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UC and Moon’s excellent adventure – Los Angeles

Dear Rob,

We feel like you need a lil’ background on us since we’ve been so intimate lately. We met in college during the fall of 2002 when we were at an off-campus program with 30 students. We were not friends. It’s a long story but basically UC was a bitch and Moon seemed like a rock star (moon note: and was a bitch too). And we forgot to introduce ourselves on the first day and so just decided it’d be easier to ignore each other all semester. Flash forward to 2004- UC has the worst job on planet earth & Moon is bored at home. We talk online, a lot.. and our friendship begins. We see each other for a day and 1/2 in 2008, so our visit together for five days a few weeks back was a big deal- our first extended time together in 6 and 1/2 years and our first time as friends! We were super excited to see each other, to say the least!

There’s so much to recap- we did so much! We ate so much food- we drank a lot of champagne! We watched a lot of Twilight and stayed up late every night writing kickin’ blog posts! We can’t possible tell you all we did (but come over tonight and we promise we’ll try…) So, we thought we’d recap our trip for you and the LTR girls in little snippets!

Hugs & LA-love,
UnintendedChoice & theMoonisDown

Our breakdown of this momentous trip…


  • Moon live Tweets picking up UC and Hubs at the airport. Sample “Driving like edward in la. being as safe as possible while planning slumber party with ashley in head
  • then we zoom over to the Hot Topic DVD release party to meet up with our BFF, Ashley Greene. Live Tweet: “we are at the gates of hell! twihards screaming and tv cameras filming. no ash sighting” Instead we are tres embarrassed by the other fans who showed up… see this video:

*girl screams bloody murder* (at least like eleventy billion times that night. seriously)
UC: god
Moon: Wow, unnecessary!
UC: I’m videoing
Moon: 1st hand embarrassing!
UC: Oh, I’m gonna fall. Ok I’m gonna stop it… helloooo… how do I stop it…
*cuts camera*

See people this is what it’s like out with your ol pals UC and Moon… a laugh a minute. This is why we chose the WRITTEN word!

More Moon and UC shenanigans after the cut!


  • We pick up the LTT poet in residence and zoom over to Santa Monica to embarrass him and UC’s hub by taking pictures of Lil E on the pier.
Step right up... carnie Eddie at your service

Step right up... carnie Eddie at your service

brothers don't shake, brothers gotta hug!

brothers don't shake, brothers gotta hug!

  • Much to our surprise the guys agree to watch the Twilight DVD with us Sat. evening- with one stipulation: they had to be drunk. We robbed ran over to the liquor store, Moon bought a pair of knock-off Ray-bans (aw!) and then we headed home, arms full of “Saturday night delights.” Watching the movie together was awesome. Except for the times when the boys made us laugh because the bff looks like James and when they kept asking if we had “Rob-boners” at the intimate parts when, in fact, we did have Rob-boners.


  • First time In-n-out experience for the east coasters. We went late at night and sat alone in the dark in our car at a gas station next to someone gettin’ a beej.
  • A life’s dream is realized when Moon takes UC to the mothership, otherwise known at SPRINKLES!! What is Sprinkles you ask? Oh, only the best Cupcake-ery ever. That’s all. PS even little Edward was impressed
Oh nom nom nom nom!

Oh nom nom nom nom!

  • Bev Hills – We reenacted the moment when Rob was first seen before the Oscars on Rodeo Drive outside of Omega with Lil Edward it was almost exactly like being there… minus a mini manager Nick Frenkel


  • Then cause we’d rather spend 75$ on shoes or say Cupcakes than a hoodie and another opportunity to hang out with screaming 14 yr olds/Kellan/Ashley/Rachelle we run over to Kitson and steal a shot with the HUGE Edward/Rob head in the window because no one can resist getting their pic taken in front of a huge Edward (that’s what she said), even when it’s on Robertson and could potentially be caught on paparazzi film- it’s cool. no one got embarrassed
my what a big... head... you have (thats what she said!)

my what a big... head... you have (thats what she said!)


