Posted by: Bekah | April 24, 2009

A heart torn in two

HA HA HA, TAYLOR WHO? You must be joking me...

HA HA HA, TAYLOR WHO? You must be joking me...

Dear Rob,

UC: OMG. this is amazing! I’m dying! JACOB in a TURTLENECK
Moon: I know!!!
UC: skin tight!?
Moon: SOOO great
UC: I’m dying and not even done yet!
Moon: dude so amazing. Jacob all BUFF!!! And his tattoo!
Moon: the Port Angeles movie scene!!
UC: I just realized that Taylor was in a henly and not a turtleneck (which is good.. cuz they’re kinda gay on guys) soo hot! Crushin’ on a 17 yr old!
Moon: TIGHT henly. I was like, “Get out of the way Edward”

Oh hey, sorry. We forgot about you for um, like 4 minutes and 39 seconds, sorry! Hey good job in that ET promo vid, by the way, you were clearly the focus of our thoughts while we were watching it…. No, no no.. you were! We promise! We don’t switch teams THAT fast!

We thought you looked AMAZINGLY *yum* and freshly showered in the vids.. which makes us gooey inside because our mind starts thinking about how one gets freshly showered.. and we realize you have to shower to get freshly showered… and in the shower you are not dressed and then…. WHOA.. when did we become 14 yr old boys? Anyway… we also loved hearing you talk about the story line……Okay… we’re stalling, confession time:

Seeing those two vids made us sympathize with Bella more. I KNOW! You never thought we’d say it because we never got the whole “Jacob” thing, but she has to choose between you and HIM!? Well duh! Everyone would pick Edward in the end, but helloooooo we’re CONSIDERING Jake for a second…! We think you have some competition…. and not just in fantasy movie-land. Taylor’s looking fine (uh, we ask that the cops would overlook the fact that we’re over 18 and Taylor is not, just for our blog-purposes, thx)

You know you’ll always have the #1 spot in our hearts, but we’re just confessing that we understand how Kristen is having a hard time choosing for awhile there. Wait… did we just say, Kristen? We meant Bella…. or…. did we?
So Bella is torn between Jacob and Edward- the guy who was always there for her versus the handsome, sexy newcomer…Doesn’t that sound like…Let’s try it this way:
Kristen is torn between the guy who was always there for her and the handsome, sexy newcomer… that does sound familiar….who could we be talking about…?

Just say no to the drama,
UnintendedChoice & theMoonisDown

Update on our Lurking Celebrities post from yesterday via Tweets from @MsJbell at Sam Bradley’s show last night!

Entertainment Tonight Videos after the cut!
Part One

Part Two



  1. “and not just in fantasy movie-land. Taylor’s looking fine (uh, we ask that the cops would overlook the fact that we’re over 18 and Taylor is not, just for our blog-purposes, thx)”

    I know!! I mean, I love Rob and he is the hottest guy in that movie but… WOW… Taylor… WOW.
    The worst part is that I think that’s it’s even illegal for me to THINK of him in any way (I’m 32!) but boy that puppy has grown up well =O)

    Love the blog, of course.
    (the forum doesn’t work in Chrome though, I will have to work with annoying Explorer)

    Have a Rob weekend!!!

    • hahahah “boy that puppy has grown up well” CUTE!

      i know… chrome hates the forum.. download firefox… WAY better than IE!

    • I am soo glad 2 know that I’m not the only 32 year old that feels that way!

      • Team Edward, always
        But, Taylor WOW:
        “Tell me something, you like me, don´t?”
        “So, I’m not gonna to give up…”
        (LIFTING EYEBROW… WOW, I like it.) = Butterflies in my stomach.
        Brazilian Girl

        • I’m 30 year old, is TOO old to like LTR?

          • 30!? hell no! Moon’s gonna be 30 in like a week (haha.. just kidding.. no she’s not.. but i’ll never let her forget she’s 11 months older than me… NEVER)

            we love all ages here… as long as rob can kiss you w/o getting arrested!

