Posted by: Bekah | March 5, 2009

We love Crazy-people

Dear Rob,

Picture this: Moon & I are chatting on instant messenger late into the night- cracking up over videos posted by Glow Worm (our term of endearment for the craziest Twilight fan who has ever existed) and discussing the complexities of your relationship with Kristen during the 1 hour “Behind the Scenes of the Vanity Fair shoot.”  It was at this moment that we decided the world needed to hear our opinions about the craziness surrounding Twilight and the actors. And we needed a safe place to go fangirl crazy over you.  Thus, our sites were born.

Starting the world’s best blog, we knew the following things: most Twilight fans were crazier than us, sometimes we embarrassed ourselves for joining in the crazy (especially when it came to you) and the only solution to remaining sane was making fun of it all- ourselves included. But we’ve discovered that our favorite thing is when our readers poke fun of themselves and admit to the crazy.  We believe that this admission means one is NOT crazy but is, in fact, quite sane (well, as sane as a person who subscribes to 23 Twilight blogs, writes letters to a celebrity they’ll never meet, spends 10 hours a day reading fan fiction and responds to fake Twilight characters on Twitter can be)


(Stop asking to see vids of the Glow Worm- we’re so mean to her behind her back that we fear we might end up in hell if we share)

Two of our favorite “crazy” letters arrived this week. Enjoy them. And remember. Admitting your craziness means you’re not actually crazy. We hope…

Crazy turning 30


This is only crazy if you're turning 30. Not if you're 25 and married. Nope

Dear Rob,

I can’t believe it’s come to this….I know I keep saying that I’m turning 30 soon, but I do that because I really think a crisis is going to hit because this is something 30 year olds don’t do: hang up posters of 17 year old movie characters in their bedrooms. But then I thought, oh hell, grown men have swimsuit models hanging on their walls as bachelors so what’s the big deal? Since you’re actually 22 though, Dateline NBC won’t come knocking on my door, so this is a good thing!

But I had today off. I’m suppose to be doing really responsible things, you know like cleaning, laundry, running errands, get my sister’s birthday present, balance my checkbook, you know, the norm. But instead I remain in my pajamas and…..I hang an Edward Cullen poster on my bedroom door.  (First of all I must say I screamed like a school girl in the phone when I called Blockbuster to see if they had these in yet and they told me they did!) I think this classifies as #1 on my list of “Crazy things you don’t normally do but you do because you’re turning 30!”

I wanted to do something that most people do like pierce their tongue (nope, don’t have the balls), or get a tattoo (nope I hate needles) so instead I go back to jr. high and hang up a poster of someone who I can’t stop thinking about daily but will never ever have. Yep! It’s all good though because it’s your sexy face!

However, I may have to take it down late spring because once the humdity comes (you know pre A/C when you have your windows open for a while) the sticky wears off on the tape.  That like, use to happen all the time to my N.K.O.T.B. posters in the middle of the night. I’d hear a loud crash and wake up realizing one fell off the wall and I’d have to get up and make sure Jordan Knight didn’t have a tear on his face. And I would hate for your gorgeous face to get all bent and wrinkled because it fell….that just wouldn’t be good.

Sigh….Rob, Rob, Rob…how am I going to explain this one to my friends, especially the male ones? I’ll say it’s suppose to help with good dreams. 😉

Love you, mean it, Jena

Crazy in Scotland


I fear my Twilight obsession is turning me into a Big Fat Liar. I’m from Scotland and encountered T while on holiday in Florida last November/December. I lied to my husband, telling him the books were only available in the US so I could buy all 4 volumes without too much whining. I then lied and said we’d go to see Australia at the cinema, but bought tickets for Twilight instead. Honestly, his gullibility drives me to it.

Once home, I shut myself up in our workroom telling him I had important stuff to do for work, so I could read Midnight Sun undisturbed. He even brought me tea – bless.


Crazy people who are actually crazy after the jump!

