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Where in the world is the Edward action figure – OH MY Edition

Step one...

Step one...

Dear Rob –

Lil E told us he sent you this book. If that’s true, I hope you’re rested up cause I’m on my way over.

Happy Sunday to us all!!!!!!


  1. Good Morning. Do I get the first comment honor?

    Nice book choice Little Eddie. I hope you are a quick reader. Treat Moon right!

    • Does the black book behind LE really say Tucker Max??? That’s perfect for Rob.
      Dear Rob,
      Now that you have this book, I can rest assured that you know how to please a woman. Please! You cause spontaneous orgasms just by looking at women. Anywhosit, please don’t ever be the tucker again. We want to the the Robnana in all it’s glory!

  2. new reader, first time commenter.

    I love you guys. That is all.

    • well, new reader, first time commenter.. we’re SO glad you found us and So happy to have you and love you back, long time

  3. Second… Lol! Great Sunday to all.. Little Edward is a ladies man..

  4. That´s what I calling a “inspirational” gift.
    What a bomb!
    I love you girls, thanks for the all laughter and fun.
    Kisses and hugs!

  5. This is my fav picture ever of Lil Edward. He’s inspiration for all men everywhere EVER

    • this is the best pic we took while you were here.

  6. Production Halted on Twilight Sequel


    Allegations of plagerism halt production of popular movie sequel.

    Hollywood, CA (Associated Press) Production on the hit sequel to the popular vampire series Twilight have been halted among allegations of plagerism by young author, Stephenie Meyer.

    According to sources, Meyer has been accused of stealing the idea for her popular Twilight series of novels for young adults and teenagers from her college roommate, Heidi Stanton. Stanton, 36, of Salt Lake City, Utah, attended Brigham Young University during the early 1990’s and was for a time during their sophmore year roommates at a campus dormitory with the alleged author, Meyer.

    The Twilight novels have sold over 42 million copies worldwide, and have been translated into 37 languages across the globe. Meyer who claims the premise for her popular vampire series came to her in a dream in June of 2003. Just three short months later she had completed the entire novel with very little to no previous writing experience . . .

    • The Associated Press website has nothing on this. Someone’s making things up.

    • Well hell. Can I say I’m p**sed? and why did so-called roomate only came out now to accuse the Mayer only after the books sold a bazillion copies? jealous much?

  7. good morning loverlies!!!! great book choice lil Edward. Commit everything to memory, will yah? I’m going to ” test” your carnal knowledge bwahahaha!

  8. hello.

    i miss you all.

    • Hi spunkeeeeee!!!!! welcome back ! Missed you!

      • @Sherin

        Hi. I took a break. Did a lot of thinking…wasn’t going to come back…but I am weak…LTR and you girls are like my own personal brand of heroin…I have been in serious withdrawls..shakes, nausea and all…it’s bad…don’t try to quit LTR, it’s awful…I don’t recommend it…

        • Awww spunks we missed you long time!!! fake lesbo kisses to yah!!

          • You are so sweet…I seriously don’t/didn’t think anyone realized I left…but thanks for saying that…..smooches to you too Sherin!

        • Hey you! Big hug from me. Don’t be a stranger!

          I knew Pocket Edward was such a gentleman he’d be reading up to ensure his bedroom prowess was the tops. As if he even needed too though …

          • I really wish we could edit our postings … I never see my errors until they are up there on the page forever. eg typing too for to. Oh well, duh!

          • @EG

            Hi !!!

            *hugs back*

        • haha.. glad you got through it! i haven’t tried to quit it yet once:)

    • Your baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaack. Sorry I havent answered your last email yet. I’ve been in my Sam bubble and my e-buddy met Rob last nite. I’m so excited I can barely think.

      Dear SpunkMe,
      People have been googling Rob Pattinson Last Tango in Paris and have found my blog. Your conspiracy is spreading. You will have to put that conspiracy into words and guest post on my site.
      ❤ JAG

      • @JAG

        You wrote me a letter! I love you! I just e-mailed you that I posted here…I was so nervous. Thanks for coming to LTR right away. I haven’t been on to read posts, so it will take me a while to catch up…will probably scan through.

