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To our lurking celebrities

Dear lurking celebrities (and by celebrities I mean you, Sam Bradley),

Sam @ The Drake in Toronto on 4/16/09

Sam @ The Drake in Toronto on 4/16/09

We hear you are in love with our blog. And by “in love with our blog” I mean you mentioned it once, at a show (where you might have been drunk) to one of our darling LTR gals, Just a Girl. (True story, read her blog about it now)  Since you think of our blog first, without even being prompted, we wanted to acknowledge that we know you love us and let you know a little about ourselves:

  • We’re not freaks- we’re actually the kind of fans you want (but we’re hard fans to impress because we’re big music snobs)
  • We won’t wear Twilight shirts to your concerts (but we may wear our “I ❤ boys who sparkle” pins, just cause it’s awesome)
  • We probably wouldn’t even talk to you if we came to a show because we don’t really care as much as we pretend to (but we do kinda care deep down) and we care more about saving face
  • We just wanna hear some good tunes (and if your “friend” happens to be there, don’t worry he had a good time. We made sure of it.)

You seem so giving: You give us beautiful music. You give us your beautiful smile. According to friends who have met you, you are incredibly sweet. You leave comments on our blog (even though it was a little snarky, which I may have deserved because I was kinda a bitch). You are buds with Rob…. There’s so much- we feel unworthy, and we feel like we need to give back. Please choose one of the following as a token of our friendship:

  • A lifetime supply of Stella Artois and Hot Pockets: Yes, we know, Hot Pockets are your friend’s delight, but we don’t know many broke musicians who can resist their charm. We’ll even throw in some ramen noodles and you’ll have a nice feast. Why Stella? Well, we thought we’d kick it up a notch from Rob’s fav, Heineken.. we’re those kinds of gals..
  • Membership into The Quad: We are willing to negotiate our square shape for whatever the shape is that you make with 5 people. The rules would be: you cannot debunk everything we discuss. For example, I say, “I bet Kristen & Rob did it again last night.” Sam says, “Actually Rob was at my house, my mum baked us cookies and we played halo.” This is a no-no because #1: That’s no fun. #2- if Rob played halo I’d kill myself (so I don’t wanna know about it).
  • A Groomsmen Position in Rob & my wedding. I can guarantee you’ll be up at the front with us, but you’ll have to fight TomStu for Best Man. You can walk down the aisle with themoonisdown. She’s tall. Are you tall? Lemme know because I have to custom order her Christian Louboutin shoes, and I’ll get them in flats if I have to.
  • A starring role in our next film: We are actresses, you know. We made this little diddy in Griffith Park with Action Figure Edward and are thinking of adding you to our act. What do you say? Interested in doing a musical parody of the restaurant scene in Twilight? You can sing your version of Never Think while playing Edward, and I’ll stutter around like Bella. Moon will rock the part of the waitress, with much more kick-ass bangs.

But hey! We’re not riding a one-way street here… our friendship works both ways, so we have some requests of our own:

  • Come play a show in Philly– This is my request since I live here. I have some venue suggestions (seriously, check your email) and would be willing to treat you to one of our famous cheesesteaks, even though they disgust me and I’m a vegetarian
  • Give Moon an interview (or more…) in May when you’re in LA. We promise it will be unlike any interview you’ve ever given. We won’t even mention Rob’s name (We’ll call him “He who cannot be named”)
  • Dedicate a song to us and post it on YouTube. Why don’t you make it about all of the LTR girls (and our gay unicorn on LTT). Here, I’ll get your started with some lyrics, “I’ve got a friend who’s name I will not say. He plays on LTR each and every day. He doesn’t mind the girls who are hormornal. He just told me he truly thinks That’s Normal”
  • Join our forum. We have 3 other guys and we could use a forth. We could even make you a moderator, if you’d like. Would you like to mod the “Fan Fic about Rob” forum? You could even see if he’d help you- he’d get a kick out of it cause there’s nothing a celeb likes more than to read badly written words on the internet that describe his private places in embarrassing detail.
Sam @ the gibson showroom on 4/17

Sam @ the gibson showroom on 4/17

Good luck in Nashville tonight, and I wasn’t kidding when I twitted you about Calypso– go there seriously. And steer clear of downtown- go to Grimey’s for records & Jackson’s for beer and their cookie dough egg rolls. You’ll thank me, promise.

UnintendedChoice (and themoonisdown, of course)

Dear Rob,

Sorry this letter wasn’t to you, but you understand. Sam needs love too. What’s that? You think the girls are our 3 males might complain? Oh fine, you’re probably right. Let’s give them this one:  Click here for maximum droolage.


*thanks to WastedTheMorning for the title inspiration, and to Kristin & WestFriend for your help too! And EastFriend, who is always around when you need a good adverb. And to Mandy for the awesome pictures of Sam from last weekend’s show @ The Drake!

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  1. Perfection. 😀
    Thanks again UC!

