Posted by: Bekah | February 9, 2009

Where in the world is the Edward Cullen doll? Oh, just hanging out with some cute bunnies

Dear Rob,

My guess is that when you signed that part of your Twilight contract that said “will allow likeness to be made into small plastic doll with ‘ming reading‘ abilities” you didn’t actually believe your likeness would be made into a small plastic doll causing 2 blogger-friends to buy said small plastic doll, set-up photoshoots for this doll and post pictures that they and their blogger friends take for the world’s viewing pleasure. Hey, I never thought in a million years I’d walk into Hot Topic and now I have a filled frequent buyer card, so I get it.


"Hey, 'sup?"


"What? You think I'm gonna bite?"


"Don't you dare touch my peacoat"


Pictures & bunnies courtesy of Julie (yep- the same Julie with the best husband ever). PS: I want to kiss your bunnies and feed them carrots. 

Twi-alentine’s Day Contest. Do it. 


  1. Awww!!! He’s good with kids AND animals.

  2. that may be the funniest thing I’ve ever seen, and possibly the cleanest rabbit cage in the world.

  3. I wonder how hard it is for a vampire to hunt and kill giant bunnies?

  4. And here I thought I’d seen it all. These are the days I really wished Rob (or his mom) read our blog.

  5. Yes I said “our” blog. Really it’s your (moon & UC) blog, but I just feel like one big, warm, fuzzy family. Maybe it’s the bunnies getting to me…

  6. @Amber CUTE! the bunnies are getting to you! and you can call it “our” blog. we can share!

  7. This is awesome.

  8. This morning when I saw Julie’s blog with these pics, I was thinking she’s got to send it to you guys.

  9. Oh I will TOTALLY let you kiss my fuzzy wittle bunnies and feed them carrots! Just let me know next time you’re in L.A. and we’ll set something up! Plus, it was awesome hubby that took the pictures for me. 🙂

  10. @journey – Your hubby never ceases to amaze me! I haven’t even bought my doll yet because I am so nervous about him finding it and giving me hell.

  11. Oh my gosh! Just realized the bunnies were named Alice and Jasper.

    So, are these vampire bunnies? Are they the world’s most dangerous predators? I mean, so far, everything about them is inviting me in. Their fur, their little noses, their ears.

  12. @Amber “everything about them is inviting me in…” CRACKING me up!

  13. aww edward please please dont “eat” the bunnies,they too cute for that

  14. @journeytofamily……their cute little thumping tails is inviting me in…….and dont get me started on the eyes!!

  15. Poor guy needs to get some warm fuzzies from the bunnies before he goes to work with that cold fish.

  16. I really hope his eyes are Amber :D…

  17. @Mrs P – If his eyes are Amber, that means they don’t eat other little bunnies.

    But then let me ask the most basic question, what do they eat? And should I be afraid?

  18. @ Mrs P… Edward’s eyes might be Amber, but the bunnies eyes are black. They’re hungry. Maybe Edward should be the one to watch out!

  19. Those are the cutest bunnies I think I have ever seen! I just wanna snuggle with them! 🙂 And maybe Edward, too, hm…. tough choice! Well, we can just all snuggle together…as long as no one is eating each other! Well…. wait…. define eating? 🙂

  20. So so cute!! I used to have bunnies. They are the sweetest animals….

  21. @Sam – I love it that a conversation about bunnies can start out so sweet and innocent, and then one of us (this time it’s you) takes it to the next level!!

  22. I hope he doesn’t turn them into to slippers:)

  23. @ sam….i eat edward,you eat the

  24. This is too funny! How cute are those bunnies!
    I bought an Edward doll over the weekend. I have pictures to submit, where do I send?
    Now they really need to come out with a toy silver volvo to put plastic Edward in!

  25. Those pictures can are the key to world peace. Bunnies and Edward are my two happiest things. I mean, I just want to hug someone right now.

    BTW…can only people with wordpress have a picture next to their name? I want to customize mine 😦

  26. @Lauren – I wondered the same thing. lol I hated the little monster guy that they randomly chose for me! All you have to go is go to and sign up with your email address. They give you an option to choose to have a blog or just a user name and then you can upload a picture.

  27. Ooh, JBell, thanks for the tip, I need to lose my little monster too.

    And if Rob wants to lose his little “monster”, I will be glad to help him out with that, heh.

    Gawd, I am a also a durrrty girl.

  28. Hahahaha! That is too funny.

  29. That’s adorable… but I don’t think they stand a chance, even with fake Edward. Watch out Alice and Jasper, little Eddie’s moving in!

  30. @Amber.. well, one of us has to do it, and I’m always happy to fulfill that job!

    @Sherin.. Ha.. well, hmm… I don’t think I can exactly go along with that. How about you eat the bunnies, and Edwards eats me??? Hehe… @Sass… looks like we’re BOTH a little duuurtyyy tonight!

  31. @ JBell – Thanks girl for helping me out!

  32. Hahah, the whole “ming reading” thing still cracks me up!

  33. The levels of the cute and the funny are too high here — I barely know what to say. And I am never at a loss for words. Maybe I need some ‘ming reading’ help. But…those bunnies! And lil Edward!

  34. And another thing, just the mention of the “peacoat” makes me laugh. Did you ever hear Rob talking about how embarrassed he felt trying to be menacing (in the movie, in the Port Angeles scene) while he was sporting a bouffant hairdo and a peacoat?

    Like we needed ANOTHER reason to love Rob — that self-deprecating thing he does really gets me.

  35. @Julie..I know! I wonder how many times they had to do that scene, because of people cracking up!

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