Posted by: Bekah | February 8, 2009

Rob’s prayer

Dear God,

Please make these skanks stop with their offers to blow me. My throat is burning from the acid in the vomit I keep swallowing.


Rob pattinson prays

Maybe those girls would like to be involved with our Twi-alentine’s Day contest.



  1. Dear God,

    Please let this be Photoshopped. I am SO embarrassed for the rest of us RESPECTFUL and POLITE fans if it is not.

    Best regards,


    Dear Rob,

    I am SO embarrassed that these girls could not be respectful and polite. I know how uncomfortable you get about this sort of thing. I have a room available at my house in quiet little Florida if you’d like to just get away for a while… and look at the bright side – you only have 4 wardrobe staples, so you won’t have to pay those outrageous fees to check a bag on the plane when you come over! [Not that you’ll be needing any clothes while you’re here…]

    Respectfully AND Politely Yours,

  2. Dear Rob,
    Woud you like me to kick their asses for you? I would do so gladly.
    Your future baby momma

  3. poor rob looks like he is praying for the ground to open up and swallow him up whole so he could escape those deranged girls running after him. awwww robbie pie,we at LTR would help protect you from those silly girls ( and immediately take u to our homes as a sex slave…er… mean guest )

  4. I so hope God answered Rob’s prayer. These pictures were horrible. It makes me want to hop on a plane to London to kick some skank ass.

  5. It has been brought to my attention that at least one of these girls are not your run of the mill fangirl. She is a British tv presenter named Miquita Oliver who is best buds with Lily Allen and cozy with Amy Winehouse. Can we say gag me??

    I am going to try to post a link to a shot with just the two of them together taken at the same time. There is another one of them in a car together.


  6. That caption fits PERFECTLY to the picture. Oh man. I am laughing so hard right now. His face is classic. And then those silly girls behind him looking like they want to eat him up. Yikes! I hope his prayer is answered. ๐Ÿ™‚

  7. Thanks for the help. So do you think he was “with” her?

  8. Those 3 girls, Tom, Rob, that other guy and who knows who else – I think he was “with” her in the sense that they all went out as a group to have a good time. I also think the boy should be able to have friends and hang out with them without papers and magazines paying these paparazzi douche bags to completely invade his privacy. ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

  9. Ewwweee … classy … NOT.

    Talk about strained body language.

    I have gagged myself to prevent further offence … and possible defamatory comments.

  10. “Talk about strained body language.

    I have gagged myself to prevent further offence โ€ฆ and possible defamatory comments.”

    Oh come on English girl let us hear it ๐Ÿ™‚


  11. I definitely agree that the paps are totally intrusive and annoying.

  12. RUN ROB RUN!!!

  13. @JP Gag indeed! Lily Allen and Amy Whinehouse are like the UK equivalent of Lindsay Lohan and Paris Hilton! YUCK!

    So is it possible that Rob has been staying in all these weeks? Because obviously the paps are ready to snap a photo of him at the first opportunity. If so no wonder he looks like he wishes he would have stayed home. Poor Rob.

  14. OMG this is hilarious. I am ROTFLOL

    See Robert Pattinson on some game show back in the day of Harry Potter.


  15. This is a great lengthy interview done in November of 2008 where he is very relaxed chatting:

  16. Dear Rob,
    I hope those skanks you left you alone. If you want a quality girl to blow you that doesn’t wear those ridiculous fur coats making them look like a weird cross between bear cub and hooker I’m the girl for you.

  17. Poor guy. It looks to me like he’s just trying to keep his head down to get away from the cameras. His “friends” seem quite happy to soak up the spotlight though. I hope they’re actually friends running interference and not Klingons.

    BTW my firewall detected a virus on the site JBell posted.

  18. Dear Rob –

    I’ve got one word for you: VD. And I’m pretty sure it’s running rampant in those two hoes behind you.

    Now, if you are looking for a nice (unless you want bad, then I can be very, VERY bad) clean, girl, you got that right here.

    Plus, all those paparazzi will never find you here in Oklahoma. I promise!!

    Love, Me

  19. Ah man he looks miserable. Poor guy.

    Is that one girl touching him??? What the hell? Jump back girl – he clearly is not interested.

  20. is it just me, or do these girls seem like a bunch of fame whores?

    Just looking at the pictures on I get the impression that they totally want to be seen with him so they can be in magazines.

    I feel bad for him, really, because they guy can’t get a break. All these skanktastic girls

  21. We know how he feels about the cameras in his face but I wonder what he thinks of the fangirls/hos.

    Does he look uncomfortable because of all of the above or just the papaROTzi?

