Posted by: themoonisdown | April 19, 2009

Where in the world is the Edward action figure – OH MY Edition

Step one...

Step one...

Dear Rob –

Lil E told us he sent you this book. If that’s true, I hope you’re rested up cause I’m on my way over.

Happy Sunday to us all!!!!!!



  1. @SpunkMe…Welcome Back from one Robsten to another πŸ™‚ Glad you are here as there aren’t many of us…. πŸ˜‰

    You should def. see adventureland….I thought Kristen was great in it. Although I did see some “Bella” things which makes me think they are really “Kristen” things….

    LOVED the pics of Rob from last night…but seriously someone needs to give him some food – or some Ensure or something, as he is really thin. NO matter – he still looks GREAT! My guess is that he is going for the crazy Edward in Italy look and maybe they are using bigger clothes or padding for the ‘before’ shots….Who knows….

    But he looked happy and I loved seeing Kstew so down to earth….

    • Hi Cm!

      Thanks! I missed you too! Yes, our numbers are small, maybe we’ll grow larger in the forum when it is up and running!

      I hope to see Adventureland before CE…I hear mixed reviews on CE, but all good on AL….Still want to see her in both though!

      “Ensure” Lmao! Yeah, let’s feed Rob what they give the old people in the nursing home to gain weight! LOL!

      Yes, i was saying the same thing..he is going for the crazed, depressed, suicidal, not hunted in a long time look for Italy, but I hope he is being monitored on that…we all know he can do some crazy weightlosing crap to himself.

      Rob, eat a dinner roll, for the love of God!

      oh and with BUTTER!

  2. I keep forgetting to tell everyone that Vogue wrote us back this week and said she’s been SO busy with RL (she’s in class or something?) and she misses us all greatly and says hi to all!

    • Thank God she’s alright! Thanks for the update and tell her we love her!

    • Oh Thank goodness someone has heard from her! I was really worried. Thanks for the update UC. Hopefully we’ll see her back soon.

    • OH I am so happy to hear that you heard from her!! I was starting to really worry that something was terribly wrong! I hope she can come back when things slow down for her. Thanks for letting us know, UC.

  3. oK, I’m back after reading WA….wow!! It was so hard to focus on reading at first cuz I was so excited and nervous and ahhhh. What a good chapter, I really didn’t expect it to be that way, but I truly liked it.

    @SpunkMe: I missed you!!! So so much!!! We’ve been wanting you to come back everyday! Please, don’t you ever do that Edward-in-new-moon thing again!! You don’t want me to be wondering in the forest mumbling “she’s gone…she’s gone….” LOL!!!

    @JAG: I didn’t get the chance to tell you last night how happy I am that you met Sam! And he knows about us!! wow!!! I’m so glad you had that chance to meet him and talk to him and ahhh…just so happy for you.

    @JBell: So you got them to sign BOTH posters?? Great!! This has been a good weekend for us, LTR ladies, Jag meeting Sam and you meeting the HTB cast!!! Congrats!!

    • @Dany!

      lol! I missed you too! I had some inner issues about stuff here to work out and am still working on them…but it’s a bit better now and I missed you guys like crazy! Really I did! I’m sorry I went all Edward NM on you guys! I loved you the whole time I was gone though and I really did think it would be best for all of you if I stayed away–that was my thinking–WOW !!! I am totes understanding a whole new level of Edward in New Moon now! But believe Edward when he says it was killing him to be away–cause that is how I felt! 100% inner turmoil while I was away! Love ya, Dany! ❀

      It’s all proposal time now, right?

      LTR girls, will you marry me?

      I love you and staying away was the blackest! LOL!

    • Thanks Dany it was a blast. He’s such a talented nice guy.

  4. This isn’t Rob, but he is another HOT Brit and I am just using him as an example of how some actors REALLY get into their roles. Please Rob – I don’t want you to EVER look like this!

    • HOLY CRAP! That is scary method acting!

  5. Hey guys! It has been a long weekend and too long without LTR. SpunkMe, it’s so good to see you back, I missed you!

    I’m not sure if these have been posted already, but they are outtakes from the InStyle shoot:

    • hahah omg, they put Rob in a top hat:

      • Rob in a top hat!! Holy sweetness!

