Posted by: themoonisdown | February 1, 2009

Where in the world is the Edward action figure?

del scorcho!

del scorcho!

Dearest Edward –

You’re such a doll (heh) for making a Del Taco run for me… I’d like an original chicken taco and a fish taco. And yes, I do think they named their Del Scorcho sauce after you, cause you’re muy caliente.

Me (themoonisdown)

Location: Del Taco – Atwater Village, Los Angeles, California

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  1. aw, Edward looks so cute there holding the del scorcho sauce for you. He so loves you. I can see it in his face. You’re a lucky girl.

    Thanks for the Sunday morning laugh.

  2. Ooh whats all this about in these pics?

  3. Del Scorcho…lol!

  4. @Moon- Glad to see Edward helping out!

    @Angie- those pic’s are hilarious!

  5. Muy Caliente! Me gusta mucho! 🙂

  6. P.S. I took Edward to a dinner party last night. He is a good date. Pictures to come soon!

  7. hahah the Del Scorcho comment nearly made me pee my pants!! He is very MUY CALIENTE!!!

  8. muyyy CALIENTE!!!

    Reminds me of “Sexy Vampiro”!!!!!


  9. Del Scorcho es muy muy caliente. And yes, yum, to the fish taco too…it goes well with the inevitable cerveza.

  10. i ❤ this. and want del taco pronto. please take me there next time i visit

  11. OME….that’s exactly what I order. I ❤ edward.

  12. Just the sight of him in his little pea coat…


  13. Del Taco! When I’m in AZ in June I will be going there. Love it!
    Edward sure is getting around…

  14. “You’re such a doll…”

    Oh, Moon…so are you. So are you.

  15. oh, that edward cullen doll. he’s so thoughtful. he would let you ‘be human’ for a minute. remembering your taco craving. and getting the order right. hell, even taking time to pose for a pic with an enormous suace sachet – so heavy he had to rest up against the diet coke. and then squiring vickyb to dinner when we know he doesn’t eat. yes, i call that thoughtful.

    he’s gonna be a busy action figure on valentines day I can feel it! 😉

  16. @ Angie, great finds there, major lol at his hair in the second one!! Tomstu looks like he’s yet to hit puberty 😛

    Edward, you gentleman you holding the lady’s sauce!


  17. Awww. Edward’s so thoughtful!

  18. Pocket Edward made me dinner last night. It’s true. I have proof of it.

    • @lauren.. i need to see this proof 🙂 and OH- you got your pocket edward!?

  19. LOL awesome!

  20. @ UC – I will be posting my proof probably tomorrow! Oh, and I will be sending that picture of Pocket Edward and the license plate soon!

  21. @Lauren I’ve seen your license plate on your blog, but what is this about a Pocket Edward, do share…

  22. ohhhh….edward babe please get me some more of those!

  23. two of my favorite things together: del taco and pocket edward…amazing

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