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The Tuck

Dear Rob,

I don’t really have much to say. I mean. I have lots to say, but currently the words are escaping me. I’m just gonna let The Quad break it down for you… Vanity Fair style, of course.


PS: This letter and convo is about the very, um, revealing picture of Rob that surfaced yesterday from Little Ashes. If you are easily offended do not continue. And if you’re not easily offended, are over 18 and haven’t seen THE picture, look at it now. I warned you. I’m warning you. Very Revealing Robert Pattinson Picture

When the picture first came out, The Quad was not immediately available for a group convo. UC had the following two conversations one-on-one:

Friend #1: sorry for the sudden disappearance. After seeing the link Friend #2 sent me…
UC: did you get fired?
Friend #1: I had to run away. I had to cry in a bathroom stall
UC: hahaha. b/c he tucked it. b/c tucking makes us cry

Friend #2: SHIT SHIT SHIT!!! it’s TRUE!!! (sends me link to pic) RUN.RUN.
Friend #2: TUCKED.
UC: oh i cannot believe this is POSTED
Friend #2: i am dying. i am dying. i am dying. his PARENTS and sissies had to see this saturday night
UC: it’s one thing to do nudity
Friend #2: the tuck is the worst. but I will say…he has GREAT pelvic bones. always suspected–that little glimpse of them in the EW cover outtakes.
UC: he looks GREAT
Friend #2: dear God, he TUCKED his peen.
Moon: starting to get links from boys of the tucked pic
UC: from which boys!?
Moon: friends god i wanna look so bad. so i can have a discussion with a boy about it
UC: just DO it. and then save the convo
Moon: thats it???
UC: look at the TUCK and the V and the MUSCLES
Moon: this is gonna be the weirdest movie ever
UC: i know apparently that’s all you see. I asked Gozde from Robsessed. We see ass. and this. no actual peen. DAMN! need the answer to the age old question
*don’t pretend like you don’t know what the age old question is!

And The Quad reunites after 10+ days apart. Read it all after the jump

UC: OMG are we all here!? are we!?
Friend #1
: yes!
can it be true!?
Friend #2
: ME here.
YAY! we’re a quad! and not a trio! or just Moon & I like last week!
Friend #1
: So exciting
: quad train back again
Friend #2
: YAY. i will now play Quad City DJs in honor of this momentous occasion.

Friend #1: Rob would pick you over all of us, Friend #2. not like I care
Friend #2
: well, yeah he would..why are you mad? The Tuck.?
Friend #1
: yah…sicked out for life
doesn’t your hubby do that every morning? is it weird that my husband does? HAHA JK
Friend #2
: it shall henceforth be referred to as The Tuck. in caps.
Friend #1
: is it weird that my husband does that?
Friend #2
: Mine has never done that. For the record
: uh.. I know no one who has done that
Friend #1
: Moon is right. No one has done that. not even mine or your hubby, UC
not EVEN them. Or your hubby, Friend #2.  Or Moon’s Edward pillow
Friend #1
: but…rob has
Friend #2
: only Buffalo Bill. In Silence of the Lambs.
and ROB, The Tuck
: i think a requirement for THE TUCK is that you are LE GHEY

Friend #1: want to know what I did after seeing it?
what did you do share please
Friend #1
: I thought it was a gift from the gods for sure…I was so excited to see what Robsessed had in store and then I clicked on it And I literally screamed and I ran to the bathroom- vomited. cryed
NO! not vomit!
Friend #2
: hahaaa
Friend #2
: srsly?
tell me you’re serious!?
Friend #1
: lost my skills of spelling…since I put “cryed” no…I didn’t vomit but I wish I had And I wish I cried
: wow we all had vastly different reactions
Friend #1
: I mostly just did a lap around the building to cool off, yelling “hail mary” the whole time..and I am not catholic. mostly I was yelling hail mary for him since he is catholic
Friend #2
: girl, i started singing that old Baptist standard, “Heaven came down and glory filled my soul…: (Filled my soul..)
Friend #1
: I think I need to stare at GQ Rob for about….5 minutes. make it…7 to cleanse my mind. 7 minutes in heaven!

UC: if you can look past that hair (yuck- i refuse to say the “p” word) and The Tuck you can see a VERY nice body. a VERY nice “V” in the muscles
Friend #1
: I can’t look that long
Friend #1
: desktop image for sure
: hahahahaha
Friend #1
: maybe it will do a closeup like moon’s compy!
: we need an HQ of this just for one quick look
Friend #1
: can’t look
Friend #2
: quick look? hell to the no… i’ve been staring for an hour now/ The Tuck.
Friend #1
: I didn’t look long enough…

Moon: lets continue around the circle and get other reactions?
Friend #1
: did he have that sicknast stache glued on?
Friend #2
: no stache. but his hair looks like ALICE! dude.
Friend #1
: I forgive him tenfold.
: looks like a damn wig
you really only saw a teeny tiny view, Friend #1?
Friend #2
: i’m sure it is a piece.
Friend #1
: I wish the wig was long enough to cover the offensive Tuck

Moon: i was vastly underwhelmed
: so i was saving myself for the quad break down and didnt look at it till 2 guys sent ME the link
Friend #2
: because it’s no big deal, or underwhelmed by him?
: i looked and literally said out loud THATS IT???!!! and i was like wtf is everyone wildin out over?

Friend #2: it is a hot mess. he looks good, love his pelvic bones, love his non-gross pubes, but hate The Tuck.
i think my husband just started having gmail chat sex with me
Friend #2
: gross. you cannot do that while discuss The Tuck.

