Posted by: Bekah | March 6, 2009

Ode to Rob’s fingers

Presenting another great Fan Letter! (Update: A perfect term was used in the comments by vertigo to describe this post: Handporn– enjoy!)

Dear Rob,

(sigh…… **shaking my head**)

Robert, Robert, Robert….  What are we to do with you? You said something awhile back and it’s been bothering me ever since I read it.  I have a compelling urge to set the record straight.

Hardwick, incidentally, says you have these “long, beautiful vampire fingers.”

RP:  I think what she meant is:  I have very weird hands.  There’s a scene in the film where my character plays the piano, and I actually had to learn it myself because they couldn’t find a hand double that was convincing enough to match my weird fingers.” (March issue of Costco Connection)

What?  WHAT? Weird fingers?!  I don’t even know where to start, my man!

You absolutely, unequivocally, without a doubt have long, beautiful vampire fingers!  Ah, ah, ah…. Don’t argue with me.  I know hot, sexy fingers when I see ’em.  I would like to state – on behalf of all of us fangirls out here – that your long, sexy fingers are definitely part of your appeal.   Lest you think I’m making much ado about nothing, I offer up some photographic evidence documenting said sexy fingers.

edward-cullen-pianoSee how those beautiful fingers stroke the piano keys, making all of the fangirls swoon…..





Again, the long, sexy fingers stroke an instrument – this time guitar strings.  More swooning….







robert_pattinson_shy_lookTo quote Miss Swift:  “But you’re just so cool… run your hands through your hair, absentmindedly makin’ me want you…”




See how the fingers caress the microphone and gently touch your face…. (sigh…)






watermarkAnd how the fingers play with each other….very sexy…








robert-pattinson-sing-1Love the fingers here…what they’re doing, what they’re touching, how they look…  **thud**  The fangirls have had all they can take….

And Robert – dear, dear Robert – if all of this photographic evidence was not enough, all of us will look at these pictures and imagine these very fingers stroking, touching, playing, running through hair…

No, Robert.  I’m sorry, but you’re wrong.  There are many words to describe your fingers, but “weird” is definitely not one of them….

Hoping to someday see these marvelous fingers for myself,


Thanks, Twigal! It’s Friday. We like Rob a lot on Fridays! Today is no different!



  1. Very nice letter Twigal and excellent pictorial!!

    The only thing wrong with Rob’s hands/fingers is that they are not all over me, just sayin…

  2. It’s Saturday here and you can rest assured you will like Rob and his fingers equally come tomorrow!

    • Aye, aye captain! 😉

    • oh PHEW.. i was worried my love for Rob would end at midnight tonight!!! It’s Saturday already? Where do you live? I thought you were in the UK?

  3. Ohhhhhhhhhh they are definatly not weird fingers probably the sexiest Ive ever seen I don’t think Ive ever been so In love with a mans fingers… They were wonderful pictures that definatly showed how sexy his fingers are. Wow definatly want those sexy fingers on me.

  4. Thankyou! I love me some handporn and what beauties they are *longing sigh*
    Cheers, goodnight and sweet dreams.

    • Ooo new Robism for the list…handporn/
      Thanks @vertigo

  5. So true!!! What about at the Oscars, when the camera was on Mickey Rourke cause he was nominated or something blah blah blah? You could see Robert in the background, touching his face and his lips with his fingers! It was basically just HOT! I honestly could not breathe!

  6. Great letter!
    So true, his hands are elegant, perfect, so delicate, but not in a girly way. The shapes of his nailbeds are gorgeous, and the skin on his hands and fingers is remarkably unflawed. He doesn’t have ugly, hairy, wrinkly man-knuckles . Each finger is a like a performer in a grand ballet. *sigh*

    Crap, I need to get ready for work, and all I want to do is go fantasize about playing “hide the piano fingers” with Rob.

    You guys will see the A.H. clips tonight before me!!! OMG I can’t wait!!! I’ll be practically kicking my last client out the door so I can rush to the computer. LOL!

  7. What I REALLY want to know is if Rob ever got “aroused” doing those bedroom scenes!! Oh to be a fly in his pants……oops, I mean, on the wall!

    • you just made me burst out laughing! At least no one was around to wonder what my problem is!

  8. @Vogue…”ugly, hairy, wrinkly, man-knuckles”…LMAO!!

  9. To quote Miss Swift: “But you’re just so cool… run your hands through your hair, absentmindedly makin’ me want you…”

    – Perfection. GREAT letter Twigal, really really great!

