Posted by: themoonisdown | March 15, 2009

Where in the world is the Edward Action Figure – Mushroom Ravioli Edition

eyes not obscured cause she's not embarrassed and well like 80 something

eyes not obscured cause she's not embarrassed and well she's like 80 something

Dear Lil Edward-

Last week I got a picture text message (on the left) from my Mom and it said this:

Edward took Doris to Lunch at BJ’s. They had mushroom ravioli.
Love, Mom

WHAT?! So now you’re skipping out on me on our sacred day? Sunday is the day WE go out and take pictures. Hrrrrummmmpphh.

Ok, ok… as much as I wanna be mad it’s actually quite endearing. You know how to treat the ladies, my dear. Me, the young, the uh not so young… all of us and we love you for it. Your charms are NOT lost on grandmas! Just like my mom says ALL ladies love Edward.


Location: BJ’s Restaurant – Chandler, Arizona

Where else has mini Edward been?


  1. He has professed to love older women before, ha ha. Very cute. I’m sure Doris was charmed by PE’s anachronistic chivalry.

    Which reminds me, the line:

    “You speak like you’re from another time”

    would be so much better if it were instead:

    “You are an anachronism”

    Because isn’t Bella supposed to be smart? And don’t smart people express themselves with succinctness and articulation?

    Ok so this was sort of a tangent, sorry.

    Go Pocket Edward!!!!

  2. Doris is awesome, plus I love that her eyes aren’t obscured cuz “well she’s like 80something”


    • I LOL’d at that.

  3. I’m always very excited about Pocket Edward’s adventures and I have to say this one is the cutest. The woman looks like my great grandmother and that got me wondering what she would have said, if I had taken her out to dinner with a small plastic “action figure”…Probably something she used to say very often like: “This is one of your crazy modern things like this microwave-thing (What also would have reminded me of Rob) and I’m way too old for sh** like that (Yes, she really would have used a swear word) LOL

  4. That’s so sweet of pocket Edward !!! No woman who is still living and breathing can resist his charm!! And the mushroom ravioli ummm nom nom nom!!! A BIGGG hello to u all LTR gals,am at work n will be back later,my patients are soooo in d way of my robsession, me thinks I need another job .

  5. Yeah Grandma! We’ll all fly our Rob flag in public no matter what our age! Even pocket Edward dazzles! We have ages 5-80 loving him on here don’t we? Any one got a family memember younger or older than that who loves Rob? The Coolness runs in the family Moon – good genes.

    • Yup. My two year old sees his picture on the computer and he says,”Daddy!”.

      • ROFL! That is too funny!

      • Shut up,
        I showed my daughter(who just turned 2) a pic of Rob, and asked “who is it Bella?” normally she would say “It’s Wobby” but this past week she said “It’s Daddy, Mommy”

      • Everytime I am online my 7 year old asks, “Are you looking up your boyfriend, Mommy?” then tattles on me. She has actually said to my S.O. “Robert is better than you!” (Poor guy:()

  6. Deleted baseball scene!!!! Rob growls and gives ’em the finger..again!!!LMAO!!!!!!!! he is so adorkable!!!

    • I thought he gave them the finger. He IS too adorkable.

  7. That’s awesome. And I’m loving Doris for joining in the revelry and visiting with PE! She deserves a prize

    (and I have internet access at the new place… woohoo!!!)

    • Hey Ayden! Internet access woo hoo!! I don’t think we could survive without it.

      • Me either! I missed everything on Friday and Saturday. Rob was in my state yesterday… didn’t even know about it until yesterday afternoon. Could have sent out a rescue team to kidnap him away and held him hostage until they renegotiated whatever part of his contract has them pimping him out all over the place.

        No Internet = Worst thing EVER.

        • Yeah I feel ur pain Ayden! No Internet = no LTR = no rob fix = jumps off the highest cliff for me! LOL!I depend on my iPhone to read comments in here, u ladies are seriously addictive.I could prolly make a fortune if I put up a center for robaddiction,but then,who wants a cure for robsession???!!!!

          • My Robmergency backup plan was to climb to the roof and threaten to jump and take out innocent bystanders if they didn’t get me Internet before Tuesday. Rather relieved I didn’t have to go that route. It’s a damn long way down, lol!