UC: my thoughts: tucked. it’s tucked. omg. i was hoping someone made up a very bad joke… But the V looks hot and for that i’ll stare

Friend #2: The Tuck. Has ruined. My Day. I’ve accomplished NOTHING since my daughter went down for her nap.
: ive done nothing since i got to work!
Friend #1
: I can’t go back to robsessed with fear that I will lose my job. srsly
Friend #2
: the V is hot as all get out.
: yea i want to run my fingers down the V
Friend #2
: he totally has Alice hair. bad Alice hair, that is. i’m getting my magnifying glass. don’t judge.
: hahahahaha ctrl +
Friend #2
: ok…i made it bigger…the picture, that is… and got the magnifying glass. he’s not as manscaped as we thought.
: he looks like a tranny
Friend #2
: he DOES! that’s the point. Dali was a freak.
: a baaad tranny
i’m so weirded out to see the movie i wish i could with you guys
: im 100% going but also bringing something to hide behind
Friend #2
: indeed. it’s embarrassing. like….the kissing scene, the beating off scene,…that wouldn’t bother ME as much. THIS does. The Tuck.

hot-topic-17Moon: palatte cleanser
those pics are AMAZING!
Friend #2
: that’s not even my fav..
Friend #1: Friend #1’s brain is healed.
and she’s BACK!
Friend #1
: that picture healed ME
: heal the wounds. we’ll fight to see another rob-day

hot-topic-18Friend #2:This one is my favorite
Friend #1
: it’s like aloe to a burn
Friend #2
: I know what he looks like naked. I love it. and that picture is PERFECTION.
Friend #1
: as opposed to The Tuck being lemon to a sore…
Friend #2
: amen
Friend #1
: oh so poetic.
and that’s some good programming.. 🙂

There you have it. The Tuck broken down in our favorite way. (See more Vanity Fair Style Break-downs here)
Which reaction did you have?

  • I wish the wig was long enough to cover the offensive Tuck
  • i looked and literally said out loud THATS IT???!!!
  • it is a hot mess. he looks good, love his pelvic bones, love his non-gross pubes, but hate The Tuck.
  • tucked. it’s tucked. omg. i was hoping someone made up a very bad joke… But the V looks hot and for that i’ll stare

Rob promised to write us a real letter if you vote for us at the Dazzle Awards. That’s an April Fools joke but the dazzle awards part isn’t. Also vote for Lauren’s Bite while you’re there!


  1. Just saw this-

  2. I’m going off topic – sue me – but all the Rob/gym talk reminds me…

    I’ve been meaning to ask you girls for suggestions on new gym music. My playlist is so damn worn out & I’m over it. I’m open to everything music-wise, so let me know?? 🙂 Me love you long time!

    • I’ve got a tredmill list on my ipod, when I get home I’ll send you a list.

      • I have a pretty great playlist, and i change it up all the time. Some of my choices are wack..but I don’t care. They get me going…or help me warm up/cool down.

        what is your email, I will copy and paste the list for you!


          Love you too!

          • ive been listening to Muse a lot at the gym lately…. anything by them is great.
            and 3peat by lil wayne is what i start my jog to every day.

          • Yes yes! 3peat = greatness

      • Reason #94857 I love Jena 😀 Thank you!

        • No probs! I’ll email you tonight but it’ll be later in the evening.

    • Don’t Trust Me–3OH!3
      I stand alone–Godsmack
      Houses –Great Northern
      Invincible –OkGo
      Smack my Bitch up–Prodigy
      Omen (Noisia Remix) Prodigy
      Let Your Hips Swing –Savage Ft Soulja Boy
      Boom Boom Pow — Black Eyed Peas
      The Bucket — KOL

      This is what I listen to whilst biking to and from work 🙂

      • I don’t know why but I have always loved that
        “Smack my Bitch up” by Prodigy LOL!

        • lol I know as a woman… I guess we shouldn’t but it gets ya movin!

  3. Just saw this too-

    • Please don’t let SpunkMe see this. She’ll be back at the voodoo dolls and pipe bombs!

  4. a little piece of me died inside when I saw that pic. *sigh* its like a train wreck….horrific but you just can’t look away! okay maybe thats a little over dramatic.

    I love and respect Rob, he is an amazing actor, but I won’t be seeing “Little Ashes” (and not because of that scene) its just not my cup o’ tea. does that make me a horrible fan?

    • Not a horrible fan at all! NO WAY! The fact that you still love and respect him as an actor and actually UNDERSTAND that this is his JOB and still support him makes you an awesome/true fan.

    • From all that I’ve read on previews of LA, it is a beautifully done piece. Its not tacky and I can understand it being hard to see Rob making out with a guy, etc.

      That does not make you a bad fan, you can choose which films you want to support him on. As long as you support him, who cares?

      I for one will be seeing this movie. I have a feeling that after a few minutes in, I won’t be seeing ROB but will instead be seeing DALI. Very few actors are able to embody their characters and it looks like Rob is able to do that in LA. I can’t wait.

    • thank you! yes! you hit the nail on the head…I most def cannot watch him make out with a dude…just like I couldn’t watch Brokeback Mountain, or Milk. I just can’t watch these super hot guys that I fantasize about…snoggin on other dudes, even if it is just a movie.

  5. Reason #94857 I love Jena 🙂 Thank you!

  6. Man….

    *feels not so good*

  7. I can’t wait even more to see LA, after hearing you gals expound on the TUCK.

    I think, I am now TEAM V.

    April Fool’s Twi-news getting on my nerves but the gullible fan reactions = hilarity.

    Buff Bill from Silence of the Lambs will always freak me out, regardless.