  2. We thought you looked AMAZINGLY *yum* and freshly showered in the vids.. which makes us gooey inside because our mind starts thinking about how one gets freshly showered.. and we realize you have to shower to get freshly showered… and in the shower you are not dressed and then…. WHOA.. when did we become 14 yr old boys?

    haha… love you lovelies..
    By the way, Taylor didn’t make me drool whatsoever. Not my type.

  3. I see nothing else when you are on the screen, Rob which is why I’m REALLY glad you won’t be sharing screen time with Jacob’s dog pack. Jacob, seriously, doesn’t do it for me AT ALL. His friends, however, mmm… *slap* – Sorry, I mean, they do NOTHING for me…. NOTHING!

    • Wow, Spank. I never thought I’d hear you say that! But I agree with you. Wowzers!

      • HELLO!! i think you might be new! WELCOME!

      • Believe me, I was shocked as well. I mean I am human, after all. But still they don’t hold a candle to Rob — but they do look good in that pic. Taylor doesn’t do it for me, though… not even on a good day.

  4. seeing taylor and that hideous extensions made me love rob even more… if that’s possible.

  5. AAAAAHHHHH! This was great! I forgot all about ET last night! No need to worry. Knew you ladies would have it covered!

    Rob, we love you. There will never be any other.

    @Niahid, I’m with you. Taylor doesn’t do anything for me.

  6. Blasphemy!!!

    The blackest kind of blasphemy!!! No, no no no….no Taylor over Rob, or Jacob over Edward, not for a second!!

    Jacob is nice and all, Taylor is looking very good, but…Rob??? I’d get to him with my eyes closed! And when he laughs saying “Edward’s wealthier!” My heart stopped for a moment…Taylor will never do that to me. And he’s a child, for Rob’s sake! lol

    • Taylor doesn’t do it for me either. I mean not. at. all. It’s not even a Team Jacob thing – he is a nice kid and I am happy for his success in the movie but, yeah, when Rob said “Edward’s wealthier” I felt my heart flutter. LOL Now his friends are lookin’ all manly hot but they still won’t get me to switch teams (even if I sneak a glance here and there….) 😉

    • do you’re saying you’d hate it if we renamed this place letters to taylor??


  7. Is it just me or was there WAY TOO MUCH Taylor last night?

    Just sayin….

    • Also, did anyone notice that Taylor CLEARLY paid attention in media training with his “canned answers” while Rob is sitting there all sexy-hot in his v-neck laughing and giving off the cuff answers (that are brilliant and funny and… just, sigh).

      • ha ha ha, no m.j. tayter tot is not that good looking, hes all yours! More rob 4 me! :)) oh, im 15 y/o

      • I know right? It was amazing, but not quite enough Rob for me. They tease you to make you tune in tomorrow….(or today I guess).

  8. Good morning y’all!
    Well, I have to say that I toad-ally agree with Dany –> “No no no”
    Jay-Tay looks yummy, yes, I’m not THAT blind, but not for a second indeed.
    This is nothing about teams AT all. Nothing about age stuff (oops). It’s all about who can ruin my pants all-the-time. And, Robward, you’re the one, babe.
    Sorry Jay-Tay.

    PS – FYI, love me some Meraz too… just sayin’
    Don’t worry, Rob.

    • Ditto on Meraz. Totally Team Paul, lol. And I wasn’t even on a team w/ the Edward/Jacob thing.

      • Nataliae,
        Meraz with a tattoo …whew…

        • LOL Gizeli! Exactly. The added tattoo is like a cherry on top of my Alex sundae. (have you seen the one on his back?! Hot. Hottt even.) Whoever thought of the wolf pack tatts is a flipping genius.

