Posted by: themoonisdown | March 15, 2009

Where in the world is the Edward Action Figure – Mushroom Ravioli Edition

eyes not obscured cause she's not embarrassed and well like 80 something

eyes not obscured cause she's not embarrassed and well she's like 80 something

Dear Lil Edward-

Last week I got a picture text message (on the left) from my Mom and it said this:

Edward took Doris to Lunch at BJ’s. They had mushroom ravioli.
Love, Mom

WHAT?! So now you’re skipping out on me on our sacred day? Sunday is the day WE go out and take pictures. Hrrrrummmmpphh.

Ok, ok… as much as I wanna be mad it’s actually quite endearing. You know how to treat the ladies, my dear. Me, the young, the uh not so young… all of us and we love you for it. Your charms are NOT lost on grandmas! Just like my mom says ALL ladies love Edward.


Location: BJ’s Restaurant – Chandler, Arizona

Where else has mini Edward been?


  1. @Moon- Love that your whole family is involved in those PE escapdes! Hilarious! (talk about support from the ‘outside’) Don’t feel bad, at least PE keeps it ‘in the family’! LOL! Yay!

    • lil edward loves the WHOLE family! what a good guy and what a good family for putting up with my craziness! and participating in it!

  2. thanx for the feedback!

  3. Yes, he does!

    • And he does it again….and again….and again…..

      • and again…

        • I want one.

          • Moi Aussi (me too)!

        • Hello ladies, I can’t believe that I am actually studying single eyebrows on Rob Pattinson’s brow.

          Honestly, how did he get so gorgeous? How how how?

          It’s not fair … I WANT! (stamps foot)

          Thanks for all the huge scale photos you always post Genevieve … but no thanks as I am getting nothing much done, and today I have done especially nothing apart from the very basics of human life for my family (well at least they haven’t walked out on me yet … not that I’d notice if they did).

          • Hey English Girl – I’m not getting much done today either. DH cleaning bathrooms and comes out and asks if I want to dust the house? Do I look like I want to dust the house? No, I want to sit here and look at Rob. *sigh* Guess I am going to go dust.

          • @English Girl- LOL! ‘not that I’d notice if they did’!
            Yeah, those pics (talk about being CLOSE to Rob!- up close and personal like!) Just the way we LOVE it!

  4. * drooling over pics and whimpering***

    IT SHOULD BE ILLEGAL TO LOOK THIS GOOD!!!!!!!!!!!!! omg he is soooohotttttttttt @#$%^&&^%^

    • Sherin- you still breathing? LOL! How can anyone EVER compare? He’s set such a high standard!

    • Exactly. He needs to be arrested. Now where did I put those handcuffs?

      • With or w/o fur?

        • w/o – Rob can handle it

        • BOTH.

          Why skimp?

          • Yeah, gotta mix it up!

    • @ gen….noooo,im barely breathing over here,that pic is sooo my fave,im practically licking my screen over here

      @ ifonly……….yeah,bring those handcuffs,i want him tied over my bed while i go down south on him

      ooopssss…i so went there LOL!! can you really blame me?????????

      • I would go there multiple times a day if I could. And now all I can think about is his south pole! I can’t keep my mind out of the gutter.

        • do u think its ok if i whisper “apotampkin” to his robnana? i was just wondering

          • OK, what the hell is this apotampkin thing. I know it is something he referred to on the DVD commentary. What’s it mean?

          • @English Girl- Cold one.

        • @ EG…it was the way he said it on the commentary…he said it like a little kid,in a very cute way and kristen and catherine laughed after her said did the rest of us who have listened to the commentary.apotampkin is like the bogeyman in the US. he also said ” saucy”,w/c ppl in other sites are now using and he also sang..” i could see nothingggg wronnggg” during the scene where he opens his shirt.ADORKABLE ROB!

    • I’m sure it is. As LTR’s resident Brit (well one of them) I think I should take him into custody and deal with him. I’ll know which methods work best ‘cos there will be no cultural differences of course.