    Back to workie stuff.

  8. For the Kellan team-

    • For the love of all that’s holy! Kellen is rocking it in those photos. I’m with popsugar, it almost makes me forget about drooling over Rob, almost.

      But I am willing to make a Rob/Kellen sandwich. I’ll take two slices of man beef please!

      Hummina hummina hummina!

      • Hahaha! The key word being ‘ALMOST’!

  9. Go Team V!!! lol

  10. im sure we get to see some RobAss in the film – uc mentioned in the post that godze says we do. so YEAH – when is *that* pic coming out?!

    i. cannot. wait. to. see. this. film.

    oh – side note to therealrobzilla:

    he won’t necessarily want children when he’s older- ?!?! ive never liked children – didn’t want ’em when i was his age and i still don’t want ’em now 🙂

  11. So, my friend and I love you guys.
    We break it down vanity fair style on a regular basis..
    We figure if we team up we can take over the world. and oh man..that tuck. no one else could pull it off..or out?

  12. Hi girls, I have some sad news. My husband found out about my obsession here and is not happy. In fact he said he wants a divorce. He read the posts about how badly I would like to DO him and he cried.

    So in order to save my marriage I am not going to be posting on LTR anymore.

    APRIL FOOLS! hahahahhahahha….YEAH RIGHT! If he really found out I would be all “So! DEAL!”…and then I would get him a cut out of Kate Walsh and he would be fine. 😉

    • “He read the posts about how badly I would like to DO him and he cried.” LMAO!!

      I’m glad your marriage is ok 🙂

    • Lol! Kristin that’s a good one! That’s what I’d say to the hubs, Just deal!

      • Citing Robert Pattinson in your divorce papers would be kinda cool though. Not that i wish divorce on you…

  13. is this an april fools joke?–steph meyer finished midnite sun and its gonna be released in may?

    • where did you read/see that?

      • someones facebook status gna say yeah, its a joke..darn.

        • LOL! I’m so gullible 😦

    • I’m gonna say yes. There’s nothing about it on her website.

  14. That is hilarious… I piss myself laughing 🙂
    You are so evil.. I like it very much

  15. Oddly enough…I don’t mind THE TUCK.

    It’s a role. He’s an actor. And he has some SERIOUS stones for putting it all out there. Or for not putting it out there….hehe.

    And eff it all on Perez. Like anyone would want to see anything even remotely related to his crotchal-area. (hurl)

  16. UC you totally redeemed yourself today momma. Like your friend I had to run about the block screaming for a few minutes because it was like a gift from heaven. Tuck smuck who gives a fuck I could look at Rob all day.

  17. I’m just tickled pink that they included my two men together in the same spoof! LMAO!

    • Jena are you a Keanu fan?? I feel like I should know this…

    • That WAS great! You are GREAT! The end.

  18. UC -Love Friend 2 – he hair looks like Alice!

    Just think we have to separate Rob the Man and Rob the Character. This is not Rob – this is Rob portraying Dali – like his protraying Edward, that is not Rob either!

    But this IS Rob’s bod!! I am definetly with the V-team. He has a long (ahem) swimmers torso. Yeah – its a long way down to the prize!

    • Great way to put it!
      I am def on the V-Team too!

  19. Love the break down of THE TUCK!

  20. I’m so glad I came across this site….
    Just had good laughs reading the conversation.
    And I spent yesterday evening reading all the old posts.

    Keep up the good work!

    The Tuck *giggles like a tween* (>_<)

    • glad you found us!! WELCOME! and enjoy THE TUCK!

  21. Have you already read this one:

    The author of the Twilight books, Stephenie Meyer was found dead in her Phoenix, Arizona home. The 36-year-old mother of three may have overdosed on prescription pills. Several yet unidentified pill bottles and a suicide note were found nearby. None of the contents of the note have been made public. Sources at the scene indicate that Meyer was believed to be deceased approximately 36 hours prior to the discovery of her body by her husband of 15 years.

    You can read the whole article here:

    I hope it is an April joke…
    but this isn´t funny- only disgusting

    xxx Fine

    • Nah, total April Fool’s joke and in really bad taste. I hate it when these ‘death’ rumors abound.

      I live in Phoenix and there’s nada on the news about Steph.

    • That is so f*cking sick. Why do people feel it necessary to be idiots and make up THAT kind of shit?? Everything else today has been FUNNY. That = Not funny.

    • thats just sick.these people are being unnecessarily cruel.SM,whether u love her or hate her is a human being and she has kids,family,siblings etc.these kinds of death rumors are just plain fucked up shit from very mentally disturbed people.

      • That’s sick. That’s total BLASPHEMY! And this person ought to
        be ashamed of themselves. Ok, the AF jokes today were funny
        but this is getting out of hand of people!

    • that is so EFF’D UP! i really hope Stephenie doesn’t hear about this either. talk about sick!!

    • OH MY WORD!
      People can be awful cruel sometimes…
      I’m sorry.

  22. Yeah.. I thought as much! But I hope Steph will not read it…
    Some people are really messed up…

  23. @JBell, will email you song list tonight. I’ll be home later in the evening around 9ish so will email you then.

    @FN, Oh yeah baby! Have been for the past 15 years.

    • I always remember Keanu in Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure. lol

  24. @Kristin, you scared the shit out of me for a second! LOL!

  25. Chirp chirp!

    That is me finally chirping in on the last two days of wild banter. Although I have been silently keeping track of everything, I guess I just didn’t have much to say. I was expecting to open up the photo and see something totally wild, and personally, I couldn’t see what the hype was all about. Little Ashes is going to be a beautifully filmed art piece and I completely expect to see imagery that will be disturbing a la any decent indie film. I have so much respect for him as an artist first and foremost. He just happens to be wrapped up in an equally beautiful package (yes, you can take that one to the dirtier parts of your minds cuz you know I did ;o).

