Posted by: themoonisdown | March 14, 2009

Saturday Morning Delight – Our Theme Song

Dear LTR ladies-

I think I may have found our official theme song put to pictures and clips of our mascot Mr. Robert Pattinson. Time to head to iTunes and download Crazy Chick by Charlotte Church cause this is like the national anthem of LTR now and we’ll be singing it at all LTR/LTT conventions in the future, FYI.

I’ll be testing you all later…

Ok, I can’t sit still I’m going to choreography a tap routine to this song for me to perform with pics of Rob playing behind me. Perfs!

PS love this song?? Got another song that makes you think of Twilight? Enter the contest!

*EDIT- Put your entry in the contest post! Winner will be chosen randomly by a very official random picker thingy!*

Lyrics after the cut
I think I’m gonna need some therapy
Oh babe I hope you’ve got a PHD
Won’t you let me on your leather couch
I’ve got a lot I need to talk about

I think I’m crazy
Think I’m stupid
Must have lost my mind
Wonder what I’m thinking lovin’ you
‘Cause boy if you were mine
I’d really go insane
You’d be my favourite thing
I’d go balistic
Yea, your making me a crazy chick

You’re driving me, to insanity,
All the things you do
You make me come unglued
I just can’t help myself,
I need professional help, help
I need professional help

You’ve really done it this time
You know your twisting my mind
You got me acting like a whacked out chick

So I won’t be responsible
‘Cause I’m really not logical
No I won’t be to blame
You know I’m really not sane

repeat forever!


  1. this just in…walmart vid.

  2. So if Rob was pimped out to your Wal-Mart while you’re standing in line, what would you really say to him…to his face? I have thought about this myself…

    I may have one moment and I certainly wouldn’t want his autograph–not unless he wants to take me in the back and sign me somewhere private..hmmm…

    Anyway so all that comes to mind is to hand him a thank you note and tell him it’s for his Mum and Dad…and when he gives me that confused look…I’ll just say we Ladies at LTR and I really appreciate them shaggin’ in August 1985! They did a stellar job that brings us all immense pleasure on a daily basis!


    What would you say on the spot?!

    • id say

      f#*k Walmart… let’s go get drunk and have sloppy sex. you down?

    • of course i would offer him hotpockets and other microwavables…

      • RRAAWWRRR!!


      • Hey Rob, I got a HOT POCKET for you right here, baby! I wanna watch while you eat it!

        DID I JUST SAY THAT???!!!

    • i would prolly ask him what stories he read on twilight fanfiction… i can go there and read it too.

    • but of all things holy,i will not get that boys autograph on a plastic bag!!!!! shiz.
      whatever was he thinking when he was signing that VS bag??????

  3. i can’t believe im really considering a trip to walmart…to be with tons of screaming teenagers

    oh to be where Rob is

    • @ JGW..we are at least taller than them..easier to elbow them outta the way,just sayin’

  4. @SpunkMe – You actually figured out that to be born in May, Clare & Richard would have had to make whoopie in August!!! ROTFLMAO!

    • i giggled at that too!! counting 9 months backwards,i never thought of that!LOL

    • Having been there and done that already I knew to count back 40 weeks!

      I wonder if they did some ritual to God before they did it to produce such a perfect masterpiece!

      Rob is the second coming! All kneel down and kiss his Robanana Nut Muffin!

      Oh, I am so verging on going to hell right now!

      • LMAO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i lurve how u gals call IT his robanana muffin.we should apply like a name patent on that before starbucks catches on and make a bloody fortune

  5. The thing that sucks is that Rob being from Britain, he probably has no idea the rep that Walmart has made for themselves here in the US – and therefore has no idea that he should be mortified to be there.

    Seriously, somebody hook this poor guy up with a kick ass ruthless agent to cover his interests. I’m sure Nick is nice and all – but has he been his agent since he was fairly unknown? Does he even know what the hell he is doing?

  6. Before I jump in and get caught up on comments, I noticed some of you were looking for a full screen version of the laying down GQ photo.

    I posted it Thursday night but it may have been skipped over. A friend of mine stitched together the two pages so it’s a nice 572KB photo.
    You have to download the file at mediafire though, so here’s the link. Enjoy!

    • omg yummy.
      thanks a million!!

      my computer desktop and i are very happy now

    • the angels sang and the clouds parted when i opened that zip. HELLLOOOOO LOVER!