We have a special e-mail folder entitled “Crazies” where we put letters & comments from crazy people. We occasionally read through them to remind ourselves of how awesome it is to not be crazy. If you happen to recognize some of these words as your own, relax. We probably sent you a nice e-mail response saying something like “HAHA- that’s so CRAZY. I do/say the exact same thing” If you did not receive an e-mail response like that from us, well, then it’s possible you are actually crazy:

These crazies wrote to Rob:

When I began writing you on Twitter it wasn’t out of infatuation. I started writing to you as just another woman talking to another guy. The way you describe the fanfare around you as “insane” is hilarious and yet so humble. I’m aware of the percentage of chance that you will respond to this and that’s fine. If you ever do want to talk, we’ve already exchanged words on Twitter.. Just an FYI. That wasn’t Rob you were talking to.

You are my favorite celebrity… Oh, heck your my favorite person in the world. Period. Thank you for reading this. It means a lot. And I don’t expect to get an answer from you, but it would be nice. Unfortunately, Rob is getting his eyebrows waxed and can’t write. Not ever. Period

I get REALLY frustrated with people who ask silly questions about things that I’m sure really have not that much meaning in your life. You are an actor, that is what you do. I could be wrong, but that’s not who you are. Who you are defines how you treat people and are received by the world. When I look at how crazy these 13-19 year old girls (and some grown women too) get over you just because they think you are hot or did a great character, I wonder sometimes if you get frustrated because people don’t know the real you. It is really silly when people ask silly questions. It’s also silly when people send emails to and think Rob actually reads them.

My name is (name removed) I’m from (town removed) and I just have to say your absolutley gorgeous. I’m not going to cyber stalk you just wanted to let you know. Hope all is well xoxo Phew. That’s a relief. Not gonna cyberstalk Rob.

Rob, eu vasculhei o Youtube pra assistir à suas entrevistas. Quantas perguntas iguais e chatas. Como você aguenta? Adoro seu jeito simples ao responder ou dizer coisas que muitos outros atores não diriam. Não vou dizer que te amo, porque nem te conheço direito. Mas com toda certeza: você é um gato! ^_^
Te desejo sorte e espero ansiosamente por Lua Nova. Now this might be the most beautiful poetry when it is said in Portuguese, but in English? It translates to: Rob, I search for the Youtube attend their interviews. How many questions and equally boring. How do you hold? I love his simple way to answer or say things that many other actors would not. I will not say I love you because you do not know right. But with all certainty: you are a cat! ^ _ ^
I wish luck and I look forward to New Moon. You are a cat Rob. Meow

And this is our most favorite question to ever be asked:

Do the letters actually go to Robert? No. Actually Rob runs this site because he has such low self-esteem that he writes letters to himself, and he has so much free time that he spends his days commenting about his luscious locks of hair.

We want to take a moment to thank the crazies- the self-admitted crazies and the in-real-life crazies. If it weren’t for you, Moon and I wouldn’t have started this blog one day in December. We also want to give a shout out to the Glow Worm who really started it all. You will forever, in our minds, be our mascot- and someone for us to live each day so that we never, ever end up like you. *Hugs*


  1. UC and Moon…this blog has been like a therapy session for me…only much more fun and a helluva lot cheaper. Thanks for providing me with an outlet!

    • yes! cheap therapy!

      • Hail to our leaders! *bows down in homage to UC and Moon*

        Thank GOD we have each other, right everybody? Crazy is as crazy does.

        Dammit, I want to see this Glow Worm person…..

        Oh Jena, NIIIIIIIIICE poster!!! I think I could hang that in my office and not get caught. 😀

        • It hangs well in the classroom!!!

        • !! my new boss told me to decorate my office however i wanted, and then jokingly added that i could hang up a giant “scott baio or teen hearthrob” poster above my desk if i wanted. The next day i showed up with a giant Rob poster. He was a little stunned until i explained that the poster was necessary for me to work at my full potential.

          • OMG thats funny, you really should take a picture of that and scrapbook it !

          • @lacey- you should see my office. seriously. tiger beat posters and all kinds of nonsense. yes, i am a professional!

  2. @Jena…might I suggest sticky tack for that poster, holds up better than tape…and I only know that because of my kids.

    *whistles innocently*

    • @Jena – Sticky tack is a good idea, and will definitel hold better than tape, but depending on what kind you get you may ruin the poster. A lot of them leach through, leaving grease spots on the front of the poster. Might I suggest a poster frame. If you frame it, it’s art. Then you can spout off something like how you like the photographer’s choice of lighting because it accentuates Rob’s masculine jawline while also setting off his boyish good looks, creating a nice contrast, or some such. That way you can sound more grown-up about it.