  8. @Ayden WooHoo!!! I was worried we would see you on the news.
    This is Duffy Dixon reporting- “Women in middle of street cursing cable company. Her internet wasn’t hooked up yet and she couldn’t get her daily Robert Pattinson fix. More at 5 o’clock.”

    • LMAO !!! can’t wait for 5 to watch that particular news !! And hey,wasn’t Acheron a great book???!!!!

      • OMG it was so good. It broke my heart in the beginning and the healed at the end. What’s your email address. I was going to send you an email about it.

        • acheron’s story was painful to read wasn’t it?

    • Duffy Dixon? LMAO

      • @Ifonly. It’s a real news reporter in Atlanta. I laugh everytime I hear her name.

        • Seriously? ROFL. That is just too much. How could you even listen to what she has to say after you hear a name like that. Don’t they usually change their names too sometimes. Like they keep their first name but change last name to a screen name?

    • Crisis averted , ROFL!

      Duffy Dixon? Wow. What a name!

  9. posted new video-

    • Carrie! I ❤ you for that!

    • By the way… how was the Rob date with Robzilla yesterday? How much mischief did you girls get up too with PE? I hope you all (PE too, of course!) had a blast!

    • Very nice!

  10. @Ayden, We had a blast. Of course we took PE. I will post pics on my blog soon. I am working on it today. Hopefully I can it done it one day. I’m not very good with the layout stuff. so it takes me a longtime to post on it.

    • Awesome! Can’t wait to see the pics! 🙂

  11. Doris you rock! Like my Grandma who is 86 and the only one (!) in my family who understands my Robsession. Maybe I should get her a little Edward for herself.

    Carrie – good to hear you had a great time. Can’t wait to see the pics!
    What is Acheron?

    (((((LTRgals)))) Have a Robtastic Sunday all!

  12. @V Acheron is a book in the Dark Hunters series by Sherrilyn Kenyon. They are great books.
    Here is link to here website

    • Thanks Carrie!

  13. Pocket Edward is such a gentleman.

  14. hey everyone I love these two Rob videos

  15. So I tried catching up on the posts from the last 2 days…
    Welcome to all the newbies.
    I read that you guys are looking for some new vids…what do you want?
    There was mention of laughs and I can’t remember the others? Please let me know.
    @Carrie let me know if you are already working on any so we don’t duplicate.
    Ack I have like a million tweets to read!
    Sorry I haven’t been around lately, I’m suffering from some serious Robsomnia…ya know when you lie in bed at night and it takes 3 hours to fall asleep because your thinking about everything you read and saw about Rob on the internet and all the things you’d do and say if you met him and your wondering what he’s doing at that exact moment. Umm I hope I’m not the only one who suffers from this *blushes*
    Needless to say I broke down and took some meds yesterday to get some sleep.
    @Gen I haven’t forgotten about you, I’m going to send you some new Closer files in different formats in the hopes one will work.

    • @JAG – I can sympathize with the loss of sleep. IfOnly and I up til 430am last night! Stalking Rob in teen mags, Going to Twilight at $1.00 theater, watching The Haunted Airman and chatting on here the whole time! I was up for 23 hours! 12 of it spent on nothing but Robsession!

    • @JAG ❤ ya!
      @Soccermom- YOU’RE ALREADY UP! LOL!

  16. JAG. I am just posted smile video. I think u said you were going to do smokin video. Let me know if you need any pics. Right now working on Bella and Edward video. That’s all I got for now. Shoot me an email if you want on what else u are working on.

    • Do they want pics or video clips?

      • Whatever is easiest for you.

    • Just watched the smile video, thanks for posting! You made my Sunday! It is absolutely incredible in how many different ways he can smile/laugh! *thud*

      • Thanks. I know. That man is wonderful…


  17. Nooo she ate while Edward talked…don’t get crazy on us 🙂

  18. @ Carrie – props on the smile video. For me it’s the cute smile that does it. (And those eyes…..and hands……and nice package……)

  19. That is freakin’ awesome!!!

  20. It’s official we LOVE the mankiss.
    My 2 Dirty Little Ashes vids on YouTube have 4210 view in 4 Days!
    We aren’t the only PattinPervs out there!

