Posted by: Bekah | March 16, 2009

Breaking it down Vanity-Fair style

Dear Rob,

Moon & I call discussions like the one we’re about to have: “breaking it down vanity fair style” b/c we started the blog after breaking down the vanity fair vid (the 1 hour one) like it was a work of art  (it was).

Last week we saw that Robsessed had posted this amazing .gif of you kissing Kristen at the prom scene. I don’t think I breathed the entire time I watched it. Moon & I decided it was necessary to call our gals to convene immediately to break down that kiss b/c .. well, DUH.. it was necessary for survival… We texted and e-mailed till we found everyone and then actually went all 14-year-old-girl on you and had a “group chat” on google-talk. Here is how it went:

Friend #1: Umm…Rob is the shiz.   The end
Moon: and done!
Friend #1: just kidding…I have a list of things to discuss
Friend #2: that’s my fave kiss in the movie…  the first one was hot, but NOT edward and bellaish.  prom was totally edward and bellish.
Moon: which one shall we start with? How about the slow .gif?

Friend #2: too slow for me…  i am not a fan of extended foreplay.
Moon: give it a second i think it builds up
UC: builds up-  orgasm style
Friend #2: nope…not a fan of that either. i’m like a man.
UC: ur right moon- she has a flat mouth (notice how we ignored crazy Friend #2)
Moon: can we talk about how much of a dead fish kristen is??
UC: Moon and I believe that is b/c she was afraid to put real feeling and emotion into the kiss- thinking that Michael Oregano will notice and realize that she and Rob DID IT on his hotel suite’s kitchen floor.. the night before
Friend #2: she is a COLD dead fish.
Moon: it’s like a straight line, NO pucker at all

Friend #1: I am half pretending to work…and love Rob. The two can’t be combined
Moon: the slow one makes me feel dizzy
Friend #2: see….that is what i’m talking ’bout…
Friend #1: The slow one makes me feel dead
Moon: imagine my coworkers coming in to find my passed out and Rob kissing on the screen
Friend #2: he looks PAINED…exactly as edward should look at this point in the relationship.   NOT jumping onto her bed with her.
Friend #1: thank you! exactly
Moon: that’s what i was thinking too! Look at the crease in his brow.   and he like seriously takes a moment to think about it
Friend #2: YES!   like Edward.
UC: you are RIGHT! this is RIGHT. dude.. it’s so hot
Friend #2: KStew’s all, “whatever.”
UC: i can’t stop watching. does she not realize who she’s kissing?
Friend #1: Kristen is lamespice
Moon: this is like spin the bottle for her
Friend #2: um…i love me some Oregano in Almost Famous…but he ain’t got it going on as an adult.
Moon: amen and the hand behind the neck lawdy
Moon: ok should we move to the fast .gif?
Friend #2: dude, that’s the only one i’ve been watching. no slow. no slow-mo. EVER.

Friend #1: can I just say…BEST PART OF THE MOVIE!? Rob should never take that suit off….
UC: you’re right.  never. he was SO hot in that suit. hotter than oscars, london, japan…
Friend #2: no….my fave part in the movie is when he backs her up against that mountain…
UC: SO HOT. yes that is HOT. I wish he kissed her right there (or gave her a “special hug”)
Friend #1: special hug would have been better
UC: i’ve been reading too much fan fic
Friend #1: I bet Moon has been with Rob but isn’t telling us because she knows we would be jealous
Friend #2: i wouldn’t be jealous at all…but i would expect a play by play… the full deets.
UC: i would be so jealous and expect all of those things too. perhaps also a video

Moon: we want to have a round table discussion post where we feature people talking about something. you guys wanna be in it? (after we’ve already lured you in)
UC: we did not discuss this, but i enjoy this idea
Moon: i thought we talked about it. maybe not, maybe in my brain
UC: i don’t remember.. but it doesn’t matter b/c i like it .. decision made “we” agreed on it!   and apparently we’re the only ones here
Friend #2: i’m here.   i’m dying.
Friend #1: No I am here…I just thought I should let you two have your argument in private.
UC: i just got distracted b/c i got an email that said “Kristen Stewart is following you on twitter. i KNEW she read our site!

Friend #1: Lastly, Rob is like THE SHIZ at the kiss. I am pretty sure no other male on this earth could kiss as good as he did at that moment. I am pretty sure Kristen died and really wished she wasn’t dating Oregano-Stupid-Face at that moment. So anyway, Rob enveloped the perfect Edward-ness at that moment. I was blown away.  It killed me. *deadonthefloor…robkissmequicktoreviveme!*
Just wanted to let you know we really really really really like that kiss,
Love me, Moon, Friend #1 & Friend #2
Sources: Robsessed & Commenter in the Robsessed Post and it turns out our reader, KD, MADE the slow gif. Please bow in her presence. 
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  1. This has made me feel so much better…I mean, seriously…So. Much. Better.

  2. LMFAO You guys!

    Did she forget to brush her teeth?

  3. Zomg! That’s my GIF (the sloooooooooooow) one… that was linked to ROBsessed.

    I don’t know how to make a faster one! 😦



    • kd- that’s YOURS!? Well, GREAT JOB! I will credit you immediately 🙂

    • Hats off girl!! Seriously! “Litrally”!

    • lol thanks ladies! I need to work on my GIF making skills tho! Anyone got tips and hints? Please feel free to shoot some my way! lol


      I just watched Twilight again, and fast forwarded to the two kissing scene.