    And how much more vulnerable can he be for the sake of art and the sake of us as viewers? This is just one more reason why he makes us love him – he is vulnerable and perfectly normal in so many ways – accessible and honest. I can’t think of anything more attractive than that.

    • AMEN!!

      Hey Byrdie! We were wondering where you were last night.

      • Hey there Frenchie! I have missed you guys. I was super busy yesterday and didn’t get on line until close to midnight. By that time, I had missed most of the banter, so I just silently watched all you sweethearts catching up. Hopefully, I’ll be popping in and out today. My Robsession is shifting….I can feel it.

        • It’s probably b/c he’s hiding from us and our last dose of him is wearing off. Although that LA pic should hold us over for a while. We were reduced to talking about tea last night 🙂

          • Heehee – I saw that and thought it was all kinds of cuteness actually. More the reason why I love our little late night group. We sit around in our cozy jammies mixing it up with intellectual pondering of all things Rob and beyond.

            Too true about not having any real news to speak of from the land of RP. It definitely causes frenzy over any little break in the news. Speaking of…I see Ceri just posted something new! Let the frenzy begin!!


  26. Rob’s been found!

    • Sam looks so cute in that first pic and Rob is really doing his best to look like a vamp.

      Sounds like the girls didn’t harass them much which I am so happy to hear. See? There are decent fans out there – although they apparently had a Twimom stalker.

    • Aw….Sam and Robbie on a man-date. How romantical. They’re all huddled in the corner of the restaurant as “Never Think” plays in the background. Presh.

    • kinda sad at the part where she says robert looked liked he didnt want to have his pic taken..poor guy prolly just wanted to go have dinner and chill out with a friend.

    • Oh noo.. why isnt my name Sam Bradley? LOL
      Rob always wearing the same clothes;-) He is really a humble guy….

      • very low maintenance i tell yah! we wont be havin’ to do a lotta laundry when rob is around!LOL

    • These guys are sooo sweet. I just bet it drives him crazy but we do appreciate seeing that gorgeous face.

    • ok so whyyyyyyyyyy doesn’t he get a DIFFERENT hat and coat?? I mean they are like giant beacons of rob hotness calling all twihards to him. I mean I want pics and all that jazz but I still want him to be able to move about undetected at times too.

  27. Ode to Rob’s Tuck

    We all are obsessed with his Tuck
    But Rob Pattinson I so want to f*ck
    I know it’s all good
    He’ll c*m when he should
    And he’ll make my hips writhe and buck!

    Honestly, I am not weirded out in any way by The Tuck.

    Rob you are like a Hallmark card that says something so sweet and sexy on the outside and then you open it to find a pop-up surprise! So…

    Dear Rob,

    Here’s to all your bravery and beautiful artistry that you could be MAN enough to not only stand confidently in front of the camera naked as the day you were born and have so many strangers staring at you, but to do it as a gay character as well. And tuck away, my lover, because all I imagine is when they yell “cut!” on that shot and your Robnantastic jewels pop back out from where you’ve hidden them, cause there ain’t nothin’ better than a Robnana pop-up!

    Love and Spunk,

    • Hi SpunkMe! Love your letter BTW. I tried to warn you about some links today. I don’t want to have to bail you out for cyanide koolaid attack!

      • @SM

        I do appreciate your warnings–at least you are thinking ahead for me. Of course you always want more what someone warns you away from, right?! Are you using reverse psychology on me, Soccermom?

  28. OMG! More Zygote Rob.

    First pic, early “Say It, Say It Out Loud!” – where the butter?

    Second pic, “hello ladies” pose

    These pics crack me up!

    • To be quite honest, I find the zygote pics more disturbing than the LA pic (which wasn’t disturbing to me). Kiddie porn I tell ya!

      • I was just thinking the same thing! I mean, we all go through our awkward phases, I’m just sad his have to be shared with the world!

        • For me it is mostly because it is such LAME photography. It is completely uninspired with no redeeming artistic qualities (not to mention that the fashion is HORRIBLE).

    • @Ceri

      OMG!!! My eyes again! Kiddie Porn–and it looks soooo GahAAAYYY! I can’t look at him in that photo shoot! LOL!!!!

    • gah,i cant even bear to look at zygote rob!lol

    • He has really loooooooooooooonnnnnnnnnnnnnngggggggggggggg legs! I´m a little bit jealous of him.

    • Rob?!?
      Is this really you when you was young?!?
      Dear Robert *FREAKING* Pattinson,
      We ❤ you. Thanks for all this fun!!

  29. Can we please go back to The V?

    • SC that image is burned into my brain for all eternity LMAO!! so i was just thinking if we all stare at that pic at the same time and stare and concentrate really hard,that mirror might just tilt a lil bit and show us the tush?? *sigh* i wanna see them bunbuns

      • I am waitin’ on the bun shot too. If they got this, then there’s gotta be one of the buns!

    • We should add that to our vocab…




  30. I was worried I scared everyone off with that post. LOL!

    The girl modeling with him said he was so shy and reserved. You can tell he’s not the comfortable in the shoot.

    I think he is just so damn cute in those pics.

  31. @Byrdie “We sit around in our cozy jammies mixing it up with intellectual pondering of all things Rob and beyond.” So true!

    • ❤ you!

      • **BIG HUG**

        I agree about the fashion in the Zygote shoot….ICK!