  • And because we’re either lunatics or will do ANYTHING for these blogs and you gals we headed to Griffith Park, found what we thought to be Edwards Meadow, aka wasn’t too far from the parking lot, and within plain view of the playground and golf course, we made you this OSCAR quality video for you. Please note the beautiful musical stylings of Ms UC. Be scared Carter Burwell, be VERY scared.

And so the Little Edward fell in love with the Little Edward. What a stupid Edward… what a sick masochistic Edward…. They lay in the meadow. We sing a song. We get embarrassed.”

  • Later that evening… Moon was fixing her hair and I was reading her LTR comments. The following is our conversation:
    UC: OMG! Some girl commented and said she met Rob
    Moon: No way, lucky biatch
    UC: Oh and these sites have GOT to stop with these lame rumors about Rob’s hair
    Moon: What rumors? The ones about him not washing his hair? (Turns to stare at UC)
    UC: OMG- this girl says Rob STARED AT HER CHEST- Le sigh… lucky, big-breasted girl.
    Moon: (still staring) What’s the big deal about that? (frowns)
    UC: Um, why are you mad?
    Moon: That’s not a big deal! THAT’S NORMAL!!!
    UC: Um…it is?
    Moon: Yes, I don’t wash my hair every day!
    UC: (laughing hysterically and almost falling off bed) I was talking about Rob (gasp) staring at some (gasp) girl’s chest! and you said THAT’S NORMAL
    In Unison: That’s Normal! (dying of laughter and for the rest of our trip, constantly saying That’s Normal to the most absurb, abnormal things)

Tuesday –

  • At one point I looked around Moon’s bedroom and said, “wow, there’s a lot of Twilight stuff in here.” So when Moon was taking a shower, I decorated the bed with all the Twi/Rob stuff I could find. Then when Moon walked back in the room she about died laughing rolling on the floor because she saw this…

We have a little bit of Twilight related stuffThen we had a photoshoot. Should we be embarrassed about this? Nope, that’s normal!

  • Because we hadn’t had enough Twilight and KNEW we’d be on the hook for a commentary about the commentary we turned that on and proceeded to laugh our faces off while taking NOTES in our special Twilight/LTT/LTR idea notebooks. True story, they exist. Oh and we swear we will be ‘breaking down’ the commentary vanity fair style soon! PS hAHmburgAHs!


  • UC leaves me for the greener pastures of San Diego and more In N Out with our very own Vicky B and Mrs P. And I cry into my Edward pillow. Then I make out with it.

familyportraitWe’ll always have ‘Edward’s Meadow’

The End.


  1. LMAO @ the bedroom photoshoot! I effing love it! I love it so much!

    I LOVE SPRINKLES!!!!!!!!!!!

    You found OME!!! 🙂

    Extremely jealous that you got to have your picture taken by the big Rob head at Kitson….that is just not fair, sniff. Did you run in the store and demand to own it after they take it down? And did you do it at gunpoint? LOL!

    You gals are sooooo pretty!

  2. Good morning! That Rob head is HUGE. I would definitely take more risque pictures with it if it weren’t in such a public spot haha. Sounds like such a fun adventure, I love mini Edward looking at the boobs/cupcakes.

    p.s. Thank you a million times over for the brilliant work distraction

  3. p.p.s. – PLEASE do a breakdown of the commentary – there are so many Robisms to love and so many creepy Hardwicke moments to shudder at. Also, they totally cut out a lot of their conversations when you KNOW they said dirtier/juicier stuff. I’d love to get your take on what those parts might have been!

  4. “First time In-n-out experience for the east coasters. We went late at night and sat alone in the dark in our car at a gas station next to someone gettin’ a beej.”

    I am so proud! LMAO!

    • I also can’t wait to watch your vids, because I can’t see them at work.

  5. Also – the Dossier pics have surfaced, the untagged and bigger ones:

    watch out if you’re at work like I am though hehe the RobPackage could set off the fire alarm

    • Holy Robcrotch!!!! Whew! I need a fan!

  6. Also, since I’ve been scouring the interwebs for anything Rob, it seems like ET (ent. tonight) was on the New Moon set interviewing Rob and others – hopefully we will see that soon, even though I’m not an ET fan. It will just be nice to have a recent interview!


