing the edges of the aforementioned bangs (fringe) to make them into sharp tools which stick into my eyeballs like little knives? Where were you then? Huh?

        • I am so sorry I was not there to support you my darling. Next time you have the urge to have your bangs cut/texturised or have 3 inches off of the length of your hair PM me on the forum and I will talk you out of it.

          In the past, about every 3 years or so I would get my locks cut into a shorter bob “for a change” or “to get rid of all the overprocessed frizzy ends” etc etc and I can guarantee that

          (1) I will not be a happy bunny
          (2) Mr English Girl will def. not be happy and will have a sulk for about a week (he would like me to look like Rapunzel, or maybe Rachelle Lefevre)
          (3) I will spend the next 3 years growing it out again.

          So now I don’t do it. Hair looks good. Husband is happy. Easy life for the hairdresser (but she has to work a bit harder on the colour to make up for it).

          • What is it with husbands and Rapunzel anyway?! I’ve given up on a short bob, ’cause I just hear crap about how he likes it better long. *SIGH*

          • I know Steph – I hear you. If they had to do all the styling they’d understand why we don’t necessarily want it long and Hollywood actress style!

      • I always had short hair aka boy cut hair till I was 16 and then I would grow it out just a little bit before going all scissors on them. But when I thought I should grow long enough to have fringe and layers then when the time came, the unknown excerpt stylist did something and I end up having a disater fringe with shoulder length hair. I was moritified and the fringe took long time to grow and having me explain it to anyone who would ask about it(seriously I couldn’t blame them). So time passed and my hair started to look normal again. And this time I decided to go the way I always been on. I had a short bob this time and decided to cut when I couldn’t take it anymore. It was time one year later and then again I was free. At 19, I decided to grow my hair long past the shoulder for the first time. I would trim it time to time but I never had the courage to go boy cut again.

        The mystery why men like it long(I mean the hair) because they couldn’t grow it No seriously, I think it makes woman look more sensual. We all know how much time it takes to care of it but the rewards are good too(you look irresistable, sexy n more).

        So we wish you growing your side swept bangs but I am sure you look good in them too.

        • forgive me for the spelling and grammer mistakes…

  20. would give anything to scratch that head of his, but then again who wouldnt?! πŸ™‚ love the site uc/moon hugs and kisses oxox kim

  21. Thanks Moon…loved the video and the quirky song…Did you find out who it is yet?

    Anyway…love how the video maker threw in those bangin’ Summer House clips…YUM-E and then she (I’m pretty sure it’s safe to assume it’s a girl) takes us out with laughing How To Be Rob…loved this one lots!!

  22. @WTM
    bullocks! I bet the haircut looks fab. Also, embrace the side swoop bang. It makes it easier to hide the glimmer in your eye when you think about Rob and all things Twilight. Will help you seem more “normal” in Real Life.

    Dear Rob,
    watching that video made me realize that edward might quite possibly be the most “normal” role you’ve ever played… and dude’s a freaking vampire. You’ve got a nack for he quirky huh? Can i say i’m sooo intrigued now to see what type of roles are in your future?

    wondering what kind of premieres we’ll be attending,

    P.S. it’s like 85 degrees in Philly… are you here? that’s the only explanation i can come up with for he sudden rise in temperature.

  23. Cool video, I liked that it had images from all the movies he’s been in.

    What wouldn’t I give to be that hand…*sighs*

  24. Wow. I loved all the shots from the different movies. You can see how he’s grown into a handsome man over the years. Once again, wow.

  25. @ moon

    Kudos on finding another awesome fanmade video. Of all the videos out there you always make sure that we only get the cream of the crop πŸ˜‰ You my friend are KLASSY!

    Dear Rob,
    I would even run my fingers thru that Ga-hay Mullet!

    Love, Me!

  26. Goodness, I have to watch the Haunted Airman. Is it available on DVD yet?

  27. Awesome. Post. Glad you were able to make it after last night. Thanks for contributing to Rob’s (also known as, Rov or Ron) and my party last night, all who stopped by. Love LTR ladies.