    Alright ladies! Off to Barnes & Noble!! WISH ME LICK! (I definitely caught that I was putting ‘lick’ as I was typing, but I decided to just keep it. Figured nobody would mind.)

    See you in a while!

  10. OMG, he could tie himself into a pretzel around us!

    Hey, thanks Jena for the HQ kissing scene link last night!

    My lips (on my face!!) actually started throbbing, especially during that quick moment when you see the corners of Rob’s mouth curl up, almost in a primal sneer, when he first pulls away from Bella once their lips first meet. It is SO FRICKIN’ hot. Gives lots of fodder for the imagination of what Rob’s sex faces look like . *thud*

  11. He plays piano and guitar. Is all I’m sayin’.

    (Yes, I know Moon and UC are players, too…but I only want to make out with y’all every other day, so Rob wins.)

    • only every OTHER day? boo!

    • lame.

      everyday or nothing. stop playing games with my heart

  12. @Songirl…very interesting and hot all at the same time!

    @Vogue…during that scene, don’t you just DIE over the look he gives her when he turns around and walks over to her after she says “Don’t go”?

    Talk about throbbing… *gulp*

    • YES SASS!! I DID catch that face!! It’s like a “I’m gonna F-you till your brain liquifies and leaks out your ear holes” look.
      The guy knows how to give the most intense, smoldering faces out there, no doubt!

      • Ok…someone link me to this video ya’ll are talking about!

        Purdy please!?!?

        • @Van: Here is the HQ seen that Jena posted yesterday

    • That has always been the BEST ROB LOOK in the entire FILM EVER ok sorry..calming down now lol

  13. @songirl ah I definatly agree very very hot… Mmm love me some Rob

  14. Great letter! Rob once said he had girl hands…um I don’t think so! I’ve never wanted a girls’ hands all over me like I want his…


    So who’s up to doing the handporn montage and what song shall we use?

  15. Indeed, this man may have the sexiest hands of any man alive. (past and present) And too funny about the Taylor Swift song – EVERY time I hear that line I think of Rob. EVERY TIME.

    Good golly that eyebrow picture is indecent.

  16. Dear Rob,

    I had that horrible nightmare again last night–you know the one where you played the part of Jack Nicholson in The Witches of Eastwick. Of course, you’d be wonderful in that role—I love you in everything you do. This time the costars were the ladies from LTR. It was funny, but they wore you out Rob.

  17. Awesome letter Twigal!

    I couldn’t agree more! Rob definitely has the most gorgeous, sexy hands and fingers!

    Ah…just to feel those beautiful fingers all over my body…

  18. Okay so I was searching Rob on Youtube I love him in his pink suit and black lipstick I much apprciate where the camera is when he walks down the runway

  19. AHHHHHHHHHH! I just have KNOWN that I was not alone with this Rob-hand-finger obsession of mine — I love seeing how many others are that way too! Awesome, AWESOME post. Yet another way that Rob doesn’t comprehend his own hotness. And songirls’ comment — very interesting. That all sounds right to me!

  20. I love this letter! LOVE this letter!

    “when you see the corners of Rob’s mouth curl up, almost in a primal sneer, when he first pulls away from Bella once their lips first meet. It is SO FRICKIN’ hot.”
    Vogue, I so know what you mean! I’ll be using the zoom button for sure on my dvd player, LOL!

    JBell, any luck?

  21. I also heard that but I still think it’s him but let me know Im super tired do my eyes might be screwing me up gosh I hate these contacts so let me know cuz yeah as I said my contacts are kinda blurry and Im tired

    • It’s not him. When the video gets to about the 30 second mark they get up close.

  22. Mmmmm…those fingers and hands are AMAZING.

    I need to taste them the way he tastes Bella’s in the Access Hollywood scene…(yes, all my comments will relate back to that until I see new scene today).

  23. OMG his big hands and cool cuff bracelet in the biology room scene? Where he’s looking in the microscope? ***swoon**** they just look so powerful.

    • I know what you mean Sue! I love that seen where he grips the little cup and slides it over to her…. great handporn in motion!

  24. I’m on the fence…looks like him in the beginning but not on the runway.

  25. Oh me. LTR will be the death of me, I swear it.

    Rob, you and your beautiful can have their way with me any day*sigh*

  26. I wonder what scene we’re gonna get today?! I feel like a little girl on the first day of kindergarten all excited with anticipation and a new lunch pale!

  27. I seriously came bacl last night (a little tipsy) watched the video, read a half hours worth of comments and then promptly woke up my husband for some sexy time. It was 3am.