  5. i so getting a VGA cable tomorrow so i can hook up my laptop to the LCD screen,then i get to lick THAT one everytime gen posts a link to his super hot pics.

    btw,any news where he went after arkansas?

    • I haven’t heard anything. JBell and Jena are the news reporters. Not sure where they are…… Gotta run to store to get DH some pine sol – apparently you need that to clean the floors. BBS

  6. I can’t breathe…. *THUD*

    Gen – love you and the pics you always post! What would we do without you?

    English Girl – I looked at every single hair, pore, wrinkle … lol By now I really know every little detail of Rob’s face by heart.
    “I WANT! (stamps foot)” DITTO
    “not that Iโ€™d notice if they did” LMAO me too!
    My BF complains about not having any clean clothes and about being neglected. My cat… every time I open a pic of Rob my cat meows in a reproachful way as if he knew Rob was the source for the food shortage. ๐Ÿ™‚

    • @V- Rampant neglect across the globe! What has Rob started?
      (glad to be of service)

      • What HAS he started! Mankind will become extinct because of all the neglect.


        We have to save mankind from extinction … come over and sign my uterus in your sperm. Hurry up!


    • Your BF has not got any clean clothes? Aw, so sorry for him. NOT!!!!

      Does he have hands and arms ….Instruct him girl!

      These germanic men (remember I am married to a German) need to have a little shove in the right direction now and again. Gotta start them early or they will end up helpless.

      In any event, it will be good training for when you meet Rob as it sounds like he needs a little kick in the butt in the laundry processing direction too. Rob – just ‘cos you’re a movie star and you look like sex on legs doesn’t mean you get to loll around the house all day just looking gorgeous. Well, on second thoughts … maybe we should practice bedmaking skills first…. ooh, let’s mess the bed up first ..

  7. what means full-on PDA?

    • public display of affection?

  8. @V & Gen – last night soccermom and I were zooming in on all the pics to see all the details – the reddish tint his beard has, his bushy brows, freckle and mole hunting, noticing how incredibly clear his skin is (for such a dirty boy too!).

    • Gotta get me the name of his dermatologist!

      • IfOnly- you back from the store with your pine sol already? Or are you commenting and driving again? LOL!

        • I’m back. Just ran to Walgreens to grab pine sol. Will have to make dreaded grocery store trip later tonight.

          • ‘Dreaded’ you got that right! (went on Friday phew) Good luck!

  9. It depends on the light, sometimes his beard is brown with single silver-blonde hairs, sometimes more blonde with reddish tint…
    and his cheeks are always slightly flushed…
    and those eyes… *thud*

  10. yeah everyone was zooming in!!!!LOL! it was hilarious!!!

    “how do i zoom in?”

    and then ” how do i zoom out!!????”

    LOL.the joys of the computer age.

  11. No more Volterra, moving location to Montepulciano –

    It’s in Italian. I’ll try to find the translated version.


      • HERE I AM !!!!

        Let me translate that and I’ll post it.
        I’ve heard about the Montepulciano thing and I’m readjusting my plans.
        Sorry I was out during the w/e.
        I’ll tell you about it later.
        Missed you ALL so much ladies.
        Gen, as ever you are my PIC goddess…you made my day!


    There we go.

  13. I missed all you Dirty Girls. I’ve been working on some FLASH sites and I’m cross-eyed.
    I will be starting the smokin hot vid tonight…pix and song suggestions are welcome.
    Also I thought I read you wanted a vid of him looking Dorky is that right?

  14. ohhhhhhhhh boy.. alot of ppl have their hearts set on volterra.

    i can already hear thr travel agents answering phones from ppl who are changing their itineraries due to this new piece of information.

  15. Uhh Rob – I’ll iron and button up your shirt for you! (don’t even do that for the DH but I’d do it for you!) On one condition- if you bring it over in person.

  16. I thought that they wouldn’t shoot in Volterra. Isn’t it always like this? They never shoot at the location of the books.

