Posted by: themoonisdown | January 9, 2009

Business up front, party in the back

Mullet or neck warmer?

Mullet or neck warmer?


I hope that since you’re sorta a big deal now (at least to us) that we’ll never have to see you in a cheap wig like the one in these “Ring of the Nibelungs” pictures. You see I simply couldn’t pick JUST ONE cause I was laughing too hard. I mean really you look like some sort of low budget King Arthur/Joe Dirt hybrid.

Me (themoonisdown)

PS this IS a wig, right? babe…
PPS while you’re at it, WTF is a Nibelung?

(click this beautiful image to enlarge if you dare… or if you’re having a bad day. trust!)


  1. *LMFAO* I don’t think that is a wig…..but I still love him. Does that mean there is something wrong with me?

  2. Still cute 🙂

  3. or if God willing they make a Joe Dirt Part Two!

  4. NOOOOOOOOO……..* oh God* *OH GOD*… Someone please wake me up from this horrible nightmare…….Save me! SAVE ME!…………There are mullet-head Robs coming at me from every direction!!….NOOOOOO!!! HELP! HeEeLp!
    Ladies, Didn’t I already say something about not distributing these pics legally or otherwise in another comment..THIS should BE Illegal!!

    @Moon…your going down for this!! LOL
    Mrs. P.

  5. hahah come on! this is like posting old year book pictures! everyone’s got em and we all look terrible! it’s good to remember he’s not perfect ALL the time 😀

    @vicky the thing that makes me think it’s a wig (besides wishful thinking) is that pic bottom row 2nd from the right. it looks like it’s falling off! ENLARGE it to see! MOOHahahah

    the bangs and curly q’s are a nice added touch

  6. oh God…I enlarged it 😦

  7. My eyes…they burn!!!

  8. Wow. I think that’s his real hair.

  9. Me: I actually dig the hair, is there something wrong with me?

    Rob: See, I am the one sporting the retro mullet and you think there is something wrong with you?

  10. @christapie
    ME TOO…:(

  11. @Sass – LOL! Nice one.

  12. I’m pretty positive it is his real hair because he was talking in an interview once about how there was that petition going around about him to not play Edward Cullen.. and he said it had a picture of him from an old movie with really nasty hair like a mullet… so just assuming… haha!


    jsyk 🙂

  14. OMG, hahahaha… 😀 Does anyone know if the movie’s any good?

    • @Linda.. I thought you were asking us if we thought the TWILIGHT movie was any good.. haha.. Um, yes… Twilight’s good:) but The ring of the nublings.. or whatever… umm.. i hear it’s worth it to see Rob, but NOT good:):)

  15. […] dont make me pull out those rings of nibelungs pics […]

  16. You know – the Rings of Nibelungs or as it is called actually (being a german tale) “Die Nibelungensage” – isn’t that bad if you consider the small budget TV-productions have usually. There were worse releases banned on screen before.
    To watch it because of Mr. Pattinson will waste your time though as he is not the center of interest of the story. Giselher represents mainly a boy with a stic- pardon, a sword and a falcon, struggeling with his aristocratic position and seen for only a few minutes at all.
    If the tale is not of interest for you, you should leave it be.
    The Nibelungs (or “die Nibelungen”) are according to the myth dwarf people guarding an amazing treasure. The name is derived from the mhg ‘nibelen’ which means sth like misty or foggy or even the mhg ‘Nibelunc’ which is synonymical to ‘son of fog’ or ‘son of darkness’.
    Oh well, sure enough we have our own dark tales in Germany aloof from all the trendy vampire stuff.

    • Educational moment! Yes!

  17. […] this did provide us with hours of laughter. At your expense. You had a mullet and ran around with a tunic on we simply can’t be alright […]

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