      *sigh some more*


      • kd,

        Great vid, but I have to ask, HOW did you watch Twilight again? It’s not out yet! Did I miss something?

        • LOL Hmm… well yes, I did watch it again… but keeping it on the low down… I did it the norty way! *hides*

          There’s so many sources out already. The question should be… how did THEY watch Twilight again?


    • KD~ you are amazing!! and your skills are good… *wink* YOU go girl… I wish I had some gif skills to share… working on that tho… thanks

      • Heheh Tenneil – thanks! I really need to work on my GIF skills considering that was a fluke!


  4. Sorry… I was meant to say (the sloooooooooooow one) – I was too busy concentrating on the kiss! :O

  5. Once again you girls have managed to make my girls and i crack up in our first block class. *sigh* my mornings are just so much brighter thanks to rob and this site!

    ps i totally agree kstew looks half asleep in that kiss, probably wishes she was mackin with nikki reed instead -_-

  6. Were there words on this post b/c I could not stop watching that scene. Dear GOD that man… kills me… literally. Seriously. Wow. Did I say how much I love this scene? … and Rob. Damn.

    • no.. no words, just two versions of the hottest kiss ever

      • You’ve got that right. The HOTTEST ever – it should be globally recognized, by every living soul in the world.

        Gads. My thighs just went up in flames….

  7. I must admit that I’ve never noticed Kstew in this scene and I’ve seen the movie 19 times. However, Rob was brilliant. I noticed all the little pain expressions right off.

    He is so fab and I can’t watch this anymore or I will start making out with the back of my hand – 11 year old style.

    Any word on GQ yet?

    • Ditto! I’ve always watched Rob during the prom scene… LOL… “I kissed my hand and I liked it…” GQ cover out on the 17th? right? or was it 24th? Director’s Notebook out 17th also. I saw some candy hearts with Edward/Bella/BellandEdward on cover and didn’t even noticed until after I bought them that Valentine’s Day is over (had actually thought it was coming up…don’t notice much else when Rob’s there, smoldering right in front of you…)
      Anyone know if Target is having a midnight release party, too? Need Blu-Ray!

  8. Hello LTR ladies,

    This is my first comment although I’ve been following the site for weeks. Just wanted to let you know you are all hilarious and make me feel like my obsession is normal.
    I’ve been up the whole night studying for finals but decided to take a break to feed the Robsession.

    As for the video, wow, you guys are so right. I hadn’t noticed the pained expression ’till now.

    • valazcoz- thanks for coming out of lurkdom to say hi!!!! we’re glad you enjoy the site. your obsession IS normal 🙂

      GOOD LUCK on your finals! xoxo

      • Welcome Velazcoz! Good luck on those finals!

    • Welcome to the paaarty velazcoz.

    • Welcome! No one is obsessed here, we all harbour the same controlled and polite admiration for an incredibly gifted man (and marginally good looking) 😀

    • You, too? I am in grad school:) It sucks! Not enough time for Robert:( Sooo glad to have you here! And Monica lies when she says we are not obsessed. It goes waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaayyyyyyyy beyooooooooond obseeeeeeeeeeession….the mentally ill never recognize that they are crazy, so we just tell ourselves this is perfectly normal for 30 year old women to drool over a hot, young, talented, funny, gorgeous, sweet, dorky, dirty guy. And it IS! Welcome to the sanatorium! (Actually, this site is what keeps us from GOING crazy, Thank GOD for LTR!)

      • I feel your pain, not enough time, lol. I just saw 900something comments, and I was shocked. How will I even get through them?!
        Wow, grad school. I will be following your steps in the future. But for now, this is just my first year.
        Thank you all for the warm welcome!

  9. LOVE this kiss…even more than the bedroom one… though I think the one where he kisses her neck beats this one (it’s all about trust), even though he looked a bit weird. Because I’ve watched the movie so many times in theaters (stuck @ 14, though they’re still showing for $3…) I’ve noticed that Rob really DOES get into character… it might look “weird” to others, but I totally get why…he’s portraying Edward, of course. Like him looking pained there as well as throughout the movie (dancing in his room/on ballet floor- totally resisting the urge to gorge on Bella). Anyway, you guys always rock! I come here every chance I get after I check up on my babe first, so thank-you for making my days! P.S.- I wanna see Kristen cry in New Moon…since she’s supposedly portraying Bella and we read the saga from Bella’s p.o.v. and I cried my eyes out like Edward dumped ME…I wanna see some of the roller-coaster emotions I felt on screen…I pardoned her in Twilight and expect more in the very near future.

    • we’re 2nd? after you take care of your baby? ZOMG! we feel special 🙂 xo

      • Well, JGro IS my Edward, afterall. Sorry, but that’s how I roll. LOL I’m always awaiting new posts from you guys so keep ’em coming! You guys have got me addicted to your posts…too funny (first one I really took notice was the letter to his gf…classic!)

    • Think we’ll all get our wicked revenge if KStew plays Bella up to expectations…I want to see some serious pain there, I cried for about 200 pages, damn it!

    • I am SO there with you, JGro – the neck peck turned me to liquid cougar in the movie theatre. My poor husband. Mr. Lu just stared at me like he had no idea what to think. I went all limp noodle and I’m pretty sure I started drooling on myself. That neck peck did me in completely. I haven’t been the same since.