  28. @Calli

    Let’s review the past roles of HHH:

    1. A disturbed parapalegic with a love for dead women
    2. A preppy warlock with limited time left on this earth
    3. A shy medieval prince with a fascination for carnivorous birds
    4. A dork who likes to keep his head cold at the grocery store
    5. A homosexual with the most unnatural ‘stache I’ve ever seen – seriously does facial hair really grow like that or is that drawn on with a Sharpie?
    6. An OCD vegetarian vampire crushing on the new girl in town

    What’d I miss? Yeah, I’d say the OCD vampire is his most normal role. Maybe cuz it’s most like me (and I’m normal). The vampire part, that is. Cuz I’m a vegetarian. Well not really – I only eat fish and chicken. And beef. And pork. Sometimes.

    • What was the name of the movie in point 1 & 2? Did you miss The Bad Mother ‘s Handbook?

      • 1. The Haunted Airman
        2. Harry Potter

        Yep – I missed Bad Mother’s Handbook. I’ve never seen it. I’m already a bad mother — I WROTE the handbook. I don’t need pointers.

    • Succinctly (and funnily) put!!! πŸ™‚

    • “Cuz I’m a vegetarian. Well not really – I only eat fish and chicken. And beef. And pork. Sometimes.”

      You’re funny. I love this.

    • So funny! And your point on the bad mother’s handbook – I think I’m your co-author!

  29. Hey guys. I think my other post was lost. But loved the video. Loved the drunken party in the flat last night.

    FYI – I now realize why HHH doesn’t like kids “at all”. After a late night drinkin’ they insist on waking you up at ungodly hours.

  30. Loved the video, I will take the job of head scratcher. I rather have the job of personal bather, yes

    • ohh yes!!! definitely want that job! preferably for the rest of my life!LOL

  31. What a great video. You’re right. SCORE for including clips from everywhere.

  32. Such a great video! The music seemed to suit him! And he has played quite an array of parts, hasn’t he? I’m with Calli, can’t wait to see what he does next. Seems like the sky’s the limit now.

    We love you to pieces, Rob, keep up the good work!

  33. Poor Rob, he’s going to be living out of a suitcase nearly the whole year isn’t he? New Moon now in Vancouver. Then this new film in NYC in the summer. Then Eclipse afterwards (is that in Vancouver too?). And all the promoting in between and afterwards.

    Worries me a little for him. You know what men are like – they don’t necessarily bother with getting themselves settled in somewhere because it seems like too much bother. But then it’s a long time to have lived on the road, what with last year too and only a fairly brief period spent in London over Xmas. Hope he gets himself a base (and I don’t mean a hotel or a rented apartment with rented furniture) at some point. He might not be there much, but somewhere to call home wherever it is.

  34. FYI – this video made BFF’s 4 year old speechless. But she did ask for more Bella.

    • Bella who?

      (Just kiddin’)

  35. @Mrs P and Moon…

    I posted the name and artist of the song at the top (about 5 posts down)

  36. great video, loved it!! ok, we have head scratcher, hand, lady, cig holder and personal bather. Can I be the dumpster handler, can I, can I????you know, the one who takes care of all business that happens behind the dumpster??? (I really must get my mind out of the gutter, but, Rob, that’s just what you do to me, I can’t help it!!!!!!

  37. Oh this video made me all warm and fuzzy. I am pretty sure that our wedding reception Rob and I will have this song for the gratuitous slideshow of pictures documenting our love. Oh its gonna happen.

    This one is going on my “daily watch” list! XOXO

  38. Edward-

    • Hi Gen. He never loses his charm!

  39. is anyone around here??? are we not sposed to post comments here on the regular since the forum began? I mean I joined the forum this evening but I dunno…I Miss it here ..and I can’t even upload my friggin pic to twitter..

    • Hi MJ. I think it’s just a slow day. I’ve checked out the forum but nobody was posting recently there either.

