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Rob’s mailbag is getting heavy

Dear Rob,

Tonight my friend Dave was over. This was our conversation:

Dave: What are you doing?
Me: Kicking everyone’s ass in the Dazzle Awards
Dave: What are the Dazzle Awards?
Me: We’re up for an award for our site about Robert Pattinson
Dave: What site? (seriously, Dave? Where the H have you been? Haven’t you wondered where I’ve been for the past few months?)
Dave: Who’s Rob?
Me: (blank stare)
Dave: Is he the one who wrote your vampire book?

Oh the stuff guys say about you! On to your mailbag! Read NOW!


Seriously yesterday you guys BLEW OUR MINDS with the support on the Dazzle Awards. Let’s keep it up! We’re gonna win this one! Vote for us NOW!

The RobQ

The RobQ

The RobQ

Dear Rob,

After patiently crossing off the calendar days leading up to March 24, I arrive at CVS to get a copy of the April GQ. You already know I’m not buying this mag for my husband. Scanning the readers’ aisle, I suddenly see GQ… Justin Timberlake on the cover? NO!!  Wait, it’s only the March issue. But where is the one with the Hottest Man On The Planet gracing the cover?

A nice guy behind the counter looks up as I casually mention,”One of your magazines (I refrain from saying which one) is supposed to hit the stands today, and I was wondering when it’s gonna be in your store?” Innocent enough. He pauses. Then he looks me up and down once, stopping at my eyes. His face now adopts an earnest, sympathetic look, for he already knows which mag I want. He has detected the feverish craving beneath my mask of casual calm – he’s seen it before. He tells me, in a voice like a therapist,”Our truck (or possibly an armored car?) is guaranteed to deliver that issue tomorrow. You can get it then.” Tomorrow comes, and my hyperventilating is mostly manageable as I acquire my hard copy, and it’s all there: the photos, up close & personal, of this gorgeous, sensitive, sexy man…his eyes, lips, hair (and a package to die for, right?)…OH MY ROB! 😀


Hi my name is Rob. Because of me you will have disastisfaction with all other men

Hi my name is Rob. Because of me you will have disastisfaction with all other men

Desperate and Dateless

Dear Rob

Last month I was getting hot and heavy on the couch with a very eligible young bachelor, but cut him off cold and sent him packing halfway through because I wanted to watch you on my grainy, dodgy version of Twilight that I stole from my housemate who bought it off the black market whilst in Fiji.

I have turned down two dates from very handsome young men in the last month because I felt that neither of them could live up to the incredibly high physical standards I now expect in a man, as set by yourself. This is very concerning to both myself and my friends as I have been single for coming up to 8 months now (which may not be unusual to some, but really is when it comes to me, I mean honestly, I’m quite a catch.), and for the last two months it has been by choice due to the below detailed new mental checklist.

New mental checklist when checking out a guy:

  • Does he have a carefree/starving artist unshaven vibe going on?
  • Is he wearing either a) a Dolce Gabbana tux or b) grubby clothes that he’s worn for the last three days straight?
  • Does he have incredibly long fingers?
  • Does he have floppy, untidy looking golden brown hair that looks as though it hasn’t been washed in about 6 months? (admittedly this is very hard look for any other mortal man to pull off, but you do it so well)
  • Does he use said fingers to constantly comb through said unwashed hair?
  • Does he have piercing green/blue/grey eyes that scream “Do me, do me now. I don’t care that we’re in the middle of the Post Office, rip my clothes off and do me in front of the little old lady arguing about the price of sending a set of encyclopedias to her grand daughter in Japan”?

Sadly, none of them did.

But you do, Rob. You do.

Oh Rob. Why do I love you when you torture me so with your un-attainablility?

Desperate and Dateless (thanks to you),

UC note: Carrie told us that this letter was inspired by “your site (and of course by our Lord above, below and in between [the sheets] Robert Pattinson).”