  17. check this out…a montage of candid rob pics

    • Nice – I had seen most of these pics before but not all of them. Thx

  18. LOL – from – A reader on their site met Peter in the UK at a TwiConvention and he talked about some special effects during a Q&A session –

    “…In the New Moon script it says “โ€˜the sunlight catches Edwardโ€™s skin and we see him sparkleโ€™, it then says in brackets underneath (BUT BETTER THAN IN TWILIGHT)” I guess they really are trying to improve the special effects!”

    • * hoping rob would be shirtless in this scene*

      Dear summit people:

      Let robert be shirtless in this scene and we will love you forever.


  19. I’m BACK!!!! WHEW! What a weekend…with NO INTERNET, it was hell. We were plenty busy but I thought about you gals and of course Rob the whole time! I am feeling a lot better now too, just exhausted from traveling and getting no sleep pretty much this whole week! I’m about to start catching up on comments, videos, a CONTEST?! (OMG! YAY!) and all of what you gals had to say today!

  20. and why did catherine delete this scene of esme and carlise???i really like the part where you can see edward and bella from the window!!!cute!

    • Aww i agree! they should have left that in there!

  21. @V – I agree with the lighting, what he’s wearing ect effecting how his hair and eyes look. He’s like a damn chameleon.

    OK, I’m cracking myself up (must be lack of sleep)
    – DH in other room sweeping
    – IfOnly on computer looking at new Rob stuff just posted.
    – sweeper in other room stops, footsteps heard
    – IfOnly jumps up and starts dusting
    – DH walks by and smiles, gets something, leaves
    – sweeper restarts in other room
    – IfOnly back on computer

    • LMAO!!! gawds,you and soccermom are so funny!

    • @IfOnly- LMAO! Hilarious! *tears are seeping out of eyes*

    • hahaha! NICE!! The things we do for this man!

      I am suppose to be catching up on our Quickbook for our business….humm..not going so well seeing as I am still on LTR! Sorry honey, the billing will get done sometime before the mail lady comes tomorrow! heehee! ๐Ÿ™‚

      • Welcome back Kristen! No time for billing when you have been deprived all weekend!

    • I just smuggled laptop upstairs in laundry basket. MMMhahaha

      • Stop. You’re killing me! lol

      • you so smart.LOL.i comment you for your dedication to rob!

  22. More Rob with ‘beanie’-

    ps Dear Rob, In addition to ironing, and buttoning I will help you clean your clothes (left shoulder) with you ‘out’ of them of course! Drop by ANY time.

    • i always wondered what that crap is on his left shoulder,coz it its bird droppings,im gonna hunt down that damn bird to extinction for pooing on my rob.

      • yes, bird who shits on our Rob goes on the FKL’d list! LMAO!

        • him and his entire bird specie will be FKL’ed. stupid bird.i dont care if ur on the endangered list,YOU ARE GOING DOWN! LMAO!

  23. Good evening ladies! ive missed you and the hysteria today!

  24. ok,i gotta go to sleep ladies!!! rob is waiting in bed,half naked and ready for some action.*winks*

    have a great time!catch up with you great gals tomorrow!!

    • G’Night Sherin (woo hoo- go get ’em tiger!)

      Hi Tara – get ready for the ride!

      • lol i have to shower first! but i will be back!

  25. its so hard catching up on everything i missed today!
    @ those pictures are BEAUTIFUL! thank you for giving me something yummy to wake up to!!

    and to the 2 ladies that didnt have internet… my heart breaks for you. but at least you are back!!

    • the @ was for you Gen!!

      • *smooch*

  26. Night Sherin! Welcome Tara!

    • thanks! im here for the long hall!

    • you girls were cracking me up last night! t i was wanting to watch the haunted air man but fell asleep. how was it?

      • It is different but we still liked it (probably more so because Rob was in it). It’s not really scary, just weird. We enjoyed watching him do the character. He did a good job.

        • Reminded me of a British Twilight Zone!

          • i will have to check it out!

