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Rob’s mailbag is getting heavy

Dear Rob,

Tonight my friend Dave was over. This was our conversation:

Dave: What are you doing?
Me: Kicking everyone’s ass in the Dazzle Awards
Dave: What are the Dazzle Awards?
Me: We’re up for an award for our site about Robert Pattinson
Dave: What site? (seriously, Dave? Where the H have you been? Haven’t you wondered where I’ve been for the past few months?)
Dave: Who’s Rob?
Me: (blank stare)
Dave: Is he the one who wrote your vampire book?

Oh the stuff guys say about you! On to your mailbag! Read NOW!


Seriously yesterday you guys BLEW OUR MINDS with the support on the Dazzle Awards. Let’s keep it up! We’re gonna win this one! Vote for us NOW!

The RobQ

The RobQ

The RobQ

Dear Rob,

After patiently crossing off the calendar days leading up to March 24, I arrive at CVS to get a copy of the April GQ. You already know I’m not buying this mag for my husband. Scanning the readers’ aisle, I suddenly see GQ… Justin Timberlake on the cover? NO!!  Wait, it’s only the March issue. But where is the one with the Hottest Man On The Planet gracing the cover?

A nice guy behind the counter looks up as I casually mention,”One of your magazines (I refrain from saying which one) is supposed to hit the stands today, and I was wondering when it’s gonna be in your store?” Innocent enough. He pauses. Then he looks me up and down once, stopping at my eyes. His face now adopts an earnest, sympathetic look, for he already knows which mag I want. He has detected the feverish craving beneath my mask of casual calm – he’s seen it before. He tells me, in a voice like a therapist,”Our truck (or possibly an armored car?) is guaranteed to deliver that issue tomorrow. You can get it then.” Tomorrow comes, and my hyperventilating is mostly manageable as I acquire my hard copy, and it’s all there: the photos, up close & personal, of this gorgeous, sensitive, sexy man…his eyes, lips, hair (and a package to die for, right?)…OH MY ROB! 😀


Hi my name is Rob. Because of me you will have disastisfaction with all other men

Hi my name is Rob. Because of me you will have disastisfaction with all other men

Desperate and Dateless

Dear Rob

Last month I was getting hot and heavy on the couch with a very eligible young bachelor, but cut him off cold and sent him packing halfway through because I wanted to watch you on my grainy, dodgy version of Twilight that I stole from my housemate who bought it off the black market whilst in Fiji.

I have turned down two dates from very handsome young men in the last month because I felt that neither of them could live up to the incredibly high physical standards I now expect in a man, as set by yourself. This is very concerning to both myself and my friends as I have been single for coming up to 8 months now (which may not be unusual to some, but really is when it comes to me, I mean honestly, I’m quite a catch.), and for the last two months it has been by choice due to the below detailed new mental checklist.

New mental checklist when checking out a guy:

  • Does he have a carefree/starving artist unshaven vibe going on?
  • Is he wearing either a) a Dolce Gabbana tux or b) grubby clothes that he’s worn for the last three days straight?
  • Does he have incredibly long fingers?
  • Does he have floppy, untidy looking golden brown hair that looks as though it hasn’t been washed in about 6 months? (admittedly this is very hard look for any other mortal man to pull off, but you do it so well)
  • Does he use said fingers to constantly comb through said unwashed hair?
  • Does he have piercing green/blue/grey eyes that scream “Do me, do me now. I don’t care that we’re in the middle of the Post Office, rip my clothes off and do me in front of the little old lady arguing about the price of sending a set of encyclopedias to her grand daughter in Japan”?

Sadly, none of them did.

But you do, Rob. You do.

Oh Rob. Why do I love you when you torture me so with your un-attainablility?

Desperate and Dateless (thanks to you),

UC note: Carrie told us that this letter was inspired by “your site (and of course by our Lord above, below and in between [the sheets] Robert Pattinson).”

Read more from Rob’s Mailbag, after the jump

The United States of Roberica

Rob in Vancouver, playing hockey, hanging with Eskimos and saying "eh"

Rob in Vancouver, playing hockey, hanging with Eskimos and saying "eh"

Dear Rob,

While we hope you are enjoying your stay in Vancouver, the American Ladies of LTR would like to remind you how much we miss you back in The States.  To prove the depth of our passion for you, we have decided to rename our country, and our states, in YOUR honor! (Some of them are the teensiest bit risqué, but we know you love a good joke, so we hope you aren’t offended.)