      @Nancy – You have mad skills! I wish I had to lie to OMB so that I could tell some hilarious lies like that. But no, OMB likes everything all out in the open…so he can make fun of me. And he’s perfectly alright knowing Rob’s on the top of my list because I take my frustrations out on him.

      @Sass – I LOVE you avatar. UC and Moon should do something like that for the banner. It really sums up what we’re doing here.

  3. It’s Thursday…squeep!!!

  4. @UC: unbelievable, as always!

    @Sass: totally agree as to the therapy session. And I thought I needed official help (and admitted to it on one thread from last week, so to UC’s reckoning, I am definitely sane 😀

    @RobSisters in the US: Blockbuster in Italy does not have those door-posters…I think I will die if I don’t get one…I’m sooooo envious!!!!!

    *swoons* while celebrating the end of Fashion Week and singing in the rain in Milan…

  5. Well, I think I’m not crazy then, because I’m a 16 (almost 17)-year-old-girl, and this obssesion might be normal at my age, I guess. Unfortunelly, have no poster of Rob 😦
    But I think that’s so awesome that you 25/30-year-old-women are so crazy about Rob/Edward/Twilight. I would love my mom to be like you (of course, she’s older than you, but still). I really want to be as funny as you girls are in the future!

    • YES…. “i would love my mom to be like you” amazing, Najla, amazing! XOXO

    • najla my mom is crazy about twilight and i have to say it makes my rob obsession ten times thanks brummielover for feeding my disease and evoking all of my friends to question our sanity first at the midnite premiere of twilight and coming up again soon at your twilight party!

      • lol I am an enabeler and you are welcome Melissa 🙂

        en·a·ble (-nbl)
        tr.v. en·a·bled, en·a·bling, en·a·bles
        a. To supply with the means, knowledge, or opportunity; make able: a hole in the fence that enabled us to watch; techniques that enable surgeons to open and repair the heart.
        b. To make feasible or possible: funds that will enable construction of new schools.
        2. To give legal power, capacity, or sanction to: a law enabling the new federal agency.
        3. To make operational; activate: enabled the computer’s modem; enable a nuclear warhead.

        • @brummielover – i need to get my mom in here she LOVES rob and totally fuels the obsession by sending me print outs of pics from perez hilton! LOL! she always said she and lilcrazycow squealed when he was on the oscars! OH moms you do rule!

          • Yes do invite her…the more the merrier 🙂

    • I think I may have teared up a bit. 🙂 We are pretty funny most days.

      Hopefully my daughter will think I’m cool when she’s your age (but probably not).

  6. I usually lurk in the shadows of LTR, enjoying each comment thoroughly, but I never feel the need to post, because someone has already taken the words right out of my mouth. But today, I simply must say – the suspense is killing me about this “glow worm” person.

    @ UC and Moon – Thanks so much for your freely provided Rob therapy. All my friends apparently checked their fangirl capacity at the door to motherhood, leaving me high and dry in my need to share my infatuation. You two rock!

    • by the way, I can’t recall who said it yesterday, but I am still reeling from the “balls deep” comment. Ha ha. That one should be documented in the best ever LTR history.

      • I believe that was our lovely Robzilla! That cracked my up too!

    • Danielle- wow! the suspense of glow worm brought you out of lurkdom! At least, despite her being the craziest of all crazies, she knows she has that effect on people!

      people are checking their fangirl capacity at the door to motherhood? THAT IS UNACCEPTABLE! Go to all their homes and post pictures of Rob on their doors pronto! THANKS FOR JOINING THE FUN !

      • I keep nonchalantly sending exquisite youtube videos or photos of him, but no bites yet. I just get responses that confirm the fact that they are all old farts now. Sad. I just need new friends apparently.

        • well you’re in the RIGHT place!! these woman OBVIOUSLY belong in the crazy category because you’d have to be blind or impaired to not noticed how absolutely wonderful roberto is

  7. When all else fails, when you feel yourself slipping in a downward spiral because you can’t get your cold sweaty palms on your Rob/Twilight merchandise you can always count on Ebay to see you through the rough patch. Ebay is your worldwide friendly partner in enabling, it is the calm waters that can bring a glazed eyed quivering women back to the land of sanity again.
    Hope this helps those who suffer in this world.