    Dear Sam,
    I’m off to the airport right now but I had to stop by my favorite site before I left of course. How ironic that today’s letter is to YOU! I’m flying to Nashville today… do you wanna know why?? Of course you do – I’m coming to see you and B.Long!! Florida to Nashy just for you because, you see, I’m a true fan… and not just because of your ‘friend’. 😉

    See you tonight!

    • JBell you are really blessed. I wish I was there too.


    • Florida to Nashy just for you because, you see, I’m a true fan… and not just because of your ‘friend’.

      Love this!! But I’m sure he’ll know that with the life size poster you’ll have him sign and the homemade T-shirt that says:”Soho Whores are Scared and Derek, You think You’re Free but You’re Too Far Gone so don’t forget your Passport!”

      Yup, I’m pretty sure that will clear things up nicely!!
      Have fun girly, def. tweet from the show/or film whatevs, we’ll be waiting!

      • @Mrs.P I just spite my drink out- LMAO!!!!
        “But I’m sure he’ll know that with the life size poster you’ll have him sign and the homemade T-shirt that says:”Soho Whores are Scared and Derek, You think You’re Free but You’re Too Far Gone so don’t forget your Passport!””

        We are also going to wear air-brushed T-shirts. Mine says Simba Will You Marry Me!!! Also have homemade sign. “Show me your Schlong!!”

        • You are killing me this morning LOL

          • I guess I’m fire today. Let’s hope I can keep it up. (That’s what he said!! )

        • OHHH(O His Holy Hotness)! “Show me you’re Schlong!!”
          That’s All Kinds of Awesome!!
          —yup there will be no doubt y’all are there for them!! I feel good knowing that they will be well taken care of in Nashy and Safe in your …umm…hands…. 😉

  2. ahhh what is it about Stella Artois and English men…Is there a hand book somewhere..that apparently the DH has read that says:

    Englishmen Love:

    Stella Artois
    Buttonfly jeans
    The Jam
    English Pubs (duh)
    Curry take-a-way

    Oh and ME lol wait that last bit only applies to my DH

    @Englishgirl…where are you could use a little help with the list.

    Dear Sam

    Lots of people want to ride with you in the limo, but what you want is someone who will take the bus with you when the limo breaks down. ~Oprah Winfrey

    This is how we see you 🙂
    You seem like good people. Thanks for that and keep an eye out on our boy..hate to think he would let all this insanity change him.

    We like him just as he is…and we just enjoy his and your work on screen and behind the microphone.

    Sincerely, Brummielover

    • But my man’s not English!

      I will have to throw my mind back a few years to the pre-marriage englishmen! Hold on whilst I sweep away the cobwebs – I mean I’m not 21 like JBell you know!

      • Yes I know he is German..but me thinks you have grown up around a couple back in the day lol 😉

        • One or two maybe!!!! I must have a thing for foreigners though because there are a couple more of those in my murky past.

          When are you coming over for your visit? It’s soon isn’t it? Weather’s fantastic down south at the moment … you can be sure it will probably rain though for your visit, this being the UK. Have just read that Little Ashes is being shown in May in various cinemas, so hopefully will fix up to go see it either in London, or probably the Norwich one as although it is further mile wise, it is easier than going into London and Norwich is a nice city to shop in too. It’s playing over the half term break as well which is handy.

          Hope you see this … will post at the end of the list too.

          • Hi again EG,

            I am flying out tomorrow!! squeeeal and DH has told me how great the weather has been…I keep it up on my msn next to my local…and FORKS hahaha…saddo I am.

            I fully expect rain and gray skies and am completely cook with it…I have been there enough to understand the rules 😉

            I like foreigners too 😉

            I am not going to watch LA…I just can’t do it.

            Have you gone over to the forum yet???

          • I’ve just been Brummie (ie to the Forum). It is called procrastinating. I have something to prepare for tomorrow and it is quarter to seven in the evening and if i don’t do it soon I will be in deepest trouble … so I really must go soon, but I work best under pressure so I like to leave things to the last minute. Like midnight at this rate!

            Why won’t you watch LA? I am so looking forward to it. I think Rob looks like he has really done a great performance. Love the fact that, quite unbeknown to him at the time as Twilight hadn’t happened, he has done these 2 very different characters in HTB and LA and also, if we ever get to see it, the little role in The Summer House which is also quite another character by the looks of it. Thank god he had done them, as I don’t want to only see Edward for the next 2 years, interesting though he is.

            Do we have a PM facility on the forum? I’ll have to see and PM you my email so we can chat properly seeing as we are nearly “sisters” with our UK connection!

            Have a great great time with your other half – you’re going to Paris too aren’t you? Lubberly!

          • @EG…yes that is why I was asking about the forum as I didn’t want to post my email addy here lol…I will pm you there later…best get some work done here too lol

          • Good thinking Batman …. I will have to go and work out how to do it. I mean I can’t even have a nice Avatar, I am a bit technically challenged!

    • Yup 🙂

      Mr SG likes all of those things.

      Aswell, as the Jam — The Clash too.

