Posted by: themoonisdown | April 22, 2009

Robert Pattinson’s 2nd favorite place to hang out

She's my Cherry Pie, cool drink of water such a sweet surprise, tastes so good make a grown man cry, SWEET CHERRRRRRYYYY PIIIEEE!

She's my Cherry Pie, cool drink of water such a sweet surprise, tastes so good make a grown man cry, SWEET CHERRRRRRYYYY PIIIEEE!

Dear Rob-

Instead of playing drunk air guitar by yourself on the side of the road while some paps take your picture and laugh their faces off, why don’t you head on over to our brand spanking (OH YEA!) new FORUM!!!!! That’s right, you heard me! Letters to Rob and Letters to Twilight now have their very own forum dedicated to YOU (oh and those Twilight nerds too). Next time the mood strikes for a little air guitar solo, may I point out some of the rad things you could be doing with your favorite gals over at the forum? (Not like you had a choice anyway)… so here goes…

1. First off, why don’t you introduce yourself to all the other forum virgins and lose your v cards together! They always say you never forget your first time…

2. Look at hot (and not so hot) pictures of yourself! That’s right check out more goodies like this air guitar pic or how about that one where you look like someone’s creepy uncle at Thanksgiving? That’s one of my faves!

3. Then why don’t you watch videos of yourself being cute and saying “WHAT?!” 800 times in a row? Or maybe your favorite is that creepy one we made in Griffith park of the Edward dolls? I know it WAS amazing!

4. We all know that a penchant you have for Fan Fic, so while you’re there how about you share some of your favorites stories with us? Are you a “Wide Awake” fan? Or maybe more of an “I Love LA” fan? Whatever your poison babe, we got it. And we wanna talk about it. ALL of it!

5. Hate that annoying NReed or Robsten rumor floating around? Go debunk it yourself with JBell, our very own director of Robsigation!

6. We know you hang around here late at night bored out of your mind after going to another terrible show with Nikki and Kristen, so why don’t you sit back and relax and enjoy a little Twi-Theater with our very own Calli!

And if you have any problems you can always count on Kristen our very own smarty pants and of course us, your HBIC’s Moon and UC to hang out with, get help from and just plain chiiiilllax!

Oh, and don’t worry Rob, we’ll still be bringing you the very best letters right here at Letters to you and Letters to Twilight. This is just another avenue for Letters fans to connect and hang out on a daily basis. We’re reclaiming these comments for YOU Rob!

So what are you waiting for??!! Get on over there and try it out! But make a comment here first! Bookmark this cause I’m sure you’ll be headed there daily after your pitstop here…

For those about to rock, I salute you!

UPDATE: thanks to everyone for being patient and giving us a chance to work kinks out with the forum. nothing can ever be simple or easy right? but is anything that is, worth it? Hmmm…

stick with us and give the board a chance once we have things in working order. there are plenty of people to help out if you don’t understand something or want help!

we really appreciate you all keeping an open mind!

THANKS!! we ❤ you!



  1. Dear Rob,

    Please come see us in the forum. It kicks @ss.


    (Seriously…I LOVE the forum! WTG guys!)

    • dear rob, i know i can keep u busy (even if im 8 years your junior) 😉 . . All you have to do is come visit me here in south africa, and i’ll show u a good time lots and lots of love, kim P.S. i have beer 🙂 hugs and kisses

    • Dear Rob,

      Please come see ME!!! I think we could sit down, you could strum your guitar(clothing optional) and then we could spend the night talking about Kristen and all the ways you hate her and love me.

  2. I know I’m gonna check it out….see ya there Rob….

  3. Wowsa, this is fabulous! Imma check it out now and not get ready for work! scandalous!

  4. I can’t believe I got a shout out in a post! wow, I’m honotred and uh..SO EXCITED TODAY! and uh, how much do I love you for making him sing 80’s rock ballads in the picture caption? a lot. 🙂

    • i also can’t type/spell you name sometimes! please forgive me! 🙂

  5. And we have a forum!!! Thanks girls for all the work you’ve done there!

    C’mon Rob, say thanks too and let’s hang out there!

  6. Dear UC and Moon,
    Thanks for this new “adventure” of the Robsessed girls!
    I must tell, all that fun make my doctorate be so MUCH easy to endure.
    Xoxo from Brazil!

  7. I still crack up when I see the ‘creepy uncle’ picture. Ok, I crack up at all those pictures.

    And STY plays the Griffith Park video at least twice a day.

  8. Quoting a Warrant song was so much win I couldn’t focus on anything else past that.

    Now I’m off to put in some Skid Row and visit the forum. And, sweet, totally just dated myself.

