Posted by: Bekah | February 2, 2009

Oh, you don’t know what groundhog day is? I’ll explain…

Would you like a hug?

Would you like a hug?

Dear Rob,

Happy Groundhog Day.  Oh, that’s right! You’re from the UK, so you have no idea what this silly little US/Canadian holiday is all about. I’d be happy to explain.

You see, every February 2nd, a groundhog is let out of a cage, and if he sees his shadow, we will have 6 more weeks of winter.. I mean, one lucky girl from Pennsylvania gets her dream come true.  Let me back up: a girl from PA is randomly chosen on February 1st by the Chairman of the Ministry of Groundhog Day (why only a girl in PA? Well, it’s where Punxsutawney Phil is from, of course). This lucky girl puts the names of 5 lucky men into a hat.  She pulls out a name, and if Punxsatuawney Phil sees his shadow, she WINS! Whatever guy’s name she draws from that hat is required to provide her with an entire evening of sexual bliss.

Rob Empire

Can I have a hug?

So, get this… I am from PA, right? Yesterday afternoon I’m just minding my own business, getting ready for the SuperBowl (oh yeah, another US event- I’ll tell you about that sometime) when the Chairman of the Ministry of Groundhog Day calls ME and tells ME that I am this year’s lucky winner! OMG! I was so excited. I spent the rest of the evening choosing my 5 lucky men (Okay, I’m exaggerating- it took me all of 3 minutes to chose) I chose my husband, of course (for good measure) you, Adam Brody, you and well, you.  (They never said I couldn’t put the same name in more than once, and I wasn’t gonna ask them to clarify the rules.)

So, I got up around 2am to drive out to western PA to hang out with my furry little friend, Phil. The sun was about to rise, so I picked out a name- whatdoyaknow. I picked YOU! (the odds were kinda good, huh?) I waited nervously to see what Phil would see. I slapped him a little high five through his cage and then the Minister of Groundhog Day let him out….


So… knowing you, how respectful you are of people, woman, and incredibly stupid American holidays…. um, what time works for you this week? I’m available, uh, now… 5 minutes from now… all day, tonight, tomorrow, Wed-Sunday until…forever….

Looking forward to celebrating this wonderful holiday with you,

UnintendedChoice xo


  1. you are hilarious!

  2. If you get Rob, can I have Adam Brody?

    • @Lauren yes. yes you can have adam brody:) just tell me how he is… i’m still curious.. 🙂

  3. whahahahahahah this is absolutely hilarious, you just made my day!

    • @Verbena well, Punxsutawney Phil made MY day! and my night.. and my LIFE, probably! :):):)

  4. OMG! you guys are so funny! I’m glad I found this site. Too hilarious! LOVE every bit of the letters. you guys make my days. keep up the fantastic work! looking forward to future posts…

    • @JGroIsMyEdward THANKS for the compliments! who is JGro.. b/c if he’s YOUR edward… i bet he’s pretty special :):)

  5. Wow we must be best friends already. I’d have put the exact same names in … well apart from your husband and Adam Brody.

    Actually I thought it was very nice of you to put your own husband’s name in … sadly I am not quite that nice. But my husband will never know. Though he must wonder why I like my computer hidden away in my office so much nowadays and not the laptop on the sofa.

    • @English Girl.. hahaah! best friends! we think alike:)

  6. UC – Best Groundhogs Day EVER!

    You should blog right after your evening of “bliss”

    • @maliamo i THINK i might keep the details to myself.. ya know.. i wanna respect him since he respects our random, stupid little holidays. well, except for one thing… i know we’re all wondering if his, well, uh, if he has a similar thing going on as daniel radcliffe..down there you know what i’m sayin?
      i’ll share THAT!