      • @ SG

        See I knew I wasn’t crazy lol

        • I won’t comment on my other half’s taste in music – it is decidely europop and not at all cool, eg he likes Status Quo (well I know they are not europop but still embarassing), but then when you grow up in Germany that is almost bound to be the case, so I will forgive him. He has other redeeming qualities thankfully!

          I threw his old records out, they were so awful. My husband has great taste in cars, clothes (for the most part though he doesn’t always bother to wear the nice things … but they are there in the wardrobe), women (obviously … me), food, wine, but music has never been his strong thing. His ipod is embarassing – there are about 3 songs on it worth playing. He doesn’t like english beer or lager, but neither do I, though he likes the local German lager from the city where he comes from.

          He once had a pair of button front jeans and found them the most annoying item of clothing ever. He’s not into curry, though he virtually lives off of Chinese food if he can when he is away all week. Amazingly, and I really find this hard to understand, he does love a kebab. VILE! I don’t know how he can eat them, particularly as he is really fussy usually about food. But he doesn’t really get to do the kebab/pub thing much anymore as he is out of the country so much, and when he is here the last thing he wants is more non home food, and he would rather sit in a Biergarten in Germany than an English pub, unless it’s a really nice one. I guess he is not english at all then!!! Oh well, I’ll hang on to him all the same!

          • @EG SHUT UP…Kebabs are DIVINE lol…works of art..yummmmmy!


            Must haves every visit

            Fish N Chips
            Biryani (chicken)

            love it

          • I have never eaten a kebab! Am not planning to either! Excommunicate me! LOL!

            Fish n chips in newspaper – yum.

            Chicken korma is my vice – can’t eat hot curries though.

          • haha No Vindaloo then ….when the DH eats that hot mess I make him stay away till all residual traces have been removed lol HOT!!!

  3. Excellent, UC! Good Morning! Looks like it could be a Dear Sam day today! NICE!

    Dear Sam,

    Well, if the lure of Hot Pockets and Ramen noodles don’t convince you, surely, being a mod of all the hot Rob fan fiction at the forum will have you knockin’ on UC and Moon’s door again! LOL! Seriously, we love your music here. We hope we keep you entertained here with all our lusty comments and fun pictures of your..ahem friend’s best “attributes”….Some of us are likin’ yours as well. *wink* Planning a road trip to come see you play in Atlanta in August! Until then, come on over and play at UC and Moon’s place. I promise they won’t bite…in a bad way. LOL!


    Alright ladies, must jet off to work with all the fun 40 preschoolers! Wish me luck that I end up back here with my sanity intact! Well… if you can call Robsessing 24-7 sane! LOL! Love ya LTR ladies! Catcha later, peeps!

    • Girl you are something..’keep you entertained here with all our lusty comments and fun pictures of your..ahem friend’s best “attritubes”. Some of our liking yours as well’.

      love you

    • Where is he playing in Atlanta? I’m too lazy to go someone besides here on the web for my current events.

  4. Dear Sam,

    If you take UC up on her request to play Philly and have a cheesesteak, please go to John’s Roast Pork in South Philly, near the sports complex…they have the best cheesesteaks, way better than Pat’s or Geno’s…plus, the roast pork is to die for too!

    Have fun with the LTR girls tonight!


    • Sass,
      You are right, Pats and Genos are just for the tourists. I also recommend Tony Luke’s or Jim’s steaks.

      Dear Sam,
      I’ve been scoping out venues for you in the area (philly) and you would most certainly get a great turnout. I second what UC said, none of us girls would show up in a twilight tees or ask you stupid questions about Rob (atleast not sober). And hey, I’m about to move into town, so after party at my place. I’ll introduce you to one of my favorite beers, Yeungling (america’s oldest brewery). We can make a 4am trip to WaWa because they will make you fresh sandwiches at any hour Come on down to the City of Brotherly Love and I will show you how hospitable we can be *wink, wink*.

      Hope to hear you play live soon,

      • boooo wawa!!

        • UC – I put that in there just for you! Don’t fret, I have other plans for Sam at 4am 😉

          Gros bisous!

  5. just 2 bad rob aint 1 of the lurking celebz. . Im in love with rob eeehh 🙂 , im acting like a love struck teen, oh wait i an one!! Dear rob, i love u oh so much. . Wil you marry me? I am 8years your junior, but its not gonna get in da way of our love. Lots of love and kisses, kim

    • Trying to do the math but since he’s got a bday coming up (I ONLY remember that cuz it’s the day before my hubby’s bday – not cuz I’m cyberstalking him – no way).. So does that make you 14 or 15?

      CENSOR TODAY LADIES! We have a young ‘un!!

  6. Dear Sam

    I truly love your music and I was a fan of yours the moment I heard your music. I think I love yours more than he-who-cannot-be-named, please don’t tell him. It’s our little secret. I totally agree with ‘spunkme’ about liking you too. I think we should make a LetterstoSam since you are familiar with our blogs and the best part you take your time out to leave comments. You are truly sweet and I must say very, very cute.