This actually began with a comment on our forum, that you are in, not Vancouver, as you supposed, but Robcouver. Surprise!  Canada, um, Robanada, is doing it, too! Therefore, one day soon you may travel to Robec, ToRobto, Robifax or even Robtreal. When you do head south again, here are the new states’ names. We don’t want you to be confused by all the new signs the government will have to put up now that these changes have been made to-


The United States of Roberica:

Alabama = Robabama Montana = Robtana
Alaska = Robaska Nebraska = NebRobska
Arizona = Robizona Nevada = Robada
Arkansas = Arkanbert New Hampshire = New Robshire
California = Robifornication New Jersey = New Robsey
Colorado = ColoRobo New Mexico = New Robico
Connecticut = ConnRobert New York = New Yorbert
Delaware = Robaware N. Carolina = N. Robolina
Florida = Floribert N. Dakota = N. Robkota
Georgia = Robgia Ohio = OhiRob
Hawaii = Robaii Oklahoma = ORobahummah
Idaho = IdoRob Oregon = ORobgone (a sad state indeed!)
Illinois = Robnoise Pennsylvania = Robsylvania
Indiana = Robdiana Rhode Island = Rob Island
Iowa = IowRob S. Carolina = S. Robolina
Kansas = Kanbert S. Dakota = S. Robkota
Kentucky = Robtucky Tennessee = Robessee
Louisiana = LooseRob Texas = Robsexass
Maine = Robster Utah = URob
Maryland = Robyland (as opposed to Robland, where you were born. Yes, Europe, uh, EuRob is joining in, as well!) Vermont = Robmount
Massachusetts = Robachusetts Virginia = Robgina
Michigan = Robagainplz Washington = WashingRob
Minnesota = Robesota W. Virginia = W. Robgina
Mississippi = Robissippi Wisconsin = Robsin
Missouri = Robouri Wyoming = Roboming


We didn’t forget Washington D.C. (= WashingRob D.B. (you dirty boy, you!)), Puerto Rico or the US Virgin Islands, either! Puerto Robo & The Nolonger-Virgin Robslands.   We hope that you enjoy the lengths to which we will go to show our appreciation of your many fine talents.  Thank you, Rob, for being YOU!

Always, bandmum
Millbert, Robabama, USR

Rob as a college study aid.

Dear Rob,

There I am in marketing class, learning all about pricing- bundle pricing, geographic pricing, value pricing, line pricing and on, and on, and on . . . . As always, the instructor goes off on some irrelevant tangent for ten minutes, and I spend the time reading ahead in the chapter. Oh look, next we have discrimination in pricing and promotions. That should be interesting. There’s even a law about it. The Robertson-Patman Act.

Let me repeat that. The Robertson-Patman Act.

Or, as it will forever be known in my addled brain . . . The Robert-Pattinson Act.

I spent the next thirty minutes alternating between uncontrollable giggling and unbridled fear that the instructor would call on me (no doubt because he’s noticed the uncontrollable giggling) and expect me to make some sort of coherent statement about it — and I can now only think/speak of it as the Robert-Pattinson Act.

The good news is, this is one law I’ll never forget . . . .  🙂


Robsite Optimization

Should be called Robgle

Should be called "Robgle"

Dear Robert Pattinson,

I read in your GQ interview that you frequently read the blogs and rumors that are written about you on the internet. I may overuse the name Robert Pattinson in this letter, but it’s simply because the more I write Robert Pattinson, the more likely it is that it will turn up at the top of the list when you google yourself (Robert Pattinson). I just want you (Robert Pattinson) to know that you are an amazing actor, I would love to dry hump meet you, I think that we would really have a lot in common. We both like beer, we both have only one pair of black pants, neither of us know how to tie our shoes, and we both have a blatant disregard for our outward appearance…. but that really just skims the surface. You, Robert Pattinson, are incredibly awkward and a bit socially retarded….so am I!! You see, a date between the two of us would be magical! Now, Robert Pattinson… I will gladly drive the 300 miles to Vancouver for this date, so if you happen to be chillin on your laptop tonight, googling yourself and laughing at the expense of all of us fangirls, maybe you should just shoot me an email – we can talk hot pockets and I’ve got some other great microwavable items that you might like to try out.

C’mon now K-Stupid and Nikki Lesbo Reed cannot be satisfying your manly needs. You need someone with a little more skill to help you practice those elaborate love scenes.

Thanks for your time Robert Pattinson.