    • JAG that’s great. I love the mankiss. Happy to hear everyone else does too.



    • Mmmm……

  21. @Moon – you come from a long line of incredibly hip, and obviously sexy women. Of course, PE would be seriously attracted – Doris is a star!

    • i do, i do! i cant deny it.

      doris for president! if she doesnt steal my man first!

  22. @Carrie – I have a huge Rob smile on my face right now after having watched that video. I hadn’t read the title cuz I was so drawn in by his smile, and after like 7 photos, I was like “hey, these are all of his smiles – LOVIN IT”. Thanks for making this snowy day in Seattle oh so bright.

  23. @JAG: I am the very selfish person who has requested, not one, but two videos: Smoking and Laughing. I saw you asked above about it being video clips or photos – for the laughing, I was really hoping for video clips since I want to see AND hear his infectious laugh. I guess this might be much more difficult to do, but if at all possible, I truly would owe you not only my first Rob kiss, but most certainly the first horizontal bop with the fine boy as well. Whatchathink?

  24. and finally to Soccermom and IfOnly – WHAT ARE YOU TWO DOING UP ALREADY?!?! You crazy ladies are unstoppable and put me to shame. I managed to keep my kids at bay this morning and slept until 10AM. I will be holding child neglect tutorials later this week if you want to attend.

    How was THA? Sketchy ending?

    • Good Morning Byrdie! I read their comments about it last night. I just couldn’t help myself. I don’t care if it’s spoiled. lol

      • Hi FN: Too funny! I usually do the same thing, ie. read the final comments from the day before (although I’m usually one of the last ones on there), but this morning I didn’t. Guess I’ll go wander over there now.

  25. Ayden! Glad you’re back.

    • Oh yeah! Hiya Ayden. Glad we didn’t have to shovel you off the sidewalk.

    • Thanks ladies! Glad to be back. 2 days with limited Rob access is definitely my limit!

  26. @Byrdie – LOL !! Plenty of child neglecting going on here. Bed at 4:30am then up at 9am to drive home from IfOnly’s house (she lives an hour from me). We were dragging my 8 year old all over last night during our Robstalking although I think she was enjoying the craziness. She literally fell asleep in my arms during the movie!
    THA was weird, but just like everything else he appears in, you just can’t take your eyes off Rob. So handsome. Beautiful skin. I think he chain-smoked entire movie!

    • You will definitely be considered hip when your 8 y/o is 20 y/o hanging on LTR weaving the tales of her Robsessed upbringing! As long as you feed her, I’m thinking you are safe for a while.

      I’m guessing the smoking was going on before THA. He probably either took the role cuz they were looking for a smoker OR suggested Toby was a chain smoker. I heard he really tried to add different dimensions to the Edward character (mostly dark) and Katherine had to keep pointing out that Edward did actually smile from time to time. The boy is dark fo’sho’.

      • I think Vogue pointed it out yesterday. He is dark with some ‘issues’. Definitely a ‘tortured artist’. Makes us love him more.

  27. @Carrie – The song you used for the Rob video is absolutely perfect! You are too cool for school, let me tell ya. lol

    • Thanks JBell. 🙂 I try.

  28. @Byrdie – yeah, we definately think this movie is where he picked up the smoking habit. It was a weird movie but still good. Just used to movies where I can typically figure out what is going to happen and how it will end (typical hollywood movies – LOL). With this one, you’d see something and you were like oh, this could be this and this person could do this and this could happen. But no, not the case. You should still definately watch it though. He’s still beautiful in it. Plays a different character well – I love that he’s not the same person in each movie. But as soccermom said last night – we don’t really want Toby visiting our dreams. The whole movie is on google video. It’s only a little over an hour long.

    • I’m actually a big fan of the weird twisted indie, so I’m looking forward to it, but thanks for the warning. I think I’m going to like THA better than TBMH anyway. I’ve watched little bits of TBMH and the made-for-tv-acting is SO annoying, it is gonna be tough to pull through. I was just skipping around looking for Rob, but now I will try to sit still and watch the whole thing.

      Hope you have a lazy day planned to recover from your Robfest.