    • ET woman’s twitter with stuff about rob:
      As much as I love Rob, it will be so frustrating if they disregard the New Moon story and pain by putting him in every few minutes. If they keep to the book it will make his shirtless reappearance even more spectacular. Come on, Weitz.

      • It’s not that bad, I think.
        I guess this is what will happen on the movie: when Bella listen Edward’s voice inside her head b/c she’s doing something stupid, well, in the scenes on NM we’ll ‘see’ Edward talking to her, we’ll get a visual effect for that, not only listen to his voice. A movie thing I guess… more dramatic: some visual stuff than only a “voice” in the dark… LOL
        It’s fine for me. I can deal with it.

  7. You lost me at the giant RobHead. How did you stop yourselves from pressing your bods against the window and licking the glass *thud*

    Oh I loved the meadow music. This made my day!

    • LOL-pressing your bods against the window and licking the glass!
      JAG you kill me!

    • we shoulda done that.. but my husband would’ve killed me

      • I got on my knees and kissed Keanu’s star
        on the Hollywood Walk of Fame right infront of
        the Kodak Theater infront of pedestrians and everything, LOL!
        I so would have licked Rob’s face! LOL!

  8. Love that bedroom photo shoot! I’m gonna have to come back later to read the rest gotta be at spin class in 15!

  9. UC/Moon: soooo envious!!! you had such a blast…I wish I could fly to LA and see Rob’s head…goodness, I’d rip it off the shop window…


  10. i am so embarrassed that that video is posted. SO embarrassed. i think i know what it’s like to be an actor and not watch the movies you’re in- it’s JUST like that.. it was painful to watch.

    moon- i miss you
    i also miss sprinkles and in-n-out

    also.. why are you so brilliant?
    “brothers don’t shake, brothers gotta hug!”

  11. Good Morning girls-

    • @Gen: lady, I missed you so much. I’ve almost become GenSick. I missed the feeling of drooling and being killed by the pics you post. And then being totally unable to work for the rest of the day. *swoons*

      • @Monica- Hello Bella Ragazza (good to see you)! The ‘cure’ is here to appease your illness. Hope this helps- take 4 spoonfuls a day and don’t skip one! LOL
        *blows a kiss*

        • @ Ciao Tesoro! Can I take the spoonful lit’rally???? AHAHAH
          Thing is…it’s addictive, and once you taste it, you cant go back.

          Please never send me to RobHab…I wanna stay Robsessed forever!!

    • ok i have a bit of a problem with the mesh tank top.


    • DAMN

      • Double Damn! LOL

    • Bom dia, Genevieve (Good morning)
      I love the way you make my day better with Rob stuff! I like this! hehe
      Thank you!

      • Bom Dia Giseli- Glad I could help! LOL ❤

    • That is one big rob on my screen…ahh just the way I like him.

      • April 7 declares another Rob Pattinson Panty Poofing Day!
        RIP parrished panties!

        • LOL Jena! Amen.

  13. This was one of the best posts eva! Both of you are so effing funny, it’s awesome. “Rob-boner,” LOL! I love the singing in the meadow scene, too. There is no shame here, only love! 🙂

  14. Noooooooooooooooooooooooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I just noticed The Laptop with THE RobCrotch WallPaper…….Unbelievable!!!

    • there are two laptops there… mine still has the GQ pics.. but yes, that is moons infamous robcrotch wallpaper- just moments after it happened!

      • Shoot! I’ve just spotted your MacBook… it’s like a game of “spot the difference”….ahahah

      • Can we get a link to that Robcrotch action??




    Hope security is tight.

  16. That’s a quite a stash of Twilight stuff! hehehe
    I’m proud!

  17. OH MY! The video and “Bella’s Lullaby” is EXCELLENT.

    Boooo though, I now REALLY miss IN-n-Out. Hope you got it “Animal Style”!

    • haha.. i’m not an onion fan, but moon is! so she went animal style:)

  18. I just took a survey that they posted over at It was kinda painful to rehash all the stuff I’ve done in the name of the Twilight series (forget to make dinner..check, forget where the kids are…check, ignore laundry…check. visit Twilight related websites…check, check, check and check! (I even gave LTR and LTT a plug on which sites we visit) )
    If you are interested in reading about the survey (it’s being done by some professors at a college) you can go here: .

