Posted by: themoonisdown | March 17, 2009

Postcards from the edge – Edward Action Figure and Moon

Sears tower... economically priced clothing, not included

Sears tower... economically priced clothing, not included

Dear LTR gals-

We usually have our little Eddie days on Sunday… but this week I thought I’d “send a postcard” and say I’m sorry for not being around more but “THE MAN” is demanding that I be in Chicago for a few days for some work thing or whatever. I’ll have you know though that Little Edward has been keeping me company on this trip, doing a tad bit of sight seeing, eating deep dish pizza with me till I wanted to puke… riding in cabs, the whole nine… You’ll see little Edwards Chicago trip soon enough! Have no fear though I will be back in full effect soon enough and back to LA just in time for the release party and to live it up with UC. You think I could be anywhere but in LA or with UC for the DVD release? YEA RIGHT!

See ya soon pals!

Location: Chicago, IL

Don’t forget to enter the Twilight DVD release contest we’re hosting! All you have to do it tell us what song makes you think of Twilight! Easy, no?! Today’s the LAST DAY!


  1. Happy St. Patty’s day Ladies and Pocket Eddie

  2. Moon,
    I hope you’re enjoying Chicago while “the man” is keeping you there. Have a safe flight to LA!!

  3. Happy St. Rob’s dog day to you too JGW!

  4. Please eat more deep dish deliciousness for me. The pizza, I mean.

    Did you check K-mart? Target? Coscto, again? Dude…

  5. @Moon – So contrary to my belief you’re NOT stalking the Borders in Westwood demanding that they hand over the ROBQ? You know Cali is supposed to get first dibs starting today right? Of all the times you’ve got to actually work…

    Happy St. Patty’s Day all! Have a pint – or 3 – in honor of Rob!

    • I took a note from UC/Moon & made a wallpaper with some of the outtakes before work.
      My present to you – from Rob – for St. Patty’s/St. ROBQ Day! Enojy ladies!
      (one with and one without the LTR)

      • cute jbell, i’ll twit this now

      • Thanks for sharing JBell! Here is the one I made in case anyone likes it:

      • @JBell – Velazcos: Priceless…had to grip my desk for support…

    • PS – I made one without the LTR address just in case you have a shared computer & don’t want your DH/roomie/whoever to come lurking through the site… yep, I think ahead like that. :]

  6. Moon’s Edward is so well travelled! My Edward is jealous. He’s stuck in crappy Ohio.

  7. Happy St. Rob’s Dog Day!!!!!!! πŸ™‚ (LOVE THAT TRR) and seriously that is what I am saying today..I don’t care of everyone looks at me weird! Gotta get kids to school, to the gym, etc. but I’ll be back!

  8. Good Morning everyone! Happy St.Patrick’s Day! Get to do the ‘stay home Mom’ thing today so I can check in more often. YAY! Don’t get to chat with you daytime gals very often.
    @Wendy – I’m stuck in Ohio too with cutout Edward keeping me company!

    • He’s there???

      • @IfOnly – ETA March 19-24. Had to improvise with poster we found in ‘Teen Dream’. LOL!

    • Morning Soccermom!
      Happy St Rob’s Dog Day!!!
      It feels good to start the day with you again!
      Missed you all like crazy…

  9. Happy (in the words of JBell) ROBQ Day!
    Beware of papercuts from attempting to make out with the mag. And beware of cuts on your er…lower lips as well…the paper face of Rob will not give you the good kind of pain downstairs unlike the real version would. Ahh…hurts so good.

    • “hurts so good” omg haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa…

    • I am getting my laminated…just for that purpose…LOL

      • still early I guess not my …but mine

  10. happy saint patricks day!

  11. I love Chicago! Moon, have a fab time, even though “The Man” is making you do stuff.

    Happy St. Patrick’s Day! I realize that I own nothing green, so a teal t-shirt is all I could do today. LOL!

  12. Moon- I miss you. Come home soon. Also you’re closer to me now and 1 hour closer in time difference, so maybe stay there forever.