    P.S Don’t forget a paypal account 🙂

    • Pishposh: thank you from the bottom of my heart… 🙂

  8. @ Moon & UC – Gotta love the crazies! LOL They certainly do make for great entertainment and the snarky comments you insert just kill me. 😀 Put all together it = WIN!

    Woo Hoo! Thursday = Access Hollywood clips. *grins* Get your drool-bibs out gals! (Though it is somewhat painful to have to watch him with Sourpuss)

    @ Monica -Blockbuster in Canada is slacking on the Twilight merchandise too, so don’t feel leftout. Even the Walmart’s here don’t have the merchandise that they have in the U.S.

  9. @Jena – Wow! I am impressed. and I might add, that there is this stuff that is perfect for hanging posters. Its like putty, 3M makes it. That is what I use…..for my daughters jonas bros poster….oh who am I kidding, I put a twilight one in her room because I was too chicken shit to put it in my own.

    @UC and Moon – People are hilarious, I can’t believe that they actually think that Rob runs/reads this site. And that they have some sort of chance with him if they act “normal”. Just goes to show you that the NORMAL girls of LTR have a way better shot because we are the smart ones 🙂 hahahahaha!

    Morning Ladies 🙂

  10. @sidhevicious: good…and on the upside, there’s no Volterra in the US either… 😉

    @UC – Moon: some unbelievable genius yesterday (cant’ remember who) launched the idea of a Rob-Dictionary with all of our Rob-Isms…GREAT IDEA!!!

    • @Monica on Monday I did a blog post on Robisms…the LTR ladies and a few other forums inspired me.
      Did I miss any?

      • Goodness!
        Robtastic! How did I miss that?

        We should keep updating it… 😀

      • all right! one more blog for me to subscribe to secretly! my husband will never know! *evil grin* hehe

      • I printed this and passed it to the select members of our Robfest Club at work….you time and energy was not wasted Just a Girl!

  11. @Najla…so your mom is like, middle-aged, in her mid-40’s? Maybe she feels silly being all fangirly at that age… *whistles innocently*

    @Danielle…yes, just becomes they are moms doesn’t mean they should stop having fun and obsess over guys who are young enough to be their sons…er, well, you know what I mean. *whistles innocently again*

    • Sass – middle aged in mid 40s? Please don’t say it since I’m 40. I don’t mind thinking of myself as a crazy cougar stalking a 22 year old brit, but middle aged? Boohoohoo!

    • *more whistling over here too*

      (God it’s not as if being 40 means you are decrepid is it!!! Feeling very much in my prime at the mo!! Wonder why!!!

      Wishes husband was around so she could drag him off and demonstrate the meaning of Robenefits.

      • @English Girl…..Robenefits lol good one!

  12. @sass – you are killing me with all your “innocent whistling” this morning. LMAO

    I think I have honestly convinced myself that it is OKAY to be this obsessed with Rob because I am 25 and married with 2 kids. Its like “oh there is no harm…I’m married”….accept that given the right situation, those vows….they um…wouldn’t be valid anymore. *whistles innocently* (stole that from you sass)

  13. I’m 33, married with 3 kids. EEK! Totally Rob obsessed though…

  14. Great Post UC-Moon. You’re gonna have to spill on Glow Worm eeventually…lol

  15. The wait is over! I dreamed about ROB last night…yeah! Finally!
    It was relatively tame…no dirty stuff unfortunately (he was Dirty though *thud*). Just a smokey pub hanging out waiting for him to play. The dream was an all nighter too.

    • sooo jealous!

    • Yeah!!! *high fives*

    • Yay JAG!!

  16. *sigh*

    It still looks like I am the senior member here. But mentally, I am 16. Maybe something happened back then that stunted my mental growth?

    No make that 21, then I can be truly legal. 🙂

    Next thing you know, I’ll be making one of those videos similar to the ones posted above…ack!!!

    • Maybe not…would you feel better if I told you I was born in the 60’s? Our little secret!

      • Hah! Me too! The question is, early, mid, or late 60’s… 😉

        • Me too in the 60’s.