          • NO, I didnt see it!
            Nataliae, where can I see it? 😉
            OH, Gawd… Mercy!! I don’t want to have a Meraz obsession… LOL


        • on his MySpace page 🙂

    • ohhhhhh, Meraz….he’s …. *swoon* ….. but only on the appearance because I know nothing more about him than how hot he is. haha!

      • “ohhhhhh, Meraz….he’s …. *swoon* ….. but only on the appearance because I know nothing more about him than how hot he is. haha!”

        @myria That’s the beauty of acting like 14 yo boys on this blog….we can care about just his looks! 😛

      • Pffffft! Who cares?
        No talk, just fucking…

  9. I’m not jumping teams either! Edward all the way for me!!! I do feel sad for Jacob in the second book, but he ruined that sympathy for me in the third book 😀

    • Totally! I sort of despise Jacob, he was way too disrespectful to the Cullens.
      I even sort of hated Bella a bit in the third book because she was way
      to concerned with Jacob and wanted to be with him all the time.
      Maybe it’s because I’m 150% Team Edward, I don’t know, but I’m not a fan
      of Jacob and hate that he imprinted on Renesmee, ew!

      • yea i cant stand jacob on breaking dawn. WTF was his deal?

  10. Awwwww this sucks. Company has downsized and making people take one day off during the work week. So I’m off today and will be lurking and chatting it up in here.

  11. Tayter-tot is way to young….so I am soooo not going with you girls on this one. Bring it all back to Rob pleazzzzz.

  12. Uh, this is the first time in all the posts I’ve read (since the beginning) that I walk away thinking, “WTF are these girls talking about?”

    Jacob/Taylor. Seriously?

  13. And in the shower you are not dressed… LOL
    I love you ladies for this one! But Robward is still the hottest vampire in the world. Don’t care about Tayjack… Sorry!

  14. “and in the shower you are not dressed and then…. WHOA.. when did we become 14 yr old boys?”

    Crap. Apparently, I am a 14 year old boy. I think about Rob (and me) in the shower… a lot. Does that make me a 14 year old gay boy? Hmmm…

    Morning ladies!

    • “I think about Rob (and me) in the shower… a lot. Does that make me a 14 year old gay boy? Hmmm…”


      I never quite thought of it that way….

  15. Another example of why I ❤ you girls…I feel soooo much less creepy now. Turns out I’m completely normal. Right? Right?!?!

    Sooo hot…I might’ve toyed with the idea of both for a bit in her shoes. What? Don’t judge me. LOL!


      • Thank you 🙂

  16. I think the entirety of LTR may have the minds of 14 year old boys…seriously, who’s mind hasn’t wandered to Rob in a shower? Loved the recap!

  17. I think about Rob like this alot:

    look at the southern hair and then look at his ‘tuck in’ picture and tell me what you all think.

    • Holy Hell! Is that real or photoshopped? YOWZA!

      *uhm, I see the hiney tingles thing again..
      sorry about the other night when I kept sayin your SN wrong ..
      I was playin around.Hope I didn’t offend. Besides, I think “TingleyHiney” was kinda cute….

    • Oh…..My…..


    • toooooootally photoshopped, girls!!! come on!! Rob was embarassed by the dazzle scene and it was barely his tyummy, you really think he’d pose for something like this?? lol!! wishful thinking though. 🙂

      • I agree. It is definitely photoshoped (look at the writing in the photo)

      • completely photoshopped! downtown (ahem) it looks a big dark and out of control.

        • Big, dark and out of control. ROFL.

  18. I think you guys have been drinking the special koo-laid again. WHat he hell? Muscles do not equal Hot. Okay,….sometimes they do.

    Nice letter.

    Morning Everyone! Will be in and out of Rob’s (our) Flat today at the Forum. RL = Very Busy

  19. HOT! Sticking by it.

    and again.. no one switched teams.. NO ONE!

    • I think my future jailbait *fiance* is rather sweet lookin’…

    • UC i’m watching the news and I’m seeing about a dozen police cars about to converge on the philadelphia suburb home of a “‘Rob Pattinson Blogger’ who is now after underage minors” according to the report. Hope you are at work! If not, let me know what the bail is. I’ll start a fund. Moon, i think you’ve got a head start. Drive fast homey.