  27. Yep, I just pissed my pants. roflmao

    • The hairy armpits were perfect!

    • OMG! DYING HERE! *rolling on floor crying*

  28. Kristen left in her Twitter message this morning that she is heading off to Italy. You think for promo of her other movies or for scenes to be shot for New Moon?

    And where is Rob after he left the getto Wal-Mart event in AK?

    • hmmm.. well who cares about kstew!! lol… but rob came to spend the night with me… lol i mean did i say that out loud.

  29. Hi guys…I missed all of yesterday, had to pull a double-7am till 10 pm and then back this morning at 8! I’m fried but worse that that, i missed you guys ! I was so sleep deprived on the way home that I bought a new flat screen tv just so I had some place nice to watch Rob next week when Twilight comes out! I think I need to hide my credit card till I get some sleep!

  30. Oh look at your Grandma! PE was making sure she got food in her! Good job PE, always the gentleman.

  31. Okay ladies, it has been so much fun but I promised DH I would go see movie with him. Talk to you all later. Have fun tonight!

    And let the official DVD countdown begin!

    • WHOOO HOO! 5 more days!! ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Bye IfOnly- Have fun too! 5 MORE DAYS!!!!!

  32. So ahhhhhhh! *sigh*

  33. OK ladies, Quick update – Just returned from Wal Mart – Rob not there. In person or GQ.

    • Yes, Older shot(s). But still good!
      No Rob at Wal-Mart? – not going there anymore- they can’t keep anything in stock! lol

    • lmfao im lurking and i read that so fast that i skipped over ‘not’ and read it “Rob there” and then all i saw was GQ. i started hyperventilating. true story.

      • Me too LOL

      • Uhh JBell- how many copies are you gonna get?
        Me, at least 2! You can bet on it! This week, it’s coming, I can feel it in my bones!

  34. watching the haunted airman!

    • o0o i want ur reaction/thoughts too tara!

  35. so far the spiders are really creeping me out… but i will watch just for Rob!!

  36. Doesn’t AG go to Italy today? Maybe they all go for fittings and make-up before they start shooting in Vancouver. Didn’t she say she would stay one week longer than everyone else?

  37. Gen – I loved the pic with the stain on his right shoulder. His hands/arms are so beautiful in that one! *blows kisses*

    Ok, I gotta go. Good night ladies!

    • G’Night V- have a good one!
      ps love ALL of his pic’s! ALL OF THEM!

  38. coming up for air from Wide Awake! LOL!

    Been reading it since 3:00. Still not done, but mm…mmmm..mmmm it’s getting GOOOOD!!

    OK, peace out!

    gotta go read more.

  39. @Vogue – How long is this story? You weren’t kidding when you said it would consume my life were you?

  40. Just popping in to go off topic lol I just left the beach where we watched the Space Shuttle Discovery launch and wanted to share with you ladies. All my Twitter girls saw it and wanted to share here too –

    • @JBell – Sweet photo! Makes me miss the warm sunny beaches of southern CA just a wee bit. We used to be able to see rockets take off from Vandenburg AFB from the beach too, but not quite as cool as the Shuttle. Jealous!

  41. Poppin in. I’m reading I love LA now. It’s pretty funny so far.
    I tried to look at your pic JBell put twatpic keeps crashing my IE…stupid Vista.
    I did see the sunset, it was lurvley.

  42. No intro necessary-

  43. 2 Wal-Marts, 2 Targets, 2 Barnes and Noble and every gas station in between… I have come to the conclusion that no one is interested in Justin Timberlake GQ. Those were everywhere, but no GQ Rob anywhere.

    I did manage to buy DH a new home theater system though. ๐Ÿ˜€ Figured he deserved it after spending 3 hours driving me all over the place without uttering a single complaint. He even went into gas stations to stalk the magazine section for me! His willingness to enable makes me proud! ๐Ÿ˜€

    • @Ayden – the timing for your very generous and toughtful gift for your DH seems awfully convenient, no?