    It takes a while, but I had a blast writing about my love of all things Twilight Saga…and ROB…OF COURSE i talked about Rob!

    • aw! thanks for the plug 🙂

      • I just took the survey, it was really interesting. Got to express a lot.
        Thanks for the post!

    • I did that survey too, and I was a little first-hand embarassed doing it too!! but I was extremely honest…no really…I was!!

      • I took the survey too, and even tried to get my daughter to do it. It’s ok for her to be obsessed, she’s 13. There’s no shame in her obsession. She is totes second hand embarassed whenever I talk about Twilight b/c I know way more than she does and just about everyone we know. It’s quite sad.

  19. I adore, ADORE the UC/Moon rendition of Bella’s lullaby in the meadow. What range! The timbre of your voice is incredible!!!

    Excellent job!

    • @TRR: I sent you an email earlier this afternoon (CET) re the Facebook group, I hope you got it! *waves* Thanks for setting this up!
      When I’m in I’ll post the pics of the RobLumber Party!!!

      • check your mail. i sent a reply with a q. Can’t wait to see your pics!!!!

  20. Oh, please don’t be embarrassed by the video, it is awesome. It makes me heart you guys that much more, and kind of jealous, I wish I had a partner in crime to go do embarrassing Twilight-related stuff with…..

    The boobie cupcake pic is fantastic.

  21. Good morning everyone! It’s not really morning anymore but I’m still sitting here sans coffee with a towel wrapped around my head so it’s morning to me.

    Rob-boner — that is totally something my hubby would say to me!

  22. I’m impressed with how you guys juggle your Roblove with your guys – I haven’t really come out of the Rob closet to my bf yet. Don’t think he’d take it so well, heh. I’m sure he knows. Just not the full extent! Not nearly. Sigh.

    • Then again, I am 21 and we’re not even close to married!

      • We’ve been married for 11 years so he’s game with whatever keeps the romance alive 🙂 Porn, RobPorn, fanfiction, it’s all good. However, he has NO CLUE about my cyberstalking.

        Watching Rob in movie 12 million times = okay
        Rob cyberstalking = divorce (in my hubby’s opinion)

        • Ha! Funny. Yea, it’s sort of hard to take any college guys seriously with Rob in comparison. Maybe I have yet to find my personal Robward/maybe I’ll drop my psych major and try to become an actress, totally not creepstyle. 😉

  23. Awesome Letter!!
    I think I pissed myself at this video-
    It was EPIC!!!!
    You ladies are truly dedicated to the cause. 🙂

    • Hey!! My Gravatar is gone. WTF!!!

      • I don’t even know who you are without your beer!

        • I know!! I feel so lost. UGH!!!!

          • Welcome to the world of the sproingy amoeba creature gravatar.

  24. @Carrie- LOL It is gone- come back!!!!

    • OH man haha that picture, full size, on my ridiculously huge work monitor stopped my heart.

    • That’s so nice freckle porn. soccermom is going to be drooling fo sho when she that. 🙂

      • GAH thecrotch. I liked your last gravatar but nothing can compare to ^

        • Sweet!!! I can’t see it yet. Still seeing purple booger.

          • I still see purple too. I miss the CareBear with beer!

          • I love the look of concentration on his face
            in the zipping up jacket photo.
            And a friend of mine and I were discussing how
            we love the fact that he’s got the factor and doesn’t
            even know he has the factor. Nothing sexier than a
            sexy man who doesn’t even know it! RAWR!

  25. OMG That meadow video is priceless!

  26. Genevieve’s picture makes me wonder if he cleans his ears. Not sure where that random though came from.

    • If he doesn’t- I will volunteer myself for this most mundane task! ps show him how the microwave works amongst other things!!!LOL (life lessons)

      • I’m sure my tongue would clean them out well.

  27. @Jena – When I saw that picture with the 50’s jacket I thought that never has zipping up a jacket been so sexy.