      • alrready on the run! who’s gonna house this fugitive?

    • Stop worrying Rob, I will never ever switch team. Promise.

      • I just re-read it and I feel like a freak/creep/lovelorn hopeless romantic.

  20. Ok…Moon, UC, you can count on me…I’m totally with you on this one! Yep, I am! Taycob does it very good for me (Can I say so?)
    I was really annoyed with Jacob in the books and always thought: Bella, bitch, whatcha thinking? But now that Tay Tay is gonna get the damn wig off and with all these muscles…yummy!
    But deep down in my heart there’ll always only be a place for Rob, he’s the one I’d leave my BF for 😉
    Great letter! Now heading back to the fabulous forum!

    • exactly… we can UNDERSTAND why she’s torn! the hot bff vs. the amazingly gorgeous LOVER. there’s a 2nd when you consider the alternative!!!!

      glad you’re liking the forum!!

    • junsikat- you got it girl! i love that theyre making is actually believable that she WOULD have to consider it. we all love rob of course but come on there’s the perfs best friend there too to think about.

      glad you’re hanging in the forum!

  21. personally i think rob is way hotter than taylor even if he’s younger…that he actualy eats…that he has muscles, okay im gonna stop. Thanx 4 da great post uc! And rob you dont have 2 worry i’ll neva replace you with taylor 😉 just curious, but are all of you older than rob and married? Hugs kim:))

    • I’m only 5 and a half yrs older than Rob..not married though…
      How old are you ?
      And did you mean you think Tayter Tot is hotter than Rob?
      Cause Rob’s not younger than Tayter…just sayin’.
      Tayter’s my future hubby…

      • Oh no, I’m all for Rob more too…
        but I wanted in on the Wedding Fiesta,
        so I snatched up Tayer Tot before I was stuck with worse, that’s all…lol

        and sheesh you’re YOUNG!
        Are you in school right now??

        *must censor my dirty thoughts*

        • yah im still in school, but im in south africa, so my school came out a while ago! and im pretty sure your not the only one with dirty thoughts

          • Ahhh, ok..South Africa..interesting!
            Dirty thoughts , well I won’t corrupt any young mind..
            I’m hoping yours are those of a 15 y/o

      • ha ha ha, no mj, you can keep tayter tot 4 yourself i dont mind, more rob 4 me, yay!! Oh and im 15y/o, p.s. its not ilegal to drool/crush on a guy 8years my senior 😉

    • NOPE. not married and not terribly older than rob

      • Moon is our best hope for Rob-glory — photos and video.

  22. Dear Rob,

    What i am hearing, is that when it comes down to it, and the boys are both rolling on the same stats, it all comes down to the “cha-ching” factor? And you’re saying, “pick me, i got money in the bank.” Sigh. Did i ever tell you we were meant to be?

    a girl’s gotta eat…and shop… and vacation,


    P.S. i’d love you even if you were only “substantially” and not “insanely” well off.

    P.P.S you need your sarcasm cap on to read this letter.

    • Calli, lol, sarcasm cap on..
      you’re hilariously silly! : )

      • who cares about the money?
        Can’t go shopping when you’re stuck in bed all day.
        I’m in it for the hot sex..

    • Well, I don’t speak English very well, but I am fluent in sarcasm.

      • Mornin’ Giseli!
        Internet sarcasm isn’t my forte ..
        R/L sarcasm…I’m so on 24/7…

        How ya been lately?

        • I’m doing fine…
          jizzin accidents *in my pants* everyday b/c of Rob and now Alex Meraz… Meraz-AND-Rob… oh no! Here I go again…
          Entering the Robtrix (=LTR/LTT/Forum) in every other hour or so…
          Avoiding RL… same old stuff LOL
          What about you?