    Best Wishes & Lots of Love (The Love is pure, I swear unless you want something more)


    • haha ‘unless you want something more’ brilliant!

      • Thanks UC. But I don’t even come close to you girls making funny comments. I know ..come.. (That’s what she said)

  7. Off-topic, I know – but a new chapter of I Love LA has been posted!! Squeeee!

  8. Love it. What a great post! And I love the additional pic of our main squeeze too. =)

  9. lol There’s no way he can be a moderator at the forum, he told JAG he doesn’t even know how to reply in twitter lol

    But it’s ok, the guy’s a great artist, if he want’s me to reply for him I will…

    Sam? Wanna have an assistant? For free? Let me know!

    • Good point Dany. He can’t even reply to his Tweets. Wonder if he knows how to chat on IM. Bless his heart. He’s a probably a technotard.

  10. Hahahaha
    I love this post, made me laugh out loud.

    We won’t wear Twilight shirts to your concerts (but we may wear our “I ❤ boys who sparkle” pins, just cause it’s awesome)

    There was a couple at the show from Philly who gave him a LIST of possible venues to play. He’ll get there.

    Oh and for the record, I only saw him drink bottled water the entire time I was there – I was um stalking, I mean watching him.

    • boo.. i like to think of sam as being drunk during that scene.. i mean why ELSE would he admit to have been on here!? 🙂

    • hiya, just a girl –

      i wasn’t stalking him – promise! – but he was definitely drinking more than bottled water 😉

  11. UC & Moon –
    awesome letter. Loved the pictures of Sam and of course *cough*cough*Rob.

    Dear Sam –
    I am getting so good at writing this little random letters – anyways, I see a lot of the girls want you to come to Philly. Sooo, I was wondering if you could make a little trip up the road to Buffalo, Ny. We’re not that far away (I dont think) and maybe do a show here. We have great little bars that I am sure you will love. We don’t have Philly cheese steaks (is that what they are called?!) but we do have Chicken Wings!!! Good luck tonight!!

  12. What is Sam Bradley’s Twitter? Thanks for letting me know!! Hope yall have a wonderful day!

    • I believe it’s samueltwitt1 or something like that, I don’t have my twitter opened right now 🙂

      • Thanks Dany! I appreciate your help! Have a great day!!!!!


  13. UC! The song..its got GRAMMY written all over it! 🙂

    This letter is slightly amazing. And by that, I mean, completely, without a doubt going to get a comment from him. LOVE IT.

    Dear Sam,

    What she said! Also, I think you need to come to Denver in between August 9th and 13th. Bobby will be there and so will I. Carter and I, would just die if we got to see THREE of our favorite music acts in one week timespan. Broke, but dead. That would be us. We could be our own “quad”…you, me, Carter and Bobby…painting the town, and we totes give up her hubby’s ticket to Kings of Leon and take you. I really like that idea.

    XOXO, Kristin

  14. that forum is pretty speedy today!!

  15. Oh Sam, Sam, Sam,
    Don’t be freaked out by the LTR girls. We promise to treat you right! I would really think about UC and Moon and that opportunity for a starring role in their next film and it looks like Philly would be a great time! So many options…. You know you’re welcome here any time—so come and play. Rob can give it up for one freakin’ day! We love how you treated our girl JAG. Just think what you could do with a whole siteful of us! Love your music.

    Me xoxo

  16. LOL!!!!!
    Sam says, “Actually Rob was at my house, my mum baked us cookies and we played halo.”

    Now I have images of Sam and Rob hanging at Sam’s house playing Halo.
    Then here comes Mum. “Boys would you like a snack.”
    Sam (in really whining voice)- “Mum, were trying to play. Leave us alone. We don’t want any more cookies or sandwiches.”
    Mum-“Sammy, don’t take that tone with me. You’re not to big to take over my knee.”
    Sam- Mum!!! You are embarrassing me in front of my friend.
    Mum- “Robert dear, I think it’s time for you to go. Samuel needs to go to his room now.”

    Rob-“Bye Mrs. Bradley thanks for the cookies. They were really good. (In whisper) Sam dude for real you need to chilll out. Your Mum is really nice. She just wanted to know if we wanted a snack. Later.”

    • LMAO

      • Love the Sammy/Robby playdate! Do ya think Rob rode his 10 speed schwinn over to Sam’s house?

        • Prob. Since he doesn’t have a car. LOL!!!

    • Hilarious! Except the teenage Rob that’s in my head during this dialogue just isn’t doing it for me like 22 yr old broad-shouldered and hairy-chested Rob does.

    • hahahahhaahhahah LOVE IT

      • SWEET!!! My life is complete. I made UC laugh. 🙂

        • haha.. i laugh all the time at things you say, carrie! i just sometimes forget to say that on here:)

          i laugh with everyone, i promise! sometimes the damn hot tub place just won’t stop leaving me alone so i can’t comment back!

          • HAHAHA “darn hot tub place won’t leave me alone”
            and don’t make fun of my darn
            I don’t use curse can’t help it..perhaps I should start…
            Nah I just live vicariously through you all hahaha love it

    • ROFL! Love it.