Read more from Rob’s Mailbag, after the jump

The United States of Roberica

Rob in Vancouver, playing hockey, hanging with Eskimos and saying "eh"

Rob in Vancouver, playing hockey, hanging with Eskimos and saying "eh"

Dear Rob,

While we hope you are enjoying your stay in Vancouver, the American Ladies of LTR would like to remind you how much we miss you back in The States.  To prove the depth of our passion for you, we have decided to rename our country, and our states, in YOUR honor! (Some of them are the teensiest bit risqué, but we know you love a good joke, so we hope you aren’t offended.)

This actually began with a comment on our forum, that you are in, not Vancouver, as you supposed, but Robcouver. Surprise!  Canada, um, Robanada, is doing it, too! Therefore, one day soon you may travel to Robec, ToRobto, Robifax or even Robtreal. When you do head south again, here are the new states’ names. We don’t want you to be confused by all the new signs the government will have to put up now that these changes have been made to-


The United States of Roberica:

Alabama = Robabama Montana = Robtana
Alaska = Robaska Nebraska = NebRobska
Arizona = Robizona Nevada = Robada
Arkansas = Arkanbert New Hampshire = New Robshire
California = Robifornication New Jersey = New Robsey
Colorado = ColoRobo New Mexico = New Robico
Connecticut = ConnRobert New York = New Yorbert
Delaware = Robaware N. Carolina = N. Robolina
Florida = Floribert N. Dakota = N. Robkota
Georgia = Robgia Ohio = OhiRob
Hawaii = Robaii Oklahoma = ORobahummah
Idaho = IdoRob Oregon = ORobgone (a sad state indeed!)
Illinois = Robnoise Pennsylvania = Robsylvania
Indiana = Robdiana Rhode Island = Rob Island
Iowa = IowRob S. Carolina = S. Robolina
Kansas = Kanbert S. Dakota = S. Robkota
Kentucky = Robtucky Tennessee = Robessee
Louisiana = LooseRob Texas = Robsexass
Maine = Robster Utah = URob
Maryland = Robyland (as opposed to Robland, where you were born. Yes, Europe, uh, EuRob is joining in, as well!) Vermont = Robmount
Massachusetts = Robachusetts Virginia = Robgina
Michigan = Robagainplz Washington = WashingRob
Minnesota = Robesota W. Virginia = W. Robgina
Mississippi = Robissippi Wisconsin = Robsin
Missouri = Robouri Wyoming = Roboming


We didn’t forget Washington D.C. (= WashingRob D.B. (you dirty boy, you!)), Puerto Rico or the US Virgin Islands, either! Puerto Robo & The Nolonger-Virgin Robslands.   We hope that you enjoy the lengths to which we will go to show our appreciation of your many fine talents.  Thank you, Rob, for being YOU!

Always, bandmum
Millbert, Robabama, USR

Rob as a college study aid.

Dear Rob,

There I am in marketing class, learning all about pricing- bundle pricing, geographic pricing, value pricing, line pricing and on, and on, and on . . . . As always, the instructor goes off on some irrelevant tangent for ten minutes, and I spend the time reading ahead in the chapter. Oh look, next we have discrimination in pricing and promotions. That should be interesting. There’s even a law about it. The Robertson-Patman Act.

Let me repeat that. The Robertson-Patman Act.

Or, as it will forever be known in my addled brain . . . The Robert-Pattinson Act.

I spent the next thirty minutes alternating between uncontrollable giggling and unbridled fear that the instructor would call on me (no doubt because he’s noticed the uncontrollable giggling) and expect me to make some sort of coherent statement about it — and I can now only think/speak of it as the Robert-Pattinson Act.