  32. @SM
    You warned me again, but did I listen??? Hell no!! Ok, that NReed April Fool’s Joke about did me in!!!! I thought oh no, I knew I shouldn’t have gotten back on this d*mn rollercoaster ride, but then I get to the new pic of him on his man date with Sam and I am totally ridin’ that Rob rollercoaster all the way down for the rush again WHEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Plus I totes stole this for our nightly viewing pleasure…

    • I was worried you might go apesh*t and start making your pipe bombs again. LOL!

      I love the new gif. Rob with his natural laugh is freaking contagious. I love that he doesn’t hold it back. Have you seen the youtube vid of just his laugh over several interviews? GOLD, baby, gold!

      • Luckily, I quickly saw the April Fool kicker with Rob laughing, otherwise you guys would have been in for some serious shiz from me!! LOL!!

        Yes, I can not say enough about how much I LOVE his laugh! Sexy as hell! No, haven’t seen it…sounds excellent though!

    • thanks for that gif,spunkme.i really want rob to smile and laugh like that again,nowadays our poor boy is hiding under hoodies and shiz at a party. wish we would get more pics of his beautiful smile!

      • @Sherin

        Yes, I was glad to see him smiling in the photos last night though. I thought he’d be totally so lost in his method acting for Suicidal Edward that he would be brooding if caught out and about…And hate that he has to hide under the hoodie…he’s turning into Wide Awake Bella! My Guy was beautiful and the first thing I wanted to do was pull that f*ckin’ hood off his head and then kiss him senseless.!

    • @SpunkMe – I totally love your gift for giffin! This is so sweet. I love his laugh. I really hope we get JAG/Carrie to make that laughing video (unless I missed it). You know what else makes this one so great?!? Cuz it is during the filming of one of my absolute favorite parts in the movie “you really shouldn’t have said that”. Right up there with “don’t move”. YUMMY!

      • @Byrdie

        Hey Tweets! Thanks, yes, as soon as I saw that one, I totes had to snag it! That one ranks up there with the Rome Rob gif! He does have the best laugh in the whole world! I am still waiting on someone to make that video of Rob saying SEX and SAY IT and OUT LOUD over and over and a number of other hot things!

        I totes LOVE him in the Cullen house scene! I thought that is where he totes looked the HOTTEST!!!

  33. @SpunkMe, I think you may have sent those pipebombs to the wrong addresses. I haven’t heard any breaking news. Oh NOOO!! Innocent victims….as long as they can’t trace it to you you’re okay.

    • please send one to that lainey person.thanks babe,i owe u one

      • Don’t waste it on Lainey. She is just a marketing maven and we all know she totes “lika da RP”

        • i just totes giggled at the hate mail she published,essentially telling her to go eff herself!hahaha!!

    • @FN

      Don’t worry, I made an extra set. They are in the garage. I’ll go get them and send them right out! One for Lainey and one for Ted C. Anyone else we need to Robbomb?

  34. @Ceri: Thanks for helping us find Rob from last night. This just plays into my determination to never ask for a photo of him. I was recently thinking that if I ever bumped into him and one of his famous buddies, I would most likely a) ignore like I always do, but get some sort of thrill out of having seen him, or depending on my level of intoxication, b) ask for a photo with the buddy. You know, ask Rob if he wouldn’t mind actually taking the photo of me and his friend. I think that would be refreshing for him.

    • It’s all Robsessed. I don’t know how they get their information so quick, although apparently those photos were sent directly to her so the fans must know that website.

      I was thinking that if I saw him, instead of hounding him for a photo and would just take pics with my camera phone. Especially one if he is walking away. Yum!

      • Heiney shots are much appreciated in these parts.

    • LOL, that would probably be VERY refreshing for him! Could you imagine what his reaction to that would be?

      • im sure a shocked expression wouldnt be too far off!LOL.and if rob was smart he’d want to take ur number for that stunt !

        • That’s the plan (winkwinknudgenudge).

          We should make an LTR pact that this will be the M.O. if any of us ever happen to run into him.

          I’m sure I’ll get a few slaps for that comment…*ducks*

          • You’re so smart! I think that’s a very clever way to approach it. He won’t be expecting it.

          • i think that would work.say,u spot sam and rob walking down the street,and you very casually stroll over to where they are and look at sam and say..”oh,arent you sam bradley?i was at ur concert on ____. youre quiet good”.of course sam would say,oh thanks..blah blah blah. and you look at rob and say,can you please take a pic of me and sam.sam,i hope you dont mind.” (rob would be in a state of frozen shock by this time .note:make sure you have ur hottest outfit on!No UGG boots ppl! thank sam after the pic,shake his hand,give rob a casual once over ..and walk away!!

          • Sherin you have now entered my very wicked brainspace. That is exactly how I picture it. Although, I think I would want to be in the most normal average outfit to make it even less noticeable. That alleged photo of RP back at the fashion party over the weekend was most disturbing because all the chicks in their cloned outfits. I loved the fact that “maybe” KStew was sitting in grungy clothes among the plastic clones.

      • Hopefully I’ll get to try it out one day. Crossing my very long fingers in honor of the boy.

        • Kind of love this manifest. What a great idea!

  35. Doing a drive by…
    Loved todays post. Read it while working at a clients office today, I am the master of ALT-TAB. I’m sure he thinks I’m nuts, all the giggling.

    I won’t be around much tonite, RL shizz to do.
    I ❤ Rob tucked untucked whatev!
    Just wanna make my way down the Happy trail & take a ride on his Disco Stick…

    Jag Out ❤

  36. Something to cheer you guys up along with SpunkMe’s gif.

    A montage of Rob’s laugh. I can helped but giggle with him.