  17. Dear Sam,

    I’m starting a one woman effort to get some culture in NC (other than Asheville, which has plenty of culture…I’m thinking Raleigh). I would like to start with a concert by you. Whaddya say? We have great barbq!


  18. Maximum droolage NOW.
    I’m thinking that Sam must tell to Rob that LTR is the best site ever.
    I just waiting for a letter to us:
    Sam, be our friend and I give you a “caipirinha” ( a tipical HOT drink from Brazil) on a combo with a lot of Hot Pockets.
    I’ll be a very quality time, guaranteed.
    Brazilian Girl

    • Oh girl, those caipirinhas are the BEST. Very sneakily dangerous, though – they go down so easy but they’ll f u up!

      A very cute waiter got me addicted to them when I was on a cruise – YUM.

  19. Don’t forget ET tonight!!!!

  20. Dear Sam,

    Pick the Stella package, then let’s share!!

    Love, me

    P.S. to UC – That pick of Rob was so full of WIN!! And I love that he was kinda snarky, but you were kind of a bitch. TOO FUNNY!!

  21. a pentagon! instead of The Quad you guys could be The Pentagon if you include Sam… of course you would be so much cooler!

  22. Wow…U.C.
    —love the post, Damn Right Sam needs some love too!! I do however have a small problem with one of those “tokens” up there….ummm seeing as how I’m one of the people commenting on the “Fan Fic about Rob” which includes said “badly written words on the internet that describe his private places in embarrassing detail” , and I will actually be meeting Sam in a few months I’d like to protest his moderation of that particular part of the forum….How about we let him moderate the “POOF..and panties gone. “ section–that at least has some value, for him and us! He can see what it is that “The Ladies” Love (and by ladies I mean PattinPervs) and can use the information how he sees fit, and can also share the deets with “HHH”! See…WIN=WIN=WIN!!

    Dear Sam,
    I don’t know if you ever even read the comments when you read the posts, but I too can vouch for
    Calypso! the food is sooo tasty (not to mention healthier than whatever you were eating Tuesday that tasted like Animal fat!) The rice and beans are very good, and being half/Costa Rican I definitely know my rice and Beans–shout out to all my ticos!–Emesis where u at Girl? –, anyway Have Fun in Nashy and if you see any 70’s Disco Divas roaming the streets in glam sunglasses (aka: my aunty D.–tell her “Her Favorite niece says HI!”
    Loves me,
    Mrs. P. XOXO

    (oh yeah and UC–you killed me with the Robporn at the end!! Wow, that Man knows how to rock a tailored suit–Hot Damn!!)

    • seriously. i want to die and lick that picture right now.

  23. If this letter was to Bobby Long, I could’ve written every word. I mean, I’ve never heard Sam’s music, so I’m going to pretend that I have.

    But for a lifetime supply of Stella (with lime, please–I gotta have my little bit of lime in my Stella), I’d listen to Sam’s music all day, every day. And maybe he’d listen with me.

    And then I’d ask him pertinent questions, such as:

    *Compare and contrast the musical stylings of:
    Mississippi John Hurt & Robert Johnson
    John Coltrane & Miles Davis
    Nick Drake & Terry Reid
    The Go-Go’s & The Bangles

    (Because these are important comparasions.)

    *How do you feel about reruns of The Love Boat? Golden Girls? Are You Being Served?

    *Do you eat cold pizza for breakfast? Because I don’t. And that’s kind of a deal breaker.

    And stuff like that…you know…pertinent stuff. for Sam. Amen.

    p.s. This is my new favorite letter.

    • we’ll have you on speakerphone when we do our interview.. b/c you come up with the BEST questions.. and we’ll drink together- virtually… stellas all around..

    • We can all share the Stella while Sam strums the guitar.

  24. Awh, Sam’s so cute! UC and Moon keep turnin’ out da hits!

    And that Robporn was a delicious way to start the day. Mmmmm.

    Must run. Pesky kids! Hope to see you all on the forum later!

  25. Dear Sam,

    If you’re already heading to Philly for a show, then you might as well head down 95 just a bit more and come to Washington, DC. It’s the Nation’s Capital for Christ’s Sake. You have to see it, it’s a requirement if you make your way to the States. There is lots of Good food here too, and multiple venues to choose from. I am partial to any music venue that you can get to from the Metro, that’s what we call the “tube” here in DC.
    Anyhow, if your friend Bobby can come here, then you can to. Just sayin’

    Loving you and your music always,

    UC and MOON, loved the Rob Porn and your new Top 40’s hit. And I hope you understand the effort I am putting in at the Forum. I apologize for all my bad letters, but as I’ve explained, am left brained and not as creative as you all

    • don’t worry.. no one is as creative as us

      (see sometimes i’m a bitch)

      KIDDING.. i have no idea what you’re talking about- you’re wonderful and creative & we LOVE you!