        So, that’s where you’ve been…at Sam’s? Somebody you know met Rob?! Please give me the deets…you know I want to know!

        And you want me to guest on your blog?! OMG, JAG! I am seriously blushing right now! Thanks! Anytime…just tell me when…where and what and I will be there for you!

        I’m going to your site for a moment to see for any new posts….hold on…
        WOW! Nice pic of Sam and his package! LOL! I can see why you would be in a Sambubble. He is really belting it out there! It said small venue…did you get to meet him?

        Dear JAG,

        Thank you for being my rock when I needed you to be. I love you. I’m glad to call you my friend.


    • YAY! Missed you SpunkMe!!!!

      • @Annie

        Hi, I missed you too while I was “away”. I thought of you a lot too b/c we had just become friends here. Look forward to getting to know you more…and are we still stuck under Bella’s desk? I think we were there. LOL!

    • WOO HOO! I’m SOOOO GLAD to see you back SpunkMe. I was worried. Feel bad — like as a fellow Robsten, I should’ve done more.. But I’m glad you’re back!

      • I meant “I feel bad” – that sounded like I was saying you should feel bad and I totes didn’t mean it that way! So glad you’re back. And btw, if you look back a few days ago, I started the “where’s SpunkMe?” thread a few nights ago! So don’t ever think no one missed you! We all did!

      • HI WTM!

        I really didn’t think you guys would have noticed I was gone! I can’t believe all of you logging on so excitedly to see me! Thank you! I missed you very much too! I will try to be more careful of the Robsten stuff…I think JAG and I are working on a set up for that until the forum is up and running stay tuned for that.

        There is no telling how much I missed while I was away. Anything earth shattering? Besides this JAG meeting Sam info…SQUEEE about that, btw.

        • forum will be up ANY DAY! yay!
          i am foregoing a nap to work on it.
          i must really love everyone SO much.. cuz i want a nap BADLY

          • @UC

            Oh I am so glad to hear that! Thanks for working so hard on that!
            ❤ you!

    • Welcome back!

  9. Of course I read this on my way out the door…TO CHURCH!!!!


    • of course you did.
      cuz all good men who give good orgasms go to church

      • amen and amen!

  10. UC and MOON I think tomorrow’s post should be an updated revised posting of the “fakers” on twitter.

    Would love your “Vanity-Fair-Style” breakdown of the latest conversations on Twitter with them.

    Realted to

    • is this recent? i didn’t see much from them last week- i miss them…

      what’s going on?

  11. Haha… read your legends of the Rob and Kristen photos on robsessed… Hilarious!
    Rob is seeing naked girls everywhere and Lil Edward send him the orgasms book…
    I really like to know what happened next…

  12. Dear PE,
    Never assume you know it all in the bedroom, a little research never hurt. Feel free to call me if you need to take that research beyond just theory.
    Oh yea, I am now in love with your best friend Sam but I’ll still bang you ❤ JAG

  13. Mornin’ Ladies & Lil E –

    Great book by the way!

  14. @Jbell – When you get here. I tweeted you too.


    UPDATE: As JBell from LettersToRob points out, this seems to contradict the photo evidence we have from The Cullen House shot. Maybe Robert Pattinson really is magic and can transport at will? Maybe the Boston Herald is full of lies?

    • our very own!! director of robstigation! she’s famous!

  15. “O” my, what an excellent book choice!

  16. “keep them coming”…now that is hilarious. and the Tucker Max? This was meant to be. FAVORITE picture of little E right now. LOL.

    Spunk – I’m glad your back! 🙂 Its hard to resist LTR! Enjoy catching up! JBell met some of the cast from How To Be at the screening, and well JAG met Sam! So exciting!!