  7. If you and Rob get cold in PA (since I’m sure once he’s here he’ll never want to leave) you are always welcome to visit me in FL. I won’t charge you to stay with me or anything. I’m sure Rob and I could work something else out…

  8. […] A tragedy has occured.  I received this e-mail from a dear friend this morning: I was just telling [my male friend at work] B that we had a Guitar Hero / Twilight-night planned for Wednesday with an emphasis on “twilight”. *insert comment from me- I was so excited to play “Knights of Cydonia” by Muse after seeing Twilight at the $2.00 theatre, but sadly I already have plans for Wednesday (and I’m hoping to cancel those for my Groundhog Day present) […]

  9. Once again, you have made me laugh! Thanks!

  10. it’s weird phil saw his shadow cause it’s like 80 and sunny here… maybe you confused PA with LA!!! HELLO! 😀

    oh and i need to hug phil and rob those pics are too much

  11. It’s a good thing you don’t live here; Phil would not have seen his shadow here because it’s raining!

  12. OME, I also love Adam Brody. I was obsessed with him before I became obsessed with Rob. :L

  13. OMG. HYS-terical. Can I be the Girl from PA too please, like a Runner Up?? In case you’re not available to perform your duties as outlined…I mean, there is a remote possibility, right?

    I’d have to chose my husband for legal and contractual purposes and Rob x 4. Just to “balance” out the odds of picking The Man I Love and Have Been Married To For 15 Years.

    Love the look on Rob’s face. Great pic choice.

  14. @UC you never fail to amaze me 🙂 LOL

  15. This is the best!! UC, you always make my day! And of course Moon too.

  16. I am thinking that JGro is Josh Groban. And if I am right, I will totally agree with that girl.

  17. @UC another brilliant piece of work! We also have Groundhog Day here in Canada so I would like to volunteer myself for the Canadian contest! I’ll get right on it.

    • @genevieve- i know you have Ghog day. i originally just called it a US holiday until i read on wiki it was NOT just the US! so i was sensitive to you canadians this time instead of mean like i was (jokingly of course! all in love!) a few posts ago! you can be the Canadian winner 🙂

  18. Hey! I am from PA and I never heard of this traditon! Why am I always the last to know.

    And Rob, just to let you know, I would have put your name down all 5 times, what my dh doesn’t know can’t hurt him, right?

  19. Poor Rob might not be able to make it over here for awhile, did y’all see that 4 inches of snow has crippled London!!

  20. @UC-Gee, thanks UC. I’m glad you were nice this time! Yeaaah! the CAD winner!

    @Sass-That was good ‘what my dh doesn’t know can’t hurt him’. Ha ha, still laughing! My dh found my full page Rob printouts yesterday in my purse in Cosco, all I can say is, Oops and I’m not obsessed, not at all! Haha!

  21. Ohmygosh…I swear I check this site every day just to see what kind of ha-freakin-larious stuff y’all come up with. You never disappoint. Groundhog day will never be the same for me now.

  22. HIGH-larious. UC good work. I’m glad to see that this american holiday has been put to good use. I hear I’m a finalist for the Ides of March contest. The whole premise is that it will bring remembrance to the whole Brutus and Caesar fiasco. The prize involves him “stabbing” me 😉 I’ll keep you posted.

  23. Agreed. I will never look at Groundhog’s Day the same again! I think I better do some letter-writing to get that tradition going on here in Wisconsin..but of course, I will just always be the winner! And Rob, your name will be the ONLY name I put in that hat! 🙂

  24. UC promise me you’ll let him toast to world peace!

    • @the captain PROMISE (the comment worked this time- WEIRD!)

  25. I will not comment on last night’s Steeler’s win. Or the fact that you and Moon lost. Because why rub it in when it was YOUR idea to give me the ultimate prize?

    And here you are trying to take it all back with this Groundhog Day stuff. No, no, no. Unaccecptable.

    See that look he’s giving you (yes YOU!) in the picture above? He’s al, “Dude…the Steelers won…you can’t take that back.”