The good news is, this is one law I’ll never forget . . . .  🙂


Robsite Optimization

Should be called Robgle

Should be called "Robgle"

Dear Robert Pattinson,

I read in your GQ interview that you frequently read the blogs and rumors that are written about you on the internet. I may overuse the name Robert Pattinson in this letter, but it’s simply because the more I write Robert Pattinson, the more likely it is that it will turn up at the top of the list when you google yourself (Robert Pattinson). I just want you (Robert Pattinson) to know that you are an amazing actor, I would love to dry hump meet you, I think that we would really have a lot in common. We both like beer, we both have only one pair of black pants, neither of us know how to tie our shoes, and we both have a blatant disregard for our outward appearance…. but that really just skims the surface. You, Robert Pattinson, are incredibly awkward and a bit socially retarded….so am I!! You see, a date between the two of us would be magical! Now, Robert Pattinson… I will gladly drive the 300 miles to Vancouver for this date, so if you happen to be chillin on your laptop tonight, googling yourself and laughing at the expense of all of us fangirls, maybe you should just shoot me an email – we can talk hot pockets and I’ve got some other great microwavable items that you might like to try out.

C’mon now K-Stupid and Nikki Lesbo Reed cannot be satisfying your manly needs. You need someone with a little more skill to help you practice those elaborate love scenes.

Thanks for your time Robert Pattinson.

Robert Pattinson Robert Pattinson Robert Pattinson……..


Rob- the world’s most perfect man

rob-and-the-davidDear Rob,

For a while I’ve been trying to place why you looked familiar to me, and I couldn’t pinpoint it. Then I saw this pic of the David.  Anyway, I was struck by how similar you and the “world’s most perfect man” were from Michaelangelo’s perspective.  The jaw line is identical, and pouty mouth and nose and almost everything.  crazy.  Your ear is much better I think.  You sort of have a Lord of the Rings “elf” ear.


Like the idea of Rob as the “world’s most perfect man?” The gals at Twilight-headed had the same idea!

Keep sending us your letters! WE LOVE THEM! We can’t post them all, and sometimes we forget to post really good ones and by the time we remember the info is WAY old and NOT relevant (our bad! If you wanna complain.. pay us to blog full-time and we won’t forget those things!) Thanks to EVERYONE who has submitted letters so far! We are SO BLESSED to have amazing, readers who feel “connected” to what we do (awww- gushy!) and we don’t THANK YOU enough! XOXO


  1. Desperate and Dateless was HYSTERICAL! I loved it…seriously I too find myself saying no to dates because what are they going to say to me? They’ve been waiting 100 years for me? Not quite. Prolly since last weekend when their other hookup didn’t work out! XX

    • first comment, congrats! are you a NEW commenter too!? xoxo

      • “I too find myself saying no to dates because what are they going to say to me? They’ve been waiting 100 years for me?”


  2. W.O.W. First comment again?
    Do I get a freebie/Robbie for this??
    UC/Moon: Please say I do!!!

    This is really priceless, you have really outshone all of your past endeavours girls! You rock!

    I wanted to open the day with some serious thoughts on this pic:

    Am I alone out here or THIS engenders the dirtiest insticts in you too???


    • I’m making this photo my desktop. When I get sick of looking at my husband — who bares a resemblance to Butter Bean — I will simply turn on my MacBook and stare… and stare… Did I mention I’d stare?!

      • hahaha ‘butter bean’ good idea. Stare away!

    • i am died too

    • love the pic! more, more, more!

  3. He He. I live in Robgina.

    • i live in Robifornication. amen and amen. WEST COAST represent! 😀

      seriously i LOVE this letter dump gals some amazing writing!

      • robifornication.. another reason why D & D should love Twilight & Rob… hank moody is their hero!

  4. Just for the name alone I am moving to:


    Awesome letters!

    • LMAO me too! im packing my bags right now! 😀

    • I thought just the same!!! Sounds like HE could not live ELSEWHERE, could he???

  5. Ok so Carrie! You said it girl. I haven’t yet in my 30 years met a man on the planet that can pull of the do me do me now vibe like Rob does with one look. And he is doing this through a silver screen. It is a special special talent. One of many I am guessing 😉

    • Ditto. Even if I didn’t a;ready agree with Carrie, I think that I am using her thought process as my excuse for being single. Well, that and the fact that I spend too much time dicussing one of my fav topics.