      • @Giseli
        LOL! Sarcasm is my native language…HA HA! And to be perfectly honest it probably won’t matter b/c if any of us ever do get to meet Rob we’ll probably forget how to speak at all!!! For Serious!

        • LOL
          I used to speak Portuguese as my first language, you know, but then they invented this orthographic reformulation now (yes, it’s true. IT’s annoying!), and I don’t know what language I speak anymore…
          Maybe the only language that I’m fluent now is sarcasm.
          This will NEVER let me down!
          I trust in sarcasm! LOL

          • Hmmm, 1st language was Portuguese, too. I’m pretty sure that makes it official:

            Portuguese girls LOVE them some Alex Meraz.

            LOL 🙂

            Back tattoo on his myspace 😉

          • @Giseli

            You’re cracking me up…using words like orthographic reformulation…It makes my brain hurt LOL!

            Anyways, when I meet Rob I am hoping to only be speaking the language of LOVE ifyouknowwhatimsayingandithinkyoudo 😉

    • ding ding ding calli you gots it!

  23. I am totally into Rob and not Taylor at all. He is really cute and he has grown up a lot, he is competition for a 18 year old Bella for sure, just not for a 32 year old like myself. LOL

    • well, more for me …. or not.. at the end of the day, i’m taking rob!

  24. Morning all…I’m still tired from following jbell allnight! How is everyone?

    • mornin’ lamb!!! I’m exhausted from reading WA/following on twitter til 2 am!! ugh…I’ll make it though. I wish I could get into the forums. Boo!! I’ll be a virgin forever. *sniff* s’okay, though….vampires like virgins, right?? hehehe!!


  25. Taylor is hot but I still know that Rob is HOTTTTTER!!!! Sory no witty comments to provide…I’m a running low on sleep!!!

  26. Luvs:

    “We thought you looked AMAZINGLY *yum* and freshly showered in the vids.. ”

    Haha. I was wondering what seemed different about him. Cleanliness!

  27. OME! LOL! Police descending. Love it.

    and uh..after The Laugh….I passed out. GAWD I love that laugh. I could listen to him laugh all day long…or moan and scream my name. That too. yeah.

    haha, okay…well then! Off to the forum! 🙂

  28. Forgive them Rob, they know not what they say.

  29. Dear Rob,

    You have money. I don’t. Match made in heaven.

    Love, me

    • @amber

      Never thought of that before…Opposites Attract.

      You have money…I don’t
      I shower….you don’t
      You “like” Kstew…I don’t
      You’re English…I’m not

      Need I say more??? We must be made for each other! 😉

      • … what she said, Rob, and
        You speak English…..I’m not

  30. Yes!!! Love the freshly showered look. Yum. Just wanna lick up and down his body when he looks like that.

    Taylor is def a nice looking boy and man, oh man, those muscles….but….looking at him makes me feel like such a pedophile. All I can hear is him singing “dream dream dream” from Sharkboy.

    I’m with Bella “there is no competition”!

  31. Moon and UC,

    Thank you for starting my day with a laugh and an image of Rob in the shower. Perfect.

    I get it…….I’m not jumping on the Taylor bandwagon, ESPECIALLY since i am way old enough to be his mother, but hey, a good looking dude, is a good looking dude!!! I appreciate it, but can’t wait for him to cut his “hair”, that wig is ridiculous. Makes his neck look too fat or something.


  32. Dear Edward,
    I will marry and love you forever, but after Jacob and his new and gorgeous body un-imprint on our daughter, can I take him as a lover, just for a short period of time,can I, can I? Please?! Can I?
    Love you.