  10. LOL “special hug” and LOL at “backed her up against that mountain”….there’so one I’ve never heard before. Oh I love this! That prom kiss is the hottest….the hand caressing the cheek going to the back of the neck…THUD!

    I’m getting off work today at noon so I actually have to work this morning….sniff. I will chat with you all tomorrow. Have a great day!

  11. Umm too busy looking at the kiss to read post. Focus dammit JAG, must read words…

  12. @KD- Awesomeness! That’s all I have to say about the slo-mo hotness.

    @UC, Moon, Friend 1 and Friend 2… you crack me up. As usual 🙂

    @velazcoz- Good luck with your finals!

    @Jena- Have fun at work!

    • LOL The slowmo-ness wasn’t on purpose! I’m just a noob to GIF animations lol!


      • That’s okay. Even if it was an accident, it’s still hot! 🙂

  13. @Velezcoz – Glad you joined the crazy train. Hope you do well on the finals.

    @JGro – Hi!

    All other regulars – good morning!

  14. I don’t remember seeing the prom kissing scene in the movie… maybe we have a different version here. Did they kiss while they were dancing? I only remember him kissing her throat.

    LTR gals – have a great slo-mo Robness Monday!

  15. English Girl – are you here? I just read your post from yesterday about giving my BF a shove in the right direction (laundry). He’s bringing all his laundry to his mom now… works for me! lol

    • Great direction!!! Wonderful!!!

    • Hi – I’m back from work outside the home to work inside the home (ie spending 75% of the time gawping at LTR and various websites and 25% doing what I actually need to do).

      @ V Well it’s a start V, but you really have to get him to do it himself – can’t let his mum continue to molly coddle him! Seriously, this is the secret to a 20 year successful marriage – god that makes me sound old, but we married young!

      • He would wash his stuff, but I prefer it if he brings it over to his mom. He is worse than any girl, changes his clothes like 3 times a day. We don’t have that much space to get it dry after washing.


        I don’t mind at all if you always wear +/- the same clothes! I love “musty” on you. And think of all the things we can do instead of doing laundry!


        • See it’s so convenient – you and Rob must be made to be!!!


  16. Those Gifs are AMAZING! I can’t decide which one I like better. Agreed that at this point, Rob has fully realized the Edward character with the pained, yet so seductive, look.

    Mmmmm…good way to start the morning!

    • *smooches* Hi Amber! I miss not seeing you as much, but wanted you to know I think about you!

  17. @everyone: Good morning ladies!
    @UC/Moon: this was awesome, and sort of reminds me vaguely of similar conversation I have in the office with my colleague and fellow Robsessed.
    We usually break down full size photos (Courtesy of the Genevieve Worldwide RobPhoto Corporation) to analyse every blackhead (if any), pluckable eyebrows, wet lips, heineys, knees, fingers (oh god those fingers)

    Re Volterra vs Montepulciano: the news was obviously not very well received on this side of the Ocean. I must say I can understand Summit. I may have said this before: Volterra is a beautiful tourist trap, but logistically it remains a trap. It would be a technical nightmare to be filming in there.
    Not that Montepulciano is a metropolis, but at least it is a lot closer to the highway, and to Rome (if need be) and has hosted extensive filming before.
    Well, I’ll just readjust my planning..

    @Gen!!! I loved your photos and have pampered by Robchive (RobArchive) with your supplies!
    I want more today!!! Love you!

  18. I am died.

    That is all.

    Happy Monday, indeed!

  19. I just sat through an hour and a half of quite possibly the worst Princeton traffic EVER…

    and thanks to you ladies (and Rob…and Rob’s lips) all of the anger and annoyance has been erased.

    and now, it can be a very, very Happy Monday

    • The things Rob can do for us, eh?

    • JGW: oh, my god, those lips…

  20. Nice way to start a Monday, thanks for that!

    That scene was one of my favs too?

    I’m with JBell on this!

  21. just posting a pic of montepulciano in case anyone is interested…

    • That’s beautiful V!

    • wow… thats pretty much exactly how I pictured Volterra. Maybe a little gloomier but still, really really close.

      im so stoked for the reunited scene…

    • Great view, V!
      And in case anyone cares to know, Montepulciano is close to Montalcino (excellent wine)

      • I know! I so have to go there! When will they finally release the shooting dates for Italy?

        • Dunno really. But I’ll keep watching.
          We must take Rob to taste the Brunello in Montalcino. Only locals would know where to go!!! And as it happens, I KNOW!!!

  22. *thud* *I.AM.DIED.*

    (that saying just doesn’t get old, LOL!!)

    LOOOOVE the banter/dialogue between you guys!! So frickin hilarious!!
    I remember at my second and third viewings of Twilight (bought tickets to back to back showings), I went to the ladies room to pee after it was over, and my cheeks were SO flushed, my ears were red, and my upper chest had red blotches all over it!! I was dizzy, and felt high.

    Watching Rob was completely overwhelming, and I was shocked at my bodies visible evidence of what he does to me!!

    I have an unfortunate Pavlovian response to the Iron & Wine song, Flightless Bird, (prom dance song). I LOVE the song, but because it was at the end of the movie (pretty much), I was SOOOOOO SAD that the movie was ending, and now I get a very sad response when I hear it. Damn!!!

    • (oops, I meant “my body’s), I hate making grammatical errors, but I had a nice Xanax induced sleep last night after doing a 24 hour “Wide Awake” fanfic marathon.