      • Thanks Jena!!!

  7. I also hit to Barnes and Nobles today and one B&N had JT, the other had no GQ’s, so I asked the customer service dude and he said it’s suppose to go onsale March 24th (in Omaha B&N anyway).

    • i hit the hollywood borders and they told me it was in the back in boxes and they wouldnt get it for me. LAME. but i’ll be at the airport tomorrow so i’ll try again there. if ANY place has updated mags it’s the airport.

  8. I meant 2 B&N, hi, I um can’t use the right version of “two” today, LOL!

  9. @JBell – thanks for the rant on Rob & Walmart.

    I was speechless when I saw those pics of him! I am lit’rally on the verge of tears, I am so angry and disgusted over the way that beautiful, sensitive guy is dragged around and treated like a trained monkey!!
    Can you hear him rattling his little can of coins, and playing his hurdy-gurdy music? ARRRRRGGHH!!!!! 😦

    This is TOTALLY UNACCEPTABLE to treat Robert Pattinson in this manner (for the aforemention reasons, and for the simple reason that he is Rob)!!

    Where THE FU*k is Kristen Stewart in all this????
    Miss KStew had TOP BILLING for the movie Twilight! She was listed on the poster BEFORE Rob, hence being considered a bigger star than Rob! Why is that little $(#&@* not being made to do this shite??

    • because nick dickhead frenkel is a turd.i cant believe that crap either. the hottest celebrity in hollywood and he is making apperances in walmart???saddddddddd


  10. I went to Borders today, and there were no GQ’s of any kind to be found.

    You know, I’ve been thinking a lot about the things that Rob said in his GQ interview.

    If any of you know about the brain and it’s disorders (I HATE that word, but I don’t know how else to say this) such as anxiety, depression, bi-polar, ADD, and so forth; there is often a relationship between those disorders and creativity. A lot of people who have one or more of those problems are also very likely to be highly intelligent, creative artistically, musically, expressive, etc… Some of the most brilliant minds and artists over history have had something going on. Rob has made enough statements that seem to point to “something” going on with him, especially the anxiety, him being so self concious, etc… There’s a reason for the expression “tortured artist”.

    I’m not judging at all. It makes me even more compassionate to his situation. If he does have some kind of issue, this life he’s been thrust in must be absolutely unbearable for him at times. I just cannot imagine. I’m sitting here shaking my head and have a knot in my chest as I write this. It’s such a double edged sword – that part of the mind that is a wellspring for creativity can also be a source of internal torture and pain.

    Seeing Rob being made to do stupid F-ing Walmart gigs is not helping him. 😦

    • seriously it is so sad to watch. i feel bad for him. he always looks so terrified in public. poor Rob. 😦

    • i’m sure he’s being compensated fully ladies! no need to worry TOOOO much over poor robbie… his management wouldnt sign him up for just anything, and also promo is in his contract so he HAS to do these things so we should be so lucky that he would show up at one of our events! fingers crossed!

      • true ture…
        I highly doubt that he will show up in a little town in centeral CA
        But good luck to every one else! i cant wait to see pictures!!

  11. all your posts! Especially the list you made for UnintendedChoice for the trip! That rocked!

    @Vogue…very insightful post…I agree…my DD is like that and she is very artistic (Not autistic)-ARTistic…I almost wouldn’t be surprised if after Breaking Dawn is done that he doesn’t try to fade back and just do music or small Indies just to avoid some of the gates of hell screams at him…basically doing a Leonardo Dicaprio thing.

    @sherin…thanks for the Wal-Mart video of Rob above…although I share in the heartbreak of Rob being sold out to that thing, I did love to hear his “UMMMMM Well…” that he says in a lot of his vids.


    Hey there’s another video compilation idea for JAG, Carrie or JBell…

  12. OMG! LMAO
    I just saw the TwiDVD commercial for the very first time on actual TV! I wasn’t looking but all I heard was “I know what you are…” and I gasped and my eyeballs got whiplash to look up at the TV.

    Then I looked around for the remote and said “Ohhh, remote… where’s the remote!? Must rewind!! BE KIND, REWIND!”


  13. Oh Dear.

    Why is it that the most simple, innocuous thing can make my mind “go there” ??!!