    • @Leigh Anne oh girl it’s not even fair- you didn’t even WATCH the game.. and Moon and I were so close…

      we’re having a do-over.. .i don’t know what it’ll be yet.. but i KNOW it’s gonna involve wigs…

  26. A friend of mine won back in ’95. The put Tom Cruise in X5. She loved him in Interview with the Vampire. Of course she’s thankful now that he never showed, but do be careful about putting all your eggs in one basket. If she’d had alternates, maybe Brad Pitt might have showed up at her door.

    • @christa HA! i love that.. so glad tom didn’t show up either!

  27. As it turn out, we have our own little “groundhog day” here in TN. And, I like you was selected.I am sure I don’t need to explain what happen next. Just when I thought I was the luckiest girl in the whole world………BAM! OMG! I can’t believe you and I won the same prize. What were the chances?(don’t answer that) Being the guy that we all know he is, I am sure he will make both our dreams come true.

    • @futureMrsP oh yeah… TN has their own day too? hmm.. funny I don’t remember that from when I lived there for college.. hmm.. must be new, huh? 😉
      you’re right- Rob is fair.. he will make both of our dreams come true:)

  28. It is new. Just started it….this year;) How lucky am I to be the 1st girl selected.

  29. We don’t actually use a groundhog of course. Its actually a squirrel. We have to be original ya know!

  30. Talking about dreams… I had this WONDERFUL dream last night, that mainly consisted of…. Guess whoo? Yupp, thats right, it was our one and only Rob. I dreampt (how are you supposed to spell that?) that I went on vacation with my family, and he came with his two little sisters and one older sister that are figments of my imagination (the sisters I mean. RPatz was AMAZINGLY real. That was nice.) So we went to this random log cabin and did obscure things like sledding, killing gross batlike bugs, and.. We became good friends. jk, jk……… REALLY good friends. Naw just friends. I was upset. Haha you almost got really upset there I bet. Unfortunately it was just a dream. But who’s to say it’s not a vision of the future?

    • @Lets go to London LUCKY! I’d take a dream about Rob anyday.. I’d prefer our clothes to be off, but I’ll take him clothed if i have to!

  31. @UC: It’s the one and only Josh Groban…
    @ocnlvr83: You’re right! Are you a Grobie, too? You Rock!
    He IS special, and he’s pretty funny, too. I wrote this REALLY long post somewhere how it was Josh who unintentionally introduced me to the Twilight world and kinda how he became My Edward. I “find” so many connections, it’s not even funny…it’s crazy
    keep ’em coming, guys, this site is AWESOME!

  32. UC’s post and this site made my day all happy and sunshine-y 🙂

  33. You are FUNNY girl.

  34. Maybe you don’t have to go to London…supposedly he’s in Vancouver:

    I’m way too happy just because he’s on the same continent as me. I don’t think it’s just me, though.

  35. @UC I love you daily, you may be the only way I survive the winter blues…..

  36. Yeah, it was actually my second dream about him. Actually, in my first I was trying to call you guys, but of course I don’t have your phone numbers. Anyways, that dream was about a camp that I went to that was revolved about him, (wouldn’t that be awesome?). So I went there and we were put into groups and he was supposed to hang out with all of the groups, but he favored mine (and me of course) and always hung out with us. During one of our “meetings” I was trying to call you guys, I think it was UC, and tell you to come and meet him, cause I’m just thoughtful like that. Ha, no, but I couldn’t get a signal cause we were somewhere in the Poconos. I think the universe is trying to tell me something about meeting RPatz somewhere in snow… hmm..

  37. @let’s go to london.. i feel SO privileged! you had a dream about US! and ROB! OMG! me and rob in the same dream… !

  38. @lovesbcmc: Haha sweet, Vancoover. Is that closer to us? I’m geography-challenged. Seriously.
    @UC: I know! I’m guessing I was smiling the entire time in my sleep.

  39. […] explain groundhog day – I’m just gonna leave this one to my girl UC. She gots Groundhog Day covered! […]

  40. […] wouldn’t know what that is. Memorial Day is a holiday celebrated in the US (Yep, just like Groundhog Day- Americans love to make up holidays and keep them to ourselves) Basically, according to Wikipedia, […]

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