  13. Ladies ….here is my morning fix today….
    HAppy St Pattys day…almost 1000 comments go girls. I cant keep up!!

    • Seriously, watchin this never gets old! ❀

  14. Happy St. Patty’s Day! I am so glad to see that PE is keeping Moon company in the Windy City…oh hold on tight Moon we don’t want our little Edward to fly away.

    Bye for now…gotta go find 60 green cupcakes for my kids school…uggh!

  15. Speaking of the DVD release… *SPOILER*

    P.S. – just makes me love Rob even more…

  16. if any one asks where I went ….went to try to find my rare collection section in my local library…LOL

    • Haha! Lurve it! Just make sure the tables are high and sturdy enough!

    • oohhhh that was a great story!!!, so sad it’s finished :””(

  17. Happy RobQ Day!

  18. I finally just ordered more on ebay. I am so scared I won’t get a copy in time in the stores.

    • I’m starting to get nervous that I won’t get a copy. I live in a small town so I called the local bookstore and they just got their mags delivered. I will know this afternoon if it’s in.

      Jena, what are they selling for on Ebay.

      • $9.99 – $13.99. Steep, but I don’t care, I gotta have one, LOL!

      • JAG- called Chapters yesterday, they’re getting new mag’s in today and tommorow. Fingers crossed!

        • I’ll be calling Matt at Borders in a few minutes to get my daily ROBQ update.

          • im nervous to call steve at borders, haha, he sounded tired of saying no yesterday!

        • Going mag stalking this morning – all the teenagers should be in school, but might have to take out a few other Twilight Moms! LOL!

          • Melissa, Have you tried disguising your voice so he won’t know it’s you.

  19. Moon I love Chicago! Have fun with PE.

    Alright, sorry this is delayed I had a few probs…
    Robs Urban Cowboy GIF for your viewing pleasure

    • I can’t stop looking at that picture! *THUD*

    • @JAG- ‘you da best’! Happy S.P. Day Everyone’!

    • Dear Rob,
      I love your crotch.
      That is all.

      Crotch Sniffer Lover

    • I LOVE YOU!!!!!

      Dear Urban Cowboy Rob,
      I can’t quit you.


  20. LMAO @ Carrie! Good one!

  21. Also I made another video. I couldn’t sleep last night.
    It’s just ROBQ pics set to Snow Patrol’s Chasing Cars. I love that song.

    • love the vid love the song thanx for putting them together!

      • You are welcome. πŸ™‚

    • Already in the HoF.

  22. Gals, what is your take on kstitch on twitter? Do you think it’s really Kristen? The reason I ask is because last night someone posted that she set her updates to public now so I went and had a look and a tweet came in last night came at around the same time she was being photographed on the red carpet at her “Adventureland” premiere. The tweets stated they came in via computer and since she was on the red carpet that seems impossible imo. I realize I could be wrong, but why would she be resonding to fan questions when she’s being photographed and having her own premiere? LOL!
    I just don’t know yet….not convinced. Especially since she called Rob out by name. I think she would be more discreet than that for his protection. But then what do I know? LOL!

    • im fairly certain it really is her..she had a different name and deleted the account then created this once which she recently made public, tho its possible someone close to her is at times updating her status..

      • Why would they do that though?
        It’s true that once you’re in the limelight you simply can’t quit it (for PR reasons)…but wouldnt’ she also want some quiet?

    • LMFAO
      Only in Alabama.
      Fav line- “Could be a crackhead who got a holt the of the wrong stuff.”

      • i LOVE the amateur sketch..

        • I know. Who the f@ck drew that. It’s so horrible.
          *Hides head in shame* I’m from Alabama.

  23. haha i love it, dont be ashamed embrace it!!

    • Thanks Melissa. I am going to be cracking up all day about that video.

  24. Morning ladies. Happy St. Patrick’s and Directors Notebook release day!

    @JBell and velazcoz- Love the wallpapers!

    @Carrie- ROFL at “can’t quit you”! Awesome job on the video!

    • Thanks Ayden. I don’t think that line will ever get old. LOL

  25. JAG which pics did you want from the smile video.
    email me and I’ll send them to you tonight.

    • Any one where he has on a tie…for my Catholic school girl fantasies…send me to see the principal, I’ve been a baaad girl!

      • Will do.