    I am just a dirty girl. I found this site, seems it’s new, for fan fiction.

    The home page has a graphic with Rob’s face, but his eyes are covered by the banner. WHY does this make me feel so… dirty? (In a good way!)

    To me, what comes to mind is that it makes it look like Rob is blindfolded! And that image makes my naughty bits feel very randy 😀

    Is it just me??

    • wow, no, its definitely NOT just you…

      oh the places my mind can go

      I didn’t know he could still be so sexy without his amazing eyes staring back at me.

  14. I’m still going through older comments so forgive me for being random, LOL! But have you gals seen these?

    Posing with fans after Comic Con in San Diego.

    Part 1

    Part 2

  15. I don’t know if this has been posted here yet, I haven’t read today’s comments but this looksl like it was last night, at some Walmart press thingie. In Arkansas???

    • Rob looks hot btw! YUM!

  16. Okay – new low girls – soccermom and I are currently at target. Making sure that new GQ isn’t here and we are looking through teen dream and young Hollywood as they are only mags with Rob info. Luckily we have her 8 yr old with us – keeps us from looking too crazy. Lord help us.

    • Ha! Ha! Ha! IfOnly –

      That’s great! actually, I dont have kids, and I troll those mags for Rob pics too! I have no shame 😀
      A girls gotta do what a girls gotta do to get her Rob fix.

    • i thought i was the only one that did that… ha ha thanks for making me feel sane

    • I know, how low can you get to have to flip past the f*cking Jonas Brothers just to get a little mag fix? I can’t seen to help myself. My son is MORTIFIED every time I do it!

      • Got mags to car and my 8 year old was tearing out the Jonsas Brothers posters while I was tearing out the Twilight posters!

  17. Oh,oh,oh. Our shame paid off!! (So we not only looked at teen mags but bought a few). But in one of the folding posters there is the pic of Edward leaning forward from tree in meadow scene. And you can see them hanging out. BOXER BRIEFS! Hanes grey waistband and they are navy or black. 8 yr old scared from our screaming. In parking lot of B&N freaking out. Soccermom and her eye for detail-god love her.

    • @IfOnly – WE’RE NOT WORTHY! WE’RE NOT WORTHY!! (Vogue bows down, forehead to floor, performs 10 prostrations)

      AAAAHHHHH! *faint* BOXER BRIEFS!! Be still my heart! I mean really, think about it. Picture it. Rob in boxer briefs.

      Rob in boxer briefs.
      Rob in boxer briefs.
      Rob in boxer briefs.
      Rob in boxer briefs.
      Rob in boxer briefs.
      Rob in boxer briefs.
      Rob in boxer briefs.
      My brain is going to short circuit with lust!!!!!

      • Soccermom & I were seriously freaking. Screaming, took me forever to type it out earlier because I so was so excited.

    • Get that thang scanned and send to for posting to the site.

      Wanna see the pic and the ‘touch tha hiney’ that appears in it!

  18. WHICH MAG WAS IT?? I will go back to Borders tomorrow to find it!!

  19. @vogue – times like this makes me wish I had twitter to let everyone know. (I think that is how twitter works but not sure). If anyone is interested in the mag, it was in teen dream May 2009 issue (I’m laughing because I can’t believe Im talking about teen dream mag). The poster in the middle has a montage of twi pics. It’s the top left pic.

    • Thanks girl! Hey, its all good! We’re all a bunch of screaming 16 year old girls at heart when we get caught up in the Rob-Tsunami!

      He’s a force to be reckoned with… can we be to blame for our giddiness? It’s his own damn fault, being such a little hottie, so sensitive, and talent oozing out of his pores?

  20. I met Carrie for lunch today and we took her Pocket Edward shopping.
    He really likes the Nike store.
    He also found an article of clothing that is near and dear to his heart.

    I must say that Carrie has the most GORGEOUS green eyes. She and Rob would have some pretty eyed babies. She is a real doll and I had a wonderful time discussing all things Rob with her. That’s the first time I could really let my obsession out 100%. She didn’t even run screaming.

    Although she wouldn’t have gotten far, even with her Garmin. Poor thing. A little directionally challenged. LOL!

    Overall, Carrie = WIN!

    • LMAO! ‘He really likes the Nike store’ !!!!!! Excellent!
      ps glad you gals had a swell time together!