    JAG – wait? your e friend met ROB? WHERE?! DEETS!!! Plus I WANT TO SEE YOUR VIDEO!!!!!! It better be up by the time I get back tonight 🙂

    Love to the rest of you! I have to get to the second day of Sydneys competition…should be home early evening, then back to what I really want to be doing…playing on LTR and Twitter 🙂 heehee 🙂

    • @Kristin

      Hi. I have just started reading posts on the side of typing here…part of my “therapy” was to see that you had written me back that night and I saw EyeC talking to Byrdie…that and just quickly viewing IfOnly and Smom’s video Friday AM when it posted is all I have seen on here so far…thanks for posting that out that night…I’m sorry I didn’t see it sooner…I was really just thinking in my head at the time..of hey, Kristin is right we haven’t been writing Rob enough letters lately…and if he reads posts here, he was probably wondering where all his letters are…so I quickly posted one out to him…it was in no way intended to you or anyone feel mocked. You were right…letters to Rob need more attention…I think I will write him another today. Thanks for the inspiration.

      I look forward to hearing about JBell’s HTB experience…and JAG MET Sam?! Oh I have to hear that for sure!!

  17. @UC and Moon

    I missed you and LTR more than you will ever know. I can’t quit LTR! It’s too hard. There are no Quit LTR Patches on the market to slap on my arm for a feel better fix…so I was screwed…went to therapy with JAG, MJ, Calli, and snmlamb…I highly recommend them as therapists if you ever need one.

    And as for today’s post, I’m glad to see PE is checkin’ out the good stuff at the book store, but I thought Rob wrote this book himself…hmmm they must have changed his name to give him a secret identity. LOL! I am 100% sure Rob can give the best “O” on the planet!

    • we’re like the jack to your ennis in brokeback mountain… you just cant quit us!

      glad we got ya hooked!

  18. The video posted last nite

    is from an e-friend of mine who has been in Vcvr the last few days. She frantically DMd me last night when she met him. She says she’s gonna give me the pics for my blog today, I’m waiting for her to wake up. Loooove her ❤

    • @JAG

      THAT was seriously exciting! He looked hot in his beanie! Can’t wait for more info from your friend on that!

      • watz up?! After reading that book lil’ E, we truly think that you have become even more of a man and make us loove you even more (if thats possible) any new news on rob yet guys? Hugs and kisses 🙂 kim

  19. YAY! SpunkMe is back! *Dali happy dance here* I missed you! IfOnly missed you too! *big hug*

    I’m just gonna pop in and out today. Have lots of RL stuff going on. Was just innocently surfing around (Robstalking) when I just happened to find this cute little interview snippet translated from Mexico’s SEVENTEEN mag. I don’t think I have to remind any of you how much more adorable he becomes when he is insecure.

    January 2009 issue translation:

    Seventeen: You have had steamy scenes with Kristen Stewart, do you get nervous?

    Robert: Of course I’m nervous. I especially feel nervous when I have to kiss at an odd angle or something like that. But I’m evading the question because I am a really bad kisser. But I don’t want to go into detail! I hadn’t kissed someone in a while before I did the movie so I forgot how to kiss.

    Seventeen: So you are single! What does someone have to do to get you to go out with them?

    Robert: If someone asks me out…then I will go out with her. Just about any one who would ask (laughs). But no one ever asks me out. And I don’t know how I would go about asking someone. I’m not good at dating. I’m a bit of a loner.

    Seventeen: Are you charming with the ladies like Edward?

    Robert: It depends on the girl. If she has low standards and is desperate, then yes I can be very charming with the girl. (Editors note: He was joking)

    Seventeen: So we shouldn’t expect to see you surrounded by women at a club?

    Robert: No! I don’t like going out to those kinds of places, I look stupid when I leave alone. The paparazzi is there waiting for you to leave to take pictures. I tell security “Hey these guys are trying to take my picture, let me get by!” It always happens to me.

    • @Smom

      Hi. I missed you too! I hope you and IfOnly got my e-mail Friday about your video. And that article you just posted was EXCELLENT!! Tell IfOnly to log on and come see me today. I missed her too!

