Posted by: themoonisdown | April 12, 2009

Where in the world is the Edward Action Figure – Easter edition

Dear LTR gals (and husbands checking out the history of their wives browsers)-

Little Edward and I went home to Arizona to spend the Easter holiday with the Moon family and to shop too much and eat too much. My mini Edward even got to meet THE Pocket Edward and Lauren from Lauren’s Bite (more on this later). And what Easter weekend would be complete without dying eggs? So me and cousins Lilcrazycow and LondonCalling (a gentleman cousin) spent the afternoon getting art-sy with marble-ing and gold leafing eggs. Why yes we are artistic in all our endevors! Martha Stewart wishes she was from the Moon family and of course Lil E got in on the action…

don’t worry let me get that egg for you with my super human vampire strength…

well we all know about poor Lil E’s lack of strength so he was quite gracious and let LondonCalling help him out

TA-DA! Hey Arizona, how you likin’ da eggs girl? (yes, we’ve spent ALL weekend saying this line in every variation we can think of… and laughing hysterically. We rule!)

Happy Easter/Passover from us here at Letters to Rob and Letters to Twilight!

Where else has the Edward Action figure been?




    Haha Kristen: “How is it possible to look THAT hot?”

  2. Ha I’m just posting to myself at this point, but hopefully someone else will see these later – my new desktop, for sure:

  3. THUD

    I thought he looked so different in that scene, for some reason. Even more attractive, if that’s possible. Gah.

    • That’s one of my favorite scenes!!

    • True- probably because he looks happy and silly. Squee!

      I LOVE the scene after that when Robward introduces her to the fam too- such great facial expressions!

      • I love that scene, too! He looks so different at different times in the movie to me. He looked different when he and Bella were at the restaurant in Port Angeles to me, too. Something is different, but I couldn’t put my finger on it. I love when he hops down off that truck, announces he’s going to take her to his place and then fixes the dent in her truck. I also love his facial expressions after he introduces her to the family, too. Especially when he looks back and sort of rolls his eyes at them as he and Bella go to tour the rest of the house!!

  4. Limeslice I saw that girl’s blog. Did you read her letter to the girl who go the Cullen Crest tattoo?? I think she’d fit right in! lol

    • Yes!! That post was hilarious. I think she would belong here, haha. I also love that her husband quoted Twilight casually.

      I am so bored, scouring the internet for all things Rob/Twilight – I found this Edward/Bella video, I usually don’t really like these but I thought this one was well done!

      • Have you gotten into any fanfic? That usually keeps me pretty busy.

        • Ha I haven’t made that step. Yet? I’m resisting πŸ™‚

          • Resistance is futile….lol. It’ll get you eventually πŸ™‚

      • really liked that…thanks for sharing πŸ™‚

        • You’re welcome! I thought she did a really nice job with the beats/timing.

  5. Twilighted I listened to a few of their songs and that free download does sound a lot like The White Stripes. Don’t FKL me, but I think the only KOL song I’ve heard is Sex on Fire. I might have heard more and don’t realize they sing them. I’m really bad about that sometimes.

    • I really like their song Four Kicks

      • aghhhh LOVE KOL Cold Desert, Revelry, Taper Jean Girl..the list goes on and on lol

      • I’ve seen that video before! I’m telling you, I’m horrible…

    • Also Use Somebody

      and Closer

      But I will not even pretend that I listened to them before I heard Rob liked them. For some reason I had lumped them in with all those other 3-name bands that I’m not a fan of – like Fountains of Wayne… Jimmy Eat World… etc

      • I REALLY like Closer because I can imagine Rob singing it!

      • Well I have been listening to them for a couple years now..they have been BIG in England for a while now.. alot of their lyrics are English..they call cigs fags and little things like that. Whenever I would go over for a visit they were always on the radio there…they are excellent!

        • Yea they are right up my alley, wish I could say I had been listening to them before the Robsession, but I had to fess up πŸ™‚

          • lol I always think that is funny how people worry about liking a band longer or what not, not a competition and you are just as much a fan as anyone else πŸ™‚

        • gag me i liked them way before u!!

          • please you never even heard of them till recently..girl I was listening to KOL years ago hahahaha OWNED lol

  6. Awesomeness!!!!

  7. Speaking of music that makes me think of Twilight/New Moon, I really like the song Sleep by the Dandy Warhols

  8. I’ve also heard Closer, I think someone used it in one of their Rob videos. I totally know what you mean about imagining Rob singing it. *sigh*

  9. oh could you just imagine Rob singing this!!!!!!