  26. Carrie, what’s your smile video link again? I saw it last night but forgot to check it out before I signed off. DOH!

      • Thanks! I emailed it home, will watch it there as youtube is
        blocked at work. 😦

  27. Hey girls, check out screen caps just posted at
    Makes waiting for DVD even harder!

  28. Oh thud! Thanks soccermom!

    • Always happy to enable!

  29. My heart stopped for a few minutes. OMG the kiss video. Panties few right off.

    • I KNOW! Panties gone *poof* in 4.0 seconds!

  30. UPS man just pulled up, I hope it’s my director’s book!

    • Damn, it wasn’t. 😦

    • I hope so too! You must dish the dirt. I have to wait until DH gets off to go on a notebook retrieval mission since I don’t drive.

  31. @soccermom: You’re in Ohio too! Yay! Can Pocket Edward and I come visit you and your CO Edward? We can party with our Edwards, big and small!

    I asked for a CO Edward for my birthday, but my husband said “enough is enough.” Boo hoo.

    • I asked for a pocket edward, and my husband said “dolls are creepy.” DHs just don’t understand.

      • I am still searching for PE. Want to find a good one with ‘real hair’. LOL! Don’t like the one’s at the bookstore.

        • Thank God DH tolerates my Robsession well!

          • DH bought me my Pocket Edward for Valentine’s Day, how sweet. My b-day is in two weeks and I requested either a poster or a CO Edward. But DH just rolls his eyes at me and says no. I think I’m becomming less transparent in my Robsession.

  32. Correction: Guess there are hundreds of screen caps over at Going to check those out now.

  33. Hello everyone!! Happy robs dog day!!![ I’m using that too!]

  34. hey gals,for those who have d directors notebook,can someone pls scan it and give us a copy??? I have been on piratebay n mininova no such luck yet.

  35. Happy Rob’s Dog Day!

    I’m not wearing any green, do you think Rob might sneak up behind and pinch my a$$?

    Here’s to dreaming! Drink up! *sips coffee wishing it were a beer*

  36. @Sherin: I have the notebook, got is last night, yippee! I was going to do some scans today but I forgot the notebook in my hurry this morning, Waaaaaa! I can do some scans tonight and post them tomorrow if anyone is intertested.

    Note about the notebook: It really is like a little notebook. About the size of a diary really. I don’t know why, but I thought it would be bigger. Especially the photo of Rob tushy! Why couldn’t that have been bigger?

  37. @SuperSleuthJena!! I love you for that analysis of Twitter RE: KStew. Further proving my belief that it’s a fake! LOVE IT.

    • I’m not on twitter (too afraid I really won’t get anything done) but I am skeptical too. I have to agree w JBell. Besides she has the MIB – they would know for sure anyways.

      • I’m just keepin in real, as Charlie would say, LOL! πŸ˜‰

      • It’s like I said, Ashley Greene & Kellan Lutz are on there, and I completely believe they’re legit. Ashley updates a lot with stuff about going off to Vanc/Manhattan/Italy & Kellan updates with just normal things like ‘Thanks for the birthday wishes’ & he responds to Ashley. They post candid pictures too [i.e. – actual personal photos from their phones and movie sets and what not]

        • I disagree…I believe Kstich is Kristen Stewart…you can read her “old tweets” where she is telling Cold Desert..mmmm love that song..wait what was I saying oh yea..Kstew telling him to delete his account and what not….I think it is legit. But I could be wrong.. πŸ™‚

  38. Who all is on twitter? Let’s follow! My twitter name is “couplemorehours” I think you can find me that way?

    • I just added you. Or followed you, I suppose it’s called. AydenM

      • Got ya! πŸ™‚

        • Twitter is blocked at work so follow me and then I will follow you.
          I’m JENBRUN

    • Hey Wendy I just added you too!

      • Yay, thanks!

  39. @Carrie, listening to the mp3s… again. Makes me want to cry his voice is so beautiful! Thanks again

  40. Lainey’s got pics of Taylor and the new “wolves” for NM, if you’re interested.

    • Why oh why did he have to play Sharkboy?! Every time I see him, I remember seeing him in that movie when he was like 11… and I feel old and dirty and defiled for wishing he’d hurry and hit legal status so I can feel guiltless for saying he’s turning into a little hottie.