  9. Thank you Moon & UC – you have made my day.

    I giggled then shuddered at “creepy uncle”. 🙂 🙂

  10. Dear Rob,

    I got a shout out in today’s post and i’m floored! I feel like you at ComicCon… wowza! Especially since the lovely moon has you hanging around my neck of the forum in the wee-hours of the night/morning. There are other things besides TwiTheatre we could use to entertain us you know? Wink.Freakin.Wink.

    All the World’s a stage baby,

  11. UC and Moon: I will always love you, you are the best people in the world!
    Cant wait to check out the forum when my computers are both better!

  12. Woohoo, we have a forum! I sent the registration to my home email so I will have to wait until lunch hour to get er started. How exciting!!!!

  13. I actually have to work today. Sniff. Gotta get caught up before Saturday’s trip, so I’ll be in and out today ladies. Have a good one!

  14. A forum! I can honestly say I’ve never joined one before, but I’ll have to now! Come on, Rob, baby, lose your forum v-card with me! You know you want to!

    P.S. Nearly peed my pants laughing at the caption.

  15. I’m So EXCITED!!!! I not gonna crap done at work today.
    Thanks Moon and UC!!!

  16. Thanks for the forum moon and uc…yet another place to spend time at and blow off my family. Hee!…

  17. so is it sad that I dunno how the hell to navigate on the forum? I finally figured out Twitter now I have to start another technological adventure.
    Any advice/hints/help??

  18. Bopping in again….how do you gals get your signature boxes? I know how to do the avatars but how do you get the boxes that are like mini wallpapers to pop up at the bottom of your post? Do you make them? Do you find them somewhere and how do you get it to show up on your page. I’m kind of a forumtard.

  19. Okay, why I have I not seen this picture?!? Drunk air guitar? Priceless!!

  20. Just bought tickets to 100 Monkeys show in Philly May 17th. excited!!

    • 5/17, that’s my birthday! Wish I was going! How fun!

  21. Hi Girls,
    Well, I was doing a little R,ob stalking when I saw this picture and the first thing I thought was Has Moon or U.C. seen this yet?
    Next stop here and lo and behold you had used that 1 of the 4. {Very controlled comments on this photo girls as the position of the right hand, the shape of the left hand and The Pout was crying out for your brand of wit}
    I’ve cried with laughter again over this post and thanks for the link to ‘creepy uncle’ I’d somehow missed that…..
    Going to explore the forum and hopefully loose my forum v-card, one of the few I still have……
    I’ll share when I lost the ‘blowing behind the dumpster’ v-card as that’s one I’m gonna save for Rob and only Rob…..

  22. A LTR/LTT Forum!!
    Here I go! Who needs 8 hours of sleep?

    PS – Is this part of that planabout dominate everything? LOL

  23. I should be embarrassed that I thought he was counting on his fingers when I first saw this pic. Now it’s obvious, air guitar. Thanks UC & Moon!

  24. GQ Outtakes Detagged (or maybe you all know this already). Yeah, I know, I’m suppose to be working, LOL!

    • Thank you!

  25. Oh, Moon! I love Rob’s song choice and you know that “What!?” video is my absolute favorite!!!

  26. UC & Moon- congrats on the forum!!! Looks good!

    GQ outakes (same as Jena’s) but seperate…..

      • oops posted same one twice- correction…. lol

  27. The forum looks amazing! Nice picture choice for the banner. (Love that bike! And the yellow sunglasses!)

  28. Wow Forums Rock!!
    Thanks ladies.

  29. One more-

  30. ummm yeah. I cannot believe that I am seeing this. I freaking HATE when people do air guitar, hate it hate its my biggest pet peeve eva! omg. This is 2nd hand embarrassment and I can’t believe I am saying this. I am so sad. Please Rob don’t ever do this again! I still love you.

    • A matter of perspective and imagination…..the left hand is bekoning me {ok you} over… the right hand is er getting ready??.. the pout well self explanitary

      Hopes this helps Mandi

  31. Dude. He must seriously have been wasted to do that in front of the paps. They had a field day!

    Anyone who hasn’t, go check out the forum!

    I went only an hour ago and the # of registered users has totally spiked in that time. This is going to be NUTS!


    • I totally love your header pic on your blog! Makes my heart 🙂

      • Thanx! 🙂

  32. Yay! The forum is up !!!woohooo!

  33. Yay! I’m so excited this is up and running!

    And those jeans tight rolled or just skinny… either way… not the best look. Is that London fashion?

  34. To the FF smut addicts in here…can someone pls gimme a linky for a life extraordinary? I’m at work and just finished reading LYLS and Im soooo excited to start ALE. Screw work today LOL

    • Here you go:

      • thanks annie ! * smmoches* I will be joining yah ladies to lose my forum-virginity laterz! damn iphone can’t get on the site grrrrr

  35. Does anyone know how to make my computer go faster. Everything keeps “loading” and its making me angry!!

  36. the forum takes an incredibly long time to load. is anyone else experiencing this?