    • Ha yea or Trouble or Be Here Now. Though he and Rob have very different voices – I absolutely love how Rob can sing something differently every time, and how the raw emotion comes through so clearly that it gives you the chills. Even though people say that James Franco, being a Jeff Buckley lookalike, would get the role in his biopic, I would be SO happy if Rob did. Can you imagine
      That would be amazing.

      • I enjoy listening to Rob as much as looking at him “sigh”

  10. these are some serious tunes ahhhhh

  11. I’m actually a dancer/choreographer and I was going to choreograph to Never Think before I realized it was so well known – plus I couldn’t come up with enough movement that would do it justice, ha. I might try again, after the mania dies down and it might be less recognizable – if that ever happens πŸ™‚

    • that has the potential to be a very powerful dance number … should do it.

      • Yea I really want to. I had some great ideas. If I do, you all will definitely get a video!

  12. Seriously when/how can we start the Rob-for-Jeff-Buckley-biopic petition? Imagine him singing this, as well as Hallelujah

    • OME he would be sooo PERFECT!

      • P.s. thanks for keeping me company on here haha
        Tomorrow can’t be Monday, can it? I refuse.

        • Oh Girl it is sooo Monday tomorrow and I have this freakin Grand Jury duty I have to report for..I am so not happy about it blah… I saw somewhere think it was Twicrack addict that Rpatz supposedly likes the Tokio Hotel.. I dunno though…

          • im hungry do you have food at ur house?? all i ate today was a can of yams.

          • I saw that too! Boo on jury duty 😦 maybe you can play up the Robsession and get out of it by being a crazy? Got any PattinPants handy? Also, add this to the Buckley songs that Rob should cover:

          • Canned Yams not much of an Easter dinner Lissa……hmmm VEGAN items …. I have all natural peanut butter, beans, rice…they are all vegan. No brown bread though.

          • hahah thats exactly what i have at my some apples

  13. New outtakes of Rob from something! Vman?

    • oh i love those!

  14. Gah! Jealous

  15. God I’m so tired. Everyone just left and now I need to finish laundry and dry my hair. Yep, I started laundry and showered while I had guests. (Left it up to them to clean up and do dishes while I did what I needed to do) Ha. I’m sooooo tired. Going to bed at 630a and having to get up at 930a is NOT recommended.

    Rob & I will be lurking tonight so be good. ;] He sends his love & I send mine. Hope everyone had a nice Easter/Passover/Sunday! Probably won’t talk to you all until tomorrow afternoon so until then, xo!

    • Hey JBell! You deserve some relaxing Rob time, check out the new pics and we’ll see you tomorrow πŸ™‚

  16. Gah! Jealous

    • is that real? i really like that actress!

      • who is she?

        • shes in 40 year old virgin

          • *from above* Are you vegan?

          • sometimes lol

      • It sure looks real, but there’s no clue as to where it’s from. I liked her a lot in Nick and Norah’s Infinite Playlist. Plus she gets love from me for also being pale+proud, like yours truly πŸ™‚ However I do want to take her place in this photograph.

        • the shadow of his hair falls across her face..its legit I would say..

          • Hah I’ve never heard a more poetic confirmation of photo authenticity…

          • good call. people are good at photoshop not one of them.

          • lol I just went back and reread what I wrote….I am a poet and don’t know it ..sorry lol

            Melissa use to dance Limeslice πŸ™‚

        • oh lord i danced many many moons ago..

    • Ok I think you should be Robs new music manager..I am just sayin!!! He should so sing that song…sigh

      • Haha SCORE. I would *manage* Rob in a heartbeat.

  17. @Melissa me too! Forgive me, I don’t find many others.

    • its basically impossible! people get really offended if you dont eat their when ur broke and hungry nonfat whey powder and sodium casieate seem to just slip off my radar haha so i am a vegetarian at all times, a vegan when i can be. ill be a good vegan one day haha.

      • Same! I get lazy with the casein in my soy cheese, etc. Especially when I’m lazy and vegan ingredients are so damn expensive. I was given Veganomicon for Christmas and it’s the best cookbook ever, but it really does call for a bunch of things that I will use a bit of and pay through the nose for 😦

        • crazy how foods that are healthy and good for you cost more than junk food. Heck you can buy a case of pop for less than a case of water..thats messed up..

