Posted by: themoonisdown | January 17, 2009

Saturday sing-a-long

Dear Pals-

Here’s a video for your Saturday afternoon from our lovely Rob singing “To Roam”

*edited, they disabled the previous one. screw them i found another!*

Some people were born to roam…
Some people they roam this world alone

(best guess at what he’s singing since i guess he changes it up a lot, according to our dear friend Sam Bradley)

Rob has quite a distinctive voice, dontcha think? It’s quite obviously influenced by what he listens to… who do you think those influences are?

Me (themoonisdown)


  1. Definitely the blues….

  2. Definitely the Blues…

  3. ummm i cant play it. but id say jeff buckley and van for sure. with a hint of david gray at times.

  4. i agree with vickeybonnett…
    but all i know is that i get all kinds of butterflies when he sings…. ahh.. he can sing to me anyday! πŸ™‚

  5. uhh..I commented from my phone, and apparently it got lost…so…here it goes again!

    I love how soulful Rob always sounds when he sings. It def. doesn’t help with the whole innapropriate obsession, because whenever I hear him sing, he sounds like he could use some “comforting”, and I SOOOOOOOO want to be the one who gives “it” to him πŸ˜‰

  6. oh mrs. p… you are not alone on that thought!!!

  7. Okay…when I tried to view it, it said “Embedding disabled by request”. Is it still working for the rest of you?

  8. @devilish,
    it didn’t work for me, I looked it up on youtube, and found a few versions

  9. When Rob grows up he wants to be Van Morrison. And I have no problem with that, as I lie prostrate at the feet of Van’s Irish greatness. Plus, Rob’s really a musician who just chooses to act, as well. I dig that.

  10. @Mrs. P….I will try that.

    @Leigh Anne….I do adore his voice! Oh, and Van Morrison’s, too…

  11. ok it is fixed! lame-o’s on youtube getting all protective over their videos.

    yes he does remind me of van and when i saw him a few yrs ago and just a few months ago at the hwoodbowl. makes me cry every time.

    i think we’ve all heard him compared to ray lamontagne… definitely a safe comparison.

    tom waits?

  12. I agree with the Van Morrison thing, he said once that is his idol. Anyway, the first time I heard him (not in the movie, like really sat and listened), I cried. His voice conveys so much emotion.

    It increases my crush by a hundred fold. He’s so freakin talented I almost can’t stand it.

  13. Van Morrison definitely. There are times when I’m reminded of Bob Dylan, though I really can’t say why.

  14. @christapie–I agree with the Bob Dylan similarity, because half the time you can’t understand what Rob or Dylan are singing! And that’s part of the charm.

    @moon–I hadn’t thought about Ray Lamontagne, but I do adore him. His new album is incredible.

    AND HELLO–were you at the Astral Weeks performance at the H’wood Bowl? SO JEALOUS! I would’ve killed to been there. Veedon Fleece is my fave album…if he ever decides to perform that one live, I will move heaven and earth to do what it takes to be there. Sigh…

  15. Its just relaxing, I could relax with Rob, sorta like butter on a hot summer day….except wetter (oh that was so so wrong of me)

  16. He is definitely influenced by Van Morrison and 80’s music. He loves when singers put emotion into their songs…

    He does put emotion into his songs, too. It’s not the type of music I’d listen to, but yet it’s so… beautiful… *sigh*

    He is very into music. It’s one of the few things that makes him cry…

    GOSH… I love him πŸ™‚

    He must also be influenced by the artists he mentions here:
    His iTunes playlist:

    • @NatalieCastle yes! i do love the emotion into his songs. my fav that I’ve ever heard him do is “i was broken” soooo good!

      i love that he doesn’t really know much “modern music” (as it calls it)… it’s endearing… so much part of his charm! Welcome, BTW, I haven’t said “hi” to you yet:)

  17. @UIC… i was broken was the first song i actually listened to him play.. and like i watched the YouTube video of it, and you are so right… all the emotion in that.. and just how he gets so caught up in what hes doing.. ugh.. i think thats when i officially fell in love.
    and, he can get caught up in me anyday!:)

  18. Rob is clearly influenced by our passionate love-making

  19. Moon! You saw Rob performed live?!! That must have been awesome. I am sooo jealous. I want to live in LA too 😦

    • @Rhonika,
      now… maybe i missed something b/c we haven’t talked since Friday (except I drunk texted her annoying messages at the wedding i was in last night) but as far as I know moon hasn’t seen rob perform live. However, it seems that it’s the goal of MANY ppl on this site to set her up with him.. I think I deserve to have a say in this set-up, and I’m still thinking about it.. but i guess maybe we’ll hear him soon if they get together… (but I know it’s gonna be difficult for him to be with her, while she and I are such good friends.. and he secretly is in love with me…)

  20. Oh! I think I misunderstood the following statement:

    “yes he does remind me of van and when i saw him a few yrs ago and just a few months ago at the hwoodbowl. makes me cry every time.”

    I thought she meant Rob but of course she meant Van. Duh! How silly of me πŸ™‚

  21. The youtube vid I have of Rob singing I was broken is when he starts to sing,then stops, laughs, then starts again. I don’t know why but….I love him! I definitely see the Dylan comparison (hard to understand the words) but for some (good) reason you still feel the intenseness of the song. All very, very good! BTW some website I was on has new songs he’s performed, I had not heard two of them….

    the songs were: I Don’t Mind and In Your Head.

  22. @vickybonnett… i saw those too. i emailed UIC and the Moon… which, UIC, did you get a chance to listen to them? what’d yah think?

    anyway.. it sucks that they are bad quality, but still.. BETTER THAN NOTHING! but now i just wanna know when he performed those.. cuz if it was recently and the girl that recorded them didnt tell us.. ugh. i’d be mad! πŸ™‚

    • @sam- i did listen to them. and i thought PEOPLE STOP TALKING.. IT’S ROB!!!!!

      seriously… i kinda agree with you and @vickyb.. why did they just pop up NOW!!?

  23. @sam
    I know, it seems like if these songs had not been recorded recently they would have surfaced when all the other songs did (To Roam, Stray Dog, etc.) quite a while ago, hmmm, very suspicious indeed!

  24. Listening to Rob and then checking out his playlist, he definitely seems like an “old soul”, ya know? Very endearing. Although, I must confess, I was not familiar with quite a few of the artists on his playlist…when it comes to music, I am so mainstream, it is ridiculous. Don’t hate me Rob! Enlighten me! Show me the way! Take me to heaven and praise the Lord!

  25. @Sass, don’t feel bad, mainstream is good too! Rob does have a pretty unique taste in music for someone his age. I had to raid my husbands Blues collection to get some of the songs on Rob’s playlist. I keep thinking I liked Van Morrison when I was in college and he was considered “old” then. Doesn’t make me feel so bad though because now the age difference won’t seem so weird for me and rpattz (when we finally meet!).

  26. @Sass…Oh yeah and AMEN SISTER!

  27. oh ladies i WISH i had seen the lovely rpattz himself perform… but i was referring to mr van morrison. and yes leigh anne this last one WAS his performance of astral weeks. BE STILL my heart… and then i saw him right after moving here a few yrs ago… i just want to hug him and cry while he plays. so wonderful and it makes me happy that rob likes him that much.

    wish rob would put all his music out on an album instead of all these crappy versions leaking.

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