Robert Pattinson Robert Pattinson Robert Pattinson……..


Rob- the world’s most perfect man

rob-and-the-davidDear Rob,

For a while I’ve been trying to place why you looked familiar to me, and I couldn’t pinpoint it. Then I saw this pic of the David.  Anyway, I was struck by how similar you and the “world’s most perfect man” were from Michaelangelo’s perspective.  The jaw line is identical, and pouty mouth and nose and almost everything.  crazy.  Your ear is much better I think.  You sort of have a Lord of the Rings “elf” ear.


Like the idea of Rob as the “world’s most perfect man?” The gals at Twilight-headed had the same idea!

Keep sending us your letters! WE LOVE THEM! We can’t post them all, and sometimes we forget to post really good ones and by the time we remember the info is WAY old and NOT relevant (our bad! If you wanna complain.. pay us to blog full-time and we won’t forget those things!) Thanks to EVERYONE who has submitted letters so far! We are SO BLESSED to have amazing, readers who feel “connected” to what we do (awww- gushy!) and we don’t THANK YOU enough! XOXO


  1. I’m so p*ssed! I finally got my video uploaded to DailyMotion abd then went to watch it, you know, just check it out and F*ck me if the audio doesn’t suck ass! It plays perfectly normal on my pc, but uploaded it blows !

    JAG? Any thoughts?

    • MJ, Ive been waiting for like an hour for DailyMotion to publish my vid. WTF YouTube already rejected it, I like DM better anyway.

      What type of audio is it? Music track…

      • WMA

  2. Jacob & Laurent-

    • Tay Tay looks so cute.

      • Tay-ter is a growin’ up.

        • Gen can u plz tweet me I lost my window again *sigh*

          • I can’t get over how tall Taylor got!

  3. love these letters!

    I live in Robaska! …Rob aska me to leave my husband and run away with you! You won’t be dissappointed… I know how to keep you warm at night.

  4. Someone posted these interviews last night. It’s pretty good. He drops the f-bomb a few times.

    • weeeeee dirty talk for the new RobSexyTalk library. Thanks Carrie

      • @JAG
        you are welcome. 🙂
        I can’t wait for new video. I sent my friend the Dirty Bits video and

    • Thx Carrie- I wanted to watch those today.

    • what i wouldn’t give to see the actual footage of him saying all those dirty words… i think it should be mandated that from here on all Robert Pattinson interviews be video recorded in HiDef.

      • Thanks for these! Why oh why does youtube have to be
        blocked at work. BLASPHEMY! (LOL! I use that word all the time now)
        Can’t wait to watch these!

  5. @bandmum- I can’t see you on twitter- for some reason you’re blocked?!? I might have pressed the wrong button a while back…..

  6. @Carrie…I am well, thanks! Hope you are too. I am still here and still all about the pervy comments. That is one constant that will never change. Loved your letter, btw!

    • @Sass That wasn’t me. There must me another Carrie out there. I wish I could take credit for it. 🙂

      • Seriously? Oops, then I apologize! Rob’s wood must be clouding my mind today. 🙂

        • No worries. I am thinking everyone thinks I wrote the letter. I am the only Carrie on here. Except other Ceri.

          • I thought that was your letter to Carrie.

  7. Hi ladies! Another fabulous post today. I look forward to my morning coffee and laugh. I hate the days when I have to delay just to do something mundane like grocery shopping or dropping the kids off at school.

    @Carrie – I’m dying — are those new Rob interviews I may never have heard? I have kids sitting in the room with me so I can’t play ’em since you said there are f bombs. Go away kids!

    • @WTMA Not a kid or work friendly interview. He curses a lot in this interview.

      • Drat. I wish these kids would go away 🙂 Why oh why did I decide to birth these children of mine? Life would be so much easier if I hadn’t.

    • No -they are old. from November. I posted them yesterday. They are from the Dallas news from his event last November. He is really funny in them, but def. drops the f bombs a few times and even says the word ‘dick’ once 🙂 So, no kids in the room!

      I love these interviews though!

      • @Jenna Thanks for posting. I couldn’t remember who posted last night. 🙂

      • @Jenna

        *bows down for bringing them to our attention.*

        Thanks Jenna!

  8. Ode to Boy finally published, hope youu guys like it ❤

    • @JAG
      You are genius.
      I bow down down to The Master.

  9. Now this is more like it! My eyes feel much better today reading this post! No bleach needed!

    “Dave: Who’s Rob?
    Me: (blank stare)
    Dave: Is he the one who wrote your vampire book?”