    • @Ceri

      Love it!!

  37. not sure if anyone linked it but they really are pulling at strings…

    • “And his friends are also concerned that Robert’s Twilight success may have only been short-lived, and they feel bad for him”

      Yeah right! Life and Style is such a piece of crap. Nothing they report is ever true.

      I’m sure Sam Bradley is really concerned about Rob’s star power. Ha!

      • Everything about that cover and article makes my skin crawl. How stupid do they think we are? Guess they aren’t used to the caliber here at LTR.

        • So true, so true. Maybe the teenies buy that crap, who knows?

          At least we can pride ourselves on knowing the difference and taking the gossip ‘news’ with a grain of salt.

          • wait?!?! you mean kstew isn’t popping Tay tay’s cherry?!?! BUT she needs to. BELLA owes it to JACOB. She can’t just go to dinner with him and not be in love. what a tease.

            haha. sorry couldn’t help myself.

    • I knew the KStew/Taylor rumors wouldn’t take long. I called the love triangle too.

    • Yes, another trash mag had something about Kristen and Tay-Tay ‘spending time together’. I think they are just trying to build up some chemistry between those two for the movie. I’m wondering if they’re gonna make it more of a serious love triangle in the movie, cause I never really did see Bella ending up with Jacob in the books.

      • Hey there SM! Been a while :o(

        I am totally with you on the Bella/Jacob stuff in the book. I never ever ever ever felt any attraction from Bella’s side. I really wanted to, but it wasn’t there for me. I hope they create that in the movie though. Gotta love da love triangle!

        • Hey Byrdie *waves* ! How have you been? I always seem to be in bed by the time you arrive anymore. I ususally go back the next morning and read the late night stuff, so I’ve been keeping tabs on ya! How was the trip?
          I honestly kept waiting for more intense triangle stuff in the beginning of BD. I KNOW Bella ahd decided on Edward and had told Jacob they would never be more than friends, but I expected Jacob to try to stop the wedding or something. Don’t get me wrong, I LOVED BD, it just didn’t start out the way I expected.

          • Ditto on the passing posts – we are like those proverbial two ships in the night. How romantic ;o) I always love seeing your photo and reading your words even if it is after hours.

            I wanted a triangle so bad, I was secretly hoping there would be a female love interest that popped in for Edward. I thought maybe Tanya would be somehow woven in to give Bella a run for her money. In BD, I fell more in love with Jacob (loved the section written from his point of view) and actually got a little sick of the lovey dovey self sacrificing blahblah between Edward/Bella. You can FKL me for that comment, but I’m standing by it. Just saying….

    • just you wait! we are gonna hear rumors of rob/dakota/ dakota/taylor new brit guy who plays caius/nreed or kstew…rob and that heidi girl, heidi girl /kellan/ wolf boys with any and or all the female cast.brace yourself hiding in a bomb shelter when this happens

      • Should be some serious group orgy going on by the time Breaking Dawn is filmed!

        • wow.wish we could all join in.that would be heading straight for rob and kicking anybody whos on the way!LMAO!

          • Heck yeah, while your busy with Rob, I’ll take care of Alex Meraz 🙂 lol

      • i just can’t wait for the rumors to fly about cast members of new moon who won’t even end up filming on the same continent. those will be the best.

        • This is completely off topic, but I like your gravatar 🙂

          • you know what … it’s the one the monster gods of blogging world randomly assign to you when you sign up… and i sort of like it too! like i’m a lobster and rob’s my lobster counterpart (lobsters have one mate for all of their life). **SIGH** a girl can dream. haha. not to mention i have no idea how to go about changing it.

          • I didn’t know that about lobsters. I say keep dreaming! In the words of Cinderella “A dream that you wish, will come true!” I wish I could help, I don’t remember how I changed mine! lol

      • If there’s a Rob/Dakota rumor that will actually be scary since she is 15 years old! Now, Dakota and Taylor…i could totally see that! And Rob and the model – that’ll be going around. Did you guys see the article somewhere a few days ago insinuating that a “thick haired beauty” and her “scruffy co-star” were gettin’ it on from the Twilight cast? I’ll have to look up the link if I can find it – but the only thick haired beauty I can think of is Rachelle. Of course, the rags make up all kinds of crap….

  38. Oh and I wanted to tell you I had a Rob/LTR dream that we found a post on here for just a link and when we clicked on it, it was a self filmed vid of HHH letting us know he totally checked us out and loved what we all say about him. He said that he checkd LTR posts each day and night and sometimes more often if he was having a crap day to make himself feel better. He was totally flattered that we are all so hot for him although he couldn’t understand why (he made that confused face) and he said we made him blush quite often. He said he’d post a message again soon for us and thanked us for all the love. He smiled and winked. That was the end.

    Oh that was nice!… even though it wasn’t like personal or hot sex with him…still a good one.

    • Awww…..maybe that’ll be one of those deja vu dreams that will actually happen one day.

    • i swear this site is all about 100% love for rob.

    • That is so sweet, SpunkMe.

  39. @Byrdie- you still there? missed you last night.

    • Hey Gen! I missed you too. I popped on really late to catch up and just had nothing to say. I guess I had to process my feelings about the LA photo, or rather “lack” of feelings. Really no bid deal in my world. Still….nice to look at and I really can’t wait to see the flick. Arthouse indie – my favs!