          • 1968 baby!

          • Me too.

          • 1966

    • Late, still clinging to that last remaining “3” in my age…69 the best year heehee.

      • @JAG- same here- Canadian and born in ’69! We got that in common.

  17. Dear UC & Moon,
    Thank you for being you and [sings] thank you for bein’ a friendddd…
    xoJBell. :]

  18. Just when I’m starting to feel like I’ve gone over the top with my Robsession and I start to feel really skeevy about it, I realize there are people out there who are crazier than I am, and it makes me feel better. So thanks UC, for making me feel a little more sane today! I am, however, still going to keep to the pact I made with myself: no looking at videos or photos of Rob today, must be productive at work. (yesterday I was awful, I’m talking, no work was done at.all.)

  19. Note to self: go buy putty….and I haven’t had one Rob dream with this up yet damnit!

  20. P.S. I forgot to thank JBell in my letter for the BB poster alert! Thanks girl! *smooch*

  21. “No. Actually Rob runs this site because he has such low self-esteem that he writes letters to himself, and he has so much free time that he spends his days commenting about his luscious locks of hair.”


  22. Awwww…hugs for all the other super cool on the outside but totally obsessively fan girly on the inside chicas out there!

    I said chicas because it’s part of my cool facade.

    I said facade because I’m a dork…doh!

    Pssst…I’m a young mom who’s taking her 16 year old to meet Kellan Lutz soon 🙂 Yup…her friends think I rock!

    • You do rock!!

      • Well…there’s a little suttin suttin in it for me…or should I say a little someone…

        Ashley Greene.

        But…um…yeah…totally about my daughter meeting Kellan ::cough::…

  23. @UC and Moon: Thanks for sharing the crazies with us. It officially brightened my morning and made me feel a little bit less like a squealing fan girl.

    Oh, and I use the 3M putty for my Rob poster. It works wonders!!

  24. I’m a 37 year old mom of two and I’ve been riding the crazy train since November…and I don’t want to get off. *giggles* I just said “get off.”

    I know some of my friends think I’m crazy but this whole Twilight/Robsession has made me feel like a teenager again. And I like it:)

    So glad you were “crazy” enough to start this blog;)

    • @AJ listen the ones who look at you and think you are crazy are just jealous cause you are ballsy enough to admit the Rob is one FINE speciman of manliness and you are able to recognize! So no worries and keep appreciating…

  25. @JAG…I hear ya, I have been clinging to that last “3” for more than several years now, LMAO!!

  26. So where in the world is Rob today?

    • He’s standing two feet away from me, on my desk. Oh wait, you’re talking about the real Rob and not the Edward action figure, right?

  27. @Nataliae – Dorky chicas rule! 🙂

    @Girl – Jealous o’ your dreamin’! WTF?! I tried last night. I really did. I got nothing. I think my lusting after Rob when I’m happily (and I mean that) married turns my brain into a guilt factory that inhibits my ability to have delicious, Robgasm inducing dreams. Such is my lot in life. *Sigh* Your blog rules, btw.

    @Jena – I would LOVE to be able to put a life-sized poster of Rob ANYWHERE in my house! You’re soooo lucky! I started laughing when you talked about your N.K.O.T.B. posters falling off your wall! Total blast from my pubescent past!

    It is truly refreshing to be reminded that there are far more crazy fangirlies out there than the likes of us at LTR. I couldn’t get over that some girls actually thought Rob read these letters! We can only hope!

    Must get back to my real job – babies, babies, babies, laundry, grocery shopping, babies, dishes, babies. I hope to check back in later, ’cause you all help keep me sane. Keep on keepin’ the Rob-love alive!

    • ::high five!::


  28. UC – I love, love, lurve you! Thank you for offering up a place that allows my crazy (see I’m really sane) dirty thoughts about a young man to shine.

    Carrie and I had a conversation the other night about the fact that we are not cougars. Since we physically were not capable of giving birth to him that just makes us “bob cats.”

    Or maybe that makes me a “Robcat”
    (Gawd, I crack myself up sometimes)

    *clears voice to sing after biting bat’s head off*

    “Crazy, but that’s how it goes…
    I’m going off the rails on a crazy train”

    That’s an Ozzy reference for all you young ones out there in Rob land.

