Posted by: themoonisdown | January 16, 2009

Have you seen this man?

made by the brillant vickyb!

made by the brillant vickyb! (click to enlarge!)

Dear Police Dept. South Barnes, London,

Have you seen this man? Tallish, brownish hair recently cut short, killer laugh, probably wearing the same clothes as this picture. Perhaps wondering the streets of London calling my name, lost.Β  He goes by the name of Robert Pattinson. I suppose he’s what you’d call a movie star and some of us are quite worried about him.

You see kind sirs, he hasn’t been seen since December 22nd when he flew to your fair country and has been rumored to be anywhere from Australia to right back here in the USA. However, none of us (and there are quite a lot of us) have seen him anywhere.

I’m not sure about protocol for these sorts of situations but we beg of you to begin a search, a nation-wide manhunt if you will, to find him. Being the concerned citizens we are we’ve gone ahead and partnered with Milk producers everywhere to create these new cartons, we’ve posted missing signs, deployed our Rob-militia to various spots around the world to hunt him down and of course we’ve left the window open for him in case he happens to find his way home. But whatever you can do to help us is much appreciated.

Themoonisdown and Unintendedchoice
concerned citizens everywhere!

PS until this day arrives we’ve created a counter so that we may remain vigilant and NEVER FORGET!

janky counter

janky counter

(as you can tell the clock is currently not moving because for some reason I can’t get it to embed correctly in wordpress. LAME. if you are a smarty/wordpress whizz and can help us, please email! we will all be forever indebted to you and your kind services)


  1. oh, because I would totally use the unsuspecting stunt double as a cypher for my unrequited R.P. LUST, and you just want to see what he looks like πŸ™‚

  2. @Mrs. P. ….you are SO BAD!! I think you and I are going to be great friends πŸ˜›

  3. ME tOo! DeViLisH! ME TOO!

  4. OMG I love this post ;D

    I have add you to the list of my favorite Blog/web sites on my Blog. I hope you guys don’t mind

    I added a post with a link to Have you seen this man?
    You guys are so funny and clever

    Love your site

    • @Driguerra WELCOME! I’m checking out your site right now- I’m glad you like ours! thanks for commenting πŸ™‚

  5. Is this where we were talking about Rob’s stunt double? Well, I found a couple of pics but I still don’t think he looks that much like Rob.

    Also, I swear that in one of the trailers in the “say it, out loud” scene that it is NOT Rob but perhaps this guy rehearsing with Kstew.

    See what you all think. His name is Paul McDonald

  6. @vickybonnett….he’s not bad at all. But I don’t think I’d see the resemblance without the same clothes and their hair styled the same way.

  7. Look at this one:

    Robert Pattinson and Paul McDonald [stunt double]

    @devilish I guess it wouldn’t be as hard to imagine it was Rob…if you know what I mean πŸ˜‰

  8. Ooooh, I guess Rob had like 3 or 4 stunt doubles….

    Dangit…I wish I could be one for Kstew, I think I can pull off the pout and lip biting hmmmmm….

  9. @vickybonnett….well…he’s cute. And Rob w/Pepsi? YUCK!

  10. @vickybonnett…just saw the last pic. I really don’t think either of those guys look like him – at least not in that photo.

  11. @devilish Nope! me either. Of course it would be hard to find anyone close to that perfection!!! I have been noticing alot of the younger male actors who are on the rise right now and they all seem to have those really sharp jaw lines and I am just wondering where they were when I was that age. For God Sakes I was in college when “grunge” was in. All the guys back then just had long hair and looked dirty!

  12. @vickybonnett…..I loved the grunge look…still love long hair!

    I guess the guys should be cut some slack. As you pointed out, it would be hard to find anyone close to that perfection!

  13. Yeah “grunge” was good to me. My poor hubby,had to cut his beautiful long hair when he joined the Navy. Now he actually has Edward hair…and a p-coat! I guess I should count my blessings. *note to self…count your blessings, and give your hubby a big kiss!*

    • @vickybonnett hubby has the edward hair? oh MAN… so jealous… although mine pretended to the other day.. didn’t work, but it was a cute try πŸ™‚

      we need to talk- is hubby still in navy? and are you stationed in san diego? my cousin’s hubby is too.. and she’s withchild and i plan to visit her before she has the babe…. let’s talk… i’ll probably run up to see moon in LA.. so we’ll have to meet YOu too!

  14. @vickybonnett….awwww!

  15. @sass- we can share!! i’m equal opportunity!

    @vicky men in peacoats! LE SWOON

    @devilish – rob’s hair/look in ‘how to be’ LOVE it. the longer hair, the flannel!

  16. @moon….I KNOW! ::sigh::

    Is that EVER going to be released over here?