  26. Mornin’ everyone! (and sam)… have you been to the forum today? looks like today’s daily chat in Rob’s Flat is blinking b/c of it’s popularity (That’s what we THINk the blinking means!) as well as “i caved to Wide awake.” people LOVE talkin’ about that FF!

    thanks for being patient thru the forum bugs yesterday.. please give us feedback- can’t find your friends? let us know.. we’ll track em’ down XOXOXO HUGS

    • I was just adding friends on the forum (cuz I lonely) and noticed that there is a virgin named “Sam” in the members list (0 posts much like me). Could it be? Gasp!

      Or are you playing tricks on us UC and Moon?

      Nah, it couldn’t be the real Sam could it? Pfft – he’s likely not a virgin so it’s probably just a 14 yr old girl named Samantha from Robsexass ( I love that we call Texas “Robsexass” BTW)..

      • haha no way! i will have to check :):)
        we do have an original girl named sam.. so maybe it’s her!

        • Darnit. Probably her.

  27. Dear Sam,
    I think you should really take UC up on her request to come to Philly. Its obvious to me that you would have several amazing women who are actually dedicated fans show up to see you, myself included. And if those Hot Pockets and Stella are tempting you, I will gladly bring you some to the show.
    ❤ JGW

  28. Dear Sam,
    What pange said – except that I am more ambitious than her and I want to make an effort to bring some culture to BRAZIL! Other than samba, bossa nova, caipirinhas and Brazilian bikini wax. I like it all – really do – but… same old stuff. Bring me something new, Sam.

    We have LOTS of sun. Caipirinhas. Private beaches… we have private islands!
    Think about it, Sam.
    Giseli – the girl from Ipanema 🙂

    • Giseli,
      Don´t forget about the brazilian girls and the brazilian “vibe” (lol).
      I think that we have a lot of good things to teach to english boys.
      Maria Cristina – the girl from Floripa

  29. Well gals,
    Waking up in Nashville this AM and thinking of a dilema….
    IF JBell, Carrie, Jetbaby and I are able to meet Sam tonight at the show, I wonder if we should even MENTION LTR?
    I mean, I am stuck between scaring him to death and giving LTR another plug 🙂

    Dear Sam,
    If 4 very lovely ladies introduce themselves at the show tonight and we happen to mention that we met on LTR, please do not be scared. Yes, most of us traveled from different states to see you, and yes, we are there with people we met online – but that doesn’t make us stalkers in any way! It’s NORMAL. We are truly fans of YOURS and flew to see YOU knowing full well that ‘he who cannot be named’ (HWCBN) is actually in Vancouver filming.
    The fact that meeting you would put me only one degree of separation from HWCBN hs never, ever crossed my mind.
    I promise to not get all fangirly if I get to meet you, if you promise not be scared by us gals at LTR and give us a chance. You will LOVE us here – because we are funny, we look out for HWCBN and many of us are true music fans who appreciate you for you – not for how we ever heard of you in the first place.
    See you tonight!
    Chinamother (but I’m gonna pretend tonight that I’m not old enough to be anybody’s mother!)

    • Hey are you on twitter too/yet?

    • I’d play it smooth like JAG did. But she’s my idol 🙂 (more hickeys today JAG)

    • haha.. i told jbell to for SURE mention it!

  30. Sam, she’s right about Calypso (I eat there often) and Grimey’s (but I think you need to go to 2nd Ave at least once just to say you’ve been). Also, she forgot the Loveless which is a morning must do for any visitor.

    Gawd I sound like the visitors bureau over here!

    Can’t wait for the show tonight! Can’t wait to finally see you & Bobby live. Okay … can I leave work now?

  31. p.s im 15 🙂 , some people would say im waaayyy 2 young 4 rob, their just jealous, right? 🙂

    • You’re never too young — or old. At least that’s what I keep telling myself.

    • But the mommy in me wants to ask you — shouldn’t you be in school right now?

  32. Dear Sam,
    Please come play a show in Seattle soon. It is not very far from Vancouver. I know that the border is a pain, but if you start early, and bring a book, it is not too bad….You could even loop down to Portland, another great town. We would love to see you here.

  33. Dear Sam,

    I’m sure you are reading each and every comment on this site – and planning to personally respond to each one 😉 Starting with mine.

    So, I read up on you yesterday & your meeting with JAG at the Toronto show and confirming your LTR post. It was pretty funny to read the responses that UC & Moon wrote to the “real” Sam Bradley when they thought you were just some faker. How cool of you to post back! You are my new 2nd favorite Sam (right after my daughter Samantha).

    And I want to thank you for clearing up my confusion about the connection between Too Far Gone and Never Think. I was, of course, really troubled by the fact that they are in different keys. Whatever that means. Not a huge fan of Never Think (partially b/c my husband thinks Rob sounds like he is singing in whale language, and then my hubby sings along, moaning and yelling and saying “whole damn world” over and over, and then I laugh so hard tears come to my eyes).

    But I love Too Far Gone and You Think You’re Free. That My Space music player is one cool little invention. Does it count how many times your songs are streamed? If yes, I’m probably responsible for about 100 streams in the last few days. I really like your voice. And I like that I understand the words!