      • SUPER slow day! I think everyone was out and about all day b/c it was beautiful in lots of places!

        • I agree. I don’t think I’ve seen it this slow in my whole time here. It’s good to get out though.

  40. I can’t even upload my pic to the, I give up…lol, maybe fate is telling me not to out myself for some reason…lol

    Yeah it was really pretty here today too, but 94 degrees….so it was hot!

    • There are 13 people in the forum right now, i think! i just checked…. πŸ™‚

      • lol, I’m one of em….I’m skippin back and forth but I haven’t even posted anything yet since I can’t get my profiel the way I want it..

    • I did however go to the grocery store today and finally got my hands on a copy of GQ! Totally ran upon it by accident..Couldn’t believe it..squirreled it away in my panty drawer along with my teeny bopper mag….

  41. Any late night girls out there wanting to chat?

    • hey EyeC! I really can’t get the hang of the forum…I did get my pic uploaded..posted in the introduction thread and that’s as far as I got.
      I did send a pm to Spunk, I don’t know if it went through though? I thought that was like e-mail right? It didn’t show where it went through..Eh..

      • I see you’ve connected with Spunk. I’s stil a tough adjustment. I don’t seem to be finding anyplace to fit in on the forum. I see you got your pic taken care of. I haven’t spent the time yet. I still like it here.

  42. Dropping in for a quick post…been lurking all day and busy all day typing.

    Hi MJ
    Hi EyeC

    I got your e-mail earlier, did you get my reply? Haven’t checked PM yet.

    • Oh hey! I don’t know, I checked earlier this afternoon
      , didn’t have anything, I’ll go back and check now.

      Hey you’re cute as a button!

      • Well, thanks! So are you! LOL! Did you get your Rob avatar to load in forum? I had to load my pic b/c nothing else would work…hard to find something Rob under 6 KiB.

        • lol, no, I put my own pic on the forums…gah! took me an hour to figure out why I couldn’t get it to upload to the forum!

          I got your e-mail…I’ll reply tomorrow cause I don’t plan on staying on here too much longer. I’ve got to get to bed soon, didn’t sleep too well last night and I feel like sh*t.

          *kiddo is ok…amazing to me but I’m glad!

          • That’s great about your little one…yeah just e-mail me when you’re up to it. OMG! I just clicked over to forum and saw your pic! WOW! You look really pretty! I think C is stupid! Sorry! You deserve much better! Yeah for you!

            I was just e-mailing Calli and told her I forgot to eat today! Holy crap! Darn Roberexia! Oh well, I’ll wait til tomorrow.

          • Yeah, I don’t know but for some reason he’s always adjusted well to everything that’s ever happened in our lives.

            haha, oh lord…I ain’t all that…but thanks!
            and yeah he IS STUPID! But not just for that reason! Lol.

          • You are great! I’m off to bed! Talk to you tomorrow. Sweet dreams to you, MJ..

    • Hi SpunkMe. Very slow day here, huh? I keep checking in here and jumping around there but don’t seem to connect . There’s always the fanfic in the meantime…

      • Hey EyeC…Yes, I guess weekends are slower anyway around here. But, things are all muddled right now with everyone trying to get used to the forum.

        yes, I am so addicted to fan fic, it’s not funny! My mind is going berzerk with that shiz! LOL!

        But it’s all good.

        Have you had a nice Saturday otherwise?

        • OK Saturday. It was overcast all day after a fab week in 70s. I actually got out of the house! I feel like a hermit here for most of the past month.

          I’m also in the fanfic world and just about to finish another one. I think I’m at 13 now. Hate waiting for updates. I just found out one of my long-term ones was pulled because she’s going to self-publish after a few changes. She will give summaries of the remaining chapters.

          • Oh I hope you are not talking about Wide Awake! I have to know the end of that and I know she is planning to change the names and publish it.

            Yes, it was hot here too almost 90. DH took DD to park and then swimming.