      • @SpunkMe – I’m running off to text her you are back and to check our e-mail stat!

    • “But I’m evading the question because I am a really bad kisser. But I don’t want to go into detail! I hadn’t kissed someone in a while before I did the movie so I forgot how to kiss”

      Don’t worry Rob – I’ll teach you!!

  20. Also, uploaded my vid of Sams convo. It was the first convo I had with him & I didnt mention LTR until my second convo. If you want to see it, you have to go to my YouTube page & request to be my friend (sounds kinds pathetic heehee) then I can send you the link privately. It is not public & wont be.

    • Hey JAG, where on the page is the link to request friendship?? I’m not that familiar with Youtube. I see how to subscribe but I don’t think that’s what you mean, right?

    • You need to create a YouTube id. Then go to the page linked above under connect click on add as a friend.

      Then you need to let me know what your YouTube id is so I can send you the link.

  21. For all of us into ‘collar bone porn’.

    • Lickable….really.

      • I want to lick, then feed him up a bit (‘cos he’s too skinny lately) and lick all over again and then …………..

        Whoops, fell off chair again, it’s the force of the panties flying that does it.

        • LOL! Those panties flying away are sneaky little things! They knock me for a loop just about everytime.

          I noticed that about him too, EG, in the last set photos that he is so much thinner now than when he played Edward in Twilight…why is he doing this to himself…I read that in the radio thing with the girl he met…that he had ordered no carbs for dinner…steak and veggies only…I think we need to feed him a pizza!.

          But I’d take him anyway I could. He still looks hot!

          • It’s all a ploy of his … he wants us to take care of him.

            Me first me first. *jumps up and down excitedly*

  22. You can find all the screen caps here if you are interested:

  23. I wanted to post a fav video of Rob doing Impressions of other people…I’m sure we’ve all seen it before, but do we ever really get enough of him?? I didn’t think so…

    I love him!

    • @SpunkMe – No. Never, ever, EVER get enough of him!

    • Thanks SpunkMe – I totally needed that today!! OOO I love me some Robert!!

    • Oh SpM, haven’t seen this one yet but looove it. Thanks for posting 🙂
      And I’m also glad you came back…Been a bit quiet around here without you ❤

      • Hi junsikat! Oh glad it wasn’t a repeat for everyone, I just love that he is so crazy and funny!

        Thanks also for the welcome back! I see the posts were low while I was away…could it be that I post way too freakin much?! LOL! Just reading posts now, so maybe it was just slow Rob news while I was gone.

        ❤ to you, junsikat. 🙂

        • You’re right, you’re kind of an entertainer here…Animating us to write and answer 🙂

    • I’m not even bothering with underwear anymore. Husband won’t care either. He’ll think it’s for his benefit – no harm in letting him believe that.

    • Love when his voice gets really high and squeaky!

  24. OK. Am I the only one here today? Just sharing all the cute little Rob info I can find. This one from a fan who attended a HTB screening and was trying to ask an original question that Oliver hadn’t heard already:

    My question was “who was driving that sweet Camaro in the film?”

    Oliver answered. He said “Rob didn’t drive it. He kept saying he was going to get his license, but never did. Due to insurance, we had to use a stunt driver.”

    Oliver then went on to explain that for those shots where you would see the driver, he [the stunt driver] had to wear Rob’s wig and jacket so he would look like Art. During breaks of the filming of the driving sequences, Oliver said he would go up to Rob to give more direction, and be yelling “Rob, Rob”, and finally the guy would turn around and it was the stunt driver. He said it would crack him up every time he did it.

    Laughing, Oliver continued: During the driving sequences where Rob is actually at the wheel and you can see that the car is moving, the crew pushed the car and they were going at about 3 mph.

  25. Nice to see you again SpunkMe!

    And SQUEEEEEE!!!!! New chapters of Wide Awake are up…I just read the first one and am bawling my friggin eyes out…

    • @Sass

      Hi! Thanks…good to see you too!