      Love all the letters!! Good choices.

      • Haha I am thinking about starting some sort of support group for women who choose to remain single, due to their desire to “save themselves” for Rob. I am so glad there are others out there like me… Did I mention that I am considering re-virginising myself so when (not if, Rob, WHEN. Cos you know it’s gonna hppen. Just accept it, Rob, you can’t hide forever) Rob and I DO finally hook up I can just pretend that he is totally my first time. Um, did I just admit that? Yep, I have definitely crossed over that fine line into wrong town.

  6. Oh I want to move to WashingRob D.B.

  7. I’m sitting in the middle of lecture with my hand clamped over my mouth in a fit of giggles.

    I really need to make sure that I don’t read this site while I’m in class.

    Take Care,

    Much Love from Dom in ToROBto, ROBanda.

    • No way another LTRer from ToROBto, ROBanada. And I though I was all alone…

      @Monica mmmm THANK YOU I.AM.DIED. too

      • Many of us hide away here in Robanada, I live in oshroba, home of GM (wish it was Volvo’s instead)

        • Actually I’m from ROBississauga! But ToROBto is a more noticeable city than ROBississauga!

          • You are scarily close to me. Like minutes away.

        • Don’t forget me in Robmonton!!!! ROBanada! LOL

          • I was just in Robmonton! 😀 I can’t believe you got snow in april!
            but back in Robcouver. hehe

      • another fan in ToROBto here! i say we rally the troops and take over. mwa ha ha ha ha!


    • don’t get caught! i don’t want your prof to see this site! :):)

      • It’s enough the girls at my table tease me for by ROBward obsession. Along with this site, and my constant readings on ROBsessed and Fan Fics, I’m known as a ROBnerd!

  8. So I’ve been lurking for a while now, just reading what you amazing ladies have writting about the fabulous Rob and I had to come out of lurkdom to comment on Carrie’s letter. I know exactly what you are talking about girl!! Nobody can compare to my utter obsession (Rob of course!) and his “do me” look is drool-worthy!!

    • YAY! we love when people come out of lurkdom! Thanks for doing that 🙂 XOXO

      • Welcome, VampireVixen! (love your name!)

    • This is a difficult site to lurk on for long. There is so much goodness to discuss.

  9. These are hilarious and I agree with every single one.

    Nini in Floribert 😉

    PS. Have I mentioned today how much I love this man? I stayed up until 4:30 am last night/this morning watching Rob interviews on youtube. OH, the perfection…

    PPS. I voted! 🙂

  10. Good mornig girls!! (hey domisgone from ToROBto!)

    Great letters this morning! It’s hard not to agree with all of them!

    I’m having problems myself with that date thing…You see, I’m not the prettiest/smartest/coolest girl on earth, but somehow there’s always someone a cutie that wants to go out with me, and normally when I like someone it’s not hard at all to get his attention and then a date.

    The problem now is that I just don’t like anyone. It’s not that I’m compairing people to Rob, or that I’m saying “I’m waiting for Rob”. Cause I know that I’ll never meet Rob, it’s not gonna happen, at least not in the way I want it to happen. So no, I’m really not doing that. It’s just that I’m not interested in anyone. That only happened to me before when I was really in love with my boyfriend at the time, so everybody else where just friends, or people that held no interest to me.

    Maybe it has something to do with this moment of my life. Studying for this bar exam is a little stressing (and I still have like 8 more months), I study almost all day everyday. It’s like that movie, Groundhog Day, cuz every fucking day is the same. is like waking up in the same day LOL. I don’t have many things to talk about since I study all day.

    …or maybe it has to do with the fact that I can’t get Rob out of my head, that I close my eyes and there he is, that I have to make a conscious effort to stop “seeing” him and focus on the book I’m studying, and that if there is something to talk about I remember something about Rob and I have to shut up about it.


    Nah, it has to be the study. Right?
    Please say yes, and that I’m still a normal person! LOL


    • Yeah Bar Exam! Good Luck, try to stay sane!