  21. Wow, I am …..not jealous….more like pleasantly envious of Carrie and TRR. That is so cool that you guys hooked up!
    We are all spread out, and it can be very lonely out here in a world where most our aquaintances think we’re N-U-T-S. A friend of mine said to me recently “Oh, by the way, YOU ARE A CHILD MOLESTER!”

    I was like “huh??”

    She said “That guy you’re always lusting over? He’s like 12 years old!! Ick!”

    I said “No he’s not! What are you talking about?”

    Her – “I saw him on the Oscars, and he looks like a little boy! you are a pervert!”

    Me – “Excuse me, but Robert will be 23 years old in a couple of months. He is well beyond the age of being a legal adult sexually, and he can drink. AND, he has more than enough facial hair to look like a man!”

    What the hell?

    I am SO SICK of the double standard of “older” women lusting after younger guys!!
    This is bullsh** I say!!

    Well, on that note, in the newest issue of US Weekly, Cyndi Lauper says, and I quote “You know, how many old geezers do you see with young women? What’s the double standard? Who cares??” – on pal Madonna’s much younger boyfriend, Jesus Luz.


    • i know im a youngin… but hasnt your friend ever heard of Cougars??

      • We are not cougars. We are Robcats!

    • @Vogue – Add that prude to the list!

  22. @Angie – Have to make 9:45 Twilight movie, but running home now to try to scan and post. If we can’t get it done before movie, will definitely do it when we get back tonight. Woo Hoo!


    Ha! ha! ha!!! I’m watching Twilight online right now. Rob was right (in the Twilight DVD commentary) Kellan WAS TOTALLY eating in the cafeteria scene .

    It’s very quick, but right when you see Edward throw his chicken strip down, Kellen is going nom-nom-nom-nom on somethng!!

    I absolutely LOVE how Rob says in the commentary “Hey guys, haven’t you read the book, we’re not supposed to be eating!” His British accent is so thick when he says that comment, it’s ADORABLE.

    • I noticed that, too, like the 8th time I saw the movie. I can’t believe nobody noticed during filming!

  24. @Vogue – I think the reason men don’t like “Cougars” is because they don’t like to think about being put out to pasture, so to speak.
    It hurts their ego’s to know that women can be sexy later in life too.

    • You are absolutely right. I know first hand about that crap. My father left my mom for a girl 20 years younger than him. What’s good for the goose…. my mom’s current boyfriend is 18 years younger than her.

      Hey…..hmmmm….I think that’s the age difference between me and Rob! Works for me!

      Get this – Madonna’s boyfriends’ MOM is 14 years younger than Madonna! LOL!!!

      Cougars gone Wild I tell ya!! I LOVE IT!

      Time to start a Cougar Revolution!!

  25. Soccermom and i noticed that too about the third time we saw movie. WTF Kellan?

  26. Hey everyone – soccermom here at IfOnly’s computer. We are late for Twilight, but that’s ok since Rob not in first 15 minutes. IfOnly hands are shaking trying frantically to scan picture of boxer briefs.


      Just kiddin, honey 😀

      You are so sweet to do that!!!

  27. Update – Lots of screaming as we figured out how to operate IfOnly’s DH’s scanner!

  28. Okay, I scanned undies pic onto photobucket. Here is site. Sorry the quality is not so hot. Best I can do. You can see it way better on the poster.

    Had to call DH to try to get scanner to work. Soccermom and I screaming when we got it fixed. Husband thinks we’re crazy.

    We’re off to the movie. Wonder if Bella will turn into a vampire? Have fun tonight ladies.

    • *THUD* *I.AM.DIED.”


      I want to wear them over my face as a ski mask, and breathe in deeply….

      • cant. Breathe. need brown bag. geez

      • Okay this might sound silly but I don’t get the opposite reaction of why men when they find women’s underwear wanna sniff them. Yuck.

        • Cuz they smell like ……………..cheeseburgers. Or furburgers.

      • LMFAO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

        That is so perfect!

        “I want to wear them over my face as a ski mask, and breathe in deeply….”

        I second that!!! And third!! And fourth!!

    • ifonly- commenter of the day! someones been busy!

    • Seven year-old daughter says, “Look under there!” “Underwear?”

  29. At WalMart, no ‘Twi-Merchandise’ to speak of whatsoever, as promised by press release from headquarters. No GQ either, still FEBRUARY issue with Lebron James… not even JT!