      OMG! WA?! I am seriously excited to hear that…must open another window…how am I going to read all this at once and post?! Rob-Multi-tasking! It’s an art form that takes much practice! LOL!

  26. @ JAG

    The photos on the banner of your blog are totally gorgeous … I was melting just looking at them.

  27. @EG – Yes. I agree, he needs fed. I could help out with that in many ways! Did you see this little bit about him arriving at LA airport?

    A homolicious fan of Rob’s was über-excited when he spotted R in the airport, only to be let down. “I was so disappointed,” sighed our Pattinson eyes (and nose). “Rob’s hair was a mess, he was so skinny and he was chewing his fingernails.”

    • I did read that (although hateful hateful gossip site which posted it, yuk, I feel guilty for even reading).

      I thought that the on set photos published this last week or so make him look pretty skinny, especially the side profiles … and if he looks skinny in pics, he is going to be even skinner in real life. So like the good mum I am in RL, I worry a bit that he’s taking the whole eating healthily and maybe working out a bit too far.

      Dear Rob
      you are a strapping 6 foot something lad, and Holly from the radio station said you didn’t have any carbs on your plate at dinner … well you need them! (Yes we women are sad enough that we notice these things, but don’t be scared of us, we are just concerned as we know you don’t take care of yourself) You are working all the hours god sends, you spend your supposed “free” time in clubs being friendly to fans and signing books and never really relaxing by the sound of it, it is time to be selfish and put a bit back into Rob. And that includes a little bit more food please. We don’t want you to be a male size 0 equivalent. Leave that to Kellan’s g/f and the rest of the 90210 female cast.

      If you are feeling peckish right now we’ve got a good old english roast dinner cooking in the oven the moment, it should hit the table about 6.30pm UK time, though husband is cooking it so you never know (but hey I am not complaining as long as I don’t have to do it all). Husband is really good at doing crispy crackling. My roast potatoes are to die for though. Shall I put a plate in the oven for you?

      ps as husband will be here, you don’t have to do all the hot toyboy lover stuff today, I’ll let you off.
      x EG

    • Über-excited??? That’s half a German word *YAY*

      • Hey she even found out how to do the umlaut. I don’t know where they are on my keyboard!

        • Yeah, I’m really impressed!
          I thought your keybaords didn’t even have ü’s, ä’s and ö’s 😉

          • They don’t – you have to do control something to find them

  28. Hi SpunkMe! So glad you found your way back. I figured you just needed a little time. But are glad to have you back and welcome you with open arms!! *group hug* I never did get an email from you…??…. Did you get our video? We weren’t sure if you were lurking or not and wanted to make sure that you got to see Our Rob Dean video. I can’t stay because DH woke up and wants to spend time with me before he leaves (that should make me happy rigth?). XOXOXO

    JAG – loved your video on your site. I’m going to try to figure out later today how to ask you to be my friend on youtube. Not for sure how to do it as UC and I tried one night and just kept sending emails back and forth. Ha ha.

    • Hi IfOnly!

      Yes, it was a long road back! Thanks for the warm welcome home! I love group hugs! I sent you the e-mail Friday AM…Here is the e-mail I sent you…

      Dear IfOnly and Smom

      Just wanted to let you know I saw your video first thing when it posted this morning. I logged on just to see it b/c I knew it was coming out by today. I just wanted to let you know it was BRILLIANT! Fantastic! You two rock! You got the pictures to match so close, it is eerie! I surely hope if James Dean is getting a do-over via Rob, I hope he stays on this planet a lot longer than his original body did. Thanks for making that video. It’s BEAUTIFUL! Since I’m not on LTR anymore, I didn’t want you to think I didn’t see your video and love it, hence this e-mail. Take Care! ❤ you both so much!


      Much therapy with fellow LTr girls privately brought me around. I missed you and Smom and everybody. ❤

  29. Just in at Robsessed-

    • Wish I was that Heiny bottle! WISH IT SO BAD!!!!!!!!

      Hi Genevieve!