      • Vogue, that’s my Fanfic schedule for tonight!
        Finished Midnight Desire yesterday, and I still flush embarassed at all those HOT scene of Rob..ehm Edward in the shower….I.AM.DIED.

        • @monica – ZOMG!! Midnight Desire!! *thud*

          that is my second fav fanfic!! SOOOOO AWESOME!!

          Don’t you just LOVE “the monster”? What a creative alter ego for Edward. I just laugh and laugh at the stuff the monster does (the monster fell forward and started humping the blanket, the monster pissed on Emmett’s leg, etc….) ROFL!!! She is a very clever author!

          • @Vogue: “The monster walked around with a “Round Two” sign!!”
            I was bowled over! the monster is fantastic”!! Also perpertually rolling with laughter at the “little Eddie” nickname. Like real Edward would do such a thing…:D
            But then again, I think the author is not totally out of perspective. I have personally always thought that part of Edward’s “difficulties” with Bella in the beginning were not just because of thirst, but because of all the feelings he felt subconciously and could not put a name to.
            Translation: IDIOT, you love her. Face it.

          • The monster is hilarious–gotta love him! And lunch hour quickies?LOL

        • Ooh Monica … link please – haven’t heard of Midnight Desire.

        • Please direct me to this link…..I want to be died too!!!

        • Monica,

          Thank you for the link. I just finished a marathon reading of Wide Awake. Is this as good?

  23. Hey my most favorite girlies,
    I am heading out to get a massage (I’m soooo lucky to have a friend who I do trades with, I give her facials and waxing, she gives me good rubbins) and I’m going to hit Borders this morning, and Barnes & Noble afterwards.

    I want to give my bestest Rob buddies here a heads up, because you might not see me for a few days. THIS SUCKS. My DH is coming home for a break from his business trip, and I am going to have to clean out my computer’s cache and browser memory, and prob won’t be here much since he’ll be wanting to “visit”.
    He’s leaving his laptop back where he’s staying, so that means he’ll be using MINE while he’s here, while I’m at work every day! Talk about incriminating evidence!! I’m going to have to transfer ALL my Rob pics to my office computer (I’m dumb, and don’t know any other way than to attach them as files, email them to myself, and delete them on this end.)
    I’ll have to remove all my fav bookmarked TwiPorn sites, Rob sites, etc…..

    This is a real inconvienience!!!

    AND……to add insult to injury, I had to bow out on a kickass Twilight sleepover party with a bunch of women this saturday night because he’s coming home only for 3 days and wants to see me! BAD TIMING DH!!

    One of the girls going to this party even had “Edward” custom made M&M’s for us!! We each got a bag and they say “Team Edward” and “because he sparkles”.
    HOw awesome is that!

    I can’t even watch Twilight like everbody else this weekend cuz DH is insanely jealous of Twilight, and he doesn’t even have a clue about Rob!!!

    • wow. i really feel for you. we will miss you!

    • you can get memory sticks pretty cheap these days. Just upload the Rob pics onto that and you can carry them with you wherever you go.

      sorry about the whole DH thing. Mine just got home yesterday from the desert. So I wont be visiting any Twilight parties either. However, I did get him to promise to watch the movie with me! Im excited but scared that he wont be very nice when im drooling over Rob.

      • oooohhh…memory stick? whats that?? I am VERY technologically challenged!! I don’t know nothin’ bout’ havin’ no memory sticks.

        Thanks for the tip! I have a dell studio series laptop, so I’ll have to see what I can get for this. Too much work transfering hundreds of pics so I can hide them for 3 days!!

      • watching Rob with my husband sitting next to me would be sacriligeous (sp?), and creepy at best. I can see it now, DH reaches over to touch my leg, and I swat it away. “Not now!! Can’t you see Rob is here!'”

        • LOL! You crack me up! I feel your pain. I would HATE to have to miss a Twilight party. I’m going to one 4/3 so there’s not all this heinous pressure to see the night the DVD’s avaialbe, but even so. To have your DH ruin your plans. Ugh. Try not to harbor too much resentment. Maybe you can get him to where a “Rob mask” while he, err, “visits.” Hee, hee. You know, just to liven things up a bit.

          • Oh my word. Speaking of grammatical errors. I just totally embarrassed myself. “…no pressure to see IT…” AND I know it’s “wear” and not “where.” Sorry for being so challenged this morning.

      • haha… im not too sure how watching it with the hubbs will go but ill be sure to post about it.

        A memory stick is USB stick. You can get them pretty much anywhere and they have different sizes (amounts of memory). Im sure that whoever you buy it from can explain how to transfer the pics onto or one of use will surely help ya.

    • Vogue – sounds awful! You have to go all secret down low again! Hang in there! *hug* We will be here (where else?!) when you come back and immediately fill you in on all the news (if there are any).
      I can’t watch twilight either, because I live at the a-end of the world.

      Can’t you save the pics on a USB stick? That would be a lot easier than e-mailing them to you.

    • (Vogue) I feel for you girlie.
      I had to hide away the Rob place mats we made for our Roblumber party on Sat.
      But you can get an external HD (hard-disk) that connects via USB, copy everything onto it, erase incriminating evidence from home PC and carry the RobDisk everywhere ON you.
      How does that sound?

