Posted by: Bekah | March 5, 2009

Why can’t this be me?

Dear girl at Universal NBC who just sent this video to me,

I really appreciate the heads up on the video, but what I’d like even more is a private re-make of the scene between me and Robert. Are you the person I need to talk to about having that set-up? Can we do that NOW? I’ll fly to LA, Vancouver, London, wherever..



PS: I’m still shaking from the joy of this moment


  1. Um, yes please! *swoon*

  2. *dies*

  3. We might have to fight on who’s first?

  4. I think I may have had a mini moment to myself when I first watched it. *poof*

  5. […] It’s especially important that you head there since it’s currently showing a deleted scene from Twilight.  […]

  6. yes!!!yessss!!!yess!!!!

    dear girl at universal,

    after UC,is done with the remake,can i have my turn?please?i will also fly to L.A.vancouver,timbuktu for a chance to roll around the grass with robert pattinson.

    grateful to you forever


  7. I. am. died.

  8. OK, I’m moving my comments over here and now the boss is gone so I can watch this with volume!! HOORRAYYY!!!!!!!

  9. *THUD*

    Gotta go home and talk a long cold shower.

  10. ARGHHHHHHHAKJDFKADD*head hits keyboard*
    OK…I’m Alright, Robgasm….anyway, I won’t be getting anything else done today…just watching this vid
    …Over…and Over…and Over…and Over…and Over…and Over…and Over…and Over…and Over…and Over…and Over…..
    Until my computer breaks.


    I really have no words. I don’t think I’ve ever been this um, “bothered” in my entire life.

    Dear Rob,

    Please, for the love of all that is holy, magically appear in my home so I can ravish you! I promise you that I WILL bite you, but I can also assure you that you will like it!

    Bodily humming with excitement,

    • HAYSUSE! hahaha

  12. ….and Over…and Over…and Over…and Over…and Over…and Over…and Over…and Over…and Over…and Over…

  13. Dear Rob,
    LKNfpihejknsmzciSDIT AXLM G P]PZKCNlzx:mC OAUR HWFCSKNL,MXF uo wcl<MZXpdjapr.

    Can’t form sentence.
    Please come over and do me now!!!!!

    ❤ Carrie

  14. How many times will I end up watching this clip? Oh man, this will be the death of me!

  15. calm down ladies LMAO!!! * hoses you down* LOL

  16. I’ll be back later. I’m going back to my happy place.

    Over and Over and Over and Over. Well said Mrs. P.

  17. AGAIN………………!!

  18. And Rob wonders why people keep asking him to bite them. With this video on the loose, girls will never stop asking him. HOT HOT HOT.

    I can’t wait to go home and see Rob panting and biting fingers in full size HD. Yum! Hope DH doesn’t find me licking that screen.

  19. After my 3rd time through, I declared “I want to f both of them” (yep, even Kristen)

    • LMAO!!! I wouldn’t kick either of them out of bed for eating crackers. Not after seeing that!


      • you take kstew!i will handle rob! LMAO!!!

    • amen UC! that is one hot scene! she even smiles in that clip! its amazing!

      • Why in the name of Haysuse (brilliant!) did they delete this scene? I think that might have been Kstew’s finest acting. I can’t wait to see the rest…..please, please, please, let Border’s screw up and send my copy early. Amen.

        • Haha I thought that too! This is the only scene where she nearly acts.

          OMG ROB.

      • Why in the name of Haysuse did they write a scene with Edward biting Bella in the first place? They couldn’t possibly put it in the movie because then Bella would be turned. They just made that scene for FANGirls like us to squee over when we get to watch DVD extras…bless them.

  20. OME!!!!!

  21. the way he says YEAAAAAAAAAAAAA OME

  22. @UC – LMFAO!

  23. The way he says YEAH! swoon!

    No words…..

  25. @UC: I’ll admit, Stewie’s kind of hot in this scene too. She got to stick her Rob bitten finger back in her mouth. Ooh, hot!

    BTW, Catherine Hardwicke has said that this was Stewie’s favorite scene. Hmmm, I wonder why? *snatch*

  26. @UC OMG, you crack me up, I might be thinking the same thing, lol

  27. Did I just say that? I guess I did!

  28. Thank you very much! That is just what I needed before heading home to do laundry! Now I can just replay that scene over and over again in my head. With me instead of kristen of course. that’s a given.

  29. I need a cigarette. Anyone care to join me?

    • realrobzilla, i’m lighting my third one already!
      wow, i so wasn’t prepared to watch that vid. its as if rob and kstew just slapped me with their collective hotness.

  30. @TRR – already on my third LOL!

  31. omg,,you guys crack me up!! im having so much fun reading this glad i didnt go to bed yet or else i would have missed this. look what you have done to us robert!!!!!!!!!!!LOL

  32. is that on youtube already?somebody know?

  33. @sherin – Amber & I are working on it! lol We need it on the iPhone… NOW.

  34. I would definitely sacrifice a finger for that goodness.

  35. @ jbell…agreed!!!! i need to watch that even while im at work.!!!

  36. @Jena!! Where did you go!? Are you died?? You were going to watch it with sound when we last heard from you… please contact us ASAP so we know you are alright! LOL

    • LOL…too funny, we need a buddy system…to make sure everyone comes out alive on the other side!!


    • amen. with drool dripping down my chin,too.

  38. I wonder where in the sequence of the movie this scene was cut from.

  39. ok.. help. me. I am in big big trouble. I honestly got pissed-off, jealous, and bitchy when I saw this. It makes my skin crawl. There’s just something too intimate about it.. She needs to get her nasty finger out of his beautiful mouth before my head spins around like the exorcist! I CAN’T STAND IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  40. @ jbell..i think everybody died when they watched that vid for the first time!!LOL.some of us just recover faster than others.mebbe jena needs the medics stat!!

  41. @SuzieQ – Look at it like this… at least he only BITES her finger and doesn’t SUCK on her finger! That’s what is getting me through it!

    • yeah just try to imagine if he SUCKED on her finger,orgasms around the world wouldnt stop for a whole 3 days

      • JBell, oh… that’s so true.. he totally doesn’t even really taste it, right?!? If he sucked it I’d probably puke.


        • LMAO!!!! suzieQ thats why she is on the FKL !!!sticking her #$$%^ finger into his beautiful mouth!

  42. Jena…oh Jena?

    Honey, we are worried about you.

    Check in soon, k?

  43. Can’t.stop.watching…

  44. why did catherine H. delete this scene??why?why?why?

  45. Did y’all notice how he slipped out of his American accent when he says “Bella”?

    And the absolute crazed, blood lust look in his eyes when he was biting her?

    He played that scene very, very, very well.

    And the white jacket????

  46. Jena, are you in the unemployment line already?? LMAO I’ll be there as soon as I can break away from this clip… save me a spot!!

  47. I am seriously worried about how I am going to be when I see these scenes when the
    DVD comes out. I may not emerge from my house for weeks.

    • Girl, I’m packing my emergency kit right now…used to be for Earthquakes, now for extended Robgasms…
      Poor Hubs and baby, when that movie gets here it’s gonna be
      Every Man and Child For Him/Herself…

      • You got that right woman!

  48. @ sass..i can already hear your dvd player screaming LMAO!!

  49. Random musings…Bella is wearing the same shirt as the cafeteria scene and it looks like Edward is too.

    He is beautiful.

  50. Missy Higgins just came on the radio…
    “…and I don’t know if I could stand another hand upon you, all I know is that I should…”


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