    • SSSWWWEEEETT pics limeslice! Haven’t seen those yet. Rob looks like he wants to bite Kristen and those of him and Kellan – WOW!

    • @ls

      hello to you too! Missed you too!!!!

      OMG! No I haven’t seen those! They are beautiful!! My Robsten is Squeeeing to itself quietly!

      Seriously, Rob looks beautiful! Thanks for posting those!!!

  6. Just received some exciting news this morning- LA is coming to where I live! I am so going to be there and I can hardly wait!!!

    • lucky GEN!! I was gonna see it on my B-day, but now I’m gonna go see Sam play in Los Angeles…so Must see Little Ashes in LA in May…woe is me…;)

      • Oooh Mrs.P. (LOVE the pic) you HOT!
        Sam in L.A. is WIN!!! Hope he plays here one day!!! *crosses fingers*

        • thanx…that is one of my pregnancy pics…professional took it, so I look decent!! LMAO!!

    • Really?? Wow!! I’m so happy!!! And it’s just the movie or also the cast?

  7. Totally OT, but I had to share. It’s an argentinian commercial, and I’m laughing so hard!!!

    At the end, it says in spanish: “Heavy Metal fan: We know there’s one Britney song that you love, download it from the wap portal of your Personal, or in”


  8. @Smom

    I just e-mailed you back! πŸ˜‰

  9. Love the post Moon…

    Dear Little E,
    What have you spent the last hundred years doing? You know this shizz!! Just go for it already, there is only so much you can study before you just have to ACT !!Remember You’ve got this!!
    Loves me,
    Mrs. P.

  10. Just saw this-

    • when i played that my IE jizzed and crashed. Is that myrobpattinsons vid from this morning?

      • @JAG

        OMG! I just clicked on that! Someone hijacked your video already and put it on youtube!

    • Do they have hot pockets in Canada? That might be the problem.

  11. LOL! So that’s where he’s been!

  12. I’m sittin’ here editing for work on one computer, reading your stuff on the other…just have to tell you, you crack me up! Luv your site…longtime lurker, first time commenter. You girls make my day

  13. JAG – I think I sent you a friend request on youtube but not quite sure if I did it right or not. If I did something wrong, let me know. I can’t wait to see the video. thanks for sharing.

    • I think i just sent it to you ❀

      • Sweet, thanks. I will go check now.

      • Very nice! He seems so cute. I loved how you let him know he was being filmed. You’re such a lady – and very pretty. Thanks again for sharing.

        • Thanks he was so great. I’m glad I got it on vid.

  14. @ Just a Girl my youtube id is abinar22

    @ Spunk ROFL Yes, I will marry you! Glad we didn’t have to go to Italy to get you back.

    • Thanks just sent it.

    • @Annie

      I was under the clock tower ready to do it! JAG and the drew pushed me out of the way just in time and talked me down!


      Yeah, you said yes! That was easier than Edward had it out of Bella! Thanks!

      • D*mn non-spell-checker! Argghh!

        *Crew NOT drew

  15. OMG (LE SWOON) From Robsessed-

    • WOW! That 4th one looks like he’s been ravaged and hastily put back together! It was me…I was hiding in the woods nearby! It was just a quickie! LOL!

  16. Just saw this on the Lexicon….I’m posting in response to a link posted earlier this morning:
    Short story if you do not want to wander over to the Lexicon: SM not being sued by anybody. Complete rumor. If you want to know more go to:

  17. O Lil E, It’s always good to read up and be prepared. You could add a little fan fic to the pile too–lots of good stuff there! I’m ready anytime, anywhere….

    Moon, I just dissolved into a puddle of hysterics when I clicked on the Orgasm tag!!!

    SpunkMe, Of course I knew you were gone–every minute of it! I missed you and I’m glad you are back with us–don’t do that again!

    UC I’m so glad to hear from Vogue. I’ve been really worried and that eased my mind.

    Read the last chapters of WA and I’m so glad that’s been worked out! Still more to come for Darkward though….

    • @EyeC

      Hi, I saw your posts with Byrdie, after I left…I’m sorry it wasn’t sooner…I am glad we are back together now! I missed you a lot! you girls mean the world to me! Really. “I’m here….where else am I gonna go?” *smooch to your forehead*

      Now let’s have some excellent HOT Rob make-up sex! LOL!

