Posted by: Bekah | January 11, 2009

The Dirt

Dear Rob,

Did you know all this?

me (xo)


  1. our rob is hiding in a hole 😦

  2. Okay…I am getting very impatient. I know Rob doesn’t like to be in the spotlight but if he doesn’t get his smoking hot self back to the US of A very soon I may have to go get him myself!! I never realized how boring TMZ, OMG! and Perez Hilton really were until Rob left for London. I need my Rob- doing-random-boring-stuff-looking hot- pics…now!

  3. Don’t kick me off!

    You got 100% of the questions correct
    Total questions: 10
    Correct answers: 10
    Congratulations! You’re a quiz champion!

    It took a few tries, I won’t lie. But that shows I’m willing to learn, right? Give a Cougar a chance!

  4. rob definitely needs to show his sexiness SOON! i’m going crazy. this isnt healthy for us. even just a quick peek would do! 🙂

  5. “I need my Rob-doing-random-boring-stuff-looking- hot- pics…now!”
    i sooooo agree vickyb! where IS rob? i want him back!
    i.want.him. :p

    hmn…at which point does this become creepy for him i wonder…

  6. @samantha, about 5 pages back! LOL!

  7. […] Then you were spotted at the same time in London (yeah yeah, I told you this yesterday) […]

  8. Just for everyone’s comfort: the minute Rob steps on a plane, the papz will know and he will be photographed – if not boarding – definitely arriving wherever he is going.
    When I saw the post about the Rob sighting in Los Feliz, I thought – what is he doing there? he usually hangs in West Hollywood. And then I banged my head – as if in I should have had a V8 – and realized that the papz will always know.

  9. Too true. The papz are a necessary evil for any stalker. I myself am going through withdrawl right now. I NEED SOME ROB!!!

  10. We are talking to Laura, married mother of two beautiful children and a professional working woman to boot. You juggle so much in your life each day. Tell us, Laura, what would you say is your crowning achievement, that which makes you most proud?

    Answer: I was named Rob Pattinson quiz champion.

    You got 100% of the questions correct
    Total questions: 10
    Correct answers: 10
    Congratulations! You’re a quiz champion!

  11. I checked, UC and he won…2 years ago! Rob must have read this and voted for himself like you told him to. It payed off…

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