      • I also don’t have much to add on that subject.
        Feel the same way- ‘lack’ of feelings. He is a normal (as in human) man who has an incredible physique and an even more incredible talent/personality. The end. (also can’t wait to see the movie- but don’t know if/when here in Canada)

        • I’m super lucky cuz I only have to wait until May 15th. It’ll make it north to you – keep the faith! BTW, working on your email right now. Look for it soon!

          • ‘kay thanks- looking forward to it! ❤

  40. YAY!!!!!! ROB’S BEEN FOUND!
    OK, off to go read post and stare at new photos!

  41. @SpunkMe – LOL! I KNEW you would ignore my warnings (again). The Nikki Reed pregnancy sent me into atrial fib. I had to use the paddles to restart my heart. *CLEAR*

    • That made me laugh. It actually is a great commentary on how ridiculous this whole thing has become. I really grounded everything for me. I hope RP/KStew/Taytay/NReed and the bunch get a good laugh about it too.

    • *CLEAR* …and SM is backkk againnnnnnnnnnnnnn!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • @SM

      Well I freaked out because just recently I was reading some gossip about some girl in London that he supposedly got pregnant named Alaina or Elaina or something and how his management team was scrambling to cover it up until after New Moon comes out…that he was seen with her in so many places over the holidays, etc…I freaked out, but realized if it was true the media woulda been all over that like NReed on Rob’s ass!

      That was about the biggest April Fool’s Joke ever played! Holy Crap! Still praying he has stayed away from NReed’s skank hole! Any more word on that being true or not?? (Sorry for any NReed lovers-I.AM.NOT.ONE.

      • only lainey skank ass so far has reported that nreed spent a couple of sleepovers at his pics though.they supposedly left a party with arns around each other…im like,really?AND NOBODY THOUGHT OF GETTING PICTURES OF THAT??!! seriously lainey=lame

      • @SpunkMe – I am all for Rob gettin’ some (even if it’s not with me), but I pray not with someone skanky (a ‘regular’ girl would be great) and please, Rob, wear a raincoat. Or even two – we just can’t take any pregnancy rumors. Some of us are pre-menopausal and subject to unpredictable mood swings! Who knows what would happen if these rumors were true!

      • i really think those elaini rumors started a long time back.from last year. damn,but i wanna have his baybays LOL

        • I think most of us would offer our uterus for that!

          • You said Uterus! hee hee snort *beevis and butthead like*

            Seriously, I’d be open for business if he wants to import some Rob baby seed in mine! LOL!!

  42. @Dany our Chilean Cake: I have no idea why I was typing Dani (with an i). Very lame and so sorry.

    I was out all day yesterday, but I will try to get some idea of pricing on the various bits we talked about on Monday. Hopefully will have some news for you later today.

  43. @Byrdie – reply from me way back up page. Afraid it will get buried!

    • I know what you mean! I’m always scrolling back and forth cuz I’m afraid of missing something. Thanks for the head’s up!

  44. @Byrdie – Would NEVER FKL you! Agree on the section written from Jacob’s POV. I actually started to feel sorry for the guy. LOVED the part where he just couldn’t take being around Bella anymore and Edward tosses him car keys and tells him to go. Then he drives around tyring to imprint on someone. Heartbreaking. But, I just never saw him and Bella together. Interesting twist that would have been with Tonya giving Bella some competition.

    • Did anyone else get a “Rosemary’s Baby” feeling at the end of Part 1 of BD? I was scared, I kept imagining Bella skinny like Mia Farrow eating raw meat w/ dark circles under her eyes.

      • @FN – Yeah that is totally what I was envisioning! Seriously do not see HOW they can keep BD PG-13 (with the honeymoon and birth) and I pray that they don’t!

        • I know!! It would suck if they left the honeymoon juiciness out!

          @Byrdie yes, makeup is going to be good! I’m interested in how the wolves are going to look in NM. I’m sure they’ll be comp animated, I just hope it’s good! I hate when you can tell it’s fake.

        • Totally want them to make Eclipse and BD R rated …. and would prefer NM to be R rated as well, but can see them possibly getting away one more time with PG-13 for that one. Fingers crossed for R RATING!!

          After all this Fan fic I’m actually wanting BD to be NC-17!!!

        • They should NOT keep it PG-13 just to appease the teeny twi fans who shouldn’t have read BD (in my humble opinion) anyway!! My daughter is about to turn 12 – I will only let her read the first two at this point…..

          But BD, if filmed as written, would not fall into PG-13….I don’t want gratuitous sex (well, ok – I do) – but I want it to resemble the book and to do that I don’t want any fade to black scenes with the honeymoon and birth! Also, I think that the kisses in Twilight were hot, and the making out only gets more intense as the books go on – and I want to SEE THAT!

      • Makeup is gonna be good in that movie!

        • Makeup had BETTER be good in that movie or FKL!

    • Phew….that’s why I love it here. I can totally say it like I see it and I you guys still love me. Insecure or what?!?

      Yes, I totally thought Tanya would be back in force at some point (maybe because of the part in Midnight Sun when he went to Alaska). There are several things I predicted in the books that totally happened, but SO many more things I expected and never did. You know what totally flipped me out? The scene in the tent in Eclipse. I never saw that entire thing happening. It was such a deviation from where I thought it was going. I can’t wait to see that scene played out.

      • That tent scene is one of my favorites from the entire series. I love how you can see into the minds of both Edward and Jacob and see the jealousy they both feel. I felt like it gave a deeper understanding of both of them. That scene and “the Truth” chapter in New Moon were my favorites of the entire series. I also can’t wait to see that played out!

  45. Hey Byrdie, You know we always miss you when you’re not there for the wee hours.
    I’ll be glad when all the April Fool’s stories are over–can’t take too much more of all the preggers rumors.