  33. Good morning ladies and unicorns

    “We thought you looked AMAZINGLY *yum* and freshly showered in the vids.. which makes us gooey inside because our mind starts thinking about how one gets freshly showered.. and we realize you have to shower to get freshly showered… and in the shower you are not dressed and then…. WHOA.. when did we become 14 yr old boys? ”

    yes he brings out the 14 yr old boy in all of us

  34. I’m not switching teams, but Taycob is friggin’ smokin’ hot now!! The new wig/extensions look so much better than the ones in Twilight too. And I like how they pull it back halfway so it’s not just hanging straight by his face. It adds to the *homina homina homina* factor too. Can I just bite him?? Just once?? Please?


    • LMAO “homina, homina, homina” Well said.

      Him jumping over that porch and then running toward me…I mean after Bella. I can’t wait till he’s 18…we need a countdown ticker for that.

      • Who’s in charge of the countdown ticker???? Anyone? Anyone???

  35. Yeah, Tatertot was looking good last night but DAMN is he young! Can’t let the mind go there.

    Or I could just duct tape his mouth and put a bag over his head and drool over the muscles *shhhh, don’t ruin the moment*

    Gak! Um, internet Police please disregard the above statement. I’m not a pedophile I swear! I’s just trying to be funny. LOL!

    • Whatever u such a peddi quit lying. 🙂

  36. Ok Ok, the more you make me look at those golden muscles the more I see it. But dammit, here’s no “bouffant” (said in the accent of course).

  37. OMG so Rob will be shooting “Remember Me” in New York this summer?


    Wow he will only be ONE state away from me!

  38. jacob/taylor does not do it for me. yes he is a fine piece of speciman, and yes, i would tap it for the joy of teaching the boy a few things (you’re welcome to all team jacob, my pleasure… or his..) but srsly… Edward/Rob all the way…

  39. Yeah UC and MOON this site is called “LEETERS TO ROB” for a reason.

    Your posts each and every day must be about Rob or “Little Rob” ONLY! You know, to keep feeding my appetite or addiction to this guy.

    If you want to chat about Tay-tay bring it to your other blog. Not here.

    • stop being mad! think about rob in the shower again!

  40. ahhh kinda yah… i only have “clean” thoughts, but when it comes to rob, not that easy, any who, thanx 4 tryin to keep your dirty thought to yourself 🙂 🙂

  41. ahhh kinda yah… i only have “clean” thoughts, but when it comes to rob, not that easy, any who, thanx 4 tryin to keep your dirty thought to yourself, m.j. 🙂 🙂

  42. @Moon & UC

    Once again you have managed to say what I was afraid to say “out loud”. Yes, Tater is looking pretty fine and of course who would blame Bella for letting her mind/heart/eyes wander while Edward was away (she is just a 17 yo girl after all), but we all know who the real man is…don’t we?! It was nice of you to give Tater some face time since he and Kstew/Bella are gonna be the focus of the movie, but I love (prob a little too much) knowing Edward will win in the end. Plus it doesn’t hurt that we also know he is gonna be shirtless (listening Chris W?) at the end. *squees like a fangirl*

  43. @Moon & UC

  44. NO NO NO it will never be TayTay for me! Rob’s the only one who has my heart~and always will be.
    He’s just so darn cute in that interview, nicely deflecting that question about being paired up with anyone. I love it when he laughs. I’m gone.

  45. I agree it’s Rob all the way, but if you’ve read the Arrangement, you can think of some ways to be on both teams:)

  46. A must read on the “Memoirs”/”Remember Me” Script

  47. Morning everyone,

    Nice letter UC & Moon.

  48. Oh Rob, no worries, not switching teams here. Can’t even if I wanted to being that I have a 17 yr old son of my own it would be too weird! lol

    • um yes.. i agree.. WAY WEIRD

      i want to clarify my attraction to jacob/taylor is purely physical and i do not desire to take him back by the dumpster, so to speak 🙂

  49. Oh JBell…..were you going all fan girl on Sam? lol

    Looks like you need to post on your blog, eh?

  50. Arms, showered, “Edward is wealthier”, that laugh – don’t worry, Rob, I’m not being swayed by Tay-cob’s muscles…you’re still my idea of perfection!!!!

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