    • Wooo Robcat…new Robism!

      @Jena I’m jealous too…DH might catch on to my Robsession if I put a poster in the bedroom *sob*

  29. ok, access hollywood comes on at 12:30 pm here, so i assumed it wouldn’t be the episode w/ the extra twilight footage, but i just read the episode info and it says that it is showing it!

  30. @UC and Moon: We are all just a bunch of crazies but I love this post since it makes us seem not quite crazy, maybe only slightly insane. Insane with lust, that is!

    @Jena: Love the poster! After you said you were going to get one, I was tempted to follow suit but I think my DH might kill me. He thinks its silly that I have the twilight movie companion, just rolls his eyes at it.

    BTW, when I was DVRing for Access Hollywood today, I checked out what Fridays was and they have more Twilight stuff listed. Don’t know if they are just repeating what they will air today, but FYI.

    • someone said it’s five days of twilight footage, so i assume they’re stretching it out ridiculously.

      • oh, goody. Guess I’ll need to go back and add the extra days. Thx!

  31. Dear Rob –

    My husband doesn’t know this, but on my side of our bookcase headboard , there is a small picture of you attached with 3M putty, so when I lay on my left side, I just let my eyes wander up a little and there you are staring at me. Also, I convinced my daughter to let me put up a small poster of you (and the rest of the cast) in her room. I even convinced her that it was because of the soundtrack that we love to listen to (since i think she is too young to see the movie) in the car.
    Now that is dedication.

    love, Kristin XO

  32. You mean Rob doesn’t run this site?!? And he doesn’t read our letters?!?

    That’s it, I’m outta here! 😉

  33. O. M. G.

    It never occurred to me that people would actually think these were LITERALLY “letters to Rob”. That is the funniest thing I’ve heard all week. And pathetic. but mostly funny.

  34. Last night, I was at an NBA basketball game and had a moment where I connected with two 12 year old girls who were making Team Edward signs at the sign making station I was running.

    Their dad looked at me very strangely and said, “Eh, your just like my wife.”

    • And I’m sure you said, “And proud to be, sir!”

  35. To those who won’t be able to Access Hollywood:

    According to Robsessed they will post the Access Hollywood clip on their site after it airs.

  36. CRAP! I have to go out and meet some clients.
    J@AG out

  37. @amber – that is awesome!

    When we went to the movie the first time there was this guy with his wife and he was rolling his eyes and sighing….we were all giddy and girly and he goes “The only reason I’m here is because she promised to dress up like wonder woman afterwards”. It was HILARIOUS!

    • ROFL! That’s great!

  38. okay girls I have a ton of crap to do. Time to put on the music and bust my butt a little so I can come back and spend a little time later!

  39. Okay, so E has another article with Rob in it. Ted actually does play nice with Rob and compares him to the next Johnny Depp. What I don’t understand are the comments. How can anyone in their right mind think that Rob is ugly? I think these are the crazy people.

  40. I tried to stay away…and then I saw this HQ picture and his arm…his face…I can’t…*poof* panties gone.

  41. humm…that link doesn’t work….hopefully this is better because Rob flexing is just good enough to lick. Plus this was my favorite shoot ever!!

  42. @UC & Moon- Love the post this morning! Yay to all the (crazies)! I guess if you have to have a passion (Hobby) it should be Rob.

    @Jena- LOVE the poster! (so jealous) Gotta get me one!

  43. Time for some KStew busting:

    Case in point of WHY this girl is a lousy actress –

    Listen to how she talks in this interview for Borders. She sounds like freakin’ Bella!

    There is no difference between Kristen and Bella. The stuttering, the way she talks, all the same. Ugh.

    Rob is AN ACTOR. He totally transforms himself into a completely different person/being. Different voice, different accent, vocal inflection, face, expressions, body language, etc…. he’s so talented when you really break down what the guy does to embody a character.

    • I agree about Rob as an actor.

      Just look at all his different movies and characters. And the way he is in real life is completely different.

  44. @UC & Moon – oh my goodness. i’m cracking up at the emails you get. wow.

