Posted by: Bekah | February 4, 2009

Forks, New Zealand, same difference..

I would so get fired if I decorated my office like this (and I work for my dad...)

I would so get fired if I decorated my office like this (and I work for my dad...)

Dear Rob,

I work for a teen magazine here in New Zealand, which is very, very convenient because it means my colleagues and I get to spend our days researching you, writing about you, tracking your movements and devoting hours to finding out who you’re dating, (FYI: don’t go there with Camilla, you don’t want Joe Jonas’ left-overs).

Anyway, we thought we would take a photo of the recently created “Rob appreciation wall” at our work, where we have put together a small selection of super-hot posters of you looking moody/sexy.

I should point out that our work is actually a semi-serious place, and we share our floor with three magazines – a high fashion one, a political/literary one and a woman’s magazine – but yet we still have no shame in decorating our office space with posters of you. Why? Because you’re just THAT hot.

We have also worked out a plan to go to Italy for when you start shooting New Moon that involves:
a) hijacking a cruise ship,
b) committing fraud with company credit cards and
c) pawning off company property, just so we can meet you.

You could make it a little easier on us by coming to New Zealand instead, where, just like Forks, it is green, overcast and rains approximately 300 days a year.

Your call,
The Creme girls

We know how all of you are ON TOP of your Rob news (we get your e-mails, I think we had 5 people tell us what Ryan Seacrest said about Rob- what a jackass, btw) so “The Creme girls” probably sound quite familiar to you!  All the Rob blogs have been exploding with scans/portions of the Twilight section they are running in their February issue of Creme magazine. We’re so excited that these awesome girls are reading the blog(s). Our favorite part of the e-mail they sent us was this:

We should point out that our office area is actually part of a large, open-plan area and such has our behaviour been that no-one batted an eyelid when Alice (my boss) stood on my desk and attached the giant Robert Pattinson poster to our pole. We went to a Twilight screening back in November, having not read the books, and BANG, halfway through the film we all realised that we were completely in love with Robert. Once, during a work night out, we rented Harry Potter and The Goblet of Fire and watched only the Robert parts.

I think we can all related to only watching the “Robert parts” of MANY THINGS (I hope to have a long, happy life of watching “Robert’s Parts”)
Check out a portion of their Rob interview on their site here

Wait, what? We’re running a Twi-alentine’s Day contest? Oh, you didn’t know? Check out the deets here


  1. This is brilliant. All around brilliant. Love the Creme girls. Love New Zealand. Just brilliant, I say.

    I’m not getting all Natalie Maines up in here, but I have to say it: I’m ashamed Ryan Seacret is from Georgia, my home state. He is evil…and must be destroyed.

  2. Oh, how I wish I was allowed to hang posters of Rob all over my office. Or that part of my job was researching blogs (such as these) rather than having to hide while I look. Or that they most likely got paid to write a letter to Rob.

    The Creme girls are sooo lucky!!

  3. I have not heard what Ryan Seacrest has said. Now I’m going to have to find out to give my unlike of him some validity (is that even a word?). He just bugs me anyways.

    Now this post is great. I too have some, though I only have 2 posters, I do have them hanging in the gameroom, since my husband won’t let me hang them in our bedroom. He’s a meany.! My 10yr daughter loves it, my 16 yer old son just shakes his head.

  4. Ryan Seacrest, the prick, said that Robert has no personality. I am going to keep my anger in check…but what a prick! Our Robert has so much personality it hurts.

    I only have one poster, the Edward poster, but it’s protective of me.

  5. *Gasps* He has no personality?! Ha! Says the man who tried to high-five a blind guy. Pardon our boy for seeming blasé with your repetitive questions Seacrest.

    I am loving the man tower of Robness. Besides haven’t you heard…professionalism is out and obsession is in this season.

    p.s. I am loving this site like you chickees love a chocolate covered Rob sundae!

  6. @sowasred – High fiving the blind guy! i ❤ you right now for bringing that up cause i thought the same thing about ryan secrest being LAME-o and rob seeing through it.

    oh and WELCOME!!!

    oh and im totally taking “professionalism is out and obsession is in this season” 😀

  7. @TheCremegirls- you guys have the BEST job in the world! (unless some lucky gal is Rob’s perm. back scrubber) Haha.

    @UC- Great stuff! Especially the ‘Rob parts’! Right there with ya.

    @LeighAnne- ‘He is evil and must be destroyed’ LMAO!

    I would never ever get any work done with all those posters, pics of Rob hanging there. I would just be gazing (drooling) at Rob all day!