    • Vogue – will miss you while you are away. Can understand entirely but what a bummer. Look at it this way, it will be good therapy to be away for a while. We cannot keep up this extent of robsessing for ever can we? Can we? Please, no, I am exhausted and my office is a tip because I keep procrastinating and not doing all the “need to do but don’t feel like doing” jobs and sit and read fanfiction or LTR instead.

      • Totally get your perspective on the procrastination thing. I should write emails for my boss but instead I am here:
        a) waiting, and waiting, and waiting for Genevieve to appear with some awesome pic that I havent’ yet seen, so that I can get my Robfix for the day
        b) talking to you all because this is so much fun…instead…
        c) saving every link to every fanfic I still haven’t read
        d) unconsciously getting my comments more guarded as I happen to think “OMG, what If Rob is out there reading all of our rantings?”

    • Sorry you have to do all that, Vogue. I feel your pain. Glad I’m not the only one who has to (semi) hide how far my robsession has gone though:(

  24. Nothing left to say really…

    That kiss, in slow motion, is HOT!!! Even though I love the “I just wanna try one thing” kiss It was too much for that early in the movie. The way it was written in the book was much better.

    Thanks to ~kd for the gif…AWESOME!

    • No worries vickyb! Hopefully I’ll be able to make some more – but this time, I’ll purposely make it slow/fast lol!


  25. *Thud*

    Is it Friday yet? I will be waiting in “the Line” Friday night wearing my Team Edward Twilight shirt and button. That is if I don’t die of heart failure before

  26. @Soccermom – Just saw Mr. Soccermom’s Ashley Greene goodies comment from yesterday. I found (well, Google found for me, but yeah…) 2 sites for the hubbys of the world to start with 😉

    Now they can officially begin Ashley Stalking!

  27. Wonderful, wonderful, wonderful! Great comments – but that kiss in slow mo over and over and over. I’m over the moon.

    I wish I could be on here more. You all have a way of making a girl feel great about herself. Regrettably, the laptop I was promised is a jallopy from 1998. Yes, I said 1998. I will not be free to flit around my home and chat it up on here for a LONG time, not at my current rate of saving anyway. In the meantime, I shall miss not having a more regular dose of LTR. Have a great day, everyone!

  28. Just called Books-a-million and they said Jt is still there. She said the stock on Friday and Sat. to check back next week. Blah

    Vogue – I’m so sorry hunny. Please get the incriminating evidence removed but saved to a safe place. We will miss you!

    @kd – thanks for the yummy Rob goodness

    @JGW – hi. Great to see your pretty face.

    @Jbell – any news we should know of? You are the Director of the FBR.

  29. I missed out on all the LTR goodies yesterday… and really dont want to sift through 500+ comments. Did anything newsworthy happen??

    @TRR- thanks! ditto =)

    • LOL! My face is really pretty isn’t it? I look just like Robert Pattinson. It’s such a huge burden to be such a hot looking man but still be a woman.

  30. Okay I have been lurking for awhile… now I need to say something… I need a piece of the action here! You all really really funny!!! you make me smile… and feel that I am not insane!! for observing from afar ie stalking this man!!

    FutureMrsPattinson…have you decided which DVD you are getting?? I am still having issues…. I know I am going to have more than one copy…you???

    • I ordered the 3-disc special edition from Target. They lowered the price down to 18 bucks…

      soooo excited!!

      and you are definitely not alone nor insane.

      • That reminds me. During my GQ mission yesterday, Wal-Mart had these massive “Single Disc Edition” signs up all over the store. I was like WHA?! Single disk?! That’s evil!

        • thanks gals. Ayden did you find it… I was thinking about making a few phone calls today..*hangs head in shame*
          TJW~I was leaning towards the target 3disc ed. but also really like the Cosco one.. cant make up my mind….

          • No. DH drove me all over Little Rock and it was nowhere to be found. Going to go look again today… and tomorrow… and the next day until I have it in hand! Finding that magazine so I may own a copy is my new mission in life.


    • I too will be getting the 3-disc special edition from Target. You are not crazy! Welcome!

      • thanks for the welcome… I think Target it is… anyway I have made calls…nobody has it yet but they did hook me up with day and times to call…you think they were lying to get me off the phone…paranoid now I know …I need this GQ mag!!

  31. @TRR re FBR: the Federal Bureau of Robstigation?


  32. OK, the kiss(es). Rob kisses that is. It doesn’t even matter if they are with a man or a woman for cripes sake. They are still hotter than hot. That’s quite something isn’t it? Wow.

    I don’t know what it is about him, the gentleness of character, the shyness but underlying sexual come hither, the hesitancy, the cheekbones and simply the most delicious lips in the world, but I feel like my 17 year old self madly lusting after the hottest boy in school. (I got him too, though heartbreak followed!!!!)

    How on earth can KStew not melt into him and look like she is at least a bit into Edward (or Rob if she has to look at it that way, but she’s not really allowed to, ha ha ha). I mean Bella is supposed to be absolutely mad about Edward and she just looks bored and stiff.

    There’s Rob, amping up the pash and suffering the indignity of manscaped eyebrows as Edward, and successfully igniting the world’s female population into a tizzy of hotness… and KStew … Dead. Fish.

    I was going to say something more about KStew but will reword it more kindly. She is only 18, she’s had the same boyfriend for a few years, it’s her only adult relationship presumably. New Moon is going to need some pretty intense emotion – I don’t see where it’s going to come from at present from her. When I think of the ups and downs and heartbreaks and passions I went through from 16 until I got married in my early 20’s – this girl has presumably seen little of that because she is so young and has been with Oregano for so long. She’s going to have to pull out a lot to make it work for me in the next film.