  30. @EG and SpunkMe – I think he gets to working out too much for the shirtless scenes and Summit forgets to get him a dietician as well. He’s just not taking in enough calories if he’s working out alot and losing too much weight – like he did just before Twilight. Catherine had to put him back on the cheeseburger diet because he was too skinny!

    • Somebody get that man a cheesburger STAT!

      Yes, agreed he needs to be monitored with a dietician …I don’t think he gets what he’s doing here…maybe he wants to look really thin, and gaunt…depressed looking for his time away from Bella like maybe when he is in Italy to commit suicide he will have not hunted in a long time out of depression??? He said he really wanted to go to a dark suicidal place for this one.

      • Hey Ladies,
        I think that Rob is probably concerned that they didn’t paste Kellan’s abs on him for the sparkling reveal from the Meadow scene (per the DVD commentary). Now he’s probably freaking out since he has to do a full chest reveal in Italy. However, at this rate, KStew is going to have more meat on her bones than him. Robbie – the movie has more budget now, don’t fret – they’ll airbrush a six pack right on. (umm and I have no experience doing airbrushing, but I volunteer!)

  31. @English Girl…if you are having some Yorkshire puds as well, I am inviting myself for dinner, lol.

    • I wish we were – they are my fave, and although you usually have them with roast beef, and we are having pork tonight, I am quite happy to eat them with anything. However as hubby is cooking tonight they are unfortunately off the menu as I don’t think he has ever made them from scratch, and although I did suggest he bought the frozen ones, he forgot (I am awful I made him do the shopping as well this weekend, but I have been v. busy this week).

      I do think it is pretty splendid that my husband is happy to cook roast dinners anyway so I am not complaining. I used to love cooking, but I really can’t be bothered anymore. Luckily as my DH lives in hotels all week and gets totally fed up with hotel and restaurant food he likes to cook at the weekend as he is a bit of a foodie (hence why he likes to shop for the ingredients too – he is really fussy about the produce used) …. so I am quite happy to let him. Win win I say.

  32. Hubby and I watched The Cake Eaters last night. Here’s my review in the form of a letter. In honor of SpunkMe’s return, it’s a Robsten related letter.

    Dear KStew,

    As far as I know there is no such thing as LetterstoKristen, so I hope you see Rob’s bookmark to LTR while you’re post-coital surfing his laptop as he takes a cleansing shower. We don’t write many letters to you round here.

    I watched your movie The Cake Eaters last night. First, let me say that I had no business watching a movie such as CE last night. I probably should’ve picked Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure at Blockbuster cuz, after waking up at the ass crack of dawn yesterday, I had very few brain cells left.

    But I have a feeling that even on a well-rested day, I wouldn’t have gotten your movie. And I’m a smart person. Top of my class and shiz. But I just didn’t get it. Where was the cake? I didn’t see anyone eating cake.

    Now maybe I didn’t like it because my hubby mocked you with what he called his “retardo-Bella” impression throughout the whole movie. Maybe that took away from my enjoyment. But I’ve become pretty good at tuning him out through the years so I don’t think that was it.

    I wanted to like it KStew, really I did. I even made popcorn and cuddled up on the couch with a throw and the dog. But I still hated it. Sorry.

    Here’s hoping Adventureland and New Moon show more promise for you.

    Holding out hope,

    • @WTM

      Man, you are a brave soul! A Robsten letter-HERE! It was great though! Thanks for the gift! I about died on the opening paragraph! LOL! I have not seen either of her new movies yet. I hope they are good..maybe you should give CE another try with some wine..get drunk first. LOL! And where’s the cake?! LOL! Too funny!

      Retardo-Bella! I’m sure that name might stick around here for some! Lmao!

      Glad to realize we are in the 2nd trimester towards the delivery of New Moon! My r/l friends and I realized back in Feb before filming was to start, that it was going to be 9 months until release date of New Moon–ugh! So, glad it is getting closer to delivery! Trying to enjoy the 2nd trimester-nice and lusty hormonal filled feeling good. Oh Rob! It’s sooooo good in the 2nd trimester! Get over here and feel the love! LOL!