    LMFAO!!! That is so typical! The other night I had a similar situation with DH that went something like this:

    DH: Are you gettin’ all hot lookin’ and talkin’ about your boyfriend on there?
    Me: *typing on LTR posts/looking at Genevieve’s BIG Rob pictures* Uhh…duh?!…what do you think??!
    DH: Wanna get it on? You can even call me Gary.
    DH: What?
    Me: Who the f*ck is Gary?!
    DH: Isn’t that your boyfriend’s name? Ya know…that guy from Twilight…what’s his name then?…uhhh…Rob…is it? You can call me Rob.
    Me: Seriously?!
    DH: Yeah! Hey you can even stay on there (LTR) typing and looking at his pictures if it keeps you hot while we…uhh…
    Me: What???!!!!
    DH: You know I like to be behind. *DH grinning*
    Me: *seriously considering this for 2 minutes…then decide it’s too risky for him to see what we are all typing and would be a bit weird with all you LTR besties like in some strange way “involved”* Let me just get off the computer a minute..*shaking head at DH*
    DH: Will you still be hot?
    Me: *Blank stare*

    • @SpunkMe I think I pissed myself.
      “Who the f*ck is Gary”
      “DH: Will you still be hot?
      Me: *Blank stare*”

      Poor DH.

      • Gary?! LMAO! When I think of Gary I think of
        Spongebob’s pet snail that meows! LOL!

        • Can’t believe I actually know that Spongebob has
          a pet snail that meows!

          • @Jena I ❤ you. You are so funny!!!!

    • Oh gawd SpunkMe …. I am shaking with laughter.

      God … so funny, bless your DH.

      …. I’m still laughing …… ah, dear oh dear …..

  10. @Carrie

    Did you get all the posts I left you last night?

    • @SpunkMe
      I think I did. I will go back when I get home and double check.
      Also got Urban Cowboy Poster made today. Send me your info and I’ll mail u one.

      • Just sent you the info…

        Domward will please you soon as a reward…how about chapter 8 again…that ok with you?

        You rock!!!!!!!

        • Chapter 8
          Panties flew off
          Jizzed myself



      • I’ll keep looking for more, but we found some really great ones including :

        “Throw your panties at me!”
        “I want you.”
        “I know what I want.”
        “I want it now.”
        “There ain’t nothin’ wrong”

        Still looking…want super hot talk from Rob…what music are you thinking of using? Stills or video clips?

        ooo Maybe we can find somethings he’s said in interviews that could pass for Domward talk….

        • I LOVE that interview!

        • “Listen I can’t bite you cause it will hurt”

          So funny.

        • OMG!! I love that “feel like it’s dirty….feel like it’s wrong” oooo…..

  11. i am starting to think that i love letters to Rob more than i love Rob…ok, not possible but ALMOST

  12. @Carrie

    Glad I just saw your post above to Sass that you did not write today’s letter, I was just about to write you a very Dirty Domward letter in response…

    • @SpunkMe
      WE can pretend I wrote it and u can still write it.. I love Domward. RAWR!!!

      • Or maybe one of my cats wrote it on my behalf. Those bastards are pretty smart. I have no idea what they do when I am work. Maybe they figured out email. They can almost open doors. 😉

        OR maybe I wrote it one drunken evening. Who knows what i do when I’ve been drinking.

        • My dog is sooo hot for Rob. She’s always humping my leg whenever I’m on LTR. I tried to tell her that girl dogs don’t hump but she just can’t help herself.

      • I’ll get on that as soon as I get back from school carpool…gotta go…be back asap! Don’t go anywhere! per Domward!

  13. Here is link so u can download interview and transcript is at bottom.

    • “Director Catherine Hardwicke says there are 12 deleted scenes on the dvd”
      SHE LIED! HUMPH! 😦

      • Wonder if she’s counting the extended scenes as well? That would put it right around 12, I think.

        • Ah, yes. In the words of Rob “DUH!”

  14. Yeah! I set the kids up with a rated T for Teen video game and some chokeable popcorn and told them not to let any strangers into the house. Now I can finally watch those youtube interviews to see if they’re new to me!

    • LOL!!!

    • Hmm, thanks for the tip!

    • They are audio only, but you still get more out of them than just reading the transcripts…since 1) you get to hear Rob’s accent and 2) the transcript just doesn’t do justice to his sense of humor!
      @Carrie – no problem – I’m glad you saw that I posted them!