    Now today, you give me his fingers and I can’t sit still in this chair!! He is just beautiful in every way possible and I can’t handle it. It would be a little easier to be put off if he wasn’t so damn shy about it. Makes me want to show him just. how. hot. he. is!!!!

    *sigh* – My hubby is home today, so I have to hide my Robsession a little bit today 😦

  28. Alright gals… sad news 😦 I stopped at 4 places this morning on my way to work and this is what my research revealed –

    *Barnes & Noble : Heidi Klum German GQ & Barack Obama GQ Special Edition
    *WalMart – Labron James GQ
    *Walgreens – Labron James GQ
    *CVS – Labron James GQ

    I didn’t even see the Justin Timberlake issue anywhere and that’s the current one. I’m sure B&N had it, but they’re just preparing for the hottness that is known as His Holy Wetness.

    Bottom line – Barnes & Noble is going to be the best bet to get it first, seeing as how the Labron James issue is from JANUARY and it’s now MARCH. Just sayin’…

  29. I’ve linking this before. It is REALLY fabulous 🙂 Rob in his own sexy fanfic is so hot.

  30. Awww. Thanks for your valiant attempt Jbell. Sorry you were disappointed, but just perk yourself up with the reminder that Rob said that he would do you! 🙂

  31. @jbell – you are such a great detective! I big puffy heart you! 😉

    Dear Rob –

    Seriously. Enough with the games. Will you please come over here with a quickness and do me?

    Kisses, Kristin

  32. @Robin – Oh thank you for the reminder!! Me love you long time now!
    “I’d do… uhhh; what’s her name – Jessica! The cheerleader one…”

    • That’s what I am here for… oh but primarily to Robsess (of course)!

  33. Excellent letter Twigal.

    We need to not only get a mold of his banana (a la Vogue style) but a mold of his hands.

    Imagine the chair we could develop and market. We would all be rich! Rich I tell ya!

    On the GQ front – No Rob at my stores. Justin is still hanging out on the shelves. I’m going to check back later this afternoon since I was standing there when the doors opened.

    • Could we call around and ask if they’ve gotten the issue in? I know at B&M they will pull and hold books for you… maybe they would do the same thing for a mag? Just thinkin’ out loud…

  34. So some of us pathetic people are trapped to their homes with small children and later have obligations to cook 348 hotdogs (hot lunch, I’m taking PE to help me with it, photo op!) so will require whoever gets their grubby mits on the GQ mag to scan and post it like yesterday?
    I fully expect to come home to roughly 273 messages from wordpress, don’t disappoint me!

  35. @Robin – Thanks for the link! I’ll have to wait until my boss goes out for a cig so I can watch!! So excited! LOL

    • Oh, no problem Vanessa! Bosses, husbands, kids… they just get in the way sometimes. Don’t they know that we would like to fantasize about Rob all day until it becomes reality (or until we are locked in a padded cell) 🙂

  36. Awesome letter.
    If I can ever get windows movie maker working on the Piece of Crap PC I was planning on making an ode the hand/fingers.
    I just watched the HQ kissing scene. I just jizzed in my pants.

    I think I am going to have to end all friendships b/c last night had dinner plans with friends. I totally missed out on the dirty Rob chat last night. There is way too much funny sh!it to comment on.

  37. So Labron James is on the April issue then? Who’s Labron James (am I gonna smack myself for not knowing this?) I know JT was on March.
    Thanks for your research JBell!

    • Labron James is a basketball player and he’s on the February cover… I said January earlier, but I meant February. It’s old none the less.

      • Whoa, that is old. Ok good, I got worried that he was actually
        on the April issue and about crapped!

  38. Okay, so has a five deleted scenes I’m assuming are from the DVD. Not sure how this is out already but hurry up and watch before YouTube takes it down!

  39. ahhh!!! I just watched that clip (kissing scene). I must go home and change!!!

    Good Lord!

    The hovering at the beginning….gah! Could you imagine…his lips so close….then the little twitch of the corner of his mouth…..his eyes…his hands running up your waist to your ribs…..

    Oh…My….God…..Must go home now to B.O.B.

  40. @Carrie – Thank you so much for those MP3’s. I think I love you. :]

    P.S. RE: GQ –
    @TRR – lmfao “I was standing there when the doors opened”

    When I went into Barnes & Noble, there was a guy standing in front of the ‘Men’s Interest’ section and I was standing there trying like HELL to search for the GQ and this is the conversation that followed –

    Guy: “Whatcha lookin’ for?”

    Me: “Oh, uhhh… [insert laugh here] GQ with Robert Pattinson on the cover.”