  22. He is clearly pissed that I was not able to be there with him and had to resort to other friends.

  23. Oh crap! Can UC or Moon somehow delete that comment I posted?? The one that Christa said has a virus on the site?? Please do if you can!! I just went through a virus attack on my laptop and definitely do NOT want anyone to go through that hell.

    I am sooo sorry!
    Don’t click my link up there!

  24. Gah! I’m telling you my first reaction was to tear their hair and gouge their eyes out. Pardon me for the violent tendencies but can you blame me? Look at Rob! The poor guy can’t get a break from the papaROTzi (@JP – thanks for the term, so appropriate) now these skanks.

    We wouldn’t be so declasse, would we ladies?

    Come here, Rob! We’ll take very good care of you.

  25. @Sass- I love your comment- you always make me laugh! Yeah- like last resort right? I especially like the one where the one girl (ho) who is wearing the leopard (thing) looks like she’s crying or grimacing and Rob is smiling (laughing). Haha.

  26. Uh..hehehe…could you delete my feeble attempts to post links too? I feel like such a doofus.


  27. @ JBell – seriously? without paparazzi, i wouldn’t have pictures of rob to jack off to admire

  28. amen to that,lovesbcmc.

  29. DEAR GOD. I’m about 100 kinds of embarrassed to even look at these pics let alone think about whatever the back story is. his face is like “ew, please dont touch me. where is moon to throw down on a bitch when i need her?”

    @amber – where are you in OK? my families from there!!

  30. Oh Rob… please tell me you were not hanging around with plastic chav creatures on purpose? The girls with the bad hair and the bad bad faux fur coats and the too much make up and the sheep following brain thing?

    Rob, I am so sorry you come home to England and get attacked by the worst this country has.

  31. He got in a car with at least one of them so he must have intentionally been with them. Oh well…


  32. @JP. The girl in the car with him and Tom is a TV presenter. What’s her name? Maquita or something. It’s also been said she’s an old friend of Robs but who really knows. Friend or no, I
    literally got shivers when I first saw her and my
    instincts are usually pretty good.
    These Stalkerazzi pics are so in Rob’s face I need to hit something.
    Rob honey, you did good ignoring the madness around you. Next time give me a call, now I’m not a violent person but for you I’d kick them in the booty till they all cry for their Mamas. You know I will.

  33. Amen.

  34. @moon – I’m right in the middle of it all, OKC baby!

  35. @vertigo (hey I actually experienced real vertigo a few weeks ago and it was very scary!)

    I didn’t know this Maquita is a friend of Rob’s (eww). I find it hard to believe she was his friend pre-Twilght, which is why this bugs me. She has opportunist written all over her being. Knowing she is best buds with Amy Winehouse makes me want to hurl..BRICKS.


  36. I stay away from the internets for 2 days, and all the craziness happiness. Rob emerges from hiding! Skanky drunk girls following our Rob about! Gah!

  37. @Lauren I’m with you girl I stay away for two days and come back to this crazy shit!!! GRRRRR!!

  38. HYS-terical. Love you guys. And hopefully it’s an answered prayer. He can do a LOT better than that…

  39. @JP

    I’m right with you (hurling …)

  40. Seriously, can we have a bon fire and burn those hideous coats? Also, lets you get you some lessons on moderation.

    I think we need a reminder of what classy looks like:

  41. @amber- A-MEN! seriously, please get with some REAL girls. (like us!)

    also uh totes lots of family from OKC, spent college time there. BETHANY! represent. hahahah nah actually i was glad to leave. no hard feelings! ๐Ÿ˜€

  42. @Justamortal – No way. We’d surround him like Secret Service. Classy like. Later we’d have our own private photo shoot. Maybe not so classy like.

  43. @moon – Oh, dang! Too bad you aren’t here cause I NEED someone to share my Twi-life in real life. I just have to keep it all hidden on the Internet as everyone thinks I am crazy.

  44. Oh crap! Here is what we all feared:

    Ugh! Paris Hilton = YUCK!!

  45. @Amber Oh holy God.

    Rob! Run!!! Run and hide!!! Paris is in London!!! Being stood up by Prince Harry!!! Get out while you still can!!! Yes, this needs this many exclamation points!!!

  46. OMG, Rob, you really need to stay away from her…for the love of all that is holy, run as fast as you f&#king can!!!!

  47. First it was Courtney Love trying to score a date for Frances Bean, now Paris wants to get her skanky ass hands on him. UGH. I’m pretty sure he knows better than to get involved with any of that though… he’s got a good head on his shoulders – with an actual BRAIN inside, unlike Courtney and Paris.

  48. uurrrggggghh!!!!!!!!!!rob,stay away from the biggest skank of all!!!!

  49. Would this be a better alternative?

    Lil’ Miss Emma Watson (aka Hermione). I think she’s cute as can be!

  50. I saw that earlier today… MUCH better. I approve! lol

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