      • Ohhh Geeeee Spunk! I don’t think I could make it that long without LTR…

        • IT SUCKED!


  18. Don’t know if this was posted here while I was away, but this one was so funny….LOL!…

    • That’s funny! I don’t think anyone has posted it but I can’t always keep up either.

    • That’s hilarious!!!

      Dracula is Spectacula!


    • Haha that was funny! Liked how Dracula’s accent kept changing and at 2:06 the bird chirps! lol

  19. @SM what vid got hi-jacked?

    • How can I request you in youtube?

      I’m “ChilRob” in youtube!

    • @JAG

      NEVERMIND! I think my brain is trippin’ on LTR. I might be ODing! I don’t know what I was thinking? *doing crazy sign beside head with hand* I think for some reason I was thinking you posted that on the last page on like DailyMotion or something and I thought someone took it and uploaded it to YouTube! Now, I see it was there to begin with! So sorry to alarm you for nothing! Going to go sign up to be your friend on YouTube now…wish me luck–it’s something technical–i’m in trouble!

      Hope you accept.LOL!


      • Done. You should be able to view it now. ❀

  20. Dear Lil E,

    Thanks for making sure Rob is up on the latest techniques to keep us LTR girls happy. Now go have a cheezburgah please.


    PS Moon, if you see that Tucker book at Rob’s, throw it out the window stat! We need to see the peen.

  21. JAG – Got the video! He is so cute!! Thank you! πŸ™‚

  22. @JAG

    Watched the videos! Oh. My. God! *said like Janis from friends*

    I am so jealous! And you touched his hand! Aghhhh!

    He was so f*cking awesome!

    I was totes picturing a SpunkMe sandwich during the singing ones with some nice Sam and Rob bread!

    We should have a special section in the forum now for Letters to Sam!

    Holy sh*t!!!

    Thank you for sharing that!

    And oh, BTW, you are beautiful! Just beautiful! I found myself waving back at the video–duh like you could see me! LOL!


    • LMAO you are so funny. He was really great I hope all the other LTRers get to be up close & personal with him.

      • @JAG

        Awwww! You shoulda set that up during your convo there…you know we wanted to get that interview via Skype on here with Rob…and now Sam too fo’ sho! But, I see you said you blacked out! LOL! Like I said to you before, if I didn’t have a brain black out, I would probably go all red braid girl on these guys! LOL!

          • Alright Ladies – going to the movies be back on later!

          • LOLOL I totally forgot about that girl!!!

          • See you later lynz07!

          • That is sooo crazy! But his reaction… his laugh… that is the way I like him most! Always great! Thanks for sharing..

  23. Hmm….everyone else is getting to see the video and I still haven’t 😦
    JAG you haven’t seen a request from me? rhonikam?

    • I just got the request and approved you. Got to your youtube acc you should see it now.

  24. oh! silly me I kept looking at my gmail account. I just checked my youtube inbox and it’s there. Sorry I’m a bit on the slow side today πŸ™‚

    Thanks JAG!

  25. @jag: Ok, apparently I’m very stupid, cuz I don’t know where the video is. I know you accepted my request, but I don’t know what to do next! lol

    • UH! I found it!! I’ll go see it

      • Awww he’s so cute!!!! and he looks so nice! I just loved when in 00.42 he laughs at something and he touches your arm with his finger! So friendly…And in 1.30, he just stays there talking to you as if being with him was the most normal thing in the world!!!

        I love him. And you’re SO beautiful, you look great, JAG!

        Question: Did he tell you the LTR thing in that video? cuz I didn’t catch it.

        • No, LTR was the second time I talked to him. I was so fangirl nervous the first time I totes forgot.

  26. @SpunkMe – I see why everyone missed you! You’re so funny!! Just busted out laughing hubby thinks I have completely lost it! πŸ™‚

    • @lynz07

      LOL! Thanks! I just love it here! It’s a true addiction! I haven’t gone back to check the last page yet, but I sent you a hello!

      And yes, we all try not to freak our families out from laughing on here! But it’s kind of impossible not to LOL all the time here!

      P.S. posted red braid girl vid above! lmao at that every time!