    Ho hum.

    • i couldnt agree with you more.

      There wouldn’t need to be any acting involved on my part if Rob kissed me that passionately… I would absolutely MELT! I actually might even pass out.

      Im really trying to give KStew a second chance and am just praying she doesn’t eff up New Moon. Im also hoping Chris won’t allow her to look like a sour puss and blink and stutter all the time.

    • Maybe we could get Oregano to dump her temporarily so that she can get into character…
      Which leads me to think: Rob went all the way alone to Oregon for two months, running everyday, not talking to anyone, not eating (poor thing), whilst he could have been having the time of his life with US, JUST to get into character.
      What did DeadFishStewart do to get into character? Learnt to slide ass down on ice?

      • I live in Oregon and I would have been so there to help our Rob if I knew He was here torturing himself for his art!!!! damn

  33. UC–Ha! Too much fanfic–you got that right! My mind just sorta goes there after hours and hours of that stuff…

  34. Been lurking here for a few days now, ladies. You are a great bunch.

    Just to alert you… someone posted GQ outtakes on his imdb board… and they are great. he looks a bit sad and tired in most of them.


    • Hi MissRandom- Thx for the heads-up!

  35. @UC & MOON- LMAO! Loved it & ❤ you gals! ‘notice how we ignored crazy friend #2’ LOL! KStew is following LTR on TWITTER (NO FRIGGIN WAY!) Must join the Twitter organisation stat! (should be working-out and got stuck on here again)

    @Monica- ❤ you too! (ciao bella)

    @JBell- How tired are you today? Did you mail your letter?

    @Vogue- hang in there! You’ll be back to Robsessing before you know it! Oh yes, your comment about ‘not now, can’t you see Rob is here’ LOL!

    @Ayden- wasn’t that letter from Mr.Soccermom hilarious?! Even got a laugh from my DH!

    • That letter was great! He deserves his own tribute in the Robseum!

      • LOL! Not sure but I think he snuck on there. Did you read Soccermom’s comment after? Very funny!

        • I did see that! Gotta hand it to him though… I don’t think many men would be brave enough to sneak on here and read, let alone comment! Mr. Soccermom = Awesome!

  36. UC or Moon just posted this on Twitter. GQ Outtakes:

    Eff me now and revive me later!

    • Too much. I can’t take any more (joking, do go on posting…I want more!!)

    • OMG that top picture.

      Marry me now!

      (Oh bugger, remembers is already married … with children no less. Sod it.)

    • *THUD*


      Also jizzed my pants and lost my panties.

  37. ACK!

    • @Gen! Ciao Bella! What would we do without you!

      “Give me a minute to restart my heart” [quote]

  38. This is my fav outtake so far

    • Love that one. Love them all… aside from the second. Still hot, but he looks kind of sick… or hungover. Either way… still pretty darn hot!

  39. No words- No words! AAHHHHHHHHH!

    • You definitely killed me with these, Gen.
      But do not let this deter you. Kill me a hundred times if need be.
      l’ll take the trade any day.

      • Killed myself too! LOL!

        • we’re in this together babe!

    • THANKYOUTHANKYOUTHANKYOUTHANKYOU!!! that plain white t makes me think naughty things!!!

    • I need an amblance!! i think iv’e had a heart attack or maybe some sort of a sizuire!! I don’t think I can take any more! oh yea I can I’m tough

  40. It’s in French but aww. Poor man couldn’t get in the building 😦

    • I know. Bless his heart. Another reason why we are meant to be together. I lose sh!t all the time. I am not allowed to have a room key when I go on vacation. I’ll just lost it somewhere. 🙂

    • How mean must someone be to film poor Rob when he can’t find the entrance to a building! That explains his expression in the pics, though. When the pics came out we didn’t know what they were about, just that Rob looked so lost and in need of protection.

    • Um, why is there a toilet flushing sound on that video and what is that chick saying when she starts with the orgasm sounds?

      • ‘toilet flushing sound’ LOL!

    • i am died.
      That was hot, running in the Docs. *poof*

  41. ooh myyy goood
    i can’t breathe…. hes too beautiful

    that left me speechless


  42. Hey Ayden – How’s the new place? Glad you got ‘out of the dead zone’ relatively quickly.

    • It’s great! It’s incredibly quiet, which I love. The dogs are freaked at the view. They can see cars on the roads down below and spaz the hell out. It’s hilarious.

      I got locked out on the balcony for a minute this morning. Thank god the maintenance guy was on his way… there’s no other way in or down from that balcony save the door that somehow managed to lock behind me. Thought I was going to have to jump for it like I threatened. Remind me not to tempt karma with my master “get internet access so you can Robssess STAT” plans next time, hmm? lmao.

      Thanks for asking! 🙂

      • Glad you like it! Omg, getting locked out is not good, not good at all! You got lucky! Yay! Forgot to ask- where are you again (city)?

        • It sucked, until maintenance guy (who boob checked me, I should add… but by that point, I didn’t really care. He rescued me from certain ankle breakage!) saved me. Then it was pretty funny. Only I could manage to lock myself out with a sliding glass door lock.

          I’m in Little Rock, AR; home of… well, nothing actually. 😀

          You’re in Canada right? Or am I way off as usual?