      • Hey JanetOC!
        Yeah, it’s hard, and Rob isn’t helping much lol

        • U taking the Canadian Bar Exam? How many days is that one? I took the Robyland Bar Exam and waived into the Robwashing, D.B. bar, even though I now live in Robgina. Ughhhh.

          Bar exams should be about cocktails not thick legal texts.

    • Hey!

      I never even noticed you said Hi to me… well, until now 🙂

      I am married. But after reading the Twilight series, and dreaming endlessly about Edward/Rob, I… myself… found it hard daydream of anyone else…. besides Rob.

      I find myself doing my assignments for school, and ending up reading LTR, or Robsessed… or Fan Fics. Fan Fics are my dirty little secret… and they ALWAYS interrupt my homework. I need to find a quiet place without internet connection. Or a new mind that hasn’t been tainted by SadRob and the notorious GQ photographs.

      -sigh- I think we need to start some kind of group therapy sessions. LTR can’t count as one, cause it just makes my obsession worst.

      Embarrassingly Obsessed,
      (From ToROBto :P)

  11. HILARIOUS!!! All of those letters are so great! I’m glad I’m at home so I don’t have to stifle any snorts or giggles!

    Love to you all from Robsylvania, USR (and I’ve never been all that interested in moving to the South before, but Robsexass sounds like a pretty great place.) 😉

  12. “Robgina?”

    No. For many reasons, none of which I’ll list here.

    And again, NO.

    • I hear ya, but it still sounds funny to say, even though the connotations could have various strange and disturbing interpretations.

    • did you wake up on the wrong side of the bed this am, LA?

      • No, but you know I am hurting. Ew.

        OK, seriously….Robgina is too close to “Mangina.” And that’s all I’m going to say about that.

        • i just htink maybe you’re a crabby-crabster
          🙂 jk only love for you and your pain

  13. I have to say that that last one with the picture of David??? I mean how much better can it get than that. Alas our man will never come here as he only likes to read all the things wrong with him. If we ever want to cross the boundaries between earth and the heavens we would have to start a section for all the haters to post in. This would be hard to do without around the clock therapy and strong medication to keep my sanity. Me loves me some Rob, I cannot hate.

  14. If there is an earthquake in Robnoise-it will because I seduced RP to come do me now!

  15. Today’s Letters were freaking hilarious.
    @Monica re; this pic-



    For anyone who has read the Submissive I looked up the song B/E danced at fundraiser. Perfect.

    @JAG are u there? Gotta question for u.

    • I’m here. What’s up?

    • Love it love it. Thanks for that Carrie.

  16. so yea…
    I always envision him in the Post office…
    its pretty ridiculous that I feel the same thing.
    he has set the craziest standards that no one I feel can even consider meeting…

  17. Good morning ladies, from ROBSEXASS.

    • lucky! the best “rob” state!

    • What part of Robsexass are you from Jess? I’m in Abilene.

  18. awesome letters. the gals on this site are so creative, wish i could compete!

    @soccermom thanx for the recap!

  19. ROTFLMAO! Today’s letters are a scream! I’m laughing so hard!

    LMAO! I love how GQ got to the point where neither of us had to even mention which mag we needed when calling or going
    to the bookstore. I wonder how many copies that sucker has sold now?

    @Carrie, love your “does he have….” descriptions, especially the post office one! LOL!

    I love that I live in NebRobska! LOL! I’m forever going to call it that now, LOL! This is my fave: “ToRobto” LMAO! “Floribert”, ok, now I’m crying! LMAO!

    Going through comments from last night as I wasn’t online at all last night.
    However, I did rent Twilight AGAIN on HD On Demand last night, LOL! I own the dvd 4 times on dvd yet I still order it on tv, LMAO!
    I need to just go out and get a bluray player already! Geez! But it’s sooooo much better in HD.
    And then my ass was in bed by 10:30pm. I am friggin exhausted this week, don’t know why.

    LMAO @soccermom and the sleeping child in towel.