    @Crazy in Scottland… haha, I’ve told a few tall tales to my husband about what I’m doing when I’m really reading Twilight as well. I’ve even been know to put a different book jacket on it just so he’ll stop teasing me. we won’t bring up his world of warcraft 5 year obsession…

  45. Gotta go work-out. I’ll catch you girls later.

  46. @UC & Moon- Great post! Gotta love the crazies. Now I’m dying to know about the Glow Worm. Inquiring minds and all that! I can’t imagine much worse than the RPattz rap the crazy makeup’ed bad wig girl did.

    I tried to convince DH that I might need therapy for the Robsession, but he informed me that it’s perfectly acceptable to obsess about a 22 year old… unless you’re 70 (loving that standard!). So good news! We all have more than a few good normal years left in us, ladies! 😉

  47. Dear Rob,

    Reading all the crazy letters inspired me to write my own letter.

    Last night during ‘sexy time’ with my fiance I was so involved fantasizing about you that I screamed and moaned your name several times. Thank God his name is Rob too and he thought my excitement was for him. Whew…that could have turned out ugly!

    Thank you for giving me ‘crazy’ fantasies to think about and improving my sex life! My fiance might thank you too if he had any idea where the animal in me suddenly came from. It will be our little secret…sssshhhhhh!


    • @Vanessaj – you are soooo lucky!! Getting to yell out Rob in the throes of passion! I am truly envious. I wonder if my husband would be willing to change his name? Doubt it. He’s openly jealous and jerky about my Twilight fixation, but so far I’ve been able to hide my REAL addiction, which is Rob.

      He’s not at all understanding of my attentions or affections going anywhere else, even to a person who doesn’t know I exist, or even a fictional character. Jeez, I’m starting to feel like the sane person.

      How do you get jealous of a fictional character???

      • My Finace is only jealous of the Edward character because he thinks I’m obsessed with the movie only and I tell him how hot and sexy the vampire is. He doesn’t know the actor’s name and if he did I think he would catch on and my secret would be out! LOL

        I don’t even understand how they could be jealous of the actor…I mean, really, what are the chances of us meeting him and running off with him forever? Come on. I just need a free pass for the night. 😛

      • @vogue – my hubby is the same way. He is jealous and gets sick of hearing about it. He has NO IDEA about Rob. It feels like cheating sometimes. LOL! My hubby and I, and 2 other couples got together (us girls are all gaga over Rob/Edward) and we seriously got into an arguement because the guys asked if we would leave our hubbies for him…we all looked at each other with wide eyes and they literally all went to pout in the garage…LMFAO!

        • For the longest time, the background of my laptop was a collage of GORGEOUS pics of Rob (though aren’t they all??) and my boyfriend would walk in the room, sigh, and try to not act pissed that I was ogling the computer screen.
          Trying to be nice, I changed the background. My screen saver however…well, he’s learned to deal.
          I don’t think he’d get over though if I started saying Rob’s name in the throes of passion. Stealing a glance now and then at my bedside poster will have to do 🙂

          • @bandmum omg, I love him as Daniel Gale! I have that as my desktop background too!

        • Oh, I totally hear what you’re saying! We got in a fight because I wanted to go see Twilight again with a friend who’d not seen it. He has NO clue about my Robsession. Honestly, its trouble waiting to happen. I’m gonna have to clean out my laptop of all my pics and browser history when he comes back (oh yeah, get rid of pocket Edward). I’ll move it all over to my office computer. *sigh* so rediculous that it’s like this. My first hubby was obsessed w/ Sandra Bullock, and I didn’t care! I WISH DH #2 would get his own fixation!

  48. o.k. i guess i have to give my DH some props. every time he sees me on the computer he just says “are you with Rob again?” and rolls his eyes.
    not too bad huh?

  49. @Kristin – My hubby ain’t too crazy about Rob, but I told him I’d keep him on the side. Unfortunately, my hubby thought I was talking about having Rob on the side…when I really meant I’d put my hubby on the side. Tee hee!

  50. actual text convo that just took place..
    “hey what are u doing?” -friend
    “oh, um, well im just gna be honest, im waiting for access hollywood to come on.”-me
    -“what, why??”-friend
    -“ahh, ok well theyre showing unscene twilight footage and even tho its gna be like 3 seconds i still wanna see it.”-me
    -“oh my! i have nothing to say back to that….”-friend

    sigh, some people just dont understand.

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