    I’ve got these!

    What more do I need?? I mean, really.

    • JBell you crack me up girl!! ROFL!!!

      Thanks for checking on the Twi store. I figured I’d try mid-week.

    • jbell – our reporter on the street! if we had walmarts i could have checked here too! ill have to ask my mom to check…

  30. Did I not call it the other night in the comments about Rob wearing BLACK BOXER BRIEFS!?

    I just know him. We should be together. Forever. lmfao

    • I remember when you said that and I thought of this picture because I thought everyone knew about it already.

      You are totally MFEO

      (meant for each other)

  31. Before we leave I also have to share story – running home to scan pic, driving like a maniac, everyone grabbing oh shit handles. 8 year old in back seat says – “drive fast much?” Soccermom and i cracking up. Soccermom said I was driving like in Meet The Parents. Too much fun Rob stalking tonight. No GQ’s in our town either. We hit all the hot spots but no luck. Just bobble head JT still on cover (sorry JT – I love you – just want Rob issue to come out). Later girls. Got to get to movie by cafeteria scene.

    • Ohh!! I wish they’d make a Rob bobblehead!!

      • I’d like to bobble on Rob’s head;)

  32. soccermom here in IfOnly’s car.More ‘Meet the Parents’ driving to get to movie before cafeteria scene. hope they showed lots of previews. enjoy pic ladies. My 8 year old fearing for her life in back seat!

    • ifonly and soccermom – “be careful” is right!! see if edward can drive you home we know he’s a professional driver!

      love the play by plays!

  33. @soccermom & IfOnly – I am LOVING the tag-team commenting and play-by-plays! “Be safe.” hahaha Have fun in the movie; you’re both so giddy right now and I can only imagine what you will be like during the show! LOL!

    • How much fun would it be to have a theatre filled with the lovely ladies of LTR?

      Too cool! I think I just caught Rob’s British accent slip into his dialogue. During the scene where he jumps off Bella’s truck and announces that he’s going to take her home to meet his family. He says “So you’re *worried* (*worried* sounds British, you can hear it if you have the ability to rewind over and over) not becuase you’ll be in a house full of vampires, but because they won’t *approve you* (that sounded British too).

      I’m not criticizing, he does an AMAZING job holding a very good accent. It’s not easy by any means, and even his castmates have commended him on his ability to do that. I just love hearing his real voice slip through. Oooohhh….A British Edward Cullen! *swoon*

      • thats one of our favorite parts!! me and ‘hisoneandonly’ laughed our faces off last time we watched it when that part came on.

      • @Vogue – Funny, I always thought he sounded like Robert DiNiro in that scene!

  34. I don’t know if anyone got this posted yet or not…

    Here’s Rob in his Black Boxer Briefs tease!

  35. Oh don’t forget your zoom lense

    Control +
    Control +

  36. crap!! how do I “un-zoom”???

    • Control –
      Control –

  37. Ok catching up on post reading

    sorry I see you already have it!

    • thanks!!

  38. Soooo… admits he’s a bad kisser.
    BUT! He is self-deprecating, so that definitely means he’s an amazing kisser. Just sayin’

    • Oh sod off, Rob. You’re so full of it.

    • He knows just what to say to make us love him more. How can anyone be so modest? Sad to say I read an article very early on before everything Robsploded that he was actually quite the womanizer and (gulp!) liar. I choose not to believe it. In fact, I choose to believe he is a virgin, waiting for me to pop his man-cherry.

  39. Ladies I missed you today!!

    The anthem, AWESOME and perfect! I will not try to catch up on the comments (there is not enough time in the world for that!). But I always have to through my 2 cents in there! 😉

  40. I’m laughing at myself. I’m finally caught up with posts and find it comical how the Walmart issue was a big thing under today’s comments and then you get to my post that says “don’t know if this has been posted here or not yet but Rob was at a Walmart in Arkansas” LOL! LOL! Sorry all, I hadn’t read the comments for today yet when I posted that.

    Now don’t smack me, but I think it’s kind of cool he showed up at a Walmart in Arkansas. I can imagine other actors in Hollywood would throw up at the suggestion and fear it would curve their huge ego and not do it. At least he’s humble and down to earth enough to do such a thing and travel there in his busy time right now. I’m not dissin’ on anyone’s comments who thought it was a bad idea, I’m just throwing another look at it. Maybe later he can make an appearance in my bed…I’ll leave the window open tonight, LOL! So now the question is….where is he?