    Have fun in Nashville!


    ps- tell Rob to stop drinking Heines. He’s in freaking Canada – they have great beer. Tell him to try Sleemans.

    UC & Moon – you two are absolutely hilarious. I think that reading your blog will be part of my morning routine going forward. Besides getting my kids dressed and off to school and all the other BS s@hm stuff I have to do.

    And thanks for the Rob pic. My favorite part is the generic “Dear Girl” salutation! It feels so personal!

    • please be sure to read us BEFORE you feed the kids… we’re that important

      • I’m in charge of feeding them too? Damn it, this mommy job sucks.

    • So you eat bon-bons all day too (direct quote from my hubby yesterday – I hung up on his rude ass)?

      Is your daughter named Sam 14 yrs old and do you live in Texas?

      I LOVE the whale language thing!! I’m gonna have to use that one.

  34. yummy new banner….i feel so spoiled! (in a good way – not like rotten lol)

    • Um, that banner is the sh*t…Love it!

  35. Dear Sam,

    I’d like you to release your CD asap because i plan on using it to lure unsuspecting men into my bed. Help a girl out.

    In exchange, when you come to philly, i’ll hook you up. no, not that way, unless you want it that way, bc i’ve seen pictures and i hear you’re charming so it shouldn’t be… but i digress … what i mean is, we’ll go to McGillan’s (i think it’s just your speed) and i’ll provide you with a Harem of Women (my best friends) who are hot and hilarious to hang out with all night. I know what you’re thinking… jackpot. No Sam, No. We are sooo much more. I must warn you though, you might want to pack a little extra for this trip, because you won’t want to leave. True Story.

    Quid Pro Quo Babe,


    P.S. don’t believe me when i say we are funny as balls? Check out TwiTheatre in the forum… that’s me. whose laughing now Sam? And i’m not going to link it, bc, 10 to 1 says you’ve already figured the whole damned thing out and know exactly what i’m talking about.

    • Calli – Seriously girl, love McGillans…spent many a drunk Friday night there and I don’t work too far from there either.

  36. UC~ BRAVO on another amazingly brilliant letter! Loved it! Thx.

    JBell~ enjoy the show ((the green eyed monster is coming out)), I’m sure it will be amazing! I enjoy your blog as well, thx! 🙂

    I would love it if Sam had a show (or many shows!) in Philly~ I would SO be there! I also agree w/ the cheesesteak suggestions… Jim’s & Tony Lukes~ Jim’s is my personal fave though! We need to try John’s Roast Pork- thanks for the tip!

    2 of my friends were in NYC on the 14th for Bobby Long’s show~ they said he was amazing! I missed it… my daughter’s last in-studio rehersal before her dance recital! Next time…

  37. Dear Rob,

    I just got this new CD i think you’ld love. wanna come check it out?

    you won’t know what hit you ’till you’re down,


    • @ Calli…too too much you are haha

  38. Ok I know that it goes against my better judgement but I signed up for twitter just now. No idea how it works or anything so help would be greeeaaat??? My user name is PishPosh71 (or PishPOsh) I am not sure which one it took???
    Since I have an addictive personality I would imagine this will be the end of me!
    Someone wize lead me in the right direction! Moon? UC? I know I have been missing for awhile but I’m back gals 🙂

  39. omg, ‘he who cannot be named’! you guys are too funny. how long does it take you to write these letters?
    i feel bad for sam, in a way. he is really great. actually really great. i am glad he takes his new fame b/c of twilight in stride but i feel bad b/c i don’t think he is getting enough credit on his own merit. ah, what the hell do i know? there are so many unnoticed talented people out there that i guess fame/fortune for any reason is ok.
    check this out:

    • i spend about 1-2 weeks perfecting each letter..

      no.. i wrote that last night… half asleep.. (which usually turns out to be my best) in like… an hour?

  40. Dear Sam,

    Don’t come to where I live cuz it’s lame and the people are so generically suburban that the only originality they can muster is listening to The Fray and putting those stick figure bumper stickers on the backs of their minivans to brag about how many kids and dogs they have.

    I will, however, buy your CD if you make one. I won’t lure unsuspecting men into my bed with it, however. Sorry. Only one man (Rob – um, I mean my hubby) and I don’t need to lure. One bite off of a banana and he’s in my bed in seconds.

    I would consider going to see your show in a much hipper town but the last show I went to see was back in the 1990’s (Local H rulz!) and I think that people probably don’t wear their Def Leppard jackets to concerts anymore.

    So I’ll have to settle for a CD.


    P.S. Do you like mint chocolate chip ice cream? JAG and I do.

    • OMG!!!! “One bite off a banana…” My tummy hurts from laughing! Are we married to the same man??!!

      • I think that marriage clouds their brains and they take the smallest stupidest things (like walking up the stairs ahead of them – suddenly that is an invitation to squeeze my ass so hard it bleeds – WTF?) as a sign that it’s time to have sex again for the month. So, yes, we are married to the same desperately confused man that can no longer seem to read the signs right.