    Guy: “Oh… [insert really long pause] the Twilight dude that all the girls are fawning over? I only see the Heidi Klum [points to it] and the Barack [points to it]…”

    Me: “Yeah, I don’t even see the Justin Timberlake issue here, which is weird.”

    Guy: “Wouldn’t he suffice instead of the one with the Twilight dude??”

    Me: [staring at him like he grew 8 heads] “Yeah, see; no. ROB is way more important than JT.”

    Guy: “Ohhh, I see. [laughs] Well, good luck with that search… maybe I’ll see you around here every morning from now until it comes out.”

    If I marry this guy, Rob will definitely be invited to the wedding… and he BETTER show up. I’m just sayin’…

    • Your welcome JBell. I melt inside every time I listen to him sing Broken.
      I lurve u too!!! :-). You always find the best Rob stuff.

      Also LOL at your B&N encounter. I am going to Border’s at lunch to check on status of GQ mag.

    • ok this story was hilarious. was the guy even hot?

      • That’s what I wanted to know too!!!

        Hello all by the way .. I am late to posting today (for me … it is 9.30 pm here), because I have been a dutiful wife this evening and provided my hubbie with ….


        dinner. Cooked from scratch. Well it is the first time I’ve seen him this week so I felt obliged after being mentally unfaithful all week with a 22 year old man.

        @ Kristen

        “Dear Rob –

        Seriously. Enough with the games. Will you please come over here with a quickness and do me? ”

        Absolutely girl, my feelings entirely – me too please …. it looks like I have a few minutes spare – DH won’t notice – he is very engrossed in his xbox game.

  41. LOL! Love it JBell!

  42. Clip 1: Charlie and Bella at the diner talking about the Cullens. Charlie says that he likes them and is happy to have a good doctor in town. He just doesn’t like the town’s narrow mindedness.

    Clip 2: Extended Bad Vamps killing Buttcrack Santa. I really could do without this one, so glad they edited it.

    Clip 3: Edward and Bella in the meadow. He tells her that he couldn’t live with himself if something happened to her and Bella says she would die without him. They drop to the ground and stare into each others eyes. (we saw the a little bit of this in the actual movie)

    Clip 4: Edward and Bella in his room. She’s thinks its cool that he has 100 years worth of journals. He says she shouldn’t read them unless she wants nightmares. Bella finds a rain stick and tells Edward that her and her mom used to make those out of toilet paper rolls and her chinchilla’s poop. (WTF? I’m glad they cut that out)

    Clip 5: After picking up Bella for baseball, Edward says that Charlie thinks Bella goes to an all girl school (which he thinks is funny) and Bella says not to read Charlies mind.

    That’s a wrap!

  43. I called up to my B&M and they don’t have it, just JT, but she said that I should call first thing tomorrow am b/c it should definately come in today and they would wait to put it out tomorrow.

  44. @Jbell was he hot?

  45. Jbell: it sounds like he was into you… looking forward to seeing you tomorrow morning. I say the relationship might have success written all over it (since he knows (mildly) about your “acute fondness”) for the one and only Adonis-like, man-god that is Robert Thomas Pattinson!

  46. @Robin – Okay, wait – is B&M Books-A-Million or do you mean Barnes & Noble orrrr is it something else I don’t know about?? LOL I’m so excited by this turn of events!

    @FMs.P – He was really cute… not hot. Although my perception of ‘hot’ is now misconstrued…

    • Barnes & Noble (sorry). Yeah, I took the lazy man’s way and called (don’t want to load up the kiddies). Hopefully she was telling me the truth and not keeping them all for herself!

      • sorry I just realize that I have been typing B& MMM for Barnes and NNNoble! One of my many blonde moments for the day!

  47. Love this letter about his hands!
    me loves his hands, his eyes, his nose, his eyebrows, his jawline, his bod, his hair, his acting, his personality, his everything!!!!

    @JBell- I will resume the hunt here later this morning and report back to ‘my commander in charge’! LOL!

  48. @Gen – ’10-4 good buddy’ Go out in the field and make us proud Gen!!

  49. @Jena got your email about MP3. I am looking thur computer now and will send u rest of the songs. I don’t why my computer likes to hide stuff from me. Bad Computer!!!!
    This is list of songs I have-Never Think,To Roam,Let Me Sign,I Don’t Mind,Stray Dog,I’ll Be Your Lover Too,Broken,In Your Head

  50. More extended scene spoilers-
    (warning for those who want to wait ‘Don’t Watch’)

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