      • I ripped almost all the audio interviews I could find on
        youtube and made myself an audio cd for my car. 🙂
        So these come in very handy, thanks!

  15. @bandmum- It was a riot doing the name game! DH was quite proud of his nookie getting skills that night, ROFL! I do believe so long as he continues to reap the bedroom benefits of the Robsession, he’ll be happy to play along. Good man! LMAO!

    @Jena- No worries on the owed email. I’ve been so behind this week I think I may catch up to reality sometime next year. I did finally get enrollment shiz done though, so I’m calling it a successful week, LMAO! How has your week been?

    @Amber- How are you? I missed why you’ve been MIA aside from the funeral mention today, but wanted to send you a big hug and let you know you’re in my thoughts.

    @Kristin- How are things going for you? You and yours have been in my thoughts! Big hugs to you as well!

    • Enrollment shiz done sounds like a relief.
      My week started out from hell but got better!

  16. Don’t know how many of you have actually seen this video of Robert in his modeling days…He is wearing the pink suit/tux…he is pre show and then at 3:37 down the runway…

    • P.S. good for next RobCrotch 3 video at 3:42! Just sayin’

      Only Rob could do that pink and get away with his sexy self!

      • @SMe- Don’t think that’s Rob. Have had this discuss before and came to conclusion not Rob. Sorry to crush your Rob Pink Suit Wearing Dreams.

  17. Those were great interviews! He was obviously more comfortable then he usually is cuz he got deep! I’m gonna have to listen to those again.. And again. And again.

    Ironically, my son just let the neighbor into our house and I didn’t even know it. Technically she’s not a stranger but still. Ignoring kids = bad mother.

    • @WTMA

      LMFAO!! Mine is probably the only one still waiting on the school curb for pick up ….really really gotta go now…be back in an hour!!!

      And I think classic is Soccermom last night when her child fell asleep wrapped in bath towel while she was on LTR!!

      LOVE that=bad mom

  18. I missed that! What happened to soccermom? She left the kid after bath and the kid fell asleep?

    Bathtime is the perfect time to catch up on LTR. They’re not going to drown right? They did that one swim lesson 2 years ago.

    Am I the only one developing neck and wrist problems from being on the computer so much?

    • Here you –
      SM-“Children’s Services knocking. My 8 year old fell asleep wrapped in her towel because I forgot to get her pjs after her bath! I’ll be back after I explain this one to the lady at the door. (wonder if she’s seen Twilight?)”

      IfOnly says- “We should start trust fund for 8 yr olds future therapy needs now….”

      SM-It’s all good. I had cut-out Edward accompany me to answer the door and he used his *dazzle* look on her! Problem solved! Yes, the poor kid will need therapy. IfOnly and I have traumatized her so much by dragging her around on all our Rob escapades!

      It was very funny. We all enjoyed it.

  19. Frick — gotta log off for now. The cat is biting my foot to tell me I need to feed him. The kids are begging for attention and the one kid that is not mine is about to be picked up. I gotta at least go downstairs and look like I paid attention to him while he was here — a front for the parents.

  20. Finally made it around here today! lol It only took me 7 hours but hey, I’m here so the partaayyyy can begin!

    Soooo –

    First of all –
    I have Edi’s exact shoes. True story.
    Second of all –
    Edi joking around and doing model poses for the paps = WIN!! OF ASTRONOMICALLY EPIC PROPORTIONS!

    I’m crushin’ on him. Kinda hard. Ever since the “F*ck Interview” when he’s joking around with Carrie at the very end ( LOVE HIM.

    • (Don’t mind me – I’m hyper and really glad it’s Friday. Plus I got these in the mail today!!

      • Link doesn’t work for me. Whadya get, whadya get?!


          There we go. 😀

          PS –
          I’m going to see Adventureland tonight too!

          • COOL! Sexy, I tell you, sexy!
            That’s 2 of us going tonight now!
            UC said she might to! We’ll have to compare
            thoughts afterward.

  21. Wanting a David in our lives is a very reasonable request. But how to make it happen? …hmmm ….he’s BIG, grande, jumbo. Maybe a Pocket Dave is the answer…

  22. Friday is not good IMO. It means the husband will be around for 2 days (normally a really good thing) and I won’t be able to LTR. Gotta sneak it in while he’s downstairs and clear my cache every hour. If he knew the level of my robsession, he’d have me committed. He played along for a while cuz it got him laid but then he started to catch on and I had to tone it down and pretend I’d lost interest.