          • Yup, way up North in Edmonton – also home of…uh(get back to you on that)! lol

      • Ayden – I’m so happy to hear that you like the new place! And that you have internet access again! My BF and me moved in our new apartment 2 years ago (so it’s not that new any more, but still). In the beginning I locked myself out 2x! Can you believe that. Not on the balcony, though, but in the corridor, how embarassing! 🙂

        • V- I’ve moved beyond embarrassed to resigned. With me, it’s bound to happen… frequently. Who has time for remembering trivial things like keys, shoes, pants, etc when there’s a Rob in the world, right?!

          Don’t you love new apartments?

          Getting used to being alone most of the day is killer though. Without you ladies, I would have expired from boredom days and days ago! Used to having the niece and nephews here 24/7. It’s weird!

  43. He should come with his own warning label. “May cause fangirl squees, twat twitches, heart palpitations, shortness of breath, loss of productivity, ravaging of DH, constant fantasizing, and/or plotting, planning and general obsessing.”


    Do me. Please?


    • hahah Twat Twitches…

      • I borrowed it from Jena. It cracks me up every time I see her use it.

    • Ayden- posted the same comment last night at about 12:32 (Great minds think alike!)

      • ROFL! Awesome! Will have to go back and find that one. 🙂

        • LMAO! Just found it. That’s brilliant, Gen! I like yours better. You put in the panty poofing disclaimer!

          • No, no both good- you had the ‘twat twitches’! ROTFL!

  44. Good morning ladies!

    I know all the ladies on twitter saw this but DAMN:

    Just kill me now. I’ve experienced heaven and I’m ready to go. That is, unless Rob is naked on my bed tonight. In that case, perhaps I’ll wait a few days…

    • holy mackeral andy that pic needs to be blown up sistine chapel style on my ceiling

    • Ouch…kill me as well.

      As Loredana (who sits with me in the office and is fellow Robsessed) quite aptly put it:
      “How can a man in a plain, deadpan, probably old and holey white t-shirt look so goddamned sexy?”

      • I know- the most ‘HOT DAMN FRIGGIN’ SEXY SMOLDERING SMOKIN’ Man That Has ever been Created. EVER!!!! the end

  45. “Moon: imagine my coworkers coming in to find my passed out and Rob kissing on the screen” omgggggg..haaaaaaaaaaaaa….

  46. This is probably going to be a long post, but bear with me, its worth it. DH has come over to the darkside (Robside). Squee!

    I wake up Sat morning and DH is on the computer.

    DH: Your guy is uncomfortable with his new role.

    Me: Huh? *rubs sleep out of her eyes*

    DH: You guys is uncomfortable with his new movie role.

    Me: What? How do you know that? (I know he’s talking about Dali)

    DH: Its on yahoo.

    ME: It is? That’s cool it made it to yahoo news. *smirks*

    DH: So he plays Dali gay, huh? (DH is an art major, he knows full well who Dali is)

    Me: Yeah, and I guess it wasn’t a closed set so he had Spanish electricians giggling at them.

    DH: Oh, that’s not cool.

    Me: He’s really a very interesting person (totally downplaying my obsession) I think you would like him, why don’t you read the article *over-excitedly starts typing in the GQ url*

    DH: I don’t know, I don’t think I really care.

    Me: Come on, now at least you’ll sort of get where I’m going from. (I tell him about the carrot, and DH is intrigued)

    Me: Don’t forget to think his responses in an English accent.

    DH: *gives me a weird look*

    Me: Think about Chris’s accent (my british cousin) you know hwo much you love their accents.

    DH: hmm


    I leave him alone to read about the wonder of Rob and peek in every once in a while. (He laughed out loud about carrot)

    DH: Who’s Camilla Belle (he’s searching for pictures of her)

    Me: Oh, she’s another actress he’s friends with and is dating some loser musician guy the teenies like.

    DH: Oh, okay. Hey, she looks like a dude (he’s looking at some weird net pics of her, don’t know how he found that site) (and that is why I love him)


    I peek in again, he’s close to the finish line.

    DH: This is a long ass article.

    Me: Yes, but its so worth it.

    DH: *loud laugh* I fucked Joe Jonas, ha! That’s freaking funny.

    Me: So what did you think?

    DH: Your guy is kind of weird but cool. I could hang with him.

    Me: *gasps* *is unable to make any audible acknowledgment of the world coming to an end*

    DH: you ok?

    Me: *breathes* yeah

    DH: You know, my friends and I used to put all kinds of things in the microwave when we first got one. Just to see what would happen.

    Me: So you are condoning the carrot?

    DH: Yeah, it was fun to watch things blow up. I can see where your guy would be fascinated with the micro for the first time.

    Me: Remember the How To Be promo I showed you? (which he thought was interesting before he knew of my Robsession) They are going to play it on IFC in April.

    DH: Cool, looks like a great flick.

    Me: *I AM DIED!*

    DH actually likes Rob! Wants to hang out with him and drink beers. I kid you not. DH loves my british family (I think it has to do with all the drinking). So now I sort of have his permission to hang out with Rob if I ever got the chance. Who knew? My next step is to get him to watch Twilight with me.

    • Ceri! I ❤ your DH! He makes me proud! 😀

      • I know! I mean, I obviously love the guy, that’s why I married him. But its at times like this that my inner girl goes SQUEE! for him instead of Rob. *sigh* I’m so torn in my affectiosn.