          • Ugh yea don’t even get me started on that. It’s so sad 😦

  18. Oh also – not sure if this will work, but I made the audio of the “Lover, You Should Have Come Over” youtube vid into an mp3 lets you do that for any youtube vid, it’s awesome

    • oh snap…thanks I didn’t know πŸ™‚ I love my music!

  19. Well if I ever complete something good enough to do justice to Never Think, I will put it on youtube or something and we can have regional performances haha

    (and then obviously Rob would see it and something grand would come of that)

    • yes well I am really good at sitting in the front row and clapping really loud…so count me in!

      • This made me choke a bit on my soda, lmao!!

        I am also good at clapping, we can get a little synchro thang going on!


    brummielover they didnt even ride any rides while they were at kennywood!

    • shut up! man what a waste!

    • oh man Ryan be busted on our coasters…not cool! our coasters are sweeeet

      • cool and ancient. esp the freakin jack rabbit.

        • yessss! serious air time..double dip!!

          • ok thats me done…calling it a night. got to get psyched for tomorrow…I need to practice my crazy! shut up melissa! lol

          • yeah im getting off here to look for food before i pass out

          • Goodnight!

  21. @limeslice…thanks for posting those mega huge screencaps…THUD indeed! Especially wet Edward…naturally makes me think of Midnight Desire Edward, lol.

    • Hah aren’t they delicious? I seriously cannot stop looking at them. I want to dive into my screen! *ow* face.

    • Mmm. Midnight Desire Edward. I’m nearing the end of the story as is written. So into it. i had withdrawls from fanfic this weekend. I logged on to my Bro-in-Laws computer but just couldn’t bring myself to bring up LTR or fanfic stories. It just felt so wrong.

  22. Ummm….hey UnintendedChoice and themoonisdown wouldn’t it be a good idea to request and letterstotwilight to appear on Stephanie Meyers’ website here?

    ? Or at least send a request ?

    • That sounds like a great idea! I bet Stephenie would get a giggle or two out of the site!!

    • Ah that sort of scares me, but I guess I just like the illusion that Rob nor anyone affiliated with Twilight won’t actually read what I’m saying about him, hah! Also I like LTR’s distinction from the rest of Twilight-mania (i.e. PattinPants). But you guys (UC and Moon) might have other thoughts, if it would be beneficial to you!

  23. Hi Ladies!

    So I’m gone for 3 days and you go and have a girls night out without me? I haven’t caught up but it sounds like there was some drunkeness? What’d I miss? Who’s Simba?

    • There was a lot of drunkeness. Simba is Bobby Long. Several of us are having a huge Wedding Fiesta w/ Rob and his friends. JBell gets HHH, but she says she’ll eventually share.

      Rob & JBell
      Simba & Carrie
      Marcus & ErPattz
      TomStu & Me
      Sam & EyeC
      JoFly is still up for grabs πŸ™‚

      • Well, I can’t have JoFly gettin’ his feelings hurt. “I’ll take him…He’ll do.” If Jbell is going to eventually share, why not?

        Dear Johnny Flynn,
        I was wondering if you would like to get married? Rob and all your other buddies are taken so let’s make it 6 for 6. Even though you look a little young and too sweet for my jaded and *coughexperiencedcough* self I’m sure there is a tiger hiding inside. RAWR!
        the real robzilla AKA Johnny Jumperroo

        • LOL. I’m sure he’ll be glad to have a home πŸ™‚ Plus, I bet he’ll be glad to have his inner tiger unleashed.

          How are ya?

  24. Alright, no one is answering and I’m freaking exhausted so I’ll have to get my answers tomorrow. Was up late with my twivirgin sister last night watching the holy movie. Then the kids woke up at the ass crack of dawn to do the easter bunny thing.

    Going to bed. Will catch up tomorrow.

    I can count on you Limeslice to be around tomorrow right?

    • Yes!! Sorry, I’m here!

    • I posted some glorious screencaps plus newly released outtakes above – check them out for dream material πŸ™‚ Goodnight and I’ll see you tomorrow for sure!

  25. Happy Easter/Passover/Spring…
    Just popping in to wish everyone well & I’ll see you on the flipside.

    • To you too! For a quickie, check out the new header – it’s killin me

      • They always have awesome headers! I’m jealous.

        • It looks like… Greek gods… staring at me… it’s overwhelming attractive and intimidating at the same time!