      Thanks again for your creativity there! You are so funny!!!!!!!!

      ❤ You!

      • *waves* Hi SpM!:)

        • *waving back* Hi JBell!

          Look forward to getting to your HTB tale. I haven’t gotten that far yet. I’ll post you after I read it.

      • @SpunkMe – I’ve always been one to cross lines.

        Dare someone to name that quote!

        • @WTM

          No idea! I’m sure one of these smart LTR girls will get it though.

          Best guess:

          Sounds like Rob telling Hollywood or Summit to piss off! LOL!

    • @ WTM – I watched “Into the Wild” last night for the first time. Remembered Rob saying he saw that movie and it made him excited to read for the role of Edward cause of KStew’s performance in the movie. So yeah, for her 5 minutes of screen time, she stuttered, blinked a lot, acted shy and pretty much seemed like Bella with a higher voice. Now I realize that this was filmed long before Twilight, but seriously – do any of her characters act any differently from her in real life? I’m pulling for her to really come through in NM. **fingers crossed**

  33. IS THAT… wait… it can’t be… A NEW PIECE OF CLOTHING!?!?!

    Dear Rob,
    Already klepto-ing the set wardrobe I see? Well… you know what? Keep it up bb! It looks pretty hot on you, not gonna lie.

    • Is that a suit vest? Over a button up shirt? Oh Rob. I’m going to Old Navy in a few minutes — I’ll pick you up a few things while I’m there. They have their stuff a bag deal going on right now. I can fill the whole bag.

    • Yay! A new shirt to add to the jbell rob- catalogue!! and you betcha he got this from the set! LOL!


    • I know! I was actually shaking from excitement before I read it. Is that normal?

      @SpunkMe Shh! I think I hear Darkward coming (hehe) down the hall!

      PS I am going to be hit and run all week, hubby is home on Vaca and expects me to spend time with him & the kids. *rolling eyes*

      • @Annie

        Oh crap! It’s gonna be an all out brawl if Darkward is joining the fight against Beautiful Bastard Edward and Let Your Light Shine Edward! Hopefully, Domward stayed home!

        Oh r/l always getting in the way! I’ll look for you.

  35. After you send friend request, let me know what your YouTube ids are so I can send you the link.

    • meagain076…just sent one

    • Once I get it figured out, JAG, I’ll be right there. 🙂

    • Hey JAG – mine is real original … AMOURPSU

  36. Goodmorning LTR Ladies…How is everyone this fine morning. Yesterday, was the first day I commented after a break of….um I don’t know….3, 4 months??? Was it that long??

    It’s great to see alot the OGs are still here, JBell, soccermom, JAG, Gen, Sass, therealrobzilla, English Girl etc etc. What about Jena and Vogue, are they still here??

    Anyways, Moon and UC even though RL didn’t allow for my robsession I still faithfully read every post and think that you guys are so fabulous and unique! You so deserve the Dazzle Award! I doubt you remember but I nominated LTR adn LTT when the Dazzle Awards just started. No one knew what the hell it was:)

    Anywho, just wanted to drop in and say hi!

    • Jena is definitely still around during the week, not much on the weekends. Vogue we don’t know about, she kind of disappeared at the beginning of April… we’re really not sure what has happened. A few of us have sent emails to her, but still waiting on replies.
      Glad to have you back Rhonika! 😀

    • hiiii back!!!!! miss hearing from you

    • ❤ you and glad you’re back. ALSO good thing you kept up your reading… i was about to quiz you! 😉

  37. @JAG okay, I did as you said. My username is rhonikam.

    • will approve as soon as I see it & i think you will get email with vid link ❤

  38. New in HQ-

    • W.O.W!!!! Love him!

