Posted by: Bekah | February 20, 2009

Oh where, oh where has theMoonisDown gone?

I know moon can't resist you when you're looking like this. (Ps, I spy a nip)

Figures, I know moon can't resist you when you're looking like this. (Ps, I spy a nip)

Dear Rob,

Last night I was texting with theMoonisDown while she was out getting her party on and while I was laying in bed (I am not a loser, I’m on the east coast remember? It was like 12:30).

I told her that I covered the posts for today and because I did all the work, she better have a good excuse for being out- like boozing it up with you, or something (remember, she lives in LA-LA Land) I told her to stalk all the area British bars- because you were at one the night before.

She immediately texted me back:

“OMG what bar? Cat n fiddle? Pig and whistle?” (Sidenote- you British people are weird- what is UP with those names?)

I was sleepy and wasn’t about to turn on my computer to help her out, so I replied with what I could remember:

“started with a ‘c’ and was ‘c and something,’ but not ‘cat and fiddle.’ Clothes and horse? no.. something with a horse?”

Moon: “OMG. Coach & Horses? That’s by my friend’s house. We used to always go there. Tiny little place.”

…. and that was it.

I have not heard from Moon since.

I can only assume she went to “Coach & Horses” last night and met you. And now you are together. Probably smoking. In bed. There is no other explanation as to why I would wake up with an empty text message inbox.  For as long as I can remember, moon has made my Friday AMs as I read the text messages I received at 3am while I was sound asleep.

I know she did not go home early.  I had no e-mails from her. I know she did not hook-up with her office crush. And she’s always online by 12pm my time, and she is no where to be found. The only explanation is that she is with you.

Dear Moon,

You better not stain his Prada suit. That’s all I’m sayin’

Love to you both,
UnintendedChoice xo

Yes, I posted twice within 2 hours- I should get a prize for this (pictures, Moon, I want pictures). So don’t get all excited over missing moon that you forget to read the kick ass letters you all submitted on the next post. XO



  1. No seriously… what is HAPPENINGGGGGGGGGGGGGG!?!?!?

  2. Hi Girls! I’m back! I see you heard about me falling off the bar stool last night! Ooopsy! Rob snorted Heineken out his nose on that one. He was a sweetie though….took me back to his hotel room and rubbed icy hot on my bruised bum 😀

    Jus kiddin. Jeez, I missed a lot of fun today! Thats what I get for actually doing some work for change.

    LOVIN’ the new Rob pics!! I wonder if the trip to the eye doc has any relationship to him having to wear those dreaded contacts for playing Edward. Maybe they’re helping him learn to put them in or perhaps? I hope somebody helps the poor guy, he hates those lenses!

    OK, does anybody else’s “kitty cat” starting purring at the site of those nips on him?? Puuuurrrrr!!! Meeeoooww!! And W-O-W…Baby’s got Biceps!! They have definitely grown!!

    Alright, fess up – who else viewed the HQ pics that Jena shared, and took a good long look at the crotchal region?? ME!! ME!! ME!!! Always looking for a little tent action down there 🙂

  3. I have a question? Is it wrong to name my vibrators Rob and Edward? :O

  4. “Who knows what Moon’s doing to him! I would hate to think he’s tied up with nothing but his undies on in Moon’s trunk.”

    heck, rob would be lucky if Moon let him keep any piece of clothing on. :p

  5. @vogue- No, I think those are perfectly acceptable names. It is only wrong if they are not your favorites.

  6. oh my god, those pics of him in the tight grey t-shirt are doing bad things to my mind! and gah! his hair! i would give my left leg to be able to run my fingers through it.

    @therealrobzilla – I almost choked on my tea reading that! LOL

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