  29. Doris = Win!

    @Moon – Soooo, does that mean Mom owns a Lil’ Eddie? …or does Doris?? lmao

    • lilcrazycow (cousin) has a mini eddie… but im thinking the others need one too! obviously they are helpless to his charms

  30. Link for The Haunted Airman –

    Link for The Bad Mother’s Handbook –

    • Thx JBell – I never remember things like that and I always love it when people posts the links.

    • Great. Added to RobVid hall of fame.

    • Thanks JBell for making my video watching SO much easier. Now we just need to start watching for The Summer House release then I would be complete!

  31. @IfOnly – Get that link for BMH. Add that to our list next weekend.

    • Ok. I already watched it (that is the night I was up until 5am blogging to myself – ha ha). But twist my arm…..I will watch it again. 😉

  32. *shocked expression* IfOnly – you watched it without me?? It’s OK. JK. I remeber you telling me that now. LOL! You can help me forward through to the Rob parts.

    • LOL!! ‘Rob parts’. Symptoms of lack of sleep setting in!

      • ROFL – I will definately help you find the “Rob parts”.

  33. Uhhh…..*head lolling left and right* *eyes rolling in skull* *foggy headed Vogue*……………

    I am BEAT. I need sleep!!

    I had a full-out Edward-Cullen-fest last night. First it started with taking 4 hours to watch Twilight online, pausing and rewinding any scene with Edward, studying his face, listening to his beautiful voice, etc… just some hardcore swooning.

    THEN, I lit’rally spent ALL $(%&#* night, from 11:30 PM to 6:30 AM reading “Wide Awake” nonstop!! OMG that is one epic fanfic!! I’m still not done, and I’m a fast reader! It is not hardcore porn at all (there’s a little hint of stuff, but I’m at chapter 29, and still nothing more than kissing, but it’s SO GOOD).
    It is an amazing and beautifully written story of a very angst-ridding dark Edward and really screwed up Bella. SOOOOOOOO mesmerizing!! Holy Crow, this woman writing this is talented!!

    I only slept till 9:30, got up shortly, went back to bed and slept till 11 AM, and I feel like crap.

    So, be warned that you may have your life iterrupted if you attempt to read this fanfic! Even the original Twilight books did not make me pull all-nighters like *Wide Awake*!!

    • OMG! I’m only to Ch. 25! I stayed up until 8 this morning! I LOVE IT TOO!!

    • LOL, appropriate name for the book.

    • I’m right there with you, Vogue! Up all night Wide Awake! I tell you this stuff is like crack! Just can’t get enough–my eyes are killing me.

  34. hi everyone! coming out of lurkdom to find out if anyone knows why professional photographers like to take black and white pictures of rob?

    • why? why NOT? LOL! I’d think it’s because of his beautiful bone structure and features. His face is a work of art itself, and black & white photos accentuate those elements in a different way.

      • Vogue is absolutely right. I’m not an artist or photographer, but read some comments once by an art major who said that Rob has the most perfect bone structure for an artist’s eye. The defined jaw line and angles of his face are perfect. I think she was reponding to a ‘Rob is ugly’ comment.

    • They discriminate? I thought they just liked taking pics of him? But black and white is very classic and artsy. I like to make some of our personal pics black and white. There is just something about them.

  35. It kept you up all night too?? If so, glad I’m not the only one!
    I kept looking at the clock thinking “go to bed! it’s late!” and then thinking “why? I can sleep later! this is too good to put down!”

    I N-E-V-E-R stay up all night like that. Sleep is very important to me, so that says a lot that I couldn’t stop reading that damn story. I want to savor the last few chapters, I’m going to be really sad when I get to the end of what she has finished! Talk about withdrawals!!

  36. Gosh Vogue – Really have to find time to read that one now! You have me hooked. I’ll really be in trouble ’cause I DID stay up all night reading the original Twilight series. My life has already been interrrupted by Robsessing and LTR. Couldn’t get much worse! DH and kids already used to being neglected.

    • Twilight and Rob have truly turned my world upside down. In some good ways, and some bad.

      Just don’t get mad at me when your house is in a shambles because you’re so busy reading that story!

