Posted by: Bekah | January 4, 2009

Did you and your sister really perform in London last night or am I just totally reading into a rumor I heard because I’m so desperate for news of you?

Dear Rob,

Um, so I wrote the main message for this letter in the title of this post (sorry, got a little crazy there..)

I read this rumor in the comments section of E!’s blog. (Yeah, really reliable, I know) but it REALLY seems believable! I mean, your sister Lizzy is a performer and so are you, and we know you’re doing NOTHING else in London since there has been absolutely NO sign of you since 12/22.   Aw- it’s be so cute! The Patty-sibs performing together!

How will I find out if this happened? Ooh… I remember seeing a fan vid from an English girl on youtube.. I will befriend her and find out what she knows from ‘the other side of the pond!’

Tell Lizzy “hey” for me and that I think she’s gorg! (Wish I could see pics of your other sister- OOOH! I hear she’s in advertising- she could make your tour signs! CUTE!)

Presenting: The Patty-Sibs!

 lizzy-pattinson   robertpattinsonbw



  1. HAHA nice rob pic.

  2. Wow, that’s her? She IS gorg. BTW I assumed that was her name I saw in the movie credits, but keep forgetting to look it up. Am I right or is that a huge coincidence?

    • no.. you’re right! i read on carter burwell’s site that she sang something in the middle of one of the orchestral pieces! i own that soundtrack and i don’t even know when her voice comes in… hmmm…

      • I know I’m like a couple of months late on this reply (story of my life)! BUT…I just discovered your wickedly clever site and have been reading all the old stuff. Loves it! Anyway, Lizzy’s is the voice that we hear during the instrumental music when Edward walks into the cafeteria (after all the rest of the Cullens).

        • mela LOVES you!!!!! yes- she’s got a great voice!

  3. A voice…What voice…uhhh.. I never heard a voice, I wonder if they cut it or something….WEIRD

  4. I hear voices… in my head but none of them sound like Lizzie P. Hmmmm

  5. @vickyb: I totally get you. His voice… oh, his voice… :P~

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