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The British are HERE!

the hair!

the hair!

Dear Robbie-

Now I know why it stopped raining in LA today. The clouds parted and the sun broke. You had arrived.

Welcome back! X’s and O’s!

PS Next time you’re going to Rodeo please let me know and I’ll meet you there, we can hit the Brighton Coffee shop.

Valerie and Angie in the comments
Rob Pattinson Life / Pattinson Life

the full length so we can see the shoes

after the cut…


he's what you call a 'hand talker'



  1. roberttttt!!!!! Welcome backkk!!!!! We missed you!!! *hugs*

  2. ummmm….whats up with the beard? Not that it detracts from ur hotness robbie

  3. Yummy, that’s really all I have to say.

  4. I’m not stalking the site, I whole-heartedly promise!
    Anywho. Maybe he’ll do his GQ cover shoot all scruffy like that. Mmmm. He should have done it today, looking just like that. Gah! Time for bed… I’ve had all the Rob I can handle for one day.

  5. @ErPattz, I second that!

    And yes, welcome back.

  6. The hair! Wow, it’s really grown so fast. What a little chia pet! Love it. Love the beard. Love that he’s wearing a brown shirt that I can’t recall every seeing on him before. Love the shades. Can’t see the shoes, though. Is he wearing the shiteous Nikes?

  7. The beard is giving off a very SLIGHT Joaquin Phoenix vibe. It’ll be great for him to be clean shaven for Sunday though… I can’t make up my mind! Scruffy around town and for upcoming photoshoots – HELL YES! Clean shaven for the Academy Awards – definitely.

  8. @Marimo actually, his shoes are plain black.

  9. @ marimo, no i dont think its the shiteous nikes, maybe his mom threw them after they were referred to as shiteous by that uk rag

  10. * just want to add to the hug i was giving rob to welcome him back* hugs but with my legs around his waist a la kstew on that vanity fair shoot. there. My day is now complete.

  11. oh my giddy god! my first day back online after the bushfires / laptop near death and i am greeted by HRH* returning to LA. this has just turned a crappy ‘if-i-kill-the-auditors-will-anyone-really-care?’ day into a BRILLIANT ONE! love the expression ‘hand-talker’ btw….love it all! 🙂

    *his royal hotness

  12. Oh, I’m headed to Rodeo Drive right now where I will keep vigil just in case he shows up again.

  13. So this is why I felt all warm and fuzzy all throughout the day – Rob is back. Yay! Welcome back, my man.

  14. Yay!!! He’s back in the USA! Glorious! Doin’ my Happy Dance!

  15. Ahhhh, warm fuzzy start to the day.

    Hugest *SIGH* ever.

    Lucky LA.

    He is going to look thunderingly good on Sunday isn’t he?

  16. I knew I heard distant harps playing and a faint *aah aahh aaaaahhhh* being sung by the angels today.

    And I know we all intensely observe the precious inches that Robbies hair grows, but I have always felt a special south-of-the-border pang when I see that gorgeous color of his. Its so underrated! That warm, bronze-y, chestnut brown. Mmm. *pang pang pang*

  17. jezus rob is just soooo swoon worthy. you’re right English Girl, LA is so lucky!!!
    i heard he’ll be at Japan with Kstew for the premiere of Twilight. dang it i’m tempted to just drop everything and book a flight to japan. stat!

  18. Well it’s a good sign he’s on Rodeo just days before the Oscars, right?

    @justamortal I’m with you. That’s why I was in a better mood all day! He’s just one state over now.

    Hmm…I’m still unemployed. Maybe I should just go audition for that Kept Woman ‘position’ I applied for.

  19. Do me.

  20. Beard not suits you but u blister asual.

  21. Are those new pants? Have you been eating? You look thinner? Are you thinner? I will make fish n chips really..I will even wrap it in paper the way you like.. Rodeo Drive?? OME we need to get you to Forks ASAP…

  22. He only ate 1 meal a day.. Bloody, you on a diet?

  23. @SoWasRed- I heard the same angels. They were singing ahhhhhh…..Go to Letters to Rob now!

    I’m @ work right now. Only 2 more hours until I can stalk the site

  24. OMG, with those copyright thingys all over that photo, I thought Robert beard had patches of grey at first glance!!

    That was a scary sight.

  25. I’m sooo envious…He’s so far away from Europe…
    But at least it’s better he’s over there on TV than here incognito for no one to see 😉

  26. Guy: “So then I was like, ‘Well just make the deal already!’ and they said, ‘Fine! We will!’ and I was like ‘Fine!’ and they were like ‘Okay!’ and I was like ‘Well go on then! Do it!’ and that’s how I got started on this whole you being at the Oscars thing and it’s just gonna be so great for the new movie and for your career! Do you know what I’m saying?!? This is gonna be huge!”
    Rob: *Is he STILL talking?!?* “Yeah, uh, sounds great.”

  27. I love me some beard. The only thing that would’ve made this picture better is if he were puffing on a Camel.

    Do not hate me. Like y’all don’t think his smoking is sexy as hell. It is. End of discussion.

    p.s. Moon & UC–the soundtrack to this comment is MGMT’s “Electric Feel.” Of course.