          • It’s a wonderful feeling, isn’t it?

  26. I just realized why Rob’s LA dance looks familiar. I’ve been trying to pen it down for a while. It’s a cross between Grover on Sesame Street (Near *shuffle up, far *shuffle back*) and Axl Rose singing sweet child o mine.

    What’s up limey and Frenchie? Holla!

    • Heyo! Obviously Rob approached Dali from a Grover/Axl perspective. Damn that man is deep!

      • Said in my best Tommy Chong voice…That’s Deep man

    • It was nice of you to give JoFly a home. Not much going on. It’s really slow tonight.

      LMAO about the Grover/Axl dance.

  27. Have we seen this??? GAH!!

    • Yea! All those outtakes make me smile πŸ™‚

      • Actually, they really make me want to hug him. Yes, do terribly dirty things also. But first I just want to give him a huge hug. Is that so wrong?

        • Not wrong at all. I always start out my little fantasies with a hug.

          Me: Oh Rob. You look like you need a hug.
          Rob: Well, um, sure. Thanks
          Me: I just want you to know that I’m a person just like you and sometimes we all need a little snuggle hug.
          Rob: Yeah, I agree. Are you smelling me?!
          Me: *blushes* yeah. I need to report back to the LTR ladies exactly what you smell like. I swear, I’m not psycho.
          Rob: Aaaaalright. Do I smell good?
          Me: OH GOD YES!! YES!!!
          Rob: Ok, now you are starting to hump my leg. I draw then line at dry humping.
          Me: *Blushing and giggling* Was it as good for you as it was for me? Wait! Where are you going? I LOVE YOU!!!!

          • Hahaha!

          • I just choked on my food!

            “Yeah, I agree. Are you smelling me?” and “Ok, now you are starting to hump my leg. I draw then line at dry humping.
            Me: *Blushing and giggling* Was it as good for you as it was for me? Wait! Where are you going? I LOVE YOU!!!!”

      • Well shit, I saw some outtakes, but not this one! *squirming*

        • We need Calli to do a Twi theatre on this pic. He looks kinda pissed, but I wonder who was holding the cig and what were they saying.

          Ima squirming right along with you Sassy britches. πŸ™‚

          • That look screams “I’m gonna pounce you right now, bitch” to me. THUD.

          • Mmm,pissed off Rob…reminds me of Domward…and some of the things he says to Bella…

  28. Ha someone made a chippendales of the whole ‘brit pack’ gang:

    • LOL, we watched that last night. We got the feeling we were being watched….it was weird.

      • Yea those are soooo creepy yet it’s like a train wreck, I can’t look away. Damn RobQ picture.

  29. Hello, LTR Ladies!

    Limeslice: I just went over your posts, and those big screen caps are great! Thanks!

    • Hola Dany! How are you?

      • Bien, FN! Un poco deprimida porque se acaba el fin de semana, pero estoy bien. Gracias por preguntar!

        Just in case you didn’t get it, the translation: A little depressed cuz the weekend’s over, but I’m fine. Thanks for asking!

        –Free spanish lessons, from Dany. Just another service that LTR provides for you! (Hey, we didn’t win the dazzle award for nothing!)

        • Thanks, I got most of it. “deprimida” gave me some trouble. I guess I’m not as bad off as I thought. lol

    • Hey, you’re welcome! If you go to you can find ones of your favorite moments, they’re all really great.

      • Wow!! Too many!! thanks!

  30. Oooo it looks like he’s going to rough me up and I’m going to like it

    • Now THAT is a Domward look!

    • THUD!

  31. Hello!!!

    • Hey Carrie! I’m a little hurt that you were giving away my TomStu to Sherin, but we decided that once JBell decides to share Rob, I’ll share TomStu. How was your Easter?

      • My bad!!! U seemed a little uncertain. Sherin was totally into him. I just wanted TomStu to have a good home where he was wanted and loved.
        I’m guess I glad no one is trying to steal Simba from me. Our love is so strong nothing can come between it. πŸ˜‰
        I love how WastingTheMorning came in and was like “Who’s Simba?”
        I LOL’d.

        • Yeah, I had to explain. BTW I’ve decided to refer to our group wedding as the “Wedding Fiesta”

  32. More outtakes! From EW

    • holy crap. second one from the bottom. AMAZING.

    • Those don’t suck. Am I the only one who wants to get all tangled in the suspenders. And to think I was going to study.