  8. I knew there was a reason I stopped watching AI last year…what a closet case!

  9. I am soo jealous…wish I worked there…Ryan Seacrest is just a hater and he takes his HATERADE EVERY MORNING and he can just suck it!!! Saying that Rob has no personality…this coming from the guy who purposely got snubbed by Brangelina at a red carpet for being a douche…and I don’t even like Brangelina…LOL

  10. this site is amazing! I just found you guys a few days ago and i cant stop rotfl! keep up the great work.
    I just had to comment on that guy(seacrest),
    how dare he say something not nice about Rob?
    I think we should start some sort of petition against him. any ideas?

    • @debs WELCOME. and i agree, how DARE ryan say anything. he’s such a DB. start the petition! i’ll sign it!

  11. @moon-Thank you for the warm welcome. I can already feel a bubbling compulsion to be a daily visitor here.
    How can you go wrong with a little sarcasm and a beautiful man? Throw in a splash of vodka and Im thinking heaven wouldnt be far off.

    Brava for perfecting the art of obsession 🙂

  12. OK, I’m coming to work for them! THat’s awesome!

    What did Ryan Seacrest say about Rob? Uh-oh, please tell me it isn’t so, has Ryan said something bad about him? Sucks cause I like Ryan. Damn….so what’d he say?

    btw, I’m loving this blog, I have been coming here daily and LMFAO, sometimes to the point of tears here at work, which has caused co-workers to ask me “what’s so funny?” I’m lovin’ it! Keep up the creativity and the hilarious comments and if anyone subjects…screw em!

  13. OK, I just read through the other comments. He said he had no personality? OME, he’s got more personality than most of Hollywood! Give me a break!

  14. Dear Creme girls,

    I would like to inquire if you might have a need for a U.S. based correspondent? Because I believe I would be perfect for that position!

    Call me!


  15. hi!! i’ve been reading all your letters here for a few days now and this is the first time i’ve guys are the best,am glad i have found people who share my robert obsession!!! and yeah,ur right,seacrest IS GOING DOWN for saying rob has no personality.robert has more personality in his little finger than ryan has in his entire body!

  16. Creme girls- how’d you get a picture inside my office? ps im with sass, we’re totes available for us US correspondent work you need done. I’ll interview rob from my bedroom, seriously anything for the team! 😀

    @sowasred- your lips to gods ears. if we could hook up a vodka dispensary to this blog it’d be over. best blog EVER.

    @jena – WELCOME!! yea for coming out of lurkdom! we won’t bite… unless you’re rob.

  17. @moon…thanks!!!!love ur site to pieces!!! im not rob but rob is mine!ahahahaha !!!

    and @creme girls… on earth do you get any work done with all that hotness staring at yah all day long!!

    random note: rob was seen with some brunette at some party in london,prolly same girl who was seen with him at a train station…ROB!!!how could you!!!! * goes off to kill every brunette in london*
    (yeah yeah i know im obssessed.thank you for understanding.)

  18. OH MY GOSH! I most definitely almost bought that book on Rob that she was reading at walmart the other day. I was looking for Eclipse and I stumbled across it and started cracking up. I was this close to buying it: me – awesomeist book in the world. But, unfortunately the person I went with would have thought I was a freak (not that i really care) All well, another time =]

  19. Where/when did Ryan say this? I want proof, LOL! J/K I don’t doubt you all. I just adore Ryan and hate the fact that he said this. Breaks my heart.

  20. Lets go to London, you must get it! It has yummy photos and that huge poster to the right in the photo comes with it for freeeeee! 🙂

  21. @Lets Go to Lond – Amazon recommended I purchase that Rob book…and really, who am I to doubt what Amazon thinks is best for me.

    I can see my hubby’s face when he hands me the package (since he gets the mail) and watches me open it and pull out that book. Maybe that should be a new topic, faces our husbands (or SO’s) make when we talk Twilight.

  22. It’s actually quite fitting that the 3 prominent words on the glass behind you are “boy” “toy” and “love”…

  23. And I was just thinking the other day if there’s a job that requires research about Rob and Twilight. I guess a teen magazine staff member would do. Might check it out. 😉

  24. @Sherin…I read something about Rob beeing seen at the train station with some “pretty brunette” and they looked like they were going out…what’s going on with that…does anyone have any details??? If you do please share! It makes me sad in my heart to read this… 😦

  25. My office looks EXACTLY like that. 🙂

    OK, I wish my office looked like that. It would make the workday THAT much better. And since I’m in the market for a new job…perhaps I will now consider writing for a teen magazine. [sigh]…..

  26. I recently bought another unauthorized biography of Rob at Borders. It has cool pictures but no poster 😦 I think I want to get the one the Creme girl has in her hand. Anyone knows who wrote it???

    BTW, did you know that Rob dated the Katie Leung his co-star (Cho) from Goblet of Fire?? Thought that was interesting, he likes to diversify 🙂

  27. Dear CremeGirls,

    Your office rocks and I want to work there. Sure, I’ll work from home if you have more use for me here. I am a team player. But I really like the atmosphere in your office. Please?