  39. Dear Rob,

    I have missed you, my love. You are the air in my lungs and I have been breathless without you. I know you are working so hard for us right now and trying to be the best Edward you can. You are much loved and appreciated. You have brought me such happiness in all that you are and all that you do. And I think you especially for the love of you leading me to my home away from home, LTR and all the wonderful friendships I have made here with these lovely ladies. You are a MAN to be loved and worshiped! I’ll be first to be kneeling at your feet.

    Love and Forever Yours,

    • *thAnk

      I hate not having a spell check button to push before posting

  40. Dear Lil E/Rob

    I have this book with highlights and post-it tabs. Let me know if you need me to explain anything.

    love me!

    • HA HA…VICKY…post it notes! LMAO–did you take notes in the side margins too!!

  41. For junsikat:

    A Sunday serenade:

    I was broken without you all, but it’s over now.

    • OMR, it took me quite a while to pick myself up of the floor…I love him playing this song…WTF, I love him doing whatever the hell 😉
      Everything’s fine now, SpM, you’re back and we’re whole again *lol*

      • @junsikat

        He is good at everything just like his character Edward…that part…he was was destined to play, I think.

        “Everything’s fine now, SpM, you’re back and we’re whole again”

        awww, that is such a nice thing to say! smooch 😉

  42. @lynz07

    hello, I don’t think I have met responded to a post I left up the page…just wanted to say hello to you. Glad you liked the Rob video!

  43. @SpunkMe- It is good to see you again!!

    More from last night-

    • Hi again Genevieve! I am so feeling the fix of LTR and you girls coursing through my veins! I feel HIGH! I hated trying to dry out from this place. It sucked!

      And that picture! I have missed those HUGE pictures that you post here…there are nothing like them anywhere else!

      And his face in that picture…I just want to shower it with a million kisses all over! He is so beautiful and I love to see him smile!

      • @SpunkMe- Me too (see him smile)! It’s a good thing fo’ sho!!! ❤

        • @Gen and SpunkMe – His skin always looks so smooth and beautiful and I don’t think they have tweezed his brows as much this time!

          • I agree! I think it’s funny that he has such clear skin all the time when he says he eats junk all the time. We ladies need to work out a home cookin’ schedule to feed him and take better care of him! I’ll start the spaghetti and meatballs..

            Oh his brows are beautiful…tweezed, waxed, unibrow…whateva! I’d be kissin’ those suckers too.

  44. Rob (last night)-

  45. Good morning ladies!

    @Gen: thanks for providing morning Rob hotness, I needed that!

    @Carrie: Drunken Booty Tweets last night, LOL! I should post the bad pickup lines on my blog for you. Had to really dig to remember those LMAO!

    • @Ceri- I do what I can! ❤

    • uh omg. love your avatar! hahaha one of my fav pics. and a little peek a boo there

  46. Hello ladies!!!
    How are you???

    • Hola Dany- good to see you!!!

    • Hey dany!


    • WTH, new chapy? Really, how did I miss that? BBL!

  48. I’m not sure if I linked this correctly or not, but here is the New Moon countdown clock if anyone wants it:

    If that doesn’t work, it’s here:

    • Well, obviously THAT didn’t work! I give up. I’m a technotard!

      • Me too, technotard! You are not alone!

        • Just randomly thinking to myself here but, 214 days seems like an ETERNITY right now! And NM isn’t even my favorite – will have to wait even longer for Eclipse! I can’t take the anticipation! *soccermom headed into meltdown mode*

          • Thank God (it IS Sunday) you girls are here to keep me (relatively) sane!

  49. Dear Lil E,

    Though the book is surely unneeded (at least it is in my dreams), thank for sending Rob such a thoughtful gift!

    Please accompany Rob to my place, with said gift, as I’m sure you can reach areas that even Rob can’t find!

    Love, me

  50. Doesn’t it look like they’re arguing about something? It looks like Rob is saying something that she doesn’t want to hear.

    • Hard to say. He could also be getting ready to bite her. lol

      • Oh, yes. I see Nikki now – once I got past the freckle porn on Rob’s neck and cheek! Where’s Calliope? We need TwiTheater for that pic!

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