      • I’m supposed to be writing a thesis. But now my mind is all tangled in those suspenders and it is GOOD.

        • Good indeed.

  33. Oh wow, oh wow. Even more here:

  34.*.god…I loved this casual/smoking picture

  35. Did u see this one?? Is SadRob!!!!!!! *heart breaks*

  36. I know. Talk about the effin jackpot. Also, suspender pants make an appearance!

  37. Hi Carrie! Hi Dany!

    @Dany – that pic looks like he got smoke in his eye and he’s squinting through it. Me likey this one too.

    • *drolls* I have to say I find it very sexy when men smoke. Not all of them, but I don’t know, it works for me lol

  38. I’m just going crazy with pictures tonight:

    get ready for the swoon…

  39. I’m just going crazy with the pictures tonight:

    • And I thank you for that Limeslice. Should we call you “Picture whore in training?” You would obviously have Gen be your mentor.

      • LOL.

  40. And, get ready for the swoon….

  41. I’ll try this one again:

  42. I love his smile in this one:

  43. This one keeps getting spammed, probably too much swoon:

  44. I freakin’ LOVE that beanie!

  45. @robzilla I’d be honored!!
    @FN I know, so devilish πŸ™‚

    I kept trying to post this pic alone but I don’t think the server could handle the swoon – click it for full size

    • That’s what he looks like right after he’s said “I love you” and is waiting to hear it back *teeehheeeeee* oh no, all these pictures have made me delirious!

    • Oh God…this is so not good for my mental (in)sanity!

      • I don’t think this is good for my physical health, either – I’m fairly sure I’m near cardiac arrest at this point. I was about to go to sleep but I am now SO AWAKE. Personal brand of heroin, indeed.

    • I LOVE YOU TOO ROB!! lol

  46. Hi Carrie! Sorry i didn’t answer earlier, I was on the floor after seeing these outtakes, especially these two:

    • I pray to God that I can one day find a man that looks half that good in a plain ol’ black beanie.

      • I wish you luck in your search, you may have to settle for a quarter of that good.

      • My husband wears one like that in the winter. Why does it not come off as sexy when he wears it? Maybe because he calls it his TOEboggin. Not a toboggan cap, but a TOEboggin. Dork

        Love you Mr. Zilla, mean it!

        • Hey EP! Thanks for the luck. I’m sure I’ll need it. I thought about having to settle w/ a quarter, but that’s still pretty damn sexy!

          TOEboggin lol

          • True. Hi, FN!

    • No Worries!! I realized I pooped in the middle of a Rob picturegasm.
      JAG is gonna lose her shit when she sees the suspender pics. She loves the suspenders.

      Hi back at u Robzilla.

      • Hey Carebear. You POOPED? WTH?

        • I am pooped. But didn’t pooped. LOL!! I shouldn’t really post when I have been drinking and am tired.

  47. oh man..those pics..holy heck.


    • Shamalamadingdong! I don’t think I’ve ever “spoken” with you. Yeah! I’m so excited now. You and Rob?! GAH!

      • BTW, I meant the shamalama thing about your Jeff avatar. Not that I think you are a shamalamadingdong. ;-0

  48. How can ONE man do THIS to ALL of us!!! I can’t see you, but let’s be honest, we’re all hyperventilating, our heartbeats have dramatically increased and we’re wondering why on earth we’re in our houses while HE is somewhere else!

    I swear Pattinson, you’ll be the death of me!!!!

    • Sign that I’ve been reading too much fanfic:

      That hearbeat comment made me think of The Dom and how he liked to make Bella’s heart speed up…and I got too caught up in that thought to read the rest of the comment.

      • LOL, at least you remembered how to write a comment, that’s a step!!

        Some of us are still remembering how to breath lol

  49. Happy Easter Peeps!

    RE: Today’s post
    LOVE to see Rob didn’t have to give up all the holiday traditions just because he was on location this Easter!

    how is it that i’ve NEVER seen these outtakes… I thought i was stuffed after the Easter feast we just had but i seriously could EAT HIM UP.

    don’t think i wouldn’t see that little sneak suggestion… hehe… but i couldn’t agree more. I’m too exhausted tonight but perhaps a matinee show tomorrow?

  50. oh… and do we know this? or am i the only one who doesn’t know this?

    • I know, and I like. But I can’t concentrate enough at the moment to say anything more, haha.

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