    • @WTMA – Sorry you are having to keep your Robsession on the DL, but LMAO at “he played along for a while cuz it got him laid”.

  23. Hello ladies from IdoRob (Idaho)…if only it were true according to my state name! 🙂 GREAT letters today thanks for posting them!!!! Dream on, dream on!

  24. I’m confused are the Dazzle awards real I keep reading we were PUNKd. What’s up?

    • Me don’t know either. Very confused as well.

  25. So DH tells me that his work supervisor liked Twilight the movie.

    Picture a 6′-4″, probably 275lbs, very manly man saying that he liked the movie so much he is now reading the books. Okay, so he is married and has a teenage daughter, who I am sure put him up to it, but it is freaking hilarious since DH keeps resisting my pleas to watch the movie.

    Supervisor guys says he really likes that they can go out in sunlight, says he thinks regular vamps are lame for not being able to enjoy the sun.

    Told DH he has to see it now, that way they can discuss it, man to man. LOL!

    • UNICORN! 😀

    • That would be the coolest man-boss ever! My DH told me that his coworker said his wife was reading the books and his response to his coworker was “RUN!”. I told him to press for details (what book is she on, has she seen the movie, etc.) but he said “No. I don’t want them to know how crazy you are”. Damn I wish I had a hubby who would support my addiction.

      • DH has been teasing me about the Twilight stuff, so I think its fitting that his friend / boss is into Twilight. Payback’s a bitch, baby!

        I am so going to make DH watch Twilight this weekend. He has no excuse now, can’t pull out the ‘its a girly movie” card. Tee hee hee

        • Good luck with all that! My hubby fell asleep watching it with me.. I could’ve killed him! But at least he didn’t hear my vaguely familiar sex moan during the kiss on the bed scene. I would’ve had a hard time living that one down!

  26. Those audio interviews that were posted (the Collider ones) are fantastic – thanks to whomever first posted the links (was in Jenna with 2 n’s … well whoever).

    Are we not just super f*cktastically lucky that Rob, on a good day, when he is feeling relaxed, just LOVES to talk? I mean no one line bored movie star answers from him … he just gushes in most of his interviews. In fact, even when he’s not particularly comfortable he still talks and talks and talks – he is such a contradiction for a shy guy. Shy but not shy, loner but likes to talk …

    I think I’ll have to have another listen …. (and I’m not even getting turned on by the accent because it’s kind of normal to me – my son speaks like this, my brother speaks like this (my husband’s accent is slightly different because english wasn’t his first language … but he’s similar too)

    • Yeah. I think that be my new fav answer. He def brought his “A” game that day.
      Also love this interview.

    • I envy you getting to hear that accent all of the time – but of course, then to you it’s normal! I wonder if English girls like American accents?
      Anyhoo…it was me that posted the links. I thought he sounded really relaxed and into the interview rather than totally dreading being there!
      I guess my Rob Youtube binge paid off!

    • I was watching an interview with him earlier and I actually started thinking to myself that I’m becoming immune to his accent. It’s just completely normal to me now – expected almost. It was weird.

  27. @JBell — are those wallets you got there? Where didya get those?

    I went to the lameass Twilight store whilst in Walmart today. Huge disappointment. Twilight tote bags, cheapass necklaces and keychains and some Pepsi 2 liter bottles setup on a twilight display (huh?). Since when is Pepsi Twilight related?


      This woman is amazing. They’re just zippered pouches, but they are incredibly well-crafted!

      • Oooh — she has a VF one!!

      • AW WEEEEEE!! She has the biology scene (my fave) on one!
        I’m going to have to get one of these! After you posted the Etsy link
        last week I bought a twilight checkbook cover, LOL!

  28. I think Rob is more introverted then shy. Which kind of explains the loner thing. It’s not that he’s a loner, he just needs to be alone every so often to “recharge”.

  29. Yeah It’s Friday!! Lots of different family in town this weekend and already having anxiety about computer time….. But I was able to wiggle out of doing things with DH’s family tonight. Mmmmhhahahah *evil laugh* I originally had plans with a girlfriend so had excuse not to go to a show with them tonight. Then my friend got sick (ugg). But they didn’t buy me a ticket since I hadn’t planned on going. So I got to stay home. Yippy skippy, yippy skippy (doing the yippy skippy dance). Don’t get me wrong, I love DH family. They just aren’t as cool as my family (shout out to Smom! Yo!). DH texted me about 15 minutes after he left and said “we are here, I hate it already”. LMFAO!