      • Shhh! He’s been hinting for a year that he wants a 60 inch HDTV and I’ve adamantly refused. Now that Twilight is nearly here I keep thinking hmmm, maybe we *should* get that 60 inch TV, ROFL! He doesn’t care why he get it, so long as he gets it lol!

        • Alrighty then – we are all meeting at your place this weekend!

          • Don’t forget to Robnap His Holy Hotness on your way over! I’ve got the Heineken situation under control! ๐Ÿ˜€

  44. Howdy ho ho ho (and that is not directed exclusively at our own LTR photo “ho” Gen ;o)

    Had one of my daughters’ b-day party today. Was trying to bake cupcakes, get ready and LTR earlier, and although I consider myself to be the ultimate multi-tasker, I somehow failed to keep up with all the fun here.

    Now let’s see if I can sneak in a comment or two…

  45. @Ayden, your hubby is making me proud! And that was nice of you to get him a new home theater system!

    @Gen, loving the photos!

    @anyone, can you email me the link to “Wide Awake” please? Thanks!

    @Carrie, I love the vid! Love the smiles! Love the song!

    • Jena! Haven’t had a chance to say hello to you nearly all weekend. How are things?!

  46. So, in the candid montage, I noticed two things in particular:

    1. Around 1:32, there are two photos back to back with the same blond woman. I’ve seen the second photo before (I think UC/Moon used it a few weeks ago and suggested their hidden hides might be goosing him). Any thoughts on who she is? Must be on the inside…

    2. Although I try to hold my tongue around some of the women who manage to get photos with him, the girls around minute 4:33 are so freaking skanky, I just can’t be nice. Having said that, I think he seems to be enjoying it. Anyone else notice that?


  47. Pour votre plaisir! (for your pleasure)

    • The first one is DELISH!! Thanks for the tasty treat, my fairhaired Canadian friend!

      • Ah, the Divine Miss ‘B’! Good to hear from you! Hope you survived that b-day party! The Rob ‘ho’ takes no offense LOL!

        @Ayden- best hubby enabler ever! Ah, a hidden agenda! As long as it works for ya! lol

    • I love that his eyes change. You’re never quite sure what color they will be from photo to photo. Makes every new image a wonderful surprise ๐Ÿ˜‰

  48. Girls- I’m updating my Rob archive and I thought I would share with you. Hope y’all don’t mind! Got some more for those who are interested!

    • Rain, sleet, snow, rabid dogs… I’ll take Rob any time!

  49. Yes, I am the husband of a “Robaholic”!!!! It is cute how excited my wife gets over this whole issue with Rob. It does NOT bother me one bit as I have a small crush on Ashley Green (Alice). So for all you “jealous” husbands or significant others: cut the girls some slack it is totally harmless. At least they are at home with you and NOT out at a bar chasing Rob!!! I mess with my wife all the time by changing her screen saver from Rob to something else. PLEASE, I need help starting an Ashley Green “stalking club”!! That way I can at least use the computer for something other than Rob.

    • @Soccermom & Mr.Soccermom- LOVE that letter! Just read it to DH and he had to laugh! Yay Mr. Soccermom ‘YOU ROCK’! (you too Soccermom!)

    • Woohoo! Go Mr. Soccermom! You’re my other new hero.

      Please do start that club. DH has a small thing for KStew, but says he’s more than willing to toss her over for Ashley stalking. So, you know, if you need a buddy stalker… I’ll GLADLY let you borrow him (anything to end this KStew madness). ๐Ÿ˜€

      • I’d endorse one for Ashley Greene, and might even follow one for Rachelle Lefevre. Any DH takers for the redhead?

      • Ayden my DW is all for me and all the DH’s of the world having the Ashley Green club. I still can’t believe I am sitting here doing this as I am a Strength and Conditioning Coach for soccer and need to be modifying/changing winter training programs for my girls HS soccer team. I just have a soft spot for Ms. Green. Anyways, sorry off topic but are there ANY places I/we DH can find Ashley goodies?

  50. This is a fantastic fan video! I love it!

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