        • WTM….You are off the hook today girl!

    • hahahahaha

    • The stick figure bumper stickers on the back of the minivans!!! We clearly live in the same kind of suburban hell * I mean heaven * So sad and so true. Does it still count as originality if everyone does it?

  41. @UC/Moon: Can I just say how much I loved you did a letter to Sam? Even if he’s snarky and you’re bitchy, that was a sweet thing to do. Poor guys get trampled on when it comes to Rob, nice to see some of the boys getting props.

    Dear Sam,

    Enjoy Nashy, hope you have a great set tonight. BTW, if a hotass chick comes at you and Bobby with a piece of cloth in her hand and it smells suspiciously like Chloroform, don’t worry, its not for you. Although you may not see Bobby for a while. He’ll be alright though, just slightly bowlegged when he comes back.


    • @ceri

      “He’ll be alright though, just slightly bowlegged when he comes back.”

      OH, I’m snorting now…LMAO

      • Ride em hard and put em away wet!

        • U know it!!! He won’t be walking for a month.

          Doppelganger I ❤ you for your letter!!! You’re the best!!!


      • Jesus girls. He will not know what hit him.

    • we ❤ sam

      and bobby.. mmmhmm

  42. sam bradley come to pittsburgh..bring ur friend rob. u guys can stay at my house. ill buy the booze.

    • AGHH!!

      i was looking for you in cyberworld! How was KOL?

    • @WTM

      I ❤ you. Even though you won’t be luring the “unsuspecting” surely, you don’t object to the Nanny doing it? I promise, i won’t hanky-panky when the kids are around… okay, at least not while they’re awake… well, actually, i’ll just make sure they are engrossed in some lame-ass Disney show… with the volume blaring. hearing aids are cheaper than therapy sessions.

      – Nanni Calli

      i like spelling Nanny with an “i” instead of the “y”… it matches better… plus, i do what i want.

      • i don’t know why this posted as a reply. wordpress don’t hate on me. not cool.

  43. @ melissa so the guitarist from KOL concert last night LOOKED like ROB? For Real???

    • yeah i swear..the hair i think did it..or the booze.

      • I’ve thought exactly the same thing. It’s the hair.

  44. @UC and Moon

    This letter is great! Brilliant I might say. You lure Sam in and I’ll be waiting for “he who can’t be named”! I have to think that LTR has definitely come up in a conversation with Rob….I mean srsly! Wouldn’t you tell your friend about a hilarious blog written especially for him by a bunch of cool chicks. Pfft. Of course. *going back into my bubble*

  45. Signing Off!!! About to head to Nashvegas!!
    Chinamother, JBell, and JetBaby here I come.
    I hope to me saying the same thing to Simba later tonight and in all day Friday.

    Later Ladies!!!

    • So jealous! Want to hear every word when you get done (with Simba, that is).

  46. I am going to be in Nashville this weekend. I’m so going to Calypso – maybe I’ll bump into Sam.

    • please get a picture of him holding a coconut muffini!!!! HAVE FUN!

      • Okay… so I didn’t bump into Sam, but Calypso was AWESOME! Thanks, UC, for the recommendation. Also awesome in Nashvegas- Billy Joe’s tattoo parlor for those of you lining up for your Twi-tattoos (for the record, I didn’t get a Twi-tat, but I did get my first tat that was non Twilight related). But if you do have a Twi-tat…it’s totally NORMAL!

        • YAY for loving Calypso (and no.. twi-tat is NOT normal!)

  47. @Calli – You can hanky panky in front of my kids all ya want. Ain’t nothing they haven’t already seen or heard. Scarred for life, those kids.

    (it’s called sarcasm people – I really am a great mom – I kiss my kids at bedtime and everything).

    BTW, do you like nanni with an i because it’s closer to your name – Sonni? Or shall I call you Hanni? Mulva (Seinfeld reference – before your time ha ha)? Delores?

  48. BTW @Calli – I ❤ you too. Can you feel the love tonight? (that’s the disney I prefer to blast so the kids don’t hear the hanky panky. but only once a month.)

  49. Who went to see KOL? So jealous. I’m withholding sex from my hubby cuz he laughed in my face when I suggested he take me for my bday. So cruel that man.

    • @WTM Melissa went last night..front row “sigh”

  50. ” We’re not freaks- we’re actually the kind of fans you want (but we’re hard fans to impress because we’re big music snobs)”
    We won’t wear Twilight shirts to your concerts (but we may wear our “
    “We probably wouldn’t even talk to you if we came to a show because we don’t really care as much as we pretend to”

    Seriously couldn’t have said it better myself!
    you took the words out of my mouth on that!

    and i live right near philly! nice to know there is someone in my area, who shares the rob love.
    and I am not dumb i know there are probably a bunch, but i want nothing to do with the 15 year old fan girls they really scare me. yes im scared of girls who are 9 years younger them me. (shudders)

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