    • “They just aren’t as cool as my family…”

      Need I ask? LTR ladies are definitely included in that, no? 😉 lol

      • For Shiz! You ladies are the coolest. I’m like the wanna be at school excited to sit at the cool girls table. BTW – saying cool reminds me of what one of Smom’s kids said to me once (about 6 or so years ago too). I said something was cool and 2nd child said “ha ha, you’re cool. A Constipated, Overrated, Out of style Loser”. I still laugh all the time when I say or hear cool.

    • It’s going to be a fun nite *evil grin*

      • DH said they wouldn’t be home until around 10pm. Woo hooo! I’ve got like 6 hours to party it up. I should feel guilty too. They felt so bad I could go. (all the while I was containing my yippy skippy dance until after the car pulled away). I just played it down letting them know of the errands I still had to run tonight (charging iphone for errands run now). LOL

        • @IfOnly – you are ‘Cool’ and don’t you forget it! LOL

          • Thx Gen! ❤

  30. Totally random I know, but just wanted to let you gals know that I’m finally hearing Kings of Leon all over the place on my modern hit station.
    Very happy! (I say this because it’s playing now)

  31. And now I’m leaving work to go pick up my friend, grab dinner and head to the movies.
    You all have a lovely evening!

    • Bye Jena- have a good one! ❤

  32. @Carrie

    Here’s another one for the video…

    (Actually I have never seen this one–only heard audio)…

    “Do I have to get naked?” at 3:41

    • Oh god please tell me he’s not crossing his legs in that vid. Gotta say that’s a pet peeve of mine — men who cross.

      • @WTMA

        I think he is crossing there…although I see him do the manly cross at times too–he did in Japan I remember off the top of my head. I don’t really care how he sits.

    • I love this! My name is Francesca and I was PRAYING he would say it….but he didn’t 😦

  33. Bye Jena! Let us know how the movie is!

  34. Bye Jena! ❤

    So, when DH walked in from work tonight, he said he wants to go see Adventureland this weekend. So I go all Twilight on him and say (way too fast) that the girl from twilight is in that movie. He laughed and said he knew, he heard that on radio. Ok Kristen, here’s your chance – make me like your acting.

  35. @SpunkMe I just read your convo w/ DH and almost fell off my chair.

    @Jena Bye!!

    @Ayden you still on? Haven’t talked to you in a while. Hope all is well.

    @everyone else HEY!!

    • OMG. That’s right!! I LMFAO on that one. “who the f*ck is Gary”? Love your DH. Sounds like something mine would say.

      • @IfOnly

        Yes, DH is a riot! I swear I am married to a carbon copy personality of Tim Allen on Home Improvement….see why I need the Rob???!!

        • Love that show. Ur husband is awesome.

          • Thanks!

    • @FN


      Hey did you ever cry…WA?

      • No! I had to fight my tears back b/c my vision kept getting blurry and I wasn’t done yet!! lol

        • @FN

          Since we have been quoting so much Sub/Dom stuff, we don’t give enough proper attention to Wide Awake. I think we should all quote a favorite Darkward line from WA! They are all so good and memorable….here’s a good one…

          “Double Raspberry Walnut My Boyfriend Is So F*cking Skilled That He Got Me Off Through My Jeans With One Hand Cherry Chocolate Chip Delights.” ~Darkward


          • My favorite (for a reason unbeknowst to me as to why) is “Tit for f***ing tat” I guess I just like how he uses it to point how close they are.

  36. The only thing I object to is “ORobgone” 😦 I might just have to move to either “Robland” or “Robsexass” HAHAHA!! LOVE IT!

    • sorry Kelli! Wish ORobgone could be more happy. that’s a sad state

  37. MJ Can you send me the audio file & I can clean it up & boost the volume for you…

  38. okay excuse the insanity of this question but … in this video around 2:58 … does anyone know what interview that is from? they are wearing the same clothes as the today show interview so i’m assuming it was done in NY on that same day (i understand that the fact that i know this could be deemed obsessive… i, however, like to think of it as being extremely observant.) i don’t think i’ve ever seen the interview

    and yes i know this is a kstew/rob video… but i like looking at him smile!

    thanks ladies.

    • We’ll get the FBR on this stat! And your not obsessive your dedicated ;-P

      • haha thanks JAG! i’m usually pretty good at Robstigating but this one has thrown me for a loop!