  28. He’s back in the States? Yipee! My heart’s a bit warmer… Hahaha the watermarks made me think his beard had gone gray for a sec…talk about “old soul”…He’s looking good.

  29. @Leigh Anne
    “I love me some beard. The only thing that would’ve made this picture better is if he were puffing on a Camel.”

    I second that.
    *Swooning* at new Rob pics.

  30. I guess I should feel bad that I am happier when he is in the states but I don’t. Hot as ever!!!

    Coiencidence that the letters OME are above his head in the first pic? I think NOT!

  31. You know his manager if that’s him in the pic is kinda hot too. Tell me he acts too?

  32. @ Leigh Anne-I third that.
    & I’m feeling the soundtrack too!

    Ooh boy
    Shock me like an electric eel
    Baby boy
    Turn me on with your electric feel
    ( of course I had to change the lyrics up a bit)

  33. I’m loving his hair too. I can’t quit looking at him.

  34. I LITERALLY woke up this morning singing “Really love your peaches, want to shake your tree. Lovey dovey, lovey dovey, lovey dovey all the time. Ooo eee baby I’ll sure show you a good time.”


    Because subconsciously, I knew he was back in my country. I could feel it!

    I’m such a 30 year old loser singing Steve Miller band songs upon waking. It must have been a good dream about our Robbie-pie.

  35. WEEEE! He’s back!! And glad he made it safely! I’m digging the hair, digging his whole attire! I wonder if he bought me a handbag seems how he’s walking along Rodeo Drive? Heh…

  36. Halleluia!!!! Rob, PLEASE shave the beard by Sunday. Please. Also: I f someone could frame him for a crime so he can’t leave the country.

  37. It just occurred to me that he’s probably on Rodeo because they probably just left a tux shop! Ya think? Oh boy oh boy!

    And I also feel that in this shot his manager is telling him strategies on how to avoid the side door at the Kodak and actually walk the red carpet! Yeah yeah, I can feel it! LOL!

  38. I don’t think adultery is a jailworthy offense anymore. Rats!

    It’s strange how it makes all us American ladies feel better now that he’s on our turf. I’m over here on the East coast and almost as far away from him as when he was in London, but somehow, it seems possible to SEE him if he’s over here. I think he needs to visit NYC ASAP!

    I’m LOVIN’ those slim fittin’ pants on his tasty, long legs. Mmmmm. And I love how his hair’s grown out a bit, too. He’s just yummy, yummy, yummy!

  39. Yeah! I’m so happy to get to work and see this!! Hair…spectacular! Beard…nice! I’m lovin’ it!!

    @JBell – “I’m not stalking the site, I whole-heartedly promise!”

    LOL…Yeah, me neither. See you in about 5 minutes!

  40. Yea…..missed you so!

    xx oo xx

  41. the text message I got at 12:47am from Moon announcing “He’s back he’s back in LA” was SO worth the wrath of my insomniac husband (who, of course, woke up)

    @LA: smoking? mmhmm, necessity. MGMT? Yes please. I can’t help by thrust my hips to that song. (not that I need help doing that around Robbie)

    Welcome back xo

  42. Holy hell. I’m not sure my heart is strong enough to stand the beard along with the growing out hair. That’s a good look for him.

  43. yep, I just committed mental adultery………..I’m totally into……well everything.

  44. You know you’ve got it bad when you come to work in the morning and the first thing you do is log in to LTR before loging into work stuff.
    That’s what I do! 🙂
    ((((GROUP HUG))))

  45. Pilgrimage to LA… who’s with me?

  46. @robzilla – You are definitely NOT the loser; that would be me. I literally woke up, opened the blinds and let the sun shine in and started singing “It’s a beautiful day in the neighborhood, a beautiful day for a neighbor! Won’t you be mine?? Could you be mine??” [Yeah, that’s right. Mr. Rogers] All with Rob in mind of course 🙂

    @Jena – Loving your thoughts on the dialog; more-so than mine (see comment #3, I think? lol)

    @Steph – I was literally just coming here to say that exact same thing! It’s like our chances have gone up about half a percentage point! I’m on the east coast too, but it’s as is we could actually see him at any moment now that he’s in the states.

    @Amber – Sorry I’m late! 5 minutes, 30 minutes… hell, I’ll be here every hour on the hour from now until next week.

    @Spank – I’m in! I’ve already researched and it’s pretty cheap to fly nowadays, so I’m totally there.

  47. @spank- I’m in too

  48. Flight from Nashville to LAX-$199
    Flight to Heathrow from Lax-$1400
    Making babies with Rob in London-PRICELESS

  49. Rob’s outfit = Yummy

    Hair’s looking good, too. Wow. Good to have’m back.

  50. Flight from Charlotte to LAX – $255
    Hotel room – $150 a night
    PRACTICING making babies with Rob- PRICELESS

    I’ve already got the kiddos. Been there, done that.

    This man makes me seriously think about leaving my husband and stalking him.


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