      Oh, I think this has been shared before, but it’s worth repeating….
      Here’s a “pic” (artist’s photoshop rendering) of Edward from Wide Awake, aka Darkward. He’s mean, and he’s HOT –

      • I totally saved that one and added it to my screensaver photo folder. I’ll be sad when I get to the end of what she has too. She’s still adding to it right?? I wonder how it’s going to end…

      • Sweet Jesus – Those are soooo James Dean like.

        LOL! My house is already in shambles! Who cares!

      • New Desktop for sure! *sighs*

  37. Oh, Doris reminds me of my precious, sweet grandma who passed away a few years ago! What a beautiful smile she has!

  38. @ Vogue I kept telling myself “just one more chapter” Plus I hate reading on the computer, but you’re right it IS too hard to put down.

    @soccermom I stayed up and read the Twilight series too. There are definitely times I’m glad I don’t have a DH or kids to distract me. I just have to tolerate the eye rolls from my mom and dad. lol

  39. I’m off for for a His Holy Hotness GQ reconnaissance and retrieval mission.

    Wish me luck ladies! I’m goin’ in!

    • Good Luck!! Expect full report when you get back.

    • Woo Hoo Ayden- glad to see you’re back from the ‘dead zone’! Haha!
      good luck!

    • WHAT??? Are they in stores?? HURRY!! TELL ME!!! Did I miss something? Do I need to jump in my car?

    • Good luck Ayden! We’re backing you up with pitchforks and torches!

  40. I must now return to the real world 😦 I will miss you all and keep the image of Darkward in my head while I’m away.

    One of my favorite lines from WA: “Tit for f***ing tat” aawww…..he’s so cute!

  41. Possible SPOILER- but so cute ‘adorkable’-

  42. DID SOMEBODY FIND GQ MAGS?? Are they out now???

    • HELLLOOOO? Does Ayden know something that I missed? Im freaking out over here!!

    • @Vogue – I think she’s only going to check on it. I haven’t heard that anyone found them yet. Deep breaths……(wink)

    • havent found them in stores OR the airport. i was PISSED this morning. i need some rob on my flight.

  43. @Genevieve – yes, have been up for about 6 hours now.Trying to recover from our Robstalking escapades last night. LOL! We had so much fun. Supposed to be catching up on housework/paperwork today, but you see where I am!!

    • I had fun too! Couldn’t sleep when I finally went to bed. Was thinking about Rob and you gals- and the fun we were having! Yay!

      • I know! Adrenaline from finding the boxer briefs pic kept us going I think. Yeah, you got busted by DH didn’t you? Did you have to pay a fine?(If ya know what i mean?)

        • LOL! No but I had to pay up this morning!
          (time flies when you’re LTRing)!

  44. You know how Rob loves to listen to rap, like Eminem. I wonder if he likes the band Hollywood Undead.

    I got see him miming to the track “Undead”


    But that song rox!

  45. I would so like to make a Rob video for youtube, but have no clue whatsoever. Can you gals help me?

  46. @Vogue – we found nothing but JT last night. Don’t think there is anything you missed. i think Ayden is just going out to check! LOL! Don’t panic. Take deep breaths.

    • Ok, ok…..whew…..alright. getting a grip.
      I am so worried that I’ll not get one!!! 😦

      Thanks SoccerMom!!

      • Vogue, I’s OK. I share your anxiety over wanting to find this issue. I was tempted to subscribe to GQ the other day, but wasn’t sure it would guarantee me the April issue. Between all the LTR ladies, i’m positive we can make sure no one goes without those glorious photos.

  47. — Meant to say —

    I COULD see him miming to the track “Undead”

  48. Can we say ‘Understatement’!

    • Really? DUH!

  49. No toss up for me!

    • Rob Pattinson! Final Answer!

      • Final Answer! ONLY Answer! LOL!

  50. Well ladies, having fun as usual, but should really head for shower and grocery store. I could survive on Rob alone, but kids and DH insist on food for some reason. Will check in later. Have fun!

    • Bye Soccermom- ‘insist on food for some reason’ LOL!

    • Completely understand Soccermom – Pizza guy does a good job bringing the food but who delivers the TP and shampoo?

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