        • @Calliope I’ve never seen that interview either. Will also do a little Robstigating to see what I can find out.

          • i have faith in your and JAGs FBR skills!

  39. Good evening girls!!

    • Hey Tara! Are your allergies better?

      • Hi FN!
        they are a little better today!!
        how are things i think i caught most of what went on today?
        did i miss anything exciting?

        • Things are good. I don’t think a whole lot happened. There are some really good interview links above that I hadn’t heard before from radio interviews. That’s all I can think of. Have you had a chance to read anymore of Wide Awake?

  40. ya i watched a couple of those they were good!

    yes i am reading right now! I just started Ch. 3.. Edward just said… “Ill show you mine if you show me yours” and i couldnt breathe for a moment. lol this is going to be a good story!

    • Ahh….yes. There are so many good lines in Wide Awake. It’s my fav!

  41. yes i like it so far!

  42. LOL! DH just texted me “they have beer here”. Looks like he is going to make it through the night with his family after all.

  43. @SpunkMe “She had the most petite little pale collar bones sticking out from behind her jacket. I wanted to lick them. Quite fucking thoroughly.”

  44. @SpunkME thanks for the video link. Looking for audio editing program now. So may take a bit to put video together.

    HI rest of the LTR ladies.

    IfOnly glad you can come out play tonight. 🙂

    • Thanks Carrie! I see by your picture that you are party again tonight? Man you can put those beers away. LOL

      • “you are party” WTF? The girls that are ESL do a better job than me!

        • I do love me some beer. Might stick with wine tonight. Need to watch my girlish figure. 😉

    • @Carrie

      Glad you got them all. Still looking for more. Does JAG have the editing program you need or I bet JBell would know of one.

  45. My new avatar is up…yeah!

    • I love that picture!!

    • I love me some Rob pics but your pic was so pretty. It was very artsy. I think Rob would pick it as one of the best on the page….. 😉

    • @ JAG

      Nice, but will have to get used to it, always find you fast in the old pic…was that a motorcycle helmet you were wearing?

  46. So I listened to the Collider interview audio – I had never heard this one, good stuff in there.

    Did anyone else notice that he refers to Kristen and Peter by their actual names, but then refers to Nikki as just Rosalie?

    Then there is the Canadian interview where he forgets about Nikki being one of the vamps.

    I really think the Nikki-Rob rumors are just that, rumors. As much as she wants to hit that, I don’t think he’s tapped it, otherwise why would it be so obvious that he doesn’t really think about her. Rob’s not that mean and do damn honest to be that sneaky.

    • Does anyone notice that KStew’s personality is like completely different around him than her otherwise Bitchy self that she always presents otherwise? She seems softer personality and facial expressions around him.

      I agree with you Ceri that I think NRank like rob more than he likes her. I think that IF Rob is still hot for KStew, he wouldn’t even dream of tappin’ NRank, cause he’d never have a future chance then.

      Good points you made, Ceri.

      And no, I had not noticed that in the Collider interview, thanks for pointing it out.

  47. Hi guys,
    I’ve got a question. When did Rob go to Barnes and when Harridan(?). His age

    • EyeC!!

      • Hey there FN. I’m all read up and ready to talk later!

        • Good…I can’t wait.

    • I think he was at Harridan’s when he was 12 (met TomStu there) and then went to Barnes when he was 15 or 16.

      I’m sure someone here knows the right deets but that’s what I recall.

      • Thanks Ceri. That’s what I needed. Sounds right. Barnes is where he started theater work, right?

        • Yep, that is the theater group where the girl he liked attended.

          • Hooray for Dad!

    • Hi EyeC!

      • Hi hi Tara!

  48. […] Rob’s mailbag is getting heavy Dear Rob, Tonight my friend Dave was over. This was our conversation: Dave: What are you doing? Me: Kicking […] […]

  49. Very very COOOOOL JAG! If that doesn’t make a girl hot, I don’t know what will!

    • Aww thanks. This one was so much fun to make I love the song…thanks for the suggestion @bandmum it’s perfect!

      The RobSexyTalk Library is live now…YEAH!

  50. @SpunkMe JAG told me about a program but have to buy. Think I found something. Going to play around with it tonight.

    Also where is my letter. Hello!!!

    • Oh, yeah don’t buy anything to do it, Carrie…Hope what JAG told you about works.

      Oh your letter, almost forgot…workin’ on that now…give me a few…

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