        • I know the feeling well! I just tell myself my heart did the Bella in BD thing and swelled to twice the size to hold all the love. Works like a charm 😉

          • Ooh, I like that. But she at least got to kiss both of them. *thinks of kissing Rob – swoon*

      • That’s awesome. DH is my new hero.

    • Ceri, please hug your DH on my behalf!
      This one goes with Mr Soccermom!!
      Hats off for being good RobGuys!

  47. I wanna bite his bottom lip sooo bad

    • Hehehe JGW – this is the exact same picture I posted above. I love that we both posted it because obvi it is THE BEST PICTURE EVER. Srsly.

      Dear Rob,

      You just made me squee my pants.


    • Biting is good. Biting is verra, verra good.

      • If biting is better than the thought of biting (and we all know it is)… I’m so died!

    • He looks so lost in that photo and so yummy.


      Don’t worry I’ll bring you home with me and take care of you. Really, really good care of you


      PS. Have a drink with the hubby, apparently he won’t mind. How about a black and tan?

    • Just his ‘bottom lip’? Hmmm.

    roadtrip to NYC anyone? anyone?

    • “I’d jump on that shit so fast just so I could run up to some random tween and shout, “I fucked your fake sparkly boyfriend and he loooooved it.”

      I’m laughing so hard at that, I’m crying! That’s just gold there! ROFL!

      • michael k is the funniest person EVER..i love that blog.

        • “All you need is Robert Pattinson and a handful of glitter.”

      • LMAO! SOLID! *tears are a seepin’ again*

    • “Drive-by-f*cking”


    anybody see these?

    • Dude with the nose (says the girl with the nose) is in the way of the rear view 😦

      • Definitely, he should move over…. 😀

  50. Love the GIF. I agree with all who said they like this kiss better than bedroom. I think I read somewhere they reshot the bedroom kiss.
    Had a craptastic morning. Have already been bitched out 3 times. Twice by the same customer. Yippee!!
    Looking at the slow mo Kiss GIF has made everything better.
    IfOnly and Soccermom I re-read post from Sat and Sun. You girls crack me up. And we I thought it couldn’t get any better.. BAM! Mr. Soccermom post. He deserve lots of sexy time with Soccermom for that. 🙂

    @Ayden Locking self out on balcony is something I so would do. Thank goodness you didn’t have to jump off the get back in.

    Made my daily call to Borders. I have them saved in my phone. Matt picked. I have talked to Matt a few times. He’s really nice and never makes me feel ashamed of my stalking of the ROBQ.
    SO here is breakdown of conversation-
    Hi this Matt. How can I help you?
    Me- Can you see if you having something in stock.
    Matt-Sure what are you looking for?
    Me-*Giggling* The April addition of American GQ.
    Matt- Oh yeah I think we have that in. How many do you need?
    Me- Again giggling. 5. It’s the one why Robert Pattinson.
    Matt-Sure no problem. Let me just double check.
    So I’m in the car driving around for work. I almost ran off the road when he said they had it in. I am thinking how can I text Robzilla and stay on hold. Gotta let someone know the great news.
    Still sitting on hold. Now I start daydreaming of me and the ROBQ. I am so excited. We are finally going to be together. I’ve waited so long. Thinking maybe I’ll take him out for St. Patty’s Day.
    Finally Matt comes back on the line.
    Matt- Sorry we don’t have it yet.
    Me- Man, you got me all excited. I was on my way there.
    Matt- I’m sorry.
    Me-Do you know when it might be in. I have heard a few different dates.
    Matt- No. I just checked the shipment we got in today and it wasn’t there. Check back on Wed. Also if we don’t have enough copies out check the Twilight table or someone can get you more out of the back.
    Me- Thanks Matt. I guess I’ll call back Wednesday.
    Matt- Sure no problem. Good Luck.

    Sorry if I gave anyone a heart attack. Just had to share my latest ROBQ hunt story.
    I am still stopping by Borders on way home.
    Thank goodness Matt was so nice and didn’t tell me I was limited in number of ROBQs I could get because he would go to the top of the List.

    • Carrie, you should totally bribe this Matt guy (he sounds really nice anyways) and just see if he’ll hold 5 copies for you when they get them in! And you can still call and stuff but promise him like a bag of candy or something else that dudes want.

      Well, you know, something ELSE that a dude would want… other than your fine self

      • That’s a good idea Carter. I am whoring myself out for the ROBQ. I think will only help me in the long run with my quest to make Rob mine. We’ll laugh about one day.
        Rob- Oh honey, remember that time you slept with Matt from Borders so you could be the first girl in Atlanta to get the GQ I was in.
        Me- I know. The things we do for love. It was worth it. You looked so smoking hot. BTW I think we have those jeans and boots in your closet. Go put them on and we can play Sissy and Bud from Urban Cowboy.

    • Oh that sucks! To hear it’s in and then that it isn’t?! I would have died!

    • Care Bear! You just gave me a mild myocardial infarction! I ran to get my phone to see the text. I called BAM and they said next Friday. I think they are all just f*kcing with us.
      Maybe you should check out Matt. He might be a nice IRL date. He already knows of your obsession. LOL

      • Sorry. 🙂
        True. I wouldn’t have to think of how to spring in on him latter. Funny I was just thinking about that last night. If I started dating someone how would I spring my Robsession on them.

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