    I have emailed myself all the youtubes posted last night, can’t wait to check them out.

    @Gen, you were so rocking the photos! I can’t wait until his hair gets back to “that stage” again. RAWR!

    I’ve got something going on every night through Monday so I won’t be able to join in in the fun in the evenings.
    So didn’t want anyone to think I’m ignoring the LTR love.

    Thanks everyone for making me feel better about the whole restaurant post because I felt like a
    stupid f*ckwad at first. LOL! Don’t know why, I guess I was just having a moment, LOL!

    I’m going to go see “Adventureland” tonight. I have a friend who’s in love with Ryan Renolds and I told myself I would continue
    to see Kristen Stewart’s films. Gotta support the TwiPeeps careers! So hopefully it’s good.

    We’ve got 2 people out of the office today, one sick and one on vacation so looks like it’s gonna be crazy, so I’ll be in and out today.

    TGIF! Hugs, kisses and Apotampkin, everyone!

    • let me know how adventure land is! maybe i’ll do that tonight too!

      • Will do,
        Hugs back

    • oh filmed in neck of the woods…or should I say ROBBYWOOD hahahah I said Robby and Wood together hahahaha…sorry been a rough day and it is only noon lol

  20. I noticed in google chrome that the United States of Roberica looked a little effed up, i think i fixed it. wordpress hates me when i insert html tables.. especially b/c i kinda make it up cuz i know 0 html.

    enough geek speak for today.
    I ❤ Rob

    Um.. also.. I think the Dazzle awards are OVER? and We WON!? ZOMG!

    • Did you this NEW PE??? He has the cool shades, but he comes with a Bella 🙂


    • Congrats on the win!!

    • uc (& moon!), if the win is true then CONGRATULATIONS. it’s so well deserved. myself and i’m sure absolutely everyone else here appreciates every effort the two of you put into this lovely site. YAY FOR YOU BOTH!

  21. Awesome as usual. I now have a list of possible states we can move to when my hubs gets out of the Navy. I wonder which one he will choose???

  22. All the letters this morning made my day. I have to work later and I dread it all morning.

    I have to say, if I hadn’t been engaged when I first read Twilight and hadn’t been married when the movie came out, it would have been extremely hard to date anyone but someone who looked exactly like Rob. Sometimes I wish my husband had Rob hair. But like I mentioned in a previous comment, my husband looks like Butter Bean. So instead, I think about how it would be if I met Rob. Me and my friend agreed that since it’s Rob, I would be able to consider that a freebie. And seriously — what the hell would be going through your mind if you met Rob? Not like “Oh, let me get a picture with you” but more of a “Do me now, do me now” while he’s breathing heavily into your ear type thing. And ladies, I know deep down you can take The Tuck photo and imagine a very different nether region. Uh huh…

  23. hey anyone else having trouble with the dazzle awards page?

    • oops just saw your comment @unintendedchoice

  24. Alright, Girls, I have to go. take care!!

    See you later!

  25. @Jena thanks, I think we all know who inspired it! 😉

    @jle awww The Tuck, I think my roommate and I stared at that for at least an hour… it was enlarged of course!!

    • Right. So imagine what it would be like if Rob fuckin’ Pattinson was standing at the end of your bed with the look on his face on the link Monica posted with NO tuck at all.

      I’m getting all lightheaded and hot. I think I need to stop thinking about it.

  26. LOL….. wow.

  27. Perfect way to start the day!!

    Personally I would like a trip to Robgina, only in my head it’s not really the state formerly know as Virginia , it’s more like whe Rob is in YOUR…..ohh, you know what I mean!

  28. Love these letters, what a way to start the day! As another fellow Canadian- not to forget Robmonton in Robanada. LOL

    @UC & MOON- Congrats on the WIN! You deserve it! ❤

  29. Hot Topic-

    • I ❤ these picture so much I’m about to make love to my
      monitor. But then I would 1) get fired, 2) get arrested and 3) be locked up in a
      padded room and a straight jacket so maybe I better not! LOL!