    • OMG…Those were my exact thoughts…He looks so hot trying to concentrate…it’s almost sickening, I mean he’s just zipping his jacket, and I got all hot and bothered!!

  28. Robzilla!!!!! So Sorry I just noticed you were here. I was all dazzled by the new letter and new pics of HHH.
    This pic is going to be the death of me-

    I miss u my LTR besties!!!!!!

    Did u see LA is going to be playing Atl??

    I am on such a Rob-high today.

    SQUEE!!!!! I feel so fangirly today!!!

    • @Carrie – Do we have a date on June 5th?

      • Of course!!!

  29. @Carrie or should we call you RobCrotch? I almost spit my coffee out when I saw your new gravi. LOL!

    @Jena: You hit the nail on the head there, Rob is sexier for not knowing he is sexy. I’ll take any random picture/pose of Rob over manscaped and mirror practicing Zacquisha any day!

    • @Ceri it’s wonderful is it!!!! I am so in love with the RobCrotch.

      • Carrie, stop licking your screen!

  30. Sweet I can finally see the it.

    • Weird — I still see purple sproingy thing..

      • Try clearing ur web browser. That’s what I had to do.

  31. I loved the recap of the visit, you two are sers’ly funny!

    Spunkme – wherever you are, I read The Office last night…and I’m really mad because my husband is out of town til saturday and I had finished the Sub/Dom and decided not to read anything I shouldn’t until he was back, and then here I am last night dying with 3 days left until I get to see him.

    Damn FF porn.

  32. From Lainey:

    “Nothing like hate mail to lift the spirit. Hate mail from a twi-hard is especially entertaining. It’s been a few days, didn’t want it to lose its entertainment value for you. But yesterday, after this article, they went batsh-t. Do you think he knows? Do you think he’s afraid? Below…from Cathy J…I got your crazy!

    “I just watched the video you posted of Rob and it’s disgusting that you posted it. They need to leave him alone! He just wants privacy! You need to stop telling people that “she” is his girlfriend. You need to stop being a festerer of gossip. You are in the black book already. Don’t get yourself into more trouble. Of course you’re stupid. Only someone as stupid as you wouldn’t figure out that Rob and Kristen belong together and they “ARE” together already!!!!!!!!! You a$$hole!”

    Like a great piece of music, it just builds and builds to an amazing crescendo, this one, non?”

    Even when I hate Lainey, I love that she posts the crazy twi-hard emails. I like Twilight but I’m not anywhere near that crazy. Makes me feel so much better about my obsession.

    • Man there are some crazy peeps out there!!!

    • I think that’s the “Leave Rob Alone!! Chris Crocker Lady” that we saw a while back on LTT… If it’s not, then I am SCARED because that means there’s TWO of them! If not more! lmfao

    • The fact that these people can’t tell reality from a movie is what scares me.

      Uh, Cathy J, you know that Rob and Kristen are playing a part in a movie, right? I mean they really aren’t Edward and Bella. Uh, oh okay, you think Rob’s a vampire? *runs away*

    • who wastes their time writing her hate-mail? i write her love letters.

      • I get a little miffed when she says something not so nice about Rob, but really she hasn’t been that bad. Most of the time she cracks me up!

        • I’m hot and cold with her. Hate her Rob bashing, but then
          most of the time she cracks me up.
          I was in tears, lit’rally in tears when I read her
          Fast and Furious comment yesterday.


    • OMG!!!! I am going to faint.



    • Tsk, I have to start reading this fan fic stuff… I have no time to do this. Or I ‘forget’ I have a child in the house or I sacrifice my sleep time (more than usual). Sleep… whatever. LOL


  34. Dear UC,
    When you move to Cali to ‘live a long and happy life’ with Moon (and the hubs of course), can you adopt me? I know you don’t want kids and all, but I’m not a kid and I am completely self-dependent… I just need a roof over my head.

    Let me know,
    xoJBell. 😉

    • All I heard was “I wipe my own ass, I wipe my own ass!”

      • Let me tell you, that’s all you need to teach them — then it’s out of my frickin’ house!

      • ROTFLMAO! Niceeee visual, thanks!

    • yes! we will adopt you. do you like sprinkles?