    • Hiya EyeC! Another night owl makes an appearance – yipee! I have totally missed you guys too. Now we just need a little EP and we are set! Remember to laugh outloud at the April Fool’s stuff. It is so ridiculous and it really makes me realize just how silly all of this can be.

    • Hey EyeC! Those April Fool’s things kept getting me earlier too!

      • Hiya hi. I’m over it now. Lots of craziness though.

  46. Okay, I need to change venues. Will be sitting sipping a Starbucks while my girls are at gymnastics. Will catch you on the java side in a bit.

    • Bye byrdie! Hopefully I’m still awake when you get back. If not – it was good to talk to you again. “two ships that pass in the night” I lurv it!

  47. @Calliope “wait?!?! you mean kstew isn’t popping Tay tay’s cherry?!?! BUT she needs to. BELLA owes it to JACOB. She can’t just go to dinner with him and not be in love. what a tease.”
    ROFL!! That’s hilarious.

  48. Just saw this pic of Rob in Vancouver-

    • you know what he’s doing there? he’s reading LTR on his blackberry to build his confidence before he goes and hits on some chicks.

      • @calliope

        Totes lovin’ you just said that!!!

        Rob loves him some LTR ladies!

    • Heh, that chick behind him with the dark hair is totally trying to brush up against his ass.

      • Smart chick.

        • Top of her class!

    • he was sending me this ” miss u sherin,when are u flying to vancouver.the V line remember?you said lickin’ it was ur next project” LMAO!

  49. Someone else found Rob too and he really doesn’t look to happy about it. Apparently she got him in the elevator so he couldn’t run away. sigh

    Byrdie – Looks like more than ever we need to implement the non-stalker plan of yours.

    • I’m with you there, Ceri. Trapped him in an elevator? Not cool.

      • yeah.i would prolly just look and say hi.thats about it.( and fangirl scream when im alone)

    • And then to send the pic to Lainey? Really not cool.

      • yea it sucks to be him…. NOT! lol he will survive through these next couple years..take his millions and be set for life. He will be able to pursue his true passions and desires and all this will settle down some…I wish peeps would leave him be but it just isn’t gonna happen…so what can we do? I just hope it all doesn’t wear him down and change him..and as much as I hate it when people force pictures on him..I always look. “sigh” I am a hypocrite. I just wanna say I thought that pic of him in the pub was incredibly hot and lol I am not sure why that is….but there it is! I agree sending pics to Lainey is soooo not cool.

    • Yep, chick is a douchebag!

      t least she didn’t hit the stop button and ravish him. So she had some restraint.

    • Trapped in an elevator?

      “Mr. Cullen, why are you putting that post-it over the camera?” lol

      Maybe that’s what she was thinking would happen….idk…..

      • LOL–oh, The Office gettin’ to ya FN?

      • Ooh, I didn’t even think about The Office. All new fantasies are going on now, too bad he looks so damn unhappy in that pic.

        I wonder if she stayed on the elevator so she knew what floor he was on.

        And the scruff makes a comeback!

        • @EyeC yes!! I just love it!!

          @Ceri he does look so sad, and tired. I love the scruff!!

      • that is exactly what I was thinking girl…exactly….but then we know how to make good use of an elevator, and it has nothing to do with cameras!!!

    • God – i honestly feel for him sometimes. I mean, I know he gets paid millions to put up with this shit – but the line is so often crossed.
      If I ever get lucky enough to meet Rob (highly doubtful), I am not even going to ask for a photo or an autograph. No one will believe me that I met him – but I swear, this guy needs a break! I WOULD tell him that I think he’s really talented and then move on. He’d probably be so stunned that this twi-mom didn’t stalk him that he’d ask me to sit down and then stare in my eyes while I talk to him all night….right? That could happen, right?

      • Of course it could Jenna…we gotta keep the dream alive!

      • If I was that girl…she totes went about that wrong…screw the picture…that will last in my head for an eternity…I woulda hit the stop button and then said “Oh, I think you have an emergency there!” pointing to his Robcrotch and when he looks down, say “let me help you out with that” *while dropping to knees…unzipping noise…batting eyelashes…looking up at him* and that would put a smile on his face fo sho!

        Ok I know I’m a fanfic Rob smut addict, can you tell?

        • BEST. COMMENT. EVER.

      • You should see Byrdie’s master plan above. Here’s the basic plan:

        “I was recently thinking that if I ever bumped into him and one of his famous buddies, I would most likely a) ignore like I always do, but get some sort of thrill out of having seen him, or depending on my level of intoxication, b) ask for a photo with the buddy. You know, ask Rob if he wouldn’t mind actually taking the photo of me and his friend. I think that would be refreshing for him.”

    • Liked the hate rant on Lainey’s ass! That was beautiful and classic! Props to the chick that wrote it! Is it the same girl that trapped him in the elevator picture? Confused.

      • Lainey gets lots of hatemail from Twimoms and super loser twihards (as she calls em)

        That is just another hatemail from some other random fangirl who can’t stand the rumors of Rob with NReed. Not the same one who cornered him in an elevator.

        • Thanks for clearing that up for me, Ceri! Got it!

  50. Speaking of The Office….Chapter 9 posted today


    • Hoorah!!!

    • yesssss!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *readies next set of panties!*

    • WHOO HOO!!!!

    • ok – new to this…what is The Office fan fic?

      • girl,its some seriously hot fanfic we have been reading! head over there now!!

      • Hot and heavy right from the start.

      • Yes! and it’s a good one!

      • @Jenna

        Link to chpt 1 of The Office

    • That’s baaad–very baaad!!

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