      • Haha Jena! Indecent acts with your computer……LOL! ❤

  30. Morning ladies!

    @Carrie- Your letter killed me! The check list is absolutely hysterical and I will forever giggle in the post office from the visual.

    @bandmum- You completed the list! Awesome! ROFL. I love it 😀

    @Apronbabe- I can totally relate to the RobQ hunt. Our stores were some of the last, I think, to get it in. I was pretty sure I was going to die. So glad you got your copy!

    @new awesome ladies- Welcome! 😀

    @regulars- How are all of you? I’ve missed you crazy this week!

    • Hey Ayden! Good to see ya. ❤

      • Hi Ayden! I owe you an email!

  31. Hi girls,

    Well, I don’t live in USRoberica, but if I can choose one place to live in the USRoberica. I’ll probably choose ‘Robgia’.
    B/c it’s just remember me of this word in Portuguese “Orgia”.
    Definition of “Orgia”? Means, in english,
    –> wild, drunken or licentious festivity or revelry.
    My Portuguese-speaker brain understantds ‘Robgia’ like:
    wild, drunken or licentious festivity or revelry… with Rob.
    I’ll say no more.
    United States of Roberica, I’m coming!

  32. WOW! Never in my life have I been soooo grateful to live in the state of Robgina! Lol, I laughed so hard at that one, and of course without the extra “I” in it , I totally went to the Vagina thought and Rob of course..Should it have been RobginIa…does it matter, and do we care?? I’m thinkin that’s a big old fudgin’ “No”

    • lol, thought so…

  33. Hi from Robizona! I’m in the Rob-zone and I’ll pretend it’s his V zone. Licky licky.

    @Carrie: Love your checklist! Even though no man will ever compare to Rob, you still need to get your freak on with someone at some point or you are going to explode with Robexual Tension!

    I have never seen the Rob/David pic. That is awesome, he is an exact carbon copy of the perfect man. See? We all knew that already!

  34. Good morning everyone from ORobahummah City, ORobahummah!!

    Great letters the past couple days. I REALLY missed you all!!

    • @Amber- good to see you! ❤

      • ORobahummah City, ORobahummah, LMAO!
        That’s a fun one to say, LOL!

  35. @Giseli- are you still there? I was wondering if you could translate something for me?

    • Hi Genevieve, I’m still here.
      Yes, I can to translate for you. What’s the word?

      • Let’s see- ‘durma com os anjos e sonhe comigo’
        Thx Giseli ❤

  36. You’re welcome, Genevieve!
    This sentence means:
    “Sleep with the angels and dream about me”

    • That’s beautiful 🙂

      • Yes, I think it is truly beautiful and very romantic too, right?

        • @Giseli- Thanks again! Do you know what I thought it meant (don’t laugh too hard!) that it’s going to be a comical (funny) year! LOL
          I know approximately 4 languages but unf. not portuguese.

          • Genevieve, I tried not laugh too hard… but I did! hahaha
            But it’s only b/c I remembered myself PRETENDING that I know English. Nothing personal LOL

            “that it’s going to be a comical (funny) year!” sentence in Portuguese –> “Este vai ser um ano (legal) engraçado!”

            Portuguese IS a very difficult language… trust me. LOL

        • It is SO romanitic!

          Hey Gen! I want to know what you thought it meant. What language is that? I know a little spanish and looking at it now I can see the resemblences to words I’m familiar with.

          • @French_Nugget- Hey FN- see above on what I thought it meant. It’s Portuguese.

  37. Hey ladies! Did I read that LTR won the Dazzle Awards?? Yay!!

    Love all the letters from today, they’re great.

    • Really? I went to the site, but can’t see nothing about the winners…
      But I’m positive LTR will win this award.
      At least, I voted zillions of times and my RSI b/c of this have to mean something… LOL

  38. MY FAVORITE FAVORITE FAAAAVVVOOORRRRITEEE is Texas=ROBSEXASS absolutely priceless…since I’m from Texas!!! LOVED IT!!! 🙂 LOL

  39. Dazzle voting is closed and it looks like LTR won Best Rob site.

    LTR ladies rock!