    • I like your positive view.

  41. I love the theme song for LTR! LOL! Now while in LA you two should seriously form dance moves, ala Beyonce putting on a ring on it style, for all of us to see! Then you should submit it to Access Hollywood so they’ll give you red carpet correspondent jobs at the New Moon premiere!

  42. @Jena – I’m watching SNL and the just referenced the Beyonce song as I was reading your comment. Weird lol “I guess you liked it so you put a ring on it… o0o0o0o0o!”

    • LOL! Who’s hosting tonight?

  43. Here HQ of the boxer brief pic.


      I love how he said at this point in the film he suddenly looks like he’s 12 years old again and gasps and said he thought he was over those days.

  44. @IfOnly, LMAO! I’ve done the same thing, infact I’m still doing it. Checking out and even buying the teen mags, LOL! And he’s in mostly all of them!

  45. @Carrie, I was able to open your youtube dedication! LOL LOL! Thanks, girl!

    • You are welcome. :-). I think your post with list was so AWESOME!!!
      You rule and are my hero.

  46. I’ve missed you guys today. I had to go to my niece’s b-day party and I just HAD to use my mom’s blackberry to check on the comments that I was missing. I’m pathetic, I know.

    Also, I showed my mom the GQ video and all she had to say was “What would you do if you found out he was gay?” Seriously mom……sheesh!

    • My Mother, and I say this with great pride, informed me this morning that according to GQ, Rob (and she called him Rob) isn’t seeing any of the people he’s been linked with. I was SO proud.

    • My mom says the same thing EVERY time I bring him up!! Seriously. EVERY TIME. Along with “He looks dirty and unclean.” to which I respond, “Oh, he smokes too… how do you like that?” being condescending of course.

      • I think someone quoted Will Smith yesterday “Parents just don’t understand”

        @ErPattz it’s exciting that your mom is making progress, maybe if I obsess enough I can convert my mom…..

        • I knew she’d come around, the British, tall, lanky attraction is genetic. As is, I believe I mentioned this before, the fangirl thing.

    • @French_Nugget – THAT is not pathetic. I am seriously considering buying a ‘secret Rob iPhone’ on IfOnly’s account just so I can have more Rob and LTR access throughout the day! But, I don’t have a problem.

  47. Ooo, speaking of, I haven’t seen the GQ video yet. Anyone have a link?

    • ENJOY!! I think I’ll watch it with you. lol

      • Ooooo, vetty niiiiccee! Great song to!

        • I love that song too!

      • Thanks I needed that!

        Anyone else feel like they are being hit by a Mac Truck of Lustfulness waving through your body just to look at those pictures of him??!!

        All of his pictures, but especially these should come with one of those Surgeon General’s warnings like they put on cigarettes or narcotics or something!

        WARNING: His Holy Hotness causes uncontrollable Robgasms upon first sight!!!!!

        • LOL!!! That would be nice.

          • Hey French_Nugget! Missed you today!

            I am reading a chapter at a time of Wide Awake –I think at your suggestion– and then checking back for posts here!

            Again it started out with me going ” I don’t think I like this”, but you said it was good.

            OK, love it now! I am currently as of this post on chpt 10!

  48. Ifonly- You are cracking my up with your post. I can just see you and soccermom in the parking lot of B&N squealing like 13yr olds with your teen mag.

    Robzilla I had some much fun today. Will be posting pics from our adventure soon.

    JBell Sign me up for the Robrescue.

    Called Borders for my daily is the April GQ in yet call. Still not in. I will call again tomorrow. I think they are hiding it in the back just to torture me.

    Dear Borders,
    I am not sure what I did to upset you. All I have done is love you. I buy books from you all the time. I don’t sit around all day reading and not purchasing. I have even signed up for Borders Rewards. What can I do to get back in your good graces. I need the ROBQ. I know you have him. Please release him. I promise I will love him and give him a good home.

    Desperately seeking ROBQ

  49. LOL! The ROBQ, I love it!

  50. @Vogue – SNL just mentioned that NJ wants to outlaw/ban Brazilian waxing and I immediately thought of you. Is that weird?? LOL

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