  17. Mmm…yes, pea coats. I’ve always had a thing for pea coats.

  18. @UIC,
    I live in sd too! we should all get together, head up to Moon, and FIND ROB!!

    • @Mrs. P- i’m IN! the cousin that got married yesterday is the one who i was planning on making the trip to the west coast with (no, she’s not a twilight fan… booo) so when she’s back from her honeymoon we’re gonna get it planned- so i’ll let you know dates!

  19. @UIC YES!!! Still Navy and still in San Diego. Mrs. P are planning an LA trip to see How to Be/Little Ashes whichever comes first. We meet up to twilight occasionally, and are planning a crafting night. Let me know. Is your cousin’s hubby new to the Navy? We’ve been here 5 years. Exciting! New Twilight friends.

  20. @ UIC and all…let me clarify, My HUSBAND thinks he has Edward hair I think he has Rob hair (short new do!) I may have inadvertently told him he had Edward hair when I wanted to go see Twilight for the 16th time! Oops!

    • @vickybonnett awwww so sweet! you lied about his hair to get into the movie :):) haha!

  21. @ UIC Not a Twilight Fan??? We’ll see about that! You can make her get in the car and listen to Twilight Soundtrack and Rob songs all the way to LA.

    @Moon, you must start mapping the best places to see/stalk rpattz! I’ll take the In and Outs in West Hollywood!

  22. ROAD TRIP!!! ALL the way from san diego to LA. HAHA that hour-ish (on a good day) is gonna rule! HAHA

    but seriously now, let’s DO this.

  23. I don’t know that there is much hope, but I’ve got my eyes peeled looking for Rob here. I’m sure he is in Oklahoma ALL THE TIME!

  24. @moon. You think I’m kidding but I’m not. I went with my fam to LA right around Xmas and I was so on the lookout. My husband threatened to not even take me b/c before the trip I was already plotting where the best places to spot Rob were. When those pics came out of him at Il Sol with stupid face Katy Peryy, I was waiting in front of the Roxy with my kids waiting to see the Naked Brothers Band….yes,I was waiting to see Nickelodeon kids stars when I could have been two blocks up the road sitting on Rpattz’s lap. The unfairness of it all….Oh yeah I did get to meet the All American Rejects though, that was cool.

    • @vickybonnett you were so close to his lap.. sigh..

  25. We were recently made aware of your missing person letter and are most concerned that we were not notified earlier. Generally speaking, we consider a person “missing” after 24 hours. It is also rather unusual for someone outside of our jurisdiction to inform us of this situation.
    Your post did not make clear how you are related to this gentleman. Kindly enlighten us. A sample of the milk carton in the photograph would also be helpful whilst we start an investigation.
    Kindest regards,
    Const. Wickes

    • @Constabulary SL Thank you for writing us back. We just knew that the best way to find Rob the quickest would be contacting you via our blog. Rob is my lover (although he does not yet know that- if you’d like to break the news, once he’s found, you may- he’ll be ecstatic) I am also close friends with his sister. She saw me coming a long time ago and just knew we’d be the best of friends.
      We look forward to news of his return. I have full confidence in your abilities.

  26. @vicky- oh man the roxy! im SO sorry! yea he seems to always be spotted at these weho dbag places… we need to show him the spots and he’ll escape the paps more often if get him outta places where katy perry is. EW.

    @wickes – youre cracking me up! yes please submit this report ASAP.

  27. @moon Rob often says he would rather stay in and watch movies and eat junk food. Uhhh, I don’t have a problem staying in do you guys? As long as your place is far from the prying eyes of the papz we could probably keep Rob entertained for several days. We can all take turns running out to get InNOut and beer. Wait, I think i did this once in college πŸ™‚

  28. This post is made of AWESOME! And all the comments are too. I’m all the way up in Canada, so it’s too early to be on the look-out up here. I’m trying to think of an excuse to go to Vancouver around the end of March though, lol. πŸ˜€

  29. He has been found!

    His hair looks as if it is growing too.

  30. We should have known. If anyone can find a hot guy it’s Perez! Is it just me or does Rob not look too happy? I think it’s b/c he misses us…definitely, that’s gotta be it.

    • @vickybonnett it’s b/c rob hates her and loves us, that is true, vic

  31. Yay! He’s alive!!

    And I am pleased to see that his hair looks like it is growing out nicely.

  32. to someone who wanted to see Rob’s stuntman.. rob is sadly very wrong…
    he just doesnt get it…./Users/richardgiuliani/Desktop/s1104050830_1068452_5145.jpg

  33. […] Thank you for giving us something to blog about. Before these LA Times pictures came out today, I was planning on writing a letter to Patty, your dog, begging her (him?) to run away or something so we could have an excuse to write an open letter to the South Barnes Police department. […]

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