  28. hey i just found this on youtube and i had to share!

  29. hey that didnt work sorry I am trying again.

  30. ok i am like totally web challenged. if there is a better way to get this site on let me know!

  31. Here you go debs:

  32. The book is called “Robert Pattinson: True Love Never Dies” and the author is Josie Rusher 🙂 The text in it isn’t too flash – it’s nothing you won’t have read on fan sites – but the pictures are aaaamazing!

  33. Oh wow, I work at the same media company as the Creme girls, and everyday for the last month when I get in the elevator I have been greeted with RPattz’s beautiful face on the Creme poster that’s stuck on the wall in there… My colleagues do not understand how hot Rob is… I might have to make an excuse to visit Creme on the 4th floor more often now that i know this!

    Go Creme, and go New Zealand!

    And to you themoonisdown & unintendedchoice – I only came across this website last week and i’m absolutely loving it!

  34. LTR/LTT’s favorite non north american country (besides the country that birthed our dear robbie) award goes to….


    the creme media building also known as: heaven

  35. Hey Scowlette, let’s have an APN shout out! I’m Emma from Creme (that’s me in the pic, reading the book!) – I can’t believe you’re in our building too! It’s nice to know that Rob is appreciated by the non-4th floorers too. Jeeez, it’s a small world!

  36. Thanks Emma 🙂

  37. Hey Emma! I’m Gemma from NZH Marketing 🙂 Yep vERY small world, esp in NZ huh?
    I now understand why our security passes wont work for Floor 4 in the lift – so that non-creme staff can’t come and steal all your Rob goodies…

    Have a great Waitangi weekend!

  38. @scowlette @emma @debs @sherin

    OMG.. so many new commenters today.. we’re so excited and we’re so happy you’re here. WELCOME xo

    and to the our NZ girls… I am just proud to be the one to be “bringing rob-lovers together” and i think it’s amazing that you just “met” on our site- and you work in the same building. AMAZING! and EMMA- you guys have a rob poster in the elevator!? omg… you didn’t tell me that! so much more jealous. 🙂

  39. oh…I’m just glad to see in Rob in more NZ magazines!! Been thinking about getting Creme at work today after reading this entry! Me buying teen magazines again…….*giggle*
    I just hope there will be more Rob and Twilight in NZ, so I can buy an Edward action figure more easily, and a more reasonable price too! *fingers crossed* I soooo wanted one after being addicted to this site! I was in all denial and shamed for weeks…..

    Big thanks to UC and Moon and all the other ladies who make this site such an amazing place!!

    Sigh.. Still deciding if I want to spend twice as much on the Edward doll…then I’ll be able to show him Christchurch… and many many other things of course *wink* I guess for the moment, I’ll just have to drool on Rob’s poster on my bedroom ceiling….

  40. @ crazykidd that story about the brunette at the train station wif rob was from *cringe* perezhilton site,just some random sighting with no pics to back it up. Was just as sad as you when I read that. “sigh” I need me enrolled in a rehab center for rpatzz obsession syndrome.seriously,it should be illegal to look as good like he does…

  41. I couldn’t wait for Twi to come out in theaters, so I watched Goblet of Fire…I cried when Cedric died…cause I thought/felt like Edward/Rob died, too…then felt like Edward is the reincarnation of Cedric, who was kinda perfect, right?…and so now he is…I WANT those two top posters of Rob…

  42. Okay, I apparently missed it. What did Ryan Seacrest say about him?

  43. He said he has no personality. but everyone knows Ryan Seacrest is an A**hole.

  44. @Rhonika Any interview I have seen or heard him in he totally has personality. He always makes me laugh.

  45. @Rhonika…that coming from a man who is so stupid he tried to high-five a legally blind AI contestant? And the one whose expression said “EW! COOTIES!” when Bikini Girl tried to kiss him – while I Kissed a GIRL played? That’s actually kind of funny.

  46. @ jgroismyedward I saw this pic of rob when he played cedric diggory and as Edward with this caption: cedric didnt die! He became a vampire! I laughed so hard at that!

  47. @creme girls. Hi I am from NZ too. If you are gonna take over a cruise ship or hold the PM hostage for ransom money, then I am in!!!
    I soooo want to go and see him, although it would take the amount of our countries national deficit to get there.
    I am all for him coming to NZ! Let me no if there is some cunning plan to lure him over here.
    How exciting!!!

  48. sherin —- is moving to nz,willing to help hostage cruise ship / pm too.or lure rob over there,whicheva comes first random note: saw an article that robs mom goes online a lot,I wonder if she has seen this site

  49. @ sherin: ditto! too awesome!

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