      • Okay, can’t stop laughing cuz that’s a term my hubby (who y’all are learning way too much about lately) uses for, um, pulling out.

        • omg, no way!! that’s too hilarious!!!


      • Uhhh, YEAH

      • I just sent an email to my sister in CA begging her to take
        me to sprinkles when I come. (I’m leaving April 25th to go help
        her drive/move from CA to CO, where she’s moving….I know,
        she’s leaving CA, how Blasphemous is that?!).
        Last time I was visiting we went to Sprinkles and it
        was like a taste of Heaven!

        • Please tell me we can meet up for coffee when you’re in CO, Jena!

          I’ll drive anywhere in the state for you, babe!

          • I would so love that!!! The only
            problem is I get into Denver the 29th
            and then fly home the 30th.
            I’m just helpin’ my sis drive.

  35. Tools->Clear Private Data

    Yeah! I see crotch!

    • It’s beautiful!!!!

  36. @UC: Don’t feel so bad about your lullaby rendition. It got stuck in my head last night and I was sort of humming /do do doing it. DH came in and asked what the hell I was humming, sounding like a dying cat. LOL! Sometimes even the greatest singers can bastardize a good song. At least its only instrumental music.

  37. By the way; just saw the pics from of my bff TayTay and – the. wig. still. looks. atrocious. Why does he have VOLUME!? Has he been using the Pantene again?? Good Lord.

    • Exactly!! Isn’t their hair describes as like, silky and smooth? Not a badly teased hairspray-esque OBVIOUS wig.

      • *described

        • I think he’s going for the “big 80’s hair band” look.

          • Oh that’s bad bad bad bad hair.
            A friend of mine and I were talking the other night
            that we are worried the “new wig idea” is going to
            be botched. With Nikki now wearing a wig, I just
            hope it doesn’t look all fake. I have faith in the hair
            and makeup department, I do, I do, but
            Tater’s wig looks like grandma’s
            Aquanet got a hold of it.

    • wonder if they are actually filming at a bowling alley? maybe they’ve replaced the movie outing with a bowling outing… hmmm. maybe i’m just totally making things up. haha.

  38. Moon/UC – Did you know gave you guys a shout-out yesterday?? You’re rockstars. I am envious of the awesomeness.

  39. Was it just me that thought the cupcakes looked like boobies?

    And, I too, have notes from Twi commentary. Sad, isn’t it? But, if you need to compare notes, I will share! (I felt like we’re cheating on a history test or something when I said that.)

    • I thought they did too! Mini Edward just looked so interested…

    • You mean the dvd commentary, right? Because I need to commiserate on the nutcase that is Hardwicke and how she throws herself at Rob and he blatantly ignores her.

  40. Ok, I’m less than happy about the short chapter of the Dom…I’ve already read it and I do not feel fulfilled.

  41. Sidenote- ‘tweetdeck’ is FAIL WHALEING AGAIN!!!

    • Don’t feel bad, it’s not just you Gen – TweetDeck, TwitterFon, the web, the mobile web – all of them are FAILING. I finally gave up and headed here lol

      • I think I’ll join you (let’s hold hands and skip together)!!!
        ps cracking up here b/c I have no idea what the hell is going on!!!! LMFAO!

  42. Loving the bed covered in Twilight stuff.

    The DVD is out in the UK and I have not got it yet. Bad fan 😦

    My excuse? Someone is buying if for my birthday and HMV sold out of The Haunted Airman.


    So glad LTR is here to cheer me up 🙂

  43. @Gen – I feel like that too! (no idea what’s going on) since Twitter has been screwed up all morning and all the conversations are jumbled upand coming in late and stuff. I had to come here to clear my head lol

    • @MsJBell- I am just ‘dying’ here b/c all I can see over @tweetdeck is myself- looks like I’m holding a one-sided conversation!!!! *crying in laughter*

      • I haven’t been on twitter in days. I should hang
        head in shame.

        • I’m getting addicted to facebook though,
          which strangely reminds me of twitter.

