Posted by: Bekah | February 14, 2009

Saturday am delight

Dear Rob,

We’d say the phrase coined in our comments section by the Cullen Boys Anonymous, Robgasm, will suffice for this video experience:


Thanks to M-Styles and J-Star for telling us about the amazing, post-worthy, HOT video!


  1. This was the best Valentine’s Day gift EVER! Thanks, girls!

    I’m a little under the weather this morning and can’t tell if the fever is legit or if it’s from watching this. Wait. If the fever’s from watching this it’s still TOTALLY legit!

  2. Thank you ladies! What a great way to start my day! Sitting here with my cup o’ coffee and watching this fine little sampler of our favorite womanizer (I wish he was, we’d here more juicy stories!!).

    I’m gonna watch this about 10 times before I leave for work and that will be the breakfast of champions! Who the hell wants to eat after watching that face over and over? I love Rob, he makes me want to NOT eat.

    I’d actually seen this vid on YouTube, but forgot about it. It truly boggles my mind that a man can be so $*%&@! BEAUTIFUL and not be a pretty-boy.
    He makes me melt, every time, and it’s not getting better/easier. Sign me up for the intervention that was mentioned yesterday!

  3. O’ Sweet Jesus! That was excellent! Thanks for starting Valentines out in a wonderful way. Yes, I think Robgasm is the right word.

  4. *dead*

  5. Can I just say, the smirk he gives, when Jessica says, “No girls are good enough for him…obviously,” is uh-maz-ing!?

  6. @Lauren – I love that smirk, too! It’s one of my favorite parts of the movie.

    I have to say that I find the parts of the video where Kristen Stewart is jumping on him a little annoying. Mmmmm, jealous much? 🙂

  7. What a great way to wake up… Thanks!

  8. I am still watching last weeks Saturday morning delight and now you pull this? Good God I am melting…..


  9. That first shot of him coming through the door in Twilight — that just DOESN’T GET OLD! And the smirk that Lauren mentioned….

    Yeah, this was a good video.

  10. @Lauren -the smirk- that kills me every time. You guys are doing me in.

    This makes me feel all warm, it’s freezing in my house right now.

    Well off to watch the movie again today. It’s at the dollar theater!!!

  11. @Valerie- Yeah I heard that it was at a movie theater for like three bucks, but it’s not near me. =[

    Thanks, for letting me once again I’m able to wake up and smell the rob…. That didn’t come out right.

    Take two: Once again I’m able to wake up and fill my coffee with robness… Okay, that was even worse.

    Take three: Once again I’m able to wake up and have my daily fill of Rob…. Okay thats fine I guess.

  12. By the way, how do you get those little picture things to be something other than strange bug-like creatures?

  13. Please for the love of all things sweet and holy will someone tell me where I can watch that video of Kristen jumping onto Rob in a straddling position. OMG. Help a sista out plz thx.

  14. I love my Saturdays because of you guys!!

    @Steph – Just picture yourself jumping up and straddling him, that’s what I do!

  15. Good Morning Beautiful!

    Hi to you ladies as well. Have a Happy Valentine’s Day ala Rob

  16. @Java – here is the original video located on the vanity fair site….it’s about an hour long

  17. Thank you ireadthisbook!

  18. Beautiful!! What else can one say? How can on man be that beautiful?! *scratches head* WOW!!

    Admiitting that you have a “problem” is the 1st step in recovery! I have a problem and I name it ROB!! 🙂 I’m not new to this site, but I finally decided to join in on the fun! I need to be with other people who share/fully understand my “problem”, and this is the place!! It feels good to be home! 🙂 You guys are FANTABULOUS!!

    You can find that video on YouTube. It’s one of the VanityFair photo shoot vids!

  19. @Lets go to London
    Go to and sign up for an account. You don’t have to have a blog with them. Then add your pic in the profile.

  20. Oh how i look forward to Saturday mornings now…
    My hubbums is overseas for v-day so im just going to pretend that Rob is my Valentine.

  21. HAPPY Valentine’s Day everyone! Glad you enjoyed the vid:):)

    @Lacey Daze glad you’re out of lurkdom! xoxo

  22. my English husband is in England today and no not fantasy hubby Rob lol the real thanks for this Valentine treat …and YES (Lauren) that smile he gives when Angela says no one is good enough and the smile when he says..”you shouldn’t have said that” OME …thats all I need to say about that!

  23. Holy mother. Can I post that on my blog? I’ll credit u of course. Rrrrrrrawr.

  24. @steph – you’ve got a fever and the only cure is MORE ROB!

    @letsgototlondon- one comment, 3 takes (a commenter divided!)

    @java- welcome to the first post of our existence here:

    @happyhoursue – be our guest!

    Happy singles awareness day everyone!! i will now go back and watch this video 4586905 times. watch the 1:02ish mark… the door slamming. uc and i had a vanity fair style discussion about it yesterday. swoooooon

  25. Oh noooooo……

    Looking at this image of our poor dear Robert is in such despair, don’t you think? He can’t get away from them paparazzi. Just wait till he comes back to the states. He ain’t going to be able to leave his apartment.

  26. Oh Higher-Res Photo Here:

  27. Edit: Full cab shot

  28. @Moon- Who would even bother with doors when it comes to sexy time with Rob? Open, closed, inside, outside, public, private….like it even matters…yes to ALL of them please!! lol
    And 1:05-1:09…oy vay! If it were possible I would live in those four seconds for the rest of my life!

    Great post thank you! Definitely Robgasmic!

    Happy V-day to all the lovers and Happy S.A.D. to all the blissfully singles like myself!

  29. Ok, does anyone around here have a defilbrillator? Because my heart needs to be re-started now.

  30. @ Angie – thanks for the new pics. Are those recent?

    Pictures like that just break my heart. I was going to post something lecherous about that steamy video collection, but now, I just don’t have the heart. Most of the time, all I want to do is offer that boy some comfort – the platonic kind – just so he can have a break.

    He sure is yummy to look at though, isn’t he?

  31. @Angie – Those look like pics from last night, when he was at a pub trying to watch one of his buds perform. Apparently he was over by the bar, trying to be incognito, till some fan girls (like us) spotted him and couldn’t leave him alone.

    He looks so sad in that pic. I have a couple of ideas on how to cheer him up…;)

  32. He had me at his cafeteria smerk!

  33. i lurve that smirk he made,too!

    @ angie,thanks for the pics,poor rob looks like he’s had enough.

  34. @sowasred- HIGH FIVE! to happily S.A.D!

    @amber – sad story. i can only imagine not being able to really go out. it would blow. hard.

    AND i’d like to say if i ever saw him i wouldn’t go over and fangirl out on him and i hope none of you guys would either! play that shiz cool. REAL cool. (like the jets vs the sharks! come on someone!) send him a drink don’t freak!

    LTR girls united to change the image of rob lovers everywhere!!!!!

  35. @ moon

    if i will ever be lucky to see rob, a random english pub somewhere,i will try not to blow..him hard…er…i mean..ummm …act like a crazed fangirl.

  36. @Valerie- Thanks. I was wondering haha.

  37. Oh wow.

    Here’s to a Happy Valentine’s Day!

    Mmm Mmm Rob. ❤
    Awesome vid!

  38. I’m all alone on Valentine’s Day *sniff* *sniff*, so you guys and Rob are my dates tonight!

  39. I totally agree with TheMoon…
    The crazies make us look bad.

    It’s time to make a change,
    “yes we can”.

  40. It makes me so sad to see that face. I mean I’ve certainly made that face when I’ve been drinking, but I wasn’t sitting there with the knowledge that it was about to be plastered all over the internet.

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