            I have read like maybe 8 or 9 fan fics so far. The waiting for new chappys kills me!. Ok, I’m really out now! Bye EyeC…see you tomorrow…


  43. Are we not supposed to post much here anymore? I was wondering. The forums fun fun fun, but I have to search for people there in different threads to talk to them…that’s the only thing I miss about the comments section here….I can find people fast and reply.

    • I haven’t heard that specifically. I still tend to stay here but continue to check the forums for a place to be.

      • I posted alot last night during drunk posting time, but then left the thread and went to Robsten w/ Smom and HOT4ROB…it was late so we didn’t stay long. But it’s also like once you start in one thread it’s hard to leave and go to another…so you end up with the same group all night basically. I tried to do Twitter. Was on at the time when Sam tweeted so that was exciting, but it’s hard to get in a convo on there…I’m almost ready to give up Tweeting. I try and no one replies to me there..even when I send out direct message. it is harder to figure out to me than the forum! LOL!

        • I know what you mean. You get with one group and unlike here where a lot of people join in with a lot of cross-over. I haven’t done Twitter. I don’t think it fits my style but I do feel left out because of that. That was cool to be there when Sam tweeted! Bet everybody screamed!!!

          • Yes, it was very exciting! It was just UC and Moon and snmlamb and I from what I could tell, but I don’t understand how it all works, so maybe more were there and I didn’t know it b/c I wasn’t following them at the time??? I dunno. I think last I heard WTM was feeling the same way about Twitter as me. It’s very frustrating–oo Robward line!

            Well, it’s after 3 for me here, must get some sleep…I’ll talk to you tomorrow one place or another.

            Goodnight EyeC…oh and Goodnight to MJ too if you are still here.

          • @EyeC: Yeah, I’m not exactly sure where I’d fit in at the forum either,that’s why I prefer here.

          • G’Night Spunk. Sleep well.

            MJ–I know. I suppose it will all work out eventually. Nite to you too.

  44. Hey ladies!!

    • Hi FN, You’re just missing MJ and Spunk. I’m here. What have you been up to?

      • Not much. I washed my sheets today. lol

        What are you up to?

        • Washed you sheets! lol Big day for you, huh?

          I actually got out of the house and realized there is a world still going on out there!

          • Yeah…big day…I also watched Twilight, Schindler’s List and Georgia Rule….you say there’s a world going on outside my house??? I think I vaguely remember hearing something about that…

          • It was weird. Everything that used to occupy my time has dropped away with the intensity here–plus letting my sleep-time drop down to 2-4 hours. Not good. I read chinamother saying something similar in the forums and says she’s pulling back.

          • Wasn’t Schindler’s List a killer? I saw that at the theater and I was bawling so hard–out loud! Have checked Geo.Rule out twice but never got it watched. I was re-watching Love, Actually. Have that subtitled Lust, Caution to watch tomorrow. Some Kind of Wonderful again. And Cookoo’s Nest again because I keep having to take it back.

  45. Gnight Spunky and EyeC, I’m gettin outta here too.
    Hopefully talk to you guys tomorrow (later today)
    Love ya’s!!!

  46. bummer…it looks live I’ve missed everyone 😦

    • Night FN…I’ll try and catch up with you tomorrow. πŸ˜‰

      • M’kay! Night!

        You too MJ!!

  47. hey ladies!!!

    • Hi Sherin. Looks like the changing of the guard here.

    • Hello Sherin! LOL EyeC “changing of the guard”

  48. It has been anunbelievably slow day here. Spooky.

  49. hi eyeD hi FN! It’s so slowww here today,that and there are peeps at the forum and over here! How are you guys?

    • I’m OK. Almost caught up on all fanfic. Watched 1/2 a movie. Left the house!

    • EyeD??? What did I just type? Sorry I mean eyeC! Damn iPhone ! LOL

    • Pretty good. I haven’t even been to the forum today. I couldn’t believe how slow it was here today either. It was only like 97 comments when I got on.

  50. EyeC I’ve definitely been suffering from loss of sleep as a result of LTR.

    • Yeah, it takes its toll. I kep thinking about the wrinkles and bags!

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