    • Tay Tay looks so cute.

    • I looked through all of those pictures and I’m still confused as to who is the “wolf pack” or whatever. But all of them were good looking, and that’s a step in the right direction at least

  41. OK, so I just had fun looking at all the photos over at (thanks again soccermom)
    I can not wait to get this DVD!

  42. OMG! This is so not Rob related but I thought you ladies would get a kick out of this article. I almost spewed coffee at my screen! I was looking for news about Rob and Dlisted had the summary of his GQ outtakes and the below.

    “Twins For Baby Huey (Tito Ortiz) & Jenna Jameson

    The theme of the month is: whores having twins! This past weekend, Charlie Sheen welcomed twinsies to the world and now Jenna Jameson has popped out a double in Newport Beach, CA. That’s what says.

    Jenna queefed out her twins sometime this morning. Seriously, she just opened up, let the wind blow and out came the babies. They probably came out swinging on their umbilical cords through her cracked sugar walls. A bright light came shining out of her snatch. It’s like when Locke fell down the well on Lost. Only in reverse!

    No word on what she named her babehs. I’m going to take a wild guess and say she wrote down Cunnilingus Sixty Nine and Fellatio Money Shot on their birth certificates.”

    Its makes me think about Vogue (sounds like something she’d write) LMAO!

    • LMAO! Hilarious & I thought of Vogue while I was reading it too! Hahahahaha thanks Ceri!

      • Early morning deep belly laugh on that one! She just opened her legs and the wind blew the babies out. Gah!

  43. mmm, some hot wolves, but I’m still team vampire, LOL!

  44. LOL @ “Jenna queefed out her twins” and “wrote down Cunnilingus Sixty Nine and Fellatio Money Shot on their birth certificates” LOL! Priceless!

  45. RobQ Update: Went to the store today and no luck. Talked to the vendor who was putting out other crappy mags. She said that she was behind on the GQ. That she should have had them out last Friday but for some reason her supplier didn’t send her any.

    I told her Rob was on the cover and she said: “aaah, that’s why the delay. I bet they printed more than usual and they are building up for the dvd release. I’ll be putting it out this Friday then.”

    I did buy my copy of the Director’s notebook. It’s very small. I’m going to flip through it now. If I get a chance today, I will scan and post to photobucket. I doubt I will though because I have to take the girls to gymnastics. Yeah me.

  46. Totally not Rob related but… yesterday maintenance came over to fix the fan in the bedroom. I hadn’t finished putting everything into drawers in there yet. Walk in a few minutes ago to do that and realize a hot pink “toy” is sitting out on top of the dresser and has been since Saturday. In plain sight.

    I will never be able to look him in the eye again! ROFL!

    • Of course it had to be hot pink too, just so that he would notice it faster. Meh, it’d be worse if you weren’t married. Look at this way, he probably thinks you’re feisty in bed. RAWR!

      At least it wasn’t sitting on Rob’s GQ, then maintenance guy would think something else entirely. LOL!

      • Oh God, I could just imagine! “You know that ditzy chick in 208 that locked herself on the balcony? She totally gets off to GQ magazine!” ROFL.

        DH will never let me live this down.

        • @Ayden LMAO. I am crying.

  47. @Ayden, LOL! Oh no! LOL!

  48. Vanity Fair did a photoshoot recreating West Side Story. Rob and Cam are part of the Jets but they are hidden behind Chris Pine (yellow shirt).

    It looks like Rob in the doorway. I can’t find any info on what issue this will be in.

    The second one it looks like Rob in the far right dancing with the girl in the orange dress.

    • I think that is Brittany Snow in the orange dress. Cool!

      • Talk about a bouffant, do you see his hair in that pic?

  49. @Ayden – I’ve been there. Took cell phone to store because it was misbehaving. Tech guy does some software upgrade and the first text message that popped up was from my DH that said “Was it HOT last night?” Tech guy: “I think that’s for you!” I turned 50 shades of red! LOL!!
    Note to me: Delete all messages before taking phone in to tech guy!

    • Oh, that is bad! ROFL! I’d have had to find another tech shop. I embarrass so easily; it’s ridiculous!

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