          • Hmmm, exactly the opposite for me. Hardly use my FB anymore but twitter (can’t stop!) LOL

  44. Dammit! I had so many fleeting thoughts while I was away yesterday and should have written them all down! I can’t remember ANY of them now and I haven’t had any today. lmao

    Also, I think this comment might get pushed to a new page. We’re getting close to time for page 2… I guess that could be a fleeting thought… hmmm

  45. Haha – this is uglier than the dadcase. Taylor’s design looks like someone vom-ed on it. I don’t know why I find this so hilarious, maybe just thinking about him totin his design with his teased hair…

    • Awwww! My bff has NO artistic talent whatsoever! This is why we’re besties; I love it. It’s for charity though, and I’d totes buy it – not actually carry it, but buy it.

      • Hah I agree!

    • Is that like The Children’s Place from the mall? Like the place where I buy a lot of my kids clothes? Why are they promoting Twilight there? They should be promoting where all the 20 and 30 somethings shop. Cuz we’re the cool fans.

      • Yea that IS odd I didn’t even look at the name. Twimoms maybe?

  46. Ok, I know I’m new here (yes I was a virgin until yesterday), but here are my 2 favorite Twilight parodies…besides the Hillywood one.

    This one has the best ALICE ever! (I cry and snort each time)

    And this one…well, there’s too much to say about humpy, it’s just the best, watch it in HD.

  47. so i sent the pic of rob in the leather jacket to my friend (who does not know of LTR or the Robcrotch obsession) and the first thing she said was “nice Bulge” … even ladies who don’t robsess appreciate it.

    • The lure of the package is undeniable. It really is the focal point of the picture, hehe.

      • The Rob is totally packing some heat!!! His Sex is on Fire in that pic!!!

        • Sex on fire…makes me wanna create new lyrics to “Eyes on Fire.” I’m sure I’ll sing sex on fire now everytime I listen to that on my ipod.

    • Toadly. Oh and Colliope, can you give me some snarky dialogue to read on the LTT photo?

      PS is my new Avitar up yet?

      • No, its not and I am sorry I mispelled your user name, thing.

        Oh, and JanetOC = Janetigs in case it was a mystery.

      • No, its not and I am sorry I mispelled your user name, thing.

        Oh, and JanetOC = Janetigs, in case it was a mystery.

  48. WTF- It’s April in Atlanta and we have snow.
    I should be wearing shorts and frolicking in the park. Had to dig winter coat back out of closet so I wouldn’t freeze my azz off this morning.

    • It is colder than a witch’s tit in a brass bra here too! How you likin’ the 80’s slang?

      • It’s totally radical!!! Gnarling Dude!!!

        • It’s the same here. 37 right now.
          It’s freakin spring and it’s 37 degrees!

          • Hahaha! We’re sunny, 10 C and all the snow is meltin’! Yay! nahnahnahnah! LOL

    • snow snow snow here in PA also..blaahhh.

      • Where in PA are you?! It’s windy as all get out here, but we don’t have any snow!

  49. I would like Rob to ask Russell Brand were he gets his pants.

    Dear Rob,
    Please contact Russell’s stylist stat. I would love to see the Robnana in these pants.


    • OK, I need that visual gone.

      Although I think those are the parachute type material pants, and they look like they’d make it all sweaty and fromunda down there LOL.

      And, I wouldn’t mind seein’ Rob in a pair…or with a pair around his ankles behind me. Was that an outloud thought? Yeah, I just read the Dom – can you tell?

    • Well Russell has to wear tight trousers so that you can glimpse his womanhood – oh I mean manhood – in them – it needs the magnification effect of the tight trousers (excuse me whilst I throw up – I can’t stand him and we see alot of him over here in the UK – can’t believe he has some semblance of success in the US as well, talentless bint that he is) .

      I don’t think Rob has any need to resort to such tactics …. at all.

      Exhibit 1: Rob in leather jacket picture. Yum.

      • Wow didn’t realize he was so hated.
        Here this will cleanse the eyes-

        • Better now … classy, sexy, adorable, intelligent, talented, … need I go on. Let us not mention the man-ho (or is it hoe?) that is RB in the same sentence as HHH.

  50. Any Brits out there?

    • Thanks limeslice – just entered it …

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