    • Standing up and clapping loudly!
      I’m off to the restroom so I’ll do cartwheels on the way there! 😉

      • Do you think we get Rob as the dazzle prize?

        Probably just bragging rights for UC and Moon.

        • That would be so nice 🙂

          Bragging rights are still good though. We decided last night that UC and Moon should try to push to interview him. I thought that winning the Dazzle Awards would build street cred. Just saying.

    • That’s really NEAT!
      Congrats, UC and Moon!!
      Congrats LTR!
      You just deserve it! *clapping my hands*

  40. @Gen I saw that, but I guess I didn’t get that it was what you thought it meant. lol I think I stayed up too late last night and got up too early. lol

  41. LMFAO! read over the new USR again… RobTucky? Rob and tuck in the same word…hehehehe..

    • lol, then it woulda been even funnier…

  42. @Carrie I’m here what’s up?

    I’m finishing off Ode to Boy video now…so I’m lurking. You can tweet me to

    • Thanks. Got ur Tweet. Thanks!!!

  43. I have to go now, girls b/c something REALLY exciting is waiting for me: -dishes in a sink-
    I know! My life is a wild one, uh? LOL

    • Later Giseli! My life isn’t even that exciting lol.

    • Bye Giseli- see you later! ❤

      • Happy sudsing and scrubbing, LOL!

  44. Why am I not surprised? LOL!

    • @Jena I just saw that. Please let the be a rumor. That is so embarrassing.

    • That’s just strange….

      How are you today Jena?

      • I’m good, thanks! I’m glad it’s Friday! How are you?

        • Also glad it’s Friday and I’m off. I think I might need a nap. lol

  45. @Bandmum I graduated from HSU!! Go Cowboys! lol

    • No problem. Glad to bring up good memories. I never really got into anything on campus.

      That’s funny that she picked him out of a catalog! If only it were that easy….lol

  46. Did I miss anything from last nite, should I go back and read…

  47. all you girls are the best!!!! LMAO! Still thinking about the Rob/David… the real David is 17 feet tall…hmmm, imagine Rob at 17′ feet tall (no tuck!)…you do the math! oh yeah…

  48. These letters are fabulous!

    @apronbabe’s letter
    i think in the weeks prior to the alleged release of the RobQ i purchased more magazines and coffee from my borders than i do in an entire year… i just couldn’t bring myself to bounce in there everyday and leave 2 seconds later empty handed… so i now have quite the impressive collection of April 2009 magazines.

    @carrie’s letter
    as a single gale in her mid-20s i too feel your pain. if a guy hits on me it takes every fiber in my body not to snicker out loud and say “seriously? seriously?! you have a buzz cut… you could never be rob.” of course, i instead just give a polite smile of sympathy… both for him and i… and continue on my night.

    whoot whoot for RObsylvania…. and since Pennsylvania means “Penn’s Woods” we can only ascertain that Robsylvania means “Rob’s Wood” … which just really makes me happy to live here… i mean who wouldn’t want to wake up with Rob’s wood everyday?!?

    • LOL, I would. Although Idk if I’m willing to give up his Sexass lol

      • yes FN, you’ve got a good one too!

        p.s. weren’t you just dying reading the newest chapters of Wide Awake?

    • you’re a GENIU! Rob’s wood! HAHA!

    • ps where in Robsylvania? I’m in philly burbs

      • same UC! i’m out in bucks county. u?

  49. I need a Dave in my life.

    I mean, I already have you guys to satisfy my need for daily laughter…but can you imagine the laughing possibilities if he were in my life?

    • oh L, you have NO idea… Dave is quite hysterical…

  50. Funny how I manage to log on right when we are talking about Rob’s wood.

    • Coincidence??? I think not.
      HI Sass. How u been? I miss my pervy commenter partner in crime. 🙂

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