    • yes! good Im not the only one! Thought it was just me!

    • Yes. And i can’t get my Avatar up.

      BUT I did enjoy my TwiTheater!!

      • The Forum is Fail Whale!! Oh NOES!!!
        I figured it will prob be overloaded the next couple of days.

        • I don’t like that it’s calling me a Virgin, on there. I mean, I’m no HO (except for you, Rob) but, am no effing Virgin either.

          • i like it. it makes me feel like i am inexperienced and not quite as crazy about the dude as i really am.

          • I’m okay with it. I’m pure as the driven snow. I’m saving myself for Rob or Simba. Whoever I meet first and bang. 🙂

          • Tee hee. I took offense to the V thing too. I take pride in my slutiness. I’ve given a lot of bj’s to get here. Can you be a slut if you’ve been with one man for 17 years?

        • Simba and Rob will be quite a way to lose it.

          • I can’t wait to meet B’s Schlong!!! hehe

          • who’s simba?

          • Oooh – both at the same time. Am I normal to want a man sandwich with that kind of bread?

    • Oh ok. I thought my iPhone was slow or d Internet service here. Must be because a lot of peeps are trying to log in at d same time? Anywahoodies I’m off to read ALE!!! * skipping in the meadow with aro*

  37. Call me old fashioned, but I am sticking here until the forum is faster. Tooooo slooow – my ADD is kicking in.

    • Yo’re “Old Fashioned”. And I need more coffee.

      Yeah, It’ll work better eventually. I have faith in the gals, or UC’s cousin.

    • @bandmum Thanks for posting article about my BF. U rock!! He is so adorkable. I love it.

      • I wonder if the Google Alert works when there is a – between the 1st and last name? Prob not. Hmmmm. Interesting.

        • Not sure. I have Googled him and LTR post don’t show up. I guess I could set a Google alert for his name and all variations.
          Okay maybe not. I think that might make me a little stalkerish. 🙂

  38. I love this. Love that there’s a forum. My only concern is that “creepy uncle” Rob looks a lot like my hot gay brother.

  39. Crash boom. Can’t get forum up anymore.

    @Calli – loved the TwiTheatre. So worth the ambien. In a related religious topic, is it bad to say Jesus effing Christ to a child (my child, specifically). Replace effing with the actual word. Oh yes I did. I hope she doesn’t ask the teacher at her Baptist preschool if Jesus’ middle name was actually effing. I’m so in trouble.

  40. Hey GURLS! Due to the overwhelming response to the forum you broke it! haha! JUST KIDDING!

    UC is trying to fix the slowness but we need you all to CLOSE OUT OF THE FORUM for like 10 minutes or so, that way the admin panel will load!!

    THANK YOU! 🙂

  41. Yay! I thought I was the only slowwwwww one! I am super excited for this *whole new world* tho.

  42. Dear ladies, the forum is not working or I cannot access it on my iPhone.

  43. bad News. Rob has hijacked the forum for hisself.

    what i really mean is something is going on so while we wait for the geeky cousin to figure it out, please play here. I’ll comment/tweet when it’s up

  44. HEY GIRLS!! 😀

    I know Kristin said it already but pleaseeee close out the forum while UC’s geeky cousin tries to get it all squared away!

    We will DEFINITELY let you know when it’s back up and running!

    We can continue over here or on Twitter just like any other day when we didn’t have the forum.

    PS –
    You guys are awesome, especially all you lurkers that have shut the place down by coming out of NOWHERE to register over there!! lol

    • kudos on your use of HTML.

      • lol thought it needed to be eye-catching 😉

        • good call 🙂

  45. @thersa Are you still there somewhere?

  46. Yay!!! We have a forum……well… We will when its fixed. This is exciting, it’s feels so legit now:)

  47. I seriously don’t know how I functioned before this place. I don’t even remember how I found this?! lol

  48. I love this morning’s post. When I saw that pic yesterday I immediately realized he was playing air guitar and I was like WTF?? Doesn’t he see the papa there? He looks so cute though. I thought it strange that there were fans around him? How could Rob be in public place and not surrounded by girls?? Did he sneek out or something??

  49. Yay, a forum! I’m so excited yet very disappointed that I can’t even look at it.

    You early east coasters broke it before I got there! *pouts* I can’t even get my forum V card validated.

    • I think that east coaster of Brazil helps to broke it too! 😉

      • For sure Giseli!
        The Brazilians love LTR!
        Kisses and hugs

        • Oi Maria Cristina! 🙂
          FoSho! LOL

  50. Wonder what he’s thinking here?

    Dear Rob,

    Don’t be sad that the forum is FUBAR at the moment, I’m sure UC and Moon’s geeky friend will fix everything in a bit.

    • He’s thinking about how much he misses me!

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