  27. Just saw it! Wow, so cool! I hope I get an opportunity to see him in concert. He’s seems really sweet and friendly.
    JAG, I always thought you were a brunette. I thinks it’s because of your avatar. You hair looks like it’s either black or dark brown.

    • I am stealth LTRer, that’s why the vid is private. I’m on the DL.

    • So funny – I just told her the same thing about her hair!

  28. @JAG – I’m lurking right now as I’m trying to get some things done before my kids come back from the zoo. Do you mind if I bug you with this youtube request thing tomorrow?

    • I’m here all the time, it’s part of my job LOL. just send the request when you can. ❀

      • Great! Kids go back to school ‘morrow so I’ll have more time. I still can’t get over the fact that you’re blond. I had this image I created in my head of you and you had dark hair πŸ™‚ Weird huh? I do that for many of you. Calliope is blonde BTW (in my head). So bizarre.

        • Really?

          I just picture her walking around all the time with a motorcycle helmet on her head cause her hair looks like that shape in the Avatar! I think she’s make a good bikerchick…Ninja bike of course!

          ooooo… that reminds me I have totes had a fantasy recently in my head and hope they do this in Eclipse movie…Rob riding on the Ducati motorcycle in a leather riding jacket..Holy Mother of Rob! I hope they add that in the movie! I think in the book, he only shows it to Bella.

          Rob riding Ducati = HAAAWWTTT!

          • JAG you are so pretty really! Avatar brown or YouTube blond! It’s all good!

            Carrie may have competition for fake lezzy lover status!



  29. JAG—that was so great! I Love that you got it on video. The small venue was so perfect for personal time with Sam. Lucky lucky girl! Thanks for making it available to us.

    He was really rockin’ in that one “Is Love Enough”.

  30. @JAG – just sent a request on youtube to be your friend. My username is usruschi (as in US, Russia and China – where my kids are from!)

    Can’t wait to see the video of Sam!! I’m heading to Nashville in a few days to see him there..but i hear it’s a bigger venue so I’m not sure if we’ll get to talk to him or not…I’m hoping so!

    • I told him I had friends going to see him in Nashville.

  31. Kristin, if you’re out there:

    Your man’s real name is Alejandro – I had no idea!

    • “His wife, KIM…”

      ….wait…WIFE???!!!! Damn!

      • yup there are pictures of them in which she’s pregnant too. no competition for kristin, obvi

  32. girls.. i was crazy.. posted twice today.. see most recent post πŸ™‚

  33. Dear Rob,

    Just to let you know, you’re f’ing gorgeous. But I’m staging an intervention, because you’re getting too skinny. Seriously. Is it stress-induced? Because I know of the perfect quiet little community in North Carolina where the paparazzi would never find you. Just so you know, the offer is out there.

    In the meantime, maybe eat something beside a Hot Pocket? I make a wicked good lasagna. From.Scratch.

    Just saying.


    As a side note, I just started reading Wide Awake yesterday and have literally spent my entire weekend on it. I’m up to Chapter 43. Is that the most recent one out there or am I missing something?

  34. Alright ladies – going to the movies with the DH – I’ll be back later!!!

    Ps Just started Wide Awake – super good!

  35. I’ve moved over to UCs new post for today. Anyone want to join me.

  36. ROTFLMAO! I think this is my new fave post, LMAO!

    btw, sorry I have been MIA this weekend, I have lots of comments to check up on.

    I’m loving the new photos from last night! YUM! He seemed to be in a really happy mood to and happy to oblige to fans.

    @JBell, did you see H2B and if so did you post a review? Point me in a direction so I can read it pweease!


    That photo….his mouth….oh his mouth….
    and his eyelashes, look at how far those suckers go out! To quote Bill & Ted “I’m in love dude”

  38. Moon/UC,

    For the past month or so, your blog, in it’s attempts to convince me of the ‘Rob Factor’ has waxed lyrical about every part of Rob’s anatomy…
    it’s been quite a voyeuristic experience.

    Are you meaning to imply, with your latest picture, that you suspect that Rob might need some *guidance*?

    Just when you almost had me convinced…

  39. hahahahaha. beautiful. and how convenient that the book behind that says “tucker man”

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